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      10.04.2012 18:34



      A good read if you keep with it

      I found this to be quite a slow starter. I work in the financial sector and so have some related knowledge and interest in the area, which I think helped. I think that with no financial knowledge or interest, this book may just be a bit too turgid for the reader.
      I didn't find it particularly difficult to read, just a little hard to get into. I persisted, and once I was over half way through I was captivated. I feel that the last quarter of the book was the best. Everything came together, there was finally some real "action" and it kept me engrossed.
      Interesting angle to take, and got to give credit for not being a typical crime thriller.
      Overall, I enjoyed the book and would recommend to others, with the caution that it may be a bit too dry for those with no financial interest. Persist and you will be rewarded!


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        08.03.2012 16:40
        Very helpful



        Great, innovative product that revolutionises skincare

        I was excited when I saw that Garnier was releasing a BB cream. I'd heard amazing things about this intriguing product, but had only managed to find it on sale in Korea or the US. So the fact that Garnier was bringing out a version definitely had me interested!

        To promote the launch, they sent out free samples which I snapped up and used immediately.
        I had my fingers crossed that I was going to like it, but wasn't sure as I don't tend to use Garnier products. I normally use skincare from Lush and mineral makeup, as I have sensitive skin.

        I originally thought I would use the BB cream as a moisturiser, and then use mineral makeup over it.
        However, Garnier exceeded all expectations! The BB cream is good enough that I don't even need to use makeup with it.

        It goes on really smoothly and sinks straight into my skin. It gives skin a lovely, healthy sheen without looking plastered in makeup. Blemishes actually are smoothed over & skin tone is improved.
        I was blown away with the product and now use it daily. No need for makeup, really easy to apply and long lasting to top it all off.
        Highly recommended, if you haven't given it a try yet, go for it.


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        14.01.2010 23:12
        Very helpful



        Brilliant theme park, don't miss it!

        I visited this theme park in October 2009 and absolutely loved it. It was a last minute decision really and I only ended up going because I decided the Universal 2 Park Ticket was a better deal than just going to Universal Studios!

        I would quite honestly say that this could be the best theme park I have ever visited. I went with my boyfriend, we are both in our late 20's and we had the time of our lives!

        The park is sectioned into several 'islands', namely:
        Marvel Super Hero Island
        Toon Lagoon
        Jurassic Park
        The Lost Continent
        Seuss Landing

        There was currently a new area being developed whilst we were there, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, due to open Spring 2010. This looked absolutely brilliant and is going to make an amazing park even better!

        The decor in each of the areas was wonderful. It was really unique, great detail and so colourful. Each area was very distinct from the others and it felt like a lot of work had gone into the design of the park.

        The main rides in the park in my opinion were:

        Incredible Hulk Coaster - absolutely brilliant. Without a doubt the best coaster I have ridden, and I have ridden a fair few! Went on this 3 times and each time was better than the last. Amazing.

        Dueling Dragons - 2 coasters go at the same time and come within inches of each other. Exciting and a novel idea.

        Spider Man - A simulator type ride but it felt very real! Lots of special effects, great.

        Dudley Do-Right's Rip Saw Falls - Brilliant log flume type ride, went on for ages with some really steep drops!

        Jurassic Park River Adventure - Very well done ride, mixture of calm and excitement!

        We were VERY lucky when we visited as there were absolutely no queues. We went straight on to each ride and it made our day even better! We visited out of season so it may not always be like that, but we were very impressed.

        We took advantage of the Eat All Day promotion which was worth it, fpr $20 you can get a main meal and dessert at selected food outlets, as many times as you want throughout the day.

        When we visited, opening hours were 9am - 7pm which was plenty of time to enjoy the whole park, especially as there were no queues.

        I bought my tickets direct from the Universal site as I wanted to take advantage of the Horror Nights promotion. I got a 7 day 2 park ticket for about $120 per person. It's quite pricey but considering Alton Towers is about £40 for 1 day, this is a far better deal.

        Overall, an amazing theme park and highly recommended. A must-visit if you are going to Florida and I would certainly rank this above the majority of the other theme parks.


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      • General / Discussion / 17 Readings / 15 Ratings
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        05.01.2010 20:25
        Very helpful



        Bit random as a review, but hey!

