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      17.05.2012 21:00
      Very helpful
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      very tasty noodles with a very tasty price

      Being a student and living alone means an endless tight budget. I pretty much never have more than £50 a month to feed myself - so any cheap food is a must have. I don't tend to eat much, I can survive off one meal a day (which is terrible) but when I'm sat up late doing coursework - I need an easy snack to keep me going.

      Tesco have their own brand, pretty much in any product. You could get cookies, soup, ketchup, noodles - pretty much your entire food shop could be their own cheap brand and cost you so much less! This brand is named Tesco Value, renamed in the past month or two as 'Everyday Value' with a much nicer packaging - which is yet to change on the noodles as I assume they are getting rid of the final stock.

      I think the most well known brand of noodles is Bachelor's Super Noodles - which despite being yummy, are they really worth 50p-£1.50? (Prices vary depending on where you buy them from). My new best friend, tesco value noodles only cost 13p a packet - which means I can buy 5 packs for only 65p! I usually buy about 5-8 packs per monthly shop because I find them to be such excellent value and a 'must have' item in my cupboard.

      The noodles come in a bag, made of plastic but similar to what you'd expect from a bag of crisps. The packet is white with the 'Tesco Value' red and blue logo at the top. There is an image of noodles with the flavour written on the front. You can only buy them in chicken or curry flavour - I'm undecided on which I prefer. The back of the packet includes information about how to best cook your noodles, ingredients and nutritional information.

      You can cook the noodles in microwave (in water on full power for 2 minutes) or on the hob - which personally I think makes them taste nicer. To cook my noodles I usually heat the saucepan, boil a kettle and pour the water into a jug along with the seasoning and one chicken stock cube. I then pour the water into the pan and wait for it to bubble - then add the noodles and cook for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally. The noodles stay in the water until they have completely absorbed all of it so that I get all of the flavour - then enjoy! Obviously this isn't how you MUST cook the noodles, but this is the way I think works best.

      When it comes to the taste, I find them to be really good. I have cooked them without a stock cube and the seasoning does make them taste really yummy - I just add the stock cube for the added kick! I don't really think that the real 'Super Noodles' are any nicer in taste at all, so I'd never again pay more for what I think is the same quality. I find them to be adequate for a snack, but for a meal I think they need something else with them - like chicken curry or something.

      I would recommend these noodles to anyone wishing to save a few pounds and bring quality food home for a fraction of the price. They are only 385 calories per pack and 13p which is definitely worth it. I have tried my noodles with sweet and sour chicken and it tastes delicious - I didn't use the seasoning though because I felt it would bring two completely different flavours together.


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        16.05.2012 21:38
        Very helpful



        worth a read!

        *I haven't written many book reviews before so bear with me - I know it isn't amazing but constructive criticism or praise is welcome! :)

        Sian Bishop is a girl looking for nothing other than a little country home with her son Rory - no men, no drama and lots of painting. Sian is shocked at how quickly she settles in and finds herself in a close friendship with Fiona - an older lady who lived in the village and had all the knowledge of the locals.

        I don't want to give the story away, but Sian definitely does not expect what happens next - finding herself in a love triangle which is tricky and confusing for all involved. Does she follow her head or her heart? Who could provide more for her son? Richard can give her anything she needs, he has a big home, good job and loves her dearly. Sian could grow to love him and knows he will be a great step father to Rory. Gus is an adventurer, he couldn't be completely stable with a job, but he is amazing with Rory and Sian is beginning to fall madly in love with him all over again. This is most definitely a position nobody would want to be in!

        Admittedly, I'd never heard of Katie Fford before this book. I brought it on a whim at Tesco due to it being £3 and sounding interesting enough for a long train journey home from my grandparents. The blurb on the back sounded interesting enough, I'm quite into my romantic love stories so I couldn't resist - especially when Katie Price's novel was the only other choice I might like.

        Katie Ffordes writing style is brilliant, I was captured from the first word and couldn't put the book down. I would read at night until my eyes couldn't stay open and I physically had to put it down - but I picked it up again as soon as I was on the train in the morning! I don't think I've ever been so into a book before and I would read her work again. I'm searching Amazon as we speak for more titles to try.

        I have a bit of an annoyance with books/films that are predictable, which despite being so in parts, I found this book to be sometimes quite unexpected. Certain situations I felt like I knew what would happen but at the same time I didn't expect it when it did happen! The book is written from Sian's point of view which I liked, because I felt like I was being absorbed into the pages and living her life despite knowing she is a seperate person.

        I found myself completely absorbed in the story, almost feeling as though I was actually Sian - I put this mainly down to Katie Ffordes writing style. I got annoyed with some of Sians decisions, frustrated with some plots - even found myself teary with certain parts. The connection between the reader and the characters is excellent and following them on their journeys through certain situations really made me feel like I knew them personally, as if they were friends of mine. One of the main things I really liked, was that this story followed the stories of more than one character over the time span of the book. Sian was living her life, but alongside her so were other people - and all of their stories intertwine so they don't just seem like someone hopping in and out of her life. I don't want to go too much into any of the characters because I hate reading reviews which give away the story.

        The ending of the book for me, could have been a little better. I felt like I was not only left at a cliffhanger, but hanging half way off the cliff with my rope about to snap. I almost felt like the book ended because Fforde couldn't be bothered to finish it - although some people may enjoy this style of finish. I almost wish there was a part two to this book so I could see how their lives pan out in the future (how sad am I!).

        I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a romantic love story to get lost into, as this is exactly what I did. Katie Fforde makes it easy to connect with the characters and you will find yourself at the end of the book before you know whats hit you! It is inexpensive to buy and well worth the read.


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          14.05.2012 15:55
          Very helpful
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          lovely product id recommend

          Before buying this product (and another two I am reviewing afterwards), I had never tried MUA before - partly because I thought it would be rubbish, but mostly because I didn't know it existed.

          MUA products as far as I am aware, are only sold in Superdrug stores and is their own brand. Its not the most expansive range of make-up but they have a selection of lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeliners, bronzers, powders, foundations - etc. Everything is £1 so you don't need to worry about scraping together your pennies to afford a £10 product which won't last very long.

          Anyway, my main reason for buying this powder was because I was in need and out of pocket (the joys of being a student). My friend recommended MUA as soon as we walked into Superdrug because she had tried it before and thought it was just as good as high branded powders.

