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    • Powerball Grip Trainer / Gadget / 82 Readings / 79 Ratings
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      11.03.2009 00:16
      Very helpful



      Great Gadget and it looks nice.

      Well i got the Powerball Neon Pro which is a mid-range model. Ill be honest im not sure what the differences between all the different powerballs, ecspecially judging that the price ranges between £10 and £70. I think its the difficulty and speed of the ball.

      Anyway the powerball is a sort of hand held gyroscopic ball.

      When you get the ball, you wrap the string given in the box around the ball, it will go round about 2 1/2 times, then you quickly pull it out like a Beyblade if anyone remembers what they are and start rotating your wrist.
      To initially start it you need to rotate your wrist coherently with the ball inside the powerball so the ball rotates with your wrist movements. The good thing about the Neon Pro is that the lights will start to flare out and get stronger when the ball speeds up.
      As you rotate the gyroscopic technology kinda forces your wrist to move faster and faster and when you start you should be looking at getting speeds of atleast 3-5 thousand. Now im still a begineer and after a bit of practice im clocking in maximum speeds of 8000RPM but many can reach speeds of 13-16 thousand with ease.

      The point of the ball is to work out most of your forearm and your bicep. Now admittidly using it on a regular basis wont make you come out looking like Arnold Scwarzneggar but it does work.

      I play Squash and the ball is supposdly great for a lot of raquet sports like Squash, Badminton, Tennis amongst other sports like Golf. Now i use this whilst reading my text book revising and i found that when i now play squash i was hitting shots that i didnt usually get. The effects may not be visible but i think it definatly does do something.

      Oh and i heard its good if you got RSI too!

      I would definatly recomend the product if you play racquet sports but if you are just using it too work out then i think you should stick to going to the gym anyway if nothing else, it looks nice on the desk.


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        07.03.2009 16:41
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Fantastic game which learned its mistakes from FEAR 1

        After FEAR, people were dying for more however unfortunatly they came out as expansion packs which took little effort in creating. They merely just replicated FEAR with little to no change. There was no creativity or thought given to Persues Mandate or Extraction Point.

        Furthermore those who bought it were confused by the story that it was telling and hence in FEAR 2 they just said it has no relevance to those 2 extraction points.

        Fear 2 was back in Monolith's hands unlike the expansion packs and so things were guaranteed to come.

        Now FEAR 2 continues directly follows after FEAR 1, after the explosion. Obviously to understand the story you must place FEAR 1. In this game you play Micheal Beckett and you unravel his story and his connection to the creepy little Alma.

        Now in terms of gameplay this game doesnt stray far from other shooters, however it does still include the famous Bullet Time created in Max Payne. Now AI was quite hyped in this game and i must say it is pretty good, they really do use cover well by flipping table and whateva else they have at disposal. Furthermore they are not afraid to rush you. Unfortunatly the bullet time does make this game fairly easy and dont be afraid to start this game on Hard.
        The horror elements are back in this game and wow do they do a bloody good job of it. It can truly be creepy at times and their use of lighting effects really is creepy. It is this very scary factor which differentiates the game from others.
        In terms of storyline, it isnt quite as fasncinating as the first one but its still good. This one looks deeper at what plans they had if they were able to control Alma.

        Overall this is a fantastic game and much scarier than the likes of Dead Space. Furthermore they have learned from the mistakes of Fear 1, there are more varieties to the enemies, their are more enviroments including the school which has a part in it when going down a hallway which is incredibly freaky. Also for those a bit weary of the mech levels i must say the mech bits are very fun and what i personally think is good is that there isnt much of it. Its not like Halo where theres levels dedicated to vechular manslaughter.

        I played this game on the PC but i couldnt find the PC version on Dooyoo and i must say this is a MUST for all hardcore PC FPS fans.

        I give it an 8/10


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          07.03.2009 16:16
          Very helpful



          Exactly what you would expect from an Adam Sandler Movie.

          Zohan (Adam Sandler) plays an Israli Special Forces soilder. Zohan is good at his job, and by good i mean he is unstoppable, even wheen shot at point blank range he can stop a bullet...with his nose. :p
          Furthermore Zohan is something with the ladies, he will have 'sticky' with any lady he has a 'stiffe' over no matter what their age is. And i mean NO MATTER WHAT AGE!!

          However fighting isnt Zohan's dream but instead it is to be a hairdresser.
          After faking his own death by pretending to die against his arch-enemy, a palistian leader named The Phantom he travels to America where he looks for a job as a hair dresser. Eventually he starts working for a small place owned by a palistian named Dahlia.
          We then follow him become a sweeper to do what he dreams.

          As you can tell in terms of storyline, its not too complicated and is pretty stupid but isnt that what we love about Adam Sandler movies?
          The movie is extremly funny if your taste in comedy involves, rude, racist/stereotypical jokes. I must say there are times you wonder whether anyone has complained about how racist some of the jokes are.

          So obviously if you find those categories offensive i would stay way clear. The movie is definatly not for kids.

