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    • Car Boot Sales / Discussion / 71 Readings / 69 Ratings
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      10.03.2009 10:51
      Very helpful



      Its great being a seller and a buyer

      My family never did car boot sales, i think that was because we didn't need to and when we did have clutter around the house it went to charity. However, when i first met my other half and he found out i was a boot sale virgin, we decided to plan a Sunday where we can visit one.

      ~ The Boot Sale ~

      We decided to go to a boot sale near Brands Hatch in Kent. It was a very very busy boot sale which had over 100 stalls. We got there early at 9am, but to my boyfriend that wasn't early, you pick up most bargains if you get there as soon as people are setting up at 6am.

      I started making my way around the stalls and was very impressed with the stuff some people were selling. I didn't realise you can pick up more or less everything at a bootsale and its not always second hand stuff people are selling, there were lots of stalls selling new products, like make up, DVDs, plants, tools. So i was very impressed.

      One thing i did notice was the amount of illegial sellers selling pirate dvds. I mentioned this to my partner and he said they have tried to stop them turning up, but because there are lots of them its difficult. They will get moved on, but will then just up stall somewhere else at the boot sale. I was surprised at the amount of people buying from them, surely this just encourages them to keep coming back.

      ~ Overall ~

      I enjoyed my morning at the boot sale. Plenty of places selling refreshments, they might be overpriced, but if your in need of a cuppa tea and didn't bring your own then you will pay that price. I came away designer make up half the price of shops - and some gorgeous baby clothes for my niece. I would definately go back in the summer.

      Because i enjoyed my experience, my partner and i decided to do our own boot sale and get rid off some stuff we didn't want or need anymore.

      ~ So how did i rate my first time on the other side of the table ~

      Loved it!! OK i didn't love the getting up at 5am part but we made money from stuff we would've just chucked away.

      We got the car ready the day before, which made it a little easier in the morning, as we could just get up get ready and leave. As soon as we arrived at our pitch, we started unpacking. I didn't like the fact buyers can turn up and start going through your bags when your trying to set up. I felt like i was constantly having to watch them so was unable to sort out my pitch, so you really need two people so one can be sorting out the table and the other serving.

      If you have a constant flow of people looking at your stall the morning can go really quick, but we found once all the good stuff had been sold, you can sit there for hours when only a handfull of customers buying from you, so i became a bit bored, but thats not normal for me.

      The boot sale virgin no more will definitely be doing another in the summer, and am already planning on attending some more when the season starts properly.


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      • qype.co.uk / Internet Site / 96 Readings / 94 Ratings
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        03.03.2009 21:35
        Very helpful



        Be quick, the rewards go quickly

        I had never heard of Qype until i saw somebody mention it on the Money saving Expert website in November 2008. They had a brilliant offer on where you write 50 reviews and get £50 back in Amazon vouchers, also if you make it to Ninja status you received a free ipod nano. So i decided to register and see what it was all about!

        So what is Qype?

        Qype is just like Dooyoo really, but you can review local places near you which you like and receive points for doing so. You receive 8 points for a place that has been reviewed already, and 20 points if the place hasn't been reviewed yet. I believe you can also get extra points if you recommended new place, uploading pictures of the location or adding videos.

        How easy is it to review places near you?

        I found is very easy to review my local town centre, lots of shops and attractions were already on there, and to earn the points you only needed to write 100 words for it to qualify, which was very very easy, but not as fun as writing reviews on Dooyoo. You could review anything and everything, local taxi companies, your local clubs, bars, and even places you have been abroad.

        The rewards and challenges..

        I didn't take up the Amazon challenge last year because i didn't have the time to write the reviews, but i recently signed up to the Virgin offer. You needed to write 50 new reviews or 100 reviews of places which have already been reviewed.

        To make sure you're in the challenge you needed to click the link on the website, then you should receive an email saying you're in. Once you get going, and hit the half way mark you will receive another email saying your half way there, which was very exciting. Once i got half way i struggled a little bit with my reviews, i had run out of places to review which were local to me, so i started reviewing places i had been on holiday in America.

        3 days later i hit the 50 mark and i received an email a few hours later to say i had completed the email and once my reviews had been checked i would receive my voucher at the beginning of February.

        Last week i received my voucher and now i'm looking at how to spend it.

        How easy is it to use the website?

        VERY. I found it very easy to navigate around the site, searching for places or services near you. I have just now logged on to Qype and the site has all changed, for the better. Lots of new features, which make the site very funky.


        This site is great. It has some unbelievable challenges but you have to be quick when these come around, they go very quickly. Dooyoo is still my no1, but the Qype rewards are worth participating in the challenge.


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        • Your Top 10 / Discussion / 165 Readings / 158 Ratings
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          22.01.2009 00:51
          Very helpful



          My top 10.

          I wasn't sure what top 10 i should write about, so i have decided to write about the top 10 things i just simply couldn't ever live without..

          1) My family and friends. I would happily give up everything if it meant i would always have my family and friends around me. My boyfriend, parents, my sister and bros, my 2 year old niece, and my friends mean the whole world to me.

          2) My cat Sammy. She's 10 years old and just the best cat ever. She brings a big smile to my face every day.

          3) My mobile phone. I love my Nokia 6500 slide. It helps me stay in contact with my family and friends. Oh and be able to take piccys whilst on the go.