          The pressed powder is in a clear square case, which you can see the square of powder through. It has all the ingredients and information on the bottom and clearly states that it is '5.7g'. The lid can be flipped up and clips back into place when you shut it so that it doesn't fall open by accident. I quite liked how simple the packaging is because some companies go a bit over the top and the product inside isn't actually any good.

          To use my powder, I simply apply it to my brush and stipple it onto my face. It removes all shine left from liquid foundation but leaves skin really oily looking and I HATE looking shiny! It makes me so paranoid, which is why I'm now in love with this product. I like the fact that when this powder is on, it doesn't look like I've caked on make-up which is what I found others to do. I can still see my freckles through which is a clear indication it isn't that thick! :)

          The choice of powder isn't big, so if you have an awkward skin tone and find it hard to buy regular powders - you may find it impossible with MUA. I matched mine to my skin when its been fake tanned, because this is when I normally use powder. There are only 4 shades ranging from a quite pale colour, to a darker colour which I'd say isn't really 'dark' its more orange. I purchased shade 3 as it matched the colour of my hand at the time. I honestly think the shade range is the only downfall to the product!

          I have to admit, despite the fact I've not even scraped the surface after 2 months of use - I would definitely buy this product again! It was only £1 which isn't very bank breaking and definitely affordable. I can't complain that it also gives me beauty card points - which is what I actually used to buy the powder in the first place ha ha!

          As I've mentioned, my only disappointment is the lack of shades available. I think if MUA increased this then it would be an almost faultless product.


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            21.04.2012 11:21
            Very helpful



            very good product - highly recommend

            Whilst moving into a new flat, I went furniture shopping on eBay to see if I could find any bargains before I bothered to hunt the full priced stuff. Luckily for me, I found a (hideous) terracota sofa which was 99p, but ended at 6am the next morning. Being me, I got up at 6 willing to fight with any ebayer that wanted the sofa, but to my surprise I managed to get it for 99p - over the moon would be an understatement!

            Now being 99p, I expected it to have faults which it didn't except for the covers being a little shrunk which hasn't been an issue. But, hating the colour I decided to dye them purple. Dylon has to be one of the best if not the only fabric dye I would ever use - its just so simple to use that you don't really need to be a dye fanatic to understand. I have only so far managed to dye the back 3 cushions, the seat pads and overall covers need to be dyed still, I just haven't got the money to do it right now.

            Now the dye comes in 2 types that I have seen, but I think it comes in a tub form too. Anyway, It comes in a packet or a box. The box being the bigger and for more fabric. I brought the box as it said it was useful for 1kg worth of fabric (or one double duvet cover).

            The packet of dye (for hand washing) is roughly £3, the 'wash and dye' packet is roughly £6+ (which is for hand or machine wash) and the box (for machine wash) is about £5, you do need to buy salt seperate which you can get from Dylon for a few pence or just buy ordinary salt from the supermarket as it has the same effect. I would recommend the packet for a few items, but if you're dying the amount and weight of material I am, then I'd go for the box.

            To use the box of dye, you simply need to pour the dye and salt into the washing machine, add your chosen item(s) and put it on a 40 degree wash. Its as simple as that! The only thing I find a bit annoying is that the dye requires you to run an empty wash straight afterwards to remove traces of the dye from the washing machine.

            I think the fact the dye is so easy to use makes it more appealing, it is something anyone can do and it doesn't require much hard work from you, only a washing machine!

            When it comes to the dye rinsing from the washing machine, I found that after one was it was fine. I did run it once with some scrap fabric inside to test whether it tinged it purple, but it was completely fine so I'd definitely recommend giving it a shot! I did find that I had to wipe just inside the washing machine where the door closes to make sure that it didn't run - but it came off easily.

            When my cushion covers came out of the wash, I hung them on my airer to dry which took quite a long time - which I think is down to the thickness of the fabric. I then put them back on my sofa (which I am sittin on now and I still haven't dyed the rest haha). I noticed straight away that the dye didn't come off on my fingers and didn't stain anything at all which I thought it might do unless I treated it somehow to hold the dye.

            I'm really pleased with the colour that the covers came out, they are really violet and fit perfectly with my living room. I didn't think they would cover the red properly or be as vivid as it is - I expected a red/purple mess to be honest! The colour depends on the colour of the fabric you're dying onto, the fabric itself and the amount you put into the wash.

            I find the machine dye better than the hand washing dye, as you let the machine do all of the work. The hand dye requires you to keep the garments under the dye for long enough and I think I'd leave them for too little or too long and end up with something hideous!

            I am so happy with the fact that my sofa is now (half) looking purple and to be honest - a completely new sofa! If I could upload a picture to dooyoo I definitely would to prove how nice the colour comes out - I really didn't expect for so cheap that I could get such a quality colour.

            I would definitely recommend this but be careful when choosing what to dye. If its a large, heavy or lots of item(s) then you'll need more so check this before you buy. I need 3 boxes to do a small 2 seater sofa worth of covers - so this is a rough guide for you!


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              20.04.2012 23:15
              Very helpful



              I really like this top!

              Well, its definitely been a long time since I last wrote a review! But I'm back and raring to go - rating everything possible! Remind me to rate you if I haven't already, as I'm lacking behind a little haha.

              Now, I am a very avid fashion follower, admittedly preferring Topshop - but I do occasionally venture into New Look as I find it to be a bit cheaper for the same quality clothing. I didn't really buy this top for any given purpose, other than to add to my growing wardrobe of 'things I didn't really need to buy' haha.

              The one thing which might be a problem to some people (like my fussy friend I went shopping with) is the bobbled effect. The top is coloured but the bobbles are a whitish colour. Its almost the effect when you've washed a top loads of times and it begins to be 'worn' - but its getting fashionable at the moment!

              As you can see from the image, the top is a standard vest at the top, but when you look to the waist it is tied sort of beachy and it looks really flattering. The straps are quite thick and the neck is round, not really high but high enough to not reveal too much clevage. The knot isn't just 'tied fabric' its seamed so it holds better and can be tightened or loosened as you like. I would say that it can be a little revealing of your stomach depending on your outfit. If you team it with high waisted bottoms this isn't a problem - but with just leggings it shows them.

