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    • Benefit The Gloss / Make Up / 28 Readings / 25 Ratings
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      01.06.2006 15:39
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      The trick is in the top

      For the past several years lipgloss has been swamping the cosmetics market, from clear to coloured, sticky to slippery and costing between pennies and pounds, lipgloss has played a huge part in our society waving goodbye to dry lipsticks and saying hello to a much more up-to-date look.

      Although lipglosses have been around for years its only in the past 5 years that they have really taken hold of the cosmetic stands. No-one buys lipsticks now, it's all about gloss. After all, who wants a layer of dry colour that looks far too matte when they could have a slick gloss the helps make the face look a little bit more 3D than a lipstick(?!). In fact lipsticks now come with gloss in them as otherwise they just wouldn't sell. Don't get me wrong I still have the odd lipstick that I occasionaly try out but it's glosses all the way for me....

      Ive spent years trying to find the perfect lipgloss. I don't have the skin colouring for many lipsticks and the colours in glosses tend to be a bit more forgiving. I was about ready to give up when I found Benefit's 'The Gloss'. Unlike leading competitors 'The Gloss' is not at all sticky and doesn't stick to my hair in the wind! (Always a good look!). I put this down to the fact that it's quite thin, not thick like some glosses can be, which also allows you to talk and smile as usual without your lips feeling to heavy! Being a gloss it does unfortunately come off on cups and glasses as you drink, but not as badly as you expect most glosses too. In fact I would say because it's so thin it helps to levae more on your lips and less on your cups!
      The colour I use is called 'thigh high' and looks quite pink but comes out pink/gold, it's great because the colour doesn't need touching up to stay and although 'the gloss' wears off quite quickly, while it is on, you don't need to constantly touch it up which is good for when your on the go. Because the colours are so nice you can also wear them with lip liner, which creates a great pout even if the lips are very thin.
      Other colours in the range are:
      wink: a baby pink colour
      rave reviews: a bold red
      rendezvous: a berry red
      woo: caramel colour
      raisin hell: dark purple
      crystal: clear
      thigh high: a pink/gold colour
      streakin': a coral colour
      no peekin: a candyfloss pink
      corsage: a pink/red
      chaperone: a light gold/brown shade
      curfew: a yellow/gold colour

      The tiny tube that the gloss itself comes in is a real let down. The tube is quite thick so when they run out after 2 weeks, it's quite annoying. Especially as you can see so much more in the tube but you can't actually get any on the tiny applicater wand. This is where the magic comes in! If you get a pen knife and slowly remove the part in the top that wipes all the excess off the wand, then you can get at the rest of the gloss! It does get a bit messy if your not careful because obviously you can't control where the gloss goes but it's given me months more useage out of my gloss!

      At £11.50 they are moderately priced for designer cosmetic lipgloss and I would recommend them to anyone, the taste isn't even that bad either! Benefit counters can be found in Boot's, House of Fraiser, Debenhams, Selfridges and other good department stores!


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      • Room 101 / Discussion / 52 Readings / 44 Ratings
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        13.11.2005 18:25
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        If only the room were real!

        The idea of writing my own 'Room 101' review was far too tempting, not only do I get to write down some of those niggly pet hates, but I also get to sharte them with many other people who may have the same opinion! Bonus!

        Here is my Room 101 review: (Ban them forever!!!!)
        1.)Rude customers.
        I currently go to sixth form and am studying 4 A-levels, therefore I only have the weekends available to work and spend time to myself seeing as my evenings tend to dissapear after eating and homework! Like many other teenagers I need to work. I need money because I don't like asking my parents for things when I can provide them myself and I have bills and a car to run. I work one day a week in a shop, and spend a further 5 days working hard at school.. Therefore it really gets my goat having to deal with not rude, but extremely rude customers! I get up at half 6, 6 days a week and to have to deal with people who think it's ok to talk down to me because I stand behind a till and wear a uniform is so frustrating! Now you may think I must be a rude sales adviser but I can assure you I am not, I am polite, I smile, I help the elderly, have conversations and assist people in any way that I possibly can. This is partly why when people think I deserve to be spoken down to, I get so cross! For example whilst serving a lady and her young teenage daughter, the lady was having a conversation with a friend. I finished serving her but no-one else was around and I couldn't leave the till so as I tidied up I couldn't help but over hear the lady bragging about her daughters posh private school and how good it was etc. It just about sumed her up as she hadn't taken any notice of me, or even replied to my questions when I served her. However it wasn't until she patted her daughters head and said to her daughter and friend, "Don't ever end up like one of these girls" and looked at me, that I got very upset! I was stood there thinking, I work harder than you have clearly ever done, I go to the best school in the region, and this is pocket money to me! It really wound me up! Not only that but I was standing there thinking at least I have the self respect to get a job rather than to expect my parents to pay for everything for me! Other examples include customers who shout at me when my till annoyingly crashes, customers who complain to me and shout at me because one of my colleagues has offended them and customers who don't know what "Thank you" means! Grrrr....

        2.)The people who sued McDonalds because they were over weight.
        Now I have nothing against people of any shape, colour or size for I have every shape and size within my family and have many different friends of many different origins. However when I read about the group of people in America that sued McDonalds because they themselves were over-weight, I couldn't help but get annoyed! These people had eaten themselves to a certain weight they didn't want to be and I am sorry but they had no-one but themselves to blame. Yet they thought it was acceptable to blaim the fast food giant McDonalds. Did Mr McDonald force open their mouths while they were tied up and force them to eat? Did Mr McDonald get them out of their houses solely to go to Mcdonalds? No I don't think so. Therefore it is not McDoanlds fault that they are over-weight. I am sure they don't only eat McDonalds, and so they can't blame one type of food over another for their personal weight problems. Yes the food taste nice and it is hideously fatty and high in salt but for someone to suggest that a giant like McDonalds is at fault for them being over-wieght, well its plain ridiculous! They need to take the blame for themselves because who else makes them eat? Err.....No-one. Exactly.

        A group of people that I think most of the country, if not the world laughs at. What is with the trousers stuffed into the stupidly long socks? The basebal caps pulled on the side so not to mess the front of the hair up? The fake labels...BURBERRY! The hideous amount of jewellry that they insist on clancking around with them? The constant foul-mouthed language shouted and screamed in public places? The greasy, un-washed hair scrapped back into some sort of alien hair-style?
        Exactly...Enough said.

        4.)People who play with ring tones in public places.
        A short and not so sweet one here...Who could stand to listen to those annoying shrill ring tones for longer than 15 seconds? No thought not many. So why, oh why do certain people still think it's 'cool' to expose the general public to the stupid noises their little toys can make?! It's totally fine when your phone is ringing, and you need to know someone is trying to call you, but at any other time in any other place it is simple unacceptable!

        I recommend writing this review yourself, I feel sooo much better already! What are you waiting for!


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          10.11.2005 18:56
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          Not for the faint hearted

          This book recahed top sellers lists everywhere and therefore I felt compelled to read it. However after I picked it up in a shop I didn't think it was my sort of book so I decided not to buy it. However still as intrigued as ever, I decided to get the book from my school library. Part of me is glad I did, yet a bigger part wishes I hadn't...

          'Lovely Bones' is the story of Susie Salmon, a fourteen year old girl who dies. The book is told as if Susie herself was speaking to you-the reader. Susie speaks from 'her' heaven. Susie describes how heaven is different for everyone. Each person has their own opinion of heaven, and due to Susie's age, hers is a place built with the same structure as her school. I loved this factor, because wouldn't it be great if heaven really was like that? However that is just about where my like for this book ends...

          Susie didn't just die, she was raped and brutally murdered. She speaks about her rape, her death and what happens to her body in such a graphic way that I struggled to read on. However what makes this book too difficult to read is that it is far to real. The author, Alice Seabold has done an amazing job here. However the fears, the guilt, the overall impression that Susie casts is far to realistic. The way she longs for her parents and she watches them from heaven, the way she feels no anger and just confusion because she was so young...it's all too real and you start to think of this Susie as a real little girl. As a reader you are given an insight into something hidious, you can almost here the poor girl speaking directly to you. The story tugs on the heart strings constantly, and I cannot recommend this book to many people because I felt there was no light within this book, only dark.

          Amazing as the author is I honestly admire the way in which she has written this book because for in order for it to be this real, she had to be doing something right! However this is just too much for me, and I suggest anyone who has ever been through something similar to rape or know someone who has been raped, does not read this. The pain is too real, and the aftermath all to believable.

          I do not usually get like this about books of this nature, other books like Dave Pelzers series I can read over and over, but something was different with this book. If you are as intrigued as I was, feel free to read it-it will touch you. However as well as touching your heart, it will unfortunately depress you and cause many tears...


