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      15.03.2011 09:40
      Very helpful



      Great bluetooth enabling device.

      -- What does it do? --
      The Belkin BT receiver does exactly what the name suggests. It allows you to stream audio to it over a bluetooth connection, enabling you to play music to your stereo, or whatever speaker system you have in the house from your phone, laptop, PC etc, allowing total freedom.

      Essentially allowing you to give any stereo, speak system bluetooth capabilities to function as a bluetooth speaker.

      -- How do I connect it? --
      The receiver simply has a 3.5 audio jack in the back for output to your speaker system. In the box there are two cables to choose from, a 3.5--3.5 cable, so you can plug it into any 3.5 input socket. Or there is a 3.5--phono cable [red and white connectors], so you can plug it into a phono aux input.

      -- Power? --
      The unit also requires power, but is not battery powered, it needs to be plugged into the mains to work. Which brings me to the units one downside, in my opinion. Belkin are a European company, I bought this from Amazon.co.uk, but it came with a 2 pin Euro plug, easily usable with an adaptor but a regular 3 pin UK plug would have been much better.

      -- Our experiences --
      I had been looking round for a wireless speaker solution, but the technology just didn't seem to be up-to scratch, so when I stumbled across this I jumped at it, and actually pre-ordered it from Amazon. My intention was to plug it into one of the many inputs I had on my AV receiver [Surround sound amplifier], allowing me to play music from anywhere in the flat.

      I hooked the receiver up, which was a very simple process, made a connection over BT from my phone [iPhone 3Gs], a nice blue light lit up on the top to show a connection has been established, and i started to play music. It work exactly as I had planned.

      We now use this very regularly, to play music and easily control it without having to get up, or go to 'that room'.

      -- Sound Quality --
      I was pleasantly surprised by the audio quality that this produced, now i'm no audiophile so my definition of 'good quality' may be different to others, but it's in no way tinny or reduced from a normal mp3, while having a full sound with no need for EQ tweaks.

      I pre-ordered mine from amazon.co.uk in March 2010 for around £17, and proven to be a very welcome addition to my audio, home cinema setup.


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    • LG M227WDP / LCD Monitor / 26 Readings / 24 Ratings
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      10.03.2011 20:55
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      If you 'need' a small screen for everything, get this!

      A year and a half ago I moved into a city flat with a mate, and had to downsize a number of possessions, one of which was my TV. As I was moving from a 3 bedroom house to essentially a rented room, I decided to start looking for a TV/monitor. So i set out looking for something I could use for EVERYTHING!

      My searching didn't take long before I found this TV, which suited my needs almost perfectly. The list of inputs is amazing, and allowed me to hook everything I had upto it, with the added benefit of built in freeview.

      - Connections -
      The list of inputs is about as good as you could ever want, there is a regular aerial input (coax), which feeds both the TV and DTV (freeview). There are two standard scart connections, a VGA and a DVI connection with 3.5 audio input connection for the sound, allowing for two PC's to be connected at the same time, which probably won't prove to be too useful to too many, but for me is great. Two HDMI's, so I can have both Xbox and PS3 connected at the same time with an optical output for the audio if desired. There is also a Component input for another HD source. A USB connection is present for displaying pictures and playing mp3 from a flash drive. There is also a standard 3.5 audio out for headphones on the side panel.

      - Picture -
      The picture quality is very good. I won't go into the all the detailed geeky specifications here, as you've probably already seen them on the product description page, but this TV has a 1080p panel, with a good contrast ratio so the picture is always crisp and clear, with big bold colours, and very black blacks.

      Before I bought this, I was a bit concerned about what the standard terrestrial TV would look like on such a high resolution [1080p] screen, but after first setup I was extremely pleased with the quality I received.

      - Features -
      Along with all of the connections and amazing 1080p screen mentioned above the TV tilts quite a lot up and down so you can see it form where ever you mount it. One thing I will say on this, is that if you sit looking up at it, the picture becomes darker, so you must ensure you set the angle to a suitable level for viewing.

      It is also possible to wall mount it, but the wall bracket is sold separately.

      - In The Box -
      One of the things that surprised me about the TV was when I first opened the box and lifted the TV out I found that there were all sorts of connection cables included. It comes with a mains adaptor (Standard 'kettle' lead), a VGA cable, and a DVI cable with a 3.5 audio cable for PC audio. Much more than I expected or have ever got before, it even came with batteries for the remote.

      - Price -
      I purchased this TV in July of 2009 for just under £200. Searching now it can be had for around £155. It's just a shame a good 32" TV can be had for not a lot more, which makes the price of a 22" seem very expensive comparing the price of a 22" and 32" screen. But if you 'need' a smaller screen like I did, with all the connection I would take a look at this one, of course if you don't need all the connections you can get the 'monitor-only' version for a considerably smaller price.

      - Summary -
      In summary I am very happy with what I got, I literarily use it for everything, and it works great. I'm even considering getting a 2nd one.


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    • Fragger (iPhone Application) / Apps / 19 Readings / 19 Ratings
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      08.03.2011 15:11
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great little pick and play game.

