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      29.12.2010 02:56



      Highly recommendable album completely dripping with Newton Faulkner's distinctive style and talent.

      Newton Faulkner is, in my opinion, a true talent. He has a very distinctive image, and a very distinctive sound. He is a guitarist and very good at what he does, with some songs on this album letting him show this. Rebuilt by Humans was the first album of Faulkner's I heard, but I have heard his other album, 'Hand Built by Robots' and think that one is slightly better just because it seems to be slightly more natural.

      The guitar seems to be less relied on slightly, with a lot of other instruments coming through too. There are what sounds like violins/cello/double bass coming through, but I could be wrong there. It still screams Newton Faulkner, and it's very nice to see him exploring some slightly different styles even though, as previously mentioned, I preferred the first album slightly.

      A couple of tracks stood out to me, such as Badman, Lipstick Jungle, Let's Get Together, Won't Let Go and Over and Out. These ones just seemed to have a little more magic than the others, but I love every track on this album.

      If you're just discovering Newton Faulkner, I'd suggest you go to his website where you can listen to some tracks from this album (or just go to YouTube) to see what you think for yourself.
      Each track is dripping with Faulkner's musical talent and it's different to his first album but in such a way that makes it beautifully unique. Highly recommendable.


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    • Ross Noble - Randomist (DVD) / DVD / 13 Readings / 13 Ratings
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      26.12.2010 17:14
      Very helpful
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      A fantastic DVD which I would recommend to anyone with a sense of humour.

      I have been a fan of Ross Noble for a while, but I didn't have any of his DVDs so I was very pleased when someone gave me his Randomist box set for a birthday. You can buy it from Amazon.co.uk for about £15 or from his official site (rossnoble.co.uk) for £18.
      Like all of Ross' DVDs, Randomist is packed with extras. There are four discs in total, each one with a lot of extra footage.
      Disc One
      This disc contains the main show, recorded in Newcastle and the encore for this show. In the main show he talks about such topics as what he said at Live 8 (he starts talking about this at the start and finishes it near the end, typical of Ross), how you should never put a blanket over an owl and Fiddy Cent.
      On this disc there is also a commentary by Ross, which is basically another show but with a different video playing.
      Disc Two
      This disc contains "Ross' Highland Fling", where he is up in the highlands of Scotland doing some warm-up gigs. This is an interesting feature, and it has some other backstage footage. There is also a show filmed in Melbourne and a commentary on that.
      Disc Three
      I haven't fully gotten around to watching this yet, so can only make a passing comment. The features on this disc are an Australia Tour, which is footage of his Australian tour both on stage and off stage, Live in Stoke, a commentary, and an interactive quiz (jokingly mentioned in the main show) with the possibility to unlock Live in Birmingham.
      Disc 4
      This only has one feature on it: the Randomiser. It plays random clips from all the shows.
      Despite having four discs in it, the box is about two standard DVDs wide and is very nicely presented with a black-and-white picture of Ross against an orange and blue background. Inside, there are some doodles in white on a black background, which relate to the shows.
      There is also the standard 'postergram' which is a cross between a poster and a program. This has a small message from Ross, some pictures on one side and the poster on the other. There are also postcards in here, which is nice.
      Ross Noble is one of my favourite comedians and I always enjoy watching his DVDs. They always have plenty of features and shows unlike a lot of other comedians DVDs which tend to have the main show and a few extras. Because of Ross' style of complete insanity and surrealism, there are always plenty of hilarious and quotable moments. I highly recommend this DVD.


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        26.11.2010 01:28
        Very helpful



        Fantastic film which never gets old.

        Any self-respecting Disney/Tim Burton fan will have at least heard of the classic film 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', the fantastic cross between Haloween and Christmas, with music from Danny elfman. I personally stumbled upon it by accident, watched a few clips on YouTube and fell in love with it but couldn't get ahold of the DVD so when I spotted a copy of this film on DVD at my local HMV for a fiver, I couldn't leave wwithout it!

        The film starts off in the town of Halloween, one of the "holiday worlds of old" which the narrator says is where holidays come from. immediately we are introduced to many of the characters and shown the basics of the town in the opening song entitled 'This is Halloween'. Near the end, we see our main character, Jack Skellington. We find out that though he's clearly the best at what he does he's unhappy and wants more, which leads to the song Jack's Lament. Sally, a creation of a local mad scientist who wants to break away from him and have her own life, over hears Jack.
        On a walk, Jack comes across the place we saw at the very start, and stumbles through a door which leads to Christmas Town. The song Here, 'What's This?' can be heard on the Littlewoods advert. He is intrigued by Christmas Town and especially it's leader, Sandy Claws. He pledges to make a Christmas of his own which gets out of hand and leads to much trouble with people in the normal world. 