              When it comes to washing, I don't own a tumble dryer anymore so mine just go through the washing machine on a 40 degree then on an indoor airer - so I wouldn't know about tumble drying although it does say it can be tumble dryed. I can't honestly comment on the bobbling either because its styled to be bobbly so I'm not sure if the bobbles have increased or stayed the same! The colour of mine (being nude) hasn't changed much. I put it in with the white wash and it seems to still be the same.

              The top comes in a wide range of colours so you could buy one for almost any outfit. I brought mine in a nude/cream colour so that it can be worn with almost anything - I would have got the black but it wasn't in my size. Sizes range from 6 (depending on the store) -18. I only know about the occasional size 6's from my friend so I'm not too sure how relevant this information is - but she claims to have seen them about!

              As for the price, it is now actually in the sale for around £3 which is below Primark prices, but at full price it only cost me £7 (with student discount you get 10% off).

              I would definitely recommend this top. Its extremely versatile and could be styled up or down depending on your mood. I like wearing mine with high waist jeans and converse - not too casual but casual enough for college! The material is hard wearing and the colour stays well - what more can you ask for?


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              24.02.2012 18:29
              Very helpful



              lovely item, i cant take it off

              Like most girls of my age, I can't get enough of Topshop. Every time I go into my local town centre I pop in to have a browse and always end up buying (or trying on) something. About two months ago I spotted this hoodie in many colours and had to buy it - I blame the fact I was out in just a cardigan & it was freezing, but I really liked it too!

              The jacket has become very popular this year as the 'casual' look is in! Think vans, zip-up hoodies, jeans and a band tee then you're sorted for now! The hoodie is very versatile, it goes with most outfits as long as you match the colours correctly - obviously no pink with red combinations!

              The hoodie is zip up and has a hood (obviously) that has drawstrings around it. I do always wonder why hoodies have drawstrings as I've never seen anybody who actually uses them!? I have seen recently that it has become fashion to tie them up and leave the hoodie un-zipped. The zip and drawstring ties are white with the rest of the hoodie being in your chosen colour. There are two pockets which are quite big and I am yet to use them as I find them to be more of a design feature than practical. The material inside is a little fleece like and not incredibly warm because the hoodie is a bit thin, but if you wear a cardigan or long top underneath you will be cosy. Often it will be okay without or just a coat on top. The sleeves are full length and are a little tighter around the wrist than the rest of the arm.

              *The hoodie is made from polyester and cotton, washing instructions are on the inside label.

              SO WHAT DO I THINK?
              The hoodie fits really well and is quite baggy which I like. I brought mine in size 8 (which is my size) and find Topshop to be quite size perfect. The hoodie zips up easily and keeps me warm enough. I love the colours available and you could buy one to go with pretty much every outfit which is nice. I find it to be really versatile with any casual outfit - obviously you wouldn't wear it on a night out (except for a cover up before you get into your destination).

              PRICE, SIZE & CHOICE
              This hoodie surprised me with the vast amount of colours available. I brought mine in the Barbie pink shown in the picture above (later buying yellow and dark grey), but it is also available in:
              Navy blue
              Dark grey

              There are probably more but this is what my local Topshop have in stock. The sizes range from 8-18 which I think is quite generous as most shops don't go to size 6 or 20 which is a shame because they really should.

              Price wise, the hoodie is only £22 but if you're lucky enough to be a student you get 10% off this price (making it £19.80) with a valid NUS card and they often have 20% off events too.

              This hoodie is such a good addition to the wardrobe and its quite a staple piece in mine, I wear one colour most days. I have three of the hoodies now and think I'll probably end up with at least one more before they go out of stock - especially when they go into the sale!


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              22.02.2012 20:03
              Very helpful



              life saver for problem skin

              When it comes to skincare, I admit to not bothering much. I tend to start a routine and a week later I'm back to the same old 'don't bother' attitude. Before I turned 15, my skin was pretty good - I'd only ever had one spot which is a bonus when you're mid-teens. Although from the age of 15, whenever I get stressed I break out across my forehead (also the dreaded blackheads I don't think anyone can remove on their nose).

              I came across this 'exfoliating face wash' earlier in 2012 through a beauty blog I read regularly, the girl who owns the blog claims it was the best high street product she has used to help spots and clogged pores - I instantly ran to Tesco to buy some!

              Witch has a signature turquoise colour on most of their products, this one is no different. The bottle is 150ml and has a flip top cap at the bottom and can be easily squeezed to get out the product. The brand name is on the front and all ingredients, information and 'how to use' instructions.

              This face wash boats that it has micro-granules to cleanse pores, vitamin E and helps to smooth and clear skin.

              The face wash is a gel which has a slight turquoise colour to it, but it is mostly transparent. The micro-granules are visible and of different sizes which is really nice. The texure of the face wash is mostly smooth, but when you properly rub it the granules are clear and it scrubs your face. Although, I didn't feel like it tore into my face, it was very gentle.

              I use the face wash mostly in the shower so that my pores are open and my skin is going to get a good washing - I hate the feel of product left on my skin. I use roughly a 50p sized blob (or less depending how much I feel my skin needs scrubbing) and apply it to an exfoliating glove. I then rub my hands together and apply the gel all over my face rubbing it in circular motions. The exfoliating glove helps to get deeper into the pores - especially when they are really clogged up.

              Once washed off, my skin feels really soft and definitely looks as though my pores have been cleansed. I notice it most on my nose, the blackheads seem to be fewer than before (obviously not gone all together because they never are!) which is my 'problem area' so I was glad that this had happened. I also noticed the spots on my forehead (which were more like lumps than actual white heads) were fewer too. After a weeks worth of treating my skin with this product, my face is seriously smooth and clear which has convinced me to use it over and over.

              I've been using the face wash for around a month now and still have 70% of the bottle left, so I am sure it will last me well into April/May without running out - quite good going for a product really, most don't last 5 minutes these days!

              As I previously mentioned, I brought my face wash from Tesco but it is also available in other supermarkets and drug stores which stock 'Witch' products. They retail at different prices ranging between £3-£5.


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              20.02.2012 19:40
              Very helpful



              a mascara i would buy again

              I never usually have the same mascara twice, I tend to mix and match various ones as I am never completely satisfied with any mascara (its more my eyelashes I don't like but I'll blame the mascara!). All mascara's I use are lengthening, volumising and black. I can't use blue or brown mascara because it just isn't the same.

