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    • KFC Krush'ems / Soft Drink / 20 Readings / 16 Ratings
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      22.05.2012 16:54



      The best of it's kind. The perfect "now and again" treat.

      With the addition of the new Caramel flavour to the KFC Krush'em range I was straight to the drive through for a sample. All in the name of market research of course. The caramel variety joined Milkybar, Malteasers, Oreo and Strawberry shortcake to complete the latest Krush'ems range. Retailing at £1.99 or £0.99 in addition to a full KFC meal, KFC's Krushem's are slightly more expensive than their competitors equivelants but more refreshing and much tastier.

      KFC describe their Krushem's themselves as bettering the simple dairy shake drink by adding "texture and taste" and making their drinks an "indulgence". I have to say, They've got it spot on. With the crushed ice base to the drink, chocolate chips and chunks, and flavoured syrups the Krushem's are a delight from beginning to end. Much lighter than a milkshake or ice-cream (though still full of the 400kcal+... definitely reserved for special occasions).


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