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      12.07.2010 23:30
      Very helpful



      Safe drug free easy answer to weight loss we've all been looking for!

      If you're anything like me, then you would've tried all diets and methods to try and shift a few pounds. With minimal results in my case :-(

      Until a friend told me about this Leptin Green Coffee 800!

      What is it?
      As described by Leptin, 'Green coffee 800 Formula is a "drug-free" dietary supplement that was developed from a blend of herbal extracts. When used with a healthy diet plan, curbs your appetite and stimulates your body to burn fat and calories.
      Herbal extracts and minerals used in this product have been gathered from all over the world to make this all natural diet supplement.
      It contains the anti-oxidant qualities necessary to cause thermogenesis which increases the metabolism of fat. Chromium and Vanadium increase carbohydrate burn and metabolic rate,and Panax Ginseng helps to maintain energy levels while dieting. Another ingredient, Heartleaf also starts fat burning process while curbing the appetite'.

      Where can i buy this?
      From what i know of this can only be purchased online. I've been buying mine from Ebay but they are also available from the Leptin website, Amazon and other online stores.
      One box has 18 sachets in which will last for 18 days. Prices can vary between sites but i normally pay around £8, although most places work out cheaper if you bulk buy.

      The box for this product is as seen in the picture. Green with leaves in the left hand corner, the Leptin logo in the top corner and Green Coffee 800 logo in white across the middle. Also stated on the front of the box is 'Asian wisdom for healthy weight loss' and 'Discover the ancient secrets of the orient. Green coffee is a natural antioxidant and weight loss enhancer. Get a 30 day supply at our Green coffee patch, let the weight loss begin'.
      On the back of the box there is the description which is written in the 'What is it' section, an ingredients list, directions and contents of the box.
      Boxes arrive through the post wrapped in cellophane so you know they have not been tampered with.

      Each 5g square sachet has the same look on the packet as the box. They have a easy tear pull for easy opening. Inside is the right amount of coffee powder needed. No it's not green! It's appealing looking, same as what cappuccino or latte powder would look like as i'm guessing milk powder is already added, and it tastes just like coffee too.

      How do i use it?
      One sachet is taken mid morning. Empty the sachet into a mug and just add water, mix and enjoy. No need for milk and sugar.
      Tip: I usually only half fill the cup otherwise it can taste quite watery.

      Does it work?
      In my opinion Yes!
      After my first 18 days i had lost 7lb! Wow that's actually half a stone i've just realised. I am now on my next box and have shifted another pound.
      I definately find my appetite has been 'curbed' as they say. I'm finding myself eating a lot less, smaller portions and i've cut down a lot on snacking junk which is my usual downfall.
      I haven't experienced any negative side effects from this coffee and i haven't yet come across any reviews online stating any. Except the obvious weight loss :-)

      *Not suitable for person under 16 years old, those suffering from cardiac conditions, high blood pressure or diabetes.
      *Not recommended to the pregnant or breast feeding women.
      * If you experience any sensitivity to this product, stop use and contact a medical professional.

      More information on this product can be found online if you google Leptin Green Coffee 800. I suggest researching first if you have any concerns.


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        18.06.2010 19:18
        Very helpful



        Big fake lashes in a bottle, plus clumps and mess.

        I am a big fan of Collection 2000 cosmetics as theyre cheap but very cheerful. I have bought one of their mascaras religiously since it was released, but when i browsed and saw Big Fake on the shelf i just had to give it a go.

        This mascara claims to double your lash size! Which is stated on the reverse of the tube. It has lash boosting tube technology which plumps and stretches each lash. Water resistant, No clumping and smudging is also quoted which i disagree with as you will find out in my review.


        The tube for this mascara is a black gloss colour with a red stripe just above half way which their logo is on. Big fake false lash effect mascara is written under this with the barcode and collection 2000 address on the back. The top of the tube goes into a flat transparent point which is quite funky. The wand and brush is a red colour but this isn't very noticable when its covered in mascara. The brush is the biggest one ive seen yet which can be very appealing to some people.

        Where can you buy this?

        Collection 2000 have stands in Boots and Superdrugs from what i know of. I bought mine from Boots at £4.99 for a regular 8ml tube which was a promotional trial price, normal price will be around £6. The tube is easy to spot and when new products are released they normally have a promotional section in the middle of their stand to advertise it.

        My opinion:

        I was slightly let down by this mascara. Yes the brush is big but maybe a bit too big.
        On the first couple of uses it was very hard not to get product all around my eyes and on my eyelids, but as days go by i am getting used to it, you just need to take your time and be patient.
        By using the brush from the root of my lashes and wiggling it to the tips it did make my lashes seperate and appear longer. It didn't make them appear any thicker though, until i had applied a few layers which then made then look clumpy.
        The product seems quite watery at first which i find with a lot of mascaras until some air has got into the tube. Hopefully soon it will thicken up a bit.
        If you are anything like me and pick your mascara off with a wet wipe then this mascara is no good for this, works better with a dry tissue. I can not comment on how good removal is other ways sorry.

