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      31.05.2012 23:54
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      a great toy for any little one

      Fisher Price Little People Bus

      *WHAT IS IT*

      This is a toy from Fisher Price that encourages role play. It includes a bus driver who happens to have a red stop sign I his hand.

      It is a push along bus that allows you to have the bus driver and four passengers sitting in the bus if you wish (the passengers have to be purchased separately).

      *WHAT IT DOES*

      It is a red bus that looks very cheerful and happy the headlights are eyes and underneath there is a smiling face on the bumper. The bus has large black wheels with bright bus alloys.

      I bought my bus from B&M Bargains for £10 for my daughter for Christmas. What I only noticed after was that it is the American version as the bus driver sits on the left hand side however my daughter is only two so she never noticed this and I don't think that it is overly important.

      On the side of the bus there is a blue sign which is red inside with a white hand which means to stop, this can be pulled out and it will make one of two sounds (either laughing children or a croaking frog). When you pull this sign out the two lights at the top of the bus will also flash. Behind the sign there is a picture of a friendly frog with stars around him.

      Along both sides of the bus there are brightly coloured stickers with a sun, clouds and a picture of what looks like a moving bus.

      The back of the bus has pretend lights and a colour that will pop down so you can pretend your passengers are getting on and off the bus. I have to admit that this door falls off regularly however it is very easy to put it back on.

      On the right hand side of the bus there is another door which opens and closes, where you would expect to get on a bus. There is also steps up onto the bus. Failing that the bus has an open top so its easy to place figures into the bus.

      Inside the bus is bright yellow and along the sides it looks like there is a ruler, school book, apple, pens, crayons and a school back pack are sitting on benches (these can not be taken out they are for decoration only).

      There are four raised passenger seats that have a raised groove sitting out so that the Fisher Price people can fit in them exactly as they have a hole in the bottom of them. The bus drivers seat is at the front, as you would expect and it is blue in colour.

      When you press down the seat or put a figure into the seat it will say 'Watch for the flashing lights', sing a song to stop and go and to take things slow, have children laughing, have a horn beeping, say 'everyone sit down lets go to school'.

      Underneath the bus has an exhaust and pipes that are raised out of the plastic. Also the batteries are located here if you need to change them. You will need a screwdriver to do this.

      The figure that's included is the bus driver he looks rather plump and is wearing a blue hat and trousers with a black belt. He is rather smart looking and is wearing a white shirt and a black tie. He has blonde hair and a smiling face. In his lend hand he is holding a red sign with a hand imprinted on it (a top sign). In his right hand he is holding a cute green frog. To be honest I have no idea what the frog represents but he looks cure. The figure is made out of good durable plastic and is hollow inside so its light-weight.

      *MY OPINION*

      I have to say I really like the Fisher Price Little People range. I think they are well-made, durable and safe for little ones to play with. After time like most plastic toys the paint wears slightly but it isn't bad looking. The school bus is very well made and is made out of sturdy plastic which means that it can withstand a toddler throwing it about, dropping it and chewing it without any damage being made to it.

      I think the bus is a great tool for explaining to a young child that one day they will be getting on a school bus. As I don't drive my daughter will have to get on a school bus so I have found this toy useful for explaining this to her. It is also a great role play toy for both boys and girls as the figures can be used with this bus and they are not targeted to either a boy or a girl.

      The only downside is that you need to buy passengers, however as my daughter has the little people farm play set so she uses the figures from this so there are passengers on the bus.

      I would recommend this toy to anyone as I feel it has educational value as when your child is older you can explain to them the rules of being safe on the road and use the bus to explain different scenarios. It is a great toy to encourage role play with your child and help develop their imagination.

      I think it is a very well made, durable, safe toy for any little one. My daughter got this toy when she was just over 1 year old and she is now 2 and still loves to play with it.

      The bus can be pushed along and she pretend people are getting on and off the bus as she pushes it along. I feel it was great value for money only costing £10. I have seen the UK version for £15 and up to £25 in some shops however I feel that the American version does just the same thing and it is not as expensive.


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        26.05.2012 12:22
        Very helpful
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        good if your child is a In the Night Garden fan

        Iggle Piggle

        **WHAT IS IT**

        This is a plush toy which looks like Iggle Piggle, who is from the children's programme called 'In the Night Garden'. This show is very popular with my daughter who is 2 years old however she doesn't like it as much as she used to. I think she is starting to grow out of the show and other shows are more appealing to her now. At age 1 'In the Night Garden' was my daughters favourite show and she loved to watch Upsy daisy and Iggle Piggle along with the other characters. This meant she received this toy as a Christmas present from her aunt.

        Iggle Piggle however is still a favourite toy of hers and she loves playing with Upsy Daisy (which she also has) and Iggle Piggle together. Quite often I find her making tea and feeding Iggle Piggle.
        It is suitable for children aged 18 months old.

        When you press Iggle Piggle's tummy he will make different sounds/say different phrases that he says on the show.

        He also has a red blanket that you can attach to his hand so he is holding it or it can be removed. It is kept in place with velcro.

        **WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE**

        Iggle Piggle is blue in colour and each section of his body is various shades of blue. He has red on the soles of his feet. On his head he has 4 tiny bits of hair (that are 4 taggies) these are also soft to touch.

        Iggle Piggle has plastic eyes that can get scored over time with wear and tear. He has a blue plastic nose and a blue embroidered mouth.

        On his back he has a velcro pocket which has a sewn in voice box. This is sewn in very securely so you are not going to accidentally tear it out by accident. To change the batteries you will have to use a screwdriver to open the box. The toy takes 2AA batteries, however you are supplied with them when you purchase the toy.

        **WHAT IT DOES**

        Iggle Piggle is a very soft cuddly toy that makes noise when you press his belly. It is the type of toy a little one could cuddle into.

        Iggle Piggle's hair is very short and extremely soft to touch. There is a small piece of velcro on his hand that his red blanket attaches to. This blanket is also very soft to touch and it is a nice size for a little one to hold and play with.

        When you press his tummy you get a different noise each time. Well there are 4 different noises. One is a squeaking noise (like Iggle Piggle is kissing), another is a rattling noise, another is like Iggle Piggle laughing and the last is the Iggle Piggle song.

        The Iggle Piggle song is 'Yes my name is Iggle Piggle, iggle, piggle, miggle, wiggle, giggle. Yes my name is Iggle Piggle, iggle, piggle, miggleee, ohh'. If you have ever seen 'In the Night Garden' you will understand this song. It is the song that Iggle Piggle sings.


        My daughter loves this toy and she enjoys playing with it and pressing Iggle Piggle's belly to hear the different sounds. My daughter's Upsy Daisy doesn't actually make any noise and she sometimes touches her belly and gets frustrated that it doesn't make the noises that Iggle Piggle does.

        She loves to give Iggle Piggle cuddles and she uses it like she would a doll. She makes him tea and feeds him food. She also takes him for walks in her pram and puts him to bed.

        Even though she doesn't watch the show as much she used to she still find the Iggle Piggle toy amusing and enjoys playing with him. In fact if she sees it in the room she will shout out Iggle Piggle!

