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      26.01.2013 23:12
      Very helpful



      A must have product for all women

      Quite often I go into boots to stock up on my everyday essentials and soap and glory products are the main products that I buy, they seem to be on offer alot of the time on 3 for 2, My bathroom cupboard is stacked up high with soap and glory products.
      I always have the breakfast scrub in my cupboard as I would hate to run out of this stuff, its just amazing!

      This little pot of magic comes in a see through tub with a screw on/off lid and the traditional soap and glory pink lid, this is a 300ml tub of pure goodness.
      on top of the lid it says "the Breakfast scrub" and in small letters it states "with new great maple fragrance" it also says what ingredients are in which are: Oat, Shea butter & Sugar body smoother with organic capuacu bio scrubs, bananas, almond & honey extracts.
      wow so after reading aall of them ingredients you can see why this is my favourite breakfast, and whats more its free from calories.

      As I run a nice bubbly bath I aim to use this about twice a week because you shouldnt use it much more than this as its quite abbrasive and it would be to harsh to use say daily.
      When I do use it though I really look foward to it because I know im getting a great exfoliator and it works wonders.
      When im in the bath I find the screw lid a bit fiddly to undo with wet hands but nothing thats really a problem, as soon as I open the lid the gorgeous scent instantly hits me and I can distinctively smell the maple and sugar in this and it makes me want to eat it, I cant really say I can smell banana in it but this doesnt really phase me.
      I gently scoop a small handful out and start to rub it in circular movements over my body, I do this using a exfoliator glove.
      I work most on problem areas such as the heels of my feet and my elbows as these areas get dry and this scrub is great for softening and moisturising the skin, As I work my way through my body I can feel the sugar grains doing their work and making my skin feel soft instantly. As you would expect this is a lovely brown colour and the consistency is just right to manage and pick up in your hands, although if your hands are wet and you want to apply a bit more this can get sloppier.

      Once I get out the bath my skin is super smooth and it makes me feel so refreshed and cleansed, The scent is still very apparent and lasts a few hours which is longer then some of their products scents last.

      This will last me for about 2 months as its not used daily and costs about £9.50 but like I mentioned before you can normally get this on offer.

      I would certainly recommend you all to buy this as its well worth the money and makes your skin feel great and whats more you dont have to feel guilty indulging in it.
      There are a few little gripes I mentioned about this but its not enough to stop me giving it 5 stars! it really is a must buy.

      Do look this product up before buying as it may not be suitable for all skin types, you can go to www.boots.com for more information and a wide range of soap and glory products or go to www.soapandglory.com

      Thanks for reading :-)


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        26.01.2013 16:21
        Very helpful



        A great product which leaves you feeling glorified

        I must admit I have somewhat of an addiction to bath and beauty products and soap and glory is one of my favourite bath products to use. I have many of these sugar crush body washes as I always take advantage of the 50% off after Christmas.

        This is a 500ml body wash that comes in the traditional soap and glory style with a pump action bottle which is great because I can leave it on my bath and not have to faff around trying to get the lid off in the bath to use it, I just pump a couple of squirts on my body puff and away I go.
        This is a pink bottle which clearly displays that its a soap and glory product and it says Sugar crush (energy boosting citrus conditioning) fresh and foamy body wash. It tells you that it has lime oil, coolcapsule, kiwi juice water and a skin softening omega rich veggie oil in it.
        It tell you to lather a small handfull all over your body, giving it a really good rub in and then rinse, it advises you to use a similar scented body lotion or butter afterwards.

        I normally get this from boots as they seem to stock mostly all their products and this 500ml bottle costs only about £6.50 and you can normally also get it on a 3 for 2 offer as well.

        So when I get in the bath I normally use a soap and glory bubble bath and then soak in the bath for a good 10 mins before I use this body wash, I will pump the dispenser about 3 times to get a good amount of it and I will then rub it into my body puff and wash away, the smell whilst washing is truly amazing, fresh and clean and smells very much of citrus, so if you do like citrus products this would be great for you. I use this nearly everyday and it will last me about a month which I think is pretty good for the price.
        once I have finished washing the smell is gorgeous on my skin and I can smell it in the bathrooom, I would say the only negative is once I have got out the bath the smell dissapears within about 10 minutes, which is a bit of a dissapointment, but it does leave my skin feeling soft.

        I do also apply a body lotion after which of course will enhance the nice smell but obviously you dont have to use a body lotion after and if you dont the smell will quickly dissapear.

        I shall not list all the ingredients because I wouldnt want to bore you all but they are all on the side of the bottle and I think this would be good for most people as it makes your skin so soft.

        you can visit www.boots.com to see the variety of these products they have or you can visit www.soapandglory.com for any information you need.

        I would reccomend this product if you like a sweet citrus smell but beware the scent wont last to long on your body.
        Only because the smell doesnt stay on your body I will rate this with 4 stars.


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      • Primark / Highstreet Shopping / 29 Readings / 29 Ratings
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        28.12.2012 23:59
        Very helpful



        The place to go for a bargain shop

        I was very excited at the recent opening of Primark in Milton Keynes at the MK1 retail stadium. I have always been a fan of Primark but my nearest shop for many years was Watford or Northampton but this was always a long trek for me so I was overjoyed when this one opened literally down the road from me. Yippeee.

        Primark is a cheap shop for Men, Women, kids and even homeware where you can buy clothes at low prices, ok yes you do get what you pay for and the clothes wont last a lifetime but you cant go wrong for some things in there.
        In this store all downstairs you have the womens section with the tights, socks, underwear and also shoes and accesories, I found skinny jeans in all different colours for just £11 which I think is a bargain, ok so they wont last an age but I dont expect them to at that price, with having 3 kids and dirty hand marks always over my clothes these are ideal. They do many kinds of jeans/ trousers in lots of colours. They also do lots of cheap tops and you cant go wrong with their basic range vests/ tops as they last quite well and are very reasonably priced.
        I love buying their fleecy pj's at christmas as they are so warm and these do last years as I still have some left from years ago as I buy them every year, I also buy these for my kids and they really last.

        I love their variety in underwear so I stock up here for these to, they are cheap (about £1.50 each) again wont last forever but so good when you are not to flush one week.
        Upstairs they have the kids section and the mens section, the mens jeans are great because my husband buy these just for wearing about the house.

        I love shopping for my 3 kids in here because my kids are young and they grow so fast and ruin clothes easily, this shop becomes a godsend!! where else can you buy t shirts for a £1, thats madness whether they last or not lol.

        I do find they have a really good variety of kids clothes, and not the usual plain, boring clothes some other shops sell. I will kit my kids out often with their clothes.

        I generally find the fitting rooms are always crowded, the queues are always lonnggg and the staff really dont want to be there and cant even fake a smile but what can you expect for such a discounted shop?? everyone else is there for the same reason as yourself.

        The shop generally always have things thrown on the floor and things put back in the wrong place, there is always staff going around putting them back but seems such a seemingly pointless job as me or you come along and mess it all up again lol.

        I would reccomend this shop for many everyday clothes because you cant go wrong with having all the up to date fashion at just a fraction of the price.

        Happy shopping.