        1. What is your full name?
        Judith Evans

        2. What are you listening to right now?
        My sister chunnering on...

        3. Clubbing or Romantic Meal?
        Romantic meal, I'm not much into clubbing these days :)

        4. What was the last thing you ate?
        A yule log (hanging on to Christmas!!)

        5. Last person you hugged?
        My O/H

        6. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
        My Grandad

        7. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
        Ummm, just the usual!

        8. Favourite type of Food?
        Chinese and Mexican

        9. Do you want children?
        Probably, one day

        10. Hair colour?
        Brownish / reddish

        11. Favourite holiday?
        Just spent 6 months going round Europe & 3 months round Canada and USA so I'll say that!

        12. Favourite Season?
        Winter :)

        13. Last Movie you watched?
        Love Actually

        14. What books are you reading?
        Just started a new one but I can't remember what it's called!

        15. Piercing?
        Just ears

        16. Favourite Sports Team?

        17. What were you doing before filling this out?
        Reading other reviews and faffing about on the net in general

        18. Favourite animal?

        19. Favourite drink?
        Tea :)

        20. Favourite flower?

        21. Have you ever loved someone?

        22. What colour are your bedroom walls?

        23. Do you like to travel by plane?
        I like to travel but not really by plane

        24. If you could go to any place right now where would you go?

        25. Do you have tattoo?

        26. Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?

        27. Are you hiding something from someone right now?
        Not that I can think of!

        28. Are you 18?

        29. What is the wallpaper on your cell phone?
        Don't have any I don't think...don't use my phone that much!

        30. Three things you can't live without?
        The internet ;)
        Air (ha ha)

        31. What are you afraid of?
        The unknown

        32. What do you sleep in?
        Whatever suitable items I can find in my mess of a bedroom!

        33. Stuck on a deserted island, and can only bring one thing?
        A boat (ha)

        34. What is your favourite colour?

        35. What are the things you always bring with you?
        Purse, anything else that just happens to be in my bag. If I end up with keys and/or phone, I got lucky.

        36. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
        A vet

        37. Who do you want to meet?
        No-one in particular!


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          05.10.2009 06:21
          Very helpful



          Good location at a good price

          Location: Glasgow
          Price per night: £29 for double room (special rate)
          Facilities: Vending machines, WiFi(chargeable)
          Rooms: Spacious, clean, tea&coffee facilities, good bathroom
          Service: Average

          The Travelodge Paisley Road is located just out of the centre of Glasgow. It is possible to walk into the city in about 10-15 minutes & reception can provide a city-centre map.
          We booked in advance taking advantage of a Travelodge promotion and so got the room for only £29 per night for a double. The normal rate is around £49 which is still reasonable given it's proximity to the centre.
          Travelodge provides the mere basics and nothing more. Breakfast is not included in the room rate but a breakfast bag can be ordered from reception at extra cost. There is no restaurant at this Travelodge. Vending machines at reception dispense cold drinks and snacks & there is a Harry Ramsdens next door.
          There is a large, free car park for use of Travelodge and Harry Ramsdens patrons. Reception is a small desk at the entrance. Staff were pleasant enough but not overly helpful or welcoming.
          The room was better than expected. It was very large and spacious with a double bed and a sofa. Tea and coffee making facilities were available. The bathroom was spacious and clean with a good, powerful shower.
          WiFi is available but at an extra charge.
          Overall this is a great location for visiting Glasgow, rooms and facilities are basic but good value for money.


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          10.08.2009 17:22
          Very helpful



          For the price, one of the best choices in Burgos

          Hotel Cabildo is located in the centre of Burgos, a historic town in Northern Spain.
          We paid the 'walk in from the street' price of 56 euros per night, room only.
          Breakfast is available at extra cost. The hotel does have car parking facilities, either in the open car park behind the hotel or at a special rate in a public car park. Parking is quite pricey at 14 euros per night, however this seemed to be the case throughout the town.

          The entrance to Hotel Cabildo is somewhat confusing, as what appears to be the entrance is actually the back of the hotel, with a sign directing you to a different street for the entrance. It's not immediately apparent where to go, but we found it without too much difficulty.
          The reception area is very welcoming, brightly lit and has a very modern feel.
          The majority of the mid-range hotels in Burgos all seemed to charge around the same rate (50 to 60 euro per night). For the price, this was one of the more 'swanky' looking places and we were very impressed.

