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Member since: 21.09.2005

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      26.09.2005 18:37
      Very helpful



      treat same as adults

      Young offenders, what should we do with them?
      Well, I have several views surrounding prisons etc.
      My first is get the militray to run HM prisons.
      Just take a look at the number of soldiers who get sent to colcehster military prison who reoffend. It is far less than civialians.

      I truly belive the army should run the prisons.

      i also believe anyone over 16 given a prison sentance should have thier sentance as an army survice sentence. it would do them all a whole lot of good.

      There seems to be a massive increase in truly horryfying crimes committed by younger offenders.
      Just last month near to where I live a 10 year old child was stabbed to death by two 11 year olds.

      Perhaps it is because of the violence on tv, but hoemany parents realise there are age restrictions on many pc games etc? I didnt until recently. Some of these games, nintendo,playstaion etc, are gruesome and violent.I see no need for it in games for cyring out loud!

      What happened togames being fun and friendly? nowadays if you're not running about chopping heads off or spilling blood and guts everywhere then the kids dont wanna play the game.

      up to a certain point i blame the parents. If the kids are allowed to get away with lots then they'll do it. My kids dont swear, at least not that i kow of, and everywhere they go they show respect and amnners, people have eventold me how well behaved they are when I am not around, because they know I will comedown on them like a tonne of bricks if i hear otherwise!

      BUt no parent can really be blamed when thier child commits an horrific crime such as murder etc, I mean no person in thier right mind would ever condone his behaviour, and would feel remorse if thier child commited a crime like this.

      But what can we do with these youngsters?
      If thier identity got out they would never live a normal life again, and some would say for the crimes they commited why should they?

      I dont agree with prisoners getting special rights etc, I mean I have to pay a hell of a lot of money to go tocollege , for my rent, food etc. If I commit a crime i get free higher education etc. yes, i do believe in helping offenders ,teaching them, and helping them to stay out of the prison system in future.

      The young offenders who commit certain crimes,in my opion, should be sent to trial as adults.
      no, they shouldnt go to an adult prison, but they should receive the same sentances as if they were an adult.

      Why is it a youngster can murder and not receive life sentance? It is the same crime as an adult.

      Yes they need different care than adults, they are more vulnerable etc.
      But, send them to prisons, have youth prisons for serious crimes. Make them serve the same sentances as adults, give them the same maximum sentances etc.
      Why should they get off lightly?

      This nation as a whole is becoming more violent, there is more and more crime everywhere you go,a nd we need to stamp it out.

      For the not so serious crimes, get the kids cleaning up the streets that they ahve messed up. For example, if they are charged with graffitti, get them out ont he streets for a certain time clearing ot off walls etc.
      Get them sweeping the roads, whatever jobs need doing, get them supervised and doing community service, make them put something back into the ci#ommunity that they are ruining, it may help them resepct and value thier community more.

      I think the same goes for long term unemployed, if not for sick reasons, instead of just dishing out dole money, get them doing community service jobs for thier money,instead of doing nothing at home.
      (yes i ahve been unem,ployed before anyone moans, for 2 years I was out of work.)
      Please dont think i am saying all unemployed arealzy or whatever, but there are some absuing the system and not looking for employement.

      Get the young offenders mentors, perhaps other people who previously offended but when straight, to teach them how they can change thier lives, and turn things around for themselves.
      Get them support groups, and mentors. This way they can have people who were once like them, to look up to and to learn from.

      Teach the youngsters right and wrong from the moment they are born, and punish them when they do wrong.


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        22.09.2005 21:04
        1 Comment




        I decide to take a bottle of this type of thing into hospital with me. I knew from past experince that generally hospitals are hot places.

        This was really an invaluble item while i was in labour. I wasnt able to take a bath, they wouldnt let me cos of monitoring, and if I had had a wash every time i felt hot I would have been investigated for OCD!

        Just a quick spray over my face with this and I felt cooler and refreshed. It was lovely.

        I did get a cheaper version though, from savers, called cooling mist. It was just under a pound but i sexactly the same.