        The characters in this film are fantastic. From the first five minutes I felt as though I already knew a lot about Halloween Town, all of it's inhabitants and still wanted to know more. Because of the nature of this film, there are all sorts of characters in it. From Jack Skellington, a spider-like pumpkin king, Sally, the slightly disoriented mish-mash creation of the neighbourhood crazy scientist, to the Mayor with a split personality, one side of his face happy and the other sad and Oogie Boogie, the most horrible of Halloween Town's citizens, an unfair gambler who prefers to put others' lives on the line and have a guaranteed win for himself. Each character is completely unique and very well thought out.

        The plot of this film is very original, strange and dark yet light. Basically, exactly what you would expect from a Tim Burton film. There will never be another film like this, I don't think. 

        There is a lot of merchandise available for this film, which is great if it ends up being one of your favourite films like it has with me. Don't let the stores the merchandise is generally stocked in put you off, it's not a goth/emo/etc sort of film.

        The extras that came on the disc were brilliant. They include behind-the-scenes footage of how the film was made, deleted scenes and lots of other features.

        Overall, I think this is a fantastic film that never gets old. Very well planned and executed. A must-watch!


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        29.04.2010 14:26
        Very helpful
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        A Definite Favourite Album

        I bought this CD when Duke Special (AKA Peter Wilson) was using Pledge.com to raise money after a recent split from his record label and needing to pay for costs of being awesome. At only £15 for a signed copy, I just couldn't leave this! Duke Special is no longer on Pledge, but you can still buy the CD from his official store for £12.

        'The Silent World of Hector Mann' is based on a book by Paul Auster called "The Book of Illusions" about a silent movie star called Hector Mann that mysteriously disappeared just as his career was taking off. Hector made 12 films in a year, and while he couldn't afford fancy effects, his films were brilliant. His most notable feature was his moustache, which plays a big part in this CD. It is on the album artwork and mentioned in many of the songs.

        Each of these songs were written by a different person and based on one of Hector Mann's 12 films. The main vocals are all by Duke Special.

        1. Hearth and Home (Written by Ronnie Mintor)
        "Home, oh home is where my heart is. Oh! My hearth and home."
        A lovely little song about where Hector's heart lies and how he could "rekindle our love to where it was once before, even though I'm not with you anymore" This is a very nice song that sets the mood for the rest of the CD. Not my favourite song, but it's very nice.

        2. Wanda, Darling of the Jockey Club (Written by Neil Hannon)
        This song also goes by the name "A Bitch Called Wanda." I had heard this song before I read about it in Paul Auster's book and once I read it I could see that it was very well written and kept to the description Auster gave perfectly. It is about a waiter that got to wait on the Darling of the Jockey Club, Wanda. He spots a thief and hits him over the head with a bottle of Veuve Clicqot, which accidentally sprays over the head waiter and he is fire. Wanda didn't like that one bit, and offered the young waiter a chance to come with her on her travels.

        3. Jumping Jacks (Written by Ed Harcourt)
        One of my favourite songs on this album. Hector Mann is a door-to-door salesman trying to get people to buy his wares, but "Convinced this is a good life, I cheated with a housewife. Her husband's in the police, keep it quick, make it discreet"

        4. Mister Nobody (Written by Duke Special)
        A beautiful song. "He's mister nobody - he doesn't see that his moment won't last. Oh! Mister nobody - soon he'll be slipping off into the past" The description of the film was Hector was given something that made him invisible to everyone. He hated being invisible, so "We'll have to be cruel, and hope that he disappears."

        5. Tango Tangle (Written by Ben Castle)
        A very catchy song. Hector has a dancing school, in which "Mann teaches man, to do as he can-can, anybody can, can you?" I know what I can do, listen to this song on loop. Because of it's catchy music line it gets stuck in your head, but you don't care.

        6. You'll be Detective (Written by Clare Muldaur Manchon)
        I've never really noticed this song much, but it is lovely. I can't remember the description of this film in the book, so I can't comment on how accurate the lyrics are. It's a nice song though.

        7. Double or Nothing (Written by Phil Wilkinson)
        A well written song. When you notice it, you really notice it. I think the description of this in the book was that it was all of the snippets of film left over compiled into one, but I'm not entirely sure. Either way, this was the last film made by Hector Mann. Lovely song that could hit you at any moment if it hasn't done so already.

        8. Country Weekend (Written by Paul Pilot)
        Lovely catchy song. Hector plays a chauffeur who wishes to win the heart of the girl he drives, even though "My father always told me, that the rich don't love the poor, I still believe my sweetheart you can love your poor chauffeur." I particularly like the line "Oh tell me there is love! Across the class divide." Not sure why, but I do.

        9. Old Folks and Cow Pokes (Written by Rea Curran)
        I can't remember the description of this in the book, but it's lovely. I can't pick out the story from the lyrics either, but it's a very nice song anyway. I imagine if I could remember the description given in the book it would be better, but oh well.

