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      30.06.2011 14:38
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Perfect for what I needed it for!

      I originally bought this memory card to go in my phone because the slot in my phone was too small for an average sized memory card slot (not that this seemed to be much of a problem, at least for me) and this one was the right size for the phone that I had at the time. I must admit, I did wonder if 1GB would be enough for what I wanted it for but then it didn't seem like it would matter given that it had a reasonably large internal memory in the phone anyway. I just wanted to be able to transfer things from my phone to my computer.

      Given the main reason I wanted it was to be able to move things from computer to phone and back again, I thought that this was just what I wanted. Using this, I have actually been able to add several songs to my phone (it's an mp3 player as well as a phone) which are now stored on the phone itself so that I could free up the memory card to add pictures to so that I could put them onto my computer.

      This does seem like a pretty long winded thing to do but it's actually really simple. You just select "copy to storage device" and then it will be on the storage device and your phone. Then, you can delete it from the phone without deleting it from the memory card and can save space on the phone instead. This makes this device really useful for people who end up taking photos on their phone that they want to put online on a site that isn't mobile compatible. I sometimes get deviantart pictures on my phone and then realise that without this memory card I wouldn't be able to get the images to the computer without buying a bluetooth adapter for the computer which would be more expensive and would rely on my phone battery holding out long enough to transfer something through bluetooth (admittedly my phone has faults there now!). Having this memory card has proved to be really useful in that sense.

      The actual size of the memory card is really really tiny, especially if you compare it to a normal SDHC card. I would say it is approximately 12mm by 8mm and 1mm thick. This makes it difficult to find if you forget to put it back in the phone when you're done with it but as long as you do this, it's generally fine. Putting it into the phone and getting it out again is plenty easy enough. My phone has a cover over the memory card hole so it isn't likely to fall out. It has to be clicked into place or it won't work on the phone when you put it in but again, the door won't close properly if it's not been clicked into place.

      I bought this memory card for about £5.99 in a half price sale about a year ago and have used it pretty regularly ever since then and have never had a problem with it.

      If you want something which is easy to operate, is reasonably cheap and is reliable then I would recommend this. It is only 1GB but then if you're just moving images from one place to another like I generally do then this shouldn't be a problem.


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    • Europop - Eiffel 65 / Music Album / 44 Readings / 42 Ratings
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      18.06.2011 15:49
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      great album

      Europop was the first album released by the Italian group Eiffel 65 and in my opinion, this is probably the best one they've released as well. The others I've heard simply haven't been the same as this one. This album was released in 1999.

      Cover art for this album is an image of the people in the band (Gianfranco Randone, Maurizio Lobina, and Gabriele Ponte) and then the title of the album and their band name at the top of the cover. The main colours on this album cover are black and blue and I would say that in the 90's, these colours were generally seen to be quite disco-style and the tracksuits worn by the members of the band were probably pretty popular then as well.

      Tracklisting for this album is as follows:
      1 Blue (Da ba dee)
      2 Too much of heaven
      3 Dub in life
      4 Living in a bubble
      5 Move your body
      6 My console
      7 Your clown
      8 Another race
      9 The edge
      10 Now is forever
      11 Silicon world
      12 Europop
      13 Hyperlink (deep down)
      14 Blue (extended mix)

      As I mentioned in the title, there is one track on this album that I think everyone would know. It is one of the defining tracks of the 1990's in my opinion and if you listened to music back then, I think you would probably have heard this song because it was literally all over the radio and all over TV channels. If you've not heard this song, I would actually be really surprised. The track has clearly been heavily edited in places using vocal enhancers and such but I think that's what makes this track such a catchy one. While I wouldn't normally listen to anything like this (just look at my other album reviews if you don't believe that this is an odd type of music for me to be listening to) I will always think that this is one of the best tracks of the 1990's. It is clearly a dance track but it is also pretty easy to tell that the lyrics aren't really about anything happy or about anything you would generally get motivated by but this track certainly does that. It's not even overly fast, yet it always seems to really make me want to move.

      I have to say though that this isn't just the case for this song on this album. Most of them are like that, with the clearly edited vocals. The general backing music for the tracks on this album is the sort of thing you would hear on disco, techno, electronic and dance tracks today. Despite being from 1999, this entire album sounds like it could have come out of the later years of the 2000's, in fact. It's a very advanced set of songs for it's time and while this is far from what I would normally listen to, I think that it's one of the best albums I've ever heard. I wouldn't think this album was out of place if it was played regularly on radio stations today to be honest. The lyrics to songs like "Move Your Body" - a song which is also likely to be known by many people, even if they don't know who Eiffel 65 are - "Too Much Of Heaven" and "Another Race" are just like those that you would hear on radio stations now. I think this is odd given how long it has taken for these songs to start to come out. I think it's odd how every band seems to now be copying Eiffel 65 but at the time they were a one of a kind sort of band. It shows how ahead of their time they were and I think they have been somewhat overlooked in how good their music was. Sure, some of the lyrics were somewhat odd, like in "Another Race" where the subject is outer space, but then that was what was popular in the 90's and therefore at the time it would have been well suited to the lyrics used there. In this sense, I don't understand how more of their songs weren't popular at the time but I guess they were perhaps too far ahead of their time to really get the appreciation they deserved at the time.

      For an Italian band, you would expect to be hearing lyrics in Italian but every single song on this album is sung in English which I think is what helped it to become so popular both in the United Kingdom and in the United States (where it is has sold more albums than any other Italian group ever in the United States, having sold more than two million copies). If they had songs in Italian, I feel that it wouldn't have been appreciated as well as it was in the 90's because at the time I think there was far fewer people able to speak languages other than English if they lived here. There was less of an emphasis on learning other languages then.

      One of their songs, "My Console", is another pretty well known song but this is because it is better known as 'The Playstation Song'. This song is another one that has been heavily edited in one form or another but I think this song could have been a lot more popular than it was as well, what with the music closely resembling the sort of music heard in Playstation 1 games. It mentions several games in the lyrics which I think is quite an interesting concept because this is something that is often done now, with themes from games being the main theme of songs. The games mentioned have gained in popularity in some cases as well, such as "Tekken", "Gran Turismo" and "Resident Evil". If you've not heard of these games, I'd be surprised. This is another reason why I don't understand why they weren't more popular.