          We got a double room, which was very spacious and comfortable., Everything was in excellent condition and well presented. The room had a very modern, new feel to it. The room comprised a double bed, flat screen TV, desk and chair and large wardrobe. We were provided with 4 bottles of water.
          The bathroom was very impressive. Ornate sinks and a huge bathtub, and what impressed us most of all - the freebies! A full complimentary set of goodies including shower gel, shampoo, a comb, a shaving set, shoe polisher etc...

          Internet was available in the room at an extra charge, there was also an internet terminal at reception. The hotel has its own restaurant although we didn't eat there so can't comment. Room service was also available.

          Reception staff were very friendly and we received very good service.

          This was a good hotel for a short break, well located to see Burgos and good value. A very modern, clean, inviting place with a touch of luxury but without inflated prices.


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            23.07.2009 20:45
            Very helpful



            Good family campsite on the outskirts of Madrid


            El Escorial Camping is a very large campsite located on the outskirts of Madrid. It is 50km from the capital, with a bus link from outside the camp entrance. Madrid can be reached by bus in around 40 minutes.

            The site is set in 100,000 square metres of trees and surrounded by mountains, giving a true outdoors environment.


            For 2 people, tent and car we paid just over 25 euros, which is on the pricey side for camping, but you are paying for the facilities and location. Prices are per person, per car and per accomodation (ie, tent, caravan, motorhome). There is an extra charge for electricity but showers are included in the price. Bungalows are also available to rent, but they were very pricey at around 100 euros per night in early May.

            *Reception & First Impressions*

            The reception set up is very modern and secure. On arrival you take a ticket depending on your requirements and then go to the corresponding booth. There are security guards patrolling the entrances and an automatic scan is taken of your car numberplate. Access is then granted by automatic barriers that actually greet you by name (rather hi-tec!)

            The campsite appears well kept and welcoming. The pitches are laid out in rows for caravans, and there are huge open fields for tent campers.


            We stayed in a tent and so were placed on the open tent field. There is plenty of space, and the grassy fields are lined with shade providing trees. You are free to pitch anywhere you like on the tent fields.

            We visited on a Spanish bank holiday and so the site was very busy. We still had no trouble finding a pitch though and had plenty of privacy.

            *Facilities *

            There are numerous facilities on the campsite and plenty for children.

            As well as a supermarket, the camp has its own restaurant and cafeteria. Ordering food is done in a novel way and involves making your selection at a vending machine, which then provides you with a ticket. You then take your tickets over to the till area, pay up and wait for your food.

            Sporting facilities include swimming pools, a games room, tennis courts and courts for basketball, football etc.

            A full entertainment programme is organised during school holidays, and there is a childrens disco and adult disco every night.


            Reception staff are efficient, well trained and professional. The staff we spoke to had friendly attitudes and were eager to help with our queries.


            This would be a good campsite for a holiday, especially for families. For an overnight stop, the price is a bit high, as you are paying for extensive facilities that you probably won't use. However, it is a good base to use for seeing Madrid and certainly far cheaper than staying in the centre.

            The campsite was well kept, washrooms were very clean and modern. Everywhere was kept in good condition and staff were polite and helpful. I would recommend this campsite.


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            18.04.2009 23:32
            Very helpful



            Great hotel, very friendly staff

            Holiday Inn Edinburgh Waterfront


            Located a little out of the centre, in Leith, right by the Ocean Terminal.
            In my opinion, a great location. You avoid the busy traffic of the city centre, the hotel has plenty of free car parking, and there is a bus stop literally in front of the hotel. A bus to the city centre takes about 10 minutes and a Day ticket offering unlimited travel costs only £3.
            The Ocean Terminal is across the road, 5 minutes walk from the hotel. This houses a Vue cinema, a selection of restaurants and plenty of shopping on 3 levels. Shops are open til 8pm, cinema and restaurants until 11pm so there is plenty to amuse yourself.


            We stayed 2 nights. The first night we were in a 4 person room which had a double bed and a sofa bed. The second night we were in a twin room. Both rooms were nice and spacious and felt cosy. Rooms are provided with tea and coffee making facilities, a TV with some Sky channels and pay per view films and en suite bathroom. The bathroom consists of toilet, washbasin and power shower. The shower was great, one of the best I have had in a hotel! No toiletries are provided but there are shower gel/soap dispensers on the wall.
            If necessary, reception provides a selection of complimentary items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, razor etc.