        Did i have Big fake lash look? Yes but with a few clumps and just as much mascara around my eyes as on my lashes.

        I probably wont buy this again, ill stick to what i know.



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        05.05.2010 21:50
        Very helpful



        Add a tang to any meal!

        I recently suggested this product to dooyoo so i can rave about how yummy it is.
        Heinz have 6 different flavours in their pickle range but this specific one is the Mild Mustard Pickle.

        It is found in most supermarkets in the pickle aisle, believe it or not.
        I paid £1.24 for a 280g jar but prices can vary between places. I think this is a reasonable price as it is a well know trusted brand.
        You can't miss the bold, white, capital Heinz logo on the front of the jar, with 'Mild Mustard Pickle' written underneath. The label is coloured with yellows, oranges and warm reds with a small picture of what ingredients are inside and the jar is clear so you can see the brightly mustard coloured pickle through it.

        After popping open the black lid you are suddenly hit by an aroma of mustard,pickle and slight vinegar smell. Quite hard to describe but definately gets your mouth watering.
        I would say this is a mix between small chunk pickle and piccalilli in texture. It has tiny bits of crunch mixed through which are bits of pickle, onions, gherkins and red pepper. There is also cauliflower and cabbage on the list of ingredients which i can't quite pick out yet.
        This leaves a lovely after taste in your mouth and in my opinion tastes nothing like mustard, which i am not a fan of, and is very mild as stated.

        A dollop of this goes with absolutely anything, from sandwiches and salads to the weird and wonderful, my favourite a Sunday Roast. With only 12 calories and 0.1g fat per 10ml dessert spoon you can afford to have it on everything.

        Heinz clearly states on the jar that there are no artificial colours or flavours and is suitable for a gluten free diet and vegetarians.
        A full list of ingredients, storage details, nutritional information and Heinz contact details can be found on the jar.
        I have yet to try the others in the pickle range and am hoping they reach the high recommendation i have of this flavour.


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          30.04.2010 18:08
          Very helpful



          Very tasty and adds a zing to any meal.

          This Heinz Mayo Tikka Style is one of four in the new Deli range. The other flavours are Roasted Garlic, Sundried Tomatoes and Caramalised Onions, all of which i am still to try.

          You wouldn't normally associate Heinz with mayonnaise so i was a bit wary of what it would be like, but i thought i would give it a go while it was half price in Morrisons, i am so glad i did because i Love it. I was very suprised no one had reviewed it yet so i had to suggest it to the Dooyoo team.

          For a 280g jar, this retails at around £1.78 depending on where you shop.
          Per 15g serving this mayo has 80 cals and 8.5g of fat (0.8g sat). All other nutritional information can be found on the reverse of the jar along with a full list of ingredients, storage details and dietry information.

          So what does this new mayonnaise taste like? Tikka Style obviously. In the ingredients list the things that stand out apart from the usual are peppers and tikka spices, it doesn't actually say what ones. I can definately taste garlic, chilli, lemon, cumin i think it is, garam masala and tumeric. If anyone has tried Nandos Perinaise, then i would say the first taste is very similar to that but has more chilli.
          It has a slight chilli kick to it in the after taste but is very mild. The consistency is creamy and thick like any other mayo and is a peachy colour with specks of spices in.

          Heinz recommends that this mayo is great in a chicken, prawn or lamb sandwich, on a jacket potato or a dollop on the side of a salad.
          I personally have it with everything. I have just finished eating a vegetable finger sandwich with this smothered on, yummy.

          The only down sides to this product is that it is slightly overpriced for my liking and the calories and fat content are way too high to enjoy in big volumes. So for that i will rate this with 4 stars, but i highly recommend.

          Warning: This Mayonnaise contains eggs.


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          • Car Boot Sales / Discussion / 51 Readings / 50 Ratings
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            21.04.2010 16:40
            Very helpful



            Deffinately recommend, read my tips for a top sale!

            If you've never been to a bootsale before then you have to try them. They're not for everyone but i am a big fan.

            They usually run from easter time for a few months until the weather changes. Each weekend is weather permitted. Bootsales differ to what day they are on so best to have a browse through your local paper. Most are early around 6am Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays until around lunch time or until all the buyers are gone.
            Bootsales usually charge a small entry fee for buyers and sellers pay £5-£10 per car or more for larger vechicles, prices vary. Usually you don't have to book.