          4) My Apple Macbook. I use my laptop every single day. I use it for work, uni work, Dooyoo, finding ways to save money, entering comps, keeping in contact with my friends in other countries via Facebook.

          5) My Ipod Touch. I love music, more than i love TV to be honest. If i had to pick my ipod or tv to be stranded on a dessert island with i'd pick my ipod. I have some amazing all time classics on my pod, and just switching my ipod on when on the way to work or uni just makes my day.

          6) My sony digital camera. I love taking photos, its great to look back at them and just remember how wonderful that particular day was. I have over 20 albums, and i love just looking through them. Now my lil niece is growing up, and fast, i love snapping her every time i see her, she's gorgeous.

          7) My GHD's. If i'm away for one night, my GHD's come with me. I wouldn't be able to go anywhere without them. A bit of water on my hair and its ruined. GHD's are the best hair straightners on the market right now.

          8) Make up. I don't wear lots of make up, but i won't leave the house without a little bit on, even if its just some lip gloss. I feel ugly if i don't wear any. My boyfriend always says he prefers my look in the morning without the make up, if only i agreed, it would save me heaps of money lol.

          9) My celeb magazines. I know how awful i have magazines in my top ten. I just can't help but buy them though. I don't think i could walk into a shop and not buy one.

          10) My Bed. We have just bought a new bed and its sooo comfy. If somebody had to take it away from me i just don't know how i'd live. Its that comfy.


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          • Baby Boom (DVD) / DVD / 137 Readings / 131 Ratings
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            18.01.2009 21:29
            Very helpful



            A great film to watch on a miserable Sunday aftenoon

            Baby Boom is a great film for a Sunday afternoon when its cold and miserable outside. I bought this DVD a few months ago when i saw it in HMV for £3, i decided to buy it because i had never seen it before, and it was so cheap. I had never heard of the film before, but decided i would give it a watch.

            So whats the film about?

            Diane Keaton who plays J.C Wyatt is a very successful career woman who has it all. A great job with potential of becoming partner and shares a great appartment in New York with her successful boyfriend. J.C could never see children in her future because she was committed to her work. So one day when she gets an unexpected call that her distant cousin from England has died and she is in the will she just assumes she's been left a pen. However when at the airport to collect her pen, she is infact handed a baby.

            As her life starts changing very quickly, she has to think about whats best for her life with the new baby, and moves out to the country. J.C finds it very had to adapt to the country life, especially when the house she bought needs a lot of work done to make it liveable.

            J.C is all set to leave the countrylife and head back to New York, but without knowing it, she starts a little business selling hand made baby food using fresh produce grown on her land. She soon starts getting lots of interest, and before she knows its its a million dollar company called Country Baby.

            Who's in the movie? and when was it made?

            Diane Keaton ~ J.C. Wiatt
            Sam Shepard ~ Dr. Jeff Cooper
            Harold Ramis ~ Steven Buchner
            Kristina Kennedy ~ Elizabeth Wiatt
            Michelle Kennedy ~ Elizabeth Wiatt
            Sam Wanamaker ~ Fritz Curtis

            Baby Boom is 22 years old. It was released on the 7th October 1987 in the USA.

            Best places to buy it..

            I was lucky enough to pick this up in a sale for £3. I have had a look online, and the best price around seems to be £4.83 on www.dvd.co.uk.

            Worth a watch?

            This film is an ok film. I found it very predictable, but at the same time enjoyable. If you fancy watching something easy to watch, and will put a smile on your face at the end, you must watch this fim.

            Diane Keaton does a great job playing J.C, and the baby is just adorable.


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            • facebook.com / Internet Site / 128 Readings / 124 Ratings
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              13.01.2009 22:22
              Very helpful



              Facebook is a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends

              I only recently signed up to Facebook. I kept getting email invites from friends to sign up, so one day at the end of last year i took the plunge and signed up.

              When i first joined i found it a little bit confusing at first, so many little different applications and things to add and do. I luckily got some tips from my sister, who i must say is the worst saddest girl because she is Facebooks no 1 fan.

              After you get used to Facebook its fairly easy to use, but at the same time very annoying.

              ~ Best bits about Facebook ~

              You get back in touch with old school friends who you lost after leaving school/college/uni/work and keep in touch with friends and family who are abroad. Its very easy to search for your friends and add them. Once you have added them, your friend will get an email and will need to confirm they are your friend before they will appear in your friends list.

              Another good thing about Facebook is you are able to look at your friends photos. Sometimes you don't always the chance to pop around your friends for a cuppa when they've just got back from holiday, so its nice being able to view their holiday snaps from your very own computer.

              Facebook members also set up different groups.If you have an interest in something, its nice being able to join the group and be part of the discussions the group have. I recently joined the Trainee Primary School teachers group. It really is nice being able to chat to other students in the same position as you. You also get great advice and make some really good friends.

              Another thing i like about Facebook is you can set your own privacy settings. As soon as i signed up my made my profile only visable to friends and famliy. I'm a very private person, and i don't like the fact that others access your profile without even knowing you.

              Unfortuantely i have had a few problems with ex boyfriends trying to add me, so i set my profile up so i am unable to be found if somebody was searching for me. The only way i can become friends with somebody is if i add them, which i love.

              ~ Worst bits about Facebook ~

              It can become very addictve. Luckly i haven't got to that stage quite yet, but people get very addicted and spend every single minute of the day on there. My best friend i think updates her status every 5 minutes. A status is where you write at the top of your page how your feeling, what your upto etc.

