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      30.01.2008 23:17
      Very helpful



      you'll be a better person for reading it

      Full review

      Moll Flanders, the full title is
      "The fortunes and misfortunes of the famous Moll Flanders who was born in Newgate, and during a life of continu'd variety for threescore years besides her childhood, was a Whore, five times a wife (whereof once to her own brother) twelve Year a thief, eight year a transported Felon on Virginia, at last grew Rich, liv'd Honest and died a Penitent) written from her own memorandums."

      That's quite a title eh??
      Published in 1722 when the writer Daniel Defoe was 62 this novel was way ahead of its time. The writing is exceptional, the dialog, the settings and the characters are all exceptionally real and honest and brought to life by Defoe's wonderful writing style.

      The character who takes the title role of Moll Flanders is a girl left alone in the world.
      She was brought into the world by a mother who was imprisoned and spared the noose by "pleading her belly" when her baby was born she was sent to Virginia and her baby was left.
      Luckily for Moll she was taken in and cared for by a loving family where she stayed many years and grew to be a hansom, clever and polite young lady. However it does not end well when both the sons fall in love with Moll. This dose not go down well with the rest of the family because although they loved moll they felt their son's should marry to their advantage not marries a penniless orphan. However after an affair with the elder brother he convinces her the only way forward is for her to marry his younger brother, this shocks moll, and she tells him she doesn't want to be one brothers wife and the others whore so they agree that they will no longer be together and moll marries the younger brother even though she doesn't love him.
      Moll is widowed very early into the marriage and sees this as a way out of a life she never wanted, so she leaves her children with her in-law's and moves away to pass her herself off as a rich widow in the hope of finding a rich husband.
      She does this and finds a man she really truly loves however after they marry she finds out he was tricking her in to marriage because he has no money either. He leaves her with best wishes to go and do well for herself if she can and Moll is left to try the same thing again.

      This time she meets another man who she loves but his business is out in Virginia and they have to leave England. When they move out there they have a happy life out in virgina and have two children. Moll has a great relationship with her mother in law and loves to hear the stories of her turbulent life. It is when listening to these stories that moll hears something terrible. Her mother in law had a baby in Newgate prison and she left her behind when she was sent to Virginia. With this and other details moll discovers that her mother in law is actually her own biological mother and she is married to her own brother who she has had two children bye.
      She resolves to move back to England and leave her husband/brother and children in Virginia.
      Moll soon commits herself to another man, however he is married but is seeking divorce so moll tells him when he is divorced she will marry him, in the meantime she meets again her second husband who she loved and for old times sake they "lie together" the next day leaves to on his way and moll soon discovers she is pregnant.
      She knows that she can not marry the banker when his divorces comes through if she is with child so when a helpful midwifes offers a safe home for her son at a reasonable price of only £500 a year moll agrees and the baby is taken to a good home.
      Moll is now free and marries the banker but he die s and leaves her in financial ruin after five years.

      Desperate, she begins a career as a thieve. This works well for moll and she finds she is very skilled at it and so contniues in the trade for years (she dose it with gulity feelings, and trys legal employment, but crime pays.)
      It is eventually in this trade that she is found and sent to Newgate prison.
      It is here that she reunites with her 2nd husband who she had always loved. He is also jailed for his robberies as a highwayman.
      She is found guilty and sentenced is death. she manages to convince a minister of her repentance, and with her Lancashire husband is sent to the Colonies to avoid hanging, and happily are together.
      So clever and beautiful is she that even talks the captain into not being with the convicts and not being sold upon arrival, and they stay in the captain's quarters.

      Once in the colonies in virginia again, she learns her mother has left her a plantation and her own son (she had by her brother) is alive, as is her brother but he soon dies and she never sees him.
      With the money from the plantaion and her husband and her new found son she lives a happy life in vigina.
      Aged 69 (in 1683), they return to England to live "in sincere penitence for the wicked lives we have lived".

      Moll Flanders provides gives us a great insight into a realistic part of the eighteenth century. although it was a very taboo subject Dafoe gets through it by constantly apologising for the content and stating that it is only written from moll's memories and so he is only re telling the tale and is not to blame for the controversial issues such as religion, prison, abortion, capitalism and marriage.

      The best thing about this book is the happy ending, although Moll did some terrible things she only ever did it out of necessity and never out of greed and she always felt bad for the wicked things she had done in her life so when she again meets her true love and gains her money and land lives happy I felt content that she deserved the happy ending after the most unhappy beginning.

      Moll is a strong woman and this book made me question what i would have done in the situations.

      This has also been made into a TV drama where Moll was fantastically played by Alex Kingston and also a film which was very disappointing where Moll was played by Robin Penn. If you get the chance I really recommend the TV drama.
      Please let me know your opinions


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      • Philadelphia Splendips / Cheese / 32 Readings / 32 Ratings
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        10.10.2007 18:07
        Very helpful



        great snack

        Next year I am going on holiday with some friends.
        This can be dangerous. Putting my bikini on in front of hundreds of strangers is fine, hundreds of people I will never see again can see my 'womanly' figure, but my friends, who have cameras, and video cameras and long memories, they must never, ever see my wobbly bits.
        All this in mind I am now on a mission, I have 10 months to get a mega fit body to rival a High Street Honey's swimwear contestant and show off on the beach.
        I was buying all things salad and green when I spotted these Slpendips by Philidelpiha at my local Morrison's.
        They were 99p and buy one get one free. I had seen them advertised on TV with angels saying that splendips were low in fat so I bought two.

        They come in plastic tubs with fiol lids that you need to peal with 3 seprate compartments for the various fillings.
        The first one was Chive.
        It consisted of chive biscuits (about 10) and a tangy tomato dip and a Philadelphia soft cheese dip.

        Boaring stuff;
        Reduced Fat Soft Cheese Dip with Chives:
        Skimmed Milk Soft Cheese, Medium Fat Soft Cheese, Water, Milk Protein, Chives (1.4%), Modified Starch, Stabilisers (E410, E407), Salt, Flavourings, Preservative (E200).
        Tomato Chutney Sauce:
        Water, Tomato puree (22%), Sugar, Onion, Cauliflower, Cucumber, carrot, Sweet Red Pepper, Cabbage, Modified Starch, Salt, Acetic Acid, Mustard Seed, Lactic Acid, Garlic, Flavouring (contains wheat protein).
        Chive Crackers:
        Wheat Flour, vegetable Oil, Barley Malt Extract, Salt, Sugar, Chives, Yeast, Raising Agents (E500, E336).
        To be honest I was not overly impressed with this, the main reason being it was really dry, the cheese and tomato was really nice but the crackers were so dry it just didn't make up for it. How ever it di fillme up for lunch,I had the splendip followed by a plum andthat was all I had for lunch. I would but this one again but would makesure I had a glass of juice at arms reach.

        The second was nachoes
        This one consisted of nastchos(about 15), philidelpia cheese and a mild salsa sauce.
        Boaring bits;
        Reduced Fat Soft Cheese Dip:
        Skimmed Milk Soft Cheese, Medium Fat Soft Cheese, Water, Milk Protein, Modified Starch, Stabilisers (E410, E407), Salt, Preservative (E200).