            Tips for a successfull seller:
            * Arrive early so you are at the front of the field. You don't want sellers to have no money left by the time they get to your stall.
            * Bring a friend to help or have a pitch next to yours. Selling can get busy and two pair of eyes are better then one and one of you's is bound to need the loo.
            * Bring toilet roll and anibacterial hand gel. You know what them porta loos are like.
            * Bring some change.
            * Check notes. There's a lot of dodgy notes around and it's easy to get rid of them at bootsales.
            * Bring a packed lunch and drinks. You don't want to be spending all of your profits on refreshments.
            * Try not to browse the bootsale yourself. You don't want to take home more tat than you came with.
            * Bring carrier bags for customers.
            * Make your stall look presentable and tidy on a table so everything can be seen.
            * Not best to label items with prices, this way they communicate with you and you can haggle.
            * Dont accept offers too early on, leave them until later.
            * Smile! :-)

            You can buy almost anything at bootsales, from clothes and CDs to cars and fruit at silly prices. I often find a few bargains which i can then auction online and make a profit.
            My regular bootsale starts at 10am for buyers. I think this is a better time then really early as more people are awake so it will be busier. At this bootsale and probably with a lot more it clearly states on entry 'No selling of pirate dvds or fraudulent items'. There is probably at least one person on each aisle doing this so be aware.

            So overall i love bootsales. I've been looking forward to this time of year coming round again, sad i know but you never know what you might find.


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            • First Experiences / Discussion / 40 Readings / 39 Ratings
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              21.04.2010 15:20
              Very helpful



              My firsts, have a read and see how much you can relate to.

              Reminising back on the 'Firsts', could be fun... Here goes...

              Ive had a couple of boyfriends that have broken my heart in the past, but it never shattered like it did when i got dumped 2 weeks after our daughter was born. :-(
              I had fallen pregnant only 4 weeks after being together, but we loved each other so gave it a go. Everything was fine, well as far as i knew. Our daughter was born, a week later it was my birthday, then a week after that he turned around and said he didn't love me anymore.
              My heart got mended though and 9 months on we got back together, now 4 years on we are happily engaged.

              FIRST JOB
              My first job was working in a cab office answering the phones. It was horrible, stuffy, smokey, dirty, boring, everything you can imagine it would be. I can't remember how much i got paid but i remember it was quite good.

              FIRST LOVE
              I thought my first love was for a past boyfriend called Rob. He worshipped me and treated me like a princess. Little did i know he was cheating on me.
              My first unconditional love though is for my daughter. No love can top that.

              I first got drunk Millenium New Year at a friends party when i was 14. My dad was ment to be looking after me, but we had our stash of homemade punch upstairs.
              I still remember the hangover now, it was that bad trust me. I said i wouldn't drink again but that didn't last long.

              I can't remember exactly, but i would have to say probably Titanic or Ghost. I now cry at anything. Adverts, documentaries, soaps, reality, pretty much anything these days haha.

              This was when my grandad passed away with liver failure. He had never drank or smoked so why he got taken from us i will never know. Life is so unfair sometimes. I always regret not being closer to him when he was alive, now it is too late.

              FIRST CAR
              Iv'e only just got rid of my first car. It was a green Citroen Saxo. I really loved it when i got it but that colour was horrendous i later realised. I did keep it for 5 years though so i had plenty of time with her.

              I am proud to say i have never had a physical fight! Not really arguments either, i'm not the confrontational type, i would rather ignore and moan to someone. Bit of a wimp most people would probably say.
              I did used to have arguments with my sister and my mum when i lived with them, nothing too major tho.
              The argument that made me move out of the house was when my mum asked me for house keeping money. I as a stroppy teenager said no and went to live with my dad. I look back now and hate myself for doing this. I had a full time job and paid her nothing, how selfish was i? If i could turn back time then i would give her what she wanted plus more. We have made up now and are very close, we even live down the next road from each other.
              When i win the lottery i will give her a huge sum.

              I used to work at a childrens play centre in a shopping centre. I first started as just a crew member then i became assistant manager. I was one of them bosses that you love, it was always an easy chilled day when i was in charge.
              The first and only time ive been sacked was at a beauty salon. I had only been there a couple of days and had never done a mans back wax before, but someone booked me in so i had to do it. A treatment that's ment to take 20 mins took one and a half hours. I held up the whole appointment book and made us stay back late. Oopsie.

              Call me stupid but i don't understand this question or what mortality means so i am going to quickly brush past it.

              FIRST KISS
              I remember this because it was soooo bad. It was after school when i was about 14 with a boy called Shane. I don't think he knew it was my first kiss so i had to look like i knew what i was doing. His friend was there and one of mine so the moment was very much under pressure as they was encouring us to 'cop' each other. I distinctively remember it to be like a washing machine, so not memorable for a good reason.