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        • very.co.uk / Online Shop / 36 Readings / 32 Ratings
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          11.03.2012 21:59
          Very helpful



          give them some credit and they might give you some to

          As a mother of 3 children I find these online catalouges a dream come true where I can sit in my own living room and order whatever I please without children nagging at me for whatever reason so thats why I thought I would give Very a try. As I have also had a bit of bad credit in the past I wasnt to sure whether they would give me a acocunt but luckily I got an initial credit limit of £400 and I didnt have to pay anything upfront. So I signed up and put all my details in and the good thing is they tell you straight away what your credit limit is and you can spend it right away.
          They do everything from womens clothes to mens to kids (although I do find the kids rage quite limited) they also do electrical, furniture and even garden essentials so I thought this was great. When you buy something its very straight foward you just add it to your basket and go to checkout and you pay £3.95 for delivery or if you want it in the morning on a certain day you pay £4.95 which is what I normally do.

          When you are a new customer you get a 10% discount off your first order (excluding electricals) so I never got this as the first thing I ordered was a ps3 for my son at christmas. The only thing that annoyed was that it says you can BNPL but as im a new customer I wasnt allowed to do this so I then said "well please take that option off my account then if I cant use it".

          Anyway the delivery was second to none as I wanted it for 2 days time but it actually came the next day which I think was great.

          When I get my bill in every month I can pay the minimum balance (which adds interest) or I can "take 3" and pay the whole balance off within 3 months and not get charged any interest. This is good if you are a bit short one month and cant afford to pay the higher amount.

          The online account is very easy to manage and you can track your orders, pay your bill and view your order history as well as seeing you account balance.

          The customer service is always very good when I ring them up about something and even better every month they have certain free treats you can get when you place an order over a certain amount, each month it changes so this month you can get free woolite detergent when you place any order, free nail varnish or a free bronzing brush when you spend over £50, so why not treat yourself today.

          You can also go to click and collect to receive or return your parcels incase you dont have time to stay in all day waiting for it to come and there are many outlets for you to choose from to drop it off to in your selected area (so this is very handy)

          I can easily go onto my account and arrange a return from my online account and its normally collected the next day and all I have to do is fill out a returns label and sellotape it up.

          So all in all I cant fault very in any way really because I havnt had a bad experience and I think their prices a revery reasonable. I like the convenience of the online catalouge and their sales are always worth a look.

          So I wouls reccomend them and I think most people would find something they like and If you get a credit account it really helps you to spread the cost of some things you sometimes cant buy outright.


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            26.07.2011 23:12
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A brilliant product I cant live without

            I have used body shop products for years now but I only recently tried this coconut body butter and as I am a big fan of coconut (especially the drink type malibu) I thought I would also like to rub it all over my body and smell of it to.
            I purchased this online when there was a special offer to get 3 free gifts so I thought this was a bargain because the original price for this 200ml tub is normally £12.50 but even if I had of paid £12.50 I certainly would not of been dissapointed.

            I use varies creams, lotions and potions mainly because I love to smell nice and I admittedly have a slight obsession with beauty products.
            This is a 200ml tub that is a round shape and it is a brown tub with the famous body shop logo on the top of the lid and it just basically tells you that its coconut body butter.
            On the bottom of the tub it has a peel back sticker that just tells you to smooth over your body and massage in, it then goes on to list all the ingredients.
            I particularly like body shop products because they are all against animal testing
            it also tells you that this is organic virgin coconut oil from the polynesian island of samoa. coca butter made using cocoa beans from ghana. shea butter from ghana. brazil nut oil from the amazon region.

            This product has a srew on lid so it is easy to get on and off which is always a bonus. So I opened this body butter and smelt it and it was just amazing, you can instantly smell the coconut and brazil oils in it.
            I]The texture was exactly what is stated "a butter" it looked nice and creamy and almost good enough to eat (although I would not recommend this lol) the colour is an off white colour as you would expect from coconut.

            I then scooped some on this up and dabbed it on my body and then started to massage it in and it massaged in lovely and there was no problem spreading it all in. I used this all over my body and I paid special attention to areas of dry skin (which are the heels of my feet and my elbows) I did notice this does leave you feeling quite sticky which at first I was not to impressed with but the stickiness did go away after an hour or so so this did not really effect my judgement of this product as it is just so nice.
            After I had applied this the smell was quite strong and people do tend to comment on how nice it smells and ask me what it is. I did not think it would smell quite so strong but I am very pleased that it did.

            I generally apply this in the morning after my daily bath and come the end of the day I can still smell this on me, albeit a bit less but the smell is still there which I think is great. I can not think of anything I would rather smell of to be honest, it is just gorgeous.

            This certainly leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth all day long and gives me the results I wanted. This 200ml tub has lasted me about 2 months and I have used it everyday. I am quite sad now as I am nearing the end of it so I will have to buy another one before its finished.

            Of course you can also get matching products in coconut to go alongside this body butter, I also have the coconut shower cream. If you are a fan of coconut then you need to buy this product as you will not be dissapointed.

            You can find out more information about it by visiting www.bodyshop.co.uk

            So all in all I have to give this 5 out of 5 and I suggest you either go into a body shop and buy it or order it online.

            The only downside to this product might be the price for some people but most of the time you can find online discount codes for the body shop


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            • Instant Tan Spray Booth / Sun Care / 13 Readings / 11 Ratings
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              19.07.2011 11:52
              Very helpful



              I would not recommend it

              I got a spray tan offer from groupon for just £9 instead of £25 so I thought it was worth giving it a go at that price. This was my first spray tan so I was a bit nervous and wasnt sure what to expect.

              When I arrived I was told to go into this small room which I was told I could wear my own knickers or the paper pants they provided, I went for there pants as I didnt fancy getting my ones ruined. I was then given a plastic shower cap to put on my hair and to undress and take my bra off. I felt a little uneasy as im not one for standing practically naked infront of anyone.

              I was then asked if I wanted a light, medium or dark tan, I went for the medium as my arms and stomach are quite naturally tanned but my legs put the milky bar kid to shame so I thought this would even it out a bit.

              I was then told to stand in this little tent witch was covered at the bottom as well so I could be sprayed in it. The lady first of all sprayed down my spine and wow the spray tan is freezing, I wasnt prepared for how cold it was going to be.
              She then sprayed all down my back and my legs and I had to stand in different positions so she could reach everywhere and make sure it was all even. When she was spraying my front I had to clench my fists, Im not quite sure why this was.
              She sprayed me around several times and at the end I had to slowly turn around so she could make sure she got everywhere.
              She then dried the tan with hot air which looked and sounded like a hoover, I suppose it was a similar thing.

              She then told me not to touch it and that some of the tan may gather in some places but it will turn out ok, I was told the tan would develop over 8 hours so not to have a bath/shower before then.
              I was then told the tan should last about 10 days if I follow instructions and dont scrub when washing, just gently tip water over me and pat myself dry and to moisturise well after a bath.

              I then got dressed and left with my lovely looking golden tan. I bathed as directed 8 hours after and done everything I should. The tan was a lovely golden colour and looked really nice.
              Although it did end up being very streaky on my legs and stomach, even though days before I exfoliated as told to do beforehand.

              Although the tan was a gorgeous colour it just was not even and it was so streaky and it lasted about 5 days, not sure how it would of lasted 10 days.