        I have also taken the bottle withme on days out, car journeys, out on hot days etc. Threw it in my bag, and had a quick spray whenever i felt hot.

        It's great in cars on hot days, or when you been out int he sun a while.

        It is alos good for cooling itchy skin, I get heat rash a lot, and found this very soothing indeed.

        the kids love it too, but seem to think it's more for water fights lol

        It is really good, but of course you can always improvise and get a small spray bottle and fill with water. the only differenc is this stuff doesnt warm up so quick on a hot day, it stays cool for ages.


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          22.09.2005 20:57
          Very helpful



          2 clean or not to clean?

          These days it is recommended that you dont use anything other than water on your babies skin for at least the first 1-2 weeks of life.
          This means bathing in wter alone, no added soaps, bubble baths, baby washes etc.
          This would also mean no baby wipes ( contains added ingredients), you would use cotton wool and water.
          No shampoo, again just water, no talcs, bottom creams, body creams etc.

          They say baby doesnt need it, and that this way you can reduce the allergies baby has to this sort of stuff in later life.

          I tried hard with my last son to do this, and I will tell you it is not easy.
          Youw ant to get out that johnsons baby bath and squirt into the bath, you want to use that baby lotion and talc, and have your baby smelling all gorgeous and johsons baby like.

          I used cotton wool and water on his botty for as long as i could stand it for, this is what they say you should use to wasg baby's face anyway when doing a top and tale wash, so I already had this packed in my baby bag.

          I did cheat and use bottom cram, I couldn't help myself, just had to put a smidgen on there!
          I didnt use talc, I dont believe in it anyway, as the talc puffs up all over the palce and baby can breathe it in,a nd it just cloggs up your skin too. I dont use it myself either for same reasons.

          I didnt use shampoo, i couoldnt bathe baby myself for about two weeks anyway.
          After I got home I did get hubby to bathe baby ( watching that was fun) and put a teeny weeny squirt of baby wash in the bath.

          The staff say baby's delicite skin doesnt need anything other than warm water, but I did findmyself thinking how on earth is water going to get my baby clean after delivery?

          It isnt an easy thing to do, like i said, you want that gorgeous smelling baby.Personally I liked using bubbles and wash etc, just because they do look and smell so clean, but I tried my hardest not to, as i thought 'if this is best for baby i'll try it'

          of course, as anything, we all have our own opinions and can make our own minds up on what we want to do with our newborns.


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            22.09.2005 20:46
            Very helpful



            a very good sort of thing to have

            I have had these blankets for both of my boys. I swear byt hem.
            They are lightweight compared to other blankets. They are easy to wash.
            My kids both loved sticking thier fingers through the holes nad holding onto them.
            This sort of blankets is designed to prevent your child from overheating, It is recommended that you dont use a duvet for at least a year for this reason alone, they make the child overheat too easily.

            Cellular blankets are a great alternative to fleeces too, which can also overheat baby.

            I love this kind of blanket somuch I even have two for my own bed.
            You dont think theyre going to be very warm seeing as there is as much holes as blanket in them, if you konw what I mean, but they are suprisingly warm things to have. Yet at the same time you dont get too warm in them, or at least i never have.

            My kids still have this type of blanket also, and they are 7 and 2 now.
            we have duvets too, but sometimes it's too hot for a duvet but you want something extra other than a sheet.

            You can get them in all sorts of colours too, and they are fairly cheap if you go to the right place.
            The little ones i had for my sons moses basket are too small for his ebd now, but I find them just the right size for when he is in his buggy, so you can really make good use of them, it not something yur baby will grow out of using within a short time.,

            As for taking to hospital with you, I foound there was no need as the hospital has thier own, but it depends if you would prefer to use your own baby bedding or not.