              Well that was almost like free therapy.

              Thank god the First time you had sex question wasn't asked haha.


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                15.04.2010 18:52
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Farm visit with money left over for a cuppa.

                I have been to this farm a few times now. It's about 35 minutes away from where i live so it's a treat when we do go. A trusty sat nav is an essential too, well for me anyway. It is situated in the village of Downe which is the Bromley borough. This area is very rural and peaceful so is a lovely day out.

                It has always been nice weather when i've been so the car park can get full pretty quickly, after that people end up parking on the country road which isn't very big, but needs must.

                Before entering into the farm there is a small grass area with picnic tables and today they had a bouncy castle. There's a reasonably priced refreshments hut, plants for sale, a small toy/souvenier shop and toilets, with large facilities to wash and dry your hands.

                Entrance is £3.00 for adults and £1.50 for children. There was a sign saying prices are going up but it was only an extra pound or so. I think this is a great price seeing as for other farms or zoos you can pay up to £10 each. They have buckets of food for the animals for sale at 50p for small and £1 for large. A large bucket comfortably lasts round the whole farm, for my daughter anyway. Latex gloves are also available at this point if you don't like animal slobber.

                The animals are kept behind their wooden fences, although some chickens, ducks and a peacock are loose so keep an eye on the kids. I have never seen a bad experience though (touch wood). The goats pen was open today so we could go in with them and feed them. It's great to go this time of year with all the newborn baby animals.
                There are loads of animals to see cows, horses, ponies, sheep, lambs, goats, pigs, ostriches, llamas, donkeys, alpacas, and a turkey.

                Outside each pen is an educational description of each animal which is good and all around the farm there are safety signs on how to treat the animals, what not to do etc.
                I say the animals are in a pen but they are very happy and content. The field is huge so they have plenty of room and getting fed all day can't be a bad thing.

                Once you've looked around outside there's an inside barn where you will find rabbits,guinea pigs, ferrets,chicks, chinchillas, birds, parotts and hens, some of which you can buy.

                Sometimes they have a magician and a Punch & Judy puppet show to entertain the children and you can also have your childs party here for only £9 per head. You can read more on this on there website www.xmastreefarm.co.uk.

                Overall this is a great cheap day out. I spent about an hour walking around the farm which is about the average time i'd say, but you can stay as long as you like. The only downfall is the parking, but that just proves how popular it is.

                TIP: Wear wellies. Can be quite muddy.

                10/10 from me :-)


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                  10.04.2010 17:37
                  Very helpful



                  Have a read and see what goodies i have.

                  What's in my makeup bag? Well that is a question.
                  I have a zip up makeup bag, which can't actually zip up at the moment because there's so much in it, but hopefully this will give me a chance to declutter.
                  I also have a large 3 box trolley on wheels full for when i do professional makeup. I will be here forever telling you what's in that so i'll just do my personal everyday bag.

                  I am a big fan of beauty, makeup and all things girly. I spent 2 years at college completing a beauty therapy course and then a 1 year makeup course. I am still as passionate but have lack of time due to having my
                  daughter, so taking pride in my makeup everyday and getting glammed up for a night out is me in my element.

                  Anyway enough about me here's what's in my bag.

                  *At the moment i am using Superdrugs Optimum line decrease day cream. It gives my skin a boost of hydration in the morning and anything that reduces lines and wrinkles is worth a go. I've not been using it for that long so i haven't seen an improvement as of yet.

                  * I then put on my Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation in shade 303 True Nude. This claims to last for 16 hours. I think it does except for on my chin for some reason. I would love to have an expensive brand foundation, but we can't have eveything can we.

                  * I have 2 bronzer powders in here. Benefit Hoola which only has crumbs left and Makebelieve Enhance bronzer which is also coming to an end. I feel completely naked without bronzer, it is a definate essential for me. Note to self, buy new bronzer.

                  *I have a couple of blushers that i use daily for a pink rosy glow. I have one called Chit Chat which i think i got from the pound shop, great item for the price, and The HAppy Couple duo bronzer and blusher which is from the Primark. This has more of a highlighting sheen to it which i like to use on my cheek and brow bones.

                  * Blimey! I have 8 mascaras, no wonder why it doesnt close. The one i regularly use is Collection 2000 Volume Sensation which i think is fab. The others are from the cheaper brands aswell but have dried up or have all been used. I will be throwing them away after except Rimmels Lash Maxx, i like the comb on this brush so i tend to comb my lashes through after putting on my mascara so the lashes are seperated.

                  * I have eylure false lash glue in case of an emergency. I like to wear false lashes on a night out because they make me feel very glam and make my eyes look huge.