              You get people adding you who you wouldn't ever speak to in your life. So people get very competative with how many friends they have, and just add people for the sake of it, and know full well they will never ever speak to that person. I personally only add my very closest friends or family because i wouldn't want people i hardly know viewing my personal and private details.

              ~ Overall ~

              I would highly recommend Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family. Its also great looking at photos.


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              • Ugg Boots: Classic Tall / Shoes / 126 Readings / 119 Ratings
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                12.01.2009 22:10
                Very helpful



                Amazing boots

                I never thought i would be lucky enough to own a pair of Uggs, I would always see girls wearing them and wish i had a pair. So when my lovely partner surprised me one day and bought me my very first pair of Ugg boots i was soo happy. I'd been banging on about them everyday, so he decided to put me out of my misery and buy me my very first pair of Ugg boots.

                For many people, one of those people being my partner, these are VERY ugly looking boots, but they still manage to be all the rage and very popular with celebs.

                So, what are Ugg boots?

                Uggs were first worn by Australian surfers, this was because of the comfort and warmth of the boots after waiting hours in the cold sea for a wave.

                They are the most comfy and cosy foot ware EVER. You can literally walk for miles and miles in them and never have aching feet. The classic Ugg boot is such a simple design, soft sheepskin suede with a very rounded toe.

                Uggs come in two different sizes, classic short and classic tall. You can get your Uggs in many different colours, chestnut, grey, sand, chocolate, and black.

                If you love Ugg boots, then you will be happy to know Ugg Australia do a wide range of footware, shoes and slippers and they also sell handbags and clothes.

                Why i love my Uggs...

                I love my Ugg boots because they are sooo comfy. I tend to wear my boots tucked into jeans, or with a casual dress. The brilliant thing about these boots is you can wear them without any socks. Even if your wearing them in minus temperature, you still have lovely toasty feet.

                I recently went to New York, and when we landed it was snowing, hard. Thankfully i had my very lovely chestnut Uggs on. I didn't really want to wear them in the rain or snow, that being because of the cost of them, but it was so cold -7 i just had to. Walking out into the cold was great, my feet were snug as a bug in the boots and i could walk for miles in the snow without feeling the cold.

                The snow made my boots look very wet, so i was a little worried i had ruined my £130 boots, but as soon as i got back to the hotel where it was nice and warm, they soon dried and looked as good as new. If this was my 'fake' pair of Uggs that i'd worn in the snow, they would've been ruined.

                Whilst i was on holiday i decided to treat myself. In the UK my classic short chestnut Uggs cost £120, which is a large amount of money for a pair of boots. However in New York, i stumbled upon the Ugg shop. Obviously i had to go in, its a must for any Ugg lover. I spotted a pair of sand Ugg boots, and i had to have them. My boyfriend worked out they would that $130 would be £90, so buying them in America saved me nearly £30, so decided to get them.

                The cost of Uggs

                Yes Uggs are expensive, but if you think about this way, you could spend £20 on a pair of fakes, and they wouldn't last you very long at all. So all the £20 you pay out for a new pair, could've bought you the real thing, which last for years.

                My friend has had her pair for 2 years. The look of the Uggs haven't changed, so have never gone out of fashion.

                If you want a pair of comfy boots that are going to last you, then Uggs are what you need to get.

                Before you buy a pair, make sure you look around for offers. So many websites are doing offers at the moment, so if you can find a good offer, you can pick up a pair of short boots for £110 - £120 or classic tall boots for £145 - £160.

                If you do buy from a website, make sure you check they are real. So many websites are offering 'real' Uggs at unbelievable prices, but then they turn out to be fakes.

                Another note - if you do buy a pair of Uggs, i would recommend you getting one size smaller than your normal size. Both my pair of Uggs are in size 7, which is the size i buy for all my shoes and trainers. When you first try your Uggs on they feel fine, however after a couple of hours they start to feel a big. I spoke to somebody in Schuh about this one day whilst in there shopping, and they said a lot of people had come back with the same problem but had been told they are meant to be worn big, thats the style. So, if you like your boots to fit nicely, buy a size smaller.


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                • What's In Your Bag? / Discussion / 87 Readings / 84 Ratings
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                  11.01.2009 00:30
                  Very helpful



                  I couldn't live without my handbags

                  Girls can never have too many handbags. I think i buy a new one every month. At the moment i am using this gorgeous blue bag i bought form Jane Norman last month. It cost £28 and is big enough for all my essentials.

                  If you were to have a peak in my handbag you would find:-

                  1. My DKNY purse i recently bought from New York - i saw the exact same purse in House of Fraser for £45, i picked it up in New York DKNY for £19 - anybody think us Brits are being ripped off? i do.

                  2. My gorgeous purple umbrella i also bought from New York. I couldn't live without my umbrealla. Its soo small and light i carry it every where with me beacause the slightest bit of rain on my hair makes it go all frizzy, urgh!

                  3. My Ipod Touch i got for Christmas from my partner. I couldn't go anywhere without this brilliant gadget.

                  4. Wet ones. You will always find a pack of wet wipes in my bag. I am not a mummy yet, but even i can have those little accidents where you need to quickly grab something to wipe it up.

                  5. A pen. This is very handy because i'm always either on the train and need a pen, or out somewhere and my boyfriend asks for a pen. I remember the time i said i didn't have one in my bag, he was shocked, he thought all women have pens in their bags.

