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    • freefivers.co.uk / Internet Site / 36 Readings / 30 Ratings
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      15.08.2007 01:04




      This is a good website for cashbacks and free cash. It is easy to navigate and upon joining you are given a free fiver.

      To get the most out of the site, you need to click through to kelkoo (7p), carsource (2p) and gumtree (2p). The good thing is that it will let you know if you have already clicked through before and tell you how long it will take for you to be eligible for another click through.

      If you are pretty serious about cashbacks, your best bet would be quidco because they have an extensive list of retailers but then you have to pay a fiver to join.

      What I like about free fivers is that you get reward points in addition to the cashback. The reward points are earned on the purchases you make as well as through writing reviews. You can exchange these reward points from cinema vouchers to mp3 gadgets.

      A note about writing reviews is that they have a minimum word target and have to be approved. However all the ones I have written have been aprooved.



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      • Writing / Discussion / 29 Readings / 18 Ratings
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        21.07.2007 20:28
        Very helpful



        Ophelia from Hamlet- what critics have to say and my opinion too

        One critic suggests that Ophelia is an innocent pawn. The evidence for such a suggestion can be seen in the context of the Elizabethan times. As a young noble woman of that time, she is at the mercy of her father; Polonius whose instructions to her demand unquestioned obedience. Being unmarried, she has the obligation of preserving her virginity lest she brings shame on her family’s name. Hence, her brother Laertes and father attempt to police her relationship with Hamlet for their own aims, which she cannot object to, thus, making her a victim of the conventions of the period. Furthermore as a Jacobean woman, Ophelia represents innocence, chastity and purity. She is also expected to be subservient to men. To offer any form of resistance or be disobedient to them would mean family and societal condemnation which every Jacobean woman feared. She has no mother and is constantly surrounded by men whom she idealises as sources of wisdom representing authority. She naively obeys Polonius’ instructions and tells him all about Hamlet. Polonius:

        “I would not, in plain terms from time forth,
        Have you so slander any moment leisure
        As to give words or talk with lord Hamlet.”
        She replies,
        “I shall obey, my lord”
        When later requestioned about her relationship with Hamlet, she responds
        “…but as you did command,
        I did repel his letters and denied
        His access to me”

        She also tells him about their encounter: how lord Hamlet “with his doublet unbrac’d…”held me [her] hard”. Out of her innocent and naïve obedience, she is used to solve the mystery of Hamlet’s madness. She is also used as a pawn by Polonius and Claudius who dictate to her what she should do and say to Hamlet during the “nunnery scène”. even though, she knows her conversation with Hamlet would be overheard, she did not complain as it would be improper and unthinkable for her to disobey them .Hamlet, in his anger at women’s frailty, berates her cruelly and unjustly not knowing she is innocent.

        Another piece of evidence to support Ophelia as a victim is that she is oblivious to her father and Claudius’ motives concerning Hamlet. She thinks Hamlet is mad and suffers because of this; she has no explanation for the death of her father. Shakespeare does not give us access to Ophelia’s thoughts, so we are given an external picture of a woman who is caught up in events she does not understand in a man’s world making her a victim of ignorance.

        Another critic sees Ophelia as a disreputable young woman. Evidence supporting this view can be seen when she advises Laertes no to:

        “…Show me [her] the steep and thorny way to heaven,
        Whiles like a puff’d and reckless libertine
        Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads,
        And recks not his own rede”

        It is clear that she is well ware of “intimate” relationships between the opposite sex.moreover, she mocks and makes light of them.

        Ophelia as a disreputable young woman is clearly portrayed when she discusses matters freely with Laertes and later becomes circumspect and reserved about discussing the same matter with her father:

        “I do not know lord,
        What I should think”

        In addition, Ophelia’s sexuality provides evidence supporting this view. this can be seen in Hamlet’s letter to her which shows a form of intimacy,”…in her excellent white bossom”.this implies a close and even physical relationship.furhermore, Hamlet uses sexual innuendos in his conversations with her:

        “Lady I shall lie in your lap” and she replies in the negative. Hamlet further questions her,” do you think I meant country matters”
        “It would cost you a groaning [sex] to take off my edge”

        She is clearly aware of sexuality which goes against the expectation of Jacobean women as chaste and innocent.
        The content of the country songs Ophelia sings in her madness supports the reading that she is a disreputable young woman. She reveals crudeness at odds with her apparent innocence.

