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      28.12.2007 19:47
      Very helpful



      This is a wish that we regain the spirit of christmas

      This review of my top ten christmas wish list is based on this years christmas offering.

      10 .... That councils and shops wait until December 15th before thay put up their christmas decorations, in my local town of Ashton Under Lyne they started to put them up at the end of October. By the time christmas comes around I am fed up with it.

      9 ... Stop the sprout myth. Too often when people talk about christmas they talk about the dinner and always get onto sprouts. And then when I say I do not like them they make me feel bad and even suggest christmas dinner is not christmas dinner without sprouts.

      8 ... Do not ask me what I would like for christmas and then buy me something completely different. That I would have no use for. This year I was given a garden trowel and accessories, I live in a flat.

      7 ... I am hopeful that my mum will pass on her recipe for her christmas fruitcake that she makes every year. It is the best in the world and she is the only one that makes it this good.

      6 ... Why can we not have the christmas spirit with us all year round. People shake your hands wish you all the best then soon as christmas has gone they become misserable and think only of themselves.

      5 .... Do not ask the question what did you get for christmas and then talk about the great presents you got and not really bothered about anyone else.

      4 .... That the boring one stops telling me that december 25th is actually a pagan festival and that Jesus was not born in December. We know this but what these people do not understand is that is not the point.

      3 ... In our family we each visit at least one old person on our street each on christmas day, we have done this for the last five years. But we have decided that it would be nice to visit them once a month throughout the yaer. So this wish is that everyone does the same.

      2 ... This is a selfish one and does not really have anything to do with christmas but I wish that by next christmas Man city will be in the 2nd round of the champions league. (no it is not wishful thinking. )

      1 ..... And finally. My final wish is that people remember that Christmas is not about receiving but about giving/ Not giving the best and most expensive present but about giving the most thoughtful. Remember the poor and lonely. If everyone reading this invited someone they know who is on their own at christmas for dinner whayt a great christmas it would be. That would be the greatest gift ever.

      And remember that the goodwill you have at christmas should be with you 52 weeks of the year not just one week.

      Thankyou have a happy new year and take care of yourself and those you love.


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      • Top Ten Animals / Discussion / 52 Readings / 51 Ratings
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        21.06.2007 22:02
        Very helpful



        Put these in any Richard Attenborough Program and everybody will go aagh aint they cute

        I am basing my top ten animals on animals I have always enjoyed watching. I am not including pets but animals that we would generally class as wild.

        10. The Fox.

        These animals get either a good rap as either clever cunning animals or as a pest. Me I will always put them in the cunning sly animals. These animals have adapted to living in the city when most animals cant cope and leave. I live in the middle of a town and every night they come into our street. In fact we once put food in a dish for one of our cats when the fox came and shared the food with the cat and they did not bother each other. Obviously the cats being out at night they get used to each other and became friends.

        9. The Black Panther.

        The reason this is in my top ten is because a few years ago I was watching one of sir Richards programs and I saw one taking on a anaconda and winning. To describe it would be to do it a disservice. So you will just have to trust me.

        8. The Falcon.

        My favourite bird is a bird of pray and in my mind the best is the falcon. Its majestic beauty in flight is a awesome sight .

        7. The Red squirell.

        I am putting this in front of the grey because it is a native of these isles and has been pushed to extinction by the introduction of the grey. I have nothing against the grey but I think we should be pushing the red more.
        And lets be honest it does look better.

        6. The Great White Shark.

        Again like the fox gets a bad rap when it has been misunderstood. Most of the attacks are done on surfers. When they look up they mistake a surfer for a seal and they attack, but majority of the time once they realise that it is not a seal they let go. And lets be honest the sea is where they live and we know this so we cannot complain if they attack you.

        5. The snake

        I am putting all snakes in this. When I first went to Australia my aunty said to me whatever you do be careful in that long grass at the bottom of the garden. She said the snake has seen you long before you have seen it and will just move away. Snakes do no go looking to attack humans and have not any intention. They attack for food and only eat once every couple of months and so they are not going to waste their energy on attacking us.

        4. The duck bill platypus.

        This animal as always caught my imagination both in appearance and character. As you can tell from the name it as a beak, webbed feet, and fur and is a mammal. And lives in fresh streams. It is comical in look and when it is out of water it looks uncomfortable buy once in water in moves as good as any seal.

        3. The Tiger

        I know that the lion is classed as the king of the jungle, but is there any more better looking animal it is the royalty of the cats. And it is fearless and uncomprimising in style. If this was pet I believe that cats and dogs would not get a look in. And who would rob any houses if these were pets.