        As my daughter doesn't take cuddly toys to bed with her this toy isn't taken to bed or used to help her to go to sleep. It may hinder children sleeping if they pressed the belly and it started to sing.

        **MY OPINION**

        This toy costs £15.99 from Tesco's which isn't cheap for such a small toy. It is roughly 30cm in size which is a nice size for my daughter to handle.

        The toy is made very well and I am not worried about my daughter chocking on stray hairs (which I have found with other toys). I feel safe to give her this toy to play with without any harm coming to her.

        It is very soft and feels nice to touch in fact my daughter can be found rubbing it against her face as she likes the feel of it.

        The one thing I like about this toy is that the same song isn't played over and over again when you press the belly. In fact they are played randomly which I like as it doesn't mean you are hearing the same song over and over again as this does get irritating. The only thing I can say is that the music kind of sounds muffled but to me this isn't really a big issue and the noises are loud either.

        My daughter loves this toy even though she has had it for a while. She plays with this toy like it is a doll and enjoys taking him along to do different things.

        I would recommend this toy to anyone's child who likes 'In the Night Garden' and likes Iggle Piggle. It doesn't have much educational value however my daughter does love playing with it over and over again.


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          13.05.2012 20:52
          Very helpful



          only worth while getting if your child is a massive Barney fan

          Fisher Price I Love You Barney

          **WHAT IS IT**

          This is a plush toy which looks like Barney. If you don't already know, Barney is a character from a popular American children's show who happens to be a big purple dinosaur.

          This particular toy is soft and cuddly and when you press the tummy Barney will sing to you. It is roughly 30cm in size. Two AA batteries are needed for this toy however they were included with the toy.

          It is suitable for children aged 18months upwards. My daughter is 2 and she still plays with this toy. I think it really will go out of fashion once she grows out of Barney. I think this is starting to happen already

          **WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE & DOES**

          Well it looks like Barney who is a dark purple dinosaur which has a big smiling face and inside his mouth is black in colour.

          You can also see his bright white teeth which all merge into each other. He has a brightly coloured green belly and a on his chest he has a heart.

          On his back just above his tail he has three green spots. He has a very friendly face and his arms look like he is posed for a hug.

          On this particular Barney there is a heart where his heart would be and I love you is embroidered in green and pink. The 'Love' isn't a word it is the shape of a heart.

          The voice box is easily gotten to by opening a velcro section in his back which is sort of like a pocket that the voice box is kept in. The actual voice box has a cream plastic cover on it which you can choose to switch off if you wish. When you pull this out of the pocket you realise that it is sewn into the pocket so it won't come off completely.

          If you need to change the batteries you can use a screwdriver and change them. I would advise you not to let your little one see you change this as they then will constantly want to explore and do it themselves as well.

          When you press Barney's belly he will sing I Love you, you love me, we're a happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you won't you say you love me too. This is what Barney sings at the end of each episode so any child who watches the show will be familiar with it. It's isn't overly long and only lasts approximately 15 seconds. The same song is played each time.


          This toy is mounted onto a small box which has the Barney logo on it and a picture of Barney. There is a piece of cardboard behind Barney to keep him mounted upwards. This means that you can touch the toy and feel the softness of it before you buy it. You can also press his belly to hear what he sounds like before you buy him.

          You have to make sure to remove all the tags which are attached to the cardboard and Barney before giving them to your child as they would be extremely dangerous if they tried to eat them.


          My daughter likes this toy and she enjoys playing with it. Sometimes she likes Barney better than other times however he isn't her favourite character, others take preference with her at the minute however she is older now.

          She first got this toy as a present at Christmas when she was a year and half, now she is two years old and doesn't have the same interest in Barney as she used to have.

          My daughter never grows old of pressing the belly and listening to Barney sing. She loves to dance to the short tune played. I have to say I do not share her enthusiasm as it is extremely repetitive to hear over and over again.

          She enjoys giving him a cuddle every now and then. As she doesn't take toys to bed with her to cuddle to sleep it was never used for this. It may be of more use to a child who does do this.

          **MY OPINION**

          This toy cost around £9.99 and my daughter received it as a Christmas present. I have to say I don't really think that it really is worth the money to be honest. My daughter only looks at it every now and then and it isn't really one of her favourite toys and it never really was. It is really one of them toys that just gathers dust and takes up space.

          The only way I can imagine that it would be a good toy is that if your child is a massive Barney fan.

          I do have to admit that the toy is made very well and it is very soft and cuddly to touch. The hair on the dinosaur isn't too long and I am in no way worried about the fibres becoming lose which I have found a problem with other cuddly toys.

          The music can be annoying to adults (or me specifically) but my daughter does like this aspect of this toy.

          I do feel that it is too expensive for a cuddly toy that doesn't have much educational value. The only thing it potentially teaches your child is the 'I Love You' song.

          This may not have been a problem for me as my daughter doesn't cuddle toys in bed but I do think that if she did with this toy it would make her more awake as music would start playing every time Barney's belly was squeezed. This function can be turned off if you wish I suppose.

          Personally I would only recommend this toy to anyone who's child really loves Barney otherwise it really is a waste of money. The toy is made very well but it doesn't really do much and I find the music being played constantly annoying.


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          18.12.2011 16:33
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          a great little toy - should have a boy version

          Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Pretty Please Tea Set

          **WHAT IS IT**

          This is a little tea set from the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn range which is suitable for children from 6 months onwards. It says on the packaging that the age range for this toy is 6-36 months.

          The tea set includes a teapot, 2 tea cups and a shape sorter desert tray with buns that are different shapes. There are 3 buns in total which fit into the shape sorter.

          **WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE**

          I have to say that this is a very attractive and cute little tea set and it is what drawn me to it in the first place. It is however very much targeted for girls as it is pastel pinks and purples.

          The teapot is pastel pink with a frilly top and it has a pastel purple lid which has pink flowers on it. The lid also has the Fisher Price logo on it. The rest of the tea pot has dark pink flowers around the bottom and on the handle.

          The front of the teapot has a bright smiling face that is very friendly looking and there is a function button on the bottom. At the top there is a bigger button which is pink and has a yellow musical note. This button is done so it looks like a teabag coming out of the teapot.

          The two little teacups are a perfect size for tiny hands. There are two small holes on the back I assume the purpose for these is to stop your child from suffocating if they put the cup over their face. It does mean that if you fill it up too much with water (if you are pretend playing) then the water will spill out, however the teapot does not hold water so this probably is not going to happen.

          The teacups are made out of durable plastic and will withstand your little one chewing on them when they are teething. The cups are pastel purple and have cute smiling faces on the front of them just like the teapot.

          The shape sorter is a dark pink and looks like a doily. The shapes are sunk into the tray like shape sorter so its easy to put the pieces of cake into them. All over the tray there are groves of different shapes and flowers for your little one to feel. Again the plastic is very durable and won't break easily. This is a good job as my daughter likes to throw things about the room quite a bit.