            This is a Holiday Inn Express so facilities are kept to a minimum. The hotel doesn't have a restaurant but does have a bar serving hot and cold drinks. There is a widescreen TV in the lounge area which was showing football matches during our stay.
            There is an internet computer in the lobby charged at £1 for 30 minutes. Faxing and photocopying are also available.
            Breakfast is included with all rooms and is a self-service continental affair. There is a wide choice of items including cereals, fruit, croissants, muffins, cheese, yogurts. You can eat in the lobby or take a tray up to your room at no extra charge.

            Service received

            All the members of staff we encountered were very friendly. The hotel had a very welcoming feel, everything was very well kept and rooms were to a high standard. Staff seemed eager to help and were approachable. We had only booked for one night and I enquired if we could stay another night at the same rate I had booked on the internet. This was not a problem at all and the manager sorted it out straight away. He was very very friendly and went out of his way to help me out.

            Value for money
            I managed to book a special internet rate of £48 per room per night including breakfast which I thought was excellent value for money. The hotel is very modern and everything is well kept. The breakfast is more than substantial and free car parking is an added bonus.

            Overall this is a brilliant base for visiting Edinburgh, especially if you have a car. It enables you to avoid the busy traffic in the city centre, and access to the centre is very easy by bus. Customer service is to a very high standard, rooms are spacious and comfortable. Breakfast is great with plenty of choice. The Ocean Terminal is very close and a good place to visit in the evenings. I would certainly recommend Holiday Inn Waterfront for a stay in Edinburgh, suitable for both leisure and business.


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              18.04.2009 23:28
              Very helpful
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              Wonderful for a relaxing break


              The Movenpick Hotel is located in Taba, in South Sinai. It's about 45 minutes away from Taba airport and is right by the sea. Looking out across the sea, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are all visible. Taba is actually located in Asia rather than Africa and is literally on the border with Israel. It is certainly an interesting location to visit! The hotel is actually located in the middle of a military controlled area. 5 minutes walk to the right and you reach the Israeli border. 5 minutes walk to the left and you reach a police checkpoint. Aside from the Movenpick and Hilton hotels, and a small local community, bus station and a few "grocery" shops, there is nothing in Taba. If you like the kind of holiday where you take a walk out to the local town, or want to visit different bars, restaurants or clubs, then this isn't the place to come. Unless you take advantage of the organised trips run by the tour companies, then there isn't really any reason to venture out of the hotel.
              Although the scenery and surrounding area are beautiful, the isolation and the constant military/police presence somewhat dampened the atmosphere of the area for us.

              The hotel itself

              The hotel itself in my opinion cannot be faulted. The surroundings and grounds are beautifully landscaped and very well kept. Unlike the neighbouring high-rise Hilton, the Movenpick seems to blend in with, rather than impose upon the scenery. The extensive grounds are great for taking a walk, especially as there isn't really anywhere to walk to outside of the hotel. There is a very open, airy feel when you are walking around outside and it is very tranquil and calm. Inside, the hotel is kept very, very clean - they seem to be constantly sweeping the floors and clearing the tables!
              On entering, there is the reception area and a seating area with chairs and couches overlooking the pool and sea outdoors. The Pharoah's Bar and a few shops are also here.
              Down below is the hotel's main restaurant - The Movenpick Restaurant and up on the 1st floor there is a mezzanine area with more seating and a "games room" containing pool, internet and a library.

              We upgraded to a superior room and could not fault it at all. The room was very spacious and comfortable. We had a double bed and a single bed and a sea-view balcony. This was probably one of the best rooms we have ever stayed in, it is well worth making sure you get a sea-view as the views are stunning and there are some great sunsets in the evening. The rooms were kept impeccably clean, even my clothes were folded for me!
              There was a TV with a wide selection of channels, covering a wide range of languages and several American channels showing comedies and series such as Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives etc (but don't waste time watching TV on holiday!)