      Fragger is a relatively simple (to start with) puzzle game by miniclip.com available on the Apple App Store for 59p.

      You play an 'army' guy who throws grenades at enemies. You change the angle of trajectory, and power by simply placing your finger on the screen, and dragging up for more height, down for less power, right for more power, and left for less power. The very first level show's this very nicely.

      Once you get the hang of the controls, which will probably take around 30 seconds, you take on the first world 'Dessert Strike', where you will face 40 ever increasingly hard levels. At the time of writing there have been a number of free title updates adding 6 additional worlds to play through, all with their own theme.
      Lost City,
      Planet X,
      Arctic Storm [A Christmas themed world]
      Heart Attack [A Valentines themed world]
      Horror Ville.

      As well as progressing through the worlds to make it to the end, there are a number of ways to complete levels to earn more points, one easy way is to hit your enemies HARD with grenades 3 times before destroying them to earn 2.5x the points, allowing you to really rack them up to compete with a massive player base of around 700k players in the leader boards. There are also perks to unlock as you go through the worlds to help you go back and scrape even more points out of the levels, and claw your way up to the top of the leader boards.

      If that wasn't enough to keep you playing, there is also full Gamer Center integration with 21 achievements up for grabs.

      Overall 59p very well spent for any puzzle game fan.


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      23.01.2009 23:48
      Very helpful




      I was only 6 when this album was released, and first heard it close to 10 years later in a friends car. The power of the music and lyrics instantly pulled me in. I had to own this album. It still get's played regularly 10 years on from that day.

      LINE UP
      Rage Against the Machine are a 4 piece metal/hard rock band from California comprising of;

      Zach De La Rocha on mic duties. The full force of Zach's emotions and amazing lyrical capabilities get unleashed on your ears during every track on this album. Everything that you hear from this man's mouth is so honest.

      Tom Morello on guitars. Tom's talent on the guitar never ceases to amaze me, the shear versatility of sounds he can create from one 6 stringed instrument is incredible.

      Tim Commerford on bass. Is a solid man to have keeping up with Tom's licks and riffs. Also providing amazing solo moments of his own along the way.

      Brad Wilk on drums. Brad's pounding beats all the way through this album really keeps things going. Powerful, technical drums, excellent!

      Individually these guys are incredible at what they do, put them together and it's works so well.

      One of the most amazing things about this album is that is was recorded pretty much 100% live. With only a few second attempts at parts.

      1 - Bombtrack
      What an awesome song to start this incredible album off. It starts with a quick slick, bassline, that slowly builds up into a big hitting riff to knock you back in your seat to where you should stay for the next 30 minutes. Now you're seated nicely the verse starts with Zacks mesmerising rapping, over another brilliant guitar and bass riff. After 2 verses and 2 choruses this breaks down into another solid choppier riff, that Tom later rips into in a solo over to finish the track with as much power as it started with.

      2 - Killing The Name
      Probably one of the most well known tracks from this album, for Zach's... how should I put this.......colourful lyrics. The song starts with a strong riff, which get's muted for the verse, and changed slightly for the bridge., which works really nicely. Then it all slows down for a few choppy stabs on the D octave, with Zach almost whispering 'Now you do what they told yaw', over the top, this buildings up into a big chorus, which smoothly slumps back into the muted main riff for the verse. At the end of the song, Tom pulls out impossible sounding solo, with notes that just don't sound possible on a guitar. Following this is the well known and very aggressively sang outré, with the chorus playing in the background, you get Zach shouting out his opinion..... I wont specify exactly what that might be as it's a family site!

      3 - Take The Power Back
      Track 3 from this 4 piece starts slower, with a few atmospheric guitar sounds, lovely slap bass riff with tickles on the cymbals from Brad, until it bursts in with Zach, and the guitars joining the bass. Zach's amazingly heart felly lyrics come in early and are superb to listen to, he's concentrating on getting the message across of 'Take The Power Back. Around half way through the song breaks down slightly, and Tom rolls out an awesome solo. For the final verse it get's broken down to mainly Zach so you really centre in on what he is saying. Overall a lyrically powerful track.

      4 - Settle for Nothing
      The beginning to 'Settle for Nothing' has an eerie feeling to it, with a minor sounding simple bass line, with Tom making obscure guitar sounds to create the eerie atmosphere, Zach does his usual amazing job to make you focus in on exactly what he's trying to say. The second half of the verse kicks in with big guitar, and screamy heartfelt words. Before quickly sinking back to the eerie atmosphere of the intro. The song breaks down with Tom performing a sedated almost classical sounding solo, over the bass and drums, before reverting back to the eerie sound followed by the intense emotions being screamed from Zach's vocal chords.

      5 - Bullet In The Head
      Start with a bass riff you can't help but tap your foot to, Zach quickly comes in with his brilliantly opinionated lyrics. After the first chorus you get a strange solo from Tom. The main riff of the song comes in soft for a couple bars, then the drums bring it in big! Zach fills it out with his usual brilliance! The outro for this track SCREAMS 'A BULLET IN YOUR HEAD', for a hard hitting end to an awesome track.