          The shapes for the shape sorter are little cakes. One is what looks like a piece of chocolate cake and it is in the shape of a square. This shape has holes in the bottom of it so if your little one puts it over their face again they can still breathe. The next shape looks like a piece of cherry cake and it's in the shape of a circle. This shape is filled in so your little one can't put it over their face. The last piece is a triangle and looks like a piece of cake with sprinkles over it. All these shapes are very well made and won't be broken easily if your little one throws them or chews them/

          **WHAT IT DOES**

          This tea set has a few functions, the most obvious being role play where your child is pretending to make tea and pore it into the cups and then give you some buns.

          As I have mentioned before this tea set has other features as well. The buns are put into a tray which is a shape sorter so your little one can use this as a game in itself learning different shapes and how to put them into the tray.

          I have to say that the teapot is the most technical out of all the accessories of the tea set. The function button on the front bottom of the tea pot determines what music the tea pot will play when you do different things. You can turn the teapot off (I always like to see this option), the learning time function (it has a 1,2,3 beside it), music time function (it has musical notes beside it) and the last function is just typical sounds you would hear from a teapot and this has a swirling circle beside it.

          The learning time function teaches opposites and when you open and close the lid it will tell you (opened and closed, hello and goodbye, up and down). When you press the teabag button it will sing a song about the tea set teaching your child about sharing and what the shapes are. When pouring the teapot it sounds like tea is coming out and it says yum yum more please or your very welcome or thank you. I like this as it helps teach your child some manners and if it doesn't at least it is setting a good example.

          The music time button will play tinkling music when you lift the lid open and closed. When you press the tea bag button that is different from the learning time function and it will teach your child about how to use the tea set and about saying please and thank you. I have to say that after a while these songs can get slightly annoying if you hear them over and over again (this is why I be thankful of the off button) however most toys are like this. A tinkling sound is made when you pour the teapot.

          The last function laughs when you lift the lid and when you close it makes a clinking sound. When you press the tea bag button it makes a sound like a tea pot is whistling. When pouring the teapot it makes a sound like water is coming out.

          **MY OPINION**

          I really like this tea pot and it cost £15.00 which I think is an ok price for it. My daughter loves playing pretend and especially making tea for everyone. The tiny cups are a great size for her to hold and pretend to drink from.

          The teapot itself is rather bulky and heavy enough when my daughter decides she wants to throw it on the ground. Thankfully it has withstood abuse from my daughter and still works perfectly so it is a very durable toy.

          The only thing about this teapot that may be negative is that you can't actually put any water or anything into it. The lid opens and there is a small amount of space and you can see a tea bag and pretend water but you can't actually pour anything out of the teapot. The spout is filled in so pouring anything out of it is impossible.

          My daughter never made much of the shape sorter but she will give you the cakes without the tray and tell you to eat them all up.

          I have to say that this is a great toy for little girls who like to make tea for anyone. The sounds are great when my daughter is playing with it as it makes her feel like she is really pouring tea. Also the songs and some of the sayings have educational value that learns my daughter manners, opposites and how to use a teapot.

          As this toy is used mostly with other people it can help learn your little one social skills and how to share. My daughter is an only child and I feel that this is an important skill for her to learn.

          This is one of the toys I got my daughter last year for Christmas that she is still steadily playing with and will continue to play with for a while yet. I feel that it was good value for money and a long lasting toy.

          I think that Fisher Price should have a boy version of this toy as it means that boys are missing out and who says that boys can't make tea as well.


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            13.12.2011 19:54
            Very helpful



            a fun toy with educational value

            Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Piggy Bank

            **WHAT IS IT**

            This is a toy from the Fisher Price range that is a piggy bank. It teaches your child lots of different things like colours, numbers, animals and co-ordination.

            It is a toy that will sing and help teach your child how to count. It is in the shape of a pig. This toy is suitable for ages 6 months to 36 months.

            **WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE**

            This toy is a large pink pig which has a red nose that can be pressed in and a red curly tail that can be moved around in a circle. There is a blue raised slot where the coins can be put into it.

            The pig has a big smiley friendly face and raised out ears. Underneath there is a volume control button so you can turn it up or down. Plus on the top there is a function button and you can choose 'learning time', off or 'music time'.

            There is a see-through door on the front of the pig which can be easily opened and the numbers 1-10 is printed in bold green. To close the door is very easily done as well and it won't take long for your little one to master this.

            There are 10 coins, 5 are small and 5 are larger coins. Each coin is a different colour (either yellow, green, red, orange, blue) and a different animal (either a cow,dog, sheep, duck, rabbit).

            On the front of the coins the animal's face is raised out and on the back the shape of the back of the animal is also raised out. This means tiny fingers can feel the different shapes.

            The smaller coins are still bulky with smooth edges. The only difference with the larger coins is that obviously they are bigger and there are small bubbles around the edges also.

            **WHAT IT DOES**

            This pig does various different things. When on the 'learning time' function when you press the nose the pig will sing a song which will help children learn how to count, a laughing sound, sneazing sound. and also make an oink oink noise. On this function it will count when your child puts some coins in the slot if there isn't much of a time delay it will count right up to 10 along with a clinking money sound however if your child hesitates before putting any in it will go back to counting from 1.

            The next function is 'music time' does everything with music. When you press the nose it will sing a song about how to use the piggy bank. It will also make a laughing noise, sneazing and oink oink sound. When the coins are put in there is a music noise which sort of sounds like the noise you hear from a gambling machine.

            The main thing this learns your child is how to put the coins into the slot in the piggy bank. Along with this as they get older you can teach them how to count as they are doing this. It is a great toy to help with a little ones co-ordination.

            When you take the time with your child you can teach them the colours of coins, the animals on the coins. The other thing you can teach them is that the small coins are tiny baby animals and the bigger coins are mummy animals.

            **MY OPINION**

            I have to say that I like this toy as it has served different purposes as my daughter has grown up.

            As a tiny baby of 6 months she used to love just looking at the pig when I pressed the nose she loved hearing the music. Gradually she learnt how to push the coins in when I put them into the slot. In no time she then learnt how to put the coins in all by herself. Now she is a year and half she can change the functions to whatever one she wants and take the coins in and out of the pig all by herself I don't need to help her anymore.

            I have also seen her using the coins as money when she is playing with things. I really like it when one toy serves different purposes and I feel that this one does that.

            When she gets a little bit older I am going to use this toy to help her count. She can say some numbers but it will be a while before she is saying them in sequence.

            The pig is heavy and the problem I have had with it is when my daughter throws it in a temper I fear my floor is going to get damaged. Though this doesn't happen that often. I feel that it is very hard wearing and the coins are a nice size. When your child is younger they might do what my daughter did and that is chew on the coins constantly. I have to say that it hasn't done them any harm and it is safe for a little one to do this.

            This toy cost £15.00 in B&M and I think that this is good value as this toy grows with your child and they will use it for a long time. I am not sure if she will still be interested in it when she is 3 but for the time being it is still one of her more favourite toys.