        2. The Panda

        I am only putting this in because it is endangered and needs all the support it can get. So I would urge every member here to donate to any causes that help any endabgered species.

        1. The killer Whale (Orca)

        This is known as the wolf of the sea it hunts in packs chasing all the way onto the beach and generally wins. If you ever want to watch a film get film called Orca killer whale. This stars Richard Harris and Bo Derek this is about a whale who go after Richard Harris, I am not giving the full story away but I promise by the end you will be on the killer whales side.

        Just to close I just want to say that these and any other animals need our support and help in surviving. We put all the animals on the endangered list and it is upto us to help them. So again please do everything you can to help.

        Finally I would like to wish everyone all the best.


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        • Your Top 10 / Discussion / 51 Readings / 46 Ratings
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          16.06.2007 17:22
          Very helpful



          Wether we like it not we all effect each other, so lets change things to our benefit

          This is a bit of a I am bored so I will write anything, so I am sorry if this gets a bit different at times. But I decide on a top ten on historical events in my lifetime that have shaped the world today.

          Now I have no doubt that you will most likely have a top ten and I will bet everyones is different.

          Now I am not giving you my age but if you do the maths you may work it out.

          1. The Vietnam war.

          Ok It was at the latter stages when I was born, but I do think that it has had a long term effect on the American attitude towards the world. Whatever you may think of the reasons of the vietnam war I believe they have a take no nonsense from anyone. One of the reasons that Mr Bush will not pull out of Iraq is because that would like admitting that this is just the vietnam war repeating itself.

          2. Maggie Thatcher.

          Like her or hate her her time in office had a massive effect on the lives of every person in this country today and even shaped how a lot of over countries haved changed.
          Think about it the unions have little influence, and they were once pretty much running the countryt before Maggie came about. The labour party are now more centre right than the tories simply because Thatcher forced them to change and as a result so many of Tony Blairs policies resemble thatchers just dressed different.

          3. Aparthied.

          The changing face of South Africa through the abolition of apartheid was a welcome change. But the change happened because the isolation from the rest of the world made white South Africans realise something had to change. And all credit to Nelson Mandela who made sure it happened with no recriminations against the white people. Nelson Mandela showed the world how to do it.

          4. Northern Ireland peace process.

          I never thought that this would happen, that sworn enemies from both sides of the divide would be united and sit around a table is massive. Every person within the British Isles were effected one way or another. For me it was the fun house at Blackpool pleasure Beach being burned down. And for my wife it was Manchester city centre being bombed. So for Northen Ireland to be at last at peace is monumental and this will have an impact for decades.

          5. The Internet.

          Ok some will think what and how as the internet influenced the world. Well due to the internet people can be contact with other people anywhere in the world at any time. We can get information at anytime. And I believe the effects is only just beginning. With online shopping the high street will one day be dead. Me and my wife already do our big shop on line and get it delivered and so supermarkets will one day close and just deliver. We can bank, insure, buy things in Japan, China. Positive or negative the internet is changing our lives on a daily basis.

          6. The Berlin wall.

          This was the symbol of the collapse of communism through out eastern Europe. From only days away from nuclear war to a democratic europe. Watching as one by one eastern European countries overturned the dictators. And then to watch as the symbol that represented not just a divided Germany but a divided continent united. This to me will when people look at the twentieth century will be a turning point for europe.

          7. The war on terrorism.

          This so called war has not only divided the politicians, but has created an even bigger wedge between the people. Communities now have an even bigger gap. This has split cultures, religions, and communities and this will take years if ever to solve. Terrorism has always been around and it is only now that America has been effected directly is the world starting to take seriously but one way or another there will always be terrorism.

          8. Ethiopia.

          The event in the mid eighties that led to live aid and band aid, was influence by the mass starvation in Ethiopia made the ordinairy people in the west sit up and look outside of the box. This appalling event is still pulling at the fabric of society. And although the politicians are still only just on the opening lap it is everyday people who are trying to change events. And I believe that in the long term it will change. In the 1980s officially about 50% of the worlds population was living in poverty that figure now stands at 22%. And in years to come Ethiopia will be seen as the turning point.

          9. Global Warming

          Although global warming has only been talked about in the last ten to fifteen years you can see signs before that. When I think about it my first taste of global warming would be 1976 this was at the time the hottest summer on record. And if there is anything good to come out of this is that it has made us realise that we cannot go on like this. Global warmth will impact for generations to come and species will be wiped out, out coastal towns will most likley disappear. 49% of Britain is expected to be under water unless we do something now.