          If you can go into the movie expecting stupidy you'll walk about laughing. If you forget that, well i guess you'll be reminded when the movie starts with Zohan barbequing fishes then tossing one up and catching it between his butcheeks.

          The Blu Ray movie does look very good, the colours are vibrant and it is done in Master True HD Audio.
          Furthermore it has an option for BD live, im not sure what this was but it says my BD player was not compatibale however i think its because you have to have the internet connected. Anyway for those interested it does have BD live.

          I would give this movie 7/10


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          • FIFA 09 (Xbox 360) / Xbox 360 Game / 107 Readings / 103 Ratings
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            08.11.2008 19:29
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Just a fantastic game.

            Well every year everyone goes out and gets the new football game.
            But which one, the famous Pro-Evo or Fifa?

            Now bit of history, for two years before this i have been happily with Pro Evo and this was the first year for that move.
            So this is my review of Fifa from the eyes of a Pro Evo fan.

            Instantly when you knock in the game you gta love the mini game where youre Ronaldiniho and one on one with the keeper. You find there are times when you switch youre Xbox on to carry on your tournament and just get hooked on that.

            Ok so moving to actual gameplay now, compared to Pro evo this game is considerably slower, you can no longer get the fastest player in the game and run around all your oppenonts.
            The game forces a bit more tactic unlike pro evo, it requires a bit more skill in passing the ball around.

            The skills in the game, although a bit unrealistic as in real football nobody does so many skills but in game you can do skills easily and they feel much nicer than pro evo. Pro evo i found there wasnt much point using them but in Fifa they are fun to use, easy to pull off and hard to master.

            Overall Fifa plays like real life football but if everything happened perfectly and ran smoothly.

            The graphics are the other major talking point, they are just amazing and will knock the socks off anyone coming from Pro Evo and still look amazing to just another person.

            Commentary is decent but repetitive, geneally in my opionion as bad as any game, its annoying when you accidently pass the ball to the opponents keeper and the commentary start saying things like wow what a shot or the keepers making this look easy. Clearly it wasnt indented to be a shot but commentary says otherwise.

            There are a few game modes inclduding tournament where you can play things like Barclays Premier league but it kinda sucked judging that it doesnt let you continue for a few seasons.

            I havent looked at manager mode.

            Be a pro mode is kool and this is where you play as one individual person and get judged on your performance. For example im playing as Fabregas and your performace is judged on whether youre in the right position, making tackles, making good passes. You also have objectives before teh game like score 1 goal or something. Its a nifty mode, although the different camera angle is annoying.

            The online mode is also very good compared to the laggy Pro evo one which we had last year. Fifa is less laggy and plays better. Although like Pro Evo still has those peope who quit if they are losing. You can also play 10 vs 10 where each person controls one person, however i havent got round to checking this out.

            Overall the game is fantastic, animations are great and i would say it truly is better than Pro Evo in every way. I played the demo of the new pro evo and i found it to be the same game as last year but it little faster. That game is in dire need to be build from scratch. Fifa feels more like a next gen game and i would recomend to all.

            Btw pro evo fans you can remap the controls so it is the same as pro evo, everyone knows X should be shoot.
            Also be4 any Fifa fan boys start coming over id just like to say only now has Fifa taken over because over the years it has been incorparating more and more gameplay mechanics from Pro Evo.


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            • Frailty (DVD) / DVD / 80 Readings / 80 Ratings
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              07.11.2008 09:56
              Very helpful



              Its a good movie with a very different and good story.

              This is quite an interesting story and the whole feel and style of it is different to what you probably are used to.

              The story is about a family of three, Fenton and Adam Meiks and their father.
              It displays your perfect happy family coping just fine without their mother who died a long time ago.
              However the movie knocks straight into the story when Fenton's father rushes in to tell his kids that he has had a message from god himself. He claims to have had a vision that he has been picked to do Gods work, to become Gods hand and to slay the demons.

              Fenton waking up the next morning believes all of it was a dream because imagine yourself being told that, its a bit uncanny. All through breakfast nothing is mentioned until Fenton's dad drops his sons off at school and as casual as saying 'have a nice day at school' he says dont mention anything about last night.

              Days pass where Fenton is worrying of the consequences however as nothing happens he soon convinces himself its over until Fenton's dad drives home in the late hours of the night and shows his sons what he has come home with, a woman, crying, scared for her life, tied up in his shed and now Fenton's dad sees the womans sins before using one of three of God's weopons, an axe to slay the demon that she was.

              So what is so wrong about this story, is it not right to do by God's way, if they have sinned and God says they must be slayed, they must be slayed right?
              If they are demons, reeking havok upon the world should they not be tossed from this world.

              But if they are people like you and me and something is wrong with Fenton's dad maybe he is just a cold blooded killer but how can he act so normal most of the time and then suddently become a killer?

              The story is quite definatly fascinating and intriguing.

              I think it would be nice to see a bit more gore in the movie because you do not physically see any of the kills but i think they were just trying to avoid being called a 'slasher movie.
              Overall the acting was decent and the sound was ok.
              But to be honest, it doesnt have big dramatic scenes, it doesnt have big explosions but there is something to the movie that keeps you gripped.