      While this album might not have seemed like such a great album at the time, I think the album is a really good one (and I always have thought this). I think that if you've not heard this album then you really should listen to it some time. I think that it was far more advanced than people give it credit for and I think that it has some really good songs on it.


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        18.06.2011 11:40
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        Does the job!

        Over the years I've ended up with absolutely loads of various deodorants, mostly roll on due to the fact that I have bad asthma, but loads of deodorants none the less. Mitchum used to be a brand that I didn't go near because I once had an asthma attack after someone in my old school sprayed about half a can of Mitchum deodorant on me and after that I said I'd never go near the stuff again.

        When I was in the supermarket a year or so ago though I saw it on offer, 2 for £1. That seemed too good to be true, in my opinion, so I grabbed 2 and decided to get over the fact that it had once made me have an asthma attack (although admittedly this one was a roll on whereas that one had been a spray can) and try it again.

        It wasn't anywhere near as bad as I had expected it to be though. It came in a little bottle with a rounded cap on top and was about 10cm tall. I thought this was fairly reasonable as it would fit into wash bags easily which would be ideal for when I went swimming. I unscrewed the cap - another thing I found to be really useful as this meant it wouldn't come off and leak in my bag or anything like that - and used it as you would use any roll on deodorant, by rolling it on under my arm pits.

        It says that the smell of this should be 'powder fresh'. I don't really know what this is supposed to smell like so to be fair I don't know if it smells right for what it should smell like but personally I think the smell is okay. I would say that there are better smells out there but then it's not a strong smell anyway and I don't think you really smell it if you have it on. You just don't smell body odour which has to be better.

        As I said before, the smell wasn't very strong and the claim that it would last for 48 hours seemed to be somewhat unlikely but I decided that even if it didn't last that long, for that price it didn't exactly matter anyway and I doubted I would ever not put deodorant on for 48 hours anyway.

        To my surprise though, one time when I was ill and had to spend the day in bed (and therefore hadn't put any deodorant on that day but I had put this one on before) I still felt reasonably fresh afterwards so I suppose maybe this claim is true after all. I wouldn't want to try this regularly of course but I guess if you were to forget one day this could be handy.

        One bottle of this stuff lasts for about 4 months I think. I normally end up buying around 3 bottles a year, I would say. I don't think this is too bad given the price.

        Overall, I would say that this deodorant is very good. While I don't believe you can get this deodorant for less than £1 per bottle now, I think this is still reasonable, especially when you compare it to other brands and their prices. I saw a smaller bottle of Sure deodorant in a shop yesterday actually for £2.34 which I thought was insane for deodorant. This one is generally about £1 and it does the job. I'd give it 5 stars because it isn't a bad deodorant. The smell may not be perfect but I think given that you don't smell it anyway really, this isn't a problem.


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          15.06.2011 17:49
          Very helpful
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          I love it!

          New Surrender is the fourth studio record from the American band Anberlin. It was their first major album release on a major record label. It was released in 2008.

          The cover art for this album is a green image of mountains, trees and a skyline with their logo in orange across the middle of the top half of the cover.

          Tracklisting for this album is as follows:
          1 The Resistance
          2 Breaking
          3 Blame Me! Blame Me!
          4 Retrace
          5 Feel Good Drag
          6 Disappear
          7 Breathe
          8 Burn Out Brighter (northern lights)
          9 Younglife
          10 Haight St
          11 Soft Skeletons
          12 miserabile visu {ex malo bonum }

          For those of you that don't speak Latin, the English version of the 12th song title is "A piteous sight {Good from evil} although my Latin is a little rusty so forgive me if that isn't absolutely correct.

          From this album, I would have to say that my personal favourite is The Resistance because this was the song which introduced me to the band when the album first came out. I heard the song on the radio and instantly loved it. I listen to the radio a lot and often don't catch the name of the track but with this one I managed to scribble down a few lines of the lyrics and later searched the song on google and found a new band to love; Anberlin! The lyrics in The Resistance do seem somewhat odd and unrelated to the line before or the line after but all the same, I love the song and I always end up singing along because the beat is good and the guy's voice is certainly different to that of any other I've ever heard. The uniqueness of it I think is what made me like it so much, actually. This is definitely my favourite from this album and probably from all their albums actually. Great song.

          Breaking is another song much like The Feel Good Drag that talks about a girl that goes out collecting hearts to break. The singer seems to have been another victim of this who loved her at one point but now he's saying "I can't love a thief any more" as though he is now over the fact that she is a heart breaker. I think this song is another interesting one because rather than just being another break up song like most other songs of this nature seem to be, this one sounds different. It puts out the facts quite bluntly. I think the sarcastic manner in which some of the lines are sung makes the song quite amusing actually. It's almost like he's over it to the point where he now misses her even more but won't admit it, sort of thing. I think this song, if remixed, could actually work well on a dance album, which is odd because normally I wouldn't like that sort of song but in this case I think it works really well.

          The Feel Good Drag is a good song as well, telling a story as it progresses through the song. It tells the story of someone falling in love with someone else who already has a boyfriend. After a one night stand, they want to continue things but the other person involved isn't interested and lines like "was this over before it began?" become the main theme of the song, asking whether there was ever any point in the brief relationship in the first place when there was no chance that it was ever going to go any further. However, there is still some sort of memory of this person going on in their mind; "your lips, your lies, your lust". I think that the way that this song is put together lyrically and with the background music seeming to fit so well with it, this song is a pretty good song. I didn't think it would be but when I listened to it, I liked it more with each and every time I listened to it. It's coming close behind The Resistance as my favourite by Anberlin now, actually.

          Overall, I have to say that I do like this album. The songs above are my favourites but they're all really good and I would say that if you like unusual sounding bands, this might be something you'd be interested in.


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          • Artwork - The Used / Music Album / 18 Readings / 18 Ratings
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            15.06.2011 17:17
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            Not bad

            Artwork is the fourth studio album by an American band called The Used. This album was released in 2009.