                  6. My pink filofax. This has my life in it. If i lost it, i wouldn't know what i would do.

                  7. My Nokia 6500 slide is usually in my hand bag.

                  8. Make up. I have started to carry only a few make up essentials with me, foundation, blusher, and lip gloss. I now leave the make up bag at home. It took up way too much space in my bag, and besides, did i really need to do my face twice a day.

                  9. Tic tacs. I have a love for Tic tacs, i eat one, then want another, and another and so on. I love having that fresh breath taste in my mouth.

                  And i think thats my whole bag. I used to carry all sorts, safety pins, little sewing kit, but i gave my bag a little clean last week and got rid off all the stuff that was making it hard to find the things i need everyday, usually my mobile phone. I have resorted to tipping my bag on the floor once when my mobile just kept riniging, but my phone was no where to be found in my bag, well that was only because i had so much junk in my bag i couldn't find anything.

                  I now, have a very organised bag for 2009.


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                  • Essentials / Magazine / Newspaper / 70 Readings / 68 Ratings
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                    10.01.2009 22:51
                    Very helpful



                    A very easy read with great tips

                    I came across this magazine a couple of months whilst sitting in my dentist waiting room. I had never heard of the magazine before so wasn't sure what it would be like. You can normally see me reading Heat or OK so i wasn't sure if this magazine was my sort of thing, but i can honestly say i loved it and now buy it every month. The magazine is priced at £2.50 and has a very eye catching front cover.

                    Essentials is a great women's magazine packed with great easy tips to make your life that much easier, every single day. The magazine has great tips on affordable fashion,great beauty buys and advice, real life solutions, hair and beauty inspiration, home and food ideas, great holiday ideas and money saving tips. The magazine also has a brilliant 'How to' section where you will find recipes for every day cooking or when entertaining, and it also gives you 'can-do' tips for your home and wellbeing.

                    ~ Fashion and Shopping ~

                    The fashion and shopping section gives you lots of different fashion ideas that are in at the moment, and ideas on how to glam yourself up for less. If your a High Street women, you will love this section. Lots of affordable fashion ideas which won't break the bank balance.

                    ~ Real Life ~

                    In the real life section you can read about all sorts of every day problem solutions and ways to improve your life.

                    ~ Hair and Beauty ~

                    My favourite section. I particularly love this section because it gives you lots of different beauty sections, from new tricks, trends and good buys.

                    In this months issue i love the article about "The 5 minute make up bag updates". If your make up bag is anything like mine, its old and in need of a good update with all the make up that's recommended by make- up artists.

                    ~ Your Health handbook ~

                    Another great section in this brilliant magazine. It gives you great exercise tips and tricks to get you looking fab. It also has a section where you can write to Essentials very own resident GP for advice on health problems.

                    ~ Consumer Know-how ~

                    Great expert help and great savings tips to be found in this section.

                    In this months mag you will find Best Supermarket basic buys. This is great if you are looking to save money on your supermarket shop. We all trust the big brand names and never think about trying supermarkets basic ranges. I have tried several of the products on the list, i.e. Tesco baked beans in Tomato Sauce. I usually go for the trusted Heinz, but decided to give Tesco Value a try, and i was surprised to find i couldn't really tell the difference between the two. So save your money, and go basic.

                    The best section has to be the 'How to' section..

                    If you love cooking, and trying new recipes to feed your family, then you will love this part of the magazine. Every month you will find yummy mouth watering recipes, that al look very easy to make.

                    It also has a section on you and your home which covers everything from cheap chic ideas for the home and making money ideas online. Every month this changes, but you can normally find a money making idea in this section every month, which i just love.

                    ~ Overall ~

                    If you like a magazine which covers fashion, health and beauty, food, money saving, then this magazine is one you need to try. At £2.50 a month, you really cannot complain.

                    This month i noticed a fab subscription offer which offers 20% off the retail price and includes a rather fab free gift. To sign up it costs you £13 every 6 months. It doesn't seem a big saving, as its only £2 saved every 6 months, but over a year its £4 saved, and if you sign up when they offer free gifts, you won't be unhappy.


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                      09.01.2009 22:23
                      Very helpful



                      Stories that had my sister in stitches on a train ride home recently

                      I'm normally the one that laughs at other peoples ebarassing moments, evil i know, but i try to not have embarassing moments, you feel soooo silly afterwards, and i found out a couple of months ago just how silly you feel after doing something silly.

                      Okay, my first embaressing moment was 2 months ago after a drunken night in London with work friends. Unfortunately all my work friends get a different train home than me, so after a night of drinking 4 glasses of red wine, and 3 glasses of vodka redbull i was feeling a bit drunk. Silly me forgets she has to get a train home alone.

                      Getting to the train station was very easy, my mate stuck me in a taxi and i made it to Victoria fine. I boared the drunken express, well you may as well call it drunken express because everybody on the 12.03 train was either drunk or tipsy after a night out in London. I sat opposite this very chatty older guy, who kept me awake for about 10 minutes before falling asleep. Next thing i know the guy opposite is waking me up. Luckily i had told him where i was getting off, otherwise i would've been in Ashford, which is a long way from my home. The worse is to come. Because i was woken up suddenly, i had really bad pins and needles in my right foot. I got off the train, walking up to the barriers when this guy comes running after me with my shoe. I was soo drunk and because my foot had pins and needles i didn't notice i was walking around with one shoe missing. He said to me i'd left my shoe on the platform. He expected me to go back and pick it up, but i just carried on walking without it. I was soo embarassed, but the guy found it very funny. I will never be able to live this one down because i stupidly told my boyfriend who doesn't let me forget it.