        Mild Salsa sauce:
        Tomato pieces (27%), Tomato puree (25%), Spirit Vinegar, Water, Dried Sweet Green Pepper (4.5%), Glucose syrup, Sweet Red Pepper (4.0%), Onion, Modified Starch, Salt, Flavouring, Spices, Preservatives (E202).
        Tortilla Chips:
        Corn Flour, Vegetable Oil, Flavouring, Wheat Flour, Salt, Sugar, Acidity Regulator (E262), Yeast.

        This one was really tasty, the salsa is mild and tangy, not in the least spicy and it works really well with the cheese. My only problem with this is the natchos break so easily, if one has been bashed about on in the shop they may be broken before you get them home and if the cheese is a little stiff they breakin it. But they are really tasty so its worth it. I just used a spoon to scoop up any left over bits. (now I just sound greedy!)
        Im not super slim yet but with snacks like this I will soon be a little thinner (if i can lay off the chocolate) these splendips should really help, they are tasty and low in fat with each pack containing less than 7 grams of fat and no more than 196 calories so it's a healthy snack or small meal and at 99p each there not badly priced either.

        I only bought the above mentioned two kinds but I know there are at least two more Cheesecake Splendips and Thai Sweet Chilli Splendips.
        For more information visit www.philadelphia.co.uk or your local super market

        Warning:: these are quite adictive, im buying a few everytime I go to the supermarket now, even my kids are starting to have them in their packed lunches. They are much better then ham sandwhiches


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          24.09.2007 23:22
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          wonderfulll but for over 18's only

          extreme by sharron osbourne

          I am a big fan of charity shops, I love bargains and having a good old rummage around however some times they are just full of junk and it's at time like this when panic. I feel so guilty if I don't want to buy anything and I don't want to walk out with out buying so I always look at the books and end up buying something ill probably never read.
          This is what happened when I found the Sharron Osbourne autobiography. I love autobiographies and at a bargain £1.00 I had to buy it (if only to ensure I bought something)

          I'll admit I knew very little of Sharron. I enjoyed the first series of The Osbourne's on MTV but soon got fed up with the shouting and arguing that happened on a daily basis. I did think that she seemed like a lively character and enjoyed her on X Factor but that was the extent of my knowledge on Mrs Osbourne so I read the book with no expectations.

          The book starts as you imagine when Sharron is a small child and we learn all about her family, I had no idea who they were but it turns out her dad was a famous artists manager in his time managing bands like ELO and loving all things American, his name was Don Arden. Not only was he big in the music business but he was also a small time gangster who like to beat and bully any one who was in his way including is own family. (When he fell out with Sharron and her husband Ozzy he threatened them and their children) he had guns and an entourage of "heaveys" working for him and was not afraid to do what he felt had to be one. One story that shocked me was when he found that a member of house staff had been stealing from him he tried her to a chair wrapped a gold chain around his hand and repeatedly hit her in the face until she confessed.
          Sharron's mother was ten years older then her father and put up with a lot, he would cheat on her and buy her beautiful expensive things then sell them when he had no money. This might explain why she too was a hard woman who could turn her feeling off.

          Sharrons story is not what I expected, her father had tight rains on her and leaving his business was like leaving the mafia! She left with nothing, no money, no family connections, just the debt her father had accumulated in her name, which she was still paying off when The Osbournes was been filmed and we began to know who she was.
          She spent a lot of time being over weight, penniless and pregnant with three children and three miscarriages.

          I already feel like I have told too much of this story so ill stop with the commentary and start with my personal opinions.

          This book is really well written, I don't know if she had a ghost writer or if she did it all herself but it flows really well. It keeps going back to present day and then back to the past but everything fits really well.
          I love the fact that it has lots of swearing because that is what Sharron is famous for (well obviously not just the swearing) the dialogue is wonderful.

          "You're a Jew, aren't you?"
          I was completely dumbstruck. Ro me it was like saying 'so you like a bit of dick up the arse, don't you?' "
          "'Are you decent?"
          'Of course not Mikey I make it a point to be positively IN decent' "

          "Ozzy and ballet do not mix"

          "And then I lifted up my skirt and I swatted down and shat on it"

          I have read lots of autobiographies from Dave Ghrol to James Dyson to Princess Diana and I have never heard dialogue like it, it's wonderful.

          I would no like to get on the wrong side of Sharron, she is one hard and mean lady. I love the raw truth she has but she also scares me a bit. Some of the things she has done and the way she handles things but I guess this is the way she has survived her whole life.

          This is a woman who pee's her pants, poo's on things eats too much, cry's too much but also laughts alot and that shwy i loved it.

          The book is a real page turner I read it in a few days and was truly captivated by all the events that unfolded throughout the book, birth death, attempted murder, hospitals, drugs, lots of house moves and lots of swearing.
          I loved the book and if I was to make a criticism it would only be that I personally would have liked to hear more about her kids and how she felt when they hit highs and lows. But that is probably because im a fan of Jack Osbourne and admire everything he has done, (ill be the first to buy his life story when he writes it)

          I know this is a relatively short review but I hate it when people write very long and boring reviews telling you everything just to knock up the word count so this is just a brief out line of the story and my personal opinions, I'd love to know what you thought of it so please feel free to leave me a comment.

          As always thank you for reading.

          Extreme - by Sharon Osbourne co writer - Penelope Dening
          Published by Time Warner Books
          ISBN 0-316-73131-5
          £18.99 hardback also available in softback
          Published in 2005
          372 pages
          22 chapters


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            14.06.2007 00:15
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            i haven't cried so much since flowers in the atic

            Please note this is a review about the book and not the TV program. This review may give slight details about the plot away (very slight)

            Good night Mr Tom

            Ive known about this book for a long time. It was in the 100 greatest books of all time, it was me in to a TV drama and it is sometimes given to literature students to study. And yet I never got round to reading it, until now.
            I saw it at a house that I work at. The ladys has loads of books but this one caught my eye. Of course I recognise the title but the picture on the front attracted me.
            It was a grey cover, kind of scribbled on with a boys face peering through. The boy looks deep in thought when you look at his eyes but his mouth is indifferent, it has leaned to keep quite. The picture intrigued me so much I borrowed the book.


            William Beech is sent to the country as an evacuee during ww2. he is a quite boy who obviously led a very sheltered life with his mother in London. He is sent to stay with Tom Oakley, a quiet man with a reputation of being grumpy and a loner.
            It I clear from the start of the book that Tom is a loner but he is not mean or grumpy, he just finds it hard to communicate with people and hadn’t really had much chance to strengthen his people skills since his wife died in child birth taking their still born son too.
            Something else that is clear from the start is the cruelness of willies mother. She send a belt for tom to beat Willie with should he ‘sin’ and Willie is covered in bruises and soars from his beatings. He I quite and nervous and has never slept in a bed before.
            Together tom learns how to be a parent and Willie a child and they begin to live happily, that is until Willie is called upon to go back home to his mother who is sick. This is when the happy story turns sour. Willie goes through s much but Toms love is strong and he is always there for him.

            Im so temped to tell you more, there is so much in this book, life, death, friendship, history, great characters but I don’t want to spoil the book.
            Im leaving this review purposely short because I feel too much information may spoil it if you haven’t read it. I was shocked when I read it because there are things I just didn’t see coming.