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            10.11.2005 18:36
            Very helpful



            Fantastic product, but quite expensive

            Although Clarins is quite pricey, my mother has always sworn by their products. Therefore as I was growing up I have watched her use their products, and when my time came I bought them myself. Whereas I am not convinced by their cosmetics range, their skin care ranges are fantastic! Great on the skin!

            I first tried the Clarins Cleansing Milk after years of going through many high street cleansers and make-up removing wipes etc. Non worked, and they all made my skin worse rather than better. As my mother had always used their products I started being sneaky and using hers when she was out of the room! I noticed the difference within days! Unfortunately my mother noticed the bottle going down not soon after and so I was forced to buy my own!

            Unlike other cleansers, Clarins is gentle on the skin but harsh enough to remove all traces of dirt, make-up and un-block the pores. I have normal skin but things like cleansers can cause breakouts and therefore I have to be careful with the products I use. Clarins dries out imperfections and although it can't stop breakouts, because it is good for your skin, they become less likely or at least not as bad as they previously would have been! This is probably due to the fact that the cleanser is made using the finest, most effective, natural key ingredients. Clarins use the purest plant extracts which they grow with full respect for the environment. This is clear from the moment you begin to use their products.

            The cleanser is easy to apply, and on the leaflet you are given with your cleanser you are told to apply the cleanser with your hands and not to rub, but wipe over the skin four times. However I still find the age-old method of applying with cotton wool the best. I feel I can properly clean my face this way! The cleanser is soft on the skin and glides over easily. The colour means it is easy to see where it has been applied and although it does have the tendancy to make your skin look a bit flushed straight after application, that dies down within seconds! As recommended I use the Cleansing Milk twice a day. Once in the evening and once in the morning, I finds this prepares my skin and helps to keep my face clean and clear!

            Unfortunately, the only downside for me is that after I have used the cleanser, my boyfriend can't sit near me because it makes his eyes water quite badly! My eyes are fine with it, but not his, oh no!

            You can purchase Clarins Cleansing Milk from all good department stores, Boots and some supermarkets. I get mine from Boots because then at least I get the advantage card points! It is also a bonus because no matter where you buy it from, lots of the time Clarins have special gifts available if you buy two or more products! This is perfect if you buy the matching toner with the cleansing milk!
            The Cleansing Milk costs between £15 and £14 pounds, but that is for a bottle with 200ml in it. And it does last quite a long time!

            I very rarely buy this for myself due to the price, and therefore spend half of the year using this, and then converting to high street names until I recieve my yearly bottle from my parents! However as I am getting older (yay!) I understand how important it is to look after your skin, and have now a bottle for myself! I have the feeling this will now be the habbit of a lifetime!

            p.s Great for Christmas pressies! Always makes both me and my mum smile on Christmas day! Also if you do chose to buy some as a gift, you can get it specially gift wrapped at the Clarins counter! Perfect!

            HINT HINT



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              02.11.2005 14:23
              Very helpful



              My transformation techniques!

              Being a stereotypical female teenager I wear and buy make-up all the time! It doesn't help that my boyfriend used to be a model and my best friend is going to be one, but I enjoy wearing make-up and you will rarely catch me out of the house without any on! I have been wearing make-up since I started secondary school. Like most others I started with lip-gloss and vaseline, moving to concealer and mascara. 7 Years down the line here I am with a full make-up bag and an ever expanding collection of 'attempts' to experiment with new products! With this in mind here is my list for my top 10 beauty Products! (NOT IN ORDER!)

              I never used to remove my make-up and if I did I would use the same product to remove make-up and eye make-up as well as to cleanse. This is something that I have changed over the last few years. I have now realised how important it is to remove my make-up. Seeing as I wear it everyday, my skin isn't in the best condition and becuase I refuse to go without it, it is essential for me to remove my make-up properly. Therefore my Clarins cleansing milk and toner for dry or normal skin is featuring on my list. Although it is pricey in my opinion as I choose to wear as much make-up as I do I owe it to my skin to give it something good once a day!

              Again another skin-care product. However in comparison to the Clarins, these pads are a snippet of the price! They are under £3 for thirty and the do the job well. The remove even the worst eye make-up (including waterproof mascara) without any hassel and they don't leave any residue behind. These pads ensure I wake up fresh-faced and with no hint of panda eyes!

              NUMBER 3: FOUNDATION
              Now this is a bit of a weird one, Foundation itself has earnt a place on my list but I cannot recommend a particular one! I have tried several leading highstreet brands as well as some of the more expensive brands but have yet to find one that actually suits me properly. The one I used to use had the range changed and my particular foundation was discontinued! SOB! However because of what foundation is, it still has to be on this list. With foundation you can even out your complexion, and you can get rid of those patchy areas all over your face! Foundation is essential to make-up bags everywhere!

              This little tube I swear will save me from surgery when Im older! It's a little miracle! What it actually is, is a under eye-de puffer! You dab a little of this on to your eyes and the cream reflects the light and therefore makes your bags-looks packed off away!! Seeing as I am so pale, I only need to have lost one hours sleep and I wake-up lookign ill due to my big black bags! This is first on in the morning!

              NUMBER 5:BENEFIT HOOLA
              Everyone needs a bit of colour, regardless of the weather! This little pot of bronze powder is scaresly applied to my cheeks and I look slightly tanned instantly. You can also use it all over your body as well which helps in the winter when the summer tan has long gone and you avoid sunbeds! At £22 it's expensive but well worth it!

              I never used to be able to wear bright coloured eye shaows and pencils. Partially because of my lack of confidence and partially because I have a weird complexion and struggle to find colours that suit me! However I can easily wear greens and turquoises and I bought this tiny pencil in France and have yet to discover it over here! The colour is rich and stays on for hours. It really stands out and I wear this as a little pick me up, and it deffinately draws attention to my best features! My eyes! duh!

              I have yet to find a lipstick in a shade that I could actually wear out of the house, but this coloured gloss works perfectly. The colour is perfect for my complexion and with a slight amount of lip-liner, It really makes my lips look fuller! It stays on for long enough so that I don't need to constantly re-apply!

              Although expensive at around £40 initially and around £25 each refill therafter, gel nails are not for everyone! However I love getting my nails done. Having gel nail extensions makes my hands look really feminine and makes me feel really pretty about myself. Although I will only allow myself to have them for half of each year, then I give my nails a rest for about six months because the chemicals can be quite harmful to your nails growth. I recommend nail extensions to everyone! It's a sure fire way to feeling good-so long as you cana fford it!

              I bought this a while ago and have only recently started to use it again. You dab a small amount on each blemish and over night the blemish decreases in size and redness. This is one product of it's kind that actually works! Within two days on average most of my blemishes are well on there way out! It only costs about £5.99 so I would really recommend it!

              This new scent from Calvin Klein is my favorite at the moment! It is very musky and very feminie and it sticks to your skin for hours. Nothing will complete a beauty regime like a scent, and this one is perfect!


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              • Art / Discussion / 42 Readings / 33 Ratings
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                02.11.2005 13:36
                Very helpful



                If you set your head to it-you can do it!

                I have always been a more creative than academic student. I do all the creative subjects, art, drama, english etc but I was never fantastic at the sciences or maths. It is the total opposite with my brother though!

                I chose art as a gcse and thought that a-level was the natural progression from this. When I chose to do art as an A-level I just presumed that the two courses would merge into one. Sort of, a-level would follow on from gcse. Boy what a shock I recieved!

                I can honestly say that A-level art is not an 'easy' subject as some people like to say. In fact I would say you are required to put in more time with art than any other subjects. For instance with say a science subject, you would get timetabled lessons and a certain amount of homework assignments each week. With art, it pretty much has to be continuous work. Obviously you get the timetable of lessons per week but in order to keep up you are required to do a lot more than the average subject out of school hours. This is partially down to the fact that with art it is pretty much down to the individual. You get to choose your topics and the structure to your work, whereas in other subjects you are led by the teacher. With art it all rests on your shoulders.

                I am not really complaining, but I wish I had had this pointed out to me before I took the subject. At least then I would have been prepared for the shock! Although knowing what I know now wouldn't have put me off taking art because art is such a huge part of my personality, I would have thought twice about taking art as an a-level rather than simply a night course or regular drawing classes.

                Although myself and my peers do struggle with how much rests on our shoulders in art, it has given us a freedom to experiment that cannot be found at any previous level of artistic education. Seeing as we get to choose our own directions the possibility of producing something very personal is appealing. Art has the ability to engulf you and ask any art student, the more passionate you are about the topic or subject, the more engulfed by the work you become! I enjoy that I can now produce pieces that are personal to me and my life, although I still don't feel anywhere near as comfortable producing pieces like the ones I produce at home, while in school.