          10. People movement.

          Ok your thinkingwhat has ordinairy people got to do with influencing the world. It is simple all the events thatI have mentioned have been caused by the man and woman on the street protesting. Politicians only change things when we get of our backsides and show them enough is enough. So if we want things to change
          we all need to do things. Northern Ireland only changed when the people on both sides saw that the people were sick of the violence. We the people have more power and influence to change the world we live in, we just need to do something.

          Ok thats me done that was a lot harder than I thought and I realise that this is just my top ten and I will bet you can come up with a list that is better or different from mine.

          Anyway I would just like to wish everyone all the best and hope all your dreams come true what ever thay are.


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            21.05.2007 17:26
            Very helpful



            This problem is not going away so we need to do something different now.

            This is the one subject that everyone has an opinion about but nobody talks about , unless it is in the news for example the Ipswich murders, or the yorkshire ripper or even jack the ripper.. Now although these examples are a bit extreme, the cases of prostitutes being beaten up or even put in hospitals is very common, all prostitutes put themselves on the line just to either feed their drug habits or feed their families.

            Despite the general opinion prostitution is not illegal, it is just that there are a lot of restrictions legally on them.

            1. They are not allowed to advertise themselves, which is why walking the streets is illegal because that is classed as a form of advertisement. And there is no way that they could do the amsterdam method of standing in the window.

            2. No more than one prostittute is allowed to work in a house, because this is then classed as a brothel and brothels are illegal.

            3. They are not allowed to charge money for their services but they are allowed to accept gifts.

            They are just the tip of the restrictions, now wether we like it or not they are not going away.

            So here is my solution and I admit this not the perfect way but we cannot keep putting these peoples lives on the line.

            1. Make a area in every town and city a place where these people can work, let them advertise themselves. By designating the area they can be licenced to work in these areas. They can be watched over and even put in discreet cameras so that if there are any problems the police will know what has happened.

            2. Legalise brothels, let more than one girl work in an house at a time. When there is just one they are in greater risk than if there was more. ( safety in numbers )

            3. Let them charge money for their services they dop it anyway and this way Gordon Brown can put another tax on life.

            There will always be men and women who prepared to pay for sex and people who will do it for money. So why not have a designated area in a place that is away from residential ares and schools. I realise there will always be people with a not in my back yard attitude. But we need to do something because it is not going away so lets bring the profession out of the cold.

            I know what some people will say that we should not help junkies feed their drug habits, but not all prostitutes are junkies or alcoholics. There are some just trying to put a roof over their heads.

            People who are in this position is all societies. I checked with my local council to see what the council policy was. And they do not have one other than to get the police to raid the areas. And all this does is gets them to go to other areas and so moving the problem.

            These are just ideas and realise they are not perfect, but nobody benefits from the current system. And the current system takes up time of the police and courts that can be used else where.

            Lastly you will notice that I have not mentioned gender for the prostitutes because male and females do this for money. Nor do I use these services and so I admit these ideas are not from experience.


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            • Room 101 / Discussion / 54 Readings / 53 Ratings
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              24.04.2007 15:41
              Very helpful



              All these things deserve to be in room 101

              I realise that in my selection for room 101 you will either agree or disagree and want to hang me for wanting to put such and such in the room. And no doubt I will get a few " are you mad ". But in my opinion all these should go in room 101. Unless you can persuade me otherwise.

              1. Buy one get one free.

              What a load of rubbish and a con this is. My wife falls for it every time she will walk down the isle at our local Asda and go " ooh look at that buy one coffee and get one free.
              Its not free if it was they would just give it to you. If you have to buy something to get something else its not free. So my first thing to go into Room 101 is so called buy one get one free offers.

              2. Managers who blame the referee.( bad sports)

              Ok I am not going to mention their names but you know who they are the. Their team loses and instead of being a good sport and admitting they deserved to lose they blame the ref for giving too many freekicks or penalties or booking one of their own players. Brian Clough never critisized any referee. Infact any player who argued with the ref would be subbed and dropped for the next game. I know that it is the players who do the ganging up on the ref but the managers could stop it if they wanted.

              3. Congestion charges.

              This really gets up my nose. First you pay taxes to build the roads through income tax, road tax, mots petrol taxes and then they have the nerve to say we should pay another tax to drive on it. They have in london and now Greater Manchester council are trying it here.

