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      21.06.2011 19:47
      Very helpful



      long lasting, hard wearing even for rough playing dogs.

      I first purchased the small good boy space hopper as it looked bright and my dog loves squeaky toys. It went down really well, he carried it around everywhere and it was still squeaking loud and intact after several months of being chewed and thrown around. My parent's dog even got hold of it (and she breaks every toy she has ever had) and it was fine. It can withstand excessive squeaking and being thrown around by the ears.

      I then decided to go for the Giant version, this was again squeaky and the dogs loved it, but being bigger and having more rubbery material it was easier to break. It lasted a few months but after excessive squeaking the squeak was no more and after a number of tug of wars between dogs and being violently thrown around the ear ripped, this wasn't disastrous and the dogs still love it, however it did mean that a large amount of cotton wool like padding was flung around the house.

      Good boy make some very durable toys and the H 22 x W 12 x D 12 cm Space Hopper is defiantly recommended to anyone looking for a fun long lasting toy even for the roughest of dogs. It costs £4.99 from most pet shops, a year ago I wouldn't have paid this, but now I have seen how easily cheap dogs are destroyed I realise that it is cheaper to pay a little more for one that lasts.


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