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          • Tomy Hide 'n' Squeak Eggs / Baby Toy / 35 Readings / 34 Ratings
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            12.12.2011 19:06
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            a great all rounder toy

            Tomy Hide n Squeek Eggs

            **WHAT THEY ARE**

            This toy is basically eggs that come in a plastic container (which looks like an egg box).When you open it inside there are 6 eggs which break open and inside there are 6 different coloured chicks. When you press down on the chicks they make a chirping sound. This toy is suitable for children aged 12 months upwards.

            **WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE**

            It is a brightly coloured yellow egg box with 6 white eggs inside with different coloured faces and chicks. Each egg is a nice size for tiny hands to handle.

            **WHAT THEY DO**

            What I like about this toy is that it can be used in so many ways. The 6 eggs come in a brightly yellow coloured box which has Tomy inprinted on the front of it. There is a sturdy clasp which took my daughter a while to figure out how to open.

            Inside this box (which I think is great for storing these eggs) is 6 cute little eggs which can be broken open.

            On the top part of the eggs each one has a different face. This ranges from what I feel is happy, content, scared, sleepy, angry and cheeky. I use the faces to try and teach my daughter different moods. Each face is a different colour.

            When you take the top part of the egg off (cracking open your egg so to speak) inside a different coloured chicks. Now the colour of the top part of the eggs face match the chicks colour and the facial expression also matches. This I feel is a fun way to help my daughter learn colours and matching up the same colour.

            You can press down on the chicks and they will cheap my daughter loves doing this and thinks it is very funny.

            Another thing is that underneath each egg is a shape and each shape has a certain place in the box. So its also a shape sorter for your little one to work out. There is a heart, triangle, star, square, cross and a circle for your child to learn how to sort into the box. If you put the wrong egg into the wrong space it will not fit correctly.

            **MY OPINION**

            This toy costs me around £5 from Amazon and I have to say it was a great buy and there is so many educational values to this toy. Also I think they are very cute.

            Apart from using them as a toy on their own my daughter has found additional uses for them. She puts them into her pots and pretends she is cooking her eggs to eat. This has meant that this toy has been used for different purposes for a long time.

            I have found that this toy is very durable and will not break easily as my daughter has flung them about a lot just like all children do.

            I feel that they are great value for money and good for co-ordination and brain develop as they challenge your child to figure out what colours goes with what, what shapes go where and different faces. It is one of the toys that I am very happy with my purchase and feel that it was money well spent.


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              11.12.2011 21:34
              Very helpful
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              great value for money

              Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Purse

              **WHAT IS IT**

              This is a soft purse/bag/handbag for a child to play with so they can pretend to be like their mummy. It is called a purse but I have to say it is the biggest purse I have ever seen its more like a handbag. Along with it there are a few accessories to put into the bag. This toy is suitable for children 6 months to roughly around 36 months.

              This bag was bought for my daughter as a present however I chose it as she was constantly playing with my handbag which wasn't very safe. I liked the fact that it came with accessories which were also similar to other things she likes to take of mine that aren't suitable for her to play with.

              **WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE**

              The purse is very cute to look at and is pastel pink in colour with a nice smiling face on the front. The face is embroidered onto the bag and is very friendly looking.

              At the top there is a handle that is made out of plastic, this is purple in colour. On this handle the numbers 1 to 10 are printed. There is also a pink button to choose different functions (more about that later). There is a yellow and blue zipper that is made out of plastic that moves backwards and forwards plus there is a purple and blue tag as well.

              The base of the bag is made out of plastic and if you need to change the batteries this can be done from here. There is a button so you can change the volume up or down on this purse as you please.

              Inside the bag there are large chunks of plastic from the zipper and there is a sound box here too so this makes the purse rather heavy to carry however not too heavy for your little ones. It just means you don't have as much space as you would expect to have by looking at the purse when it is not opened.

              Overall I think that this purse is very cute to look at. There are several accessories included with this toy they are keys, a bracelet, money (a note), a mirror and a lipstick.

              The keys are rather simple and large. On the yellow key-ring there are two one that is pink and the other is green. One key has the shape of a car embedded onto it and the other has a house. I suppose this means that one of the keys is for the house and the other is for the car. I think this is a great toy for a 6 month year old as they can look at the links and explore the keys.

              There is a chunky plastic dark pink bracelet which my daughter loves to put on. She will always come and show me her beautiful bracelet and she feels very special wearing it. The bracelet is fully rounded and has no clasps on it so it is very safe for little ones to play with and it is a nice size for them to put on and off their little wrists. When my daughter was 6 months old though she just chewed on this bracelet but again it was safe enough to do so.

              Money is included in the form of a note which says 1 on it. So I suppose it's a pound note. To touch this note it is crinkly and I like the texture of it. It is good for babies to discover different textures. On one side of the note it is green and blue and purple design with a picture of a dog the other side is the same colours with a picture of what looks to me like a sunshine. My daughter now at a year and half loves to pay for things with her money. She tells me here's a pound mummy.

              The mirror is great for all age groups as the child can look at themselves in the mirror. I feel that this is a very safe cute little mirror to play with.

              The lipstick that is included also gives off a soft rattle sound when it is shook. It is rather bulky and easy for a child to hold. My daughter loves putting lipstick on everyone who will let her lol!

              **WHAT IT ALL DOES**

              This purse has lots of functions, the accessories included have their own functions uniquely. The purse stores all of these accessories very well when your child wants to put them away.

              On the front of the bag there is a tag for younger children to explore and a zip that can be moved backwards and forwards.

              As I have mentioned before there is a button to choose different functions. These functions are sound off, the learning time function, the music function and the play time function.

              Now the learning time function sings a song about colours when you move the zipper one way and when you move it the other it will say zip. When you open the purse it will sing another song counting numbers. It will learn you child opposites when the open and close the bag (for example the obvious open, close and hello, bye bye)

              The music function will make a floating sound when you move the zip. When you open the bag it will sing a song about the accessories that are included with the bag.

              The play function then makes more different sounds. When you move the zip it will make the actual sound a zip makes. When the back is opened it will make a magical sound and when you close it sounds like you are closing a bag.

              The bag itself opens and closes with the use of a magnet so your child can really catch their fingers unless the literally are going to force the bag closed on their fingers on purpose.

              **MY OPINION**

              I feel that this bag has so many uses and I like the way that I can chose different functions if the music gets annoying (parent all know what I mean). Plus I have the option to turn the music off completely and adjust the volume. These are extremely useful features.

              The one thing I would say is that it took my daughter ages on how to figure out how to get the bag to stay closed as it popped open on her regularly when she was learning how to use it. This used to frustrate her no end as she wouldn't give up on getting it closed properly, however with practice she has eventually learned how to do this.

              I really love the accessories included and they be used with other toys when my daughter is playing.

              This toy cost £15 in B&M and I feel that it is great value for money as my daughter likes to carry her own little bag about putting things in and out of it. If feel that you get good value for money with this toy and I am glad that my daughter got it.

              It is very durable and the only negative thing I can say about it is that the pastel colours get dirty over a period of time however a damp sponge can sort this out and get it cleaned again.