              Admittedly, the main reason for buying this mascara was the look of it. I love the pink and green packaging - which is a lot like Benefit's range! It stands out on the shelf amongst all the other colourful make-up products and I think the bright colour choice is really useful. The applicator brush is really thick and more like a toilet brush than a fine comb. I suppose the thick bristles do help with application of volume because lots of product is transferred to your lashes at once.

              The mascara is deemed as 'America's favourite' but as a Brit, I have to say I think it might be a 'British favourite' too, I am yet to find someone who doesn't like this mascara - even if they don't buy it every time.

              To apply the mascara, I curl my lashes, apply my 'lengthening mascara' (which is Skyscraper by Collection 2000) then use this product. Admittedly, you can see a huge difference straight away and there is no doubt about the volume it gives! It applies smoothly to lashes and you don't need to 'stroke' them many times to get a good coating - although it can clump very easily and give you spider legs if you're not careful! I tend to stroke about 3 times which leaves them volumised but not too clumpy, then make sure I'm very careful when blinking for about a minute or I end up with dots of mascara all around my eyes which isn't a good look.

              I would say that the only 'benefit' of the mascara is its thickening ability, it doesn't really give length or curl - but how many mascaras actually do more than one?!

              My only real issue with this mascara is the brush, it is quite rounded and doesn't have much of a point which makes it really awkward when you apply it to the inner and outer corner lashes (the middle lashes it applies to easily). I think if they gave the wand a better shape then it would probably be more of a hit, but I still wouldn't say it's a 'huge' issue.

              When it comes to removing the mascara, I find it quite easy. The mascara lasts quite a while throughout the day without going bitty and coming off like some do - so brownie points to Maybelline for 'staying power'. I usually wash my face over with warm water and a flannel before attempting a make-up wipe but this is due to my skin reacting badly (I also find it takes a lot of scrubbing to remove mascara from eyelashes without soaking them first and it pulls eyelashes out - which take up to 6 weeks to grow back!). After soaking my face, I find that most of the mascara does loosen from the lashes and comes off quite easily - while making a terrible mess of my face which proves it wouldn't be 'tear proof'.

              Great Lash is available in 6 shades ranging from 'very black' through to 'blue' so there is something for everyone. The tube costs around £5-£6 depending on where you buy it. It is available on most Maybelline counters. I have seen it for £5.39 at Tesco and £5.99 at Boots - but the prices have probably changed since then as this was summer 2011.

              I would definitely recommend this mascara for its volumising ability, it gives your eyelashes a great new look and can be easily removed which means it isn't a nightmare waiting to happen. There is nothing worse than a gorgeous mascara which doesn't come off easily - it makes me not want to put it on!


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            • General / Discussion / 42 Readings / 39 Ratings
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              12.02.2012 00:08
              Very helpful



              I'm quite new so though you'd all like to know more about me.

              1. What is the wallpaper on your computer screen? Why did you choose it?
              It's a default that came on the computer, I've just never gotten around to changing it!

              2. Mexican food, Chinese food, Italian food, French food or American food?
              Mexican, fajitas all the way!

              3. Do you have any tattoos and piercings?
              No tattoos yet but I have my ears pierced twice and my belly button - which I am thinking about removing. At 16 it was cool but now I'm beginning to hate it.

              4. Do you have any siblings?
              2 older sisters and a younger brother - oh plus 2 step sisters and 2 step brothers!

              5. Have you ever broken a bone?
              Nope (touch wood!)

              6. Do you believe in superstitious things such as breaking mirrors?
              Yes. I never walk on three drains or under a between the poles of a sign post. I also never walk under ladders, or on cracks. I must walk like a weirdo down the road really!

              7. Do you like those 'end of the world' movies?
              I'm interested by them but I've never sat and watched one. Although 2012 sounds good.

              8. Do you eat more fruits or vegetables? What's your favourite fruit and veggie?
              Vegetables. My favourite veg has to be carrots (when they are made with brown sugar mmm) and my favourite fruit is bananas.

              9. Who were you most likely to play during school nativities?
              My surname is Sheppard, so I always got put as the Shepherd - nice of the teachers eh! I did play a narrator once though and I remember having one line and having to point at a floating cardboard star but that was it. My mum brought me a lovely puffball bottle green dress with a black bow round the middle and I had my hair in French plaits - I was only 7! I did play an angel and a star in nursery too.

              10. What's your opinion of the dentist?
              I never go. The last time I went he put a needle like thing in my mouth so I bit his finger and never went back.

              11. Have you ever had a speech impediment?

              12. If you had to choose, what is the worst movie you've ever seen?
              Vacancy 2, I hate horror films and it's the only one I've ever seen.

              13. Do you like meeting new people?
              I am really outgoing and confident so I love new people. I love making friends.

              14. If you could, which celebrity would you date?
              David Beckham.. mmmmm!

              15. Who would you take with you on a deserted island?
              My partner, brother and mum. I couldn't choose just one of them.

              16. Do you know how wide your hips are in exact inches?
              I don't want to know! I'm a size 8 so I guess 30? Is that right? I don't know inches and stuff - I should studying fashion really.

              17. What would you say is the worst part of high school?
              I was bullied for my teeth sticking forward and slightly overlapping at the front. I went to the dentist so many times begging for help but he said whatever I did they would always go back to normal unless I got veneers which cost loads - so the Goofy/Beaver/Rabbit comments went on for about 7 years. I was also bullied for being too skinny but I had an ED which I'm over, now they don't bother me.

              18. How old will you be on your Mother's 68th birthday? Is that 'old' to you?
              I will be 31, which is a reasonable age. I love my mum to bits, she hasn't aged at all!

              19. Ever thought you were dying of something you were not even close to having?
              Yes, I was convinced I had breast cancer when I was 13 because of the lump in your breast when they are developing. I cried for hours to my mum while she laughed.

              20. Have you ever wanted to be a doctor?
              Yes, then I remembered I can't stand blood and guts.

              21. If you were dying who would you say goodbye to first?
              My mum.

              22. Do you like to babysit children?
              Yes, especially my nieces and nephews because I'm their favourite auntie ;)

              23. Do you often forget where you put things?
              I forget but in my head I can picture where they are but I can never find the place, which annoys me a lot.