              The hotel has its own beach. There is plenty of space, we didn't have any trouble getting a sun lounger, although we were there in low season. There are plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas available, and beach towels can be picked up from the stands around the hotel (there are several stands down on the beach)
              The beach is sandy and clean. The sea is amazing, it's so clear. It's quite rocky near the shore but once you get past there, it's just sand. The best thing is down by the end of the beach, at the Hilton end, there is a coral reef. You can just swim up to it right from the beach, and there are so many fish it's unbelievable! It is literally like being in an aquarium except the fish aren't in tanks. Brilliant. I only had goggles with me but most people had snorkels. It is possible to hire a snorkel but it's 8 euros per day. The shops at the Hilton sell them, but you are probably better off buying a snorkel in the UK and taking it.


              We went from the 4 - 17 March. We had previously been to Tunisia at the end of Feb and the weather was pretty chilly. So we were hoping that it was going to be a bit warmer here. We weren't disappointed! The weather was perfect. Lovely and warm but not too blistering hot. It was hot enough to sunbathe and just wear swimwear during the day. Lightweight clothing was fine for the evenings, maybe just a light top or cardi on some evenings. I'd say the average temperature was around 25C but some days it reached over 30C.

              There are 4 restaurants at the hotel.
              Movenpick - the main restaurant
              Shahrazad - Egyptian
              Seashells - Seafood
              Chopsticks - Chinese

              Unfortunately Seashells was closed due to low occupancy.
              We were told that Chopsticks was part of the all inclusive deal. I had read on forums that it wasn't, but you only had to pay a small supplement. However, on arrival we found out that it wasn't all-inclusive and there was no discount. Meals were an average of £10 per dish. This was very disappointing and we didn't eat here, as found it too expensive, when we had already paid for all-inclusive.

              The main restaurant served buffet meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner. We didn't have any complaints and found that the quality and quantity of food was more than satisfactory.
              Breakfast was substantial, and included cereals, yoghurts, fresh fruit, pastries, hot food and best of all fresh cooked omelettes.
              Lunch and Dinner were pretty similar in terms of what was on offer. There was a good selection of salads and a selection of meals to suit all tastes. There were always a couple of pasta dishes, and variations on fish, chicken, beef and vegetables. The food tended to be quite healthy and things such as pizza, burgers and chips only made very rare appearances.
              Once a week there was an Oriental night. The restaurant was decked out with authentic decorations and live Egyptian music was played. This was the only night that typical Egyptian dishes were served - things such as kofta, shoarma and dishes with lentils and chickpeas.

              The Shahrazad restaurant was a la carte. They have a set menu which changes every day, and this is part of the all inclusive. There is another menu available but this must be paid for, at around £10 per main meal. We ate in here 3 times, having the set menu. It's a nice change from the main restaurant and is much quieter. The service is very good and food arrives quickly. I would certainly recommend coming here for a change from the main restaurant.


              There is a Relaxation Centre which includes a gym, massages, steam room, jacuzzis etc. Only the gym is free to use. It is quite small but the equipment is very good quality and seems in quite new condition. We didn't use anything else as found it to be quite overpriced. To use the sauna and jacuzzis was 100 EGP which is around £15. There is a wide selection of massages available, costing around 40 - 50 Euros.

              There is an animation team and organised entertainment both daytime and evening. Things such as volleyball, belly dancing and aerobics are available during the day, and there is a different form of entertainment each evening ranging from bingo and karaoke to an authentic Egyptian show.

              There is a watersports centre on site, which offers plenty of water-based activities. You can go diving, snorkeling or on a banana boat. They also organise various boat trips including a sunset cruise to Pharoahs Island with a guided snorkel included. This is great value at $25 per person.

              Useful info

              These are some points that I thought would be useful to people considering a holiday at the Movenpick:

              * Chopsticks Chinese restaurant is not included in the All-Inclusive, so don't get too excited!
              * There is a Movenpick ice cream stand in the reception/lobby area. Unfortunately it's not all inclusive! It works out about £1 a scoop, there is a menu of various sundaes as well.
              * The current exchange rate is about 7 EGP to the £.
              * You get 2 x 500ml bottles of water in the room each day. A 1.5l bottle from the room service is 18 EGP. You can buy water and other drinks/snacks from the small shops at the bus station. We got 12 1.5l bottles for 35 EGP.
              * The hotel is located in Asia and surrounded by Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia
              * Wi Fi is available and there are also 2 computers in the library. However, it is 45 EGP for 30 mins, 80 EGP for 1 hour or 160 EGP for 24 hours. This is about £10 for an hour - quite pricey.
              * The Hilton is right next door and can be accessed from the beach of the Movenpick. There are guards at the entrance, but you can just walk through no problem. The Hilton has a much busier, crowded feel than the Movenpick. They have a shopping mall but it is really just the same shop over and over again, selling souvenirs.
              * There is a pharmacy at the Hilton, and also a doctor/ clinic located next to the watersports centre in the Movenpick.Apparently Immodium will not work here, you need to get the local tablets if you find yourself suffering!