            Cover art for this album is an image of a needle (possibly a tattooist's needle) with the word "art" on it writing or carving the word "work" into someone's arm. The Used's logo is in the top left hand corner of the album cover.

            The tracklisting for this album is as follows:
            1 Blood On My Hands
            2 Empty With You
            3 Born To Quit
            4 Kissing You Goodbye
            5 Sold My Soul
            6 Watered Down
            7 On The Cross
            8 Come Undone
            9 Meant To Die
            10 Best Of Me, The
            11 Men Are All The Same

            My favourite song by The Used is Blood On My Hands and therefore I would have to say that this is also my favourite song on this album. It is a fairly raw sounding song with a pretty raw sounding set of lyrics as well, essentially about killing and being covered in blood afterwards. With lyrics like "beautifully so disfigured" featuring heavily on this track, I would have to say it wouldn't be at all suitable for younger or more sensitive audiences. I really like this song though because it is really lively and makes you want to move. The lyrics are really catchy and I often find myself having to stop myself singing mid-sentence as I realise there are children around or people that wouldn't appreciate such lyrics. I really like the contrasts in the singer's voice on this song as well, the way that it goes from screaming to ordinary singing and then into different sounding voices, almost like voices in your head or something like that. Great song.

            Kissing You Goodbye is probably one of the saddest songs on this album but I think that it's one of the best ones as well. I really like this song because of the memories I have with this song and the way it talks about refusing to say goodbye to somebody. It talks about how a person can't live without another person, at least not mentally. Physically they can carry on but mentally they feel as though they no longer are alive. And I've experienced this when a very close friend died. I felt like I couldn't say goodbye to him because I guess at the time it felt like when he died, I died inside with him. I know it sounds strange to people who've never experienced it but this song does explain pretty much exactly how that feels, at least to me. So I would have to say that this will always be one of my favourite songs by The Used as well.

            Born To Quit talks about how some people fight for everything they have and refuse to give up while others just quit at the first opportunity they get, yet still seem to get everything they want. I know people who quit and get what they want all the same whereas I'm one of those that won't give in no matter how unlikely something seems to be and therefore I think this song is a very good song. A good example of this was when my Maths teacher in high school said I was useless and would never make it in anything and that I would fail Maths. I got an A. She gave up on me because she thought I was no good but I proved her wrong by passing without her help. I wish this song had been there when I was doing my Maths GCSE as I think it would've really helped me to get through. I'm sure it'll help others in time to come as well with getting through things when they feel like everyone else would've quit by then. It's a really good song.

            Overall, I do like this album but I would say there are better albums out there. For me, these three songs make up for the rest of the album being not so good so I'll give it four stars.


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              15.06.2011 16:25
              Very helpful



              I love this album!

              Welcome Home Armageddon is an indie album by Funeral For A Friend, a Welsh band. This is their fifth studio album.

              Cover art for this album is a picture of a skeleton family sitting around a table and half of their house has been blown apart by a nuclear bomb which you can see exploding in the distance outside.

              The tracklisting for this album is as follows:
              1 This Side Of Brightness
              2 Old Hymns
              3 Front Row Seats To The End of The World
              4 Sixteen
              5 Aftertaste
              6 Spinning Over The Island
              7 Man Alive
              8 Owls (Are Watching)
              9 Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don t
              10 Medicated
              11 Broken Foundation
              12 Welcome Home Armageddon

              In my opinion, the three best songs on the album are Old Hymns, Spinning Over the Island and Medicated, which I have gone into more detail about below.

              Old Hymns is a very quick song with a fast heavy beat and you can't help but move when you hear it because it's just that sort of song. I think that the lyrics to this song are good in that they show how you can get sucked deeper and deeper into something and become dependant on something that can be taken away in the blink of an eye and I think that this is a very good song because of the lyrics in this song. However, it seems like the song is over extremely quickly which is one thing I dislike about it.

              Spinning Over the Island is a song which has quite a bit of screaming and ordinary singing in it. The two contrast quite well. There is less screaming in this song than there is in some of their other albums and other songs but I still think it sounds good. It has a strong beat to it and pretty much makes you want to headbang, particularly during the screamo parts. I think that this song is one of the best ones on this album, although admittedly I do like most of the songs on it. There are a few parts in this song where it suddenly slows down, almost like it's resting before it starts the remainder of the journey described in the song. I think this works well. I really do like this song.

              Medicated is a song which initially reminds me quite a bit of a song by AFI but it soon becomes apparent that this isn't the same song as the Funeral For A Friend sound begins to take over more. The lyrics to this song start right at the start which I think is a good thing because it shows that this band is different to many others that have a large introduction before there is anything else mentioned. The song isn't overly upbeat or overly sad sounding, yet the lyrics are certainly quite sad with lines like "paper houses, cutting corners" which is essentially showing the weakness of a household and it's members. It sounds like it could be talking about the children in a household with arguing parents, at least to me, but I may be wrong about whether this is actually the meaning of the song. I do really like this song though. Unlike most of Funeral For a Friend's songs, this one contains no screaming at all. I thought this wouldn't sound right for such a band but actually I think it works well.

              Overall, I really like this album. I think that the variety on it is really good and this means that there is likely to be something on it for everyone, rather than it just appealing to one specific audience like some bands seem to do. I think this is one of my favourite albums at the moment.


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            • TCL Magic Torch Plus / Gadget / 35 Readings / 32 Ratings
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              13.06.2011 17:59
              Very helpful



              I'd buy again!

              When I originally bought this torch, it was bought because I wanted something that could be used for camping. This seemed to be a really good idea at the time because of the way it was a wind up torch so therefore there was no batteries involved. This is always a good thing for camping because it means that you don't have to worry about batteries going dead in the middle of the night when you need to go to the toilet and can't see where you're putting your feet, as is often the case in camp sites that have no electricity or lights up anywhere. It can be pretty annoying. That's the main reason I decided to get this torch, so that there would be no worry of this happening again.

              When I saw the torch in a charity shop, I thought that it was a pretty good deal, coming in at £2 for the torch, and the fact that it had a radio on it was just a bonus for me.