        “let in the maid that out a maid
        Never departed more”
        “By cock, they are to blame” is a crude pun.

        The flowers that she gives Laertes all have symbolic significance. She gives Laertes rosemary and pansies representing thoughts. She gives the queen fennel and columbine symbolic of marital infidelity. She gives the king herb o’ grace representing repentance. in a coded way, Ophelia reveals a sophisticated awareness of corruption at Elisnore.it can be said that Ophelia’s madness is a proof of her lack of innocence.

        Another reading upholds the view that Ophelia is rejected and overwhelmed with loss. This can be seen in Hamlet’s constant beratement of her character. This view is exemplified; when he taunts her, asking her if she is “fair”and “honest”. She becomes confused and then he toys with her saying:

        “You should not have believed me; for virtue cannot
        so inoculate our old stock but we relish of it. I
        loved you not.”
        Furthermore, he goes on to advise her to go to a nunnery repeatedly.

        “…If thou [Ophelia] wilt needs marry, marry a
        fool; for wise men know what monsters
        you make of them.”

        This conveys the message that he does not want any further dealings with Ophelia. She is confused and thinks he is genuinely mad, yet she feels used and no longer loved by him.

        “And I of ladies most deject and wretched,
        …Blasted with ecstasy. O woe is me
        T’have seen what I have seen, see what I see.”

        Evidence to support the reading that Ophelia is overwhelmed with loss is seen in her reactions to her father’s death and the loss of her lover. In the former, she sings to the king and queen:

        “He is dead and gone, lady,
        He is dead and gone,
        At his head a grass-green turf,
        At his heels a stone” [talking about her father’s grave]

        In her speech:
        “…We must be patient. But I
        cannot choose but weep to think they would lay
        him i’th’ cold ground…”

        She is given no explanation about her father’s sudden death, hence compounding her grief and sorrow. She looks to Laertes to relieve her of her misery and sings to him,

        “They bore him bare-fac’d on the bier
        And in his grave rain’d many a tear-“

        Her repetitive dialogue in the song she sings indicates that she is immensely distressed about her father’s demise; this leads to her derangement.

        “And will a not come again?
        And will a not come again?
        No, no he is dead,
        He never will come again…
        He is gone, he is gone,
        And we cast away moan…”

        The loss of her lover, Hamlet after he told her

        “…To a nunnery, go-and quickly
        too. Farewell”

        accentuated and heightened her melancholy and invariably her psychic makeup.

        On reading the play, I assert that Ophelia is genuinely concerned about Hamlet’s sudden madness and she is a representation of a woman before her time. Evidence to uphold my interpretation of Ophelia’s character can be seen in how she goes to great lengths to aid in solving the mystery of hamlet’s madness and hopefully restore him to his sanity. She sacrifices her personal needs for his love and attention by obeying her father and the king’s instructions to the letter in hope that the cause and possible solution for hamlet’s insanity might be discovered.

        Furthermore, she endures hamlet’s accusations and abuse on her character completely. Even when he provokes and taunts her, she responds:

        “O help him, you sweet heavens”
        She calls on “heavenly powers”, [to] restore him”
        When she is recounting her encounter with hamlet to her father, her dialogue conveys sincere sympathy to Hamlet’s strange behaviour.

        “He rais’d a sigh so piteous and profound
        As it did seem to shatter all his bulk
        And end his being…”

        Ophelia as a representation of a woman before her time is portrayed in her wittiness, intelligence, sexuality and her suspicious death. The above mentioned were not peculiar to Jacobean and Elizabethan women. They were expected to be chaste, faithful to God and their husband in every respect and were not to express an interest in sex, politics or education. Evidence backing this view is seen in her exchange with hamlet before” the mousetrap”. She is very guarded and ware of the politics going on she corrects hamlet when he says:

        “For look you how cheerfully my
        mother looks and my father died within’s two hours”
        She replies:
        “Nay,’tis twice two months, my lord”

        Branagh’s Hamlet interpretes the character of Ophelia as an innocent, emotional and helpless young woman. She is also expressive and witty. This depiction of Ophelia has led me to the interpretation of Ophelia’s role as an unfortunate young woman who is caught between the intricacies of her “mad” lover and a devious father and king. Her role as Hamlet’s lover sheds light on the emotional aspect of Hamlet’s nature .it also stimulates Hamlet’s negative views about women, life and power. Her death is key as it gives the play a melodramatic feel as hamlet overreacts by telling Laertes that his love for her is stronger.Laertes too, wanting to kill Hamlet in his mother’s presence at the site of his lover’s grave.