            One of the great things about this book is the characters

            MR Tom-the warm hearted old man who takes Willie in
            Mrs Beech- the cruel, bible bashing mother Willie is happy to be away from
            Zach-the fast talking friend
            Dr and Mrs little- neighbours and friends
            The Fletcher family- good hearted friends

            About the author (the little I know)
            Michelle Magorian Wanted to an actor before she considered writing and attended drama school however her love of children’s books and the history of the war led to write Good Night Mr Tom.

            Another thing I love about this book is the Yorkshire accent, being a Yorkshire lass myself I love seeing it wrote down some of the quotes are great.
            "Takes yer time, everything in its own time." Page 305.
            "Keep breathin', boy. Don't you go holdin' it in." Page 237.
            "I'm volunteering like," he said. Page 77.
            " . . .after he entered the paint shop, he had felt as if a heavy wave of sadness had suddenly been lifted from out of him. Memories of her didn't seem as painful as he had imagined." Page 109.
            "I ent leavin' the boy with a load of strangers." Page 219.
            "The sores will heal. They healed before. It's the wounds inside that will take the longest to heal." Page 235.
            "Better to accept than pretend that he never existed." Page 299.
            " Will suddenly froze on the bed. He spread his arms, tipped his head back, and let out the wildest and most terrifying scream Tom had ever heart. It shook him to his very bowels.”
            "This is your room. You does what you like. . . ." Page 132.
            "Hmph," Tom grunted. "Thank you, boy. Must admit I enjoyed it meself." Page 164.

            This is a great book weather your young or old, male or female. Im 25 and I cried all the way though it, my mum read it and loved it and im planning letting my 7 year old read it (if she ever finishes Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)
            Although it has some awful things in it that makes you so sad I is all relevant to the story and not just in to upset you. The history is great, the children playing in the field and what teachers and policemen were like back then. There is something for every one in this book.
            I whole recommend it, it’s not very long it only took me a week to read and im not that fast a reader. If you’re going away this summer pack this one im sure you wont be disappointed.

            Good Night Mr Tom is published by Penguin books (ISBN: 0140315411) and is available from all good bookshops.

            Price Ebay – buy it now 2.50
            Amazon- available from 0.33
            WH Smith- not available


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            • British Gas / Utility Service / 36 Readings / 31 Ratings
              More +
              09.05.2007 21:58
              Very helpful



              stay far far away from british gas

              So not many people have anything nice to say about British gas. Neither do I.
              However I recently had an experience with them and thought by sharing it, some one else could have the same experience.
              So bare with the boring bits, if your having trouble with British gas (and lets be honest if your with them you will be having trouble) please read on I might be able to help.

              I have been with British gas for about 7 months, (they supplied my house when I moved in and I never bothered changing, silly me!)
              We always paid £18.50 a month for our electricity via direct debit, something I never questioned just paid. (Again silly me) last month £118 was taken out of my bank by British gas.
              Because this money came out unexpectedly my direct debit did not come out for my mortgage. And my bank charged name £34, then the mortgage company tried again to take the money; I was charged another £34.

              As you can imagine I was not happy.

              I rang British gas; I was told that I owed the money because I hadn’t being paying enough. Fair enough, but they had no right to just take it, they should have billed me and I would have paid it, but just taking it from my bank without my knowledge was not acceptable.
              The guy at British gas told me the only way to claim this money back was to go to my bank and fill in a form, then send it to them and they would look at it in due course and let me know when they had decided if they would pay me back.
              I told the man at British gas that this was not acceptable, I work full time and I didn’t have the time to do this also I didn’t have the money to repay the bank charges and waiting for British gas to get back to me could take months and I couldn’t pay my mortgage because they had taken my mortgage money.
              Unsatisfied I asked to talk to the team leader/supervisor, this resulted in the guy leaving the phone several times to talk to his supervisor but always coming back to me with the same answer, unsatisfied I asked for his supervisors name so I could at least complain. The guy told me he didn’t know their name. I had to laugh at this, I knew his supervisor was standing behind him, I knew he had been talking to him; I knew he had been listening in to my call as the guy I was talking to told me. How could he not know his name!!
              I told them I would not get of the phone until I had the matter resolved or if they could not resolve it they should put me on to someone who could.
              All the way through the phone call I was polite and calm never raising my voice I just wanted to get it sorted out.
              Eventually they gave me a number of someone who could help. I thanked them and put down the phone. I rang the number they gave me and was told by an automated message this number was no longer in use. AAGGHHH!

              The worst thing is when I rang back (fuming) I got through to a totally different call centre, so I couldn’t even have a go at them.

              I rang three times but to no avail. I was so fed up I could have cried by the end of it. I spoke to various different people and got no where.

              I was not going to leave it there but I was not going to wait for them to look at my complaint and see if they would sort it out. So I wrote a letter, (I know, strong stuff!)
              The letter basically said that I was not happy with them taking money without asking me and I was not prepared to wait for this to be sorted out I wanted it sorting out ASAP as my mortgage had not been paid putting my home at risk (I really stressed that my home is at risk if I do not keep up payments) I told them I was deeply distressed by this and needed it sorting out ASAP.
              I sent this letter to the following three addresses.

              Helen Emms
              3 the square

              Phil Bently

              Ceo british gas
              Contrica place

              I got all these addresses after trawling over the internet for hours. I had no idea if they where connected with British gas but thought hey for the price of 3 stamps its worth the risk.

              I made sure they were all sent to be signed for so I could trace them and British gas could not deny knowledge of them. With in two days I had a phone call.

              It was from the head of the complaints department and she could not apologise enough for what had happened.
              She arranged for two cheques to be sent out to me.
              One was for £114, the money they had taken and one was for £78 to cover the two bank charges.
              I couldn’t believe it. One week later the cheques arrived. I was dumbfounded I expected not to get a reply, I was so pleased when it got sorted out.

              It just goes to show if you complain to the right people it gets sorted out quickly if I had gone through there system I would still be waiting. You have to go to the top. So keep these addresses if you are with British gas you never know when they might come in handy.

              I should tell you that the next month the very same thing happened again, I rang British gas who refused to help, luckily because I noticed it straight away I informed by bank who refunded the charges and stopped the payment.

              Thanks for reading


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                04.05.2007 10:33



                not bad if theres nowt on the telly

                Supernatural season 1 DVD Box set

                Supernatural a series that was aired, I believed on ITV 1 (however I never saw it while it was showing but borrowed the 6 disc box set when it came out on DVD).

                One episode one we see two young boys, one a toddler and one a baby, when the baby stirs in the middle of the night the mother ventures into the nursery to find out what's wrong. She see's a dark figure over the cot and is then mysteriously pushed up against the wall and moves up the wall and stops on the ceiling above the cot where she bursts into flames.
                The father manages to get the baby to the older boy who runs outside clutching his brother for dear life and soon the father emerges from the burning house but the mother is dead.

                This sets up the whole story for the series. The father (john Winchester) dedicates his whole life to being a demon hunter "if its supernatural we kill it" and the boys are trained demon killers.
                Dean the eldest brother is a true demon hunter, wanting to please his father and follow in his footsteps but Sam the younger brother who remembers little of the night his mother died, wants to go to collage and have a life away from the supernatural. So when Dean shows up at the collage where Sam is staying with his girlfriend, Sam is not very pleased how ever dean tells him that there father has been on a hunting trip and he hasn't been home foe a while and Sam knows something must be wrong. He leaves his girlfriend for a day or so to help dean find what ever had his father but when he returns after a night of hard demon hunting he finds his girlfriend on the ceiling above his bed the same way his mother was and she too burst into flames.
                Now Sam wants to find his father and put a end to the demon that killed the two women in his life. Sam and Dean are on a mission, but with nothing more then their weapons, a Car and their fathers scrap book will they ever find Mr Winchester?
                Season one shows the brothers travelling across the country dealing with different supernatural problems each week. Everything from vampires to ghosts is covered in the DVD.


