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Member since: 18.08.2006

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      18.08.2006 19:41
      Very helpful



      Staff not attendive and my taste buds are still recovering

      As it's school holidays I decided to take my sons to cinema then for lunch in town. The movie was good unfortunately we decided to eat at F & B opposite cinema complex. Like others we seemed to wait awhile to be seated. Whilst being seated I mentioned that my son was on a gluten-free diet and was assured this wasn't a problem. Looking at menu I realised that we'd been given the full menu NOT the £4.95 lunch menu advertised outside. Actually £4.95 referred to single course from this menu and the only gluten free meal was salad. My younger son and I ordered from lunch menu whilst I had to select something from main menu for elder son, not an easy task and staff did not advise (although I had checked beforehand and mangress suggested chicken & chips) - in the end I ordered a chicken sandwich without the bread once again I mentioned his meal had to be gluten free and asked for chips to be checked - so far so good.
      Then we received food - okay pototoe skins were probably a bit risky but these tasted burnt - younger son's soup looked okay but by all accounts tasted like tomato ketchup. When our main courses arrived the first thing I noticed was breaded onion rings placed on son's chicken then I realised chicken had also been served on bun, the waitress was apologetic and immediately took it away, I did point out that I couldn't accept as chicken had been in contact with bread!
      All above would have been annoying however, where things really fell down was the taste that remained in my mouth after finishing my warm chicken salad. The chicken was dry and obviously overcooked, but this taste was as if it had been coated in charcoal! I drank water, taste remained, I ate mint still taste remained. I started to feel unwell and my head started to ache. I paid bill and left, vowing never to return.


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