        In conclusion, I agree with all the critics’ views of Ophelia and attest that Ophelia is a blend of different and contrasting elements as a young woman of nobility during the Elizabethan times. I also empathise with her character because she is victimised and made to suffer emotionally and mentally because she is a woman should not be. She like every other male character should have a degree of freedom in expressing her views non any subject and enjoy the passion and pangs of falling in love freely without being condemned by her family and society.


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          20.07.2007 15:24
          Very helpful
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          ABJ - an international destination for all

          ABJ as the city is fondly called is the new and improved “Lagos “of Nigeria. “Lagos” in the sense that it is the centre of all the hustle and bustle of Nigeria, in other words thee heart beat of the country.

          However things are slowly changing as the not so new capital of Nigeria is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

          Located in the centre of the country’s Middle Belt, Abuja is covered mainly with savannah grassland but there are patches of rainforest. There are two seasons, the hot and dry harmattan (November to March) and the rainy season (April to October). The weather is a bit peculiar as there have been hailstorms and extremities of temperatures within the same day; boiling hot in the day and very cold in the night almost like a desert. The weather can change at the drop of a hat.

          The city is clean and not as densely populated as Lagos. There are streetlights and walking lights that function well. The roads are of good standard and the water is clean enough for drinking. In terms of housing, the government is constantly demolishing illegal buildings, so the houses on ground are generally of good quality. The electric and water supply is very good but not perfect, many houses have water tanks and generators.

          Abuja has a very good selection of hotels; the famous Nicon Hilton and Sheraton are very good. I have slept in the Nicon Hilton and the room service was good as well as the food. The swimming pool is very big and there is a mini zoo within the grounds. I have eaten from lunch several times in Sheraton and there was a wide variety of Continental as well as African foods. These hotels are worth every naira you spend on them.

          There are many plazas and new shopping malls constantly being built. Worthy of mention are Ceddi Plaza, Downtown Mall and Silverbird Galleria- which houses the famous Silverbird Cinema. You can get about everything and anything there. This is because the city is filled with a lot of embassies and international diplomats, so the market has to cater to their demands.

          Talking about the market, Wuse Market is the popular market in Abuja. There are many open air stalls and you can buy both new and second-hand goods. Beware not all traders supply you with receipts so returning can be a problem. However you can bargain with the traders and ask for their last price. Compared to Lagos, Abuja is more expensive than Lagos which is relative because the standard of living is higher.

          In terms of tourist attractions, Abj is not lacking. There is considerable infrastructure on ground from state of the art Central bank to the Abuja Stadium which has put a bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Having been to the stadium, I can say it is at par with its overseas counterparts. For sight seers there is Aso Rock, Zuma Rock, NNPC towers, Eagle Square and the Velodrome. For nature lovers, you have Gurara Falls, Strabag Hills, Usuma Dam, Usuma River, Jabi river, Abuja Love Garden, Millennium Park and IBB Golf Course to mention a few. There are lots of man made lakes and green areas around the city. The city is famous for pottery and the Ladi Kwali Pottery Centre and Giri Pottery Centre would be good places to stop by if that is what floats your boat.

          The entertainment scene is gradually picking up with more bars and clubs opening up. Many artistes and comedians come to host shows and events.

          Crime rate is very low compared to Lagos and other parts of the country.

          Last but not the least the Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport is very good and many airlines now fly direct to Abuja. There are also connecting flight to different parts of the country that leave very regularly.


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          • My Wife and Kids / TV Programme / 28 Readings / 24 Ratings
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            19.07.2007 12:21
            Very helpful



            Love physical comedy, running gags and a humorous script? You'll love this!

            My Wife and Kids is based on the lives of an African American family- The Kyles who live in the suburbs of Connecticut, USA.

            This is played by:
            Damon Wayans as Michael Kyle
            Tisha Campbell as Janet 'Jay' Kyle
            George O. Gore II as Michael Kyle Jr.
            Jennifer Freeman as Claire Kyle
            Parker McKenna Posey as Kady Kyle

            The head of the family Michael Kyle got his wife Jay pregnant in High School , so they got married and had Junior. Along the way he deveoped himself and set up a trucking business hence entering the financially stable “middle class” group. Then the other kids; Claire and Kady came along. He tries to provide for his Wife and Kids to the best of his abilities and raises them up with high moral standards so they have a better life than he had.