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                • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (DVD) / DVD / 24 Readings / 23 Ratings
                  More +
                  01.05.2007 18:50
                  Very helpful



                  a great family film

                  Chitty chitty bang bang chittty chitty band bang

                  My girls have always loved this film (so have I) so when I saw the 2 disc special addition available for only £25 I had to have it. I ordered it from Britannia 2 years ago now. It came in a velvet box with a small chitty car model with pull out wings; a booklet telling about the theatre productions a two disc DVD and a discount ticket for the theatre.

                  The car is a great toy; it is exactly like the one on the film but only about 2 inches long. The theatre ticket was useless because it was for a show in London and I live no where near there. The booklet is a short read but interesting none the less but obviously the thing I was most interested in was the DVD. Obviously it has the wonderful film but also the second the DVD which is filled with extras so I couldn't wait to put it on. I was not disappointed.

                  DVD one-

                  The film summery:
                  A daydreaming inventor Caractacus Potts is about to give up on his inventing when his children temp him to save a rusty old racing car from the junkman's fiery furnace. He restores the car back to all its glory and takes his thrilled children, Jeremy and Jemima on a picnic to the beach.
                  On the way they pick up Truly Scrumptious the daughter of the local sweet maker who joins the picnic. While sitting on the beach Potts starts to tell a story to his children about the people from the town of Vulgaria, (a terrible land where children are banned) who are coming to try and steal this wonderful car invented by the genius Caractacus Potts. The car is magical because it can fly and float. It is called Chitty Chitty Bang Bang because that is the noise it makes as it drives along.
                  The film follows the story and see's our four arrive in Vulgaria where the evil Baron and Baroness rule as children, playing with toys but allowing no one else to have any. They send out the evil child catcher to entice the children out with lollypops and ice-cream and then catch them and hide them in the dungeon away from the Baron.
                  Forgetting it is still a story being told on a beach, we start to wonder if the children will be saved and if the evil Baron and Baroness will get what they deserve.
                  After the story however the four are back safely on the beach but will the story have a 'happily ever after' for Potts and the beautiful Scrumptious?

                  The Barron - Gert Frobe
                  The Baroness - Anna Quale
                  Caractacus Potts- Dick Van Dyke
                  Truly scrumptious- Sally Anne Howes
                  Jemima Potts - heather Ripley
                  Jeremy Potts - Adrian Hall
                  The child catcher - Robert Helpman

                  Written by Ian Flemming (the same guy that wrote James bond would you believe couldn't get two more different types of film!)
                  Producer- Albert R Broccoli
                  Director- Ken Huges
                  Music and lyrics - Richard and Robert Sherman

                  Other features on disc one are
                  Scene selection
                  Special features- a fanststicagorical motor car.
                  This is a short film (about 25 min's long) about the actual chitty car ad its owner.
                  - Vintage gallery.
                  Shows TV spot's and trailers from the time it was made.
                  -sing along
                  Use this to have a chitty karaoke

                  Disc two
                  The second disc has a 25-minute documentary, "Remembering Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", with Dick Van Dyke

                  Extracts from Chitty the musical theatre production.

                  Vintage featurettes (this has a Dick Van Dyke press interview, a short documentary about the real Mr Potts, and a video filmed during the making of the film with the Potts children.

                  Photo gallery

                  Sherman brothers demo (this is the Sherman brothers performing their songs for Chitty bang bang) Sound only no picture.

                  Fun and games- this includes
                  A read a long
                  One persons junk is another person's jalopy
                  Toot sweet special delivery
                  Chitty colouring book
                  Unfortunately none of the fun and games features have ever worked so I don't know what they are like.

                  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang received some very bad reviews when it came out, even though it was created by the people who made the James Bond series, and was adapted from Ian Fleming's book by the wonderful Roald Dahl. However almost 40years on, it is a family favourite and I personally love it. If I had to give any criticism it would be that it's quite long, it takes over an hour to get to the Vulgaria story and It takes a full 48 minutes for Caractacus to actually buy the car.
                  However everything else makes up for this, the great cast and performances and of course the song's including "Me Old Bamboo", "The Roses of Success", "Posh" "teddy bear" and, of course, the theme song (which I haven't been able get out of my head since I started writing this yesterday)

                  This really is an all time classic and just as my mum and I watched it I'm sure my children and their children will watch it too.
                  Info- rated U (though the child catcher is quite scary so maybe a PG would have been better)

                  2hrs 20 min's running time

                  Subtitles available in Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Hebrew, Greek, Portuguese

                  Price- I paid £25 but I haven't been able to see the special set I bought with the car and extras in again so all I can tell you is you can buy the different editions from eBay, play.com, and Amazon prices from £7-£15.

                  Things to look out for- performances by Benny Hill and Barbara Windsor

                  More info available from www.chittychitty.com

                  If you like chitty bang bang you might also like Dick Van Dykes new film "night a the museum" or the old classic "Mary Poppins"

                  Thanks for reading


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                  • Cravendale Milk / Soft Drink / 28 Readings / 27 Ratings
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                    30.04.2007 10:22
                    Very helpful



                    good milk

                    Craven Dale Semi skilled milk.

                    I always used UHT milk. It lasts ages, it comes in cartons not bottles and its cheap. However my local garage don't sell it so when I ran out of milk in the middle of the night and knew I needed some to avoid looks of discust when I had to tell my children they would be having toast for breakfast, had to have it.

                    I was looking for a four pint of semi skimmed milk, anything would have done, but all they had was Craven Dale. Honestly I didn't know if it was some sort of organic product or new type of milk and usually I don't like to use new products until they have been tried and tested by friends and family but as I said I needed milk fast so just bought it. The milk cost £1.35 for 2 litres or 4 pints.

                    i remembered the adert with the scary cows following people around trying to get the milk back, none seemed to follow me home from the garage.

                    It looks the same as other four pints but the bottle is white not clear so you cant see the milk inside. The lid is green and label has green on it to show its semi skimmed and it has the word Purfiltre embossed on the side.

                    The milk boasts
                    -pure fresh milk
                    -flitted for purity
                    -fresh for 7 days after being opened
                    -no additives or preservatives
                    -all the vitamins and minerals of normal milk
                    -Deliciously creamy

                    What makes this milk so different is the purifying process. Craven dale removes the bacteria that causes milk to sour so it lasts longer and tastes sweeter and fresher so it has all the taste of full fat milk but it is semi skimmed so better for you.

                    Typical values per 100ml
                    Energy-49 kcal

                    More information -Arla foods ltd Leeds LS101AB or www.protecingthetaste.com or 0846006688

                    Directions for use- keep refrigerated and store upright once opened use with in one week do not exceed 'use by' date after each use re-close and refrigerate.

