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    • Layer Cake / Music Album / 17 Readings / 10 Ratings
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      16.03.2014 03:26
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      Daniel Craig narrates and acts in this well known British crime thriller.

      James Bond's Daniel Craig narrates and acts in this well-known British crime thriller, packed full of action, suspense, mystery and suspense.
      Daniel Craig, known as XXXX, a 'middle man' within his own criminal world made in heaven is soon to have his bubble burst as he thinks leaving the criminal community would be an easy feat.

      I don't want to go too into detail about this film as I believe its worth a watch and there are a good dozen twists and turns that I wouldn't want to ruin for anyone!

      Layer Cake was directed by Matthew Vaughn, the man who produced, "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch," and it fits well into this genre of films. HOWEVER, this is a more selective look on a different type of gangster, XXXX doesn't necessarily want to go in guns blazing, he wants to take a more subtly approach about this, but, everything goes wrong and he has to pick up the pieces and work out a plan FAST!

      Well worth a watch!


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        17.05.2012 16:33
        Very helpful



        The kick start to the Teen Sex Comedy craze!

        Only recently have I watched this DVD for the first time, bought it out of a bargain bin in my local shop! WHAT A FIND!!! I don't know what I have been doing in my life to warrant me missing this epic film. :)

        Set in the 1960's at Faber College, a fraternity like no other emerges, they consist of a bunch of below grade average misfits banded together to create the most vile, crazy, brotherly, drunken frat known to man!

        This film is John Landis's first ever big film and the start of John Belushi's major role's. Backed by Thomas Hulce, Karen Allen, Tim Matheson, Bruce Davidson, and others. The film follows Belushi, playing Bluto Blutarsky along with his comrades in arms Boone, Niedermeyer, Marmalade, D-Day and Otter.

        Each person has their own specific style and 'swagger' about them, there own background and reasons for being how they are.

        This is the King of Teen Sex Comedies, it opened the flood gates and set the standards high to other films such as Porkies, Van Wilder, American Pie and the rest. It is still by far, the greatest, and is a must see to get a grip on where it all began for this genre of film.

        If you ever chanted with your friends 'Toga, Toga' Then this was the film you were quoting, if you ever shouted 'FOOD FIGHT!' then again, this is the film you are quoting. If you ever coughed 'bullsh**' at someone, then this is where it originated from. If you've ever seen someone try and crush a beer can on their head, THIS IS THE FILM ITS FROM!!

        I think everyone should sit and watch this classic, to delve into the story would ruin it, the ending has a ill fated twist and is well worth waiting for! Even 30 years on its a masterpiece that we can relate to. Everyone has met these kind of people, or even been one. It is a must see!


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        17.05.2012 14:52
        Very helpful
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        A guy to watch out for, going to be one of the best!

        I bought his tour tickets on a whim and after seeing Micky on his 'Out Out' tour when he came to Manchester, I instantaneously held him in high regard as one of my favourite comedians of all time. I just HAD to buy the DVD for me and my friend whom I went to watch him with, even though the jokes were imprinted in my brain already.

        East end London, born and bred and not afraid to show it, Micky swaggers along the stage with his 'East End walk' loud and confident talking about his roots, parents, family, the public, his fortunes and misfortunes.

        I was gripped to my seat even after the 10th time of watching this DVD, he tends to relate his jokes to others he has said early on so it would be better to watch it straight from the start, its well worth rewinding if someone comes in late because the jokes never get old. He doesn't really do one liner's, instead he tells a story with his own take on the situation, building it up bit by bit, then knocks them out hook line and sinker.

        You can tell he really enjoys what he's doing because he's laughing as much as his audience.

        Micky has been on many different T.V. shows now, ranging from Mock the week to Live at the Apollo, even The Royal Variety!

        It is rated 18 so obviously there's going to be adult humor, in terms of swearing, some toilet humor and the bedroom! But that's not all he talks about so don't worry!

        Micky isn't afraid to say whats on his mind and express his point of view, which I think is a very valid one at that..

        I would recommend this DVD to anyone to watch, it has humor for all ages and caters to all types of people.

        You can pick the dvd up now for around £6 which is a steal!! Well worth the money, the only thing you may regret is the pain in your sides the next day from laughing so much!