      6 - Know Your Enemy
      Track 6 of this masterpiece starts with Tom's seemingly favourite toggle switch flicking trick, before the metal heavy riff brings in the track. The verse comes in with a more melodic guitar riff. Brad and Tim drive this song on, keeping you nodding your head along with the incredible rhythm. My favourite line in the album is in this track 'The land of the free?, who ever told you that is your enemy'. The song ends with Zach reeling off lines, and following them up with 'All of which are American' dreams, which is how the song ends, the music drops out, and Zach keeps going to really get his words in your head.

      7 - Wake Up
      Most people will recognise the intro to Wake Up from the end credits of the Matrix movie. It starts my simply belting a Dminor/D chord at your followed a great riff, to get you moving! Tom somehow get's his guitar to almost sound like a harpsichord, the mans got talent.

      8 - Fistful of Steel
      Gettings toward the end of the album you come across 'Fistful of Steel', which is a slightly slower paced track. It comes in with a few odd guitar sounds, which continue through the verse, allowing you concentrate on what Zach's got to say. Probably my least favourite track on the album, but that's not taking anything away from it. It's still superb.

      9 - Township Rebellion
      The penultimate track is anothe slower paced one. It seems to be much more about the lyrics as apposed to the music, just trying to get the message of the track across.

      10 - Freedon
      The final track is by far my favourite for the agressive guitar riff, through to the amazing flowing simple guitar solo, to the massive outro and screamed simplistic message of 'FREEDOM'. Definitely one to get the crowd moving.

      Rage's self titled debut album of 1992 was full of hugely political views of it's time and amazing original style. The amazing thing about this album, is how popular it still is now. It feels timeless.

      To anyone that has not heard this it is a must listen. To those of you that don't like this genre of music, it may become tiresome, but everyone should listen to the power of the lyrics. Any guitar players should listen to Tom, some of the stuff he comes out with are unreal.

      Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against The Machine is available for £4.89 for sendit.com - Enjoy!


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        21.01.2009 17:59
        Very helpful



        Great new IP for the market.

        Mirrors Edge is an orginal IP from the publisher EA. In the game you play 'Faith' who is a freerunner. Freerunning is also known as parkour (The Art of Movement), which is a sport of which people run from place to place as efficiently as possible, over, under across objects, rails and buildings.

        The main story line is based around you, Faith, a freerunner (or runner) who is part of a group of runners that make deliveries. You join the game at a point where the police are catching onto what you are doing and try to stop you.

        After the 1st couple of levels you meet your sister who has been framed for murder, you spend the rest of the game trying to clear her name. I won't go into any more detail on the story to not spoil it.

        One of the things that makes this game unique is the gameplay, take everything away from it and it is a first person platforming game at heart. Straight away this sounds new and exciting! Most levels are basically get from point A to point B, as best you can.

        The beginning few levels are quite straightforward, as you get further into the game they become slightly more puzzly. You know where you got to get to, but getting there often has more than one option. Trying to find out what to do in these situation was fun. And for this aspect get's compared to 'Portal'. (If you're not aware of Portal, go and try it now, and then come back and finish reading this).

        The puzzly aspects of the game levels were what I enjoyed the most, unfortunately combat was added to the game which made some of the puzzly bits less enjoyable. From the first time you come face to face with some police you are told, the best action to run away! So when ever you're faced with some Police, and a puzzly part of the level, you end up rushing into it, trying not to get shot by the police, and trying to figure where you're supposed to go at the same time! Which results, in you running, jumping, falling, dying.......running, jumping, falling, dying.......running, jumping, falling, dyiny........ we leads to very much frustration! If you had the time to step back for 10 seconds assess what you've got to do, it would be more enjoyable in my opinion. There are parts of the game where you do have time, and are not being chased, but not as many as when you are being chased.

        Let me know what you think to this in the comments..... Did you like being chased while trying to figure out where you're supposed to go?

        On my second play through it's not so bad, becuase i know where i'm trying to get to, but first time round, that did irritate me.

        To help you out as you're rushing across rooftops, and escaping the grasp of the law, there is the added bonus of 'Runners Vision' which shows Faith's runners instinct. Some objects are red so you know that you should be heading for them. Which came in very handy. When you play on hard mode, they take this out, so you have to have that runners instinct yourself!

        As well as the main story there is also a 'speedruns' mode, which lets you choose any one chapter of the game, and try and get through it as quick as you can! there is a qualifiing time to aim for, and it also show's the best time from your friends list, and the best time in the world! Which are also nice added touches! These can be frustrating as you're always rushing through, and a fall nearly always means you should start again! But adds to the replayabillity factor of this game, which there would be very little of without this mode.

        The controls are odd to start with, but they quickly start to make alot of sense;
        Jump is LB (L1)
        Crouch/slide/roll is LT (L2)
        Attack is RT (R2)
        Spin is RB (R1)
        Interect is A
        Disarm is Y
        Slowmo is X

        Once you get used to these after the 1st lever or so they work very well.