                    To round up: the milk is really good. It is sweet but not bad for you so if you use it in tea coffee or on cereal you may not need to add sugar (I didn't put sugar on my girl's corn flakes and they didn't notice because it still tasted sweet) and it is about the same price as other milks.
                    I do still buy UHT because I like the life time but i buy Craven dale too for kids cereal so I don't need to add sugar and for baking so I need to add less sugar and still have that sweet taste.

                    I Hope this helps any one thinking about changing their regular milk.

                    Thanks for reading and rating.


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                    • More +
                      19.04.2007 17:18
                      Very helpful



                      great great great

                      I was never a big Foo Fighter fan.
                      I heard one or two of their songs and thought they were alright but I wasn't huge fan. But my husband was.
                      He loved Nirvana and after the death of Kurt Cobain he followed the careers of the other members closely, so when Dave Grohl formed Foo Fighters in 1995 he knew these were going to be a great band.

                      We have all the Foo Fighters albums ("Foo Fighters" The colour and the shape" "There is nothing left to loose" "One by one" "In your honour" and "skin and bones")
                      And even a few live DVD's but we had never seen them play live so when the 'In your honour' album came out and I knew they were touring, I thought tickets to see them would be the best Christmas present I could get my hubby, I wasn't so bothered about seeing them but knew he would want me to go too. but I didn't want to go and not know any of the songs so I started listening to the album straight away I loved it.

                      The CD has two discs one acoustic and one normal rock. Disc two isn't really my cup of tea but it's not bad, I prefer the rock stuff to the funeral music but that's just me. My hubby likes disc two more because it's different from the Foo fighter's usual stuff.

                      The cover shows blue velvet curtains with a golden Eagle and white flowers at the top of them a banner saying "Foo Fighters In Your Honour" runs across the middle and what looks like a big bison is pictured alone at the top of the cover.
                      In side are the lyrics to only one song 'In Your Honour'

                      Track listing
                      1. In Your Honour
                      2. No Way Back
                      3. Best Of You
                      4. DOA
                      5. Hell
                      6. Last Song
                      7. Free Me
                      8. Resolve
                      9. Deepest Blues Are Black
                      10. End Over End
                      11. Sign

                      1. Still
                      2. What If I Do
                      3. Miracle
                      4. Another Round
                      5. Friend Of A Friend
                      6. Over And Out
                      7. On The Mend
                      8. Virginia Moon
                      9. Cold Day In The Sun
                      10. Razor

                      Number of CDs: 2
                      Producer: Foo Fighters
                      Recording type: Studio
                      Distributor: Arvato Services

                      Line Up
                      Dave Grohl- Guitar/Vocals
                      Nate Mandel- Bass
                      Taylor Hawkins- Drums
                      Chris Shiflett- Guitar

                      I don't want o go on to long about individual songs because you need to listen to music your self and make your own interpretation, so I wont bore you with loads of info, what follows is only my opinion.

                      'In your honour' is one man offering his life to make some one feel alive. The lyrics aren't exactly inspirational but the vocals are amazing. It starts with Dave Grohl shouting "Can you hear me? Hear me screaming Breaking in the muted sky" and he is screaming but it sounds fantastic. This is my all time favourite Foo Fighters song.

                      'no way back' is a song with great Rhythm, the chorus and bridge flow really well, almost more like a pop song then a rock song but Grohl's Vocals remind you its pure rock.

                      'Best Of You' is similar to 'No way back in that it could be a pop song if not for Grohl's pure rock voice.

                      'DOA' (Dead on arrival) is about a couple who are splitting up its got great lyrics and is a great one to sing in the shower.

                      'Hell' is the worst song on the Album, its more like Foo Fighters early stuff but the lyrics aren't great "we'll gather round the fire and I will lead the choir" come on it's pretty poor.

                      'Last song' is another brilliant one, all the rock you need in one guitar fuelled, Smokey rough vocal filled, amazing song.

                      'free me' is a little softer but it in on the album quite well with lyrics like "All of the words that we dared never speak All of our ghosts and the secrets we keep, Gather them all and we'll bury them deep" the song is in keeping with the rest of the album

                      'Resolve' is again softer but in keeping, the feel is very pop-rock.

                      'Deepest blues are black' is another favourite of mine, I can't point out why, I just really like it, the lyrics are great the guitar and drums fit perfectly, I love it all.

                      'End over End' is all about life going around and around, the same thing over and over again "I'm circling end over end" again great lyrics and guitar.

                      'Sign' is the last song on the 1st disc and it makes the disc go out with a bang. A fantastic song to end the disc on.

                      I won't list all of disc two because it would make the review too long. It's nothing to write home about.
                      The songs are listed above. It's all acoustic and vocals are superb but it's all a little slow.
                      If disc 1 had been released on its own it would have been another great Foo Fighters album but the two discs are better separated, and I'm glad they aren't all squeezed on to one, they are just too different. After listening to disc one the last thing you want is to cool down with disc two, from super rock to ballads? Er...no... I don't think so.

                      It is a great album and im pleased to say I learned all the words so I could sing at the gig, which by the way was amazing. Best gig ever!! Live is the best way to hear FOO FIGHTERS.

                      This album is highly recommended. 10/10

                      This Cd cost me about £15
                      but can now be bought for £8.49 at amazon.co.uk

                      Lyrics can be found at
                      http://lyrics.doheth.co.uk/songs/foo-fighters/in-your-honor/the-sign.ph p

                      More information can be found at,

                      If you liked this you might also like Dave Grohl- Foo fighter's nirvana and other misadventures and foo fighters skin and bones DVD

                      For any one interested,

                      "FOO FIGHTERS is the name given to the general body of spherical, circular, disc-like,or wedged shaped "bogies," sometimes seeming to glow, shine, or reflect a high degree of illumination seen mostly by World War II pilots or flight crews. They usually paralleled or followed aircraft and were seen by aviators on all sides of the action, being reported by American, British, German and Japanese crews. No Foo Fighter was known or reported to have made or attempted any sort of contact, interaction or attack. They were known, however, for their high rate of speed and agility, being much faster than any known aircraft at the time as well as being extremely manuverable, often exhibiting highly unconventional abilities such as instantaneous acceleration and deacceleration, rapid climbing and descent, and hovering in place."
                      (The above statement was taken from http://sped2work.tripod.com/foo_fighters.html)

                      I hope this was helpful please let me know what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      • tesco.com / Online Shop / 24 Readings / 17 Ratings
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                        18.04.2007 13:35
                        Very helpful



                        every little helps

                        Why I wanted home shopping

                        I can't drive.
                        I know, I know, I need to learn but in order to do that I need that stuff…you know that stuff… every one's always talking about it…it begins with M…oh what it called?…I've never had any...oh I remember it's called… Money!
                        Until I get some of that I cant afford more lessons.
                        It's a bloody nightmare especially since I now live n a village outside the main town. Bus and train services are great but I cant get a weeks worth of shopping on a bus or train. The village does have a Morrison's but its to small. It doesn't have much stuff, not enough for a proper BIG shop. And I can buy 8 different type of bread each week.
                        So every Saturday on my husband's day of we have to go into town and do our shopping on the busiest day of the week. And we don't have time to do anything else, our weekends are wasted in endless ques and confectionary isles filled with children creaming "I want sweets"

                        How I found it
                        I had seen the Tesco delivery van around the village and knew it must come from Hull. (The town near to me) so I decided to give it a go. I had never shopped at Tesco before but since it was one of the only shops that delivered near me I thought it was worth a try. I went on goggle and typed in Tesco. It brought up load of things:
                        Tesco.com, Tesco home insurance, Tesco electrical, Tesco electrical, Tesco downloads and more I never knew they did all this stuff, thought it was just grocery's (although now I think about it I remember the adverts with celebrities voice overs for the trolleys talking about getting inured in case their wheels come off.)
                        I clicked on Tesco.com and this brought up the window where I could choose food, wine, books electrical etc. I clicked on groceries and here I had to register. It was all the usual stuff, name, address, telephone number, email, what food you like, where you normally shop, when you last ate, what you had for breakfast, lat time you watched pornography (ok slight exaggeration but they wanted to know everything else!) once the registration done I could begin my shopping.