              24. Do you go on a lot of holidays?
              Once a year.

              25. Have you ever met someone with the same 'biggest fear' as you?
              Yes, me and my best friend share the same fears. All 100 of them!

              26. Would you rather write with a pen or pencil? Why?
              Pen, pencils are purely for drawing.

              25. What is your favourite number and why?
              5, it is my birth date but it is also lucky for me.

              26. Are you afraid of being kidnapped when you go outside at night time?
              YES!!!! More raped and murdered than kidnapped though. I refuse to walk alone at night and if I do I'm always looking behind me and on the phone (whilst walking really fast).

              I must sound like a freak with some of the answers I'm giving!

              27. Where was the best school trip you ever went on?
              Kingswood in year 6 (I was 10). It was my first 'holiday' without my parents. It was for a week and we shared rooms with friends and it was really good. I enjoyed the freedom! Kingswood is a holiday place for kids where you do various activities to boost confidence, team building, etc.

              28. Are you a controversial person?
              I speak my mind a lot, I hate people who just talk behind someone elses back. If I have a problem I'll tell the person but I like to stay away from drama.

              29. What would you say your average word per minute count is on a keyboard?
              Stupidly high, I type so quickly I think I'm getting arthiritis at 19!

              30. What was your favourite and least favourite subject in school?
              I'm at college now so I'll do both.
              School: My favourite was art and my least maths. I am rubbish with numbers as I have dyscalculia and art is my favourite because I love the relaxation and creativity.
              Now: (I study fashion which is broken down into textiles, art, graphics, photography, art/fashion history). My favourite is textiles but I love art just as much and my least is graphics. I can't seem to work photoshop for the life of me!

              31. Do you bite your finger nails?
              All the time. I've been telling myself to quit for years. I only started because my best friend did it when I was 7 and I haven't stopped since. Although I only do it when I am bored, nervous or hungry haha!

              32. When is the next time you'll go to the library?
              Monday, I need books for research.

              33. Do you like fiction or non-fiction books more?
              Which is the ones which aren't true? I like them.

              (I'm starting to sound stupid as well as weird now!)

              34. Do you treat others as you'd like to be treated?
              Yes, but sometimes I can be really moody and snap at people which I don't like. Cancers eh!?

              35. What type of child were you?
              I was a nightmare. I was always cheeky and very loud. I wasn't afraid to get in trouble. Although at school I was quite shy and nervous.

              36. Are you someone who likes to get into arguments and fights a lot?
              I hate confrontation so I avoid it as much as possible. I do bicker with my family and boyfriend occasionally though - but that's mostly about who moved something in the house or something silly.

              37. Do you swear a lot?
              Yes, but I am desperately trying to stop because it is a disgusting habit.

              38. If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be of and where would you have it?
              A feather on my ribs. I don't like the idea of peoples names (I like them on other people just not personally). A feather symbolises people who have passed so I would get that in memory of people I know who aren't with us anymore. I also want a dream catcher but I'm not sure where and I want that when I've achieved my dreams to symbolise it.

              39. What's your favourite TV show?
              Friends, hands down.

              40. Does personality weigh out the sense of 'good looks'?
              Good looks are always the first thing you see in a person as you're not going to speak to them with a blindfold on or without seeing them. Obviously they do count but I believe personality is better. How could you have a relationship purely based on looks if the person had an awful personality? It just wouldn't work!

              41. What is your favourite thing in your bedroom?
              My multi-coloured Nike Dunks. I clean them regularly how sad am I?!

              42. If you could change 1 thing about you, what would it be?
              My willpower. I spend money like its going out of style, I wish I could save. If I had willpower there is a lot I'd do which I'm far to lazy to do. For example I should be doing coursework right now but I don't want to get out of my warm blanket.

              43. Do you have any regrets? If so, what are they?
              I don't have regrets, because at that moment in time, it was exactly what I wanted. For example I could regret going to 6th form to study psychology at 16 instead of fashion but at the time its what I wanted to do. I am glad I waited till I was 19 though because it means I am more dedicated and I won't mess about as much.

              44. What colour hair do you have?
              It was bright red, but I attempted to dye it brown and its gone a more dark red. I am dying the ends pink when I sort this dilemma and have brunette hair.

              45. What colour eyes do you have?

              46. Favourite Sound?
              Weirdly, lawnmowers. I love the sound of someone mowing their lawn in the summer.

              47. Favourite Quote?
              Nothing is impossible, the word itself spells I'm possible. Its my phone wallpaper.


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              • Ikea Meldal Day Bed / Furniture / 23 Readings / 21 Ratings
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                10.02.2012 17:36
                Very helpful



                very vintage looking piece of furniture

                With the amount of problems I had with my last metal bed, I'm quite surprised I ended up with another one. My previous bed was a metal frame double from Argos, which is beautiful but with a combined weight of 21 stone, the bed couldn't hold me and my partner without squeaking uncontrollably. Because of this I took the bed apart and took it to the skip - resorting in me buying a day bed.

                Day beds have always appealed to me because of their 'sofa' like appearance when it isn't a bed. My bedroom isn't the biggest of places and because I am moving out I quite liked the idea of a sofa/bed without actually having a sofa bed (chances are I'm going to be in a studio flat not a 1 bed so every space counts!).

                After a lot of browsing different stores to find the perfect one, I resorted to the Ikea day bed, which is black and looks quite 'vintage' in my opinion. It costs £84 and is self-assembly like most of the furniture that Ikea sell.

                I visited Ikea to pick up the bed as I needed various other bits at the same time, and if you haven't been there before the process is quite simple. You write the product number of the item you want (if it isn't on the shop floor) then you go through to their warehouse and collect the items before visiting the checkout. I am quite a child when I visit Ikea because it is so much fun!

                The day bed comes in three large boxes which are quite easy to carry but one is the size of a flat single bed (obviously, another of a similar size and one contains just bed slats so it is thinner. I did leave my partner to collect all the items off the shelf so I am unsure whether they all came from the same isle (hunger and hotdogs was more appealing).

                When you unpack the boxes there are really easy to follow instructions to follow. As it is flat packed the parts come made they just need to be put together with the screws given to you. I was quite shocked at the fact there are next to no screws which hold the bed together. It is quite simple to put the bed together, but you definitely need a lot of patience when you are trying to screw because you need to make sure the bed pieces are stable to screw. It took me about half an hour to assemble by myself but I am sure with help it won't take as long.