        I got this game Saturday morning, and had completed it by Sunday night after about 6 hours of play. Once you have completed it you unlock the 'hard' difficulty setting which i've started to go through, but it is definitely hard. But for replayabillity there are the speed runs to keep your busy.

        Mirros Edge has the usual achivementsaren't, one for completing each level on any difficulty, one for completing each level on speedrun under the qualifiing time. As well as these it also have a few interesting one's, like complete the whole game without shooting a bullett an anyone, and string together certain moves. Which are enjoyable to try and do.

        Overall Mirrors Edge is a nice breathe of fresh air amongst all of the shooters, and RPG's rolling around the games market at the moment. I enjoyed my experience with Faith, even tho it was short. I'm sure that they'll be a sequel around in the not so distinct future which will hopefully bring back the same unique gameplay with a few new

        You can currently pick up Mirrors Edge on the XBOX 360 for £17.69 at PowerPlayDirect.


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        • Fable II (Xbox 360) / Xbox 360 Game / 29 Readings / 27 Ratings
          More +
          20.01.2009 17:31
          Very helpful



          Great fun game, good to get new gamers into games!

          Fable 2 is the second installment of the Fable franchise this time on the Xbox 360. Is it made by 'Lionhead Studios' based in England.

          I've not played the original Fable on Xbox, so initially wasn't too bothered by the upcoming release of Fable 2.

          It is an openworld RPG (Role Playing Game) where you start the game as a young boy/girl, and go on quests throughout the characters life to avenge the death of a loved one. Forgive me for not going into too much detail but I don't want to spoil the story at all, which is going to make this review a tricky one, i'll try to stay to my own experiences, and thoughts as apposed to the story line.

          As I said previously I wasn't bothered by the release of Fable 2, back in October-08. It wasn't one of the games I had on my Rader at the time. But at the time we had a mate of ours staying with us the week of the release, he was a big fan of the original so arranged for his pre-ordered copy to be sent to ours so he could get right into it. As he was playing it I saw bits as i was in the same room, ironing or something. I was amazed at how quickly I was drawn into the story, and stupidly easy gameplay.

          Not going to touch that, to avoid spoilers, as this was one of the aspects that pulled me in.

          The gameplay in this is surprisenly easy to pick up, you have 4 main buttons on the controller that do 4 seperate things, pretty straight forward. A - Interact, B - Magic Attack, Y - Ranged attack, X - Melee attack. Because of these simple controls it's very easy to get started, then as you progress, and level up your character you can chooose which of these you wish to upgrade with the experience you have earned. I chose to level up my magic first as this worked very effectively. As you progress further you level more and more things, up and the more powerful you become. To use the upgraded abillities doesn't require combo button presses, you just need to hold down the respective button.

          You can perform expressions to the other villages of the game, split into 4 main categories, Flirt, Social, rude and fun. Depending on what expressions you perform the villages will react accordingly. If you use a rude expression like 'Middle Finger' people around you will not like you. Simarlarly if you perform a dance, people will think your fun, and often join in. Every person in the game has a bar that shows how much they like you. If you can get someone to love you, you get the option to marry them. If you do this you must buy a home, that you can both live in. Then to keep them as your virtual partner in the game you must keep them happy, make sure you see them enough, provide enough money for them etc. To be honest i didn't really care for this as the only thing it does is drain your money! But once married to them you can choice to have sex, protected or unprotected, with unprotected comes a child.

          One of the main aspected of the game are the choices you need to make through the game. On most quests there is a good choice, and bad choice to make. If you make mostly good choices throughout your experience people will like you, and give you gifts as you wonder around, you will eventually recieve a Halo. Alternatively if you make bad choices, you will become evil, this will make people not like you, you will grow devil like horns from your head, and get darker hair and skin.

          Becuase this is quite a big open world game finding you way arond can be quite difficult, as there are plenty of different regions, with hidden rooms, cellars, caves etc. There is a little golden trail on the floor which you can follow to your next quest location, which proved to be invaluable on some occasions. This can be turned off in the options.

          Co-op is also quite a big part of this game, while you are wondering around the great city of Albion, if any of your friends are also playing Fable, and are wondering through the same part of Albion as you, you will see a little orb, with their gamertag in your world, so you can interact with them directly, jumping into each others game is a touch of a button away. From here you can also send gifts to one another, which can be anything from weapons to money.

          In the game you have a pet dog, who follows you everywhere, helps you find treasure, and attack enimies. You can also train your dog to become a better fighter, and more efficient treasure hunter. Although a nice addition, this can sometimes grow a little annoying that every 2 minutes he'll bark and call you over to get some treasure, which can often be useless.

          In my opinion Fable 2 has one of the best bunch of achievements. To name but a few you get achievements for, having a threesome, being twice, getting villagers drunk. Overall a great bunch of extra little bits to get stuck into.

          Game Length
          The main story quest is around 8-10 hours long, it's not too lengthy, but there is so much more to do. I went straight out and completed the main quest, without doing many side missions, and carried on playing, i've now been playing for over 26hours.