              I suppose this toy really is targeted at girls only which is a shame as I think a boy version would be good too.


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                11.12.2011 00:45
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                A toy for the In the Night Garden fans

                Upsy Daisy - Dress up

                **WHAT IT IS**

                For those of you who don't already know Upsy Daisy is a character from the children's television show In the Night Garden. This show is shown on Cbeebies on the digital channel. At the moment it is on in the evening around the bedtime hour.

                Upsy Daisy, Daisy Doo that's all I hear my daughter chime every time In the Night Garden comes on the television so I decided when I seen this toy in Tesco on offer I might as well buy it for her. It is a soft toy that can be brought to bed to snuggle up to (as long as all her accessories are taken off). Then in the morning you can dress Upsy Daisy up in her clothes. This toy is suitable for children aged 2 upwards.

                **WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE & DOES**

                Upsy Daisy looks exactly like what she does in the television program. She has a brown face with a pink head and multicoloured spaghetti look alike hair. She is wearing what looks like a sleep suit with strips and daisy's on it. These are orange, yellow and purple in colour. Upsy Daisy's face is very friendly and she is smiling.

                The accessories that are included that you can dress Upsy Daisy in are two hair clips, a daisy bracelet, a daisy necklace, shoes, a skirt and a daisy handbag.

                The Two hair clips are different colours one is pink and the other is orange. They both have pictures of daisies on them . They have a easy open clip on them so they can be opened and clipped onto Upsy Daisy's hair. These clips are rather large and are plastic. The one thing I have to say about them is that my daughter is constantly breaking them apart however they do click back into place if I need to do this.

                The daisy bracelet is a single rather large daisy and it is also made out of sturdy plastic. There is no catches or anything the way that this is put on is that there is a small gap so you can fit it around Upsy Daisy's wrist.

                She also has a necklace which you might have already guessed is made up out several daisies. Again this is made out of sturdy plastic and just like the bracelet there is a small gap at the back for you to put it on Upsy Daisy's neck. It means it can be put on or taken off very easily if you desire to.

                The next accessory that she has is what most woman have and that is a handbag. What I like about this cute little handbag with a daisy on it is that you can open it. Inside if you wish you can add a photo. The only thing is that I am not sure how you would attach it safely for your toddler as it is made out of plastic. This handbag fits around Upsy Daisy's arm.

                There is a removable skirt that has a plastic bending band around it so you can put it on and off easily. It looks sort of like a tutu. In the television programme Upsy Daisy's skirt is inflated when she dances. Sometimes my daughter pretends she is dancing when the skirt is on.

                The last two accessories that Upsy Daisy has is her little pink shoes which are purple underneath with big pink daisy prints (not really a surprise there!) These can be slipped on and off her feet when you want to.

                **MY OPINION**

                This toy cost me £10.00 on offer at Tesco but I have seen them around £25 in the shops. For £10 I think that this is reasonable value for this toy if your child is an In the Night Garden fan. My daughter seen it in the store and pestered me until I bought it for her but I do feel she has gotten good use out of it.

                My daughter takes this toy to bed at night and takes of her accessories. I use it as a tool to help settle my daughter before going to bed as she is getting her baby ready to go to sleep. The toy is soft enough for my daughter to sleep and sometimes she will hug it.

                The only bad point I can say about this toy is that I find the accessories are scattered all over the place and parts can be lost easily. I suppose though for a lot of toys this is the case. My daughter likes to dress the doll up and undress her too but I feel if I had gotten her an Upsy Daisy that has no accessories she would be just as happy.

                I find that my daughter just chews on the accessories quite often. They are safe enough to do so but I feel that they really aren't being used for their purpose as much as they should be.

                I was happy with the price I paid for this product however I definitely would not of paid any more for it as I don't think it is worth the money.


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                  08.12.2011 23:56
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                  a great basic toy

                  Fisher Price Chatter Phone

                  **WHAT IS IT**

                  This is a Fisher Price toy that has been around for years. It has no frills or gadgets about it, it's a basic toy for a child. It is a simple and basic preschool toy suitable for aged 1 and up.

                  **WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE**

                  This is a chunky toy which has strong primary colours of blue and white It has red wheels and a red receiver.

                  The dial is an old style phone where you have to scroll it around with your finger. This dial is bright yellow in colour. Underneath each section of the dial there are numbers from 0 to 9. Then there are colourful swirls around the dial at the top of the phone.

                  This phone is very friendly looking has moving eyes, a nose, rosy cheeks and a big happy smile. The eyes are very noticeable and are cute looking.

                  The receiver has a very short curled up blue cord however this cord is very tiny so your little one will not get strangled on it so you don't need to worry. On the red receiver Fisher Price is imprinted so you can clearly see who makes this product. There is also a red cord at the front of the phone as well so a child can pull it along.

                  **WHAT IT DOES**

                  I have to admit that this is a basic phone that does simple things but what it does do is beneficial to a young toddler.

                  The first benefit of this phone is that you can play pretend with your little one and it is good for role play. I find quite often my daughter wants me to pretend that she's taking to me on the phone. I feel that this is good at teaching your little one to do normal grown up things so they feel that they are grown up. My daughter is always very pleased with herself when she feels like she is talking on her own phone.

                  This toy can be pulled along so your toddler can take the cord at the front of the toy and pull it along. When they do this the eyes on the friendly face will move up and down. If the phone is pushed along the eyes will also move.

                  I like the colours of this toy as they are brightly coloured in mostly primary colours. Overall it is a cute little toy.

                  The dial on this phone is moved by putting your fingers in the holes and moving it clockwise and when you do this a ringing bell will sound. This is good for your toddler to help with their co-ordination.

                  **MY OPINION**

                  This phone only cost me around £7 on Amazon however when I checked it up recently it looks like you can get it for around £5 which anyone who has looked at children's toys will agree that this is not expensive.
                  I feel that this toy is great value for money. It may be basic but it is safe and still learns your child basic skills. It is great for role play and pretend play. My daughter spends hours making make believe calls. She also loves moving the dial to hear the ringing sound.

                  I feel that the extra features for example the cord at the front to move it along is a good bonus however my daughter doesn't really pull the phone along very much by this may not be the same for every child.

                  I have to say that the main reason I bought this toy was because I had one as a child but I am glad that I bought it as it is a great value basic toy that all children should have. It's also just very cute!


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                    04.12.2011 02:29
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                    If I had the chance I wouldn't buy it again

                    Mama & Papas Pipi Stroller

                    **WHAT IS IT**

                    This is a stroller which can used from birth and is suitable for children up to 15kg. It includes a small shopping basket underneath. There is a detachable hood as well as a rain cover included with your purchase. The stroller weighs 6.6kg.

                    This stroller has lots of extra features like a handle to carry it when it is folded up and it is lightweight to carry. In the hood of the pram there is a small pocket which is a great size to put things in (for example a purse or a dummy etc.)

                    There is a three point harness on it which secures your child very well. I have found that it is good as my daughter can not get out of it easily when she is strapped in.