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        • The Wackness (DVD) / DVD / 13 Readings / 13 Ratings
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          17.05.2012 13:30
          Very helpful



          A feel good film with an enthralling story, brilliant soundtrack and excellent acting.

          Most people who I ask have seen this film have not even heard of it. Puzzles me completely, this is by far one of my favourite films of all time, in a genre of its own.

          Released in August 2008 with a budget of around $6,000,000, this was money and time well spent.

          Set in New York in the mid 90's, when the hip-hop industry was booming and recreational drugs were back on the rise, a troubled teenager named Luke Shapiro, played by 'Drake & Josh' star Josh Peck, is about to have the most life changing summer of his life.

          A gripping story of heartache, love, lust, depression and friendship. Luke is suffering for your average teenage depression but believes it to be much more. He regularly visits his psychotherapist, Dr. Squires, played by Ben Kingsley, whom himself is riddled with problems. Bartering for his advice with marijuana which Luke sells from an old ice cream pushcart to pay his way and keep his family in good stead.

          Luke unwittingly falls for Dr Squires' daughter Stephanie, whom is depicted to be out of his league, but that doesn't stop him from trying, she plays with his heartstrings but gets attached in the process.

          Dr Squires and Luke become more than a doctor patient combo, and confide in each other sharing their problems and competing with who has the worst! They go on a drug and alcohol fueled whirlwind adventure of their own, disagreeing with each other from time to time but they need one another at this time in their lives.

          The soundtrack that accompanies this film is well thought out and works perfectly in sync with the overall mood of the picture.

          The lesson learnt would be that life isn't as bad as we think it is, there's always a silver lining and how important friends are to us.

          A feel good film with an enthralling story, brilliant soundtrack and excellent acting.


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        • Nokia 1600 / Mobile Phone / 28 Readings / 25 Ratings
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          16.05.2012 15:47
          Very helpful
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          • Reliability


          Good phone for a filler inbetween phones or as a back up

          Due to a drunken mishap with my HTC Desire HD, me namely dropping it and cracking the screen thus rendering it useless. I had to find a phone quick as I use it for work, until my repair kit comes from ebay to fix the HTC.

          I bought it for £20 off a family member so I could keep it as a backup if anything bad was to happen again.

          The phone itself is around 4 inches long about 3/4 of an inch thick and and 1 1/2 inches wide. About your standard nontouch size. Its easy to hold and really lightweight.

          I've had no problems with this phone the speakers are loud and clear, you can adjust the sound settings and it also has a loudspeaker. I had no complaints of others being able to hear me neither.

          Its quick and easy to text from, can save messages to drafts and has predictive text for your ease. The screen has a decent backlight so its easy to read in the sun and its in colour.

          Ringtones are not that great but what do you expect from such a basic phone, it uses polyphonic ringtones and has an arsenal of different choices, I opted for the normal phone ring as it would draw less attention from the public! haha

          It has a loud alarm and a speaking clock, reception is always good and its easy and free to unlock if you use via a forum on unlocking I found on google.

          The battery lasts around 2-3 days of heavy usage and it takes on average about 2 hours to charge completely from dead which is ideal for those of us on the go, if you forget your charger a lot like myself!

          Mine came installed with a 3d style snake which I have spent many an hour on trying to beat my highscore... its as addictive now as it was when the 3310 came out! :)

          The only downfalls I can find with it is the message limit, It stores 25 sent messages but only holds 70 inbox messages so I am constantly deleting them! That and its lack of technology, but what do you expect for such a cheap phone!

          All in all I would recommend this phone to anyone as a filler whilst waiting for a better one!


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          • Ipod Shuffle 4GB / MP3 Player / 11 Readings / 10 Ratings
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            16.05.2012 15:10
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Brilliant for the sportsperson on the go, not great for the average home user.

            I've had my 3rd Gen Ipod Shuffle for some time now. I got it in replacement for the old Ipod nano, due to me breaking whilst out running.

            At first I did not like it, due to the lack of buttons and having to use the headphones to change things I was too lazy to read the instructions so just worked it out for myself.

            There are 2 options on this 'shuffle all on repeat' or just 'repeat all' it does allow continuous playback and you can skip ahead a track, HOWEVER, you cannot go to previous tracks. So, if you're like me and like to listen to your favorite song of the week a few times a day then this is a no no!