                However the problems that myself and my peers have found with this freedom to express ourselves is that it is like a huge kick in the teeth when the grades are dished out. As before, the more personal a piece is then the more it means to you. Therefore bad grades ache like a kick in the stomach. This has happened to me and it took me months to get over it. I produced a huge painting that took many people's breath away and I have been comissioned to produce 3 identical replicas of it in the last few months. However I recieved a grade D for this. Which really hurt! When I confronted my teacher I was told it was due to the fact that the piece wasn't directly linked to my self created title....(The whole time I'm thinking, I created the title and the piece, so it has to be linked!? But hey, nevermind!) This is one of the reasons art a-level should be approached with caution!

                I do enjoy my art lessons but by no means is art an easy subject! My work load is massive and considering I have 3 other subjects to work at I do find my work load over bearing sometimes! But if art is your 'thing' and you enjoy it I would highly recommend art as an a-level, however unless you have a strong personality and are headstrong, you will not succeed!


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                  30.10.2005 21:54
                  Very helpful



                  Sun cream scented

                  Unfortunatley I may seemed biased against this product because I wrote quite a poor review on J.Lo's previous perfume. However the fact that I purchased this item shows that I was willing to give the product a fair try.

                  I first read about Miami Glow in a magazine and the description sounded very appealing to me. (As all things do when they are written about I suppose!) I needed a new perfume desperately and went to my local Boots to find Miami Glow thinking I could get a tester and try it for myself.

                  When I found the stand I noticed that if you bought the perfume you got the most gorgeous heart necklace free. I fell in love with the necklace and after a tester of the perfume I bought the smallest bottle available. I left the shop quite pleased with my purchase especially as I got the free necklace....

                  When I tried the perfume it smelt very sweet and what attracted me to it was how different the smell was. No other fragrence I had smelt was anything similar to this one. In fact I would still be able to instantly recognise the smell if someone was to walk past me while wearing it! Buying a perfume for it's difference turned out to be a huge mistake for me though!

                  The packaging is bright and colourful and altogether quite pleasing. The design is very in-keeping with the tropical scent and the box is easy to open and doesn't wear down easily like some perfume boxes tend to do.

                  The bottle is the same shape as J.Lo's previous perfume, something I thought was very un-original. I thought they could have at least adjusted the shape, even if only slightly. However the bottle fits easily in your hand and is small enough to fit in your bag. In contrast however the spray nozzel at the top it tiny. Because of the glass, the size of the lid and spray is a big problem. If you can't get the lid off first try then the bottle tends to start slipping out of your hands. Also you are supposedly able to wear the trinket that wraps around the bottle as a bracelet but in all honesty I wouldn't have a clue why anyone would want to! Its a lot like the type of friendship band you make as a child and the material is really itchy and scratchy, the charm (two flip-flops) falls off really easily too...

                  The scent itself is undeniably different. It is very tropical and very musk-y. Suprisingly the scent sticks to the skin quite well, which turned out to be a problem for me because I really disliked it! The way I sum up this scent is to honestly say that it smells like sun cream, in all fairness it's a nice sun cream, but it's sun cream all the same. It's far from fruity as I expected it to be, and very clammy. The scent is also very summery, I can truly say that you couldn't really get away with wearing this in the winter.

                  I still have half a bottle left and I bought this about 9 months ago. I only ever use it if I have nothing else to spray on me as I walk out the door. I wouldn't recommend this product because with the £25 that it costs for a small bottle you could get something a lot nicer.

                  However I still wear the necklace I got free all the time, and I love it to pieces so I suppose to an extent to perfume could be classed as semi-worth the money!


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                  • Abortion / Discussion / 49 Readings / 41 Ratings
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                    28.10.2005 21:04
                    Very helpful



                    It's your choice-this is my story.

                    I hadn't decided on ever writing a review on this because it is the most personal thing that has ever and will ever happen to me, and it is taking a lot for me to write this. However after just reading some reviews on this subject I feel I have no choice but to share my story....

                    First I must start by saying that I come from a loving home, which has never been without it's problems but throughout my life I know I have been loved. I live in a nice house with my parents and my younger brother, my parents drive nice cars, I go to a good school, I get good grades and I have been bought up going to church with my mum.

                    The first time I went clubbing I met Oli. He was blonde, flirty and I liked him straight away. He was 2 years older than me and we hit it off straight away. Very quickly Oli and I became a couple. The type of relationship that we had was probably the most 'grown up' I had had at this point and he made me feel special. Something I had never felt before. In everything I did I spent my life feeling average, and always feeling that I was never the best or top of anyones list for anything. But even though Oli didn't say a great deal, didn't like doing much and was all in all not boyfriend material, I fell in love with him. Some people will say at 16 you can't love someone, but I believe at 16 as with any age, love is the most possible thing in the world. I believe as you grow older your opinion of what love is changes and deepens, and your ability to love and be love develops, but it doesn't mean at 16 it's not there at all....

                    As i said before i was bought up in a christian church and I loved God. However somewhere along the line, Oli manipulated who I loved more and I blame myself for this. Not him, because it was me that allowed that. To cut a long story short, Oli was awful to me. He cheated on me, slept with many different girls then returnd to me the next day. When I finally found out, he left me. Not the other way round. I spent weeks trying to talk him back, and when I went out one night and saw him, the only way he said he would agree to get back together was if I gave him something I had held precious for my entire life - my virginity. I am shamed to admit I did this.
                    In one instant I knew I would do it and followed through with my promise. Before we arrived at Oli's house I felt giddy. I pushed aside my thoughts and prepared myself to become a woman...
                    That night was far from what I expected. It hurt, I wanted it to stop and yet at the same time I allowed it to continue because I stupidly thought I would have the one thing in my life that made me happy, back.
                    Unsuprisingly Oli didn't keep his promise, after dropping me home he told me he was back together with his ex girlfriend and said he never intended to come back to me. I felt such a fool and worse still had to face the fact that I had broken my parents trust for staying out all night. I was a good girl, I didn't do things like that.....

                    Several months passed and people will call me an idiot but for a while I just didn't consider pregnancy a possibility. Oli had used protection and I just assumed that me feeling sick and sleeping all the time was due to exam stress. However two and a bit months down the line, with no period I knew.

                    Women say they know when they are pregnant, and I tell you now nothing compared to the sense of knowing that day.
                    I had to see Oli, I did one test-negative. But I knew in my heart. I went to the one place I knew he couldn't avoid me like he did my phone calls and found him with my cousin. I had to leave. His best friend came after me, told me he had slept with her while we were together and was everything alright? No I replied. I was shocked to hear this quiet boy ask if I had had my period. No i replied, Well Oli didn't use protection the last time he slept with you.... Yup. My world collapsed.

                    Inside I trembled for two full days until I met my best friend at school and told her. She grabbed my hand, and at the height of exam revision missed an afternoon of school to take me to the local drop-in centre to find out for sure. And two hours later there was my proof....

                    I told Oli and he humiliated me by asking if it was his, an answer he knew full well without a reply. He refused to speak to me for a few days and when he did at first he said it wasn't a baby, I should get rid of it, he wouldn't love it and just so I knew, he would never want me again. He even offered for me to talk to one of his friends who had had an abortion! I was still in a daze, too much so to make any decision. Shortly after this Oli told me that if I had the baby he would take me to court and take the baby away from me. Unfortunately Oli's family were so wealthy I knew they would have the resources to follow this through. I was petrefied.

                    Just like I knew I was pregnant even when a test told me I wasn't, I knew I had to keep my baby. I couldn't live with myself if I had an abortion. When the time came to tell my family, they quite understandably went mad.
                    The top and bottom of it is this, I was told I would have no home if I had a baby, I was called a slut, a whore, a disgrace and told I would destroy my brothers life if I had a baby because my parents would have to split up. I sat through an entire evening of this and when my aunt came round (I had already confided in her) she had to leave, too ashamed at how my parents were treating me. Later she called and said to pack my stuff and go and live with her. But the guilt I had been bombarded with had found its resting place....

                    I spent 2 days on my sofa as ill as anything, and unable to do anything but sleep. Everyone around me was making my decision for me. Tearfully I wrote a letter to a child that would never get to read it. Explaining how Mummy wasn't strong enough to live with her actions and was so weak she let people make decisions for her.... As i wrote the letter I knew what I had to do. How could I destroy my brothers life? My family? I hated myself, but I had no choice. The area I live in has no help for this sort of thing. There was no way out....

                    Without going into it too much, that day I decided that my only option was abortion I miscarried my child.
                    I have spent over a year living with a guilt that never releases it's grip on me. A year I have spent picturing my baby, and a year I have regretted that I allowed myself to be forced into that decision. If I could go back I would have my baby because in this time that has passed I now see that I am strong enough to have carried it through. Something I want to say to those of you who wrote that abortion is the easy was out, it is just as hard to live with abortion. No, I didn't have to go through with mine but I believe that God saved me from something that would have broken me. Yes, here I am still in pieces and mourning, but I am determined to one day show those people who treated me the way they did that I will not let my actions, and their reactions ruin my life.