              Not the best movie in the world but not one worth skipping by.


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              • itsyourview.com / Internet Site / 138 Readings / 129 Ratings
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                01.11.2008 18:37
                Very helpful



                Great site but just needs more frequent surveys.

                Itsyourview is in my opinion the most fair payer.

                Now what's so good about these guys is that you get £1 for every 5 mins that a survey should take. So a 5 mins survey gets you £1 wheras a 20mins survey pays £4, get it?

                (although 5mins surveys take longer and 20mins suveys are shorter than what stated)

                Anyway there biggest advantage is the fair payment however the frequency of the surveys are small, very small. You may get a week where there are a lot of surveys but there are weekS where you get nothing. The good thing is however is that when you get the survey i do find there is a bigger chance for you to be entered into the survey unlike other place where the chances are very, very slim.

                Personally i would recomened Itsyourview to all becasue although the surveys are rare they definatly are fair and because each survey doesnt take much time over a large amount of time you could earn £50. £50 being the amount you must accumulate until payout.

                May i also add that i cant comment on whether they actually payout because i have never had a payout however October is finished and i reached the £50 limit so hopefully i will get it and i will edit the review to state whether i received the amount but i have heard a lot of people say they did receive it.

                *UPDATE* Payment recognised on the 31/10/2008
                Payment received 07/11/2008


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                • Valued Opinions / Internet Site / 59 Readings / 57 Ratings
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                  01.11.2008 18:27
                  Very helpful



                  Decent survey site for those who have nothing better to do.

                  Valued Opinions is another survey site.
                  So how does it fare against all the others?

                  Well lets talk about the good:
                  Valued Opinions does have surveys regulary and id say i get about 8+ surveys per week.

                  The next good thing about Valued Opinions is that they are quite fair on paying you reasonably per survey so about 50p for 5-10mins surveys, £1-£1.50 for 15-20 mins and £2.50 for 30mins surveys.

                  From there they money can be redeemed into paper vouchers for a selection of places for example HMV, arcadia or e-vouchers for example Amazon. They can also be given away to charities.
                  (The only HMV voucher i ordered took about 2 weeks to arrive)

                  The bad however:

                  The surveys you do receive it is rare to be accepted into and generally if you dont answer the survey within a few hours of receiveing the e-mail more than likely you wont get into it.

                  Also after completing the survey you dont instantly get credited the money, it takes about 2 weeks for the money to go in and it will forever say pending.

                  Also the surveys are incredibly boring!

                  As a whole Valued Opinions is one of the better survey sites however it was good when i was on my summer hols and had nothing better to do but now im busy again, i cant do the surveys straight away and they do take quite a while.


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                    28.10.2008 18:00
                    Very helpful



                    Great website but rewards arent quite as big as DooYoo

                    This quite easily is the easiest way of making money.

                    Consumer Pulse looks at what people buy. What you do is that they are specifically interested in certain areas of items e.g. entertainment, beauty, clothing, mobile and subcatogries like mobile bill, DVD rentals etc.

                    Now what happens is that if you purchase something which Consumer Pulse wants to know about then you go into the menu, say you rented one DVD, so you state you rented one dvd click ok which will then take you to the next screen.

                    Now from there it will ask you a few questions about that rental e.g. the name, where you rented it from, what you thought of the movie (on a star rating), how many people you watched it with. Not to many questions but enough to get sufficent details.
                    From there you click ok and are awarded 500 points.

                    Now when you collect 10,000 points you can pick from a selection of vouchers, which includes travel resorts, arcadia group, Virgin, House of Fraser etc. (unfortunatly not Amazon vouchers or Paypal.)

                    Furthermore you can also get points from the very, very, very rare surveys they distribute. These surveys are worth the time, they usualy dont take very long but as stated they are rare.

                    They also distribute a monthly newsletter which has a competition to win points, but i never win.

                    Another way to collect points is making a purchase every week as you get a weekly shopping bonus of 500 points.

                    Now what you are probally thinking is "screw the weekly bonus" im just gna do this all day with fake purchases and rake in the money. I am afraid that you can only have 20 purchases per month which equates to 1 voucher.

                    Personally i think this is a fantastic place, little effort for good reward and it does come in handy for giving presents lol.

                    So now you are all thinking, who ever is writing the review will you please stop writing cos you're borin' me and give me the friggin link.
                    And then i put the dampner in to say that, im afraid you can only get in by invitation and then Consumer Pulse has to accept you in, kinda like Pinecone research which i cant seem to get into.

                    However once youre in the place rocks.

                    (if you look around the internet you maybe alble to find a link into the company)


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                    • The Incredible Hulk (DVD) / DVD / 51 Readings / 50 Ratings
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                      27.10.2008 21:04
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment



                      Great effects poor movie.

                      Well lets just start by saying although this movie does pick up after the last one so no seeing how he becomes the hulk this movie is completly different to the last one.
                      The last movie was probably one of the worst movies i have ever seen.
                      Anyway thats not what i am here to review.