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          • Hospital Births / Parenting Issue / 21 Readings / 13 Ratings
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            22.09.2005 12:13
            Very helpful



            be strong of mind and stick to your guns

            Hi, I wanted to write a few lines about my hospital birth experiecnes.
            I had my first son 7 1/2 years ago, in essex. It was not a plesent experience.
            Mnay of the staff were short tempered, rude and didnt inform me of what was going on at all.
            One midwife even walked in, stabbed me in the top of my leg with a needle, wile I was asleep, and walked off without so much as, we're giving you this because....
            Not a word! I didnt know what I had been given until an hour later I asked if I could get into the birthing pool and was told " no, you had pethidine"
            I did my nut, I said I hadn't asked for pethidine, and wasnt told I was being iven it. It was clearly marked in my birthing pan I wanted a water birth if possible, and I f require more than gas and air I would ask for it, but not to offer it otherwise.

            After spending all night onmy own, they wouldnt let my birthing parnter stay as it wasnt vising hours, I was moved to labour ward, a few hours later I was gain moved to the high risk end of the ward, without being told why. The reason they gave was "just in case". I asked "just in case of what" and they said "oh, just in case"

            My first son was born 18 hours later via forceps delivery.
            The wards were filthy. You could run your finger over the window sills and they came away black, the beds were swept around, not under, and my slippers ( which had been brought brand new) had black soles in under a day.
            The shower was so dirty I cleaned it before getting in.
            I sprayed my sons plasctic cot with antibacterial spray before I would let them put him in it. ( They must have loved me there).

            I had to ask for my bed sheets to be changed, and was told they didnt need changing every day, forme to insist that I know when my bed sheets are in need of changing!

            My second child, 1 1/2 years ago, was born in a northamptonshire hospital. Was this any cleaner? NO.

            It was dec23rd when he was born, and the bathrooms and loo's didnt get cleaned for 3 days over christmas, nor were the bins emptied, you could smell the bathrooms from 10 metres away. THe floor, well, dont dare tread barefoot unless you like your feet covered in bit of fluff, muchy stuff, crumbs etc.

            I had an emergancy c section, and was left in agony all night, given pethidine, which did nothing, and when i asked for ain relief was told " you just had some an hour ago, youre not due anymore". Oh, I'm sorry, NEXT TIME I@LL TELL THE PAIN TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT SHALL I?
            Nextmorning a doctor told me I could have had morphine.
            !8 hoursd later and i still hadnt set eyes on my own baby ( i was given a general anesthetic, and he was whisked right off to SCBU). I was told I couldnt have any injections for pain relief if I wanted to see him. They gave me kapake! honestly, i take them for a headache,not after major abdo surgery! ( I'm a nurse, so knew the score). Then, to top it all off I was told if i wanted to see my son i had to walk, yes your ead right WALK to ScBU to see him, by myself!!!!!

            Christmas day he's allowed out of SCBU, but there's me, hardly able to bend, let alone see to a baby, do you think i got any help? NONE.
            I asked for pethidine, andwas told no, i had gone without all day so i could go without now. I told them I had only made myself go without all day cos they said i couldnt see my baby if i didnt. No, they told me to take kapake or nothing.

            Five days later I have an infected wound, any idiot could see it was infected, so what do they do? take my stitches out! ( I am diabetic too, so any wound is going to take longer to heal on me anyway without an infection). Ok, so here I am with an infected wound which has now burst open again.
            I am sewn up AGAIN, oh and this time am I given pain relief? NO, still lef tin agony. And now to top it all off theyre telling me I'm asking for pain killers too often!
            so, i totally loose it, blow up at the midwife, and say "if you bloody well gave me pain relief that worked I wouldnt keep asking for it would i?"
            What answer was i given? "the pain relief does work, im just being a wimp!!!!!

            So what do i do now? ( after Im done with the hysterical tears, and ranting and raving that they would treat an animal better).
            I phone my mum and tell her they are letting me go home, I get them to get the doctor to come and see me, and tell him I insist on going home, and I walk out!