                    My one comfort is that my baby is in heaven and on the days I cannot stand the pain, I picture God holding my baby. The one place he is safe.
                    And to those of you who said those things in your reviews, just because I lost a baby at 16, doesn't mean it doesn't affect me the way it would affect a woman twice my age...


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                    • McVities Galaxy Cake Bar / Snacks / 43 Readings / 37 Ratings
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                      28.10.2005 19:31
                      Very helpful



                      Are these too good to be eaten?! Should I just look?!

                      Differently to many of my friends, I am not a big chocolate lover. I don't eat many sweets and even more rarely will you catch me eating a bar of chocolate. I am however a cake lover! Pastry, cake bars, slices, doughnuts- I love them all!

                      The first time I ate one of these bars, I know it sounds corny but not only did it melt on my tongue but it also made my mouth water with every bite. A combination I didn't even know was possible!

                      THE PACKAGING:
                      Galaxy Cake Bars come in multi-packs of five and are made by McVities. The image on the front is a combination of the image of a bar of glaxy chocolate being unravelled as well as a picture of one of the bars on it's own. The word Galaxy is swirled across the packet in what is supposed to be chocolate! The individual bars have similar packaging, only minus the picture of the cake bar on thr front. Lets just say that the packaging looks just a tempting as it's contents! The information on the bottom of the packet is clearly written and accesable, along with the easy to find sell-by date and nutritional information. The pack is also easy to open and allows the little tray holding the cakes to slide out effortlessly.

                      THE CAKE:
                      The description on the front of the package reads as follows:
                      "Uncover a delicious chocolate sponge cake topped with chocolate cream and covered in smooth and creamy GALAXY milk chocolate".
                      As you open the packet a hand sized bar slides out. The bar is covered in a thin layer of Galaxy chocolate, that folds into your mouth with no trouble at all. The chocolate isn't rock solid, but soft and easy to chew! On the top of the cake the chocolate has been swirled into a small pattern. Once again I wonder whether these are supposed to be eaten or looked at!
                      My first thoughts as I bite into the cake bar are...."MMMMMMM"! Im not going to lie and try and disguise my initial thoughts with posh lingo- my first thoughts really are ..."MMMMM"!
                      The cake that acts as the bottom layer is soft and light. Infact the cake is actually a little too light if Im honest. It melts too quickly and just doesn't feel like cake on your tongue, but it tastes great all the same!
                      The next layer is the layer of chocolate cream, probably thicker than the layer of cake! The cream doesn't melt like the chocolate it just sits there on your tongue waiting to be savored while the chocolate around the outside encourages you to swallow!

                      GENERAL INFORMATION:
                      For a pack of 5 you will pay between £1.06 and £1.10 from all good supermarkets. As yet these aren't available as travel bars ie: they aren't available individualy. But for the price of five they are well worth it, especially as two of my local supermarkets have recently had them on offer! Two packet for £1.60 is a total bargain!
                      However brace yourself, at 165 calories and 9.4g of fat PER BAR you may be forced to limit yourself!

                      I honestly recommend these as a little pick me up if ever you are down! They are a great price and taste amazing, they are my little piece of heaven!


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                      • Top 10 Books / Discussion / 49 Readings / 44 Ratings
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                        27.10.2005 13:13
                        Very helpful



                        10 Great reads

                        According to lots of people from my school, I am a bit weird because I like to read. Apparntly I can't go clubbing at weekends AND still enjoy reading a good book in the sixth form common room while everyone else plays a game of 'who can knock the bin over with a ball'. According to a few people, this makes me weird! Oh well, I love reading as much as I love clubbing and I do not think it makes me weird! So here as a comeback to those name-callers is my Top 10 List.

                        NUMBER 10:
                        FAITH WISH by James Bennett
                        I bought this book from the American Ebay website because after doing a search for possible interesting books, this one came up. I took a gamble and after reading a breif description-I bought the book. Not usually my sort of thing, but I thought I would try something different, and coming from a Christian background, Religion and Cults have always been of interest to me.Faith Wish is a story about a young woman named Anne-Marie and a cult that she is sucked in by, named Tabernacle. Bought up in a Christian Home but being far from Christian, she is dragged to the meeting by a friend. Anne-Marie isn't doing so good in school, and her on/off boyfriend keeps demanding things from her that she doesn't always want to give. As she listens to the Cults leader, Brother Jackson, she changes instantly.
                        She goes to visit him to thank him for his strong message and finds herself, several weeks later-pregnant with his child. The cult then continue to brainwash Anne-Marie and kidnap her and send her to a 'spiritual retreat' where she becomes a whole new person....
                        I couldn't put this book down, I finished it the day it arrived in the post. The short summary I have given is only the first few chapters as the real story is about what happens at the camp she is forced to go to.
                        Its a great story, with a powerful message but although I enjoyed it, it isn't my cup of tea and unless matters of Religion and Faith interest you, I wouldn't recommend it. If however these things do interest you, go buy this book straight away!
                        Priced at $16.95, but I am sure you could get it on ebay for much cheaper! I only paid around £8 for the book and international postage and packaging too.

                        NUMBER 9:
                        STOP PRETENDING By Sonya Sones
                        The Sub title for this book is "What Happened When My Big Sister Went Crazy". I was bought this book as a gift a few years ago and I read it within several hours. Impossible, I hear you say. Well actually it's not because this book is written all in short poems. The way that I found this to be unusual appealed to me, and made the book impossible to put down!
                        Stop Pretending is written through the eyes of a younger sister as she watches what happens after her older sister has a mental breakdown and is forced into a mental institute. In the first few pages we hear about how the sister watched with her own eyes as her best friend and sister brokedown. The impact of the words works amazingly well within a poem structure because it allows for shock and suspense. Two things this book is full of.
                        The book follows the youngers sisters cycle through emotions like anger, guilt, resentment and finally acceptance.
                        I would recommend this book to anyone with a few hours to spare. It is something I think everyone should read and when you can finish it in such a short space of time, it is worth while. You could read it on a train/plane journey or like me in a few spare hours at the weekend.
                        This book allows the reader to relate to something that is usually too taboo to be discussed, but mental health is something everyone should be aware of. And written from this different perspective leaves one hell of an impact.
                        £8.99 Hardback and £4.99 Paperback.

                        NUMBER 8:
                        LEFT BEHIND By Tim Layhaye and Jerry B.Jenkins
                        A New York Times Best Seller and when I bought the first in this long series over 20,000,000 had already been sold, so I wonder with interest how many more have been sold since!
                        Left Behind is based upon the two authors impression of the Book of Revelation. Many people have different opinions on what Revelation says and these two authors have taken theirs (which just so happens to be in fitting with many other Christians).
                        In the first book of the series there are 339 pages spanning a short space of realistic time. In short, this first book is about how within one second the world changes for ever. Jesus takes his people to Heaven, leaving those LEFT BEHIND confused and scared. Peopleisappear from cars, pilots vanish causing crashes around the world, an entire football team vanishes while on screen and loved ones blink and nver see their partners again. In fact in one case, a woman is being filmed giving birth and the child vanishes.
                        This first in the series is all about the disappearances and a small group of people finding out what they mean. And when they do find out, their reactions and preparations for the end of the world.
                        Probably one of the most amazing books I have read. I do however have to confess to only being on the third book at the moment, and due to it's depth I have long spaces inbetween reading each book. However I recommend this book to everyone with a faith, it is something you must read. Even if you don't agree. To those without a faith, I would recommend it but you would probably disagree angrily!
                        Left Behind is available at £4.99 in paperback from all good Christian bookshops. The rest in the series are slightly more expensive as the first is the only one to have been made smaller.

                        NUMBER 7:
                        THE NANNY By Melissa Nathan
                        "It'll take more than a spoonful of sugar to sort this lot out!"
                        The Nanny is about a country girl getting fed up with life and getting a job in London as, yes you guessed it-A Nanny! However when Jo Green descends upon the hilariously realistic family home she gets a big shock! London is far more different than she ever expected!
                        The family are hilarious, the parents crazy and laughable but still loveable characters all the same! The children
                        "glittery warrior pixie Cassandra" and "Bloodthirsty Zak" and "Shy little Tallulah" are so realistically written! They remind me of children I know!
                        The plot is basically about how Jo adapts and the pitfalls she overcomes along the way, however the underlying plot over her boyfriend and her not realising she has a crush on the Boss's son makes the book irresistably good!
                        Yes it is total chick-lit and it is predictable (until the end, when I only had a few pages to see what was coming!) but it is fantastically written and a must for chick-lit lover everywhere!
                        Priced £5.99 in paperback.