              4. Loan adverts.

              Every time these come on I get really annoyed. They are massiveley in debt so they ring up the loan company with a Mary Poppins smile on their face and they never get turned down.

              5. Would you like large fries with that.

              The local burger restaurant always ask would you like to upsize that its cheaper. No its not. If I end up spending more than I intended that is dearer not cheaper. But they offer it like they are doing you a favour, well do me a favour and go into the room and never come out.

              6. Brussel sprouts.

              I never got this. What is it about brussel sprouts that people. They are the devils veg. As a kid my mum (who I love) would put sprouts on my plate and say she was doing it my own good. Even now when I go for and stay for the weekend and have sunday dinner with her she will still put two on my plate, and like an idiot I still eat them.

              7. Celery.

              This is classed as a vegetable. why?. It is not it is just a stalk of a plant. and it is a weed not a plant and should be confined to the to the compost heap.

              8. Vindaloo Professionals.

              Now I am not putting in the room the ones who honestly like an hot curry. The ones I want to put in are the ones who when part of a group go to an indian restaurant and they choose the hottest curry just to show of. And for some strange reason it happens when a pretty single girl is with them. I bet you know someone like that too don't you ?. This is not impressive they just look like idiots.

              9. Furbies.

              Thes have got to be the most annoying toy ever. We got one for my granddaughter and within five minutes of putting the batteries in I was very angry with it and wanted it to bin it. It has got to have been invented by a lady because it never shuts up. ( just joking about that last bit honest).

              10. Politicians

              Ok I can put up with the defending your point of view and debating it with others. But when they behave like big children. Have you seen how they behave in parliament, interupting while other people are talking, they cannot debate with out calling the other person. I teach six year olds who know how to behave and know that is rude.

              Ok so that is all that I find irritating. But you watch as soon as I have finished and submitted it I will think of twenty more things to put in the room, and that will annoy me as well.


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              • DIY Cat Toys / Discussion / 41 Readings / 39 Ratings
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                20.04.2007 11:21
                Very helpful



                Basically with cats like any pet it is trial and error

                This is actually an interesting topic to write about because cats are very difficult to entertain. Forget going to a pet shop looking at the toys and thinking I will buy for my cat she will like that, chances are they wont.

                My wife has three cats all different characters, but all tempermental.

                There is Bert the eldest and softest does not play with any toys we buy or even make but he will play attack the other cats and chase them arround the house.

                There is daisy, she will not play with toys either, but being a loner she will not play with the other cats as she does not like any other cays or most people. But every now and then she will chase her tail.

                Then there is Quito(named after a race horse) a pure white cat. Now the only toy he ever played with was a small stuffed spider attached to a stick with a elastic string. He loved this but one day it broke, well I say broke he killed it. So we went off to the shop to get another one for him. We could not get the same colour one but it was a spider he never played with it nor even looked at it.

                His favourite toy now is chasing any flying insect that comes into the house, wether it be fly, bee or wasp.

                The thing to remember with cats or any pets is that like people they are all different and they all like different things. Cats can be very uppity when they want and if they like it they will play with it, if they dont they will not go anyhere near it. There is no in between with them and they will not even compromise.

                So my advice for what cats will play with is basically trial and error, all I know is that what you expect them to play with they wont, and they will play with what you do not expect. They do like to chase string.

                One last advice is that to remember that like all members of the feline family they are hunters and so love games that involve chase and catch.

                But there is one thing they nearly all love is lying on your knee and being stroked and having all your attention on them.

                Toys can cost anything thing from 50p upto £5.00 and chances are they will not play with them so my advice is do not waste your money unless you are 100% certain they will play with it.

                They love scratching at things and we spent £20.00 on a scratch post with a bed and do they use it ? of course they do not, they use everting else.

                If you alreadt have cats you will know all this and if you do not, do not let what I have said about cat toys put you off getting a cat because in the long run theymake great little pets and my wife would not swap them for anything. In fact she sees them as family.

                Thankyou for taking the time to read this and I would like to wish you all the best


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                • Cross Breeds / Pet / Animal / 35 Readings / 33 Ratings
                  More +
                  11.04.2007 17:59
                  Very helpful



                  They get a bad rap, but cross breeds can be as intelligent as any breed if not better. also cheaper

                  I have found that when you talk to people about dogs cross breeds generally get a bad rap, now I can only go from my experience of a cross breed.