              I am not really complaining as it only cost me £9 but there is no way its worth the original price of £25. My cheap bottle of fake tan is much better and just over £3 a bottle.

              So conclusion is I think spray tans are over rated and not really that good. maybe okay if you just want it for a special occasion and you need it done quick but otherwise I would not recommend it or the high price tag that comes with it.

              so because of the negatives I can only give this 2 stars out of 5.


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              02.06.2011 22:41
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              You have to buy it and see for yourself how amazing it is

              I have never used fake tan before and so after reading many good reviews on here about this product I decided to join the hype, and I am so glad I did.
              I purchased this from amazon for just £3.85 from seller shop called express essentials, this arrived the very next day so I was impressed.

              This comes in a white slim 200ml bottle of fake tan mousse with a clear lid you pull off and its a pump action that you just press and the mousse comes out.
              On the front it says boldly ST MORIZ instant self tanning mousse for a healthy golden tan all year round. It also says longer lasting, fast drying, no streaks. It claims to be a professional flawless tan. Well I must say at such a cheap price I was dubious!
              On the reverse it says its suitable for all skin types.

              Exfoliate the skin. moisurise the dry areas of the skin as in knees, elbows, hands, feet and hairline. Wash hands after use or wear gloves.
              For best results apply in the morning and allow at least 4 to 6 hours for the tan to develop before showering.
              For a mid tan re-apply in 5 to 7 days and for a dark tan re-apply in 3 to 5 days.
              It tells you if you want more info to go to info@stmoriz.co.uk.

              Please be aware this product does not contain sunscreen so does not protect against sunburn. Repeated exposure of unprotected skin while tanning may increase the risk of skin aging, skin cancer and other harmfull effects to the skin even if you do not burn.
              As usual with any types of product like this keep out the reach of children. If spilt onto clothes hand or machine wash.

              I also purchased a hand mit to apply this with as I didnt fancy getting my hands stained, I also brought this also from amazon for £3.74 from shop seller mind and body solutions ltd. both these products came the next day and were packaged lovely.
              So although it says to exfoliate before I actually exfoliated for 3 consecutive days before and moisturised as I did not want any unwanted streaks or dry patches anywhere.
              So I put on my hand mit and started to apply the mousse, it was a lovely golden brown colour mousse that came out well on to mit and because it is a brown colour I found it easy to see where I had applied it so I could make sure I evenly spread it out. I started on my legs and worked my way up, This was great it was just gliding onto my skin without any hassle at all. I did have to ask my husband to come and do my back and other bits I couldnt reach lol I would think if someone isnt on hand to help this might make it slightly harder lol. I was really nervous about doing my face especially around my hairline but I wasnt to concerned as I have a fringe so I could easily hide it if I had to. I was also pleased as this mousse doesnt have a strong nasty smell, it was slightly fragrant and quite pleasant.

              Once I had finished I did notice around my ankles (although I had exfoliated and moisturised well) it did look all dry and the mousse had just gathered there and created a dark patch that did not look right and I couldn't scrub it off in any way, but saying that this was the only place where it done this luckily.
              Straight away I was golden brown and I looked like I had had a nice holiday somewhere really hot :-) so this was just what I wanted. There was no streaks or patchy bits and it really did look like a real tan, I must admit for the price I am amazed.
              It must of worked well because both my young kids wasnt sure who I was and went a bit sky on me lol My husband commented that it looked really nice and looked real.
              Everyday I kept moisurising to prolong my tan and this lasted for about 3 days before it had nearly all worn off and I had to re-apply it.
              I did walk into tesco and 2 people said to me "wow you have a lovely tan, where have you been" I smiled to myself and said Its just a natural tan I have.

              So overall I think this is a fantastic product that I will definatly be buying again once I run out, I have had 2 applications from this so far and I think this will last 1 more application, but bearing in mind this is a full body application I dont think you can go wrong.
              Although I dont think the tan lasts as long as they state but for the money you cant really complain as it is a gorgeous looking golden tan with no nasties and most importantly you dont look orange at all which I did also fear.

              So instead of paying silly amounts of money for products that do the same job or a job not half as good I would reccomend going to amazon and buying this.
              I did look around but I couldn't find it to buy in any other shop so I think its limited where to get it from.
              As I also understand you can also buy this in a spray mist but I will be sticking to this one.

              I am going to give this a full 5 stars as I am amazed at this product and for the price you pay I dont think you can get any better.


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                04.05.2011 01:01
                Very helpful



                Dont knock it before you try it

                Surprisingly enough from a young age I never wanted children as I was very much a go out and have fun kind of girl, if there was a pub in sight you would see me in it lol. I just wasnt the type to want to settle down and have kids! bah nothing would get in the way of a malibu and coke.
                It turned out that when I was just 19 I feel pregnant with my long term boyfriend and we had a son called michael, it was a blessing in disguise as although I suffered hell during my pregnancy and had pre eclampsia and was in intensive care for 2 weeks, he was the greatest living being EVER! from this day on my views on children changed and I bonded with him instantly.
                hmmm parenting is one of these subjects that can have a very different opinion from everyone but in my view its what I was born to do, be a parent and this I do to the best of my ability.
                It has its up's and downs and my son generally was a good baby who eat, slept and cried at the right time.
                We did have a few issues as he grew a bit older and he became a bit fussy with his food, but hey dont all children.
                I believe being a good parent is offering my children a happy and safe environment where to they know they can always rely on us, I am somewhat strict when it comes to bedtime routines but I find this a good thing to bring into their lives at a young age, It provides them with a sense of routine and knowing there are certain rules that they have to abide by, in result of this I get me time and my children are in bed and fast asleep bby 7.30pm every night without fail.

                I later met my now partner and went on to have 2 more children I have a daughter called Amy who is just over 2 years and another son called jack who we have been to hell and back with due to the fact from birth he was diagnosed with a condition called "hirschprungs disease" which is a disease of the bowel, he also has coractation of the aorta (heart condition) thus meaning we have spent most of his 10 months alive in various hopistals and to this day he has had 4 operations and more that will be on going.

                Having said all this I wouldnt have my life any other way, why would I? my children are the next chapter of me and they are the future.

                Both my sons are mummys boys which I generally love as as a typical mum I love the cuddles and the feeling of security I can give them. However my daughter likes to pull the strings of daddy lol (unless shes ill then its mummy lol)

                I do sometimes think this is the hardest thing to do which is bringing up children but its also the most rewarding, the best things of all are when I have special time with my children and we do crafty things like paint, play with play doh and make and bake cakes, just seeing their faces light up I know im doing something right and that they are happy and fullfilled.

                I always hate the phrase "this is the best job ever" job??? I dont see looking after my children as a job, Its just a natural instinct to me and I dont think it should ever be seen as a "job". We all argue and fight at times and my son michael who is now 9 spends far to much time on the xbox but this is what floats their boat at this day and age and I do also restrict his time on such games so he can go out and enjoy the garden, why not? thats all I ever had when I was young.

                My daughter is at the age where she is very opinionated and just getting to know what buttons she can push..oh and boy does she push them but this I know is just a learning curve and with guideance and alot of patience we can get through it.