          Becuase this game is so easy to get into, and play, it is a good game to get people into gaming, my girlfriend isn't a big gamer at all, she loved plaing Sims, and a few others, but has played through this game probably more than I have! I've heard a few people saying the same thing. So if you want to get your other half into a game, try this one!

          Extra Content
          Last week (Jan-08) some downloadbale content was released for Fable 2, which added a new island to visit, new items and some other bits and peices, i've not played this yet, so can't comment yet!!

          Bad points
          Unfortunately Fable 2 is known for being a little glitchy in places. I've been told than on release it had quite a few problems. But they have now been fixed, there may be more out there, but i've not come up against any in my time playing.

          Overall this is a great game! very unexpecting so for me. But had a great time playing it! My advice to you, if you're on the fence about this one, is to just go for it! You wont regret it!

          It is currently available from HMV for £29.99..... go buy it!


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          • General / Discussion / 33 Readings / 24 Ratings
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            11.09.2008 21:43
            Very helpful



            If you don't know me, you will now!... to an extent!

            Well this looks fun and different, let's give it a try!.....

            1. Which do you prefer - shower or bath? And why?
            Showers - Simply easier!

            2. What do you swear you'll never do?
            Smoking....IT's RUBBISH!

            3. What's the most embarrassing thing you ever done?
            eerm...honestly not sure, probably a few things while under the influence of beer and such!

            4. What is your favorite quote?
            There's quite a few but one of the recent one's that sticks out is from 300..... [Dilios is putting a patch over his eye]
            King Leonidas: Dilios, I trust that "scratch" hasn't made you useless.
            Dilios: Hardly, my lord, it's just an eye. The gods saw fit to grace me with a spare.

            5. What was your favorite holiday? And why?
            Florida last year (2007) 1st time away with my awesome girl! 2 weeks of sun, universal studios theme park, seaworld, disney and half price shopping everywhere you go!! PERFECT!

            6. What was your favorite childhood toy?
            Honestly don't know! i'm sure i went through more than enough fads!

            7. Do you have any pets?
            No, had a cat once, but lost an eye in a fight!

            8. Savory or sweet?

            9. Hot or cold?
            I love hot!! hot weather, holidays in the sun.... however nights sucks balls when it's hot! so a bit of both is good!

            10. What's your favorite drink? - Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic
            Non-Alcoholic - Dr. Peper
            Alcoholic - Desperado (French beer with tequila!)

            11. What's your favorite food?
            Shepperds pie!

            12. Who do you hate the most?
            Hate is a strong word..... don't think I hate anyone! Hating someone or something takes energy and effort.... what's the point!?!

            13. Do you have a crush on someone? If so, who?
            My Awesome girl!

            14. What is your favorite colour?
            Blue i think....

            15. What did you do last night?
            Last night i got home, watched some telly, went for a run, then had dinner, drank some beer and played some Geo wars 2!

            16. What's your favorite thing to do?
            That's got a be a mixture of things.... spend time with my awesome girl, or get a few drinks with some good mates, or play some music and get some beers with some good mates!

            17. Favorite movie, T.V Programme, Book?
            This is a hard one, so many good things, but.......
            Movie - 12 Monkies
            T.V. Programme - Smallville or Bones
            Book - Can't remember reading a book...

            18. Who's your hero?
            I don't think I have a hero, i take inspiration from lots of people, but no one i consider a hero!

            19. Favorite song of all time?
            oooo good one.... Arist In The Ambulance by Thrice!

            20. Have you ever had a supernatural experience?
            Don't think so!

            21. Favorite Sound?
            An awesome riff being played on my guitar!

            22. Favorite Smell?
            mmmm bbq!

            23. Favorite place to be?
            At home with my lovely!

            24. Happiest moment in your life?
            All of the brilliant moment with my girl!

            25. Saddest moment in your life so far?
            Annoyingly there have been a few.....

            26. What is your dream job?
            By dream was always to get paid for playing my guitar, i achievement this a few years ago, i just wish i could make a living of it! that would be my dream job!

            27. What would be your idea of a perfect date?
            I had it... 1st date with my girl! Dinner, good chat, and movie!

            28. What's your favorite Newspaper/ Magazine?
            I don't really read mags or newspapers.

            29. Which celebrity do you like the most?
            Not sure... changes from time to time!

            30. What religion are you?

            31. Do you have any siblings?
            Yes, Two sister's

            32. Have you ever been in hospital? If so, why?
            I was born in a hospital and had stitches once in my knee for falling off my bike, and a couple of times for other people... not so fun!

            33. Have you ever broken a bone or had stitches?
            Had 2 stiches in my knee, and broke my sisters finger once....

