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Member since: 25.05.2007

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      06.11.2007 15:10
      Very helpful



      Spiritualism is a derivative of 19th century parlour games and magic trickery

      I’ve no doubt that the following review might upset some people or at least cause them antagonist feelings, but remember this is my opinion and my view. It is a view that does not impinge or dictate to others how they should live their lives. So let me state my case firmly and clearly: I am 100% atheist and spiritualism is a load of nonsense - a derivative of 19th century parlour
      games and magic trickery.

      For me spiritualism is just another religion and like all religions, whether organized on a massive scale or of the more tribal variety, are merely just another way that human beings deal with the gaps in their knowledge and a means of finding comfort during periods of trepidation, angst and great loss. Ultimately it is a way of overcoming, or more correctly, avoiding the inescapable fact that we will one day cease to be.
      This is understandable because of the seemingly unjust nature of the world we live, the unfair manner in which suffering is handed out and in the terrible loss of someone special that we all have or will have experienced at some point in our lives. We may long for a just and fair world with some semblance of order, but the world isn’t like that. We also as humans seem
      to have an innate desire for control over our lives and the world around us, but ultimately we have no control over our final destiny.

      For the most part spiritualism only effects those who believe in it and possibly there is no harm in this. However, like any belief system based on no factual evidence, there can be a real danger, if taken too seriously, of a type of fundamentalist tunnel vision of the world that excludes all others and discriminates against non-believers.

      There is little doubt that spiritualism is a form of delusion that is played upon by so called mediums and their like. I feel sorry for those who seek to find comfort with these so called spiritual guides and their make belief spirit world. The spread of spiritualist based programmes on television is a worrying trend that will only further the exploitation of the vulnerable. Those that ’work’ in the ’spirit world’ make huge sums of money out of people that are suffering grief or are in some way finding life’s path a hard one to travel.

      I have attended a number of spiritualist churches and participated in their sessions and although they are sometimes embarrassing or laughable affairs, they are for the most part very boring and predictable. Watching a fool on stage pretending to speak to the dead - it is a sight of the utmost absurdity. Needless to say I have never met anyone from the ‘other side’ and if I ever did I would immediately make an appointment with my doctor.


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