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Member since: 20.03.2013

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    • Sony XPERIA Z / Smartphone / 21 Readings / 15 Ratings
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      20.03.2013 13:52



      I believe the Sony Xperia Z is the best smartphone on the market today .

      The Sony Xperia Z is the newest revelation in Sonys bid to be no.1 in the Smartphone wars . Its predecessors the Xperia S and the Xperia T were extremely promising when released , and were good phones at the time . However Sony has outdone themselves this time with the Z , and has made a colossal impact on the market . With a 13 MegaPixel camera and a 5" 1080p HD resolution screen , powered by Android Jelly bean 4.1 ( contrary to peoples belief of it running 4.2) it is one of a kind . With a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 pro processor , 100% water resistancy and being only 7.9 millimetres thick , this amazing smartphone is bursting with high end features . But costing £500 , i would expect no less .

      However , there is always the downsides to consider . The Xperia Z's glass screen is a magnet for fingerprints , which to you out there who worry about the image of your phone can be annoying . Furthermore the battery life is extremely flamboyant , depending on what you are running on your phone , it can have a dismal life . However Sony have been clever , and introduced STAMINA mode . STAMINA mode helps saves battery life exponentially by automatically closing power-hungry apps when the screen is off , and then rebooting them again when the phone is being used .

      In this somewhat small review i hope you can see how brilliant the Xperia Z is . There are many other features that boost the Z over all other smartphones . Personally i think Sony has outdone Apple , HTC and Nokia with this kit . Its main competitor the Blackberry Z10 is the only phone with a possibility of knocking this off top spot . However , watch out for the HTC One , this highly anticipated phone could do some serious damage to the smartphone market .


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