              Having bought the torch, I had a look at it back at the camp site and it seemed to be a pretty good little thing. It had a radio in it as well which is always useful when you're in the tent and want to know the weather forecast or something like that. In order to power the torch or radio, all you need to do is wind up the torch using a handle on the back of the torch. It is held up to the side of the torch by a magnet so that it doesn't get in the way when it's not in use but this is pretty easy to unclip, you just have to pull it towards yourself (away from the body of the torch) and it is more than easy enough to do this. The magnet isn't overly strong but it's strong enough to hold it on unless you choose to remove it.

              Once you've wound the torch up, it says in the instructions that it will last for as much as an hour after you spend 1 minute winding it but I would say that while this may be true, it is somewhat a weak light if it's the torch you're mostly using it for. If you want the light to remain bright you have to keep turning the winder all the time or the light isn't particularly bright and it's difficult to see where you're going. The radio certainly lasts about an hour without needing any more winding though which I feel is a good thing.

              I thought that the look of the torch was quite good as well, given that it is a fairly bulky item that is difficult to lose. This is a bonus for someone like me who always loses everything but it's not exactly the most fashionable looking item and it isn't the sort of thing that would easily fit into a bag or a pocket or anything which can make it easier to transport. For me, this isn't a problem at all but I could imagine it would be a completely unnecessarily big and bulky item for some people who therefore wouldn't like it much.

              Overall, I think that this is a very good item. I probably would buy another one if I found it again but to be honest, I think the process of winding it could be improved so that it actually does last a little longer with the torch side of things.


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              13.06.2011 14:54
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              Great device for storage

              As a photography mad college student that tends to spend more time taking photographs than on things that I really should be doing such as coursework, I've found that I've needed quite a few memory cards over the years to store the photos I take on. This was just one of the many that I've acquired over the time I've had digital cameras for and I recently found it up so I thought I'd do a review on this one in particular.

              I bought it about a year ago from a digital camera shop inside Asda in the Birchwood Centre in Ashton Under Lyne in Manchester for £9.97. I bought it because my old one was full and it was a nice day for taking photographs. It wasn't necessarily that I had to buy it, it was more of an impulse buy than anything else. I know that the same one is now available in Tesco for £7.74 though and I'm fairly sure you could get them for even less than that if you bought them online on eBay or Amazon. These memory cards are the ones most commonly used in digital cameras so they should be fairly easy to get hold of, I would think.

              The colours that were available when I bought my one were just blue and black but this may have changed since I bought mine. I bought a blue one because my old one was black and I wanted to distinguish between them easily without having to read the card if I needed to quickly get the memory card into the camera for a photograph.

              The shape and size of this piece is pretty much the same size as a stamp which makes it pretty easy to lose but then I suppose if you have somewhere to keep it, as I now have having bought a memory card holder from eBay for 1p (it really was a bargain - I half expected it not to ever turn up but I thought for 1p I'd try it and it actually arrived!) I now don't have to worry so much about the possibility of losing it as often as I used to. If you get one of these memory cards, I would definitely recommend that you get a holder as well because they're definitely very useful if you're always losing small things!

              Another bonus point is that there is a 'lock' feature on it where you can choose to prevent the memory card from being wiped. One of my old ones didn't have this feature and you'd be surprised how many times I caught it and ended up losing the photos I'd taken. I think this is a really good feature on this one because it prevents data loss.

              As for the amount this memory card can hold, when mine is empty it can hold the following amounts of photographs:
              2M HD - 12873 photographs
              3M - 7723 photographs
              5M - 5941 photographs
              7M HD - 4543 photographs
              8M - 3861 photographs
              10M - 3217 photographs
              12M - 2757 photographs
              14M - 2573 photographs
              As you can see, this holds a lot of photographs so I think this is a very good memory card and a good amount of GB to have on a memory card as well because it can hold a lot of photographs so if you're away for a while and can't get access to a computer to get the images off it doesn't matter too much. On average, I will probably take around 100 images a day so this would last me for 40 days on average of taking photographs without emptying the memory card. I think that this is a very reasonable amount of space. A larger one would probably be more useful to me in a way but then it's all a matter of how often you use it.

              When it comes to taking the images off of the memory card, I find that the easiest way of doing this is to copy the images into a folder already on the computer and then delete the images from the memory card. My computer is a windows 7 computer and it has no problems with loading on this computer. My old vista computer had no problems with it either which I think is a good thing because both of these are known to have problems with loading storage devices.

              Overall, I have to say that this is a very good memory card because it has a decent amount of space on it and is easy to transfer data to and from. I also think that the price is good, averaging at £2 per GB which is very good in my opinion given how long you can use them for and how the space never really gets completely filled up because you can just delete something.


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              12.06.2011 22:16
              Very helpful



              Great album

              Enema of the State was an album released in 1999 by the band Blink 182, a reasonably popular American punk band.

              The cover art for this album is the image of a nurse putting gloves on.

              The tracklisting for this album is as follows:

              1 Dumpweed
              2 Don't Leave Me
              3 Aliens Exist
              4 Going Away To College
              5 What's My Age Again
              6 Dysentery Gary
              7 Adam's Song
              8 All The Small Things
              9 The Party Song
              10 Mutt
              11 Wendy Clear
              12 Anthem
              13 Enema Of The State

              The most well known song on this album by a long way is All The Small Things which I believe was released in the UK and is still frequently played on radio stations. It also happens to be one of my favourite songs on the album, and the favourite song of many of the people I know of all the songs that Blink 182 have ever done so this shows the popularity of it. I think the way the song is easy to associate to with lines like "work sucks, i know" is what makes it seem so popular among people, especially among teenagers who don't really want to go to work but know they have to. I think the beat of the song is quite a good one because it makes you want to move and you'll almost always find yourself singing along whether you really want to or not. It's a very catchy song.

              Another song on this album which is fairly well known is Whats My Age Again which is another lively song that you find yourself singing along to and dancing to as well. It's a pretty good song because of the beat and the lyrics and the way they seem to go so well together. This song always manages to cheer me up when I'm feeling low because of the speed of it and the way it reminds you that things dont just happen to you and that other people go through the same thing as you do. It also cheered me up when I used to get bullied at school so I guess the whole 'cheering up' thing has remained because of the way that it used to make me feel as well as how it makes me feel now. I think the lyrics are quite good because of the way they talk about things that happen to people in every day life again and this is one of the things that makes Blink 182 a really good band.