                  * I love Urban Decay Primer Potion. It keeps my eyeshadow on all day and night and makes the colour a lot stronger. I have done a seperate review on this so check it out.

                  * There's only a few eyeshadows in my everyday bag, most of them are in my big trolley. Here i have 2 Mac pigment powders, a coral colour and a pink, and a smokey eye set which i tend to wear at night.

                  * I like to wear lipgloss in the day so i have a few different shades of them. Benefit Her Glossiness in My people Your people shade, Boujoir tanned colour and a cheap pink shimmer one, aswell as 3 pink lipsticks.

                  * I have 2 black eyeliners which all need sharpening actually. My daughter has a tendency to doodle on my mirror with these. There's a Benefit Bad Gal one which is thick, chunky and great for smudging and a Barry M pencil which i got free in a set from a magazine.

                  * There are a few used cotton buds laying in the bottom of my bag which i have used to wipe away messy mascara under my eyes, minging that i haven't thrown them away i know. There is a sponge wedge which i use to apply my foundation and a Mac number 187 brush that i use for my bronzer.

                  So amoungst all of that a lot of it has now gone in the bin, an excuse to go shopping now i think. I wish i could buy expensive brands of makeup for a change but cheaper ones do exactly the same job so ill save my pennies.


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                    08.04.2010 19:30
                    Very helpful



                    Lovely yummy dessert, shame about the price though.

                    I have been on the Weight Watchers eating plan for a few years now on and off. With 20 points available for me per day these are a great sweet dessert to enjoy without having to deal with the guilt.

                    The appearance of these Belgian Eclairs are exactly what is displayed on the front of the box. They are just the right size without feeling sickly. Indulgent cream covered in flaky soft pastry and thick belgian chocolate smeared across the top. (My mouths watering just thinking of them). The rest of the box is the famous purple colour with the Weight Watchers logo on and Taste Temptations.

                    If you are following the points plan then they are 1.5 points per eclair which is very reasonable and means you can sneak in another if you have a couple of points left for the day. Each eclair has 81 calories, all other ingrediends and nutritional information can be found on the reverse of the packaging.

                    These can be found in the freezer dessert aisle at most supermarkets. In my local Morrisons they sell for £1.99 which i think is slightly overpriced seeing as there is only 6 in a box. They sometimes have them on deal especially around the beginning of the year when the new year diets start.

                    Before eating these they should be defrosted. They are easily seperated in a tray inside the box so you only have to defrost as many as you need. In my opinion i don't think these taste any different to eclairs from the cake shop, except maybe slightly smaller in size.
                    I tend to eat mine straight from the freezer. Probably not the best thing to do as it's frozen cream but my belly's always been able to handle it. I enjoy them like this because they take longer to eat, meaning i can enjoy it for longer. I also like the way the chocolate cracks off in chunks and i can nibble all of the pastry off leaving my favourite until last, the cream. I have been known to eat the whole box a few times, oopsie.

                    I highly recommend these in flavour and points value but i have to deduct a star for the price. Stock up when they are on offer is my tip.


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                    • Your Top 10 / Discussion / 25 Readings / 22 Ratings
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                      08.04.2010 18:18
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment



                      These are few of my favourite things... lalala

                      This is going to be hard norrowing all my favourite things down to just 10, well here goes. These are in no particular order, just incase you think i like my phone better then my daughter.

                      1. My family, including my fiance. Of course without fail this goes first, always there for me.

                      2. My friends. I have the best of friends, famous 4 we call ourselves. They're always there when i need advice, a cry or a moan about men.

                      3. My car. I have a gold Renault Clio 2001 reg. It's not the best car but gets me from a to b, although i should use it less and do some exercise once in a while.

                      4. My mobile phone. I have a Nokia N97 Mini and would be lost without it. I am a major text addict, so if the battery dies when i'm out i feel like i've lost an arm. Ive written a review on my mobile if you're interested to know what it's like.

                      5. My laptop. I have a Dell inspiron 1520. It's usually on most of the day to browse through the internet and do my dooyoo reviews.

                      6. My make up. Typical girl i will not leave the house without a bit of slap on. Unless i have a hangover then i'm not too fussed.

                      7. My hair straighteners. I have a Remington pair after my GHDs broke and i couldn't afford another. These are fab tho and i definately need them to tame my frizz and do my fringe before leaving the house.

                      8. Cuddles. I love cuddles, whether it's from my daughter, fiance, mum, dad, sister, friend, nephew or LJ the teddy, they always cheer me up.

                      9. Hearing my daughter laugh and seeing her happy. This is the best feeling in the world.

                      10. Chocolate. Just a square a day keeps me happy.

                      That was hard.


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                      • What's In Your Bag? / Discussion / 21 Readings / 20 Ratings
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                        07.04.2010 20:34
                        Very helpful



                        Contains the usual junk.

