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Member since: 16.03.2011

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    • Nokia N8 / Mobile Phone / 24 Readings / 17 Ratings
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      19.03.2011 13:53



      The best Multimedia phones with 12MP Camera

      I bought the N8 in the first week in January 2011.

      Almost every day I use to test the ability of all its features. Frankly I was very impressed. Multitasking function, processor speed, screen, camera, video, etc.. awesome.

      Indeed, the user experience is still far below the Android, but with consideration of the hardware price, I purchased this product, let alone be good to use HDMI video out cable or regular 3.5 (a useful function for me).

      Nokia N8 is feasible referred to as the Iphone Killer because it has a distinguished performance extraordinary. The screen is clean and clear which is very good made for watching movies with HD quality, even the game is also very impressive, very responsive touch screen.

      Nokia N8 has sleek lines on the back of the handset and flash for the camera. By resolution 12-megapixel camera, then there is almost no other product that can compete on the N8 camera with Xenon flash resolution, this camera can take pictures in dark conditions. The result can be practically equivalent to a digital pocket camera with the same resolution. I like to take the time hang out at night, because the results are very impressive even though used at night, I always perpetuated by Nokia N8 this. To view the photo quality as good as anything produced by N8, I do zooming 100% on computer screens and mobile screen. And I'm satisfied with most of the resulting image. Especially at the focal point photo. As I know the focal ratio of this camera using the F2.8. That is the standard lens aperture in camera phones, which provide a focal point quite extensive.

      Not just a player, it also Nokia N8 provides the HD recorder. HD video recorders capable of producing films with a resolution of 720p MP4 format. exciting, we can directly show our the video recordings to the big screen TVs with HDMI connections. Nokia N8 already provides special adapters for this purpose. So, we no longer need a computer, video player HD like a HDnetwork , or television that can run the MP4.

      This phone has been equipped with complete data path and capable. There is already up to 10 mbps HSDPA, EDGE, GPRS and WiFi additional lane. We could do with a quick browse, including enjoying vidweo sreaming on the phone.


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