            34. Do you believe in Angels/Ghosts/Demons?

            35. Are you superstitious?

            36. What colour eyes do you have?
            Hazel (Greeny/Brown)

            37. What colour hair do you have?
            Brown....bleaches in the sun!

            38. If you could change 1 thing about your appearance, what would it be?

            39. If you could change 1 thing about your personality, what would it be?

            40. What is your biggest fear?
            I try not to fear things.... it makes it harder...

            41. Do you have any regrets? If so, what are
            I try not to regret things, if i can!

            42. Have you ever been in love?
            Oh yes!

            43. What's the most important thing to you in the world?
            Being happy!

            44. What you're most treasured possession?
            Possessions aren't everything!

            45. What's your job?
            Account Manager for a a direct marketing firm!

            46. What's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?
            I'm not sure...

            47. What's the worst thing anyone has done to you?
            Probably hurting me.

            48. Dream car?
            a GT40 would be nice..

            49. Favorite celebration?
            Christmas... it envolves everyone

            50. Where do you hang out?
            At home, or local with mates!

            51. What School did you go to?

            52. What/ who annoys you?
            Not alot to be honest, i'm easy going!

            53. Do you recycle?

            54. What's your favorite sport?
            I used to play alot of hockey, and basketball, i'd have to say they're my fave! oo and i like watching the F1!

            55. Who was the last person to upset you?
            Don't know.

            56. What are your hobbies?
            All sorts... music, beer, beer, music, hanging out with friends!

            57. What was the last joke you heard?
            I can't remember,but it was bad...

            58. What is the best joke you've heard?
            can't remember.

            59. What's the worst joke you've heard?
            Too many to remember

            60. Name 3 places you have been on holiday:-
            Florida, Bulgaria, Gran Canaria

            61. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
            Similar to now, with more happiness, a house and family!

            62. Favorite Season?

            63. What's your favorite website?
            dooyoo and hotukdeals!

            64. What's your favorite shop?
            probably HMV or game!... proper geek!

            65. What's your worst habit?
            Being very laid back!

            66. What's your favorite animal?
            not sure...

            67. What is your ultimate fantasy?
            being happy!

            68. Can you cook?
            Hell yes!

            69. What is the last lie you told?
            i don't lie!

            70. Favorite flavor ice-cream?

            71. Favorite take-away?
            Changes, can't have the same thing all the time! variety is the way forward!

            72. What do you hate doing the most?
            Getting up when i haven't slept enough!

            73. What do you like doing the most?
            Having fun, with who ever, and how ever!

            74. If you were a Super Hero what would your name be?
            A super hero?!?.... as long as i can fly i'd be happy!

            75. What is your porn star name (take the name of your first pet and your mother's maiden name and put them together)
            'Can't remember my 1st pet' and 'Thomas'

            76. If you were an animal what would you like to be?
            Why would i want to be an animal?! Humans rule the world!

            77. What would your animal name be?

            78. If you could go back in time, what time would you go to?
            I don't know, but the person before put lottery. [chugglebunny].. i like that!!

            79. Any person alive or dead - who would you meet?
            Jimi "The Dead God" Hendrix.

            80. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
            Here's good, but i'd like to try America somewhere!

            81. Tea or coffee?
            Tea, unless i'm getting the train very early to meet a client!

            82. What was/is your nickname?
            Don't really have one...

            83. Have you been to college?

            84. What is the wildest thing you've ever done?

            85. Can you play an instrument?
            Fuck yeah.... guitar, piano!

            86. What's your favorite Disney Character?
            eerm... prob Genie!

            87. Favorite theme park?
            Universal Studios!

            88. What size feet are you?

            89. If you were King/Queen for a day what 3 changes would you make to the world?
            Dam too much power... requires more thought!

            90. What is your favorite Night Club?
            eerm.... The only rock club around here.... Met Lounge, even tho it's a dive!

            91. Name one thing that most people don't know about you?
            Depends who you are, i'm not that open with people i don't know, my close friends know everything about me!

            92. When was the last time you cried? And why?
            Can't remember

            93. If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?
            More wishes...
            More wishes... (yeah i'm greedy!)
            For racism to 'F**K off... what's the point?!

            94. Would you ever have plastic surgery? If so, where?

            95. What are you most ashamed of?
            eerm..... probably doing stupid things to people... .can't think of anything specific off the top of my head, but i'm sure i've done it!

            96. Thongs or Knickers/ Boxers/ Pants - on you/ on someone else
            A mixture's always nice!

            97. Blondes/ Brunettes or Red heads?
            Doesn't matter.... depends who's under it!

            98. What do you find sexy?
            My girl!

            99. If you could have a super power/ ability, what would it be?

            100. Did you enjoy doing this quiz?
            Was cool, reminds of shit i used to see on myspace! took quiet a while tho!


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            • Bud Ice / Soft Drink / 20 Readings / 17 Ratings
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              11.09.2008 20:22
              Very helpful



              Lovely tasting beer!

              Bud Ice is another version of the very popular bud (Budweiser) beer, but much better! Apparently it's all in the way it's brewed. I honestly don't know the exact in's and out's of the details, but it works.

