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    • Static Age - Misfits / Music Album / 11 Readings / 10 Ratings
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      28.12.2012 23:18
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      One of the best albums in American punk.

      Review of The Misfits - Static Age.

      Recorded in February 1978 but not released fully until 1997, Static Age was the first album by American Punk/Horror band The Misfits. The line up was Glenn Danzig on vocals, Franché Coma on guitar, Jerry Only on bass and Mr. Jim on drums. The album was produced by Dave Achelis.

      The tracks We Are 138, Attitude, Bullet and Hollywood Babylon were released on the Bullet single in 1978 and then re released in 1980 with a remixed version of Last Caress on the Beware EP.

      A live version of We Are 138 can be found on the Evilive EP which was released in 1982.

      Between 1983 and 1995 three compilation albums were released containing 16 of the songs from the album.
      In 1997 the full album was released including In the Doorway which had never before been released on any of the compilations.

      The track listing is as follows:
      1. Static Age
      2. TV Casualty
      3. Some Kinda Hate
      4. Last Caress
      5. Return of the Fly
      6. Hybrid Moments
      7. We Are 138
      8. Teenagers from Mars
      9. Come Back
      10. Angelfuck
      11. Hollywood Babylon
      12. Attitude
      13. Bullet
      14. Theme for a Jackal
      15. She
      16. Spinal Remains
      17. In the Doorway

      Track 18. Consists of outtakes and 'studio banter'
      Track 19. Is a blank track.

      A lot of the songs on the album are related to horror movies, such as Return of the Fly. Bullet is about the Kennedy assassination and has hateful and sexually explicit lyrics aimed at John F. Kennedys wife, Jacqueline Kennedy.

      The album in my opinion features the bands best and most important songs. It has been extremely influential on modern rock music with bands such as Green Day covering Hybrid Moments, Metallica covering Last Caress and Volbeat covering Angelfuck just to name a few.

      I would recommend this album to any punk rock or rock music fan.

      This is without doubt my favourite album of all time.


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      18.11.2012 22:51
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      A quick read that will keep you fully immersed.

      Review of The Running Man - It was the fourth book written by Stephen King under his pseudonym Richard Bachman.
      It was published in 1982.

      The protagonist in the story is a man named Ben Richards, he lives in broken down area of the Midwest called Co-Op City.
      The year is 2025, the economy is a mess and he is unable to find work to support his family, his wife resorts to earning money as a prostitute to pay for medicine for their infant daughter who is very ill with flu, possibly pneumonia.

      Ben has enough of seeing his family suffer and decides to try earn some money from The Games Network, which broadcast violent shows where people risk their lives for money. Some of the game shows include Treadmill to Bucks and Swim the Crocodiles. After many tests Ben is chosen to be a contestant on The Running Man, the stations most popular but most dangerous show.

      Contestants on The Running Man are given a 12 hour head start to travel anywhere in the world before a team of hitmen called 'Hunters' are sent out to kill them. If the contestant can survive the full 30 days of the show he is rewarded with one billion new dollars.
      The public can earn money by reporting The Running Man's location if he is spotted, and will earn considerably more money if their tip off of his location ends with a kill.
      The contestant is given money and a video camera before he leaves the studio, every day two videotape messages must be mailed back to the studio for broadcasting, if the videotapes are not received daily, the contestant will default his contract and will receive no prize money but will be hunted indefinitely.

      From start to finish, this book was very fast-paced and brilliantly descriptive. It's a quick read at 240 pages but every page is thoroughly entertaining and interesting.

      Highly recommended to King fans and fans of books such as Battle Royale and The Hunger Games.

      5 out of 5 stars.


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        09.11.2012 21:38



        A fantastic vampire story. I enjoyed this more than Dracula.

        Out of all the Stephen King books I've read so far, this is definitely my favourite.

        The book was released in 1975 and is Kings second published novel.

        The main character is Ben Mears, he's a writer who spent his childhood in Jerusalem's Lot and is returning there after many years with the intention of writing a book about the Marsten House, in which he had a bad experience as a child, and which is supposedly haunted because of a tragedy that happened many years before involving hitman and former owner Hubert Marsten. Ben inquires about leasing the house but is told it has already been purchased by a man named Kurt Barlow and his business partner, Richard Straker. Around the same time the Marsten House is purchased, a young boy named Ralphie Glick disappears and Ben has a feeling it has something to do with the Marsten House and its new owners.

        I don't want to give anymore of the story away, but after these events the story really starts to pick up pace.
        Stephen Kings atmospheric story telling is one of a kind, there were parts in this book where things were so perfectly written that I could vividly see every little detail.

        I would recommend this book to everyone - unless you scare easily, in that case avoid at all cost! It will keep you up at night.

        P.s. Keep your curtains closed whilst reading.


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