                My 10 month old son has been a hard one due to his health problems it has caused alot of stress upon our family unit as we have had many unexpected week long hospital visits in a hospital 80 miles away from our home and on these occasions we literally have to drop everything, arrange the 2 other children and go to attend his needs. Of course I would love to have a son who didnt have these problems (more for his own sake than anyone else) we as the parents can overcome anything together but he is just a baby brought into this world dealing with all these problems.

                So yes parenting is hard and there is no wrong or right way to do it, we all have our own preferences but as long as I can see my children are happy and smile each day I know I am doing a good job and will continue to do so to the best of my ability.

                would I have it any other way? Hell no my children are indeed my life and they make me complete even through the tears and pain, they know no matter what I shall be there for them.

                Being a parent gives me the most amazing feeling in the world and I can proudly say if nothing else I have managed to produce children that even through the bad times can make me smile anyday.

                Ps even to this day I havnt ditched my malibu and coke!!! hey why should I it comes hand in hand with parenting lol


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                  02.05.2011 00:37
                  Very helpful



                  An ok product if you have the time to soak beforehand

                  I am constantly trying to get stains out of clothes where I have a 9 year old that plays football and gets mud/ grass stains on white clothes constantly and I have a 10 month old son who has a colostomy where he has a stoma and has to use stoma bags everyday. Now we constantly have a problem where at least twice a day my sons stoma bag will burst everywhere therfore I am always armed with baby vests and babygrows that are covered in poo literally everywhere, So I need a reliable stain remover that can shift this or at least take most of the staining out, because the clothes are always so soiled I cant really rub them together with any sort of stain remover or leave them to soak as this would stink my house out lol.
                  So I always have a tub of this at hand for every wash I have to do at least twice a day.

                  The tub I have is pictured different than the one above, it is a pink round tub that is 750g and I brought this at sainsburys on offer thankfully as I go through these very quickly and they are not that cheap to buy at the full retail price.
                  This was originally £6.00 but I got it for half price for £3.00 I have just checked on their website and this size doesnt seem to be on there but I only purchased this instore on thursday 28th april so the offer may still be there.

                  So this is a bright pink round tub that states on the front Vanish oxi action fabric stain remover, Amazing! tougher on set in stains.
                  On the reverse of this tub we are told to just add a scoop to every wash which can include whites, coloureds and darks.
                  So I am told for tough and dried in stains I should add a full scoop and for normal stains just half a scoop will be enough. I am told that I just need to put the vanish powder into my dispenser draw.
                  You can also soak your stained clothes in the sink if they are stubborn, dried in stains, to soak dont use any higher than 40 degrees temperature of water and add 1 scoop to 4 litres of water. The maximum soaking time for whites is 6 hours (gosh I couldnt wait that long to get rid of my sons stained clothes as I need them washed and dried within the day) and for coloured clothes no longer than 1 hour to soak.
                  After you have soaked your clothes wash as usual or just rinse throughly and for best results on tough stains rub before rinsing.
                  Now I dont know about you but being a busy mum of 3 children and a hell of alot of washing I wouldnt have the time to soak clothes for this amount of time and then to have to wash them after to.

                  We are advised not to use this on wool, silk or leather items
                  Do not use on finished or coated surfaces
                  do not soak fabrics with metal fasteners or flame resistant finishes
                  do not expose pre treated or soaked garments to sources of direct heat or sunlight before washing or rinsing
                  once mixed do not leave solution in a sealed container, it will continue to give off oxygen and the container may build up pressure and then leak (this is written in bold writing)

                  this contains Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate
                  This is harmful if swallowed
                  Irratating to skin
                  risk of serious damage to eyes
                  keep locked up and out of reach of children
                  If this comes into contact with eyes or skin rinse immediatley with plenty of water and seek medical advice if needed
                  If you have sensitive skin it is reccomended to use some gloves.

                  For ingredient info visit www.rbeuroinfo.com
                  For any info on this product visit www.vanish.co.uk

                  Ok so "trust pink, forget stains"

                  I have used this for many years and this has a big round pink top that you just unscrew, which for a highly dangerous product I think the lid isnt very suitable as it can easily be opened.
                  On opening the product it has a pink scoop with it and white coloured granuels and upon smelling this reminds me of what some hair dyes smell like to me, the ones that are quite pleasant with a minimal chemical smell. I generally use this on coloureds for my sons soiled clothes and these are washed seperatley to any other clothes, so I add one scoop into my wash, when the washing is completed I take out the clothes and I find there are quite visable stains left of where the poo was on my sons vest. Although this is generally heavily soiled so I didnt expect it all to dissapear, although my sons sleeping bag he sleeps in does always come out with no stains on it. It doesnt leave any trail of the vanish smell on my clothes although with the amount of softener I use it wouldnt stand a chance lol, it soesnt leave any residue on my clothes either.
                  So I do find with my sons baby vests now that there is only a large stain left (heres a great tip for you) I use the vanish prewash bar and scrub these items together and then I pour some fairy liquid onto the stain before putting it back into the machine for another wash, this will then get the majority of the stain out the second time where it is only slightly visable and ok enough for my son to still wear.
                  When I use this on other stains as in chocolate/ grass stains/ dirt I do feel that just chucking one scoop of this vanish into my machine doesnt sufficently get rid of all stains satisfactorily so all stained clothes I generally have to wash twice and also use the vanish pre treat bar and washing up liquid.
                  This will genaerally then work wonders on all my clothes, I dont always have time to be soaking all my clothes beforehand or it just isnt possible with my sons soiled clothes so I always try a wash first.
                  So this product alone doesnt get rid of stains not even general stains unless you soak them first and I have tried on a few occasions when time has allowed to soak some items and it still hasnt got rid of all stains without the vanish rub bar and washing up liquid. Recently we have been doing some gardening and we had some jeans that will filthy with mud stains on them, on this occasions I did soak them for an hour as it states and then rub together and put it in the wash to wash as usual, when this washing finished I still had visable stains on the jeans where I just couldnt get away with wearing them.
                  Saying that I do always buy it because I need to include this in my wash in the hope that it will take away or losen up the stains on my clothes.

                  So I will reccomend this to others if you have the time to soak first before putting it in your machine as without the soaking and rubbing you wont get much result.

                  This 750g tub will only last me a week and a half but for most people it will last longer as I use it about 4 times a day sometimes more.

                  I do tend to get slightly better results if it is a nice day and I can hang my washing outside as the sun does also tend to take away some of the stains aswell.

                  In my opinion the vanish rub bar and fairy washing up liquid works alot better than this vanish oxi action.
                  So because of the above reasons I can only award this 3 stars.


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                    30.04.2011 22:47
                    Very helpful



                    A good value product to help keep you in shape

                    For many many years me and my husband have wanted to get a trampoline for the children and as my 9 year old son pointed out "everyone has a trampoline" ahh hes so hard done by.
                    Anyway due to the fact we have always lived in a flat with no garden we was never able to get one but since moving into a 3 bed bungalow in december 2010 we now have quite a spacious bungalow, so finally the search was on for a trampoline.
                    As the weather has started to turn warmer trampolines are in great demand in many households to entertain children alike and for even adults to felt keep them fit and active.
                    We did come across a trampoline in asda which was a 10ft trampoline with enclosure at just £99 I thought this was a bargain but as we are not fans of asda we decided against this purchase.