                    The leg rest on this pram can be moved up or down and you can move the backrest to whatever level you want to as there is a cord at the back. This cord leaves it easy to move however sometimes I need to get someone to hold the seat upright if my daughter is in the pram when I want to adjust it.

                    **WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE AND FEATURES**

                    I have the older version of this pram which is the same as the new one except the design on the seat cover. Mine is pink and has swirls, line and dots which are dark pink, light pink, white and green. I have to say I think that it is pretty however it isn't anything special. I did find that over time the white colours has gotten grotty looking even though I am cleaning it. My daughter is a messy child and likes to eat in her pram but what child doesn't. Overall I would say that the colours and design are pleasing enough to look at.

                    The seat can be adjusted by pushing in two grey clips either side which is good depending on whether your child is sleeping or not. As my daughter is older now I have to push these down when she is sitting upright. When she was younger I never bothered with this. There is a plastic footrest underneath the child's feet for added comfort it has mamas and papas engraved into it.

                    The handles do not join together and have foam grips at the top. I find this handy as I hang my handbag over it when I am out shopping. There is a small mesh shopping basket at the bottom. I have to say that this is one of the reasons why I bought this pram however it doesn't hold a great pile however it does hold the essential items I need for my daughter when I am out and about.

                    The wheels on this pram are double ones and are rather small. The front ones can be locked or unlocked depending if you want your wheels to turn in any direction. Sometimes I find they lock by accident without me trying to and I find it hard to push the pram. I can unlock them easily so it's not a big problem but it can be irritating.

                    The frame is aluminium and is lightweight. On the side there is a black handle and a black clip to make sure it stays in place once it has been folded up. This on my pram has now broken which really causes me a dilemma. The stroller is easy to lift in and out of the boot and doesn't take up an awful lot of space. In my sisters car though (which is a Corsa) she can't fit it into her boot. I have a Focus which has a reasonably big boot and I have lots of spare space.

                    This pram is collapsed by pushing up the steel part on the back of the pram and standing on a black pedal (on the side of the pram). Its really the same as most prams about and is straightforward. I will say though make sure the footrest is flat, there is nothing in the shopping basket at the bottom and that the hood is pulled back as if these things are not done you won't get the pram down easily.

                    There is a rain cover included with this pram and I do have some problems with it. It does cover my daughter and make sure that she is dry (as long as I have attached it properly by using the Velcro stickies at the bottom). Sometimes my daughter kicks the rain cover and these become undone. The thing that it doesn't cover which annoys me is the hood of the pram so it gets soaked if you are out and about which means you have to dry it when you get back home. If it had been designed so it covered the hood it would have been better in my opinion.

                    **MY OPINION**

                    I have mixed feelings on this stroller to be honest. If I had the chance I don't think I would buy it again. It was brilliant value for money as I got it on sale in Argos for £40.00. I think this was a very reasonable price for what I got however I wish that I went for something better made.

                    My daughter is a year and half and I bought this pram when she was six months. So that means that this stroller is only a year old. I don't really use it much only when I go out in the car. As I don't drive this only is really during the weekend when my husband is about or sometimes during the week when my mother has to take me somewhere. I feel that this stroller is completely ruined already.

                    I feel that it is ruined as it squeaks constantly when I am out and about. The hood is about to fall off any day now and they wheels lock every now and then for no reason. I find that it's starting to wobble about abit when I push it too.

                    The biggest issue I have with this pram is that the lock broke on it to keep is safe when the pram is collapsed. This lead to a bad accident to happen as I got my hand caught in the frame when I was lifting it out of the car. This happened six months ago and I still have the scar on my finger. I was lucky and had only hurt my hand which was sore for a while but I could of easily have broken my finger or worse. If it had of been a child it happened to it could have been worse.

                    The design is good with the basket and pocket in the hood but really this is all I like about this pram. If I have anymore children I will be buying a different make from mamas and papas as I really don't rate this pram highly at all.

                    My daughter does look like she is comfortable when she is in this pram as it is spacious however it doesn't keep her very warm on a cold or windy day. I always take her out in my big silver cross pram on these days as she looks far more comfortable and cosy in it.


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                      10.08.2011 19:17
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                      a great educational toy

                      Vtech First Steps Baby Walker

                      **WHAT IS IT**

                      It is a toy which has an entertainment centre on the front which can be detached. It is also a baby walker so your child practice walking upright so they can learn how to take them important first few steps.

                      This toys is a great toy and I have found use for it from my daughter was newborn as she loved to sit and watch the bright lights.

                      **WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE**

                      This toy is very brightly coloured and has contrasting colours so newborns are fascinated looking at it.

                      There is a removable toy tray which has several different activities on it. This tray has a white background with lots of different brightly coloured buttons. There are piano style buttons on the bottom of the tray were you can play a tune. To touch there are different textures with raised out objects. These are musical notes, flower leaves, flowers and balloon bottoms. On the tray there is a removable telephone which rattles as it has small colourful balls inside. On the side there is a butterfly and you can move it's wings about backwards and forwards so you can do different things with the buttons.

                      On the bottom of the walker there are shakers were you can push down and they will move and make noise. My daughter loves pushing these to make as much noise as possible.

                      The walker itself is yellow and blue with red wheels and a red handle. I have to say its an attractive toy to look at. Plus it would do a girl or boy as it is aimed at all children. These is a good thing as if you have more children it will do either.

                      **WHAT IT DOES**

                      There is a puppy picture on it which is a puppy button which gives the child commands to do. For example 'puppy says clap your hands'. This feature is aimed at older children.

                      There are cogs on the front that are brightly coloured and fun for a child to explore. It has three cogs in row which isn't a lot but it still gives your child an idea of how cogs works.

                      A green rattle telephone is situated on the front and when the child sets the phone back onto it they will be praised and told 'Well done'.

                      A butterfly is on the left hand side and when the wings say 'abc' and '1,2 & 3', the piano keys when pressed will make the sound of the notes of the alphabet. There are buttons labelled 1,2,3 and 4 when these are pressed they will say the number back to you.

                      When you turn the butterfly wings over you can play music on the piano notes. When the other buttons are pressed they will play jazz, rock and roll, Jamaican style music and the last one plays the farmer wants a wife.

                      The on and off button is on the front and is easily switched on with two volume controls. Above this button there is a pull down button and it means that the activity table will come off the walker completely so you can play with it anywhere.

                      At the bottom of the walker there are rattles that can be pushed and they will move along. My daughter loves the shaking noise it sounds like a rainmaker.

                      Last of all this toy is a walker so your child can pull themselves up onto the walker and take a few steps when they are first learning how to walk. Then as they progress they can push the walker along. The only problem with this is that the walker is quite straight up and down and my daughter when she was first learning how to use it got a little excited and pushed it too hard and then fell. So as with all children's toys supervision would be recommended.

                      **MY OPINION**

                      I have to say that this toy is fantastic value for money. I have seen it about for £20 in the sale in different toy shops so it does pay to look around.

                      We received the toy as a present and it has been one of the most used toys my daughter has as it seems to grow with her age. She is constantly finding something new on it and using it to its full potential.