                      You'd of thought after having one embarassing moment i wouldn't get myself into another one so soon after. This one happened eight days later.

                      Busy day at work in London, however my boyfriend wanted to go shopping in Bluewater so decided he could pick me up from the train station near by. That day he had just got a courtesy car, so i was unsure what the car looked like, but he'd said it was a black Vauxhall.

                      I got off the train, it was pouring with rain so up went the brolly. I noticed a black car in the usual place he parks when picking me off. So off to trot to the car.

                      I open the door and without looking at the person in the drivers seat i sit down in the passengers seat and put my umbrella down. I turn around to give who i thought was my boyfriend a kiss, and it turns out to be not my boyfriend but a guy also waiting for his girlfriend. He turned around to me and sad "I think you're in the wrong car". All i could do was apologise and pick my bags and umbrella up and leave the car immediately. Thank god my boyfriend haven't arrived at that time, so to this very day he doesn't know what happened at the station that night lol.

                      I am soo happy to say i've had no more embarrassing moments since!


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                        07.01.2009 02:23
                        Very helpful



                        A great show for everyone!!

                        For Christmas last year my sister and I decided to buy my dad theatre tickets to see We Will Rock You. He's a very hard person to buy for so took the easy option and bought him tickets because he's been going on about it for months. A guarenteed will love gift.

                        The show is on at the Dominion Theatre which is just situated at the edge of Tottenham Court Road. You won't be able to miss the theatre if you are new to London as the show has a big We Will Rock You statue above the door in bright orange.

                        We Will Rock You is into its seventh year and is the biggest rock theatrical event of the century.

                        The threatre itself is very impressive, high ceilings and gorgeous furnisings. We were lucky enough to have seats in the stalls, row Y. My sister and I were both so excited we sat in the wrong seats, we sat in YY thinking that was meant to just say Y, but in fact Y was a little bit more down the front - result.

                        ~ The Plot ~

                        We Will Rock You is based around the music of Queen, the band fronted by Freddie Mercury. The show is written by Ben Elton who is the very well known comedian and TV scriptwriter.

                        The story is set in the futureand music has been banned from planet mall (Earth). Globalisation has taken over and all individual thoughts and creativity has been banned, as well as music and musical instrumets.

                        The world is now full of GaGas (where they all where the same clothes, act the same, same everything basicallly), and the only people left are the rebels and rock kids who are against the GaGa world and set out to find rock. One lad goes by the name of Galileo Figaro, who dreams about the past, and rhyming words to the Queen songs, but cannot quite remember all the words.

                        Along the way Galileo comes across Scaramouche, and the two of them team up with the Bohemians to outsmart the Killer Queen and her band of clones and return to a rock and roll golden age called Rhapsody.

                        I really want to tell you what happens, but i think that will spoil it for all you who want to go to the theatre to see this amazing show.

                        So..., will Galileo, Scaramouche and the Bohemians be able to outsmart the wicked Queen or will the Ga Cops capture them and destory rock and roll for good?

                        ~ What i thought about the show ~

                        I love this show from start to finish, i really didn't want it to end. The costumes were all amazing, and the show had a great vibe about it.

                        Every set used on stage amazed me. They were magnificent and it really does amaze me how they lower down such amazing sets for every scene.

                        I loved it where they encouraged audience participation. Everybody in the threate looked like they enjoyed joining in with the show, which just added to the enjoyment of the whole show.

                        All cast members did an outstanding performance and was a great tribute to Queen.

                        The bit i love most was when the cast got us all to our feet for Bohemian Rhapsody.

                        ~ Ticket prices ~

                        I made sure i did my research before buying the tickets. I first looked on Lastminute and the cheapest price was £60 each. I thought that was very expenisve so held off buying them until i had look elsewhere first. I then found them on discounttheatre.com website for top price tickets priced at £32.50.


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                          06.01.2009 22:30
                          Very helpful



                          Well worth a visit

                          I have visited the McArthur Glen outlet in Ashford about four time nows. I really didn't know what to expect on my first visit because i had heard so many mixed reviews, however i wanted to find out for myself what it was like.

                          McArthur Glen is a big designer outlet filled with loads of the big names, selling goods which are either old ranges, or ranges they couldn't shift in the stores. Some are even goods which never made it to the stores. A lot of people always think outlet places are just full of junk nobody wants, well thats what i've always thought anyway. I was pleasantly surprised to come away from my first visit with lots of bags full of bargains.

                          McArthur Glen have have 7 outlets within the UK, and a further 10 more in Europe. Each outlet centre has around 80+ well named shops. I was very impressed impressed with the look of the Ashford (Kent) outlet. All the shops are covered by a big white tent, which is visible from about a mile away.

                          ~ The All Important Shops ~

                          At Ashford, you can find the likes of:-


                          Tommy Hilfiger
                          T.M Lewin,
                          Ted Baker
                          Polo Ralph Lauren
                          Marks and Spencer outlet
                          Next clearance
                          Calvin Klein underwear
                          Fred Perry
                          Suits you/Youngs Hire

                          You cannot really complain with the great fashion shops. As you can see above they have a wide range of choice to suit all shoppers. I particularly love Ted Baker and Oasis. I have bought many great bargains from both stores, and they quality of the items is amazing. They all have a wide range of choice in the store, and you really wouldn't think you were in an outlet centre, its like being in the shop on a High Street.