                    I looked online on the B&Q website and came across this 8ft trampoline with enclosure also for £99, I trust B&Q as a retailer so I thought this would be the best option and although our garden is quite big I didnt want it all taken over by anything more than an 8ft trampoline.
                    Me and my sister in law went to B&Q to collect this and it was quite heavy but even us 2 feeble women could lift this onto the trolley, It came in a longish rectangular box and was more compact than I thought it would be. I was worried this wouldnt fit into my sister in laws car but it did with ease but do bear in mind that we did fold down the rear car seats, Just so you have an idea of how this might fit into your car, the car we were using was an ibiza seat.

                    the brown box it comes in says its a 8ft round trampoline with enclosure

                    This is made from galvanised steel frame
                    Only children over the age of 6 should use this

                    It also states that there is also an 8ft trampoline cover available for this trampoline (which I have just looked and its priced at £10)

                    We are also told that all fittings and instuctions are enclosed
                    The height of this trampoline is 248cm x 244cm Diameter

                    If you wish to visit their site its www.diy.com
                    B&Q helpine number is: 0844 7744 333 open 9am-5pm Mon -Fri

                    Card and plastic are both recyclable
                    It does state that 2 people are required to assemble this but of course my husband is a man and told me he can do it himself.
                    Please do make sure there are no obstacles or tress, swimming pools around where you are going to place the trampoline as you dont want anything in the way and most importantly make sure there is noting underneath the trampoline.

                    So my husband was the one to assemble this and he started by getting everything out the box to place all the fixing and fittings around him. This does include a spring loading tool which you will need to help put the springs onto the trampoline and it also included a spanner and alan key to tighten the bolts but as my husband said to me if you have your own spanner and alan key it would be better to use your own as the ones provided are very cheap and bend easily.
                    Firstly my husband followed the instructions (which makes a change lol) and laid out all the frame sections into a circle to get the base and he then put them together statedhe then put all the support legs together which up to this part he done with ease.
                    He then inserted washers and bolts to make sure they were held together tightly and well supported. He used the spring loaded tool to put the springs all round the trampoline mat and attach it to the frame and my husband told me this was also done with ease but couldnt of been done without the spring loaded tool otherwise you would seriously hurt your hands trying to pull the springs.
                    It does state to use gloves when doing the springs to prevent pinching but if your anything like my husband then you wont bother.
                    When placing the springs on you are told to do this in quarters so to start off with you put 4 springs on all marking a quarter and then you are told as you put a spring on to mirror what you have just done on the other side, this then evens out the tension and makes it easier to place all the springs on without hassle.
                    When all 42 springs are attached you are nearly there.
                    My husband then had to go round the trampoline and tie all the strings from the mat onto the steel frame making sure they were done in a knot so that the trampoline mat will be secure.
                    The most complicated bit where he did actually require my help was when you put the foam poles into the enclosure netting, you are told to place the enclosure netting on the trampoline so you can insert the poles but we found it easier to go apposite eachother and do a pole each, this was pretty tricky as you have to push the foam pole all the way to the top of the net without losing the pole inside the foam.
                    We did this in the end and I did go onto the trampoline and push from the inside some of the poles whilst my husband held onto the pole from the bottom and pushed upwards.
                    We just then slotted the poles into the holes and attached the string tightnings onto the springs underneath the trampoline to support the enclosure.
                    We finished assembling this in about 2 hours and it seemed to be of good quality. It comes with a double zip opening where you can open and close it from inside and out and velcro bits to so you can close it together properly. This does stand quite high off the ground so if you do need a ladder to help your children get on and off the trampoline you can also buy these at www.alltrampolines.com priced at £19.94 which is suitable for this 8ft trampoline although im sure you could find them cheaper elsewhere if you shopped around.

                    There is a warning card that comes with this that tells you not to do any flips/back flips on this trampoline
                    Only 1 person at a time on the trampoline (this is just to prevent accident of bumping into eachother or harm to the other person)
                    no toys or other objects to be taken on the trampoline
                    no one under the age of 6 years to go the trampoline
                    Can hold a weight of upto 18 stone
                    Children should always be accompanied by an adult

                    It also states that not following these guidelines could result in injury or death.

                    My son went on this straight away and he had great fun bouncing up and down and showing me his star jumps and just how high he could jump, he really did love it. The trampoline had a good bounce to it and didnt make a squeaky noise (which is always a plus).
                    My son then decided to would be a good idea to bring his stereo out and listen to music while he jumps which I thought was a good idea.
                    Although my daughter is only 2 years old we put her on the trampoline and she loved it, of course I sat right by the side and made sure she was closed in but she loved just bouncing around on it. Although I say bouncing she done mini jumps as 2 year olds do lol and for the rest of the time was spent with her running round and round it, either way she was still getting healthy and was very tired come bedtime, which is only a bonus in my eyes.
                    I thought I would have a go for the sake of this review only you do understand lol just to see how good it was and to check it can hold my weight ok although I am only 8st 12lbs but alot heavier than my children.
                    It held my weight well without any problems and although you cant seem to bounce very high (you know like the ones you use to use in the old days back at school) but it is good enough for the purpose.
                    This is a great piece of equipment to use to help you keep fit and active and at the same time have fun.

                    Although again it does state not for more than 1 person at a time because I am sensible and aware of the dangers around me I went on with my 9 year old soon and because this was still well within the weight range I didnt see this as a problem.
                    We had all sorts of fun playing in this together and bouncing up and down at different times so one person would go higher than the other, we held hands whilst doing this and we bounced really high.
                    We also challenged eachother to see who could bounce the highest and we also timed to see who could do the most bounces in a minute, this was a fun and energetic game to play and I reccomend any little games like these to play with your children or even going seperatley onto the trampoline if you perfer.
                    I did find whilst bouncing that this is quite sturdy and me and my son bounced into the netting a few times and it did a great job of pushing us back out again so I think the netting is a good quality safety feature, something I dont think we could do without with young children. Although of course I wouldnt reccomend purposly bouncing on this net as it is only a safety net and doesnt completely guarantee that it will hold all your weight if you were yo constantly bounce on it, it is there just as a precaution to assist you.

                    This trampoline is easy to move around in the garden with 2 people lifting it as it isnt to heavy, we have to place it round different parts of the garden so the new lawn we have just laid doesnt get ruined and die.

                    So for £99 I thought this 8ft trampoline with enclosure was a real bargain, they are still reatiling at this price in B&Q.

                    Sadly 2 days later my husband found a bolt that had come off the frame that holds the jumping mat on just laid on the floor. This was a serious issue to us as the top of the bolt had actually snapped off which means they were 2 bit bolts that are actually obviously cheap not to mention low quality.
                    This really isnt what should be suppied with what could cause a potential dangerous injury. Now of course this was all assembled correctly as said but we were now questioning the safety of this product.
                    We did only find this one fault bit undoubtifully this shouldnt of happened.
                    We rang the B&Q helpline and spoke to a rather misinformed man who firstly said he didnt think this was their product! well we told him we had the receipt in front of us and it definatly was B&Q.
                    We then told them the problem and that we wanted all bolts sent out again for the entire trampoline as we were not taking any chances and would replace all of them.
                    We was told not to use the trampoline in the meantime and will have to wait between 5-10 days for these bolts to arrive.