                        The shopping

                        The first time you use the site it takes ages to do your shopping. You have to find every thing you need and it can take a while.
                        It is all well set out, you can use the express shopper, which is just like a shopping list you type in what you want and it finds it or you can search by item or by category, I took about 2 hours to complete my first shop. However the next time you do it, it saves your other orders so you can look back and choose the same item again if you like, this saves loads of time and now I get it done in about 20 minuets.
                        When you choose items you can add a note. So if you want bananas you can add 'ripe' or what ever you want (some time's they even read the notes and take notice).
                        One thing to be wary of is spelling, if like me your rubbish at spelling you might not be able to find your items. It will not find brocli or cofee or anything unless it spelled exactly right. (I'm speaking from experience)
                        As you do the shopping your items appear in a list at the side of the screen. So you can see what you have ordered and how much it comes too.

                        Once you have finished you can need to choose your delivery day. Delivery costs between £3.99 and £5.99 and they deliver 7 days a week, the delivery times are any two hour slots between 9am 11pm. So it really is very convenient and they have always being on time and so far have never let me down.
                        The only problem with getting your shopping delivered is that your fresh things might not be that fresh, sometimes I think they give you the old stuff no body else will put in their trolley. And some times they forget stuff, almost every time I have 3 or 4 items missing but if you ring them up and let them no they refund ASAP.


                        You pay then and there via credit/debit card on the website, they do not take cash or check on delivery, if there is a problem with your payment they will ring you before delivery and ask you to pay again.

                        The Website

                        The website is very easy to work around and they do try to make it easy to find your way around with the express shopper and 'my favourites' 'my last order' and search by 'special offer' etc. There are regular features, seasonal ideas and special offers.
                        You can go back to the website and into your account anytime to change or cancel your order.
                        After every change you will receive a email confirming what you have changed and any orders you have made.


                        *You can choose the items you need and don't get tempted by other items on display
                        *you don't get little old lady's stopping in the middle of the isle to check which biscuits they want and looking at you in disgust when you politely say 'excuse me' so you can get by.
                        *delivered to your door
                        *no heavy bags to trap around the town
                        *no forgetting where you parked
                        *easy to use website
                        *can keep track of how much your spending


                        *items sometimes missing
                        *not always best fruit and veg, most times it's old.
                        *delivery drivers thinking you want to chat at the door when it's raining, (its hard to be polite sometimes)

                        All in all I find internet shopping a life saver and Tesco is great. I have never had any real problems except for the few missing items and dodgy fresh stuff but everything else is great. The staff all speak English and are polite. The products are very cheap (i bought a really nice yougurt for 14p!!) and they have a great range of produce.
                        One thing I should mention though I that you can not mix your orders, grocery's books and electrical can not be ordered together, one category only, resulting in extra delivery charge!!

                        Highly recommended!!

                        Tesco have been a god send since I've been using them and I hope this review help's any one who is interested in home shopping.

                        Thanks for reading please let me know what you think.


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                        • My Girl (DVD) / DVD / 28 Readings / 28 Ratings
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                          13.04.2007 00:17
                          Very helpful



                          wonderful film

                          My girl

                          I first saw this film when it first came out I was 10 (so work out how old I am) and I loved it. I had forgotten all about it until December last year when i was looking for DVD's to get my daughter for Christmas. As soon as I saw it I knew she would love it so I bought it and after Christmas we sat down and watched it together. However there were some things I had forgotten about the film. The main character Vader starts her period, (my daughter is 6 I wasn't expecting to have to explain about that yet!) there is a hippy woman who reads a poem about getting high (again didn't want to explain what getting high was) Vader lives in a funeral home (had to explain about why dead people wear make up, why people have open caskets, funerals etc etc etc…) I had remembered about the really sad part of the film (wont spoil it by saying what it was) but I hadn't expected my daughter to run upstairs crying and hide under her covers inconsolable for 30 minuets), however after the tears had dried and the explanations were over she asked to watch it again the next day so she obviously liked it, (now I'm sick of the quotes and songs from it)

                          Set in the seventies My girl is all about 11 year old Vader Sultenfuss a energetic tom boy who's mother died in childbirth and who's father is runs a funeral home from their home. This all adds up to Vader being rather obsessed with death and spends all her time at the doctors convinced she has a fatal illness. Her other obsession is her teacher Mr. Bixley, who she desperately wants to marry, she has a class photo in her room with a heart drawn around his head and she sings to it. Her long suffering best friend is Tomas j. a boy from her neighbourhood who is allergic to everything (including chocolate). Tomas j and Vader enjoy bike ring and tree climbing together during their summer holidays but these summer holidays are different, Vader is growing up.
                          Vader is furious when her father employs Shelly DeVoto as a make up artist for the deceased then he begins to date her. Even though Shelly tries to befriend Vader and love her Vader still see's her as a threat to the relationship she has with her father and a replacement for a mum she never knew and doesn't want replacing. At the same time her father is falling in love she is falling in love with her teacher. Mr . Bixley is a friendly teacher who encourages Vader to be a child and enjoy her summer but she can't bear to be away from him even joining his summer writing class and when she tell's him that she love's him " like my dad loves shelly" only to find out he has a girlfriend, she is distort.
                          But Tomas j I s always there to for her, when she loses her beloved mood ring he finds it for her, when she goes to the doctors with her imaginary illness's he is there with her but she doesn't realise it until it's too late, slamming the door in his face when she begins her period saying "don't come back for 5 to 7 days" and making him pick a scab so that tthey can become blood bothers, my favourite line in this film is when Tomas J asks Vader "will you think of me?... if Mr Bixley wont marry you,.. Will you think of me"(or something like that) its so sweet. But all good things must come to an end and so must their friendship. The film is about growing up, feelings, coming of age; it's a real tear jerker.

                          The film
                          Made in 1991 and staring one of the most famous child actors of that time (Macaulay Culkin) My girl was bound to popular. It had a great cast and fantastic diolouge

                          "Vada: ''I used to like to play with my Ken and Barbie dolls. Ken was my favorite. Then one Christmas I got them a camper and all they wanted to do was hang out in it by themselves. So I wasn't too upset when they took that wrong turn and went over the cliff. ''

                          "Feel my aura.
                          I don't think I'm allowed to"

                          "The first rule of eye makeup is that you can never wear enough blue eye shadow"

                          there are some great quotes.

                          Its no wonder it won 2 of the three awards it was nominated for.