                        NUMBER 6:
                        MY STORY By Dave Pelzer
                        This book in my opinion is the first book of its kind that has led the way for many other people to share their horrific experiences through literature. Most people have also read this book or at least heard about, but still it is on my List and if you have not yet read it, I severly recommend that you do. Nothing will touch you like this book will.
                        My Story is the first three books of Dave Pelzers amazing story. My Story combines "A Child called IT", "The Lost Boy" and "A Man Named Dave".
                        A brief description is all I feel worthy to give on this book as I feel no amount of infomation will prepare you for what this book holds. The book is the 100% true story of Dave Pelzer who was the victim of his countries 3rd worse case of child abuse.
                        "A Child Called IT" made me sob all the way through. And my mum couldn't read very much of it at all. Dave Pelzer was subjected to torture by his mother for years and abused physically and emotionall and deprived of clothes, any toys and even worse food.
                        "The Lost Boy" is about Daves teenage years and "A man named Dave" is about Daves life through his twenties and thirties.
                        The entire series is humbling and tells the tale of one mans survival and triumph over the scars that will never heal.
                        You must read this book, for it is powerful beyond words.
                        Priced £10.99 in paperback.

                        NUMBER 5:
                        Louise Rennisons series starting with ANGUS, THONGS AND FULL FRONTAL SNOGGING.
                        This series is guaranteed to make you howl with laughter! I have read every book many times and own almost all of them! I can't wait for the next installment!
                        The books are written in diary form from hilarious teenager Georgia Nicolson and the ups and downs of teenage life!
                        These books are realistic and all my friends agree, we love these books! The characters are realistic and the entire plot of each book will spark a feel-good factor due to the humour!
                        I have to admit though, it was only recently that I realised that this series was not just for teenagers! The series was recently launched as an adult book and had the cover changed! Now I feel less like a child when I read them, even if I do look slightly mad when I sit on a bus and burst out laughing!
                        The series is as follows:
                        Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging
                        It's OK, Im wearing really big knickers
                        Knocked out by my Nunga Nungas
                        Dancing in my Nuddy Pants
                        ...And thats when it fell off in my hand
                        ...Then he ate my boy entrancers
                        Available for £5.99 per paperback book!

                        NUMBER 4:
                        THE WAITRESS By Melissa Nathan
                        Another easy read by Melissa Nathan! This book is as funny and witty as "The Nanny". Working through situations that realistic people probably wouldn't find themselves in, and working on outcomes that unfortunatley wouldn't happen either this book is not realistic....but I really don't care! I think it's a great book, easy reading, laugh-out-loud, cheap, a good sustitute for t.v and far more entertaining than X-Factor on a Saturday Night!
                        The Waitress is about Katie Simmonds who is stuck as a waitress, while she waits for some divine intervention to tell her what career to pursue. The cafe she works in undergoes some changes and the one man Katie hates ends up as her boss.
                        Predictable, yes but predictably good fun!
                        Priced as £5.99 for paperback

                        NUMBER 3:
                        RANSOM By Danielle Steel
                        Although my mum loves Danielle Steel Books and her christmas list is always filled with them, I have never been a fan. I always associated Danielle Steel books with old women! Which I now know was harshly unfair! Ransome tells the story of four seemingly unconnected people. The story is about how these people come together and form the plot. Its addictive!
                        I must admit, I only read this book because I ran out of holiday reads over the summer and this was the only book we had in our hotel room that I hadn't read! I ended up staying up until 4am reading it though-determind not to put it down until the end! Thats how addictive it is!
                        I can't really say too much about the plot without giving the whole thing away, but the title says it all really! Use your imagination or pop down to your local charity shop where you could pick it up for £1.50 like my mum did! Other than that its priced £6.99 in paperback.

                        NUMBER 2:
                        MAD ABOUT THE BOY By Maggie Alderson
                        I bought this book when I was at the airport on the way to a late year getaway, and boy am I glad I did! Im only sad that it didn't last anywhere near as long as I wanted! Don't get me wrong, it's not short-Im just greedy!
                        Mad About The Boy is about a young couple who move to Australia only for the husband to reaveal that he is gay-and has a boyfriend!
                        The plot follows the wife as she sets up a buisness and tries to make it on her own, but what is it that she uncovers along the way?!
                        A hilarious book that is impossible to put down! Highly recommended to all chick-lit lovers!
                        Priced £6.99 in paperback

                        NUMBER 1: SHOPAHOLIC SERIES By Sophie Kinsella
                        My favorite book series ever! Yes maybe that does make me really shallow, but hey this book is a real pick-me-up! It's funny and the attention to detail that Sophie Kinsella writes is fantastic! It is totally a chick-lit book and guys would hate it!
                        Becky Bloomwood is addicted to shopping! It's what she does and the series follows her as she encounters the highs and lo's of shopping and obviously her life too! HAHA!
                        There are four books in the series and I can't really give you a summary because each book follows on from the next so it would give it all away! However I will say this, I bought the first two for £1 each in charity shops and they were well worth it, I recommend this series to women EVERYWHERE! Add to your christmas list! The series is as follows:
                        The secret dreamworld of a shopaholic
                        Shopaholic ties the knot
                        Shopaholic Abroad
                        Shopaholic and Sister
                        Priced at £6.99 each or around £1 in charity shops.


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                          27.10.2005 10:41
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                          Works perfectly and the price is better than perfect!

                          Not usually a fan of the No7 range, within the last two months I have changed two of my most important cosmetics to items from the No7 range. One of them being these Quick Thinking wipes.

                          Being a teenage girl, I have a VERY full dressing table (shelf really but hey, it's a sort of dressing table!) and I have bottles and lotions and potions everywhere. I like to experiment with different products from time to time, but when it comes to things for my face I very rarely will even consider experimentation. I have normal skin but it doesn't take a lot to make my skin greasy or if something is too strong on occasions my skin starts to peel! Therefore I stick with what I know-much safer!

                          I have been wearing make-up for years and although I know it is bad for my skin, it's something that I like doing and will continue to do. However this does have it's downsides. For example wearing make-up everyday causes your skin to block up and you get blemishes (as every woman knows) therefore it is highly important that you remove make-up every day. Unfortunatley it is only in the last few years that I have been doing this with products other than soap.

                          I tried a few of the 'own brand' removers and wipes from various places, but all seemed to cause even more blemishes. So with reluctance I started spending a fortune on a 'posh' cleanser and toner. It worked a treat but I just didn't get the point of toner.... Anyway The cleanser removed make-up and obviously cleansed my skin so I just accepted it and moved on. Not using a toner or a moisturiser.

                          This was such a hastle, especially when I got in from a good night out or a hard nights work. I just couldn't be bothered with all the messing about. So when I walked into Boots and spent over £10 thus earning myself a £5 No7 gift voucher I decided to have a mooch around the counter and see what I could find for the cheapest price!

                          No7 re-launched their range back in Feburary and have adapted their range to suit more women, and women of a more varied age. This paid off because when I saw the Quick Thinking wipes for £6 I snatched a packet up and only had to pay £1 because I had my voucher! BARGAIN!

                          The wipes are Hypo Allergenic, something I am increasingly aware of because my best friend has very sensitive skin, and when she comes over she has to be able to use whatever I have. So I knew she would be happy! They are also for all skin types, something I am dubious of because in my opinion if something like this is o.k for all skin types to use then it will be too strong or too weak for some people, surely?
                          However I was still very pleased with my bargain seeing as they say that the wipes cleanse, tone, moisturise and remove make-up. That would be a LOT of extra space on my dressing table/shelf! All of that in one wipe!

                          In each pack you get 30 wipes, and you only need to use one as they are moist enough to do the job very well. Therefore my first pack lasted me about 25 days. Not bad for £1!
                          The packet says the wipes are like a "little facial everyday" which is a slight over-exaggeration, but I understand that they have to sell the thing!

                          With pro B5 vitamins to moisturise and soften, my skin feels quite smooth after I use them. And the added witch hazel and fennel to clear your pores fills me with confidence when I use them.

                          Also on the make-up removing side, I was very happy to hear that the wipes remove all sorts of make-up. Waterproof mascara included! Hurrah!

                          Something I do need to mention is the packaging. Im not too fussed about this products packaging to be honest. For £1 and £6 normally when it already cleanses, tones, moisturises and removes make-up the packaging could be a lot worse and I would still buy them! The wipes come in a semi-see through blue packet with a hard plastic lid on the top. I like the lid because most packets of facial wipes come with just a sticker that you stick down to close it, thus drying the wipes out in no time. This is different though, and therefore keeps the wipes dry and moist and easy to pull out. In general, the packet is also quite small, quite compact which means you can pop them in your handbag if you need to take them with you. Also means that it takes up far less room on your dressing table/shelf than a bottle of cleanser, a toner, a moisturiser and a make-up remover would!

                          The ingredients are as follows:
                          Aqua, Cetearyl isononanoate, Ceteareth-2-, Cetearyl alcohol, Sodium Cirate, Propylene glycol, Foeniculum Vulgare, Panthenol, Hamamelis Virginiana, Phenoxyethanol, Glyceryl sterate, Glycerin, Citric acid, Methylparaben, Ceteareth-12, Disodium EDTA, Propylparaben, 2-Bromo-2-nitropropane-1 and 3-Diol.