                    We have since recieved these relacement bolts and replaced all of them and we havnt had anymore problems since, the kids have used this for quite few weeks now and it is still in good condition with no marks or stains on it.

                    I dont think this is outstanding quality on the whole it is just average I would say and I think it will only last a few years.
                    If I was to purchase another trampoline I think I would pay a bit more for better quality as I do think you get what you pay for.
                    In the winter months we shall use the trampoline cover to protect it from any bad weather and we shall just take down the netting and enclosure and store it in our garage. A good idea is to keep the box so that you can keep everything in one place. This way it wont get damaged and wont take up to much room.

                    I think this is great entertainment for the kids and a cheeky way of getting them to exercise without them even knowing it as they are having lots of fun at the same time.
                    I can only give this 3 stars as the bolt coming off and the quality of it is not that great and I dont think it will last for many summers.
                    I would reccomend it if you are looking for a trampoline that doesnt take up to much room in the garden and if you dont expect it to still be standing for years and years, but for £99 I dont think you can go far wrong as you can do many fun things on it and children of all ages will enjoy it.

                    Just for your information B&Q have a 45 day returns policy incase for any reason you want to return this product.

                    For more information visit www.diy.com or visit any B&Q store near you.


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                    • Argos Oil Drum Charcoal BBQ / BBQ / 39 Readings / 37 Ratings
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                      27.04.2011 15:52
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment



                      good product if on offer and you want to cater for large family

                      We was very excited to be looking for a BBQ as we have lived in a flat for 7 years and we have just moved to a gorgeous 3 bed bungalow and with the weather starting to pick up I thought this was the best time to purchase one. So we went down to argos to purchase our very first BBQ. Now I dont know about anyone else but if your going to be a BBQ it has to be a charcoal one as a gas bbq is not actually a bbq is it? if that was the case and I was going to purchase one of them I would just unhook my oven and roll it outside! does anyone see the point im trying to make here? Its not a bbq unless it involves charcoal.
                      We looked at many different ones but in the end this one we found was half price at £39.99 instead of £79.99 so I thought this was a bargain. This has now gone back up to a price of £64.99 (27th April).

                      This came in quite a small box plat packed where you have to assemble this yourself. I watched my husbnad assemble this and it seemed straight foward.

                      All you have to do is attach the metal legs onto eachother and screw then on and then quite simply attach the oil drum on by bolting it, the instructions were very simple and straight foward. My husband did find that the lid didnt sit nicely on top, it was a bit off from being centrally lined up but still it sat on it ok.
                      This has a oil shaped drum and a cooking area of 69x35cm height 89cm and width 76cm and diameter of 72cm. Please note a screwdriver is needed for assembly.
                      This does come with a cooking rack, charcoal rack and a higher food resting bit attached to the lid where you could put foods that are done or nearly done.
                      We didnt get any tools with this BBQ so we purchased these seperatley.

                      We waited for a nice sunny day (saturday just gone) and thought we would try this out. We had brought instant lighting charcoal as this is easier for our first attempt we thought.
                      We used 2 bags of this as there was 6 of us on this day to enjoy the BBQ we thought this would be enough, this took about 30 mins for the flames to die down and to wait for the smoke to also die down, there was an alwful lot of smoke but I think this is normal. The lovely smell of bbq started to overtake the garden and I dont know about you but I love this smell.

                      So we had brought varies types of food to use and this included sausages, burgers, steak (apparently this was a must for my husband) chicken legs, pork and pepper skewers and kebabs on sticks yum yum!

                      We did find that when using this there was alot of room on here where you could cook for about 15 people, we only used half the cooking space for the food we needed. We did feel the food rack should of been a little lower but this is only a small gripe.
                      The food cooked nicely and evenly and we was very pleased with the results it gave, we didnt use the top resting bit as we didnt feel we needed to.
                      Another small problem we found was that there was no rack at the bottom of this BBQ to place any plates/utensils, this was a bit of a pain but something that we will have to get use to. Its good that it has a lid as you can use this to close and protect the bbq but also good near the end of the bbq if you want to keep the heat in. The lid does have a handle on it so you can lift it up and down but do beware that when you do this the lid feels very flimsy as it kind of wobbles about.

                      After about an hour we were still cooking but the bbq was starting to not be as hot so we was getting wary of how well the food was being cooked, we then came to the conclusion as this is such a big bbq we should of used more charcoal bags, so I would reccomend using 3-4 bags instead of the 2 we used. Of course you can use charcoal and firelighters instead but hey we was feeling particuarly lazy.

                      Like any other bbq it takes a long time to cool down after it has been used but once it had cooled we did spread the charcoal ashes onto the garden as it is good for your garden and we took off the grills/racks to clean them and this was done easily by the normal way you do your washing up.
                      it was easy to clean out the drum also and it now looks as though it hasnt been used yet.

                      Although I got this at a great price I can only award it 3 stars due to having no bottom rack, and the lid not fitting exactly and the amount of coal you will have to use just for 6 people. The good thing is tha t this would be perfect for a very big family or garden parties which require alot of food to be cooked for alot of people but in all honesty its probably a bit big for us.
                      So i can only reccommend it if you eat alot of food or if you are someone who hosts alot of parties, not really suitable for a normal average sized family.

                      I generally hope not to be purchasing another bbq soon but when I do I wouldnt buy this one again as for me it has quite a few flaws and is really to big for our family.

                      All my children had a taste of this bbq and they all enjoyed the food although it did make me laugh when my son turned around and said "this bbq aint half hot mum" lol well im not sure what else he expected it to be.


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                        26.04.2011 00:20
                        Very helpful



                        a gorgeous smelling bath gel/ cream

                        Ok so I must confess that I have a serious addiction with bath and beauty products and its alot of you that are now to blame lol (well thats what I tell my husband anyway) I am always on the look out for new and different products to buy. So after reading a few reviews on this product I picked this up in Asda to try I had to quickly dash round and pick this up and hide it in the trolley as I drive my husband mad with my constant impulse buying.

                        I have only found these products in Asda for some reason and I have got the 500ml bottle on special offer at the price of £2.00 it is normally priced at £3.00. So I thought that this was a bargain.

                        Some of the other products in this range are as follows:

                        n spa very bubbly hair and body wash £2.50
                        n spa chocolate and cranberry bath syrup £3.00

                        these are 500ml bottles

                        n spa apple and mint crunch shower and bath gel (on offer at £1.00 normally £1.42)
                        n spa fruit coconut ice cream bath and shower gel ( on offer at £1.00 normally £1.42)
                        n spa fruit raspberry milkshake shower and bath gel (on offer at £1.00 normally £1.42)
                        n spa fruit lemmon souffle shower and bath gel (on offer at £1.00 normally £1.42)

                        these are all 100 ml bottles and there are also body moiturisers and other creams within this range. I dont know why they all seem to be a different price but I think I may try a few more out.