            Jay who has had to sacrifice her life to raise Junior gets back to work but then later decided to become a stay at home mum. She travels for some time on the show (she is off on maternity leave). Later along the way she decides to go back to University to do Psychology. She is the glue that keeps the family together and usually performs the mediator role between other members of the family. Although she sometimes loses her marbles.

            The story really starts when the older kids are in secondary school. Junior is not exactly the brightest at school and makes a lot of dumb mistakes which translate into physical comedy. He later goes on to get his high school girlfriend pregnant and learns to become a father just like his father Kyle. He marries the mother of his child Vanessa. A lot of times his big head is the butt of many of the jokes. He is a very funny, down-to-earth likeable character.

            Claire does well at school but is very self conscious and at times vain. She and Junior sometimes want to hook each other up with their friends although Junior always plays the protective big brother role. When she gets older she gets a Christian boyfriend called Tony who tries to make sure they date each other modestly by abstaining from pre marital sex. She has to deal with being the middle child and not getting all the attention despite the fact that she does well in school.

            Kady the last kid has a very close friend almost a boy friend called Frankin who is a genius. He comes by the house a lot and sometimes help Michael and Jay solve certain problems be it in relationships or on a business level. She is very good ally in playing pranks and gets all the perks of being the last born.

            Some of the funny bits that make My Wife and Kids... the show it is

            Ah, Nah" (said in a nasal voice) is a catchphrase used by the Kyles during the third and fourth seasons. Different variations of this phrase have been used by the Kyles. For instance, in one episode, Michael would say "Ah...", leave Claire's room, run around the hallway and a few seconds later complete the phrase saying "...No".

            Jay often has a devilish laugh when she has a plan or when she thinks something is funny. When the other Kyles witness her laughing at something that's really not funny, they give her a "not funny" gesture to make her stop.

            Jay frequently says "You're gonna miss 'all o' this'" with a suggestive dance when Michael doesn't want to do what she says. The quote is later used by other cast members for the same reason in subsequent episodes.

            This show lasted 5 seasons and did very well in the U.S.A as well as the UK on the Trouble network.

            Thanks for reading!!!


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            • City Lit / School / College / 26 Readings / 23 Ratings
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              12.07.2007 14:44
              Very helpful



              A wide variety of courses offered at times to suit everyone.

              It was from one rejection to another; five universities and two Drama schools to be precise. So a gap year was my only option as the University I did get into did not really float my boat. Luckily one of the Drama Schools recommended City Lit- London’s largest adult Education College which offers part time and evening courses on weekdays and weekends.

              I had a browse through the website of the different courses available.

              Access to higher education
              Careers in care and support
              Deaf education
              Drama, dance and speech
              Health and movement studies
              Psychology, counselling & personal development
              Psychology, counselling and personal development
              Skills for learning and life
              Speech therapy
              Teacher and management training
              Visual arts

              I decided in the end to go for the Music Theatre Workshop which was a 2 hours a week. I had to audition with a music theatre piece. The person doing the auditions was quite impressed that I had brought actual music. I did My Favourite Things from the Sound Of Music. I got in, woohoo!

              I was given an enrolment form but it was only when I paid the fees that my place was confirmed. You are advised to pay as soon as possible as they operate on a first come first serve basis. Although in my experience, we had people joining us every term.
              I was excited about the course; the blurb sounded good!

              A workshop for singers and actors wanting to develop their vocal technique and performance skills in the Music Theatre repertoire. To explore the appropriate voice qualities and varying styles required nowadays for Music Theatre and to work towards achieving and performing these in a healthy and efficient way.

              I was shocked when I got in to see many old adult students, no offence but it was a shock from being the oldest in the class in Sixth Form to being the youngest. At least two thirds of the class were age mates with my grandparents, talk about a generation gap. Sometimes they would talk about actors and artistes that I had never heard of. The advantage though was that a lot of them had experience in music and theatre, which raised the quality of the class.

              The classes started with vocal warm-ups which our teacher used to teach us different techniques of vocal production. This was followed by everyone getting a 10 minute on-on-one tuition with the teacher as they worked through their material. So we all learnt from each other.

              For the first term, we worked on our own material. The second term we were allowed to choose material from certain shows and time periods. The third term, we were allowed to work on anything we liked. In the penultimate week, we had a mini concert within the class where you could bring friends and family. The last week we were given constructive feedback and advised on how we could continue our singing journey within the walls of City Lit. A lot of the members of the class were former students and many of them are continuing there next year.