                          MTV movie award
                          Best Breakthrough Performance
                          won for Anna Chlumsky
                          for My Girl (1991

                          MTV Movie Award
                          Won for Best Kiss.
                          for My Girl (1991) - Award shared with Anna Chlumsky

                          MTV Movie Award
                          Nominated for Best On Screen Duo.
                          for My Girl (1991) - Nomination shared with Anna Chlumsky

                          Harry Sultunfuss- Dan Aykroyd
                          Vader sultnfuss - Anna Chlumsky
                          Tomas j - Maculay Culkin
                          ShellyDevoto - Jamie Lee Curtis
                          Mr. Jake Bixler - Griffin Dunne

                          Director -Zoward Zieff
                          Produced by- Brain Gazer
                          Written by Laurice Elehwany

                          the cast performances are amazing Dan Aykroyd is great as always (does this man ever get any older?) and Jamie lee curtis is as wonderfull as always but the best performences by far are Vader and Tomas j, their relationship really grows on film and Vader is great showing the emotion that a girl going through pubity feels. i think she is a wonderful actress andi dont know why she isn't around any more.
                          This film has been around a while but if you haven't seen it then definitely give it a go or if its been a while then try to get your hands on the DVD its only around £5 now from places like virgin, or Woolworth's, or even cheaper on eBay.

                          It a PG 1 hr 38 mins long and has no dvd extras.

                          If you liked it you might like to wacth My Girl 2, Uncle Buck, Tradding Mom, And Don't Yell Mom The Babysitters Dead.

                          Highly recommended.

                          Thanks for reading!!!!
                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-----------------------------x-------xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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                          • Stormbreaker (DVD) / DVD / 26 Readings / 23 Ratings
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                            11.04.2007 23:52
                            Very helpful



                            its ok


                            I borrowed this DVD from my brother-in-law and I have to say I was sceptic, he told me it was a about a 14 year old spy. And that was enough to put me off. It sat on my shelve for a while I until one night when the telly was depressing and I was bored I finally opened the case and tried the film out.

                            The cast

                            Robbie Coltraine
                            Damain Lewis
                            Ewan Mcgregor
                            Bill Nighty
                            Sohpie Okonedo
                            Alex Pettyfer
                            Andy Serkis
                            Allicia Silverstone
                            Micky Rourke
                            Jimmy Carr
                            Stephen Fry

                            (Most of these actors only have small roles)

                            its great to see a good english cast, some great actors here even if they only have a few lines.

                            The Plot
                            A 14 year old boy Alex is living with his banker uncle in London but when his uncle dies he suspects fowl play then discovers that his uncle was a spy and now mi6 want him to take his uncles place and work for them. Alex must spy on the evil Darrius Sayle. A multimillionaire who is planning to despatch a deadly virus to all English school children through his newly invented computer the storm breaker in order to reek revenge on cruel children who taunted him as a child. Will Alex rise to the challenge or is it all too much for a school boy to handle. The plot is a lacks any real depth but is quite sweet and fun, great for kids.

                            The action
                            "Death-defying car chases, jaw dropping gadgets and enough adrenaline to boot James Bond into a bin liner". This is what the front of the dvd case say's, im not sure id entirely agree but its got quite a lot of action really. It starts out with a motor bike chase and then there are car chases, helicopters, gun fights, and the young boy who plays Alex is involved in a lot of kung fu scenes so there is a lot of action but some of it is not very good, a badly filmed and you can see the sequence they been taught and it just doesn't quite fit together, but most of it is very good.

                            Special affects
                            The car chase is great as is the way the bad guy hangs out of the helicopter and the roof top dangle but it is all forgotten when you see Darrius Sayles pet Jelly fish. It looks like my 5 year old glued some string together. It really is that bad.

                            It is a light hearted look at the life of a 14 year old spy it has stereotypical bad guys and good guys and the plot isn't magnificent but it is worth a watch but don't expect James Bond (although he does get some gadgets), I would say anyone aged 8 years 13 years will like it but 13 plus will start asking questions about the plot and stunts and realise its short falls.

                            They have left it open for a sequel but it is based on a book and there are about 5 or 6 other books so its obviously not the last we will see of Alex Rider.

                            It's rated PG
                            89 mins long
                            More info from www.alexrider.com

                            DVD extras
                            film makers commentary- exactly what it says
                            from page to screen - talks to Anthonly Horowitz about getting his book made into a film
                            stunts- shows how some of the stunts were done and many of them where real, not blue screened surprisingly so gives them a little ore credit.
                            The horse chase- shows how the horse chase through the centre of London was filmed.
                            VFX Creative Sayles Tower- shows how the large building was created for the film
                            Donnie yen- shows how the famous chorographer put together all the fight scenes.
                            Featurette over view- I didn't view this one
                            Teaser trailer- exactly what it says

                            What more can I say, its not the film of the year but if you get the chance give it a go, it not bad, some if it is cheesy but most of it is funny and light hearted.


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                            • Dirty Dancing (DVD) / DVD / 38 Readings / 36 Ratings
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                              10.04.2007 23:49
                              Very helpful



                              if you aint seen it in a while put it on and dance the night away

                              dirty dancing- one of my all time faves


                              cynthia Rhodes, Garry Goodrow,
                              Jack Weston, Jennifer Grey,
                              Jerry Orbach, Kelly Bishop,
                              Lonny Price, Max Cantor,
                              Miranda Garrison, Neal Jones,
                              Patrick Swayze, Wayne Knight.

                              Plot --

                              Its 1963 and when most 17 year old girls want to meet boys, and let there hair down all Francis Houseman (or Baby as every one calls her) wants to do is join the peace core and make the world a better place.
                              Wanting to end world hunger and stop the Vietnam War, Francis has grand illusions. Especially for someone whose name describes her nature. Baby is naïve and daddy's little girl.
                              Its during a family holiday to the Catskills mountains that Baby stops being a baby and start being the woman she wants to be.
                              Board of family activities baby takes a walk only to come across a party in the staff quarters, this is where the Headstrong Baby meets sexy dance teacher Johnny Castle, and they make a wonderful combination.
                              Johnny is facing a crisis, his dance partner and close friend Penny is pregnant to a slimy waiter who is not interested in helping her bring up a baby. Penny wants to get an abortion. Not only is this dangerous but its also expensive, even if they get the money for the abortion it will mean Penny is bed ridden and unable to dance and earn a living and a have guaranteed job next season.
                              Baby agrees to take Penny's place. First she has to learn how to dance; Johnny teaches her the choreography's in his sexy, seductive way, and soon the two fall in love.
                              But Baby's is facing conflict at home. Her father thinks that Johnny is the father of Penny's baby and doesn't want his Baby mixing with people like that. He would prefer her to mix with the hotel owner's grandson Neil. But his derogatory perception of everyone around him and his dull personality don't appeal to Baby.
                              She knows Johnny is a good man and despite her fathers disapproval she thinks he is worth fighting for.

                              Soundtrack -

                              The soundtrack is amazing; each song fits the moment perfectly, (remember when Johnny scrunches up his face and mimes the "and I owe it all to you" bit? it just goes brilliantly)
                              Love man, I've had the time of my life, hey baby, she's like the wind, do you love me.
                              To name but a few. It's a great soundtrack. 'ive had the time of y life' won an oscar for best song!