                      At a young age she loved to sit and watch the bright colours and listen to the music being played she would kick and squeal with delight.

                      As she got older she loved exploring the activity table and pressing the different buttons. She enjoyed playing with the telephone and shaking it like it was a rattle.

                      I like the way the tray can be removed as it means you can take it along with you when you go away somewhere and it is less bulky than bring the whole walker.

                      There are lots of different raised shapes for little fingers to feel and explore. These are scattered all over the tray and on the walker itself.

                      When she became a toddler she loves to push it about and when she was learning how to walk she was so proud of herself when she pulled herself up and started to push it along.

                      The toy has good educational value as your child can learn numbers and a few letters of the alphabet. Music can be explored as well with being able to listen to tunes or your child can play their own little tune. Little ones are amazed when they realise this.

                      This toy encourages role play with the telephone sometimes I find my daughter copying me pretending to talk on the telephone.

                      I like the way that the toy encourages co-ordination with the cogs and moving the rattles at the bottom.

                      This toy will talk away to you and keep the child engaged as long as they are touching the buttons. Once your child decides they are bored the toy will not make a sound until they touch it again.

                      The great thing is if you are fed up listening to it you can also turn it off. As all parents know that eventually listening to the same thing over and over again in children's toys can sometimes be irritating. I am always happy to discover and on and off button.

                      I would recommend this toy to anyone who has a little one as my daughter is now a year and half and she is still using it and getting fun out of playing with it.


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                        great place to try if you need glasses or even if you just need an eye test

                        Specsavers Opticians

                        I recently have got my eyes tested as I am having lots of migraines at the minute so thought my first point of investigating the problem was to get my eyes tested.

                        I currently wear glasses as I am short sighted so basically I struggle to see very much without my precious glasses. So getting my eyes tested and getting the perfect glasses are very important to me.

                        I made my appointment and was able to make it within a few days as I needed a weekend appointment. I was able to get the next Saturday which was fantastic. They accommodated my needs very well and making an appointment was very easy and straightforward. The receptionist was very friendly and listened well to my needs.

                        I went to the opticians and I had to wait about 10 minutes before I was seen by the optician. I explained my migraines and they listened to me intently.

                        I got my eyes tested in various different ways like you get done in all opticians. What I like about Specsavers is that they do additional tests which I have not always got done in other opticians. I am not sure what the tests are for but I think one of them is to test your peripheral vision and there is another one that puts puffs of air into my eyes.

                        I have to say that the one that puts the air into your eyes is rather irritating (if you are like me then you will nearly jump off the seat every time a blast of air comes my way). It is reassuring though to get all these extra tests done to your eyes to check everything is working as it should.

                        Now picking your glasses this to me is the most fun part. Specsavers have a lot of choices, they usually have a offer on that is if you buy one pair then you get another pair for free. This is usually only for the more expensive glasses starting from £69 upwards. This is great as you then have a spare pair of glasses which is very useful or you have a change (that you can use for another look, which is important if you are a girl). If you want you can get sunglasses as your free pair too this may be more beneficial to some people.

                        As far as I am aware glasses start at £25 and the price goes right up to £125 so you can get a budget for anyone really. It also depends on what you are using your glasses for. If you are on benefits you can get your glasses for free but this is only if you pick the cheaper ones.

                        I feel that there is such a great range of price and this is a good thing as you can choose what you want to spend and then pick from that section

                        When you go into the store the glasses are laid out in different sections that are for men and woman. Then they are divided into sections on price. It is extremely clear what everything costs and if you don't want to spend more then you just don't tempt yourself by looking at that section.

                        I like they way things are clear and straightforward without having to ask anyone. It means you can browse by yourself without having the pressure of someone else helping you choose and maybe influencing you to pay for more expensive glasses. I found at the Specsavers I was at I had no pressure to go for a more expensive range of glasses if I didn't want to.

                        I liked the staff as they were friendly, informative and efficient. I didn't feel like I had to wait for a long time on anyone and I got as much time as I wanted to choose my glasses. I didn't feel under pressure to hurry up as the next appointment was coming in (this has happened me in smaller opticians in the past)and I find it very annoying.

                        I like the laid back approach to selling the glasses yet the staff were still friendly and helpful if I wanted to ask them any questions. I felt I could approach them easily.

                        Overall I will definitely go back to Specsavers as I feel that their eye tests are thorough and the experience was pleasant and not stressful. My glasses arrived a week earlier than I thought so they rang me to let me know which I thought was good.

                        Specsavers may not feel as personal as some smaller opticians but I feel that I got a great deal for my glasses along with good service. So really I couldn't ask for more!


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                      • One Born Every Minute / TV Programme / 65 Readings / 62 Ratings
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                        28.02.2011 16:58
                        Very helpful



                        An addictive programme

                        One Born Every Minute

                        Since getting pregnant with my daughter I noticed this programme on channel 4 however it was my first baby and I was petrified to watch it. So I turned it over any night I seen that it was on.

                        Now my daughter is 9 months old and as I have went through the experience myself I thought I would watch this program as I had heard so many people talking about it.

                        It follows a few people in an episode and they are in labour and you actually see them give birth. It shows you what people are like in real labour (not the soap's version where you hear lots of screaming, puffing and panting!) Instead you see normal everyday people going through labour from the start until they have their tiny little bundle of joy in their arms.

                        I have to say since I have had my daughter and it all was a big blur (as I am sure most people would agree). You don't really notice what is going on around you and I had an epidural so I wasn't doped out of it on medication like can happen often. So I became curious to watch it as I could relate to these woman having their babies.

                        Each week you see the woman when they first go into labour and you see that it's not as frightening as everyone makes it out to be. In fact the first stages of labour many of the woman are very calm, cool and collected. With every woman that I have seen on the show it has been their first baby and it just shows you how different people react differently in situations.

                        It shows you how everyone is different some woman deliver their baby with very little noise and others are screaming the house down. I am not saying what's best as to be honest when you are in that situation anything goes!

                        What I like about this programme is that people can see the different ways you can deliver your baby and the options you can hopefully have like a water birth (providing you have no complications). I had complications during my pregnancy and labour so I didn't get to see these other options however it's good to see first hand someone else's experience of a water birth for example.

                        It's lovely to see the journey someone has from the moment they go into labour until they are holding their baby in their hands. I think that this show is informative and lets people know its not as scary as they may think.

                        A lot of people may be put off by this show as it can be quite graphic however it is never in a distasteful way. I have never seen nudity or anything I would feel was inappropriate however I do not feel that children should be watching this show.

                        The mothers also are answering questions about their baby and the whole experience. I feel that this is important as you hear their hopes and aspirations before and what they think after in what I assume is a couple of months down the line.

                        I feel that this programme shows people from all walks of life and in different situations which I feel is fantastic as it's more realistic and everyone then can identify with the people they are watching.

                        The programme shows just how vulnerable woman are when they are in labour or even pregnant for that matter. You get to see their cute baby at the end which is just fantastic there is something magical about seeing a newborn baby.