              Unfortuneatley you can buy Bud Ice pretty much nowhere these days. When I first started drinking Bud Ice a few years ago Sainsbury's had 15 330ml bottles on buy one get one free, my house mate and I bought quite a few boxes which kept us going for a little while. But since then I've only seen them on sale in 7 bottle boxes in sainsbury's once! The only place I can now get this beer is in Morrisons, which isn't very close to me.

              Bud Ice tasts similar to the normal bud, but is simply better! Crisper, sharper and overal nicer! Next time you're at Morrison's and hanging around the beer aisle give them a try if you haven't already.

              MUST BE ICE COLD BEFORE DRINKING!..........Like all other beers!

              Bud Ice weighs in at 4.7%, and is well worth a try at £10 for a box of 15 or £18 for 2 boxes of 15 from Morrisons.


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            • Cadbury Heroes / Chocolate / 12 Readings / 12 Ratings
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              11.09.2008 20:04
              Very helpful
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              The best miniatures.... EVER!

              I'm am currently sat watching the TV with a box of Cadbury's Heroes that i got from my sister a few weeks back. Cadbury's Heroes are by far my favourite of the miniature choccies! The others i'm referring to are, Celebrations, quality street and roses. They are simply my favourite becuase they are miniatures of some of my favourite big chocolate bars.

              Cadbury's Heroes contain the following miniatures;

              The awesome twirl is simply a flake coated in brilliantly sily smooth chocolate, awesome!

              ==Dairy Milk==
              The miniature Dairy Milk consists of 2 small silky smooth blocks of Cadbury's chocolate that we've all come to know and love.

              ==Dairy Milk Caramel==
              This is the same as the dairy milk but but each block contains beautiful caramel.

              ==Dairy Milk Whole Nut==
              Again very similar to the dairy milk (as you can prob guess from the name) 2 lovely blocks of chocolate with a crispy nut in the centre.

              Is simply a lump of chewy toffee with an awesome bit of chocolate in the centre.

              Extremely similar to the dairy milk, but is 2 small blocks of the awesomely rich dark chocolate.

              Perfect bitesize of fudgey goodness covered in silky smooth dairy milk.

              So if you're gona buy some miniatures for some kind of occaison these have gota be top of your list!


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              • Element / Sports Equipment / 18 Readings / 18 Ratings
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                10.09.2008 19:10
                Very helpful



                Great board.

                Element are a reasonably large company in the world of skateboarding. They manufacture and sell clothes, skateboards, shoes, and accessories. I turned to Element for my 1st 'proper' skateboard after having them recomended to me on a number of occasions from friends.

                The one i eyed up was the FibreLight board. It got it name from the simple fact that it has a peice of fibreglass running all the way through the middle of the board, to increase strength, pop and the board's life span.

                The first thing that I noticed from this board was how much pop it had compared to other boards I had ridden, i instantly felt like a much better skater becuase of how easy it was to get a nice clean big pop.

                The concave on this particular deck was quite small which was exactly what I was used to. I also got it in a 7.5" width.

                The board lasted me a fair old while as skateboards go. It finally gave in after about 4 months becuase of a bad landing. But becuase of the fibreglass strip running down the middle it never ended up in 2 parts, it was still as stiff as anything, but the tail was broken.

                I fully recomend this deck to any skater that enjoys big pop at both ends!


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                10.09.2008 11:32
                Very helpful


                • Reliability


                Brilliant device if you have a multipul things to connect wirelessly.

                The Buffalo Ethernet Converter was a life saver for me. At the time of purchase I lived in a flat. A very large 5 double bedroom flat with 3 bathrooms, it was the best flat in the world!.... I digress.... 4 of us lived in this flat and annoyingly when our cable internet was installed, the only point in the place they could put it was right at one side of the flat. So everything that wasn't in this room would need to be connected to the internet wirelessly. As there were 4 of us living in this flat there was quite alot of things that needed connecting, I myself had to connect a PC, am Xbox 360, a PS3 and a DVD player.

                No the PS3 already has built in wi-fi, so that wasn't an issue, but i didn't want to have to spend money buying a wireless card or adaptor on each of the 360, DVD player and PC. So I did some research and came across this Buffalo Ethernet Adaptor.

                This enabled me to connect my DVD player, PC and Xbox 360 to this device with an ethernet cable which connected to our wireless router across the other side of the flat. BRILLIANT!

                Setting this up was very easy. I had to connect it to the current router via an ethernet cable then run the included software to find it on the network, and then follow the onscreen instructions which consisted of security settings. And thet was it, I could move it anywhere within range and plug anything into its 4 ethernet ports.

                I've had this for around 18 months now and have never had the signal drop ever. Which is absoluteley perfect.

                Overall This suited my needs perfectly! And recomend it to anyone in a similar situation.


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              • Kiss DP-1500 / DVD Player / 22 Readings / 21 Ratings
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                03.09.2008 17:56
                Very helpful



                Don't get one!

                The Kiss DP-1500 on paper is a brilliant peice of kit. I honestly can't remember how I stumbled across it, but it fitted my needs perfectly. The one thing that stood out to me was the network streaming functionality. It would connect to your home network and internet via an ethernet or wireless connection. (A wireless PCMCIA card required for wireless connectivity). With the aid of some software on your PC you could browse the media that is on your PC on this unit, select it and play!