            Having said that, I was just unlucky, not all hospitlas are like this.
            There has been a lot of press coverage lately in relation to dirty maternity units. My feeling, and you can take this as a nurse, hospitals are NOT cleaned proeprly. How can one woman clean a whole wrd properly in an hour?
            A quick wipe around the top of a loo with a damp cloth, then wipe the next loo with the same cloth and they think thats done?
            Sweep around the beds and furntiure and not under them, and then mop them, all in under 20 minutes!
            Those hospital cleaners should be in the guiness bok of records for speed cleaning.

            Bring back the matrons is what I say, and clean the places properly.
            Give the staff with a bad attitude the boot, there are far too many "care staff" who dont "care".
            why hbe in this porfession if you dont like it, are not dedicated to it, or dont give a damn about the people in your care?

            Let'sface it, anyone in hospitla is worried, anxious, tried etc. A little bit of support and comfort goes a long way.

            next time I have a child I am NOT going to my local hospital ( which is where I had my last son). i've told my husband to drive me to addenbrookes and tell them we were out shopping when I wnet into labour LOL

            I dont think I personally would like a home birth though, I like to know that there are doctors midwives and theatres near by, with any equipment my child or i may need.
            But then neither of my births were normal!

            All i would say is if you want a home birth be strong and insist, there are far too many staff out there willing to bully you into conforming with thier ideas.
            women use dto have thier kids at home all the time, so why shouldnt we have that choice now?


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            • UK Petrol Prices / Discussion / 21 Readings / 11 Ratings
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              21.09.2005 23:35




              not a lot i can say apart from petrol costs far too much in the uk, but so does everything

              just wondering how many people would give me a rating of v usefull for this just out of pity, cos not had any yet lmao

              any1 wanna make new friends at all?

              anybody at all will do,i am not fussy, im all alone int he world, well apart form my two kids two cats two fish hamster guinea pig and rabbit that is!
              i have no frineds

              but seriously pertol prices are terrible, how can they justify it?
              and another thing i think is terrible is this new pay per mile travel schmee, it'll cost me £500 to go to see my dad ( from northants to newcastle and back)
              mad or wot?


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              • Children & Divorce / Parenting Issue / 16 Readings / 10 Ratings
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                21.09.2005 23:29
                1 Comment



                be strong

                I really do think getting a divorce has an impact on your kids for the rest of thier lives.

                If they are brought up in a dysfunctional family ( and I am in no way calling divorced families dysfuntional, i'm seperated myself) then this is what they will come to think of as the norm.

                If they grow up seeing mum and dad fighting, arguing and screaming at one another they ar gonna think "ok, so it's cool to do that when I get married, it's normal"

                So, why do people stay together and say it is for the sake of the kids?
                If you either dont love each other, or cant live together, then get out.
                Kids are not stupid, they will pick up on bad vines, and this too can affect them.

                No it isnt as easy as saying get out, it's hard on everyone to leave a marital homes. It causes upset and anxiety to every member of yur household. but in the long term it's better than trying to stick it out at a hopless marriage saying it's for the kids.
                Move out, try and rebuild your life, and your kids will see you are strong, independant, happy, that you have the will to pick yourself up and start again, and they will lean from this.

                To your child you are superman / superwoman. To them noone is better than thier mum or dad, nobody in the world at all. They look up to you as they grow, youre their rold model, they'll copy what you do, your behaviour etc.

                Yes they will be upset and confused by a divorce, you have got to explain to them that it is in no way thier fault, and that both mum and da still love them to bits.
                Children arent idiots, explain things to them.

                Nothing in life is easy, but we have to face our challenges and learn from them, I do, all the time.
                I try to be open and hnoest with my kids,I want them to come to mummy and talk to me, they even tell me when theyve done things wrong.

                Divorce affects everyone, not just you and your partner, and of course you are going to put your kids first, but i believe staying in amarriage for the sake of the children is the wrong thing to do


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                • Liteon LVW-5006 / DVD Recorder / 24 Readings / 16 Ratings
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                  21.09.2005 20:25
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  great stuff

                  before i go on can i please just say many people have told me i need to write longer reviews, i have trouble writing what i do, i cant use my hands, and rely on a helmet with a stick on with which i type. so i do try my best to type for as long as i can.

