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Member since: 03.09.2012

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      03.09.2012 22:22
      Very helpful
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      This lightweight foundation is perfect for anyone looking for a light coverage breathable foundation

      I was gutted when Chanel discontinued their Teint Innocence foundation. When I went to purchase it I was told that it had been replaced with Vitalumiere Aqua a similar product. The product is a lot lighter and thinner than Teint Innocence. At first use I thought the foundation was quite watery (you need to shake the product well before use as the water seperates) but now I love this product and it has become a staple item in my make up bag. If you want something with a heavy coverage this product is not for you. I mainly use foundation for a bit of colour and evening out my skin tone rather than coverage and this product is perfect for that, it gives you a nice glow and even skin tone.

      The foundation comes in 9 different shades. I do use a darker shade as I wear fake tan on my body and like my foundation to give me a bit of colour and as the product is so light and blends so easily it works well. The texture of the foundation is very light and feels moisturising to the skin almost like wearing a tinted moisturiser. It is easy to blend using fingers, brush or sponge - I have used all methods and never had any patchyness or streaking.

      The foundation does come with a heavy price tag of £32 and I would not say you get much foundation in the bottle. I find a lot of Chanel products have more packaging than product but I have come back to this product time and time again!


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