              Overall this was a great place for a holiday. The only things that we were not too impressed with were:
              * It can be quite confusing what is actually included in the All-Inclusive deal, and what you have to pay for. For example, after 11pm you must pay for drinks. Only the main restaurant is fully all-inclusive. The gym is included, but the jacuzzis/sauna are not.....
              * The location is not the greatest. Unless going on organised trips, there isn't really anywhere to go. Being in a military area, although not really a problem, can sometimes feel a bit strange.
              * People from the Spa and watersports centre are on commission. They constantly patrol the hotel trying to sell you a massage, boat trip etc. Even if you are sunbathing or reading, they will come up to you and try to get you to buy something. This can be annoying especially if you are not interested, as it tends to happen on a daily basis.

              * We went with First Choice and the flights were terrible. For a 5/6 hour flight, the seating was really poor.It was so cramped and impossible to get comfy in the seats.

              Aside from the above though, we had a brilliant holiday and the Movenpick is a lovely hotel.


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              • Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa / Spa / 23 Readings / 21 Ratings
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                05.04.2009 20:16
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Lovely surroundings, great customer service,super-relaxation

                Formby Hall is located just off the bypass leading to Southport. The area is very peaceful and set in lush countryside. Formby village is only about 5 minutes drive away, and Southport is around 15 minutes away.
                They have an excellent golf course and a driving range, however my review mainly focuses on the Spa.
                I recently visited the Spa at Formby Hall and it was amazing! I left feeling completely refreshed and relaxed and have been raving about it to everyone I speak to since!
                I booked a facial,which included full use of the spa facilities. Treatments range from around £10 to over £100 so there is something to suit everyone.
                It is also possible to just use the facilities at a cost of £25.
                The visit starts with a tour of the spa and complimentary refreshments. You are then given a robe, towel and slippers, shown to the changing rooms, and are then free to wander round as you please.
                The spa facilities include:
                Swimming pool
                Hydrotherapy jets
                Steam room
                Experience Showers
                Thermal Heaven (sauna,steam room, experience showers, ice fountain, foot baths and loungers)
                Tranquility suite ( adjustable loungers, water feature, relaxing music, magazines)

                Treatments are carried out in one of several treatment rooms. They are very relaxing with high quality products used and soothing music played throughout.My facial was brilliant. It used Phytomer products which were tailored to my skin type and I felt completely pampered.

                The staff are brilliant. They are very friendly and helpful and are all really lovely. This is a great place to come if it is your first time at a spa, as they make you feel relaxed straight away.

                Complimentary refreshments such as water,juice,tea and coffee are available throughout the day, you just help yourself.

                A lunch menu is available, comprising sandwiches, salads or soup. Prices range from £3 to £7.

                Opening hours are
                Monday - Friday 10.00 - 20.00
                Saturday - Sunday 10.00 - 18.30

                Overall, highly recommended and a great place to relax.


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                • Lush Cosmetic Lad / Skin Care / 22 Readings / 20 Ratings
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                  28.02.2009 19:42
                  Very helpful



                  A brilliant multi-use moisturiser

                  ~Overview, ingredients, pricing and availability~

                  Cosmetic Lad is a multi-functional product from those lovely people at Lush. It's displayed with the moisturisers, but is actually a moisturiser, after-sun, shaving balm and hair cream all in one pot!
                  Priced at £9.74 it originally may seem a bit pricey, but when you consider all the things it can be used for, it's a bargain!
                  Available from Lush stores and via the website lush.co.uk.