                  I got one of thes from argos. hubby plugged it in, took him 2 hours to tune it etc, but then he is useless at this

                  it records, and if you got the right sort of discs you can erase and record over again.

                  It's good, lower end of the amrket mind you, but doe sit'sjob.

                  i paid £125 in argos last year, but I know theyre even cheaper now.

                  I do find it really does need regular cleaning, once a month i domine, or it gets tempremntal

                  i love the fact that i can plug either the kids karoke maching or the video camera in the front no fiddling behind it) and record whats on there. It's soeasy, literally plug in, press play on cam corder,and record on dvd playes and off you go.

                  havent figured out how to use most of it's features.

                  setting up the programming function to tape a programme is dead simple to do, got on screen instructions that are simple to follow.

                  it'sa good quality little bit of machinery that i wouldnt be without now, and i am in process of taping my video's to dvd's.


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                  • Olbas Oil / Coughs, Colds & Flus / 12 Readings / 7 Ratings
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                    21.09.2005 20:12
                    1 Comment



                    try po-ho

                    before i go on can i please just say many people have told me i need to write longer reviews, i have trouble writing what i do, i cant use my hands, and rely on a helmet with a stick on with which i type. so i do try my best to type for as long as i can.

                    this stuff is always in my medicine cupboard, and i even have the kids version too.

                    Drop a few drops onto your collar or a tissue , and just breathe.
                    it clears noses.

                    a good alternative, especially goos for CROUP and chesty gunky coughs is po-ho oil ( a natural oil).it's a little pricey, but is sold in enat form, add few drops to water in an oil burner, in a room with closed doors, and light a tea light.

                    mykids had croup and this cleared them within a few hours, so i left it burning allday. olbus oil works well but i found the po-ho oil much better, and i never run out of that either.
                    we now use olbus when we're going out.


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                    • Wartner / Medicine / 6 Readings / 4 Ratings
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                      21.09.2005 20:07



                      best stuff ever

                      before i go on can i please just say many people have told me i need to write longer reviews, i have trouble writing what i do, i cant use my hands, and rely on a helmet with a stick on with which i type. so i do try my best to type for as long as i can.

                      i have had this stuff used on me, it is really pricey, but nothing else had worked and i didnt know what else to try.

                      The lady in boots said it was very good, and theyre usually right.

                      You squish a small sponge applicator into the end of the bottle ( a specialt nozzle is on bottle)
                      and then apply to the verrucca for the alloted time, it can be a little sore cos it freezes it.
                      after a week try again.
                      My verrucca didnt seem to be doing anything, so i thought i had wasted a lot of money, then one day, after the maximum application allwed, i took my dressing off my foot and the verrucca had literally fallen out, and theres tonnes left in the bottle forlater, but just dont use your sponge for someone else. i used the same spong each time for myself.

                      It is more expensice than tohers but it really works very wll, and you dont have to remember to put in on every day, and you dont need to cover the foot up or anythinglike that


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                    • 3M Steri-Strip / First Aid / 11 Readings / 5 Ratings
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                      21.09.2005 20:03
                      1 Comment




                      before i go on can i please just say many people have told me i need to write longer reviews, i have trouble writing what i do, i cant use my hands, and rely on a helmet with a stick on with which i type. so i do try my best to type for as long as i can.

                      These should not be mistaken for an alternative to palsters, if you have a relatively small cut you're not going to need these. They can seem expensive, and if you do need them then your nurse at your local gp surgery or your accident and emergancy dept can apply them for you and give you after care advice.

                      Having said that, if you can afford them they are well worth having in the first aid box. I was a nurse and before my illness took over my body i ahd no problems in using these, but to the non professional they can be a bit tricky to use.

                      You just clean your hands, clean the wound, and carefully ( cos it can hurt like heck) pinch the edges back together, and place these strips over to the hold the skin back in palce ( instructions are included)


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                        21.09.2005 19:57



                        dont bother

                        before i go on can i please just say many people have told me i need to write longer reviews, i have trouble writing what i do, i cant use my hands, and rely on a helmet with a stick on with which i type. so i do try my best to type for as long as i can.