                        This is a clear round bottle that says blueberry in black bold writing and underneath says cream pie shower and bath gel.
                        It does somewhat confuse me as to why its called a cream pie yet on the next sentence it says bath gel? I would of thought this was quite a contradiction, especially as its clearly not the consistency of a gel.

                        It has quite an appealing quote on the front that all these products in this range seem to have and it is as follows:

                        "Inspiration" said the wise man "springs from blue skies and a purple patch. "sitting under the stars at midnight you might see the indigo light and discover the answer in a velvet smooth exterior. And perhaps... when daylight comes we shall taste vitality in a delicious burst of juicy superberry inside".

                        On the reverse it says " take the simple pleasure of the fruit, add the wisdom of Nirvana, make time in your day and turn your bathroom into a blissfil spa.

                        As with most bath/shower products the directions of use are pretty standard as to pour under running water if you use this as a bubble bath and for a shower gel apply to wet body and massage into skin and rinse, its as simple as that.

                        It does state not to eat this product as it isnt a food product. I found this quite amusing as considering its a bubble bath and IN the bath section im quite sure we are all aware NOT to eat this product however tempting this may be. I dont know whats the world coming to lol.

                        I shall not list all the ingredients as im sure your not interested and as your not eating it im sure your not really worried about whats in your bubble bath.

                        It does list their address if you want to get in touch with them and they also list their website address which is: www.nirvanaspa.co.uk

                        this product was made in the uk.

                        Ok so because I am greedy I wanted to use this as a bubble bath and shower gel (cream) as I cant stand mixing different scents and smells in my bath.
                        This has a easy black lid that you just flip up and then pour out, I did have a quick sniff before I poured it in and the smell was simply amazing!!! the smell of blueberries just filled my wonderful smell sensation and I just wanted to keep smelling it.

                        As you might of guessed this is a gorgeous creamy purple colour and it really does look very creamy. As I poured it out with ease I was in blueberry heaven and the scent just quickly filled up my bathroom with the smell. This actually did smell good enough to eat it really is a realistic smell of bluberries.
                        I only needed to pour a little bit out as it goes a long way and really foams up well and creates loads of bubbles, which I really love!! you cant beat a good old bubble bath.

                        I then poured a little bit onto my shower puff to wash with to, I really loved rubbing this into me as it is a nice creamy lather and you can smell it all over your body and you really start to feel so clean using this.
                        Well I can definatly say that I smelt good enough to eat lol.
                        As soon as I had washed with this my skin felt smooth and totally refreshed and the scent did stay on my body throughout my bath experience.

                        The bath bubbles did also stay throughout my whole bath which was half an hour.
                        I always find it a pain getting rid of bubble after my bath as after my bath I want to clean the bath and this is hard with alot of bubbles around. This probaly sounds strange but I use a cheap soap swoshed around in the bath to get rid of the bubbles as soap dissolves them and then I can clean my bath easily.

                        After I had got out the bath the smell lingered in the bathroom but sadly left my skin after about an hour which was a shame. Although my skin was left feeling smoth and silky so I felt I didnt need to moisturise as this had freshend up my skin so to speak.

                        This has lasted me about 2 weeks which I think is good value for money, although I do alternate my bubble baths and also I have used this on my daughter who also loves the smell.

                        This really is good enough to eat and smells gorgeous and I will be buying it again. I reccomend you to go out and try it as you wont be disspointed. I will be rating this a full 5 stars as the only tiny grumble I have is that the smell doesnt linger on my skin for long but I can live with this as afterall it is a bubble bath and not a body lotion.

                        so do add it onto your list on your next asda trip.


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                          24.04.2011 02:39
                          Very helpful



                          Go out and buy it you wont regret it

                          I brought this bath melt alongside the noubar (which I have already reviewed) and this I ordered online and it came in a cardboard box packed with eco friendly packaging, there was no wrapper or anything else this product came in.

                          Lush is a company that handmake products such as bath bombs, soaps, bath ballistics, bath melts, soaps ect and they are all against animal testing and evironmentally friendly. It is a truly lushoius shop/ online site where the products are at quite a premium price.

                          So when this arrived as soon as I opened the box the smell of this ballistic instantly rose up and filled the room with this gorgeous sweet candy smell that instantly reminded me of my childhood sweet shops I use to visit, It also reminded me off a bubble gum I use to have when I was young called "bubaloo" the smell was enticing.
                          Before I thought about using this in the bath I did use it in my clothes draw as it made my clothes smell lovely and sweet and for about a week it sat in my bathroom and the smell was amazing, I could even smell it whenever I walked past the bathroom.

                          This is 100g and priced at an expensive £3.60 it is like a roundish chalky like texture and is a solid. It is a gorgeous girly pink colour so very eye catching.
                          On lush website it describes this product as the following:

                          This Slow melting musky marshmallow marvel. MMM melts into a pink, fluffy waterbed of marshmallow and moisturizing cocoa butter. Each Melting Marshmallow Moment is made with marshmallow herb, which produces a sweet, skin-soothing mucilage that was used to make sugar candies for hundreds of years, and marigold, which is equally calming for your skin.

                          Now this isnt reccomended but because this smelt so nice my husband and my son decided to lick it to see what it tasted like lol needless to say it didnt taste as good as it smelt lol.

                          So I had an evening planned to indulge in this bath melt and I ran my bath nearly to the top and I popped this bath melt into it when it was nearly ran.
                          It started to melt very slowly and as it did it turned the water a milky pink colour which was quite nice. I did have to crumble some of with my hands as it was taking ages to dissolve lol when i touched it it felt funny like a crumbly chalk but softer (if you know what i mean lol)

                          I was a bit dissapointed with the scent as it was so strong when it wasnt used I thought that would also remain whilst in the bath but no I could only just smell it on the bathroom.

                          Ok this bit is just utter madness as I laid back and relaxed in the water my skin felt amazingly soft like it had never felt and as a busy mum of 3 I generally dont get time to relax in the bath and take some lazy routes on bath and beauty care regimes.

                          So I just casually picked up my razor and started shaving my legs lol well I tell you something the razor just glided over my skin like it was silk! now some of us will know (women) that if you try and shave any area without soap/ shaving cream/gel that the razor will make a scratchy noise and you wont really be able to shave. well this didnt do any of that it was amazing, It worked wonders in all areas women shave, I couldnt believe it, its BETTER than using any shaving foam.
                          So maybe not quite what everyone will want to do in this luxurious bath but definatly worth a go.

                          The pinky milky colour stayed in my bath for the full half hour I was in there and it made my skin so soft I cant praise it enough, clearly very good natural ingredients. Sadly though the smell didnt evolve throughout my bath experience really.

                          When I got out the bath I could smell a slight hint of the candy smell on me but nothing that would really be noticeable. My skin felt and looked amazing and my legs were literally shining, certainly a new experience for me.

                          This marshmallow left no residue in my bath at all which was great and strangely the scent still king of lingered in my bathroom but disspeared off my skin about half an hour later.
                          Even my husband commented on how soft and nice looking my skin was after my bath.

                          As a treat I would definatly buy this again and again and I will be purchasing one again soon, Although as I used this bath melt whole as you wouldnt really be able to break it up I think it is a very expensive bath but certainly worth the money.