                      Well the plot (without spoilers) begins with Bruce Banner accidently dropping a bit of his blood into a bottle (in a drink manufactoring industry) which then is distributed to some random person who passes out from it or dies, we dont really know.
                      But anyway, the army get hold of this information and the general realizes that the Hulk is in Brazil (i think) and goes on the search for him.
                      The general is after him because the original experiement that created the Hulk was being worked on to create a super soilder and the general wants to carry on the work with the most successful test subject.

                      So as the story progresses Bruce returns to the US as he was in talks with someone online who claims to have a remedy.

                      From here its just a war between hulk and the army.

                      As you can tell the story isn't very deep and to be honest there isnt much to say.
                      The story can be summed up with the hulks main phrase "HULK SMASH" which btw when said just seemed completely out of place and stupid.

                      Overall the story was just a complilation of fight scenes and "you wont like me when im angry".

                      However the last fight scene was very, very good, it didnt make up for the rest of the movie but nevertheless very good.

                      The effects however were amazing, i gta say they really did do a good job on the hulk and all the explosions looked good and the last fight scene was just amazing CGI.

                      I really do think Hulk is just a bad series and they really should stop making these, it was a very big step from the 2003 incredible hulk but that step still was not big enough to deem this movie good.

                      Personally i would stay away from renting or buying this movie however if it comes on TV i guess it deserves a watch, if nothing else is on.


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                      • Red Eye (DVD) / DVD / 81 Readings / 79 Ratings
                        More +
                        19.10.2008 21:23
                        Very helpful



                        Starts well but ends horribly.

                        Well this was just some random movie i picked using my Tesco DVD rental service.
                        Before picking any movie i always check critics review and i got say this movie did fairly well there and thats before i added on an extra star because whatever critics say its usually much better.

                        This review has no plot spoilers

                        The first 10 minutes or so set the scene before it gets into the heat of things. The movie begins with Lisa Reisert an always on the move hotel assistant going through the checking in stages of getting to Miami after her grandma died.

                        Whilst trying to get on the delayed flight to Miami she has multiple run ins with a guy called Jackson Ripner.
                        After having a few drinks and then coincedently sit next to each other on the place things start to turn Sinister.

                        In actual fact Jackson is out to assasinate a politician staying in the hotel Lisa works out and he needs her to change their room for the plan to work.

                        Now for the first hour the movie is quite good with the two on the plane, it has that phonebooth feel to it. However nothing in this movie was quite powerful enough and then once that hour was up things start to go downhill as it trys to conclude the movie.
                        The once smart assasin, Jackson Riptner slowly becomes more and more stupid and you start screaming at your TV saying sheesh. i work the usualy 9-5, nowt special about me and i can do a better job.

                        The movie lacks any oomphh and comparing it to Phonebooth is quite an insult really to Phonebooth as that was a great, great movie and this however is not.

                        The acting in this movie isnt bad, but again this is for the hour which i said was decent.

                        Overall the critics gave it a fairly decent mark and thats before i add a few more points because critics were harsh however in this case i will have to take a few stars off as this movie just isnt worth it.

                        Theres worser movies out there but at the end of the day you should have to put up with a bad movie.


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                        • Nokia N96 / Smartphone / 57 Readings / 49 Ratings
                          More +
                          07.10.2008 21:15
                          Very helpful



                          Just a great phones, seriously scrap that big wedding you had planned and get this phone

                          Well i received my Nokia N96 last week and i have just realized that the pic above looks nothing like the phone lol.

                          First of all could i say my previous phone was the Nokia N81 so i will be making alot of references back to that phone. Also i apologise now if i start comparing it to the previous Nokia N series phones as those who have never owned one may get a bit confused however i will try to keep it as basic as possible.

                          Anyway on with the review:

                          *Receiving the phone through the post*

                          The phone came in the standard Vodafone box( i ordered through Vodafone, if you didnt guess :p) with a picture on the Nokia N96 on the front.

                          *Opening of the Box*

                          When you open it you will find the phone lying on top of a piece of card and you will think wow thats a big screen, and maybe even wow thats quite a wide phone.

                          Inside the box there was the phone (duh.) the battery, the standard Nokia N series charger, the data transfer cable, the manuals, the handsfree kit (charger and headphones), the FM receiver also a new thing to the Nokia N series (well it wasnt in the Nokia N81 box) was the appropriate cables to hook the phone up to some proper speakers. I dont know what the cables are called but its the one where there is a white, red and yellow wire.

                          Just quickly getting the accessories out the way before i review the phone:

                          Charger: standard charger but it does come with a Velcro strap which is nifty if you dont want a large wire hanging about.

                          Headphones: Standard Headphones connecting into the 35mm jack. Honestly these headphones suck, but then again i own some Bose in-ear headphones and they cost a lot of money so they should be considerably better.

                          FM Receiver: Comes with all the nokia phones now-a-days, its just a little device you put into the 35mm jack which acts as a receiver and you can also use it to play/pause tracks and change track etc. without taking your phone out.

                          Data Transfer Cable: It transfers data from your PC to your phone and vice versa, its not special but it works, not much i can say.