                  Ingredients as per the Lush website:

                  Lavender Honey Water, Linseed Mucilage, Organic Aloe Vera, Chickweed, Chamomile & Marigold Petal Extract, Cold Pressed Organic Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Fresh Wheatgrass Mucilage, Stearic Acid, Glycerine, Cetearyl Alcohol, Shea Butter, African Marigold Oil, Tangerine Oil , Sandalwood Oil, Triethanolamine, Limonene, Linalool, Perfume, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

                  ~So what do Lush say about this product?~

                  "What a relief it is that men are starting to regard moisturiser as something that will keep their skin in shape, not an evil potion which will turn them into girls. Including the ones who steal stuff from the women in their household, we reckon that there are millions of men who use our stuff. For the other millions who haven't yet got the plot, this is the product to convert them. It's a calming, nutritious moisturiser which is wonderful for after shaving; it also works as aftersun cream and hair cream. If they resist, wait until they are asleep and rub it all over their faces."

                  ~Appearance, smell~

                  This is a cream moisturiser and comes in a small black tub. It's very white in appearance with a medium texture. It smells absolutely delicious - there's a hint of chocolate to it which is probably the cocoa butter.

                  ~How to use & How long it lasts~

                  Very simple to use, you just rub it into your face!
                  I originally bought this for my boyfriend but ended up getting a tub for myself. It doesn't last very long, usually about 2 months in my experience and then it's time to buy another pot!

                  ~Does it work, would I recommend it~

                  I haven't tried it as anything other than a moisturiser, so can only comment on that, but it definitely does the job. It is a nice light cream which sinks easily into the skin. It is very calming and great for sensitive or irritated skin - I think it would work very well as an aftersun. My skin tends to get red and sore but cosmetic lad always seems to sort it out. I would certainly recommend this, it is one of the best moisturisers I have used.


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                • Lush Baby Face / Skin Care / 15 Readings / 15 Ratings
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                  28.02.2009 19:22
                  Very helpful



                  A great cleanser, highly recommended

                  ~Overview, ingredients, pricing and availability~

                  Lush Babyface is a solid facial cleanser, moulded into the shape of a cute little face! It certainly wins points for originality.
                  Currently priced at £3.85 it is available from Lush stores, or via the website lush.co.uk.

                  Ingredients as per the Lush website:
                  Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Fresh Avocado Butter, Tangerine Oil, Vanilla Absolute, Everlasting Flower Absolute , Limonene, Linalool, Perfume.

                  Lots of nice natural ingredients and essential oils, as can be expected from Lush products!

                  Cocoa butter softens the skin, shea butter helps to maintain healthy skin, coconut oil balances the skin, and avocado oil hydrates the skin.

                  ~ So what do Lush say about this product? ~

                  "The Baby Face bar is another of our solid cleansers which we developed in order to avoid using preservatives on the skin. It melts on the skin so you can softly smooth it all over the places which need cleansing (it's an excellent make-up remover) then to take it off use warm water on 100% cotton wool or a face cloth and you will be astonished at both how lovely and soft your face feels and how clean the Baby Face gets it. Each smiling bar has four different natural plant butters in it to remove dirt and put back moisture. Its lovely scent comes from toning tangerine oil, narcissus (which we use to make you so beautiful you'll want to look at your reflection all the time) and everlasting flower (to give you everlasting beauty)."

                  Sounds great! So, is it as good as it sounds?

                  ~ Appearance, smell ~

                  As previously mentioned, this is a solid cleanser. It's quite small and is flat on one side and moulded into a smiling face on the other :)
                  The blend of tangerine, narcissus and everlasting flower oils give it a lovely scent but not too overpowering.

                  ~ How to use & How long it lasts ~

                  I find it easiest to use by just rubbing directly onto the skin. I find that it melts pretty easily, although if you like it a bit softer you can run it under hot water. I then massage it into my face. I find it doesn't tend to wash off using hot water alone. It works really well in combination with face wipes, they remove it very easily. A muslin cloth or flannel soaked in warm water also do the job.
                  I find it leaves my face feeling nice and clean and very soft - almost doesn't require moisturising afterwards!
                  It lasts for absolutely ages - unless you take it camping to a hot country and leave it in a bag in the car boot. Then it will melt completely! So be warned - don't leave it in direct sunlight anywhere either as this has also happened to me, I left a Babyface on the bathroom shelf and returned to find a pool of melted oils!