        10. The Prop Man (Written by Thomas Truax)
        One of my favourites in this album. Hector is a prop man, but when the "travelling troupe" arrives, the props have all gone and the director has passed out. Hector takes it upon himself to steal every prop that they need before the show that night, with one small hiccup. "I heard he stole a gun right out of the sheriff's holster ... He stole the necklace off a neck whilst doing a little jig, and all the while upon his back a stolen roasted pig! But oh! The town belle and her lavender smell. She flickers and blinks and he smiles and he winks. And just when you think he's lost the game to distraction, he steals her very heart! Mann. He's back in action!" When everyone realises that their stuff has been stolen for the show "we couldn't help but feel sad, 'cause we all know a good story is worth more than gold. He knows that we know that he did it for art. And when they cuffed him, he smiled." This is a fantastic song that I would happily keep on loop for an hour or so.

        11. Scandal (Written by Pete Noback)
        "It's not a scandal, just a misunderstanding." Probably my favourite song in the whole album. I can't remember where the description of it in the book is, but regardless, it's a well written song that I could keep on repeat and loop for hours. For the story to work properly, you have to remember that Hector's appearance is a moustache and white suit. The storyline is; "Hector Mann plays a business man, who checks in an old hotel." He goes to check how he looks and "thinks there's something funny with the mirror. But really it's a jewel thief wearing the same suit and staring back from outside a window" The opera singer down the hall says the jewel thief was wearing a white suit and moustache, just like Hector, so he runs around the room trying to make his suit filthy. In the end, "He's done with the double takes, pratfalls and acrobatics; you can tell he's done with them for good." This one is my favourite songs of this album if my iTunes play count is anything to go by.

        12. Teller's Tale (Written by Matt Hales)
        I can't say I've noticed this song very much, but from people I've spoken to that have noticed it, it hits you when you least expect it. I can't remember the description, nor can I pick out the story line from the lyrics. It's a slow song with lovely lyrics, and makes a nice end to the album.

        So in conclusion, this is a fantastic album and I would recommend it to anyone that likes music. It has many changes in lyrical style, which adds to how great it is. If you would like to buy it, it costs £12 from Duke Special's official shop, which you can access from his website: http://www.dukespecial.com this is well worth the money, so go get it!


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        • Room 101 / Discussion / 39 Readings / 26 Ratings
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          06.09.2009 19:54
          Very helpful



          Room 101 has been locked. I need to buy an extention for it soon.

          Room 101. A place where you can put all of the things that annoy you. Here is my things I would put in room 101. By the way, I am aware that my room 101 does not cover more important subjects. But I don't care. Other people hate certain politicians views, I hate algebra. Its my opinion. I want to have a fun little rant. Okay?

          1. Clipboards
          They annoy me so much. The clippy bit at the top is always on super hard spring load so I tend to get my fingers trapped. Not a good thing.

          2. When people say something like "well you know what they say *insert cheesy saying here*
          It is really annoying. Who exactly are 'they'?

          3. When somebody says lol too much.
          Why do you say lol all the time! Chances are you are not even saying lol. Just say MAS instead. MAS means Mildly Amused Smirk by the way.

          4. Algebra.
          Who cares what x is equal to? I don't!

          5. The Guinness Book Of World Records.
          This book has a load of rubbish in it. I saw one that was a guy throwing apples in the air and splitting them in half when they were airborne with a samurai sword. I don't care if you can split an apple in half with a samurai sword! On the other hand, Ripley's Believe It Or Not is brilliant!

          6. Hairbrushes without those little rubber tips on the bristles.
          Without the rubber tips on them they are really sore and scratchy.

          7. The auto correct thing on Microsoft word. I just had a problem with it right now and I had to click on that little cat that is sitting in my screen and ask it how to turn it off. Don't worry though. All fixed!

          8. The paperclip on Microsoft word.
          It annoys me.

          9. The new version of Mickey mouse.
          The Classic Mickey Mouse is waaay better.

          10. When people think that the stupid things I do have no logic behind them
          I think these things through. There is a REASON there is a line of parcel tape stuck to my floor. I wanted to see if I could walk in a straight line after I spun around for three minutes. I couldn't.

          11. Religion freaks.
          Well, maybe freaks is not the right word. Maybe fanatic is the right word. I hate people that are obsessed with God and Jesus. Until I have solid proof that they both exist, then I will not believe them. Ugh. That annoys me. I am going to invent my own religion and go round to the church of Jehovah and tell them about my religion and see how they like it. Actually, that is not a bad idea. I'm going to get to work on that now!

          12. Zombies.
          They are REALLY scary! Can you even kill a zombie? No. Because they are already dead. If a zombie attacks, the whole world is screwed.