                          Now my honest opinion is this, they do exactly what they say on the tin. They Cleanse your skin, they tone your skin, they remove make-up and they moisturise. However they do not improve the condition of the skin. Something you generally have to pay a bit for. But when they do as much as they do already and for £6, I shan't complain!
                          I would recommened these wipes if you have one of those free vouchers that I had, they are a total bargain at £1 with the voucher and I will continue to buy this product at its noraml price of £6 until I have the spare cash to treat myself to my original cleanser as well. However now I have used these wipes, I will be sticking with them. I know they work, they are the perfect size for my bag and my room and they do so much for there price!


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                            25.10.2005 22:05
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                            Amazing amounts of talent on just one cd!

                            Being a teenager and all that, I spend a lot of my money and my time listening to music and have strong opinions about what I like and what I don't. I also have strong opinions on just how bad the whole music industry is getting. Constantly chugging out carbon copies of the last production. Nothing stands out, nothing is different from anything else....

                            That changed when I heard the Pussycat Dolls debut single "Don't cha". The last girl band that truly stood for female/girl power was unfortunatly the Spice Girls. At the time this was all good and well, but this far down the line, platform shoes and lyrics like "Ziz-a-zig-ah" don't fill me with anything but embarassment!
                            Although The Pussycat Dolls don't seem to base who they are on the whole girl power thing, its the way that six females have come together and made something as good as this that makes it more of a celebration of female talent than the Spice Girls ever were.

                            The girls are all entirely different. They all look differnt. Something that sets them apart insantly. In the music industry, bands are put together and a factor that is far more important than it should be is how a girl looks. In most bands at the moment, all the girls (and guys I suppose) look the same. The colour of their skin could be different but they would all be made to look the same. This may be through clothes and hair style/colour, but whatever the reason each member of each band is given the same 'gloss'. This makes them look exactly the same as the person they perform standing next to. It also makes them less real, and causes problems for many young girls.
                            The Pussycat Dolls couldn't be more different. Not only from this stereotype, but also from each other. You only need to look at their album cover to see what I mean. Different skin tones, styles, dress senses and different make up. They all look different. They are all supporting differnt clothes and hair styles which could cause the whole cover to look messy. But this is far from the case, the girls look individual and independant, and I can't count one other album cover that expresses this in any way near like this one.

                            THE GIRLS:
                            Nicole Scherzinger(third from left), seemingly the lead singer. Nicole is of hawaiian-russian-filipino descent, and this shows through her gorgeous tanned skin and slim figure. In an industry more obsessed with image than ability, Nicole is dynamite! She can act, dance and sing! No stranger to the spotlight Nicole was in the winning band that America's 'Popstars' produced (called Edens Crush) and their album got into the top 10 and their debut single hit the number one spot. However after the band split she turned her abilities to acting staring in the film "Chasing Papi" and guest staring in the American show "My Wife and Kids". With vocals like hers I say she is much better in the music industry!

                            Carmit Bachar (far right) is of dutch/indonesian/Israeli
                            decent and so another touch of culture! Carmit is also multi talented and is one of the most respected dancers and choreographers in the business. Think you recognise her?! Carmit is the "bon-bon" from Ricky Martin's Lavida video! She also came 5th in the 1992 Olympic gymnastic trials. Also, Carmit was born with a cleft palate and is an inspiration to the children that her non-profit organisation 'Smile With Me' support.

                            Jessica Sutta (second from right) was of irish-russian, Catholic-Jewish heritage and had hopes of being a Prima Ballerina. However she damaged both her knees on stage when she was 14 and her dreams were momentarily dashed. Switching from dancing to acting she stared in the televison show 'Ocean Ave' as a drug addict gothic teenager and also stared in the film "Bully". Another multi-talented, inspiration to all her fans!

                            Kimberly Wyatt, (second left) has been described as "The hottest dancer on the planet". Born and raised in Ozarks she danced her way onto the biggest cruise ship in the world, giving her the opportunity to see most of Europe. The Southern comfort, home grown girl of the group is apparantly a inspiration to her fellow band members with her stories of southern life!

                            Melody Thornton (far left) was of mexican/african american decent but was born and raised in Phoenix and was given the honor of performing the national anthem for the Arizona Diamondbacks while she was still in college. As the Latina and African-American member of the group, Melody is grateful for the opportunities she has been given to make her family proud. And how proud her parents must be!

                            Ashley Roberts (third left) also born and raised in Phoenix came from a musical background with her dad being a drummer. She moved to La and quickly found work doing commercials and she even stared in a Counting Crows music video. Within months she was a 'doll'. The blonde of the group, and the most free-spirited Ashley isn't too proud to admit that shes a full on flirt!

                            So with such a fantastically mixed bunch, it was impossible to create a band anything less than individual! Everything that sets them apart from each other, sets them apart from every other band out there. Mostly because they ALL actually have masses of talent!

                            THE ALBUM:
                            Self titled album PCD is every bit as different and amazing as the girls are! The sound is so differnt and so easy to relate to! The lyrics realistic, the beat as fresh as this long stale industry needs-the album is a must have for pop/r'n'b fans everywhere. The way the girls are all so different provides a different sort of sound altogether and the mix of culture that all six bring, is represented through this mix of amazingly catchy tunes.First on the album is:

                            TRACK 1: Don't cha
                            The Dolls debut single that topped charts all over the planet was featuring Busta Rhymes. Busta Rhymes is much respected and whereas with other new bands, featuring artists take risks being involved, Rhymes knew with this project there was no risk. The tune gets an amazing amount of airplay, and I always hear it played when I go out clubbing. Like the girls, their songs stand for something. This one encourages females to be proud of themselves and to know that each person is gorgeous in one way or another. The song encourages girls to hold their heads high and be proud when a guy looks their way. Best lyrics:
                            "I know you like me
                            I know you do
                            Thats why whenever I come around
                            She's all over you"

                            TRACK 2: Beep
                            Again featuring another famous voice. Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas features on this amazingly honest track. Talking about the stereotypical male who is only after one thing, this song encourages girls to instead of getting down, just laugh and rise above it. The song speaks about how it feels when we as females have so much to offer, but men only see one thing. The beat is fast, and the track is quick paced and the lyrics make me smile! Funny yet honest and very inspiring, a feel good song about a situation every young girl will find herself in! Best Lyrics:
                            "It's funny how a man only thinks about the...
                            You got a real big heart, but I'm looking your...
                            You got real big brains, but I'm looking at your...
                            Girl, there ain't no pain in me looking at your..."

                            "Ooh, you've got it bad I can tell
                            You want it bad, but oh well
                            Dude, what you got for me
                            Is something I
                            Something I don't need"

                            TRACK 3: Wait a minute
                            Yet another track featuring another famous voice, this time that of timbaland. Yet another song with an honest message and a situation that too many ladies find themselves in! The honesty that these tracks express makes me smile and can seem kind of funny, but in reality Im so pleased to have this album that represents so many things that people find themselves involved in. The track is catchy, and another feel good tune about being a woman. This one also encourages women to stand tall, and act every bit as good as they truly are. The message is about women who meet men that woo them for a short while and then expect the earth in return. This track explains that just because a guy may do or buy one thing for you, he doesn't own you and a man should never make a woman feel pressured. Best lyrics:
                            "Minding my business, I was doing my thing
                            Got my attention, so I gave him a chance
                            Did I mention he was buying a bar?
                            Gave him my number, he was trying so hard
                            Bought me some things I didn't want, didn't need
                            He been blowing up my phone like he know me
                            Been leaving messages "You know what you owe me"

                            TRACK 4: Stickwitu
                            Although hard to pick a favorite on this album this comes close to it. One of the few slower sounding songs on the album, this is the Dolls next single. Due for realese over here sometime soon. The song is the typical 'i love you' song that all bands produce but with a much more realistic beat. Why do all Love songs have to be slower? Yes the beat is slower than the rest of the album, but thats partly due to how fast paced the rest is! This song sings about love, and how to know when you have it. Too many people expect to find better, and this song is about recognisng what you have. I love it, and it makes me think about my boyfriend! Best lyrics:
                            "Nobody's going to love me better
                            Im a stick with you, Forever
                            Nobody's going to take me higher
                            Im a stick with you
                            You know how to appreciate me
                            Im a stick with you, My baby
                            Nobody ever made me feel this way
                            Im a stick with you"

                            TRACK 5: Buttons
                            So fast paced, catchy and I don't know anyone who doesn't want to dance when this is played! Slightly raunchy, and yes remember it is a younger persons album, the song is about loving your body and letting other people love it too. Ok, I give up, its about taking your clothes off! But hey, its a laugh and it's fun, so I can overlook this one! Best Lyrics:
                            Hardly the type I fall for
                            I'm liking the physical
                            Don't leave me asking for more
                            I'm a sexy mama"

