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      06.01.2012 11:42



      I actually cant believe that she plays with them as much as she does!

      Well, I felt I should write a review on Peppa Pig Playing Cards, I have to be honest I bought these cards as a "fill a gap in the stocking" kind of gift, cheap and cheerful, I spent around £3.99 on them.

      I have to say I never thought my daughter would bother with them as it's not like all the other exciting (more expensive may I add) presents that she got but I regret the day I ever opened them!!

      The cards come in a basic cardboard box. The cards themselves are larger than normal playing cards so are easier to handle. They have a glossy finish and are bright and colourful. There is a selection of the Peppa characters on the face fronts from Peppa, George to Candy Cat and Zoe Zebra. Each of the characters is dressed up in fancy dress and their names are also on the cards for those who are not in with the Peppa craze. There is also a helpful little game menu (designed as a playing card) that gives instructions on playing a selection of cards games.

      My daughter is 3 years old and has now mastered the art of playing snap, she loves this game and will play it over and over and eventually when she does get bored she launches them around the room to watch them fly or sits and tells me all about each of the characters and what their wearing. There are other games on the menu however they seem to be aimed at older children which doesn't really fit in well with the age range for Peppa Pig fans.

      Overall this is a cheap and cheerful toy/game that keeps toddlers happy and is great for a bit of one to one time between me and my wee one.


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    • Disney Princess Kitchen / Fancy Dress / 9 Readings / 9 Ratings
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      06.01.2012 10:58
      Very helpful



      I would definately recommend

      I purchased the Princess Disney Kitchen for my daughter's Christmas, she's three years old and is at the stage that she enjoys improvising with her toys and making me endless cups of tea!!
      I bought it from Toys r us in December and paid 49.99 for it however I have noticed that the prices varies depending on the retailer so I would definitely recommend shopping around for the cheapest option. Toys r us at time of this review are selling it for 39.99 grr!

      On opening the box on Christmas eve (last minute as always) I found myself facing lots of different bits that needed put together and even more stickers - every parent's nightmare - however it actually only took about half an hour to put together as all the bits just clip in to place. The worst bit for me was the stickers, there is a lot of them to go on. Make sure you have batteries, 2 x AA are required and are not included.
      The kitchen has a lovely finish, it's very pretty, pink and girly. Its rather big but is shaped that it can sit nicely in the corner of the living room. It comes with a Mrs Potts teapot, a baking tray, a pot, two cookies, one fried egg, frying pan, cups and saucers, some cutlery and a mobile phone.

      There is a built in princess recipe book, each princess as her own recipe and with each turn of the page there is a "magical sound". It has its own hooks for the cutlery and phone and its own built in shelves and cupboards.

      My favourite thing about this kitchen is the noises. It talks periodically about the recipes my daughter uses and there are sounds when cooking too. You can hear water running when you turn the tap, the water boils when you put the pot on the stove and you can hear the egg frying in the pan, the clever thing with this kitchen is that it doesn't matter what ring on the cooker you use the noise links it with the item that's cooking due to clever, discreet buttons that are on the rings.

      The only disappointing point I have with this kitchen is that the knob to turn the oven on doesn't stay in place as securely as the others so the oven doesn't make the noises it should, whether this is a fault with just this one or whether it is a common fault I'm not sure so it would be wise to check and keep the receipt just in case, something I never done!

      I honestly think this kitchen is well worth the money I spent on it and will keep my daughter amused for months to come.


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