            Although it has its few bad qualities, there are a lot of things that make up for it. I lead quite an active lifestyle, jogging often, boxing, cycling and bmxing. Due to its small size it is easy to carry, it has a metal case which gives adequate protection from breaking when being dropped or stood on whilst on the go and to be honest, this shouldn't be the case, as it has a very firm metal clip along the back of it that can tightly grasp any material, buckle or bag strap. The lack of functions and simple commands to change the track, sound, play/pause makes it ideal for sports as it gives less of a distraction.

            All in all I would recommend the 3rd Gen Ipod shuffle to any sportsperson but wouldn't think it would be suitable for the leisure user as there is too little to do on it.

            Size and weight
            1.8 inches (45.2 mm)
            0.7 inch (17.5 mm)
            0.3 inch (7.8 mm) including clip
            True volume:
            0.26 cu inch (4326 cu mm)
            0.38 ounce (10.7 grams)1
            for iPod shuffle in anodized aluminum
            0.61 ounce (17.2 grams)1
            for iPod shuffle in polished stainless steel

            Battery and power4
            Built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
            Playback time: Up to 10 hours when fully charged
            Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter (sold separately)
            80% charged in 2 hours; fully charged in 3 hours

            Skip-free playback
            Frequency response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz
            Audio formats supported: AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), HE-AAC, MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX+), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV


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            16.05.2012 13:10
            Very helpful



            Good value for money, every serious gamer needs.

            The G930 is by far the best headset I've had to date, ranging from cheap supermarket headsets to Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset's and the Logitech gaming headsets released prior to this.

            If anyone has ever had the Logitech G35, you would have known the frustrating bugs it had in regards to the so called 'sound cancellation' that only worked if you used the voice modifier to speak like an alien. HAVE NO FEAR!!! This has now been fixed with the new G930's firmware :)

            No longer does it have a wire limiting you to your room, its wireless with a 40 feet (12 meters) range, so you can happily wander around your house or make something to eat listening to your music or talking to friends on skype! It is the 'lazy boy' of the headset world!

            Comfort know's no bounds, the ear pieces are well padded and are large enough to fit around the biggest of ears, and the adjustable headpiece allows it to fit even the largest of brains! It also has a pad for ontop of your head, which may leave you with a ring on your head, so give it a brush before you head out!

            The ear cup has up to 26 dB noise isolation, so if it fits on your head properly you shouldn't annoy others.
            Its also 7.1 surround sound so you can hear people creeping up on you whilst playing FPS style games.
            You also can annoy people and mask your voice using the software that comes with it and the elusive G-keys on the side, there are several options of voices you can use. There is also an option for setting them up with your media player for play, pause, previous and next track.

            The sound output is very very loud, you can adjust this on the left of your headset with a scroll-type button.

            You dont need to install any hardware into your computer to use this, it is typically, plugin and play via usb, it has its own antenna and is really simple to set up.

            Unless its being used, charge time takes around 3 hours, which usually gives around 10 hours of continuous use.

            The mouthpiece is of a rubber material, is very flexible and easy to clean, so no need to worry about catching it on things or breaking it, you can mute yourself 2 different ways, by pushing the mouth piece up or by tapping the mute/unmute button on the left hand side.

            I also noticed I could charge up the battery quicker using my blackberry charger, which was a bonus! haha

            All in all it is much much better than its predecessors very good value for money and I would recommend it to anyone. The only bad thing I can say is, it doesn't give me a 'god-mode' when I'm gaming! haha

            Be sure to update the firmware regularly via their website.


            System Requirements
            Windows® XP, Windows Vista® or Windows® 7
            Intel® Pentium® 4 processor or equivalent
            USB port
            CD-ROM drive
            7.1 surround sound and G-key programming require software installation.