                              Choreography -

                              The dancing in this film is wonderful. They do everything form the foxtrot on the dance floor to the 'Dirty Dancing' in their own rooms.
                              Johnny's dancing is enough to get any one hot under the collar and who can forget that bit were baby is dancing down the steps and applying her lippy.
                              The best choreography is the final dance were the pair finally manage the lift they have been struggling with. It's a real lump in the throat moment.

                              Performances -

                              Every one is wonderful in this film. I can't fault any one. The one actor who stands out though for me is Dr Houseman. Baby's dad. He really struggles with his baby growing up and not being the number one man in her life any more. He plays the part so well. His face when baby tells him he let her down, made me cry. He didn't even say anything. His face said it all. So although it was Patrick Swayze who won the golden globe for his performance I think is Dr Houseman who should have got one.


                              Nobody puts baby in a corner

                              Oh, come on, ladies. God wouldn't have given you maracas if He didn't want you to shake 'em.

                              Go back to your playpen, Baby

                              i'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you.

                              I carried a watermelon.


                              Eleanor Bergstine wrote dirty dancing as a recollection of her childhood memories from holidays much the same as the Houseman's. Much to her dismay it was years before any one was interested enough to make the movie.
                              Dirty Dancing was made in 1987
                              It's certified 15 with some bad language, some slight sex/nudity and some violence.
                              it only 96 mins long.

                              You can now get loads of Dirty Dancing merchandise, everything from dolls to cup's
                              The dvd costs about £10 new or £5 used
                              The soundtrack costs about £8 new or £6 used
                              And theatre tickets of the stage adaptation are available but prices vary depending on time of year, location and actors involved.

                              Extras are few unfortunately, here they are,
                              Learn to dirty dance (bit complicated)
                              Commentary from Eleanor Bergstine
                              Subtitles (english only)

                              My opionion.

                              Love it. Everything about it is wonderful. Who doesn't like dirty dancing? All the cheesiness, the fantastic quotes and the great believable characters, forme dirty dancing is one of the best films ever made.

                              Now I have wrote about it enough I think I need to watch it again now. Better warn the neighbours there's gonna be some loud singing coming from my house tonight

                              Hey hey baby I wanna noooooooooo……………..


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                              • Prime (DVD) / DVD / 25 Readings / 22 Ratings
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                                10.04.2007 09:43
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                                good film



                                The main three are;
                                Uma Thurman plays photographer Rafi
                                Meryl Streep plays Rafi's therapist
                                Bryan Greenberg plays artist David


                                Rafi is not looking for love. She is a recently divorced 30 something year old happy with her work and her life. When she meets David she is unsure weather to date him or dump him, after all he is only 23, she is 37. on her therapists advice she decided to have a little fun and see more of David, she never imagines hat this little bit of fun could get so complicated. Will Streep still give the same advice when she realises Rafi's young man is her son. Streep is torn between the loyalty of her client and her son. Who will she choose?


                                Ive never heard of this Bryan Greenberg, but he plays a great part in this film. He comes across as an honest hard working actor and he is till so young, defiantly one to look out for in future I think.
                                Uma is brilliant, Her character is a sassy, funny, sexy woman who is going through a difficult time, thinking of he future (men and babies mainly). Uma makes Rafi sexy, sophisticated, and human, she laughs, she cries, she is one of us girls.
                                Meryl Streep. Wow. What a performance, a therapist who needs a therapist. All her past performances could have been leading up to this role, she was made for it. She adds her own twinges and twitches to make the part more realistic. You cringe with her when she hears things a mother shouldn't hear and you want to cry for her when she is torn between two loyalties and two people she cares about.


                                The script is very funny. I was almost crying at a part when Rafi goes home with David only to find his room mates are his grandparents. Doesn't sound that funny I know but Umas performance is side splitting.
                                There are moments like this all the way through the film, it really w ill have you laughing your bum off the couch.
                                Behind the hilarious dialogue is a great story with a deep theme about love and life.. There really is nothing bad about this film, everything is great.

                                my only problem (and its only a little one) is the ending, i dont want to give anything away but i thought the ending was poor, just my opinon though, you may like it.

                                i bought this dvd for £12.49 from Britainia about a month ago but they are selling on ebay now for about £5 (just sold mine) or play.com for about £10

                                Certificate 12
                                Running time 101 mins
                                Film by Ben Younger
                                More info www.momentpictures.co.uk

                                DVD extras- deleted scenes, prime time players, trailer, audio commentary with Ben young and Jennifer Todd.

                                Smart sassy and sophisticated- film review

                                Laugh out loud funny - eve

                                A charming romantic drama featuring wonderful performances. Hilarious. - Sunday mirror


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                                  08.04.2007 02:22
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                                  dont bother !!!

                                  Bounce Bounce Tigger

                                  While walking down the street last year my daughter found a twenty pound note, as there was no one about who could have lost it and she yelled "look, Ive found paper money" at the top of her voice and no one came up and said "hey that's mine" I let her keep it. I said I would take her into town and she could buy what ever she wanted.

                                  ON the TV she had seen the advert for the Bounce Bounce Tigger game. (annoying advert, cant get the song out my head, 'What he does is up to you bounce bounce tigger') any way she said that was what she wanted so we caught the bus into town and went to buy it.

                                  The purchase
                                  I found the game in The Disney Store, it was easy to spot in its blue box with a picture of tigger on the front. It cost £9.99 but this was 2005 so its probably cheaper now.
                                  As soon as we got it home she couldn't wait to get started.

                                  The game is made of the plastic Tigger, plastic green grass to stand him and :
                                  A hat a honey pot a walking stick, a picnic basket, a scarf, a butterfly, a bee,
                                  a umbrella, and a bow, I think that's them all.
                                  On the grass area where you stand tigger there is the he place where you put the batteries and the on/off switch.
                                  Its colourful and is attractive to children.

                                  How to play
                                  This game is for 1-4 players and is also a great fun to play solo.
                                  the aim of the Tigger game is to hang as many of the items as possible on tigger. Put Tigger on a flat surface (the floor is good) then push him down until you hear the click noise which means its securely fitted in place, when that's done tigger straigtnes his arms sideways, ready for you to start putting on the items.
                                  The game is easy to play for 4years plus.
                                  fist spread out the items on the flat surface you have chosen, as always the youngest player goes first, they need to choose the object they want and try to hang it anywhere on tigger. The item must not touch the grass and you can't touch tigger.
                                  Each player has a go, doing this and then when tigger gets too heavy he will suddenly bounce and everything should fall off, but if this happens when you're hanging something on him, you lose. The last one with an item left is the winner.

                                  In my opinion this game is rubbish and why? Because when it gets more then 5 items on he gets too heavy and wont bounce. More like stay still tigger, so you never get to finish a game.
                                  Other problems are that the hat doesn't fit tigger's head and the bits are too small so they can get lost very easily.

                                  Extra info
                                  I paid £9.99 from the Disney store but you can buy this game for about £8 now from Argos, Toys r us, big w and all good toy shops, or ebay, I sold this one on Ebay for £5. (So not a total loss)
                                  The game is all plastic so can be cleaned very easy with a damp cloth (or baby wipes which are my favourites).
                                  And last but not least you'll need two batteries which are not included.

                                  All in all I don't recommend this game, it doesn't bounce very well and my 4 and 5 year olds (as they where when we bought it) didn't play with it more then 3 times, even they hated it and they are easy to please.

                                  And for any one who is interested we spent hours in town spending the other £10, on sweets and cheap toys.


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