              Adam's Song is a song which is quite a bit different to the other songs on this album. It talks about the more negative sides of life. It talks about the idea of suicide and not getting to live the rest of your life because you killed yourself before it had a chance to play out and change and get better. This is another thing that I can associate to, having lost people through suicide in the past. It is quite a sad song to listen to really when you know what it's about. I like the song though because it holds memories for me. I know some people don't like it much because it's not particularly lively compared with other Blink 182 songs but for me, it's just as good.

              Overall, this album is a really good one much like their other albums and I think if you've not listened to it then you really should give it a chance.


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            • Lights Out - Sugarcult / Music Album / 30 Readings / 29 Ratings
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              12.06.2011 15:06
              Very helpful



              Not bad

              Lights Out is an album which was released by the band Sugarcult. It was released in September 2006 on their Myspace page.

              Cover art for this album is an image of a naked woman lying width ways across a bed with just a duvet to cover the parts of her which would be unsuitable for younger audiences. The room she is in is dark.

              The tracklisting for this song is as follows:
              1 Lights Out
              2 Dead Living
              3 Angeles
              4 Do It Alone
              5 Explode
              6 Out of Phase
              7 Made a Mistake
              8 Riot
              9 Majoring in Minors
              10 Shaking
              11 Investigation
              12 Hiatus

              The only song released from this album was "Lights Out".

              Majoring in Minors is one of my favourite songs on this album because it has an upbeat and catchy sort of sound to it that makes you want to join in with what they're singing and to generally get involved in some way, whether that is by singing or by moving your foot or something along those lines. In my opinion, it sounds a bit like it's a cross between Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco (the earlier sound of Panic at the Disco, anyway). The singer's voice sounds quite a bit like that of Brendon Urie so I think that might be where that idea comes from. It is quite a versatile sounding voice here. I think it would appeal to those who like bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco anyway. I think there is a good drum beat in the background which adds to the appeal of this song, at least for me, because I like the drums.

              Shaking is my favourite song by Sugarcult though so I would have to say that in my opinion this is the best song on the album. I love the lyrics, the sound of the song and the general way it is upbeat and happy sounding, even if it's not the sort of song I can play often because there always seems to be kids around whenever I try to play it and the lyrics are far from suitable for children because of what they speak about. This could be a negative point for some people but I think that these sorts of things are a fact of life and really there are going to be songs about them.

              Most of the other songs on this album I don't find to be overly spectacular in any way which I think is a shame. I think that Sugarcult are a really good band but they sometimes focus too much on one sound and replicate it throughout the album. I wouldn't say the songs are necessarily bad, they could just be better if they sounded more individual in some cases.


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              02.06.2011 16:17
              Very helpful



              Listen to it if you haven't done already!

              At the time when this album was released, the band was known as "Panic! at the Disco" with the exclamation mark still after the "Panic!" This was removed on their second album but has now been replaced since Ryan Ross and Jon Walker left the band to form their own, Young Veins.

              A Fever You Can't Sweat Out was their first studio band, with the band members at the time consisting of Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith and Brent Wilson who was replaced mid-tour by Jon Walker during the tour for A Fever You Can't Sweat Out after a disagreement between band members. On this album, Brendon Urie does most of the singing, Ryan Ross and Brent Wilson are on the guitars and Spencer Smith is on the drums. The lyrics were written by Ryan Ross. Throughout the album, there are mentions of life, death, marriage, religion, prostitution, alcoholism and adultery, although these are often fairly well hidden in the manner in which they are addressed and it is possible to mistake the meaning of the lyrics for something completely different.

              This album was released in September 2005 on the Decaydance and Fueled By Ramen Records recording labels.

              The cover art for this album is a collection of people who are unlikely to be seen together in the same place at what appears to be a table or perhaps a bar. Their bodies and legs don't match, often with one half being in colour and the other in black and white. There are historical figures as well as more recent figures displayed here in various different poses.

              The tracklisting for this album is as follows:
              1. Introduction
              2.Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage
              3. London Beckoned Songs About Money Written by Machines
              4. Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks
              5. Camisado
              6. Time to Dance
              7. Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
              8. Intermission
              9. But It's Better If You Do
              10. I Write Sins Not Tragedies
              11. I Constantly Thank God for Esteban
              12. There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just ...
              13. Build God, Then We'll Talk

              The songs which were released from this album are as follows:
              "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage"
              Released: January 23, 2006
              "I Write Sins Not Tragedies"
              Released: February 27, 2006
              "But It's Better If You Do"
              Released: May 16, 2006
              "Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off"
              Released: August 7, 2006
              "Build God, Then We'll Talk"
              Released: March 5, 2007

              "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies" is by far their most well known song from this album. It was the song which got them the fame they now have. This track alone was the one which got them into the public eye and gave them the publicity they had been looking for. It sparked the continuation of their careers as musicians and the continuation of Panic! at the Disco.

              "Introduction" is just what it says on the tin; an introduction to the album. It isn't a particularly long track and it isn't overly brilliant, it is just an introduction and nothing more than that really. I would give this part of the album a 3/10 because it seems somewhat necessary given that the next song also seems to be some sort of introduction.

              "Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage" is a song that seems to centre again on introducing the band and what they're hoping to do. With lines like "we're still so young, desperate for attention" it gives the impression that the band are just trying to get attention and that they are doing this through the music they are producing. I have to admit that this isn't one of their best songs in my opinion. While in general I do like all the songs on this album, this one isn't one of the best ones. It's an upbeat and catchy song with quite a bit of repetition to help the audience to pick up the lyrics and such, I think that it wouldn't have been a bad thing if this song had never made it to the album. I would give this song a 5/10 because I don't feel the song really adds much to the album but then it's not a bad song either.