                I purchased my mattress separately as the bed doesn't come with one, but they are relatively priced and the frame is average sized so it fits all single mattresses (200x90cm). The bed itself is 208cm long, 95cm wide and 96cm high. It is quite a good size and it fits perfectly into a small room without looking too big. The metal frame is quite simple but it is pretty and very vintage but lovely. I find that even when used as a sofa it is really comfortable, when it's a bed I can sleep on it without the squeaking which annoyed me previously. It is very sturdy and isn't uncomfortable at all, I find it really comfortable whether I am lying or sitting on it. As a sofa it can be irritating unless you have a lot of pillows as your legs are completely off the floor and the metal can hurt your back. Since I've added a wall of cushions this isn't as much of an issue though which I like.

                I would recommend this bed to anyone wanting a nice addition to a bedroom or studio flat. Obviously it isn't ideal to be used just as a sofa but for a guest room or something it is lovely. I will edit this review when I move into my new place to let you know what it is like as a sofa AND a bed in a 'lounge/bedroom'. It isn't overly expensive and definitely worth the price. It hasn't faulted me in the past few months so hopefully it will last me many more to come!


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              • More +
                06.02.2012 21:16
                Very helpful



                a lovely little teddy to give you endless memories

                My friend and I used to have a bit of an addiction to 'Me To You' bears. I don't know what it is about them but they're just gorgeous and perfect as a gift. The brand started with only one 'mascot' named Tatty Teddy and since then the range has grown to hold various other animals and collections.

                What I like about 'Me to You' is that the bears all mean something. They all have messages on their t-shirts or are holding items such as a rose or a dummy (valentines or new baby) so they relate to occasions and mean something. I have got quite a few from the range such as an '18th' bear, grandaughter and many others which are lined up around the top of my wardrobe as a keepsake.

                The bears cost depending on the size. The small bears are roughly £5.99, the medium bears are £9.99 and the larger ones are £14.99/£19.99. You can get huge bears which are roughly the size of an 8 year old which cost about £100 but you'd be silly to pay that much for a teddy! Me To You are sold in most card shops but mainly Clintons. You can also purchase them online and from some gift shops.

                One of my favourites I treasure the most is the 'I love you this much' teddy. I got it from my grandparents a couple of years ago so I'd always have them with me even though they aren't living close by. The teddy is on the 'Me To You' blue card stand which you aren't suppose to remove (as it looses value). The bear has a red t-shirt on which says 'I love you this much' and the teddies little arms are stretched out to gesture the amount of love which I thought was adorable.

                The teddy has the signature grey fuzzy fur, blue nose and stitched on paws - one of which says 'Me To You'. I quite like that the bears stand out as being by the brand on the shelf. You don't have to question it and their signature teddy is seriously cute! You can buy the bears in a few different sizes and my favourite has to be the medium size (which is the most common) which is about 5/6inches in height (including the stand).

                I really recommend giving a Me To You teddy as a gift. The bear will be well treasured and appreciated for a long time to come. I still remember who brought my bears and why - my favourite being an '18' bear holding a key with imitation party popper string on him, its adorable!


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              • Nikon Coolpix S3100 / Digital Camera / 40 Readings / 35 Ratings
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                01.02.2012 21:52
                Very helpful


                • Reliability
                • Reliability


                Theres a Nikon for every personality!


                On my 19th birthday, I was determined to get a camera. My grandparents offered to help me out a little with the cost as long as I obviously paid my part. The day after my birthday I got the train to my grandparents house and we took a trip to Tesco where after what seemed like hours of browsing I decided on the Nikon Coolpix s3100.

                If you haven't seen this camera before I'd be surprised. It seems to be on before, during and after every hollyoaks episode and other shows too. It is possibly the nicest camera and best advertised I've ever seen!

                The camera comes in a range of colours, I brought the blue because it was so bright and gorgeous (I would take a picture but thats quite hard when I would take it on my camera? Maybe my webcam but we will see in a minute once I've written this review. The other colours are green, black, pink, red, purple and silver. I was quite shocked to not see white or orange included but I suppose with this range of colour that would just be fussy! (I just took a rubbish picture on my webcam to attach to the end of this review).

                Now getting to the best bit. The camera is compatiable with SDHC cards only (brought seperately), which I found out after buying the wrong card and having many problems with it. The cards can be brought from a range of online or retail stores in lots of storage sizes so choose carefully. 4GB is the one I chose but I tend to upload pictures to my computer then delete them from the memory card so I have full space again.

                My camera is obviously blue (therefore this is colour bias) and the entire camera is a metallic turquoise/lagoon blue colour. The 'Nikon Coolpix' writing is on one side, with the lens next to it. The flash is just below the button and there is also a handy little light above the lens which I will talk about in a moment. The back side of the camera is black and has a 6.7cm (2.7inch) LCD screen, a 'record' button for videos along with a circular dial with 'ok' button in the centre and 4 other buttons.
                I quite like the sleek design of this camera as its stylish and colourful which is a hard mix - most colourful cameras are tacky or inexpensive and break easily.

                Inside the box you will get: your camera (obviously), strap, rechargeable Li-ion battery, charging AC adapter, USB cable, audio video cable, software CD, quick start guide, users manual and your warranty. The AC adapter connects to the USB cable to charge your camera through the mains.

                The Coolpix is 14 megapixels (which does actually mean nothing to me) but gives good quality pictures and apparently for the price I paid is very good! It has 5x zoom and shoots HD movies aswell as giving you several modes to help you take the best pictures. Admittedly, this camera gives gorgeous pictures and I am really surprised at how well they come out. I have used it for so many nights out and family events - even just for pictures for my blog or eBay! I have only used about 6 of the 'scenes' they give you - one being 'scene selector' which chooses the best scene type for the condition you're taking the picture in. All of the scenes give good quality and I particularly like the 'close up' scene because it gives gorgeous quality on close up items. (I attempted to upload some pictures I've taken using the camera but the files were too big so apologies on that front!

                Installing the software on your computer is fairly simple. You simply use your USB cord that comes in the box along with the CD and follow the instructions carefully. It takes about 5 minutes to set up on the computer including installation time. Admittedly, I don't use the software as my laptop has a slot to put my SD card in, so all my images are transferred this way not through the camera.