                        I have tried this on my 4 kids, it didnt work for any of them.
                        In fact it made one of them violently sick.

                        It didnt even soothe thier sore throats. it seemed like a complete wast of money, as the other review says, tixylix does seem the best, or for chesty coughs Hills balsam for kids ( you can get an adult version too), that's the best stuff ever, but you cant get hold of it much anymoire, so tixylix is the nest best thing.

                        The kid did love the taste of this, but we went on to need different stuff anyway, so i dofeel it is not worth the money

                        nor is the adult version either


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                        21.09.2005 19:53



                        believe me it works

                        before i go on can i please just say many people have told me i need to write longer reviews, i have trouble writing what i do, i cant use my hands, and rely on a helmet with a stick on with which i type. so i do try my best to type for as long as i can.

                        i take this stuff myself, and used to be a nures.
                        So I know, unlike some poeple who dont realise. that the recommended dose to take is 1000mg a day.

                        now you can get this stuff in the pound shops, but dont be fooled, read the label, it'll say 100mg, yeah like im gonna take 10 a day!
                        you can take 1500 or 2000mg a day if needs be.

                        I've personally recommended this stuff to 16 people so far, only two said they felt no benefit, but one's the sort of person who nothing works for anyway!

                        This stuff really does help ease joint aches pain and stiffness.
                        You dont realise it at first, but stop taking it for a day or two and you realise how much it was actually working for you.

                        I swear by the stuff, and think supplements are better than artificail drugs, cos i take like 28 pills a day, without my pain killers! ( yes i rattle when i bounce)

                        IF YOU'RE Going to get this stuff then bear in mind you want a fairly decent brand name, as anything you get hwat you pay for.
                        you can pick this up cheap from places like savers, superdrug etc, or you can get good deals on ebay, i just got a whole year supply for under £15, which is far better than the £9.99 a month it cost me from health shops.

                        I noticed the beenfit in only tow days of taking this stuff, it works that quickly, and i sure do pay if i miss a dose or two, i got back to being achey and stiff and have painfull jints.
                        this stuff isnt just for arthritis, it's a great supplement for repairing and mainiting joints.


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                        • HSA Healthcare / Health Insurance / 6 Readings / 3 Ratings
                          More +
                          21.09.2005 18:48



                          good but can do better

                          before i go on can i please just say many people have told me i need to write longer reviews, i have trouble writing what i do, i cant use my hands, and rely on a helmet with a stick on with which i type. so i do try my best to type for as long as i can.

                          ok i had this, and yes they are good.
                          you get money back when you buy glasses, godentist, go into hospital for 48 hours or more, have an accident etc

                          they do pay up quickly.
                          but if you have any mdeical conditions before you apply they dont want to know you.

                          I went with HSF ( hospital saturday fund)

                          they work out cheaper and actually pay out more. they will take you with medical conditions although sometimes say you cant make a claim related to that condition, which is fair enough.

                          HSa, not a bad thing, but others areavailable.

                          it'sgood to have something like this though

                          they have a web site too, applying is easy and there are no medicals


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                        • Bird on a Wire (DVD) / DVD / 7 Readings / 4 Ratings
                          More +
                          21.09.2005 18:42




                          before i go on can i please just say many people have told me i need to write longer reviews, i have trouble writing what i do, i cant use my hands, and rely on a helmet with a stick on with which i type. so i do try my best to type for as long as i can.

                          Goldie Hawn and Mel gibson, what more could you want?
                          Mel plays a rogue lover, women all over the place, each woman knosw him by a different name, sometimes even a different accent or language altoher.
                          He is thrown together with goldie hawn, theyre ont he run, and they go step by step back to all mels old flames, with lots of slapped faces along the way

                          you must see this, it's great if you love the oldeis

                          i doapolgosie for short revies, cant type much more


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