              Apart from the course itself, I benefitted from the library which had an extensive range of books relating to all the courses taught. Also you could rent DVDs for free. You could also use the internet for free. Black and white photocopying was 10p a page and printing vouchers of a pound entitled you to 12 pages.

              The location is easily accessible either from Holborn or Covent Garden Stations respectively. There is a nice cafe on the ground floor which serves a variety of snacks, meals and drinks as well as a number of snack and drink vending machines respectively.
              The support system is good; they send you prompt reminders of overdue books and fees. Also when it snowed in February, I was contacted by the school when the class was cancelled. A catch up class was arranged. So no penny was wasted. The cost is £373 (full), £227 (snr) and £113 (concessions).

              Did I enjoy my time there? Yes I did! But I really can’t wait for Uni to begin.


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                10.07.2007 13:20
                Very helpful



                A page turner loaded with potent imagery, traditional proverbs and fluid delivery

                An epic story of love and war, Adichie takes us through history through the magic medium of story telling. Set in Nigeria during the pre and post era of the Biafran war. The story is narrated by Ugwu a 13 year old house boy (servant) who goes to live with Odenigbo, a Maths lecturer at the University of Nsukka. They are later joined by Olanna, Odenigbo’s girlfriend.

                The sub plot deals Richard Churchill, a shy English writer who is madly in love with Kainene (Olanna’s twin sister) who is a straight talking and a no nonsense woman of influence in society.

                The interactions between the main characters deal with sibling rivalry, societal and family expectations of a woman, and customs and traditions in the light of education and independence.

                A love story is in the making spliced with socio, political and intellectual drama until the coup and counter coup sets the Biafran war into motion.

                This is faced with much optimism by the main characters, for them they see Biafra as a new beginning for the Igbos. An answer to the socio political problems caused by power struggle between the three main tribes in Nigeria; the Yorubas, Igbos and Hausas respectively. As time goes on, reality sets in as victory begins to become a fantasy in the light of starvation, corruption and bloodshed.

                The relationships between the characters are put to the test. What did people stand to gain from the war? And at what price? Could loyalty be expected or even demanded between sisters and lovers?

                The end of the war is greeted with different reactions from the different people. Could they ever recover? And even if they do, could the wrongdoings of the past be truly forgiven and forgotten? What lessons were there to be learnt in hope, love and freedom?

                The book takes us on the back of the historical bird whose chicks can still be found flying around till today. A page turner loaded with potent imagery, traditional proverbs and fluid delivery, Half of a Yellow Sun rightly deserves its title as winner of the Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction and a classic in its own right.

                Personally, this was very enlightening, even though I have lived in Nigeria and studied History I never really understood the Biafra war and the ehtnic divide between the three major tribes. After reading the book, I came away with a greater understanding of the hows and whys in today's Nigerian society.

                Being mixed race; my mum is half Caucasian and half Igbo and my dad is Yoruba. The book has helped me in understanding and embracing all parts of my diversity.

                We are all one at the end of the day.


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                • Red onions / Plant / 38 Readings / 36 Ratings
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                  05.07.2007 13:31
                  Very helpful



                  Red? Purple Onions- giving you the Royal experience

                  Red Onions? More like purple onions if you ask me.

                  They make for colourful garnishing of food. I slice them in thin slices and use them on rice dishes, potatoes, salad, pizza and meat.

                  I also blend them with tomatoes and peppers to make a traditional tomato stew. Compared to the white and yellow varieties, they have the most flavour and help reduce the tanginess of the tomato.

                  I also use them with garlic for chicken marinade. I use them with cream, mushrooms and shrimps for a quick sauce to go with couscous.

                  Compared to the other vareties, they tend to last longer, sometimes I have a bag of red onions for three months and they are still fresh. They don't start growing in storage either.

                  The organic varieties are the best.

                  The only disadvantage in my opinion is that you usually have to peel thre to four layers before getting the onion but that is probably why they tend to last longer than the others.

                  Hope you enjoyed the review and please leave cooments on your purple onion experiences. Thank you.


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                    02.07.2007 23:48
                    Very helpful



                    The VIP Bourbon Biscuit experience

                    Reviewing food items is not easy as taste can be very subjective and let's face it people eat for different reasons.

                    The packaging definitely calls you out to buy it at the supermarket but what exactly separates Fox's Chocolate Fudge Crunch Creams from the super market's brand and others?