            Connection: 2.4 GHz RF
            Range: up to 40 feet (12 meters)*
            Audio stream: uncompressed 48 kHz
            Reception: dual antenna
            Interference resistance: forward error correction and dynamic channel selection
            Continuous playback time: up to 10 hours per charge**
            Charging connection: full-speed USB; charge-while-playing enabled
            Charge time: 2.5 hours or less (longer when in use)
            Ear cup: up to 26 dB noise isolation
            Driver: laser-tuned; 40 mm diameter with neodymium magnet; 15mm diameter voice coil with ferrofluid damping
            Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
            Pickup pattern: cardioid (unidirectional)
            Type: pressure gradient electret condenser
            Frequency response: 100 Hz- 75 kHz
            Volume roller: 80,000 revolutions (minimum)
            Button: 50,000 presses (minimum)
            Headband slide: indexed stainless spring steel
            Ear cup rotation joint: aircraft-grade aluminum alloy


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          • Samsung Galaxy Ace / Smartphone / 21 Readings / 18 Ratings
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            01.11.2011 18:02
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Decent phone for standard practical uses. Nothing special

            I am a smartphone enthusiast. I have had this phone for a few months as a 'get me by' after I broke my HTC and believe I've had enough time using it to write a review. So here's the lowdown:

            Its a smart looking phone, has a 'premium' look and feel to it, similar to that of an iPhone. The display is 3.5 inches with a 320x480 pixel resolution, which is pretty much the same as the iPhone 3Gs, this may have been good upon release but nowadays with the likes of the HTC desire and Galaxy S I believe its inadequate in terms of screen size.

            It only has 150MB of on board memory which again is beaten by any other supposed 'high end' smart phone. The camera may be 5Mega-pixels but doesn't allow HD video recording, however it does have a great LED flash and the auto focus is pretty good!

            The Ace also has 800mhz Processor, does feel slow and 'laggy' at times which is beaten by other high end phones with an excess of 1000MHz processors.

            The battery life like all smart phones is pretty much next to none, will last a day and will need charging over night if you listen to music, take pictures or text/make calls frequently throughout the day.

            The web browser is fast paced and decent however be warned it has no flash compatibility to my knowledge.

            All in all I would go for a higher end phone for the little amount more you would have to spend, like a HTC Desire or Galaxy S. In my opinion this phone is just an un-needed extra in an already flooded android phone market.

            5 megapixel camera with autofocus, LED flash and 2x digital zoom
            Video recording (320 x 240 pixels)
            Display: TFT, 16 million colours, 320 x 480 pixels (3.5 inches) touchscreen with auto-rotate
            Music player
            FM radio RDS
            MP3 ringtones / 64-voice polyphonic ringtones
            Messaging: SMS, MMS, instant messaging, email
            GPS with Google Maps
            Personal organiser functions
            Memory: 158MB plus MicroSD memory card (up to 32GB supported)
            Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, USB 2.0, 3.5mm audio jack
            Internet: Layar Reality Browser, Android browser, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA 7.2Mbps
            Quadband GSM (850/900/1800/1900), dual band 3G (900/2100)
            Size: 112 x 60 x 11.5 mm
            Weight: 113g
            Battery: 1350 mAh
            Talktime: 390 - 660 minutes
            Battery standby: 420 - 640 hours


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            • HTC Desire / Smartphone / 13 Readings / 12 Ratings
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              24.01.2011 23:18
              Very helpful



              All in all a great phone would recomend to anyone.

              I've had the HTC desire since it first came out, orgionally it was because I was too impatient to wait for the IPhone 4! Once the IPhone was available I quickly switched to it. However, I was so astonished by how amazing this phone actually is in comparison I reverted back to the Desire after a week!!

              The actual aesthetics of the phone are pleasing to look at, it's very slim line, easy on the eyes and rounded off on the edges and corners. The Phone itself is 12cm x 6cm, it fits snuggly into your pocket even with'skinny' fit jeans! The screen itself is 9cm x 5.5cm, which takes up most of the phone.
              The only external buttons, apart from one are located on the bottom of the phone. These are the shortcuts for returing you to the desktop, the main menu (where you can choose what application you want to use) the 'backup' key, the search button, the sensor/select button (in the middle) which allows you to scroll through things on your phone simply by lightly sliding your finger over it in what direction you want and select them by pressing it in... this is effect means that if there ever was a fault with the sensors on your touch screen you could still use the phone effectively. The last few external buttons are on the top and the side of the phone which you can tap once to lock or unlock the phone (If you do unlock the phone you then have to drag a bar on the screen down to completely unlock it, so this prevents you wasting your battery in your pocket!) Or you can hold it down for 3-5 seconds and a menu will come up with a list of options, for example 'Shut down' Or 'Aeroplane mode' which would block all outgoing signals from the phone. The buttons on the side control the volume.