                          ~ Sports and Outdoor ~

                          Nike factory shop
                          Sports Direct
                          Mountain warehouse
                          Fat Face

                          My other half is more the sporty type than me, so he usually buys a lot in the sports stores compared to the fashion stores. He has bought several pairs of trainers from Adidas, Nike and Reebok, and the price he paid for them was great.

                          We have shoped at the Mountain Warehouse a few times to buy camping equipment. I had looked online for camping equipment and was shocked at how much some online retailers were selling tents and camping equipment for, so when we were next at McArthur Glen i made sure i popped in to see what the prices were like. I was amazed to see how cheap everything was. They do many great offers, from buy one get one fee, to a certain percentage off your bill. If your looking for camping bits, make sure you stop buy a mountain warehouse store.

                          ~ Shoes & Accessories ~

                          Kurt Geiger
                          Sunglasses Time
                          Soled Time

                          ~ Jewellery and Beauty ~

                          Chapelle Jewellery
                          Claire's Accessories outlet
                          Perfume Point

                          ~ Home and Gifts ~

                          Carphone Warehouse
                          China Place
                          Christy Home Outlet store
                          Collector's Store
                          The Paper Mill Shop
                          The Works
                          Whittard of Chelsea

                          One shop i really love is The Paper Mill shop. You can buy a wide range of card making and scrapbooking craft essentials that anybody who loves making things need. I cannot help myself but visit this shop on every visit to the outlet.

                          Another great store from that list is precook, it sells a wide range of kitchen equipment all at good prices, including kettles, toasters, coffee makers, and when i was buying stuff for my first flat i bought most of my kitchen bits from this shop.

                          I don't find the Zavvi store that much cheaper than the High Street, so i don't tend to buy anything from there. The first time i visited i just assumed everything was cheaper than the High Street, but when i checked it was more expensive surprisingly.

                          If you enjoy reading books, you can usually pick up lots of bargains from The Works.

                          ~ Food ~

                          If you are spending the day at McArthur Glen its nice to stop by the Caffee Neros for a coffee and cake to take a break. However if your feeling hungry, then you have a wide range of eateries to choose from in the food court:-

                          Harry Ramsden's
                          Spud U Like
                          Pasty Presto
                          Baskin Robbins

                          By the food court you will also find a kids play area, with tables outside so you can sit and eat and your kids can play when they have finished their food.

                          ~ Where to find the Ashford Designer Outlet ~

                          It is conveniently located right near Ashford town centre, so where your coming from, and however your getting there, you will be sure not to miss it. It is a few minutes drive from Junction 10 of the M20, and if you are coming by bus or train, stagecoach run buses every 15 minutes from the town centre and Ashford Designer outlet.

                          ~ Overall ~

                          If you are yet to visit, make sure you do soon. You will find plenty of bargains for the home and yourself!!


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                          • American Airlines / Airline / 87 Readings / 88 Ratings
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                            05.01.2009 01:21
                            Very helpful



                            Try American Airlines, they're actually alright!

                            My other half and I flew Amerian Airlines when we went to America last year. I had never flown American Airlines to America, we usually fly Virgin or United Airlines. The reason i decided to fly American Airlines was the cost of the flights. I booked the tickets to Boston in September time, and cost £660 for 2 return tickets in economy class, compared to £1000 if flying Virgin or American. Because the flights were so cheap, i wasn't really expecting much...however...

                            On arrival to London Heathrow the morning of our flight, it was lovely to be greated by a very lovely American Airlines check in assistant, who was really nice and friendly, especially at 5.30am, impressive. I was also very impressed with the great baggage allowance American Airlines give you.

                            Once on the plane, and had taken our seats, which i must say were lovely seats, we got the pre flight safety video. The air stewardesses on board were very friendly, and seemed very happy to help if you needed it.

                            Once the flight had taken off, the stewardsses came around with drinks. They had a wide range of choice, from hot drinks, tea, coffee, to big cans of diet coke, coca cola, sprite etc. Once everybody was sorted with drinks, the first lot of meals came around. I belive the choice was Lasagna or pasta. I had neither as i don't like plane food, but my boyfriend had the pasta and thought it was very yummy and very satisfied.

                            The plane entertainment i thought was great. Everybody had a small TV in the back of the seat infront, and had a remote control in the arm rest. The TV was a touch screen tv where you could choose from films, tv shows, comedy, which a big selection to chose from and all very recent, none over a year old and you could also chose from a choice of music. You are given free headphones on the way out and the returning flight, which i was very impressed with.

                            The seats were very comfortable, and on your seats were fresh blanket and pillow in a sealed plastic bag.

                            The air stewardesses were all very smartly dressed, and looked very tidy in their smart uniforms.

                            The flight outbound and inbount were both very good, i have no faults for American Airlines from my first experience with them. When we go to America again, i will def look at prices for American Airlines, United, and Virgin and compare prices.

                            I haven't given them a 5 star, but i would say they deserve a 4.