              "London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines" is a song that I feel is more worthy of being on this album, however. While this song also seems to be something of an introduction, I think that this song could have been a good introductory song and that this one would have made more of an impact than the two that they have chosen to put before this one. My favourite part of this song is the part where it says "Just for the record,
              The weather today is slightly sarcastic with a good chance of:
              A. Indifference or
              B. Disinterest in what the critics say"
              This is because it sort of seems like they don't really care much about what people think of them but then if they didn't care they wouldn't have bothered to release the album so it's pretty ironic really that they've used this line here in what appears to be another introduction to the album. This song is also quite a fast and catchy one, with quite a few catchy repetitive lyrics that I think would stand out to the audience and make them more likely to want to sing along to the song. I would give this song a 7/10. It's not the best on the album but it would make a better introductory song, in my opinion.

              "Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks" is one of my favourite songs off of this album. I think the lyrics in particular are really good because they mean something to me and I found that I was able to relate to them quite easily. This suggests that they would have been easy for other people to relate to as well. This is one of the songs on this album about alcoholism, as can be seen by the following lines:
              "Because your speech is slurred enough
              That you just might swallow your tongue"
              The lines which follow this though suggest that this song is also about depression and possibly suicide as well;
              "I'm sure you'd want, want to give up the ghost
              With just a little more poise than that"
              These lines, coupled with another set of lines which come up several times later on;
              "Prescribed pills
              To offset the shakes
              To offset the pills
              You know you should take
              It a day at a time"
              suggest that the person whom Ryan Ross wrote these lyrics about was someone who was going through a lot and was likely to be very down a lot of the time, hence their decision to turn to alcohol and drugs and to be lead down the road of depression. I can personally associate with this to some degree because my mother is much the same as this most of the time and this is one of the songs which has helped me to cope with how she can be sometimes. This song is amazing and therefore I would have to give it 10/10.

              "Camisado" is one of my favourite songs as well. If I had to choose between "Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks" and "Camisado" as to which was my favourite, I think "Camisado would probably win. While this song definitely appears to be about death and child abuse, I think it is one of the best ones on the album because of the way it is dealt with. Nothing overly explicit is said, just lines like;
              "Can't take the kid from the fight
              take the fight from the kid"
              While this isn't at all explicit, it is fairly easy to see what Ryan Ross was trying to say when he wrote these lines. I can sort of associate with this song as well, although not necessarily in the sense that it states. It's more of a memories sort of thing, with the introduction;
              "The I.V. and your hospital bed
              This was no accident
              This was a therapeutic chain of events"
              While I don't really wish to go into details about that, I do think this song helped me to feel better. I listened to it a lot on the way to and from the hospital on several occasions and over time, it has certainly helped me. I think that the lyrics are oddly catchy for a song like this and the tune is, in places, pretty upbeat actually. I think this is a good thing as such because it shows that there is a positive side to things like this sometimes, such as an improvement in the end. I really like this song. I would have to give this song a 10/10

              "Time To Dance" is a much more upbeat track when compared to "Camisado" and "Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks" with a more positive sounding set of lyrics as well. However, much like those songs, it also tackles a rather sad topic. This time, the topic of choice is suicide and suicidal tendencies, which I won't go into too much detail about because of course there are likely to be some younger people reading this. The first lines of this track sort of give you an idea of what it is about though;
              "Well, she's not bleeding on the ballroom floor
              Just for the attention."
              I like this track because it sounds really upbeat when the subject is far from happy really. The track is sort of about how people who are looking for attention can do things they don't really wish to do just for the attention it could give them. I know many people like this, and I'm sure everyone here probably does as well, but I think the way the suicide element of this is handled is certainly a good thing. It also shows how some people ask for help and are then looked at as if they're just looking for attention, but then it's too late. I would give this song an 7/10. It's not my favourite but it's definitely not a bad song.

              "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" is a song that is certainly not suitable for younger audiences! From the title alone, I'm sure it is fairly easy to guess what this song might be about. This song is actually probably one of my favourites off of this album though, even though every single time I play it I get odd looks from people if they hear the lyrics. But I think it's a really good song. It talks about teenagers and how the boys are hormonal and pretty much just want one thing and believe they are the best at it and the girls are foolish and give into everything they want. It is a really upbeat and catchy song though and if I listen to it, it ends up being stuck in my head for days and I and up singing it, much to the annoyance of anyone I'm with at the time. I have to give this song a 10/10 because it really is amazing.
              On something of a side note here, I don't really know how Brendon Urie can get his voice to go this high but at certain points in this song, it is insanely high pitched for a guy. Especially when in the next sentence or so his voice is so low pitched as well. Very versatile singer, I have to say!

              After such a good run of amazing songs, you'd expect this album to just keep getting better but in my opinion, the inclusion of "Intermission" as the eighth song is just pointless. It ruins the fast paced atmosphere that has been created by the other songs before it and I think that the album would have been a better one without the inclusion of this song. Therefore, I give this song a 3/10 because the music, admittedly, isn't all that bad if it was for a different album. It just doesn't work on this one.

              "But It's Better If You Do" is a song that is essentially about strip clubs, adultery and perhaps a hint of prostitution. In the official music video for this song, the main character is played by Brendon Urie and at the start, he is with someone we can assume would be his wife who is telling him she doesn't think he loves her any more because he spends all his time with burlesque women instead of her. This part of the video for this song essentially sums up what the song is about. I think it's quite an amusing song because it talks about how the men there are hoping for more than just the stripping from the women. I think this is quite an interesting song and quite an interesting way of tackling this subject that many bands wouldn't dream of writing a song about. I think that this song would be unsuitable for younger audiences, given the topics that are spoken of in this album. I would give this song a 9/10. It's a good song but there are a few that are better in my opinion.

              "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" is probably their most well known song out of all of the ones that they have ever written, in fact, including some of their newer songs from the two albums released since "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out". I know that a lot of people think that this is the best song they have ever produced because this is the song which made them become famous but personally, I think any one of their songs could have got them to the place they are today because they're all pretty good, with a few exceptions as I've already mentioned. This song is one of those which tackles the idea of new life and weddings and religion. I think that this is another subject which many musicians aren't overly willing to tackle so it's good that they have been able to become famous from a song about such a subject. This song contains the lines which I think most people who have heard of Panic! At The Disco would know;
              "I'd chime in,
              "Haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?!"
              No, it's much better to face these kinds of things
              With a sense of poise and rationality."
              Many people, even if they don't really like Panic! At The Disco would probably have heard these lines at some point because this song was so over played on the radio. It's a fairly catchy song but I just don't like it much, personally. I'll give it a 7/10.