                  ~ Does it work, would I recommend it ~

                  Babyface is a very gentle but very effective cleanser. I find it lovely for my sensitive skin and it also improves skin's general condition. I've heard that a few people find it too greasy and difficult to wash off. I have had no trouble removing it if I use face wipes or a flannel.
                  I would certainly recommend this to use as a cleanser, especially for sensitive skins. The only thing I wouldn't recommend it for is for travelling or hot climates (unless you can keep it in a fridge!)


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                • Lush Angels On Bare Skin / Skin Care / 16 Readings / 14 Ratings
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                  25.02.2009 12:34
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                  Another novel product from Lush, good for sensitive skin

                  I kept reading about this product, and heard that it was one of Lush's most popular. I have really sensitive skin and this sounded like it would be a dream come true for me! I had previously used one of the other cleansers, but it was one that came in sort of greaseproof paper and was really hard to store. I was pleased to see that Angels comes in one of the black tubs. It's not the most attractive looking cleanser, to be honest it looks a bit like muddy green clay! Never judge a book by its cover though ;)
                  I find the best way to use the cleanser, is to scoop out a small amount and mix it with a bit of hot water. Otherwise it's a bit hard to rub into the skin. It also works best if you wet your face first.
                  It has a slightly gritty feel to it but not too harsh. When mixed with warm water it spreads over the face quite easily. I usually rinse it off with cold water. It is quite easy to rinse off, but it takes a few rinses to get rid of all the grains.
                  It is great for sensitive skin, doesn't irritate it at all and leaves your face feeling clean and soft.
                  The only disadvantage in my opinion is that it isn't *that* easy to use, so is not great for travelling or if you want a quick face wash.


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                    24.02.2009 17:46



                    Wonderfully calming, another Lush winner!

                    Vanishing Cream is one of the new range of moisturisers in Lush's collection. As a regular user of Lush products I am always keen to try out their new releases. I have sensitive skin and find that Lush's natural approach works wonders for my skin.
                    Vanishing Cream is described as "The Low Fat Moisturiser" by Lush. It's aimed at problem skin but is a lovely comforting cream for all skin types.
                    The ingredients as per the Lush website are:

                    Linseed Infusion, Water, Rose Water, Lavender Honey Water, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Honey, Stearic Acid, Organic Jojoba Oil, Witch Hazel Extract, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Cetearyl Alcohol, Triethanolamine, Camellia Oil, Lavender Oil, Neroli Oil, Geranium Oil, Glycerine, Tincture of Benzoin, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool, Perfume, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

                    Rose and Lavender are both wonderful essential oils, great for the skin. Shea butter leaves skin feeling deliciously soft but without the oily effect that can sometimes be felt from cocoa butter.

                    It has a light scent, nice and fresh but not overbearing with a hint of lavender.
                    It's a very light cream and sinks easily into the skin. It leaves my skin feeling nice and soft and has a calming effect. It soothes away any redness or irritation.
                    It's great to use as an everyday cream, or to keep for occasions when your skin is feeling particularly sore. I have been using it every day for about 2 months and my skin is definitely feeling much better.
                    Priced at £15 (currently £14.69 with the VAT discount!) it is reasonable, one of the more mid-range Lush moisturisers. One 45g tub has lasted me 2 months so far and I have still got about 1/4 left.
                    Overall,another great product from Lush, very calming for the skin.


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                  • Lush Spice Curls Soap / Soaps / 19 Readings / 16 Ratings
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                    24.02.2009 17:35



                    Overall, a pretty good soap with a nice spicy fragrance

                    I received this soap in one of the Lush Gift Boxes for Christmas. The initial appearance of the soap (a sort of brick orange colour, not very exciting!) didn't really spark any interest from me, but on reading the information I was keen to give it a try. I love spicy scents, especially cinnamon and I was intrigued by the exfoliation idea. The soap is very rough as it contains ground rice. This makes it great for using on tougher areas such as legs, thighs, arms but not so great for the more delicate areas.
                    As a soap it's not bad. It doesn't create a great lather, but it gets you clean, and the scrubbing effect makes you feel refreshed. The scent is great, nice and spicy and warm.
                    The colour is a bit bright and if you leave it on a flannel or anything, it will stain so beware! As it's all natural it will probably wash out no problem, but I did leave a few bright orange splashes around the bathroom!


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