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Member since: 12.06.2012

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      12.06.2012 22:28



      Thought it was good, until product failure and response failure.

      What had been a product we were quite satisified with turned into a very poor one, and has been made worse by a terrible customer service response.
      We purchased a dining set with a collapsing sun shade umbrella in 2010 and enjoyed a great 2 seasons of outdoor living. The teak weathered nicely.
      The 2nd or 3rd time we used it this year the umbrella mechanism stuck (either the pulley or the mechanism that moves up/down the pole), and a teak support arm snapped upon trying to open the umbrella.
      Westminster will not replace the support arm under warranty, wanting to charge for the parts. According to their warranty terms it is meant to be a lifetime guarantee on teak wood parts (exculding misuse or abuse). So essentially Westminster are accusing their customer of lying to them!
      This seems very poor business to save $75 and lose a customer for life. Definitely not a "high end" experience. There are other alternatives out there that we intend to use in the future.


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