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Member since: 07.04.2008

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      07.04.2008 14:56



      not happy with product at all

      brought this item thought great a brilliant cup of coffee after trying all machines not having much success to the coffee machine on this model not happy at all found base of machine to low to surfaces so if you have a small water leak you can get a electric shock from it so put it on a wooden chopping board to stop this from happening coffee from the max drink flask hot or very hot coffee sorry neither warm i would say if you add hot milk into cup then its about drink-able of keeping warm in your cup but add cold milk from fridge opps nooo to cold makes expresso if you can undo the control knob on top and tighten back up not good if you have any health problems to use this as you will never be able to open up the control knob to the frothy milk wow yes you can get this if you use the metal jug provided and then go and pour into cup or mug opps hardly any throth as its main part retains into jug can scoop it out into mug or cup then if you move the jug and used the throthy part it drips burns into element of product and leaves a burning smell if you leave the jug with milk in its container for say a couple hour it burns up and no good so i tried to keep coffee hot in there as i found the coffee flask didnt keep coffee hot just warm and it did the same to coffee in there it burned it out so i didnt find this product any help for me as a coffee lover and i found the price i paid was a little to much maybe the manifactors should start asking the public and put them to the test before the put a product on the market that is no good to the customer to end up putting this kind of item into a landfill so come on manufactors start asking the jo public and get good feed back make good products to get recommened not to learn your item is no good at all but i will stress the fact of any liquid spills and contact with the base of the item as i wasnt warned and got a nice shock nothing that made me hair curl but thats my view on this item and now after contacting morphy richards to find out the model 47004 is and can be up to four years old but only purchased in the last 12 months and with no reciept so people do hold on to reciepts do not know if any one has any other comments about this but i feel i have told the truth and still have the coffee machine in question


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