                Charge of the camera lasts for about 24 hours, I have used it on 4 nights out without charging inbetween and it lasted well despite being turned on and off various times - I think this is quite good going for a camera as most don't last this long! To charge fully from a flat battery it takes approximately 3/4 hours, although I prefer to charge mine over night. The charge is done via mains using the charger port on the camera, unfortunately you don't charge it seperately via battery pack but these can be purchased seperately.

                The zoom and flash facilities work really well, zooming in 5x I thought would give me distorted images, but actually they are just as good quality and sometimes even better than normally focused images. The flash gives the right amount of light to an image and doesn't make it yellow/orange like I have found other cameras do which is a bonus. It makes everything appear true to colour.

                When it comes to on screen facilities, there are many options. I have mentioned the 'scene' button which allows you to select the type of environment you're in to get the best picture quality, but there are many other features. There is a 'playback' button which allows you to view your images, with a delete button below giving you the options to delete one, all or some of your images. You can also 'favourite' images which I like because on a night out I can select the best ones to show everyone whilst avoiding the terrible ones! The playback menu also allows you to quick retouch images, soften skin, add filter effects, change lighting and generally make your picture look better - but I prefer to do this all once on the computer. The 'menu' button allows you to edit movie options such as noise reduction and auto focus aswell as sound help. General settings allow you to adjust zoom, turn blink detector on/off and many other features. Comparing it to my mothers Sony camera, mine had more (and better) features. One thing I love is that when zooming in on a far away picture, you can save the newly zoomed image aswell as keeping the old one so you have two copies.

                The only issue I found with the camera, but more specifially the company is their policy. I managed to get sand in my beach bag on holiday which got behind the lens and broke the camera. The camera comes with a one year garuntee (when brought in Tesco I am unsure if it comes with it when brought from other places) meaning any damage or fault will be repaired for free within your first year of owning the camera. I did send my camera off and was charged £50 for repair, when I refused to pay Nikon upped the bill to £65 and it was £10 if I wanted them to just destroy the camera. After much complaint I did however manage to get it back repaired for free. I would be wary of this if you do damage the camera or come across a fault.

                I brought my camera from Tesco and it cost £99.97, which is quite a reasonable price for such a good camera. It has lasted me 7 months, a holiday and many nights out and I hope it will last me many more. Prices and colours vary from store to store so be wary when you go into a shop to buy the camera. I find Tesco usually have offers on Nikon so they are your best bet for the cheapest price.

                I really recommend this camera. Not only does it take amazing pictures, its cheap and keeps its charge which is hard to find in cameras nowadays - most don't last 5 minutes!


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                • 17 Magnetized Nail Polish / Make Up / 26 Readings / 24 Ratings
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                  30.01.2012 23:36
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  unique, new, fun, quirky, gorgeous nails!

                  I saw a friend of mine post on their blog about how fantastic this nail varnish was and to be honest, at first I thought it was just another metallic nail varnish. I was so wrong! I love having different coloured nails and I change them every other day at least.

                  Now when I think of nail varnish, I think of bright colours and maybe glitter. Never in my life did I picture a magnetized nail varnish to appear on the market - what next?! It is admittedly quite a good idea though and one that will be a good seller because of how original it is. I am still trying to work out how on earth it works!

                  To apply the nail varnish you simply get your magnet, apply a coat of nail varnish and use the magnet for about 10 seconds above your nail to create a pattern. The magnet reacts with the nail varnish to produce a really unique pattern, I guess the idea is based on the previous cracking effect but taking it to a new level.

                  Admittedly I didn't think this would work but I love the effect. I haven't used any other nail varnish in weeks and people have commented on how lovely they look! After using it the first time and holding the magnet in one place, I have since experimented by twirling and 'bouncing' the magnet closer and further away to the nail. The different effects make it really cool and it makes it very unique from nail to nail. Where the 'waves' the magnet causes are, they appear darker or lighter depending on the colour you buy - so it is almost 3D.

                  The nail varnish comes in a usual nail varnish shaped bottle with a black lid. The magnet is screwed off separately to the actual brush allowing you to put it to one side while you paint your nail. I was disappointed to know it only comes in 4 shades as I did expect a few more but I suppose these are going to come soon. I purchased gun metal and teal. I never used to like teal much but due to my mums bridesmaid dresses being teal (She is getting married in April yay!) and I'm a bridesmaid - I figured it's a nice colour after all! The only other two shades are blue and lilac both of which are nice I just didn't have enough to buy all 4 and I didn't want to buy them and risk them being rubbish.

                  Costing £5.99 it is quite expensive compared to plain coloured varnishes but I am sure in given time, every company will have their own unique take on the product offering a range of prices.

                  In my opinion, this is the perfect nail varnish for anyone who likes to experiment with their nails. It is such a new 'invention' and deserves credit because I never thought I would see a product like this on the market - especially for a low price. The only fault I have found is that if you don't use the magnet really quickly after painting your nails, you will experience problems and it may not work properly. I used the product about 3 times before I started to like it as the effect isn't as good as your nail begins to dry.

                  I would recommend this highly and it looks a lot like the Minx nails you get at the salon which are quite expensive!


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                    30.01.2012 13:00
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                    lovely product i will use again x

                    Until I studied beauty at college, I had never thought of waxing my legs. Shaving is just something I have always done because waxing meant going to a salon and spending more money - razors cost £3 for a few and last a couple of months! After learning how to wax properly and having waxing done on my own legs, I decided to buy my own 'at home' kit so I could get better whilst making my legs silky smooth.

                    My leg hair has never been dark or thick, its quite light and fair but it does bother me a ridiculous amount. When shaved, it tends to grow back to stubble in around 4 days (but I whip it back off again before this point!).

                    In honesty, I only brought the Debut wax strips because they were the cheapest on the shelf, but they do state that they are the best for beginners. I don't really understand how you can have a 'for beginners' wax kit purely because its a simple task you can master by reading instructions.

                    The 'Debut' wax strips come in a deep purple box which is exactly the same dimentions as other wax strip boxes by the brand. On the front there is floral detail and it explains that it is 'for beginners'. I have to admit I did really like the design as its quite girly without being pink and it stood out on the shelf amongst all the other waxing products. On the back of the box there are brief instructions and inside there is an information leaflet which I advise you read even if you have used waxing strips before. There is also a contents list so you know what you may need to buy along with this box. Inside you get 12 wax strips which I think is quite a lot considering the low price of the product.