                        Well a bag declutter has not been done in a while so this is much needed. Let me just get my quilted Chanel bag (cough fake cough)...

                        So here goes...

                        * Set of keys with way too many keyrings on them. Including a keyring of my daughter and our library card fobs.

                        * Blistex lip balm. Love this stuff.

                        * Mac concealer. Definate must have for those blotchy moments.

                        * Packet of chewing gum and an empty pack which i will now be throwing away.

                        * Neutral daytime lipgloss, always makes me feel 10 times more sexy.

                        * Numerous receipts which i too will be chucking now.

                        * Eyelash glue. Never know when you or a friend might need it. I did actually wonder where this was hiding.

                        * Direct debit card with no money in it :-(

                        * Electric, gas and tv licence payment cards. This explains why i have no money in the bank.

                        * Bluewater gift card :-) Still got £25 on from christmas.

                        * £5.99 gift card for Sports Direct. FYI they don't do refunds.

                        * Morrisons petrol card. Good scheme if you have a local garage.

                        * £1.26 in change in the inside zip and a trolley token which i sadly just mistook for a pound coin.

                        So that is the contents of my bag, suprising how much can be fitted into something so small. Not very interesting but it gave me a chance to give it a much needed clearout.
                        I have loads of bags which i change every now and then depending on the weather, how i feel and what i'm wearing. God only knows what's in them, or growing in them haha.


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                      • Morrisons / Highstreet Shopping / 22 Readings / 20 Ratings
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                        07.04.2010 19:47
                        Very helpful



                        Recommended supermarket, i can see why.

                        We all have a preferred supermarket we go to regularly, and with more then 370 stores in the UK and around 9 million customers each week Morrisons is high on the list of popularity.

                        I go to Morrisons quite a lot as it is my closest, but i like to shop around if i see particular offers else where. I'm thinking that i'm saving money, but after driving 15 minutes to the next supermarket i've probably spent the money i've saved on petrol. Luckily i can make the money back with my Morrisons petrol card. For every litre you get 15 points then when you've reached 4995 you get a £5 voucher to use in store.

                        Morrisons sells everything any other supermarket does so i wont attempt to list them all, i'll be here forever.

                        It has its own value brand like any other which is in bright yellow packaging. I buy these quite a lot as they are are at good value prices, although the value branded biscuits are usually crumbled in the packs so be ready to catch the crumbs.
                        I highly recommend the value selection pack of crisps. For 45p i think it is, you get 12 packs, 4 packs of each salt & vinegar sticks, onion rings and cheese puffs. They are smaller bags but full of flavour and a super price.

                        They always have bargain deals throughout the store which are regularly advertised on the tele. At the moment they are doing Sensations crisps £1.49, buy 1 get 2 free!
                        The deal i always get when it's on, which has recently been Valentines weekend and Easter weekend is, £7 (prices vary each occasion) for a meal deal including 2 cartons of Covent Garden soup, a joint of meat, selection pack of vegetables and a family size trifle.

                        The fresh fruit and veg section tends to have deals on regularly, at the moment being selected bags half price. The only problem i've had with this section is the cherry tomatoes. 3 times i've bought them and 3 times has half of them in the pack been mouldy. I was not a happy bunny and i did bring the issue up with the manager who was nice enough and took them off the shelves. Hopefully next time my tomatoes will be ok.

                        My local Morrisons has a salad bar which i love. I'm not sure if all stores have this but if it has then certainly give it a go. They provide plastic boxes in different sizes, from regular £1.49 to family size £2.99 where you can cram as much as you can into them. The bar includes the usual salad of lettuce, peppers and carrots aswell as pasta dishes, potato salads and coleslaws. It is all freshly prepared and topped up regularly.

                        There is also a fresh flowers trolley, fresh pizzeria wall, cheese and meat counter, oven section with freshly cooked chicken mmm, freshly baked bread smell sweeping through the aisles and a fresh fish and butchers section which Morrisons prides itself on. Well, Richard Hammond does.
                        I don't really eat fish so i can't comment too much on that but the butchers is good. There is always special offers throughout this section so this is where i always get my meat from. One negative is the chicken breasts, i find that they don't stay fresh for long once you get them home. I generally have to eat them no later then the day after i've bought them otherwise they tend to have an unpleasent smell to them.

                        The freezer section is average. My local is quite small so i can't rate highly on this, but what they do do is good and they have good deals on leading brands a lot of the time.

                        I have always found the staff friendly in here. The checkout staff always have a chat with me and my daughter and i get pointed in the right direction if i can't find something.

                        My local store has a large cafe in it too. I cant say i have ever been but there is always a large queue so it must be nice.

