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Member since: 07.10.2012

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      07.10.2012 17:02
      1 Comment



      fun loving fresh fragrance that will not break the bank

      I have had all of the different Britney Spears perfumes and I think this one has the been the best. Its good to wear in the day as its nice a fresh. Also good for the night, the small bottles can easily fit into your bag. Can pick this up in all the shops really cheap. This product is well worth the money. Makes a fab gift to any females, whether they like Britney Spears or not. Cute bottle that looks good on any shelf or vanity table.
      The scent reminds me off sunny days, its fun loving fresh and fruity. It is long lasting so no need to over use. It also lasts quite a while, which is a bonus if purchasing for your self.
      Other than it having such a nice scent it makes you want to try the other Britney Spears fragrance collection and if your a Brit fan why not give it a go?


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