                This device has numerous connection methods which make it extremely versatile, both digital optical and coaxial audio outs, scart, and stereo phono outputs.

                I paid a full £100 for this from ebuyer.com over 2 years ago. It was relatively easy to setup. I connected it to a router via ethernet that connected to my PC to get the media streaming working. The sheer amount of codecs it supports it very impressive, DivX, Xvid, RAM, WMV etc. I don't think I found a video file that this thing wouldn't play. The picture quality wasn't bad at all either. obviuosly this would depend on the quality of the network connection and file you were streaming.

                Unfortunetaley the pleasure was short lived! After a couple months the unit would freeze up every now and then, which was solved by unplugging, leaving a few seconds and plugging back in. Obviously not ideal, and not what you want a £100 DVD player to do! One night about 7 or 8 months after purchase, it froze while I was watching a DVD, and that was it.... dead, finished!

                I contacted the Kiss 'customer services' via email and phone a numebr of times to no avail. Around this time I found out that Kiss had been bought by Lynksis which I though might help me, as they were a large company! But still got nothing! In the end I decided to take matters into my own hands and after looking on the internet for advice I found help and assistance at mpcclub.com. I found out what the main causes for my problems, and possible fixes. I followed some advice and managed to replace a couple components on the PSU which seem to bring it back to life, but with all the same problems as before!

                Within a year, this thing has died and came back to live more times than Elvis! Luckily for me I now have an xbox 360 and PS3 which do the media streaming from a networked PC, but they do it well, and without breaking!!

                In short I would not recommend that you get one of these. Get an Xbox or PS3 instead!


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                31.08.2008 13:06
                Very helpful



                One of the best throat lozenges

                There are many different throat lozenges out there, many branded many unbranded. Halls soothers are one of these. They are always the throat lozenge i reach for when i have a dry or sore throat.

                What i like about them so much is the simple fact that they work! Pretty straight away to be honest. The clues in the name, they're called soothers, becuase that is exactly what they do. They have a liquid centre which seems to hit the spot perfectly.

                One thing that's not so good about these, is that their lasting effect is pretty much zero. There are other throat lozengers on the market that have small amounts of anesthetic in them. These have a far better long lasting effect but don't hit the spot instantly like the Halls soothers.

                Becuase of this I find that the soothers are the best choice for soothing a sore throat, but they also work very well in conjuction with an anesthetic lozenge.

                Halls soothers are availble from all good shops for around 60p a packet, and are availble in a variety of flavours.


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                  31.08.2008 02:45
                  Very helpful



                  Great skating video game, witth plenty of challenges to keep you going.

                  I have enjoyed nearly every Tony Hawks game to date. So when Project 8 was announced I looked out for a demo to hopefully to appear. I was in luck, I downloaded the demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo was from part of the game where you were in a skate park that offered nearly every part of the game fo ryou to play with.

                  Project 8 is Tony's first venture into the 'next generation' platform. Another first for the Tony Hawks franchise is the addition of 'nail-the-trick' mode. This is where you can go into slow motion in the middle of the a trick and use the left trick to move your left foot, and right stick to control you right leg. Although this takes a little while to get used to, it is surprisently realistic.

                  The story behind Project 8 is quite simple, your goal is to try and make it into 'Project 8', which are the top 8 skaters. You stary the game at number 100. And you have to effectively level up by completely challenges.

                  I enjoyed playing project 8, although alot of the challenges could be become frustrating and repetative. As they can be short, on more difficult challanges you'll find your self hitting the retry button very frequently.

                  Overal this is another very good skating game from Activition, the best in my opinion, but back when this came out in 2006 there was no other skating game on the market.


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                  31.08.2008 02:26
                  Very helpful
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                  Great way to play kareoke in your living room

                  Singtar is a kareoke game for the Sony Playstation 3. This version of the game came with 2 USB microphones. These are the same mics as the one from the Playstation 2 version, so can be used on either Playtstation 2 or 3.

                  The game comes with 30 songs on the disc, which range from 'Twisted Sister'to 'Ne-yo'.

                  While you're playing the game you get the music video of the song you are singing in HD in the background.

                  Becuase of the Playstsation 3's network there is the added bonus of the singstar store, or singstore, which is where you can go to purchase additional songs to sing. There are over 650 songs available for instand purchase in the singstore. Each track is priced at 99p. Once you have bought and downlaoded a new track it will intergrate straight into the game as if it was always there.

                  Singstar is great for when you have a few people over, but not so much a game to play on your own. For me the game doesn't last very long, as they're not very many tracks on the disc that I know, but that is of course the main reason for the singstore. I have bought a few songs from the singstore but becuase of the amount of choice and variety it is very easy to spend quite a bit of money, on top of what you have already paid for the game.

                  We managed to pick our copy of singstar with two mics for £15 from our local comet. For £15 it is well worth the money, but the RRP of £49.99 is a little much is my opinion.


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