              The phone itself is very durable, I have dropped this phone many times in a drunken state and it has never broke on me once, ive had no cracks, breaks or blackouts with it just a few mere scratches.

              The phone itself has a built in 1GHz processor and smoothly runs the fairly new android technology that runs it. Android technology on phones is fairly new, however, they are constantly updating it and it matches, if not beats, the IPhone 4 hands down.
              Another perk to the android technology is the more expansive choice you have with the applications on the market, there is an app for everyone, ranging from: 'Urban Spoon' which is an application that helps you find the right restaurant for you, wether its price, type of food, where its located and it even gives you customer reviews of the restaurants. The other end of the application spectrum would be for the prograssinator! I recently downloaded an application called 'ROM GRIPPER' this is a Free, quick and easy app on your phone that allows you to play games from the amega, atari, nes, snes, sega master system, sega saturn, gameboy colours and the gameboy advance on the phone, the list of games you can download and play is immense and its all completely free!
              The general outlay of the desktopis smart and easy to get to grips with and you learn how to navigate the phone quite quickly, you can customise anything you want on it aswell, adding widgets to make your browsing easier, to changing how fast you can turn the page!
              For your usual apps like facebook, twitter, skype, the internet, etc this phone is ideal. It makes everything quick and simple.
              The music player is average and can get quite frustrating but you can easily download one more suited to you from the app store either for free or you could pay for one. The sound quality from the phone is crisp, clear and can go pretty loud through the earphones and the build in speaker is louder than the iPhone's.
              Texting is made easy by the touchscreen QWERTY keyboard and the calls are clear and without static. You can also make conference calls and have a number of people in the same conversation!
              There is a 5 megapixle camera with an optical zoom which suits the purposes of the phone because, lets face it, if you wanted completely professional photos, you would buy an SLR digital camera! You have the option of a flash aswell which in the later Versions of android tech you can use as a flashlight with 3 different settings.
              It also has a built in sat nav which works through the headphones aswell as the loudspeaker. This for me was a must as I can listen to the directions while im riding my motorbike. I would be lost without it (no pun intended)
              You can adjust the screen brightness manually or have it done automatically so if your on the move you can read it wherever. The phone also supports Adobe Acrobat Reader files so you could read a few E-books on long journeys.
              The only downfall I can come up with for the HTC Desire is the battery life. For the starting few weeks it will drain incredibly fast, untill you get a hang of what widgets/ apps/ settings may effect this. Luckily in the settings>applications, you have an app that allows you too see how much memory each application is taking up!

              All in all I would say this has to be the best phone I have had to date!


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              24.01.2011 18:13
              Very helpful
              1 Comment


              • Reliability


              A gaming MUST!

              For the heavy gamers the G15 keyboard is a must have. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to look at with its illuminating backlight, which I might add has three settings, it is ergonomically pleasing for the most of gamers who are used to using the left hand to work the keyboard and the right hand for the mouse type of gameplay. The LCD screen is somewhat useful, it can display the CPU and memory usage of your computer which helps determine where the ingame 'lag' is coming from, it can show the date and time, volume, and has specific profiles for games, and example of this would be World Of Warcraft - it shows you your gear durability base states and battleground info. You can also download profiles for individual games as not everygame is already programmed into its software.
              The extra keys or 'G-Keys' can help with a variety of things, you can set up keystroke commands or create macro's, the user interface of the software that comes with this keyboard is easy to use, however in some cases, if you do get stuck there are pleanty of free help guides and coding for you online. Now it may seem that there is 18 extra keys on this keyboard to play with, but you would be incorrect as above the black keys in the top left hand side there are 3 extra round keys which will allow you to switch between different sets of the 18 keys! So in reality it gives you an extra 54 keys to play around with, no other keyboard has this!
              Now the only drawback I can possibly find for the Logitech G15 keyboard is that the 2 extra USB slots they provide are only the standard USB and not USB2/3, which in affect makes them pretty useless!
              I Beleive it hands down is the best gaming keyboard out there.


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