                    The strips can be used on shorter hairs aswell as ones which have grown back a bit, therefore you could shave even the smallest stubble (according to the box). I only use wax on my legs as I find it to be the least painful, any other body part hurts so I just shave. It does advise not to use the strips on more sensitive areas so I would stick to legs, underarms, bikini line and nothing more. If you wish to wax facial hair then there are kits especially for this which will work a million times better.

                    Now with wax, it is a well known thing that it doesn't always smell that good. I found that these smelt incredibly nice! They are enriched with almond oil and this scent is really strong on the wax strips when warmed.

                    To use these wax strips you need to warm the wax strips between your hands for roughly 30 seconds. You could do this for less time if you wish but I find 30 seconds warms the wax the right amount for being comfortable and easy to use without hurting yourself. If you don't warm the strips enough they do not work and will feel uncomfortable. The strips are stuck together in pairs so you need to first remove them from eachother and then apply one to your skin. When you wax, you need to pull the strip against the direction of hair growth. If your hair grows downwards, you need to rip the wax strip upwards. This means you will have to make sure the grip tab is at the bottom of the strip. I find that when waxing, it is best to start at the outside base of your leg by your ankle and work your way around and upwards.

                    When the wax strip is on your skin, make sure you rub it in firm straight movements downwards and rip off quickly - if you leave it for too long the wax will get cold and be painful to remove. Once you've smoothed the strip you need to pull your skin so its quite tight, grab the little 'easy to remove' tab and pull quickly towards your body. No matter how painful it is you must rip it quickly to get the hairs out properly - the quicker you pull the shorter you're in pain for! In honesty it doesn't hurt that much and because you are in control, you determine when you do the next strip and when to stop! I managed to re-use the same strip on two whole bits and then I used it a third time to quickly whip off any left over hairs. I think 3 uses with one strip is all you can get though and it did loose most of its stickiness after the second go! I think it took me 8-10 strips to do my whole leg which is quite good going!

                    I would advise you to exfoliate before waxing as if you use tanning products the wax will remove all traces of tan. Any dead skin cells will be whipped away along with hair so for best results remove all dead skin cells and tan before waxing.

                    I have to admit, I really like the little tab as I find it so much more helpful than just trying to grip onto the tiny bit of paper they give you with others. The hairs were removed quite easily and I found that only a tiny amount were left behind which I just grabbed again afterwards.

                    When it comes to aftercare, they do give you wipes but I found these to be dry and pointless. In honesty they are a waste of the companies money to produce. I used one on one leg and it made no difference whatsoever! I advise using after sun (aloe vera) especially if you have sensitive skin because it is really good at cooling and healing skin which has become red and irritated.

                    The smooth leg effect of waxing remained for around 3-4 weeks and when the hairs did grow back they were very fine and not prickly like usual stubble. This is a usual factor of waxing but I was very impressed all the same and would definitely use the product again - especially as I still have a few strips left in the box!

                    Veet products can be brought in mot supermarkets and drug stores and they retail at £3.99 roughly but I have found the price varies depending on the store. Asda also had a £1 deal on these in my local store not too long ago but I don't know whether this was to get rid of a batch or just because they wanted to give ladies a chance to get gorgeous!


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                    • Benefit Boi ing / Make Up / 36 Readings / 35 Ratings
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                      22.01.2012 23:08
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment



                      best concealer on the market!

                      If you read my previous review, I have found a new love for Benefit recently and went on a bit of a spending spree. I brought various products that I use almost every day and some which are only rarely used because I can't bring myself to use them all up!

                      Dark circles are one of my main issues as I work/study 7 days a week and do coursework into the early hours most nights. I hardly ever sleep if I'm honest hence why I'm on here so much! No matter how many remedies I have tried I just can't seem to get rid of them - not without ridiculously expensive products anyway.

                      Luckily for me, my friend works in Benefit so she straight away recommended Boi-ing when I explained my problem with finding a good concealer. I did actually think it was a compact powder when I first saw it though! Despite wondering about her bias opinion about her beloved company, I still took her advice and tried the product out. I didn't buy it straight away though I just borrowed hers as we have the same skin tone luckily.

                      The concealer as I have mentioned before looks like a compact powder to me, although its a concealer. The pot is black and has a see through lid with some black detailing and the word 'Boi-ing' written on the top. It comes inside a box which has a cut out front showing the clear window. The lid screws on and goes firmly so you don't need to worry about it coming off and allowing the make-up to go everywhere. I like how Benefit all have information leaflets inside which tell you how to best use the product. Its a definite help if you're not a make-up whizz!

                      The concealer comes in three shades and they describe it as being 'industrial strength' so it will combat all dark circles. I brought the medium shade as I wear fake tan a lot so I wanted one which wasn't too much if I was pale or tanned. The three shades don't really differ dramatically but there is an obvious difference. The concealer is quite thick as its in a compact and you will need to hold it in your hands for a little while to warm it up so it glides easily without being too stiff to come away from the compact.

                      To use the concealer you need to use your finger, as I find a sponge or brush doesn't work as well. Just be sure to wash your hands before you use it so you don't get the compact dirty. I like that when you get the concealer on your finger it comes out quite thick but once its on your skin it is quite light and doesn't feel smothering. I like that it isn't noticeably on your skin but it covers problem areas well.

                      I have had the concealer now for about 3 months and ive only just made a well in the surface, I think it will probably last me another 9 months at least if I use roughly the same amount every month. I don't think I use it every single day, but I use it about 5/7 days of the week and only need to apply it once a day to keep it nice. The only time I ever use more is for a night out or when it rains and the make-up gets washed away which is very rarely.

                      £16 roughly for a compact is quite expensive, but to be honest it lasts a very long time and I'd say its worth it. You won't get a cheap compact that is any good and as big in size! You can pick up this concealer at most Benefit make-up counters inside department stores.

                      In my opinion, this is one of my favourite if not my only favourite concealer. I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to cover blemishes on their face! It definitely covered my dark circles and I no longer feel like I have to constantly be paranoid about them - they're tucked away!


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