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                              04.01.2009 22:12
                              Very helpful


                              • Reliability


                              Great ipod for a great price

                              This year my OH bought me an Ipod Touch 8GB for Christmas. I have been using the ipod touch for around 6 days now and have no bad words to say about it, so i can see this review being all positives for the Ipod Touch.

                              ** Ipod Touch 8GB **

                              When i first opened my Ipod Touch the first thing i thought was WOW. I have for years had the bog std Ipod Shuffle, so this is a big step up.

                              I'm useless when it comes to gadgets, i can never seem to work them, but i found the Ipod Touch very easy to use. My brother has the Iphone, which is very similar to the Ipod Touch, except the abaility to to make calls and take pictures with the camera.

                              The Ipod Touch has a 3.5inch screen, with a very snazy polished stainless steel back.

                              About the Ipod Touch:-

                              ~ Music Function ~

                              The main purpose of any ipod is to listen to your music. However, this ipod is a lot more than just your usual Ipod Nano/Classic.

                              When i first got it, i started uploading music onto it straight away, and i was amazed how quickly it uploads to your ipod from your itunes collection. Your music sorts itself into Artisits, Songs by A-Z, Genres, i.e. Hip Hop/Rap, Pop, Pop/Rock, R&B, Albums, and it also has a section where your audiobooks are saved.

                              I find it so easy to locate a song, and using the touch screen to scroll up and down the screen is awesome, makes it super quick to locate the song your looking for.

                              With the 2nd Gen model you have the option to listen to your music on the speakers, which are inside your ipod. This is very handy if you are with friends and want to listen to your ipod without the headphones.

                              ~ Photos ~

                              I have yet to upload photos onto the Itouch, but i have looked at my friends, and be able to view your photos on your Itouch is a great added feature. Photos come out very clear, and its easy to find a particualar pitcure your looking for.

                              ~ Internet and Mail ~

                              Not only can you listen to music on your ipod touch, you can access your internet and emails too, which is fab. Unfortunately you need to have access to wifi in order to access the internet or your emails, but more places these days are adding wifi so you can easily access internet and mail.

                              I have found internet and mail very easy to use, and have not experienced any problems yet.

                              Another great thing if you have wifi, you can access Youtube on the go.

                              ~ Google Maps and Calculator ~

                              Google maps is brilliant. Its very easy to search for a location, and knowing you can get directions on the go is great.

                              If your like me, and always using the calculator on your mobile, you will be happy to know the itouch comes with a brilliant calculator that has a big screen and numbers, which makes it very easy to use.

                              ~ App Store ~

                              App Store is another great feature you can use with wifi access on the itouch. You can search for all the latest games and applications for your itouch.I recently added Facebook, so i can now access it on the go. I have also downloaded some great games for free, these include Topple, Pac-Man and Sudoku.

                              ~ Spec fo Itouch ~

                              Size and Weight

                              Height: 4.1 inches (110 mm)
                              Width: 2.4 inches (61.8 mm)
                              Depth: 0.33 inch (8.5 mm)
                              Weight: 4.05 ounces (115 grams)

                              Display & Capacity

                              3.5-inch (diagonal) Multi-Touch colour LCD
                              320 by 480 pixels at 163 ppi

                              The 8GB version holds upto:-

                              1,750Holds songs, up to 10,00 ipod viewable photos and 10 hours of video audio.

                              ~ What i love and Hate about the Itouch ~

                              As i've already said, i have only ever had the Ipod Shuffle, so when i got the Itouch i was very impressed, especially with all the differrent features you can get. I was expecting just something to listen to my music, plus looked very flash, i really wasn't expecting something that i can use to access the internet, my emails on the go, view my photos, store all my contacts, and play games on the train to work.

                              What i love most about the itouch is the music aspect. Its so easy to transfer songs onto the itouch, and being able to just touch the screen and scroll down, makes it super quick to find a particular song.

                              I cannot think of one thing i hate about the itouch. Its very sexy looking, very easy to use, its more than just your adverage mp3 player.

                              ~ Cost ~

                              Amazing price for this great ipod. Before getting the Itouch, i was looking at getting the Ipod Nano. I looked into it a bit more and found the Itouch, and i'm soo happy i did. The Nano costs from £107, and the Itouch costs from £165. So getting the 8GB Nano you pay around £107, depending on where you buy it that is, and for the 8GB Itouch you are looking at paying £165, again depending on where you buy it from. So for the extra £58, you get much much more, internet, mail and a very nice and easy touch screen.

                              My OH bought me mine when we were at the Airport, so paid only £144 in Dixons, so if your going away soon, don't forget you can get electonics cheaper at Airports on duty free.

                              ~ Overall ~

                              If your looking for an ipod, and not sure which one to get because there are so many to pick from, then get the Itouch, you will not be upset.

                              If you do decide to get one, then make sure you buy a case for it, this will stop the screen and back getting scratched, and it will stay looking brand new forever.


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                              • mazumamobile.com / Internet Site / 99 Readings / 95 Ratings
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                                12.12.2008 09:51
                                Very helpful



                                Buy your mobiles off you at a very good price

                                I first came across Mazumamobile about six months ago when my boyfriend was packaging up his phone to be sent off. I had been looking aroud for somewhere to send my old phone off as i had just received an upgrade.

                                I had a look on the site to see what Mazumamobile was all about, and basically its a site that buys your old mobile phones for money. They re-home around 40,000 mobiles per month, and are the leading mobile phone reuse specialists in Europe.