                            TRACK 6: I don't need a man
                            This is the 'girl power' song of the album! With a title like that it needs little explaining! This song says that although every woman wants a man, you don't need one in your life. You can get by on your own. Something I think is im portant for young girls to hear. Independant women and all that! The song doesn't lie about wanting to have men in your life, which other songs on this matter always seem to do, but it does combine a powerful message with a funky beat and trust me I sing this very loud in my car! Poor truck drivers I pass must think Im mad! Best Lyrics:
                            "I don't need a man to make it happen
                            I get off being free
                            I don't need a man to make me feel good
                            I get off doing my thing
                            I don't need a ring around my finger
                            To make me feel complete"

                            TRACK 7: Hot Stuff
                            A remake of a classic. With the flair that these artists provide, this song is completely different from it's original status! It sounds so different, and although Im not too keen on the original, Im a lover of this one! With a song like this, there is only so much that you can do to it, but the Dolls have done there best, and it sounds all the better for their efforts. Best Lyrics:
                            "Well I tried
                            But I won't give in
                            That's alright
                            'Cause I'm going to win
                            Now I know
                            I've got to let you go
                            Now I see
                            You were never meant for me"

                            TRACK 8: How many times, How many lies?
                            One of the slightly slower songs on the album, but only slightly. This song is catchy and again sings about a situation that many women find themselves in. It also sings about the habbit that women have of wanting to know the details of betrayel, no matter how hard they may be. It's a habbit that women have, and one that can drive us all crazy. The song is about finding out that your man is a liar and a cheat, and facing the fact that you should have seen it coming when warned but you chose not to. Again the Dolls are honest and upfront and this proves a great song with yet another powerful message. Best Lyrics:
                            " How many times?
                            How many lies?
                            How long you been sneaking?
                            How long you been creeping around?
                            How many lies?
                            How many times?
                            Were you here deveiving
                            When I was here believing in you"

                            TRACK 9: Bite The Dust
                            I love this song! It's such a feelgood song, and yet again another sitaution too many people find themselves in! It's the case of watching another person make a play for your man. It doesn't take the viewpoint of nasty, bitchy girlfriend, but of how to stand tall and be proud of the fact that you have something other people want. It's catchy and honest and the lyrics are quick tongue-in-cheek! Best Lyrics:
                            "Ooh, sugar I got him
                            I got 20/20 vision
                            I can see that you want my man
                            Ooh, sugar I got him
                            'Cause it's my job
                            To make you understand
                            Ooh, sugar I got him
                            Try to make a move
                            And I'm on him like 5-0
                            Ooh, sugar I got him
                            So you can go
                            'Cause I got him
                            Got him"

                            TRACK 10: Right now
                            A chant like kind of song, and very different to any other tracks from other pop albums, Right now is funky and easy to listen to. It's about all things female and just a little confusing! Im not such a fan but I admire the fact that the Dolls tried it. It shows they weren't afraid to try something new, and it does work. I just don't like it very much! It's not that I turn it off, I just prefer other tracks on the album to this one! Best Lyrics:
                            "Right now
                            Let me take you by the hand
                            Right now
                            Put your lips at my command
                            Right now
                            Fly me off to lovers lane
                            Don't you leave me at the post
                            Kiss me
                            You can feel it coast to coast
                            Right now
                            Where they need your love the most"

                            TRACK 11: Tainted Love/ Where did our Love go
                            Two great remakes! Tainted Love is something that Marilyn Manson is very well know for, and the Dolls may out-do him with this one! The original is quite 'hard-core' and so the Dolls make this song more accesable to a wider audience. Its poppy, yeah I will give it that but the original was great just in need of a little work, and the Dolls have put that work in.
                            Where did our Love go, is just as good. once again I wasn't a fan of the original but this one is different altogether. The beat is much faster and brings the song up to date! It's had it's very own make-over!
                            Tainted Love Best Lyrics:
                            "Don't touch me please
                            I can not stand it when you tease
                            I love you though you hurt me so
                            But I'm going to pack my things and go"

                            TRACK 12: Feeling Good
                            Yes another remake! I'm not usually a fan of remakes, especially when there is any more than one on an album, but the Dolls add flair that other performers don't to their versions of previous hits. This is even more sultry than the original and a very sexy song! This song stands for 'girl power' at it's most sexy! Best Lyrics:
                            "Fish in the sea
                            You know how I feel
                            Winters running free
                            You know how I feel
                            Bouncing on the tree
                            You know how I feel
                            It's a new a dawn
                            And a new day
                            And a new life for me
                            And I'm feeling good
                            So good
                            So good"

                            So there is my run-down on the greatest band of the moment! The Pussycat Dolls are a breath of fresh air and I recommend that everyone has a listen of their album at some point, regardless of you taste this album will provide you an insight into exactly what the music industry was lacking...until the Dolls arrived!
                            For infomation on release dates, performances and the opportunity to email the Dolls go to www.pcdmusic.com
                            Cd available from all good music retailers for between £9.99 and £13.99,


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                            • Your Top 10 / Discussion / 55 Readings / 47 Ratings
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                              24.10.2005 09:58
                              Very helpful



                              10 of the best! Drool on ladies!

                              First off I need to say that I was looking for other peoples Top 10 Hunks lists, but couldn't find any! If you have already written one, please let me know as I would love to read them!

                              It seems like every single time I turn on my television, or pick up a magazine the latest 'hot' guy has crawled out of the woodwork. (Could someone please tell me where they all keep coming from as I would LOVE a one way ticket!). The constant 'up and comings' ensure thousands of postered walls and a topic of conversation that will never cease. And with so many to chose from I thought I would share my own personal opinion with the world! So here are my Top 10 Hotties:

                              NUMBER 10:
                              While I was in Secondary School, Buffy The Vampire Slayer was at it's peak. Everyone watched it, and everyone talked about it. The shows own hearthrob-David Boreanaz aka Angel was no exception! He was the strong silent type and with his moody but super sexy stare, he made sure that we all watched every single episode! Now I can't admit to watching his follow on show 'Angel' but I hear that unlike his acting career, his good looks have remained! May have to have a watch of it sometime soon then....

                              NUMBER 9:
                              I have to confess that I am a huge 'Lost' fan. And although the plot may be somewhat lacking at the moment, the shows star Matthew Fox aka Jack, makes sure that I still tune in! Again another strong silent type, but his charcter adds such an air of mystery that he is even more appealing to watch! With his two trademark cuts on his cheek, and the way no other man can look that good in a suit means he has earnt himself a very respectable place on my list!

                              NUMBER 8:
                              Now, my dad is Irish but his accent sounds nothing like Colin Farrell's! Colin Farrell's accent sounds dreamy, and combined with his cheeky smile means that I could watch and listen to him for hours with ease! Although he has a 'Bad Boy' image, there is a part of every female that loves a bit of a bad boy! I recently went to London and his waxwork was holding his trademark pint of beer, just about sums up his whole reputation, but with a face like that I don't care!

                              NUMBER 7:
                              Now with this one all my friends think I am mad! I myself can't quite justify this one, as I don't know what it is that makes me think he's a hottie! But when I saw Bon Jovi in Ally Mcbeal with his hair a-floppy, his trousers a-tight and his muscles a-huge, I knew I had my pin up!

                              NUMBER 6:
                              Im not too sure that many people will know who I am talking about with Ryan Gosling. He was the star of 'The Notebook' and although I am fully aware that Gosling is not actually the same person as his character Noah, his kind heart and lovable characteristics teamed with his gorgeous smile mean that I watch this film over and over! Gosling is so good looking that although I usually hate facial hair, on this occasion I made the exception! If you don't like tearful love stories this film is still well worth watching even just for the eye candy!

                              NUMBER 5:
                              Now here is the one that everyone expects, David Beckham! Well realistically he has to fit on the list somewhere! Although his recent affairs have left his reputation with the ladies in tatters, the guy is still gorgeous! Victoria is a very lucky lady (maybe unlucky?!) and seeing as he isn't my husband and I don't have to worry about where he is, Im happy to look at his photo's and drool!

                              NUMBER 4:
                              I am also a big fan of the American reality show 'Newlyweds'. Nick Lacey is the sort of man I want to marry! However he is very unavailable, especially as Jessica Simpson is as much of a devoted wife as he is a devoted husband! Dammit!

                              NUMBER 3:
                              Sorry to repeat but I have another 'Lost' character in third position! Ian Somerhalder aka Boone has boyish good looks and the way he tries to give angry lingering looks, just makes him look adorable! He may seem smaller than the other male members of the cast but his good looks make up for what he lacks in height!