                        You hear the people talking and debating on what form of pain relief they can use and the things that they are advised to do during labour. The midwife's often explain in an interview what some of the technical things mean and what different situations mean to the mother to be that is in labour.

                        The hospital looks very clean and the whole atmosphere in the rooms where the woman give birth in seem cool and calm. Quite often the men are pacing up and down not knowing what to say or do. To be honest most of the time they are annoying their partners but I think in this situation there isn't anything they can do apart from support.
                        I noticed in the programme that other family members where allowed in the labour ward when I gave birth this wasn't allowed only the two people I had specified could enter the room I was in labour in and they were very strict on this. Sometimes they have three or four people in with them I was shocked at this.

                        Its nice to see the men's point of view on the whole experience and everyone else who is going to meet the baby too. Plus it's interesting to see what the midwives think of their job. In this hopsital the midwives seem very dedicated, patience and understanding. You can see just how stressful their job is to do.

                        I think that this is a educational programme that is useful to woman to watch and also I have to admit I find it quite addictive to watch now I have started watching it. I think its because I kind of can relate and re-live the day I met my daughter in some ways.


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                          a great little book

                          Usborne Touchy - Feely Books

                          I first seen these books when one of my friends daughter was playing with them and I thought they were fantastic so when my daughter was born I though I definitely had to get her one.

                          My daughter loves books and exploring so I thought it would be great if she could feel different textures in books as well as having them read to her.

                          This book is a very simple story and 'That's not my puppy' is repeated on each page.

                          So basically it's a story about looking at different puppies and its not your puppy as the coat is too hairy, tail too fluffy, paws are too bumpy, collar is too shiny and ears are too shaggy.

                          In the end you find your puppy as his nose is so squashy.

                          There are 5 pages and the story starts on the front page. So it's a great book for young babies with very little attention span.

                          My daughter is 9 months and she loves these books. The repetition is good and it makes her more familiar of what puppies look like.

                          On the front page there is a puppy and his hair is very long so your little one can pull and feel the hair.

                          The tail on the next puppy is a different colour and is more like cotton wool.

                          The paws on the next one is a leather like feel with small bumps.

                          The next puppy has a bright shiny red collar and feels smooth.

                          The other puppy has shaggy ears for the fur is very long and there is lots of it to feel. It's a messier fur than the first puppy.

                          The last puppy has a squashy nose which feels like soft pvc and its very shiny and soft to feel.

                          The pictures in this book are very simple with thick black edges drawn on every object. Every background is a bright vibrant colour with outside things like flowers, leaves, butterflies, bees and a bone in the picture with the dog.

                          The person who is looking for the dog is a small white mouse so he is on every page. This is who is narrating the book.

                          **MY OPINION**

                          I got this book as part of a gift set called the 'That's not my' gift set which cost me £5 from Tesco. I felt this was really good value for money especially as I have seen these books retailing for £5.99 per book.

                          The only thing I can say is that all in the 'That's not my' range are all very simpler to each other so really you probably only need to buy one of the range. However when they only cost £5 for three in a set I thought there wasn't much to lose.

                          I like these books as you can read them very animated and my daughter laughs when I read them to her. There isn't many words to read and it can be read reasonably quickly. This is great for short attention spans.

                          At the start when she was younger I ran her fingers over the different textures however now she goes straight for them all by herself once you open a page. She spends ages by herself as well turning the pages and feeling the textures.

                          She always loves the shaggy ears as she can really pull the fur. Every page is different and she now knows exactly where to find the texture. At the start I had to show her and move her hands over it.

                          When the book was first opened I noticed that some of the hairs was lose. So I had to pull out the lose ones just incase my daughter would have put them in her mouth. Since I have done that no other hairs have fallen out of the book thank goodness. It would be advisable to check the book before giving it to your child. I do this every time I let her play with it by herself.

                          Overall I think this book is great value for money as it is sturdy and withstands being thrown about and little hands being ruff with it. My daughter isn't very gentle with things so they tend to get pulled and torn. This book hasn't got damaged yet as it is well made.

                          This book is written by Fiona Watt and illustrated by Rachel Wells. If you want more information on the book you can go to the usborne website www.usborne.com. The ISBN is 978-0-7460-3778-2.


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                          25.02.2011 19:09
                          Very helpful



                          I have found it very good for my daughter

                          Johnson's Top-to-Toe wash

                          **WHAT IS IT**

                          This is a cleansing wash that can be used in the bath or put onto a sponge. It is for use on sensitive skin and can be used for babies from newborn.

                          The wash is suitable to wash all over your babies body including their hair. Hence the name being Top to Toe, you can use it from the top of your body to your toes. The formula is gentle enough for direct application to the skin as it claims to be as mild as pure water to the skin.


                          The packaging is very simple and basic. It comes in a see through frosted looking plastic container that is very sturdy and will withstand being dropped.

                          On the front of the bottle the Johnson's logo can be seen in large blue writing. There is a tear drop in red saying no more tears. At the bottom of the label which is also made out of plastic so it isn't destroyed when wet it lets you know that the formula is as mild as pure water to the skin.

                          The back of the bottle has more details about the product and it gives you some benefits of using this particular product. It also gives you ingredients and contact details if you needed them.

                          The lid on this bottle is a pump which can be screwed off easily which is handy. Once you are getting to the end of the wash and the pump won't bring it out you can just screw off the lid. The lid/pump is yellow in colour and is also made out of plastic.


                          Aqua, PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG-150 Distearate, Sodium Lauroamphoacetate, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Etthylparaben, Propylparaben, Parfum

                          This may be useful if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. If you are do not use.


                          This product says that it won't dry out the skin and I have agree with their claims as I have been using it since my daughter has been born and she has had no problems with her skin.

                          It is soap free and milder than any baby soap as well as being pH neutral. This is all reassuring to know.

                          They claim that it has gentle cleansing properties for baby soft skin. It gets my daughters skin clean but I am not overall convinced that it is cleansing her skin.

                          To use this product is easy and handy. You can put a small amount on your hand or a sponge and put it directly onto your child' skin or you can put it into a running bath and swirl by hand so it is mixed in.

                          I used to put this into the top and tail bowl for my daughter when she was very young and I wasn't bathing her every day as she didn't need it. I found it was great to use this way and very handy. One or two squirts of the pump was enough.

                          **MY OPINION

                          This product costs £3.67 for a big bottle and I feel that it sounds expensive compared to other products out in the market however its not really as it lasts you for a very long time.

                          As you have a pump it means that less is wasted and you only use what you need. Quite often with other bottles you put more in than you intended so more is used than you needed. This leads to wastage and also that you need to buy more often.

                          I like this wash as it has been very gentle to my daughters skin and I can use as much of it as I want knowing it won't irritate her skin.

                          It makes a nice lather so its easy to wash your little one and it washes off easily as well. This is important when you have a screaming child that isn't enjoying being washed.

                          I buy this product again and again as I really like it. My daughter is 9 months old now and I am still using it. I received it as a present when she was born and have used this particular product ever since along with other products from the Johnson range.


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