                          I cant reccomend this enough to other people, you have to buy it to believe just how good it is and how enjoyable the bath experience is.
                          So of course I will be giving this 5 stars as it is truly amazing.

                          If you would like anymore information on this product or other lush products available please go to:


                          or visit a store near you.


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                          20.04.2011 01:37
                          Very helpful
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                          A miracle in a bottle

                          For the last few days I have suffered with excruciating toothache which I generally never get so I was at the end of my tether when I couldnt get an appointment with a dentist for love nor money so I had heard that using clove oil is really good for helping with dental pain.

                          Clove oil is a natural analgaesic and antiseptic used primarily in dentistry for its main ingredient eugenol. It can also be purchased in pharmacies over the counter, as a home remedy for dental pain relief, mainly toothache; it is also often found in the aromatherapy section of health food stores.

                          So I went to asda and brought a 10ml bottle for £1.85 from the pharmacy part. This comes in a box that simply says "clove oil" for the tempoary relief of toothache.
                          On the reverse it says apply only to the affected tooth. Apply a small amount to some cotton wool and place on the affected tooth as required.
                          use with care on children under 2 years old.
                          its advised to keep container tightly closed and protected from light.
                          keep out of sight and reach of children.
                          ingredient: 100% clove oil

                          The bottle top is a good top like a medicine top where you have to push down and twist to open, so its good to know that young children wouldnt be able to open this if they did find it.
                          Now combined with already taking ibroprufen and co codamol for my pain I used this as well to help relieve the pain. I found later that day the reason for my pain was because I had an abcess.

                          So I undid the top and there is no dropped with this which makes it slightly difficult so I just had to get a small piece of cotton wool and hold the bottle on top of the cotton wool and tip it up twice to release some clove oil. Now I love the smell of clove oil as its lovely and very strong but I must admit I was a bit wary if putting it in my mouth lol
                          So I proceded to rub it on gently on my affected tooth and instantly I could feel the immediate relief as the clove oil got to work and started to gently numb my gum area where the pain was and it felt wonderful, like I had just had an anesthetic.
                          Just be careful you dont put to much on the cotton wool like I did and some of the clove oil run down my tounge and I swallowed some EURGH!!! I wont be doing that again lol it numbed my tounge and made my eyes stream with water and started to burn my throat...this was a mild burning but certainly enough to make my mouth water and sylivia just started coming out my mouth...so I strongly advise you to be careful on the amount you administor.

                          In the end I felt it to be easier to leave the cotton wool inbetween my tooth and mouth so it could stay in there itself without me holding it and I did this for a good half an hour and it actually got rid of my toothache totally for about an hour and half!! result!!!
                          Of course this is with taking painkillers but as we all know painkillers wear off quick when dental pain is present so this is a good inbetween remedy when your waiting for the 4 hours to be up to take some more tablets lol, and because this is instant its brilliant.

                          I also find the best thing at night as I take the bottle to bed with me and put it on my bedside table and a small piece of cotton wool incase the toothache wakes me up in the night I just reach for the clove oil and get instant relief so I can get back to sleep without having to get out of bed and search for tablets. The plus side is that this is natural and i prefer this as im not keen on popping loads of pills.

                          the smell lasts for ages and lingers in your home and everything you touch but i dont think its a bad thing as the smell is so nice, it reminds me of them lovely glade plug in freshners lol and christmas time.
                          It is a strong taste and lovely if you like clove and dont put to much on.
                          Depending of course on how much you use this that will depend on how long it lasts, as its only 10ml it wont last very long, I would say if you use it 3 times in a day it would last for about a week.

                          You will find this in pharmcies and local supermarkets which have a pharmacy counter at varies different prices.

                          I would definatly reccomend this little miracle for others and go as far as to say its a must for toothache when you can reach a dentist quick enough.

                          I have to give this little beauty 5 stars as its perfect in every way.


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                          • Lush Noubar Soap / Soaps / 41 Readings / 39 Ratings
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                            16.04.2011 12:39
                            Very helpful
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                            Certainly NOT lush

                            Well I am new to all the lush products out there but I read quite a few reviews on here about this one ( oh and the fact my favourite colour is green lol) so it seemed to be quite popular so I thought I would give it a go.
                            I like the fact all these soaps are handmade from natural ingredients.
                            I like the fact these products are not tested on animals and are kind to the environment and given as the shop/site name is called lush well thats exactly what all there products should be right?

                            Lush describe this Noubar soap as "deliciously fragrant and throughly cleansing, we have added smoky vetivert oil and turkish rose to keep you sweet every time you wash, there is chopped peanuts, walnuts and almonds which add texture and exfoliate the skin, it is made from palm free soap with a base of rapeseed and coconut oils which gives a thick cleansing foam for hands and body".

                            I ordered mine online and paid £3.10 for 100g bar, it arrived within 2 days which was good and it came in a clear packet which can be re used. I loved the minimal packaging because afterall its not really the packaging that matters is it?

                            When I had a bath I unwrapped this and instantly I could smell it...ermmmmm I wasnt impressed at all, Its really hard to describe the smell but the first time I used it it reminded me of an earthy kind of smell, like I had just walked through a forest lol I certainly couldnt smell any kind of oil as in coconut oils. It is a lovely shade of green with quite big nuts in it. It is a hard soap but if you squeeze it could bend a bit but always goes back into shape. I used it on my body because at the price of it im certainly not going to waste it. first I used it with just on my hands and It didnt lather up very well, I then used it on a shower puff and it lathered up really well, although I found it to be very thin and as soon as it touched the water it dissolved and was gone. I put it down on the side of the bath for minute and it made an alwful mess where I suppose all the oils just keep coming out of it whilst wet. Luckily it didnt make my skin feel oily but It certainly didnt do anything for my skin either. I dont think the peanuts exfoliate at all either to be honest, they just made a nice mess in my bath lol

                            I have used this about 6 times now and I have come to the conclusion I dont like it, the smell is just so off putting, I dont feel clean so after I do use it in the bath I then use a normal body wash after. I definatly wouldnt say it gives a thick cleansing foam at all, like I said its thin and just dissapears as soon as you touch water. Also I found once I washed this off my skin it was like dry and tacky and it instantly felt like there was no moisture in my skin.
                            I have decided to just use this as a handsoap from now on but to be honest I cant wait until its finished. It doesnt leave any sort of residue after my bath but I wasnt suprised at that as it doesnt have time to do anything really.
                            I didnt even feel like I was clean either which really annoyed me because cheaper soaps (like imperial leather) are great for cleaning and you feel like you have had a wash to.
                            My personal opinion of this soap is that it is very cheap and for the price I expected something gorgeous and this just didnt live up to its name.

                            This has been left on my soap dish and the smell does surround the whole bathroom evertime you walk in. It does also leave a slight smell on your skin after the bath but not as strong as the fragrance is when you smell it.
                            I think sadly this soap will last for about 3 months with daily use.

                            I wouldnt reccomend this soap as it certainly isnt lush and it doesnt really have any skin purpose either. Much cheaper brands on the market to a much better job.
                            So as you are probably aware I will not be buying this again.

                            If you would like more info about this product or anyother lush product go to www.lush.co.uk

                            I can only also give it 1 star because the smell is alwful and it doesnt really do what its ment to.


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