                          The audio cables: I havent actually used them however by the look of them i can tell they are not of extreme quality, they are not gold plated or anything, tbh it looks cheap but it is good of them to give and to those without big, expensive speakers they would do the job fine.

                          I think thats the accessories part done. Nothing big i know but there is nothing special about them. Anyone who does have a previous Nokia N Series phone, you will find they are the same.

                          *The PHONE*

                          Ok instantly when i boot up the phone i notice something different to the Nokia N81 although the operating system is similar to my previous S60 operating system there are slight tweaks. What you will notice is that this is the first Nokia phone to include the new update to the operating system, so yes its even more updated compared to the Nokia N95 8gb.
                          However i will come back to the operating system later in the review...or i will just forget to add it lol.

                          Ok those dying to see the specifications here they are:
                          General 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
                          3G Network HSDPA 2100 / 900
                          HSDPA 850 / 1900 - American version
                          Announced 2008, February
                          Status Available. Released 2008, September
                          Size Dimensions 103 x 55 x 18 mm, 92 cc
                          Weight 125 g
                          Display Type TFT, 16M colors
                          Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.8 inches
                          Ringtones Type Polyphonic (64 channels), Monophonic, True Tones, MP3
                          Customization Download
                          Vibration Yes
                          Memory Phonebook Practically unlimited entries and fields, Photocall
                          Call records Detailed, max 30 days
                          Card slot microSD (TransFlash), up to 8GB
                          - Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate
                          - 16 GB internal memory
                          - 128MB RAM, 256MB storage memory
                          - Dual ARM 9 264 MHz CPU

                          Data GPRS Class 32, 107 / 64.2 kbps
                          HSCSD Yes
                          EDGE Class 32, 296 kbps; DTM Class 11, 177 kbps
                          3G HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps
                          WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, UPnP technology
                          Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP
                          Infrared port No
                          USB Yes, v2.0 microUSB
                          Features OS Symbian OS 9.3, S60 rel. 3.2
                          Messaging SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
                          Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML, RSS reader
                          Games Downloadable, order now
                          Colors Black
                          Camera 5 MP, 2592x1944 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, video(VGA 30fps), flash; secondary VGA videocall camera
                          - Built-in GPS receiver
                          - A-GPS function
                          - DVB-H TV broadcast receiver
                          - Dual slide design
                          - Java MIDP 2.0
                          - MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/WMA player
                          - 3.5 mm audio output jack
                          - TV out
                          - Stereo FM Radio with RDS
                          - Organizer
                          - Office document viewer
                          - T9
                          - Push to talk
                          - Voice dial/memo
                          - Built-in handsfree
                          Battery Standard battery, Li-Ion 950 mAh (BL-5F)
                          Stand-by Up to 220 h
                          Talk time Up to 3 h 40 min

                          Ok now lets talk about the phone and features. The phone itself feels fairly light for a fairly big phone. Although i describe the phone as big it doesnt quite feel big in your hand, it is a combination on the weight and the fact that the phone is quite thin that it gives you the illusion that the phone is actually well sized.

                          Judging that the pic above is totally wrong the phone looks like a fusion of the Nokia 95 8gb and the Nokia N81. It has the Nokia N81 look to it but it includes the dual sliding mechanism like the Nokia N95.
                          For those of you who dont know about the sliding mechanism, it allows you to slide the phone one way for the usual keypad but also the other way which reveals 4 buttons which are the music buttons: play/pause, forward, backwards and stop.

                          However a lot like the Nokia N81 the music keys are also on the front of the phones where the menu buttons are. The actual front of the phone has a large, i think 2.6 inch screen (same as the Nokia N95 8gb) and then a button layout similar to the Nokia N81. This include for those who dont know the 2 menu buttons, the pick up and put down the phone buttons, the centre button and the other menu button. The actual centre of the buttons has a different finish on it which looks like the material on an old vinyl. However you will understand what i am saying when you bring up a pic of the phone yourself.

                          On the side there is the volume up and down buttons and the camera button, there is also a button on the other side but i havent figured out what it is there for yet. However i have a sneaky feeling it maybe where the memory card goes.
                          On the top of the phone is the sliding key which locks and unlocks the keypad, the 35mm socket for headphones and the power button, on the rear side is the socket for the charger and the mini usb port for data transfer.

                          Overall the buttons are easy to press, although i came from the Nokia N81 where the buttons were a pain to press so anything would seem easy in comparison.

                          Also the build quality seems a lot more solid.

                          So moving to what the phone has to offer. First of all i would just like to say that the phone apparently can pick up mobile TV as it has some sort of DVB-H tuner however in the UK we do not support the technology rendering the main feature useless. However if we did have it, the phone would do a great job displaying it. How do i know that?

                          Well there is the BBC Iplayer software which you can download to the phone and it can stream/download eps on BBC straight to your phone and the quality is unbelievable. The phone does a great job keeping up with the image and frames. So when it comes to playing videos this phone is just amazing. Also whats better is that there is a stand that you can pull out from just under the camera which makes the phone stand horizontally which is great for me when im sitting in the library with the phone up, watching Jimmy Carr Live at Appllo over BBC Iplayer.