                              NUMBER 2:
                              Again I am not sure if many people will know who I am speaking about with this one! A while ago The American Popstars show called 'Making The Band' produced O-Town. Ashley Angel was the blondy of the group and by far the best looking! Although he has grown his hair, and his looks seem to be fading, a few years ago he covered mine and my friends walls! His cute smile and piercing eyes, meant that we were all glued to MTV when 'Making The Band' came on! Also with a name like Ashley Angel, who isn't going to be gorgeous!? Shame that he is now engaged and about the be a father!

                              NUMBER 1:
                              Now I am sure that many people will dispute my favorite 'hottie' of the moment.....(drumroll please!)... Benjamin McKenzie aka Ryan from 'The Oc'! Another 'Bad Boy' but with his 'Good Boy' smile and the way his face splits in half when he smiles means that I could watch the O.C over and over! His body is well built, and the way he is such a bad boy with a good heart means that all my friends and I are in love with this top shows star! Roll on Season 3!

                              Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please don't think I am as shallow as this makes out! It's just a bit of fun! I mean, I don't just find myself attracted to guys because of their looks.
                              Well, not JUST because of their looks........... ;-)



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                              • Alone In The Dark (DVD) / DVD / 37 Readings / 36 Ratings
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                                23.10.2005 22:18
                                Very helpful



                                Don't waste the time or money.

                                "WARNING CONTAINS STRONG VIOLENCE"

                                What that actually means is " WARNING WILL BORE YOU SENSELESS".
                                I am very much a chick-flick girl, and I do like the odd action film, but this is not my sort of film at all. My boyfriend talked me into renting it out as we had planned a night in. It looked like the sort of film we could curl up to, and I suspect he was looking forward to acting all strong and protcetive while I hid behind a cushion declaring I would never sleep again. This was not the case.

                                As I settled down to my ice cream, surrounded by a big duvet and my 'big strong man' I was prepared for fear. The front cover shows a rib cage, claws and sharp teeth-all in one, and is very much the image of a horror film. With:
                                "Rousing Fight Scenes And Nonstop Action." (Fangoria Magazine) plastered along the bottom, and the warning for 'Bloody Violence', I was expecting my eyes to practically fall out of my head.

                                Christian Slater stars, along with Tara Reid. Now I like Christian Slater as much as the next girl, but lets face it his last few films havent exactly been much to shout home about. This, is no exception. Slater stars as Edward Carnby, a private investigator specialising in unexplainable supernatural phenomena. He returns for a long trip with a artifact of some sort, and visits his ex girlfriend (que Tara Reid) who thought he was dead. Que "Oh Edward" and a hug and slap around the face. Corny.....
                                Anyway, within 2 scenes we have the mandatory sex scene. Did I miss something are love scenes supposed to have a little chemistry?! This lacked it so much it was very uncomfortable.
                                As the film progresses, and 'the fight to reach light' after a cave in continues, we see even more of the aliens or whatever they are. They look like a mix between the ones in preditor to be honest, but really awful computer generated ones at that. They are so unrealistic, I didn't need to reach for the loyal cushion once. In fact, I never even put my hand on it, just incase I needed to pull it infront of my face quick!

                                Obviously, we have the expected explosions, death of the mother figure, and lots of blood and gore. However, I must add that the first sight of blood lead me to believe it was red paint, that is just how unrealistic the whole thing looked.
                                All in all, there were only two gruesome parts. One in which a security guard is killed by the 'things' and has one of their spikes stuck through his face, and one in which a womans head is cut in half to her mouth. Oh, she still manages to look at her partner though....

                                (I have deleted this paragraph seeing as several people had a go at me about it)

                                I would NOT recommend this film, I am a typical girlie, and am not a lover of scary horror films, but this can not be classed as that. If I was un-phazed by this film, you will be too. The creatures are as unrealistic as the plot, and my final comment to my boyfriend just about sums up the whole film:
                                It has the plot of a low budget film, the sort with un-known, un-trained actors playing the leads, only with semi-respectable actors in the roles. Still awful though. And not worth the money to rent, let alone buy. Could someone please tell Slater, that films like this are the reason his career is now as bad as it is!


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                                • Worst / Discussion / 38 Readings / 36 Ratings
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                                  18.10.2005 20:51
                                  Very helpful



                                  No offence meant!

                                  Now, in this day and age, with the media being what it is, it doesn't take a lot for someone to get the label of 'celebrity'. Long gone are the days when you had to earn that sort of status through talent! The people listed below are my 10 worst celebrities, and I think you will all agree, I would rather they be on no list, than Z List! (Not in order, they are all as bad as each other!).

                                  Paris Hilton.
                                  Could someone please tell me how this girl is classed as an icon? The only reason people know her name, lets be honest is because of her surname. Yes, sure she has her own perfume and jewelry etc, but thats not why she's famous. No. The real reason she has any title is through her family. She has exploited her family to make herself into something she's not. She's just so fake! If she actually had talent, I wouldn't put her on this list, but as it stands, she can't act (Have you seen the quality of acting she provides on House of Wax?! I rest my case.), the perfume she has made smells awful, she had loads of complaints about the quality of her jewellery and she goes through guys like sweets. Sure I feel sorry for her after the sex tape incident, but Paris Hilton is nothing special. The only special about her is her name!

                                  Terri Hatcher.
                                  Now I love Desperate Housewives as much as the next person, and Terri Hatcher is great on it. She plays her role well, and what can I say, the girls good at her job! But hey, a newsagent could be good at his job.
                                  Terri Hatcher has been photographed, so slim and disgusting that I wonder how any man could find her attractive. Her veins can clearly been seen throbing through her forhead! It's just not natural. Excrcise yes, destruction no!
                                  Also, everyone knows how the cast don't get on and now that news has finally hit that Hatcher is the main cause of it all (she refuses to stand for group photo's, and if she does she wont smile), she has gone down even more in my opinion. On the famous magazine cover, she got the best clothes, thus causing arguements...Errr how?! She is far from the best looking! I get the impression she's a bit of an ice queen, and she's frozen my opinion to sub zero.

                                  Bet everyone knew that was going to come up! For a while I actually admired Jordan, solely because she seemed to be a good mother. Above everything, in my impression she rose out of situations looking like a good mother. However after her recent wedding (and tacky doesn't even come close to tackling it) and THAT dress. My opinion nosedived. I mean the woman has made a job out of showing her boobs. This coming from a teenager, it angers me because it encourages young girls that it's ok to do that sort of thing! Stay at school, it's much better!

                                  THE BLACK EYED PEAS
                                  shut up, just shut up, shut up.......

                                  MICHAEL JACKSON.
                                  Now I am sure I will offend quite a few people by saying this, but this is my opinion and like I respect yours, please respect mine. I still remain convinced that he should have been found guilty, but that is not my overall problem with him... After everything that happened, the man is still trying to make money! He is using the tornado in New Orleans as his ticket to sucess...again. And that is very wrong. He is exploiting what those people went through, in order to get some sort of following again. Someone please tell the man that he needs to think about his children and what they have already been through! Sit back and leave well away from the music Jacko!

                                  BRIAN MCFADDEN.
                                  In my opinion a cheating man, or a man who treats a woman badly is bad,bad,bad. But when a man so publically embarasses his wife and children, he should be ashamed. Now I am sure that him and Delta Goodrem are very happy together, but it is quite clear that he had feelings for her before his marriage was over. I suspect she is the reason his marriage was over. Im not saying people in the limelight need to be perfect, but when the public are so interested in their lives, they need to take into account what sort of message they give out with the things they do. Does anyone know what a role model is anymore?!

                                  REBECCA LOOS
                                  Likewise. Any woman that makes money because she slept with a footballer, deserves to be shunned. This woman (I imagine) caused such damage between the Beckhams marriage and was so proud about it that she sold her story. She has exploited another womans husband and gloated over it. She wants to be a celebrity, someone hand me a sick bag.

                                  THE CHEEKY GIRLS
                                  Who are they? Why do they inflict pain upon us? Why are they famous? Who told them they could sing? Why do they think they can sing? Why want to stay in the limelight when everyone mocks you anyway....?

                                  NIKITA (FROM T4)
                                  I don't even know her surname, but I have unfortunatley watched her shows enough times to know that she's rude, a snob, bitchy and annoying. Someone please tell channel four that she is doing them no favors! She gives teenagers a bad name!

                                  JULIAN CLAREY
                                  Not sure I even spelt his name correctly, but this guy just gives me the creeps! He had a couple of hits I hear a few years ago, but why is he still around?!

                                  GEORGE BEST
                                  Once a football legend but now look at him. The poor guy has lost everything, but it's his own fault. He has had so much more help than other people in the same condition, been given so many more chances and he abuses them. Yes he's ill, but how many times does he get treatment that other people have to wait so long for, and sometimes don't even get. He has been blessed with second chances and has abused every one of them.

                                  I hope I havent offended too many people with this, it's my opinion and only a bit of fun!


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