                        Overall i am happy with Morrisons and i will continue to shop there and recommend it. I will deduct a star for the lack of freshness with the chicken breasts and tomatoes but the buy 1 get 2 free deals make up for that.


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                        30.03.2010 16:07
                        Very helpful



                        Me in 54 questions.

                        Copy and paste this review then edit the answers if you would like to do it!

                        1. Which do you prefer - shower or bath? And why?
                        A shower - I find baths really boring. In, wash, out that's me.

                        2. What do you swear you'll never do?
                        Use a sunbed. They are so not worth it, rather spend my money on a fake tan and stay healthy.

                        3. What's the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?
                        Let me have a think...there's plenty to choose from trust me. One of many is when i was walking around Morrisons with my daughter and not knowing that the whole one bum cheek of my combat trousers had ripped, and wearing a thong too was not a pretty sight. I was out of there like a shot.

                        4. What is your favourite quote?
                        Live every day like it's your last.

                        5. What was your favourite holiday? And why?
                        I've not been on many holidays abroad so i would have to say when i took my daughter to New Beach Caravan Park in Dymchurch. It wasn't much for me, but it was my daughters first holiday and to see the smile on her face when we went to the beach and when she was dancing around with the camps characters that was priceless.

                        6. What was your favourite childhood toy?
                        It had to be Sulvanian Families, complete with caravan and accessories. Very happy to see them re-released lately too.

                        7. Do you have any pets?

                        8. Savoury or sweet?
                        Oh this is a tough one. It's 50/50. During the day it's savoury and at night it's sweet.

                        9. Hot or cold?
                        Drinks or weather? Cold drinks, hot weather.

                        10. What's your favourite drink?
                        Blackcurrant Ribena cold and refreshing.

                        11. What's your favourite food?
                        I love hot spicy Mexican food. Not too hot though.

                        12. Who do you hate the most?
                        Hate is a strong word! I try not to hate people just dislike.

                        13. Do you have a crush on someone? If so, who?
                        I will be honest as my fiance doesn't read my reviews, he of course is number 1 but close 2nd is Channing Tatum from the film 'Fighting'.

                        14. What is your favourite colour?
                        It changes all the time, at the moment it's deep purple.

                        15. What did you do last night?
                        Watched soaps from 7-9pm, usual Monday night for me.

                        16. What's your favourite thing to do?
                        Going for a family meal.

                        17. Favourite movie, TV Programme, Book?
                        Do you want a movie, programme and book? Well i love romantic comedy films, Sex And The City has to be an all time favourite. Eastenders always has me hooked, and enjoyed the shopoholic series of books by Sophie Kinsella.

                        18. Who's your hero?
                        My mum. Always there when i need here.

                        19. Favourite song of all time?
                        My immortal by Evanescence. Lovely song, has so much emotion in it. Ideal for when you want a cry.

                        20. Have you ever had a supernatural experience?
                        Can't say i have no.

                        21. Favourite Sound?
                        My daughter laughing.

                        22. Favourite Smell?

                        23. Favourite place to be?
                        In a room with all my family and friends.

                        24. Happiest moment in your life?
                        Having my daughter and getting engaged.

                        25. Saddest moment in your life so far?
                        When me and my fiance split up when our daughter was only 2 weeks old. We are happily back together now.

                        26. What is your dream job?
                        I've changed my mind on this so many times and wasted so many years training on what i later lost interest in. If i had the patience and time to train then i would love to be a midwife although i don't think i'm confident enough.

                        27. Do you believe in Angels/Ghosts/Demons?
                        Angels and ghosts yes.

                        28. Are you superstitious?
                        Yes i'd say i am. Seeing Sally Morgan Live soon, can't wait.

                        29. What colour eyes do you have?

                        30. What colour hair do you have?
                        Brown with blonde highlights.

                        31. If you could change 1 thing about you, what would it be?
                        Jelly baby belly.

                        32. If you could change 1 thing about your personality, what would it be?
                        I'd like buckets more confidence.

                        33. What is your biggest fear?
                        Death of myself or friends and family close to me.

                        34. Do you have any regrets? If so, what are they?
                        I regret being such a selfish child to my mum. Now i have a child of my own and a house i now realise how hard paying bills etc is. Refusing to pay my mum house keeping was very unfair of me. Might only seem minor to those reading but i do really regret this. I also wish i had spent more time with my grandad before he died, as the saying goes 'you don't know what u've lost until it's gone'.

                        35. Have you ever been in love?
                        Yes, i am right now.

                        36. What's the most important thing to you in the world?
                        My family and friends.

                        37. What is your most treasured possession?
                        My engagement ring.

                        38. Happiest celebration?

                        39. Saddest celebration?
                        Anniversarys of those that are not here anymore.

                        40. What/ Who annoys you?
                        Liers and two faced people.

                        41. Do you recycle?

                        42. What's your favourite sport?
                        None particularly. Don't mind watching gymnastics when it's on tele or Dancing on Ice.