                          So playing videos are good, but what about recording them? Well the camera is simply amazing. For those with the Nokia N95 8gb its the same, for those with the Nokia N81 the software is the same but the sheer quality is a 100 times better. The image looks bright and you wont find yourself with images with large pixels and jagged edges. The camera itself is quite big on the rear-side of the phone and also has a beastly xenon flash. However there is no cover for the camera which may annoy some.
                          There is also a camera on the front for video calling which no i havent tested video calling however i have tested the camera and all i can say is that it sucks. Its about as good as the cameras when the first camera phone came out.
                          As for the software of the camera, well it includes brightness and contrast mode, red eye mode, how you would like the flash, the colour tone and a few other little things. However you can just use the pre-made presets for the appropriate predicaments e.g landscape mode, night etc.
                          The video camera is equally as good keeping up with fairly quick images, it also records sound.

                          Talking of sound the music player is very good, again using the same software as the Nokia N95/81. It lists all your music in terms of artist, album, genre, composter or you can set a playlist or just see all your tracks. It also includes a section for your podcasts.
                          The quality of sound is brilliant, however those of you who owned the Nokia N81 hoping the Navi wheel was still around im sorry to disappoint as although there is an option for the Navi wheel to turn on and off, Nokia pulled the feature out on the last second, however it is rumoured to be in a firmware update.

                          The phone by the way has two speakers which are quite good considering that its a phone. Although id prefer if the phone had crap speakers which were quiet so the chavs wouldnt put music on their loudspeakers and put it through headphones like everyone else.

                          Also talking of music the phone has radio, which i havent used but also the internet radio which rocks. What it is, is that you have a list of radio stations which you can stream via the internet and its great as it has music of all genres. I use it a lot to listen to my trance music, its a great easy to use software.

                          Now talking about internet, the phone as you may know has wi-fi built in, i connected the phone within seconds to my internet at home and i was flying. The phones internet speed was fairly quick, faster than my Nokia N81. Also the wide screen is really good for scrolling around websites. The internet is really handy to have and this device will pick up any wi-fi you have in your area.

                          The GPS, i am afraid i dont drive so i havent used but nokia maps is wicked, i have used this to find places when i am walking and it is quick and marks out key locations and is just a brilliant easy to use software. Its really handy for pedestrians too. However i have got friends who have used GPS and they said it worked brilliantly, a mates in the police force used it for work and he said its really handy.

                          That generally covers the main features of the phone, it also includes your basic stuff like obviously the ability to phone people which i find clear and others can hear me clearly, the phone can send text messages, e-mails which again i found easier to set up compared to my Nokia N81. Also it has other basic things like calendar, notes, calculator, converter, 3D ringtones (makes music sound 3D its nifty), a message reader (gets a computer voice to read messages, add some dirty words and it will kill hours of fun) also software to read Microsoft Office files (word, excel etc.). Overall it has everything basic phones should have.

                          Oh one thing i forgot to mention is that the phone has an accelerometer so what that does is that the screen will turn horizontally when you move the phone horizontally and back portrait when you move it portrait.
                          At the beginning the feature will annoy you as sometimes you will find that the screen is horizontal when you want it portrait and you start shaking it and turning it and it still wont change. However you will soon learn the art of changing it and then you will love the feature. I cant really describe the art it is something you discover by yourself lol.

                          *Operating System*
                          Overall the operating system is a bit slow compared to the last one and feels a bit buggy and i have had the phone randomly restart a few times when there are quite a few applications running. However the new operating system does have a few little things that make it nice and make it better for example it allows you to change your main screen a bit more and change the layout of it. Those who own previous Nokia phones will notice these subtle changes. However like i said these small changes do come with the odd bug.

                          Oh one of the other subtle changes is that on the Nokia N81 the centre button light used to flash. It still does that on this one, although it fades out more on this phone which they describe as breathing however whats cool is that it will flash more if you have a text message or a missed call which i find cool.


                          Well thats about the whole review, as a whole the phone is great. One thing people maybe wondering is how good is the battery life? The reason i havent stated this, is because i really cant give you an honest answer because the battery life only lasts me a day but to be fair i have the music player running for about 6 hours, the video playing for about 1 hour and the internet running which includes downloading YouTube vids so i really do kill off the battery life and it would be unfair to say the battery life only lasts a day.

                          Also i wont talk about price as that will differ from contract and with time.
                          Again as i was saying the phone is great, it does have a few software issues however i have discovered there is a new firmware out which should iron out these minor problems.
                          if you have any questions on the phone please feel free to leave a comment.

                          I hope you have learnt a lot from this review but i feel the rest should probably be learnt when you get the phone so you can get that new phone, new features feeling.


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                          • Pathology (DVD) / DVD / 53 Readings / 51 Ratings
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                            28.09.2008 19:54
                            Very helpful



                            Good idea but just lacked that something special.

                            Well i must say Pathology is a difficult movie to review, its quite hard to explain, not that the movie is difficult to understand yet theres something about it.