                                I'm not too sure what they then do with all the thousands of phones, but i believe they sell them onto network providers for prts, or get them repaired and re-sell them, but that i'm not 100% sure about.

                                ** Mazuma Mobile **

                                I had a look around for different quotes before sending off my phone to Mazumamobile, and i found Envirofone would offer me £37, where Mazumobile was offering that little bit of at £45. Because my boyfriend had used Mazumamobile and raved about hoe quick you received payment, i decided to go with Mazumamobile.

                                The site was very easy to use, all you need to do is search for the phone you want to get rid off, then it will tell you how how they would offer you for it. If your happy with the amount, you then enter your IMEI number, which will then take you to the final stages of your order. Once this has been completed you will receive an email from Mazumamobile explaining they will be posting out a freepost envelope to you to post back your phone.

                                I received mine the very next day, and the pack included a proof of postage form and a delivery note. You can either send your phone back free of post in the bag, or you can sent it back recorded or special delivery, but this is at a charge to you. If you are sending back a fairly cheap phone i would always go for the freepost option, but if its a more expensive phone, sending it back recorded or special is proabably a more safter way, to ensure your phone gets there.

                                I opted for the freepost bag, and made sure i got the proof of postage stamped at the post office, i believe this covers you upto £36, if it should go walkies in the post.

                                Once Mazumamobile receive the phone they check it is in working order, or meets the requirements because you can send broken phones, but must make sure you state that when signing up to Mazumamobile, otherwise they will reject your phone on the grounds its broken, and not in working order as you said.

                                Once its been checked, they will send out your cheque. I have always received my cheque within two days, which is very impressive.

                                ** Overall**

                                I am very happy with this company. They offer a extremely quick turn around, and i have always received a very friendly and helpful replies to my emails within half hour of sending them.

                                If you have any old mobiles around collecting dust, have a look on this website and see how much you could be making. If you leave them sitting there the amount you could get for it will go down, so have a look today, you won't regret it.

                                EDIT: Thanks to the very kind member who mentioned Quidco. I have just had a look on Quidco, and if you go through them when doing your Mazumamobile order, you can earn yourself an extra £1.50 per handset from Quidco. So, always remember to go through Quidco too.


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                                  11.12.2008 18:59
                                  Very helpful



                                  Every penny counts, pleas help as much as you can.

                                  None of us like to hear about the dreaded C word, but unfortunately the majority of us has either been affected by this disease or knows somebody who has.

                                  Cancer affects people of all ages, and causes about 13% of all deaths. During 2007, 7.6 million people worldwide died from the disease.

                                  I support my local Cancer Research shop because myself, I know a lot of people who have suffered with cancer, and died from it. Every time I am out shopping in my local town centre, the first shop on my list is the Cancer research shop. The cause is a great one, and is in need of as much money as possible to help fight the disease.

                                  My partners mum is a volunteer at Cancer research on a Saturday in her local store, and she does this because she lost her mum to cancer about 20 years ago, and wanted to help as much as she can help fight the disease. Every year on her mum's birthday she gives £50 to the charity because to her, it's like buying her a birthday gift.

                                  ** My local Cancer Research Shop**

                                  I love my local shop because the staff are all very friendly and helpful, and a lot of the volunteers are there because they have lost loved ones to cancer in the past, so really do everything they can to help, and see that the shop does well.

                                  Everytime I go in, I always find plenty of bargains. It has a range of clothes, furniture, books, dvds, handbags, toys and plenty of bric a brac items.

                                  Clothes - The clothes they sell in the shop are always of very high quality, and well looked after. If you're very lucky, you can usually find yourself real designer items of clothing for bargain prices. I have found several designer coats, and they have been in excellent condition.

                                  Toys - If you have children, I would always look in my local shop for toys, so many people give away new toys. I saw a brand new kid's laptop, still boxed in my shop last week, it had never been opened, and I bought it for £6 for my niece. I really resent paying silly prices in the big department stores, so I now make sure I look in Cancer Research and any other charity shop before buying anything, as I'd rather the money going towards to good cause.

                                  Books - if you get through books at the rate I do, and don't live local to a library, then make sure you look in the charity store. So many different books are given in once read, so I found a lot of the books I was going to buy in a charity store, and most are sold for around 50p. Also, if you enjoy reading Autobiographies, these can usually be found in the store as well.

                                  Antiques and bric-a-brac - A lot of the cancer research stores I have been to are given lots of old antiques and bric-a-brac. I have seen lots of lovely antique bits, but unfortunately I know very little about antiques, otherwise I would collect all the lovely pieces I see, because they do sell some lovely bits.

                                  A lot of people go in to find prom dresses and suits. You would really be shocked how many people give away their old dresses or men's suits to charity. A lot of people (I'm pointing at my sister when saying this) think charity shops is full of old junk, that nobody would want anymore, but hopefully after some of you reading this, you won't walk past your local Cancer Research shop now and think nothing of it, you will go in, and have a look.

                                  I had been on the hunt for an old fashioned cheese cutter for months, and the day I popped into the shop, I found one. It was marble and in pristine condition, so I snapped it up for £6, bargain.

                                  If you stuck this year for Christmas ideas for people, have a look in your local store. They also sell a wide range of new items, including hand bags, lavender heat wraps, diaries, and lots lots more.

                                  Please everybody, do everything you can to help this wonderful cause. None of us know when we or a loved one will be contracted by his illness. Every penny really does help.


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