                    For me in this case; it is the assurance of quality based on a proven track record of delivering good biscuits by the Fox brand.

                    I have enjoyed the more popular butter crunch by Fox and I must say they taste great.

                    Why? Because they are very crunchy but not brittle and dry plus they are full of flavour.

                    Upon trying Fox's Chocolate Fudge Crunch creams, I was impressed. It was a richer and crunchier version of bourbon biscuits. Although a bit too sweet.

                    A few biscuits can be quite filling, so don't worry about a packet finishing too soon. The sugar and fat content would probably make the decision to put it down faster.

                    If you are chocolate biscuit fan , then this is good value for money. If you are just a food explore, my advice would be to get the variety pack, so you can get a tapas of the Fox family.


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                      01.07.2007 23:29



                      Lovers of Oat and Chocolate

                      Oats and chocolate? More like beauty and the beast in the world of healthy living. But with paradoxes in life, this combo makes for double pleasure. You get the healthy tasting and crunchy hobnobby taste and the smooth melting chocolate flavour to complement the sweet sensation.

                      The box it comes in is very handy; makes it easier to take along on trips, pass around a room of people and best of all keep it from breaking into pieces


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                      • Birds's Custard powder / Other Food / 12 Readings / 9 Ratings
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                        01.07.2007 23:15



                        Great Tasting Custard in a Jiffy

                        About the taste, it is sweet but not sugary sweet so no need for extra sugar or sweeteners.

                        It is better than the already made packets of custard that taste quite bland, what would you expect from all the branded custard that carry the "low fat" labels?

                        It is easy to make and you don't necessarily need a hob. I sometimes make mine in a bowl.

                        The flavour stays true to its name; it has the traditional taste of british custard.

                        It makes an ideal snack on its own and is a great complememnt for different desserts ranging from cake to pie. So give it a try!


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                      • cosmogirl.co.uk / Internet Site / 14 Readings / 12 Ratings
                        More +
                        01.07.2007 21:28
                        1 Comment



                        FUNtastic browsing for young Cosmo Girls

                        The remastered cosmo girl website makes for a fun browsing session for the average teenage girl. It provides you with daily gossip on the stars and photographs of fashionistas. For people who are looking for a free lunch; there are lots of freebies and prizes which range from books to vouchers. For budding writers you have "your space" to blog about anything. There are quizzes, polls, horoscope and reviews on music and films. You can even create your own virtual boyfriend. Their FAQs are quite good as they address issues like modelling and writing for the magazine, which a lot of teenagers would love to do. There's so much more on the site, so why not check it out for yourself, it's only a click away!


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                        • Toblerone / Chocolate / 20 Readings / 15 Ratings
                          More +
                          01.07.2007 09:41



                          Toblerone- The Perfect Chocy Gift

                          Toblerone is an all-in-one chocolate as it not only makes for a great gift but also for a mouth watering chocolatey sensation. There is something about Toblerone that begs you to pick it up whether in the airport or in the shops. It comes in a variety of flavours; dark chocolate, white chocolate and ofcourse the classic milk chocolate. A variety of sizes too from the individual triangles in gift boxes to the extra extra extra long toblerone (close to the height of a young child). The chocolate itself has the swiss stamp on it so to a degree you are guaranteed a genuine chocolatey taste. Then there is the chewy nougat that distinguishes it from the rest. All in-one ,Toblerone is a signature chocolate.


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                            30.06.2007 23:43
                            1 Comment



                            Yoghourt for The Family- Babies to Grandparents

                            I pack this for my little brother in his lunch box everyday and I won't lie I sometimes tempted to eat them myself.
                            Apart from the fact that they are free from artificial flavours, preservatives and colourings respectively, they are wholesome and yummy! They come in different flavours from single: apricot to hybrid: strawberry and vanilla. They are good for babies and adults alike. They make for a great snack. So go ahead and try a pot or two (for us overgrown kids)


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                            • Heinz Salad Cream / Sauces / Soups / 16 Readings / 13 Ratings
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                              30.06.2007 23:25



                              let your imagination loose with what you can do with heinz salad cream.

                              This has been around for many years and it is not going anywhere. As a kid I loved it as an adult I still love it. It makes salad taste delicious. It also makes for the better alternative to seafood cocktail dips for snacks such as spring rolls, prawns, crackers and freshly cut vegetables such as green, red, yellow and orange peppers and celery. It also goes well with chips, so ditch the mayo and reach for heinz!


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