                            First of all i would describe this movie as a fusion between Saw and Fight Club. So kinda like a Saw Club which is a place where they kill in different ways.
                            However for those thinking its a fusion of two great movies think again.

                            Pathology is about the doctors who disect bodies after they are deceased and try to figure out what the cause of death was. The movie begins with the longer term doctors shunning the high flying new boy, Ted Grey who seems to have all the answers however after Ted becomes suspicious of a body which he saw the other night when he was out with all the doctors, he goes to seek answer which is where he finds out about a secret club.

                            Now this club is for people who want to play a game. (you see, secret club to play a game Saw + Fight Club) The game is where you each take turns to kill someone in whatever way you like and the others have to try and figure out how you did it.
                            At the begining Ted was quite reluctant to join however with strangely little persuasion to join he begins a part of the game.
                            This was one of the parts which i found wierd, hypothetically speaking if someone comes up to you and says heres a knife go kill that guy and you say no, if they then say "oh go on its fun" would you really just turn around and kill him, im sorry there was little in the way of persuasion which was far from realistic.
                            The movie progresses from there as we see a change in Ted.

                            Its difficult to explain why this movie was bad and the best i could come up with is that this movie wasnt quite involving enough. Things were happening so fast that the movie never left you wondering whats going to happen next. The movie was not a snooze fest but it just seemed a bit linear as if it was just going down a certain path, there were no high and low moments.

                            One of the main aspects of this movie which has probably tempted you to get this movie is the gore factor. Now i am going to say im quite experienced in this field after watching things like Saw, Hostel, Devils Rejects, WAZ, Rambo etc. And yes there is a lot of gore in this movie however everything was done in such a humane fashion that it never once made me cringe. Yes you do get to see anything and they didnt pan the camera away when people were getting cut open however it just didnt seem to have any effect on me. You know like when you see in Saw 3 (i think) when some guy is chained to a room and a bomb is about to go off and he has to rip a chain from his achilis heel, that made me cringe even though there was hardly anything to it but when someone was getting cut open and his heart was removed you just feel its his normal days work so nothing bad. So yes it is gory seeing people cut open but then again if you call this gory you can call CSI gory when they cut people open.

                            Overall this movie lacked that Oommph, that Va-Va-Voom, the concept is brilliant and genius on paper but overall it didnt quite come out well. Personally i would stay clear of this movie but dont get me wrong there are worse movies...much worse.


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                            • Pulse (DVD) / DVD / 42 Readings / 38 Ratings
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                              27.09.2008 17:13
                              Very helpful



                              Decent movie and definatly under scored by the reviewers.

                              *No major plot line spoilers are included in this review*

                              Now i sat down watching this movie with very little expectations. I have seen how bad the reviews are on DooYoo and they dont get much better when you check the offical reviewers words.

                              But you know what...sod them, it was a pretty decent movie.

                              Ok admittidly its not the next biggest horror franchise after Saw or Hostel nor is it quite as scary as the Ring which i think had quite an influence on this movie but it was definatly one of the creppier movies that i have seen, and i have seen many of them.

                              Pulse is about a girl, Mattie, who gets worried about her boyfriend and when she goes to see him he is quite distant, from her and himself and then just like that takes some cables, walks into the bathroom and commits suicide.

                              Initially her and all her friends thought there was something suspicious but do not think much of it.
                              However when talking online amongst themselves they find Mattie's boyfriend, the one who commited suicide (i apologise i have forgotten his name) talking to them just saying the same thing, HELP ME.

                              Mattie starts invesitagating from here, she starts seeing ghosts and is riddled how a strage video is coming from her boyfriend's computer with people commiting suicide. People around her are dying and something is not quite right and its up to her to get to the bottom of it.

                              Probably like all decent horror movies they originated from Japan so this is a japanese remake. One of the things i really liked was the art style, the picture is not in black and white nor is it in color its as if the color is washed away or saturated and what they did was really clever.

                              The story was very gripping and there were a few bits that were freaky however my biggest gripe was the ending what happened was...just kidding, but seriously the ending was weak, i felt they kinda took the easy way out and chickened out of a strong and powerful ending.

                              I would recomend this movie to all, its an interesting story with an intense feeling. Unlike many other horror movies this one doesnt waste time introducing characters and then seeing them all partying around and doing whatever for 30mins, from the first minute the action has started.

                              (i gave it a 3/5 but its more like 3.9/5 i just dont feel it quite deserves 4 though)


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                              • Nintendo Wii / Games Console / 67 Readings / 61 Ratings
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                                23.09.2008 17:29
                                Very helpful



                                How powerful is marketing? "Wii know" said Iwata

                                *I was of no fan of either consoles and still remain a loyal PC fan so my review is of what i have seen and i am not biased in any way*

                                The Nintendo Wii.
                                One of the biggest consoles/gadgets out today.
                                One of the fastest selling consoles in the history.

                                But what is it?

                                The Nintendo Wii in my opinion is nothing more than the GameCube 1.5 (the previous Nintendo console).
                                The console iteself is nothing more than one innovative idea which seems to have overwhelmed its consumers.
                                The physcial hardware that creates the Nintendo Wii is in no comparison to a basic £200 Computer.
                                The Nintendo Wii only just beats the PlayStation 2 in hardware and can only just stand head to head to the old Xbox.