              "I Constantly Thank God For Esteban" is, as I'm sure many have guessed already, a more religion based song. Many of the lines in this song have some sort of religious reference in there. This is an interesting style of song because of the way the lyrics aren't necessarily praising Christianity; the religion which is being spoken about here. The song is sort of comparing religion to a show, such as a musical orchestra or a circus show, which is somewhat controversial but it doesn't sound at all like it is actually aimed at those who follow religion. It seems more like the religion itself is more the thing which is being criticised. However, the sound of the song is quite an upbeat one and this makes the lyrics oddly catchy and makes it feel like you want to join in more. I would give this song a 7/10 because it's another one of those songs which is reasonable but not the best on the album by a long way.

              "There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey. You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet" is a pretty good song. It seems to be more about fitting in with everyone else than anything else. It has a lot of repetition at the start, with the same thing being said several times, but then it goes more into the song properly. I like the part of the song which says;
              "Talk to the mirror, oh, choke back tears.
              And keep telling yourself that "I'm a diva!" "
              This part seems to show the way many 'outsiders' tend to feel when they're suddenly submerged in a world that they know they don't really belong in but have to do their best to fit in whenever they can. I think that this is a good song because it is really catchy and upbeat. I would give this song an 8/10 because it's a pretty good song but again, in my opinion, it's not the best one.

              "Build God, Then We'll Talk" is the final song on this album. This one tackles the subjects of religion and prostitution, along with a sense of probable adultery as well, although I don't believe it actually mentions adultery anywhere in it. The fact that these business men are meeting with women in hotels in the manner described though does suggest adultery. The line "There are no raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses" shows that while this is the way many people picture their lives being, it doesn't often end up this way and things end up going wrong, with "a few more of your least favorite things" being more the sort of thing that life ends up throwing at you. I think that while this song isn't suitable for children, many people would be able to associate with it with the idea that sometimes life doesn't go your way. I would give this song an 8/10 because it's a reasonably okay song, again though there are some that are better than this one.

              Overall, I think that this album is a very good one. I have listened to it hundreds, if not thousands, of times since I got it back in 2005 when it first came out and I think if you haven't listened to it, you really should because it's one of the best albums by a band of this sort.


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                02.06.2011 11:35
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                1. My dog. He's a complete idiot and I often wonder how he manages to do such stupid things sometimes but then he does make me smile so that's the most important thing.
                2. My cats. One of them is too stupid to walk down the stairs and literally has to roll - something which always amuses me - and the other one has an odd meow that makes me laugh. He looks pretty annoyed when I laugh at his meow but oh well!
                3. Listening to music. Only certain music of course but some songs just have a memory attached to them and it's practically impossible not to smile when you hear songs with good memories attached. Also, listening to certain bands, including Sugarcult, Atreyu, Bullet For My Valentine, My Chemical Romance and Panic At The Disco always make me smile as well.
                4. Playing the drums. It can generally get any pent up anger out of me and then I can smile again. So in a round about way they make me happy again because I no longer have the pent up anger.
                5. Half term. The college I go to at the moment treats its students really badly and therefore I really look forward to half term. Then when it arrives, I end up smiling for the whole week until I realise it'll soon be over again.
                6. Drawing. I love to draw and I have spent a lot of time drawing over the years. I can fill one of those 50 page A3 sketch book things in about two weeks if I'm left to draw as much as I wish to.
                7. Photography. I generally take photos of landscapes and that sort of thing so being out in the fresh air by myself with just a camera for company can be pretty awesome and can generally make me feel a lot better.
                8. My laptop. I spend so much time on it it's actually really insane but then to be fair I am attempting to earn money from working online so I guess that would explain why I'm on here so often. But then I tend to come on here to relax as well so that's probably another reason why I'm always here.
                9. Thunderstorms. I love storms. I love how they seem to clear the air and make everywhere a blank canvas. Maybe that's the artist in me though? Heh.
                10. Writing. I like to write and it generally relaxes me and makes me smile so I tend to spend a lot of time writing.


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                  Love the album!

                  All The Right Reasons is the fifth studio album from the Canadian band Nickelback. It was released in October 2005. It is the first studio album with the drummer Daniel Adair from 3 Doors Down who replaced their previous drummer, Ryan Vikedal.

                  The cover for this album is an image of what appears to either be a sunset or sunrise in the background with a road going off into the distance and a 1960's black Ford Thunderbird (a black car, to those not overly interested in car types) at the forefront of the over. The title of the album is on the top left of the album, and the Nickelback logo is on the top left of the album.

                  Tracklisting is as follows:
                  1. Follow You Home
                  2. Fight for All the Wrong Reasons
                  3. Photograph
                  4. Animals
                  5. Savin' Me
                  6. Far Away
                  7. Next Contestant
                  8. Side of a Bullet
                  9. If Everyone Cared
                  10. Someone That You're With
                  11. Rockstar

                  The following songs were released from the album:
                  Released: September 20, 2005
                  Released: November 8, 2005
                  "Savin' Me"
                  Released: April 25, 2006
                  "Far Away"
                  Released: February 13, 2006
                  Released: August 22, 2006
                  "If Everyone Cared"
                  Released: November 28, 2006
                  "Side of a Bullet"
                  Released: March 15, 2007

                  In my opinion, the right songs were released from this album, although I thought that "Fight For All The Wrong Reasons" should have been released insted of "Side of a Bullet" because it has a more upbeat sort of feel to it and in my opinion, it's the better of the two songs.

                  My personal favourites from this album are "Photograph", "Animals" and "Rockstar". These are probably the most well known tracks but in my opinion they are definitely the best ones on the album.

                  I like "Photograph" more because of the subject matter than anything else. It talks about how you can look back in time and look at photographs and things in years to come and have loads of memories and things like that. I like this subject because a lot of my friends have left in one form or another and having memories is what sort of keeps you going when you're sad. I think the way Nickelback has tackled this is a very good one and the way the lyrics are makes you want to listen to the song over and over again because it tells you to sort of let go and move on. I like this idea sometimes. It helped me to realise I had to let go of certain things, anyway.