                        43. Who was the last person to upset you?
                        My fiance being a typical bloke.

                        44. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
                        Hopefully married, couple more kids, debt free and happy.

                        45. Favourite Season?
                        Spring. Summer is sometimes too hot but winter is too cold, so ill stick with the middle season.

                        46. Can you cook?
                        Yes, im very experimental in the kitchen.

                        47. What is the last lie you told?
                        I said i hate liers but everyone tells white lies dont they? Probably was telling someone i weigh less then what i actually do. In my dreams!

                        48. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
                        Anywhere away from knife and gun crime that we hear of everyday.

                        49. Favourite musician(s)?
                        Rhianna, Alicia Keys.

                        50. Can you play an instrument?
                        Nope. Did play the violin and clarinet in school but that novelty quickly wore off.

                        51. If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?
                        1) For all my loved ones to stay healthy and well.
                        2) To be financially stable.
                        3) Live happily ever after.

                        52. Would you ever have plastic surgery? If so, where?
                        Would have a tummy tuck if i could, but then again i think id chicken out at the last minute.

                        53. What are you most ashamed of?
                        How i behaved as a child/teenager. I was such a tear away and my parents didn't deserve it.

                        54. If you could have a super power/ ability, what would it be?
                        To stop all misery, heart ache, war and illnesses in the world.

                        As i'm still a newbie i thought i'd enlighten you a little into the world of ME.


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                          30.03.2010 14:19
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                          Sweet summer fragrance for pennies.

                          Next is one of the most popular leading fashion retailers in many countries now and has had a big influence on the fashion industry.
                          Since opening their doors in 1982 and releasing their catalogue in 1988 they've sold womens wear, mens and childrens wear, homeware, jewellery and perfume.

                          This particular Eau De Parfum 'Diamonds' is a fresh happy fragrance with a scent described by Next as 'an opulent white floral fragrance entwined with fresh fruit nectars and crystalline musks'. I can definately smell the musk and flowers in it but not so much fruits, although perfumes do tend to smell differently on different people. It's a very sweet refreshing day scent which could be smelt as overpowering at first but then soon dies down a bit.

                          You need to spray a few squirts on you as the smell doesn't last for that long, maybe half the day on your skin and most of the day on your clothes.

                          The 100ml size retails for £12, 30ml at £6 and the gift set containing 30ml parfum, 100ml body wash and 100ml shimmer body lotion retails for £10.
                          I think this is a great price, especially for such a big bottle. Designer fragrances for that size cost around £40 if you're lucky.

                          The bottle is shaped as a diamond, hence the name. It's transparent glass showing the pinky purple perfume inside with a diamond lid looks very classy and expensive. It comes in a sterdy plastic box too which is quite attractive.

                          I'm only a quarter of the way through my bottle at the moment but when it's all gone i will for sure be buying a new bottle, and can afford to get a 100ml too at £12, Bargain :-)


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                            30.03.2010 13:35
                            Very helpful



                            Perfume that smells divine but comes at a price.

                            This is definately my new favourite perfume!
                            I dropped a massive hint over the christmas period and suprisingly i received it christmas morning.

                            Viktor & Rolf are Dutch designers, not very well known in the UK yet but i came across this in The Perfume Shop. It can't be bought everywhere yet although i've seen it in some Boots, Harvey Nichols, House Of Fraser and some online sites.

                            It is quite expensive but well worth it. Prices vary in different stores. I recieved 50ml of the Eau de Parfum which my fiance paid around £56 for. The Parfum is slightly more expensive then Eau de Toilette as it contains more percentage of perfume concentrates, which means it is stronger and the scent lasts longer.

                            This is a very elegant, classy and grown up scent, as id say 'Posh perfume'. It's described by Viktor & Rolf as 'a floral explosion of tea, bergamot, sambac jasmine, orange tree, catleya orchid, freesia, rose, and amber, musk, and patchouli'. I can distinctively smell musk, rose and vanilla when i wear it. The smell lasts all day and stays strong throughout the day too. Some might say it's too strong and overpowering but it's all down to personal preference. 1-2 sprays is all you need. Even my male friends have commented on it as i walk past which says something.

                            The gorgeous crystal looking glass bottle comes in a cubed pale pink box. It has the image of black ribbon tied around it with Viktor & Rolf written on it in silver.

                            I'm not far into my bottle yet as i only use it on special occasions, but i will be making another huge hint when it's coming to an end. I wouldn't be able to justify spending that much money on myself, however nice it is.


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