                                In terms of power this console just physically has not got it and none can dispute me on that matter.

                                In my opinion the next gen consoles of Xbox 360 and PS3 and not nex gen but more closer to this generation and the Nintendo Wii is last generation.

                                So WHY OH WHY is it the hottest thing on the market, well supposdly it is one simple idea implemented into the system and that is:

                                Motion controlers

                                This motion controller allows you to use a controller in the shape of a remote control to co-ordinate your actions on screen. From simply pointing it to swinging it about so that you accidently let go of the remote and break your brand new expensive plasma screen (yes it has happened to people).

                                But my question is, was the motion control really the thing that made the Wii so popular????

                                If you think about it, light guns are already in arcades and have been for some time so the idea is not exactly new.
                                Admittidly yes they have taken the idea and refined it with gyroscopic technology but the principles are very similar and the mass audiance didnt take light guns as well as they have the Nintendo Wii.

                                I believe the sucess is solely down to the marketing.
                                They have merely expanded the audiance in which they sell to. Like always when you expand the audiance i am afraid to say you must dumb the product down so it suits all, its a harsh fact but nevertheless a fact. They created something so simple and made it into a fad. I say a fad because if you look at stats people who own Nintendo Wii's barely use it now hence the software sales dominate on the likes of the Xbox 360

                                The Wii was made into a fashion item which they continued to push into a product for health with the likes of Wii Fit.
                                Now is the Wii really a product we should push for health. Are we such a digital generation when we would prefer to control characters on screen and say we are doing the sport compared to actually physically being out there and actually feeling the ball hit our racket to hit the ball back.
                                I'm sorry its a proven fact that the Nintendo Wii just isnt a great product to improve fitness. If we start saying Nintendo Wii is good for health then so is going out clubbing and getting pissed. They both have side effects, getting pissed bad for liver and using the Nintendo WIi compared to other consoles is more likely to give you RSI.

                                Nintendo Wii, a product heavely advertised to families to be everything you could possibly want in a box designed conicedently like the Ipod, another fashion item. The Nintendo Wii, promised to get you fit, promised to bring families together and probably going to promise you that you can play any istrument when you buy the soon to be released Wii Music. But more likely than not most Wiis are just stuffed into the corner where all their other junk is which seemed good at the time.

                                Nintendo in my opinion shunned away its more loyal fans so that they may retain the top spot in the console wars, continually they promise more loyal fans that the hardcore games are on the way but as stated before all that is too be released is Wii Music. They advertise all but in my opinion do not deliver.


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                                • Black Christmas [2006] (DVD) / DVD / 48 Readings / 47 Ratings
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                                  23.09.2008 10:22
                                  Very helpful



                                  Core plot is decent and the idea is there but didnt feel dark or sadistic enough.

                                  Well Black Christmas, does this 1974 remake really make this a must see movie for Christmas?

                                  Well this is my review of Black Christmas and first and foremost:

                                  Ok Black Christmas is the typical slasher movie with a bunch of hot girls. Its kind of got that Scream feel to it.
                                  The story is set in an Alpha beta kappa club and its just a place where they celebrate christmas but also as tradition they leave a present for Billy who is said to try and get to the house every christmas. Billy was a child when he lived in that same house and as the story unfolds we learn why he is now in the mental insitute.

                                  Obviously as the story progresses we find that Billy escapes and there is now a killer in the house taking them out one by one.

                                  The kills themself arent too bad, ecspecially during the end and the killer seems to have an obsession with gorging peoples eyes out which is fun to watch but as a whole this movie becomes quite laughable.
                                  I feel that this movie was ruined because of poor directing. They say the sound makes a movie scary but what i found is that the sound and music used in this movie made it feel funny. The core movie could actually be a good one but what they needed to do is change the whole setting and theme so it was much darker, much more sadistic.
                                  However like i said with the music and directing fashion the image i got in my head is a killer tip-toe'in around the house in some typical christmas time PJ's killing people.

                                  Overall the acting again was pretty poor, i think they should got them because they were all pretty good looking so it again is funny when hot girls over-act parts.

                                  As a whole because the gore was good in areas and there were a few scenes even Sa/Hostel could take note of i wouldnt say this movie was totally all that bad but then again to say it was good is not true either.
                                  It was one of those movies i was waiting to finish, which for that matter is not very long with the movie only being 1h 15m long, but also at the same time curious on how the ending will pan out.
                                  Like i said as a movie it wasnt too bad, some very nice kills and all that but i just cant shake this feeling the movie gave me which made this movie quite poor.

                                  So going back to the first question is this a must see movie for christmas, well in a word no, but is this a movie you should maybe see if you want to watch something christmassy at christmas but want it to be a horror movie, well then i guess so.

                                  Oh a final thing, i read this line from a review i read before i rented it and i could agree more and what it said was:
                                  For those new to the horror/slasher genre its a good place to start but for those who have seen most the genre has to offer you should maybe move on.


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