                  And to prove I want to tell a true story of a cross breed so that people will consider them when thinking of a dog.
                  When I was 12 years old my brother came home from being with his friends and said that he had been to the Rspca in Blackpool and said that there was an Alsatian puppy and that it was going to be put down the next day. Now my mum being bit of a sucker for alsatian when the next day to see for herself.

                  Anyway my mum in love with the dog straight away and took her and bought her home. We called her Sheba. Andthe rspca was not going to put her down.

                  The reason she was at the rspca was because Shebas previous owners locked in a shed with no food and left her, and she was only about ten days old. And although she did look like an alsatian she was also half labrador.

                  When we first got her she was scared everthing and everyone. She stayed under the table for two days getting her to trust us was hard but when we did she turned into the best dog and in fact a full breed could not match this dog.

                  She had a good temperment, was easily trained and was good with chidren and babies. Her are just a few examples and I promise they are all true.

                  When me and my brothers would fight she would jump in between us and try and stop us crying while she was doing it.

                  When we went out as a family and took Sheba with us she would walk with us without a lead. If any of us fell behind Sheba would stop and wait for us to catch up.

                  When I took her for a walk on my own and take her to a field she would never wander to far off always keeping me in sight.
                  But she was very protective of the family.

                  When any young children came around they would pull her and play with her but she never got angry, it was as if she knew they did not mean it.

                  We had two cats and they got on great in fact many a time they would sleep together. The only time she got angry was when other people bought dogs around she did not like them in the house. Or she she did not like men who wore leather, we think this is most likely because her previous owner may have worn leather.

                  She was 14 when she died and we had all grown up and moved away, but when she died we all cried, and that is four men who are 6ft and over all crying. She was more part of the family than a pet, even now as I write this I have a small tear in my eye.

                  I hope that I have helped you in that if you are thinkung of getting a pet go to the rspca and consider a cross breed, because rspca will make sure they are healthy well and all checked out.

                  I would just like to wish everyone all the best


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                  • Yorkshire Pudding / Meat / Fish / 31 Readings / 29 Ratings
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                    08.04.2007 20:38
                    Very helpful



                    A real yorkshire classic

                    The great yorkshire pudding a classic in every sense of the word, simple and yet versatile. Easy to make from start to finish.

                    As a Lancashire lad born and bred it is hard to admit that yorkshire has done anything good but with the yorkshire pudding they have done this. In fact it is so good many countries have taken the idea changed it a little bit. Such as the Americans who have the popover.

                    The recipe.

                    Half a pint of milk
                    4 oz plain flour
                    1 egg
                    Either oil lard or dripping

                    Then put either in one big tray or in an idividual cup cake tray. Personally I prefer the big tray. Then put in a pre heated oven at gas mark 7 or 220 degree centigrade, 425 degree fahrenhiet.

                    The traditional way to have this is with a Sunday roast dinner of roast beef (any roast meat), roast potatoes and vegies. In some places they have either jam, golden syrup or sugar. Not sure about the sugar.
                    I love it when they are still warm and strawberry jam placed on it beautiful.

                    This a great meal and I would have no problem advising other people to try. But I find it hard to believe that no one in this countryt has not tried it.

                    Just wish everyone all the best


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                    • Beko WMA10 / Washing Machine / 23 Readings / 21 Ratings
                      More +
                      06.04.2007 20:54
                      1 Comment



                      Maybe not well known but just as good as any.

                      About two years ago, our old machine came to an end. It was at the end of its warranty and guarantee and was way beyond repair. And at the time me and the wife were struggling for money so we decided to buy something cheap until we got sorted and bought a better one.
                      So we bought the Beko WMA10, I have got to admit I was sceptical that this would last, or perform to what we needed.

                      The front loader makes it easy to load although it is pretty much standard, so nothing to shout about.

                      Its effiency rating of bbc is not the best and is not very enviromentally friendly.

                      The dial controls are simple to use and although relatively child prove its not 100% child proof, I think my kids would suss it out.

                      Its overall size is 12 cubic feet so its not very big but that is ok as it does not over take the kitchen.

                      The machine has only got a cold tap inlet but it will warm the water for you, but with most good washing powders today not sure if you really need this.

                      The door is definatley child proof and so in that respect you do not have to worry about your childs safety.

                      We have now had this machine for two years and it gets hammered, used at least twice a day sometimes more. And not once as it broke down needed any spare parts and really happy now that we got this. We have had our money worth and if given the chance I would consider buying this model again and would reccomend it to you.


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