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    • Samsung Galaxy S2 / Mobile Phone / 11 Readings / 11 Ratings
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      28.12.2012 20:50
      Very helpful



      I would highly recommend this phone as it's a good all-rounder with few cons to report

      I bought this phone the day it came out (unintentionally as it turned out) after doing a lot of research. I was impressed with the specs of the phone and its features, particularly given it was considerably cheaper than the iphone rival (as are most phones!). I was not disappointed and this phone delivers in every area.

      The design is outstanding, being both lightweight and super-thin. One of the few criticisms of the design is perhaps the plastic back panel which seems cheap and easily breakable (although I appreciate this may help to minimise the weight of the phone). Not to everyone's taste may be the relatively large screen of the phone, although this provides an impressive viewing area which may be desirable if you intend to watch a lot films/videos/games on the phone.

      I know a lot of people have criticised the battery life of the phone and, true enough, used regularly it will need to be charged every day. However, I believe it needs to be taken into perspective in that this phone is effectively a computer, and I wouldn't expect a laptop's battery, for example, to last any longer than this. The battery life is comparable to other smartphones and good given its capabilities.

      The phone is equipped with one of the better cameras found in smartphones at the moment, boasting 8 megapixels and it does take particularly impressive photos. It also has an array of features you would expect to find on digital cameras, with a good piece of photo-editing software.

      I have had this phone for 18 months and I have no major cons to point out on it. It's robust and reliable and everything you could want out of a smartphone (and more). Very much recommended (unless of course you want to pay the extra for an S3...)


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