                  "Animals" is a song which I can't really describe much of here to be honest. It's not the sort of subject that children should be allowed to listen to, anyway! But I think the song itself is quite good because it's upbeat and happy and fast. I could imagine it would be a good one to drive to, although personally I don't drive so I can't really say that until I can drive. But all the same, it has that sort of 'driving theme' feel to it.

                  "Rockstar" talks about all the sorts of things that people would do to become famous and well known to everyone. I think that a lot of people will have heard this one, even if they've not heard the other ones on the album because it is definitely well known. It was really overplayed on the radio a few years ago. It's an easy track to listen to and the lyrics are pretty catchy as well which I think makes the whole song seem even better.

                  Overall, I think this album is a pretty good one. It has some really catchy songs on it and you could easily listen to this album for days without getting bored of it.


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                  • Hospital Tycoon (PC) / PC Game / 27 Readings / 27 Ratings
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                    28.05.2011 11:30
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                    Fun game!

                    Hospital Tycoon is basically just another of those tycoon games you get for computers that you get to build things and try to make money with. As far as I know, it is only available on the computer and I've never seen a copy of this for any other console. I may be wrong there of course though so please correct me if you know it is available on other gaming platforms.

                    The cover for this game is an image of a doctor with a nurse on one side and a slightly surprised looking man with a defibrilator in his hands on the other side. The words "Hospital Tycoon" are above this. On the back there is information about the game, including images and system requirements.

                    The game is said to be suitable for children aged 7+ and I think this would be reasonably suitable, although admittedly some of the scenes may not be suitable, and it might be a good idea to explain to them that these illnesses in the game aren't real. Things like "lightbulbia" for example would be one of these. This is a disease where the patient lights up. I think children would be likely to believe this was real. I probably would've done as a child, anyway.

                    When you have installed this game, you are given several options for what to do. You can chose to play in storymode where the receptionist, Miss Spelling, guides you through the game and all of the levels and tells you pretty much everything you need to do. For me, this got a little annoying and I decided to see what else was available on the disk because the storymode, while it is great for kids, I feel is a little patronising with the whole "click build. well done! now click on the chair icon. well done! now place the chair. well done!" type of thing that was going on the whole time.

                    I moved on to the next option instead and this was called Sandbox. This was more the sort of thing I was looking for. It made the game a lot more like Theme Hospital - a 1997 Bullfrog version of the same game basically.

                    You get to do pretty much whatever you want to do with the hospital. You can hire any staff you want without being told what to do. You can build any rooms you want rather than having to do what Miss Spelling tells you to do. You can choose how much money you have. You can choose which hospital to run and which difficulty setting as well. I think the ability to customise the game more to your liking is very good.

                    However, one word of warning here, if you choose the easy setting, you barely get any treatments diagnosed for the first half an hour of game play which can be pretty boring when you're limited to very few buyable items. It's not even like you can set up rooms you'll need later because you're not given the things to build until the diagnosis has been made for you to need the item. This can be very annoying because when you've played it a few times you'll start recognising the conditions and want to be able to treat them without having to go through the whole diagnosis process which can take quite a long time.

                    This game is highly addictive however and you find yourself wanting to play it over and over again. It's a very fun game actually, what with the strange illnesses and all the doctors and staff in general having their own personalities that you can control. You can make members of staff hate each other or fall in love or pretty much anything like that which I think is quite a nice touch as you can't do this in many other games of this nature that I know of.

                    As for the graphics, I think this is somewhat basic. The characters clearly look like cartoons rather than anything remotely real. Even the machinery tends to look somewhat fake. However, I dont feel this interferes with the game too much. It runs pretty smoothly and doesn't seem to cause my computer any problems so that's all I worry about really. I could see how it would annoy some people though.

                    The sound on this is basically just the same tune over and over again in the background. The staff seem to have their own language to communicate in but like in the sims, you can tell what is being said or whatever either by images above their heads or by a speech bubble if it's really important that you see what they're talking about.

                    The price for this is £3.38 on amazon at the moment and while it is a good game, I don't think it should be that much because it's not got the best graphics and the actions can get repetitive. Story mode isn't even brilliant, in my opinion. Sandbox makes up for this though.

                    Overall, I would give this game 4/5 because I think the price is a little high and the graphics could be improved. The music gets a bit repetitive in the background and I feel that the story mode could have been significantly developed. The game is fun and addictive though so I dont feel I can deduct more stars than this.


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                    Great for kids

                    The Fox Busters is a children's story written by Dick King-Smith. This was the first book that he published after teaching at a primary school. It was originally published in 1978. This story is aimed at children aged between eight and twelve, according to it's product description, and I feel that this is about right for this book.

                    The book comes in two different covers, including the red one pictured above and a yellow one where there are three chickens on the front. Both of these I feel would be very good for children because of the bright colours.

                    The font in this book is quite large which is good for children who are not particularly confident with their reading because it means that they will be able to clearly see the letters and work out what the words say.

                    The storyline of this book is that the chickens on Foxearth Farm are fed up with being killed by foxes so they get revenge. The main characters in the book are Ransome, Sims and Jefferies. They are three sisters (chickens) who basically fight the foxes and try to claim their farm back. Once these three chickens are born, everything changes on the farm and the chickens are able to live happily again.

                    Throughout the book there are black and white drawings of all of the things that are going on and this is likely to be something which will keep the children reading it amused because it helps them to work out what it going on.

                    In my opinion, this story is just the right length to keep children entertained without getting too detailed to the point where they might get bored. I think the pictures would help to keep them interested in the book and if an adult were to read the book to a younger child, I think they would enjoy the images just as much as hearing the story. I think younger children would be able to understand the general gist of the story as fairly basic language has been used here.

                    However, at the moment it seems this book costs around £4.99 which is surprising for such an old book. It has been re-released since then (2004 I think) but all the same, £4.99 seems a little much for this in my opinion. Personally, I paid 20p for it in a charity shop so maybe this would be a cheaper option than Amazon.


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