          13. Zombie marshmallows.
          Not so much scary as annoying. You cant eat them because then they would turn you into a zombie. You cant toast them because then there would be a minging smell in the air. You just have to leave them in the packet. And then what is the point in that?

          14. Roses.
          They have sharp bits on them. Sharp things are sore. Owwie!

          15. When people wipe/scratch/rub the wrong way/bite fabric.
          *shudder* it gives me the creeps!

          16. Writers block.
          It is really hard to fight off! Usually you are stuck with it for ages! Unless you think of strange things like I do.

          17. in other languages when every object has a gender.
          How the hell can a toilet be feminine!? Men use them too!

          18. when people draw in library books.
          Why draw in a library book? Why not buy a sketch pad instead?

          19. Oranges.
          Why are they called oranges? Carrots are orange too! Think about it.

          20. The Common Cold.
          I have one just now. It is horrible. I have a blocked up nose (occasionally a blessing if I have to empty out the cats litter tray) a sore cough, and generally feeling a bit crap.

          21. When I cant find an interview from my favourite comedian.
          I like to try and find out as much about my favourite comedians as possible. For some of them it is easy. I found one from Tim Minchin, and a Room 101 from Ross Noble, but I have not found one from Eddie Izzard yet.

          22. When I am eating an ice lolly and then the wooden stick comes through and then I wind up licking the wooden stick accidentally.
          It just feels HORRIBLE!
          23. When a tune is stuck in my head for ages and I don't like the song.
          This happened a while ago. I cant remember the song which is good. Now I have the Phil Daoust song in my head. That's ok. I like that song. La la la la la la la I hope something you love catches on fire, Phil, ding dang dong. << that's one of the bits from it.

          24. When people judge me without knowing me.
          I can start off as sort of, umm, insane. But there is logic involved so I am not really insane. I talk to people about my ideas and they (sometimes) understand.

          25. these thingies ; and [ and ]
          Then do you actually use them? I never use them!

          26. When people try to speak with a Jamaican accent but they cant.
          My favourite Jamaican line is "Sanca. Ya dead?" "Ya mon"

          27. Annotations on YouTube.
          Bleh. Annoying.

          28. Predictive text.
          Predictive text has not got words like giraffeamonkey in it.

          29. Onions.
          They make you cry.

          30. Garlic.
          Unless it is being used to keep away a vampire. Then it is ok.

          31. Mimes.
          Ugh! Soo annoying!

          32. Spammers.
          I do not care if there is a website that would let me have a free iPhone. If they want to give me a free iPhone, they can come round and give it to me in person.

          33. Masks.
          They are too rubbery.

          34. curtains.
          Too confusing.

          35. MySpace.
          I hate MySpace. Give me twitter ANY DAY!!

          36. My Pudsey bear teddy.
          He has TWO EYES!!!! FAKER!!!

          37. Nuns.
          See number 11.

          38. Perma smiles.
          Ugh! Yuck! Get them away! Nobody smiles all the time! Perma smiles are worse on doctors though.
          Doctor: You have terminal cancer *grin*

          39. Eavesdroppers that have not heard the whole story. I was talking to someone about doctors with Perma smiles and I said the same thing as is above. This person started eavesdropping at the minute I said "cause then the doctor goes like "you have terminal cancer" *grin* and they are sitting there grinning their face off!" then the person said "HOW DARE YOU LAUGH ABOUT CANCER!!" and I said "Actually, if you had eavesdropped on the whole conversation you would have heard that we were having a discussion about doctors with Perma smiles. WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE THE WHOLE STORY YOU TWAT!!!" She left the room at that point

          40. Nits.
          They suck your blood. Like the traditional vampire. *shudder*

          41. Pineapples.
          They are spiky. They hurt. They taste yucky.

          42. The X Factor.
          Worst show ever. Give me Britain's Got Talent and I am happy.

          43. Pure techno music.
          Where is the fun?! Classical is fine, 'normal' is fine, comedy is even better, but techno? Naah.

          44. My carpet. It is green with yellow dots on it.
          Do I need to explain further?

          45. People who think that because Eddie Izzard is a transvestite, he is gay.
          He is not. He is married. To a woman. Not sure if he has any kids. He has nieces though!

          46. White crayons.
          What do they want from us?

          47. The British national anthem
          It has a line about killing the Scots. If you notice in the Scottish one it has nothing about killing the stupid queen even though she is stupid and horrible and old. The Scottish national anthem says Oh flower of Scotland. When will we see. Yer like again? That fought and died for, Yer wee bit hill and glen, and stood against him. Proud Edwards army. And sent him homewards. Tae think again.
          See! Nothing to do with killing that stupid arse of a queen.

          48. The queen.
          She is an arse. She rules over England ONLY in my opinion. If she tries to rule Scotland then I will move to the republic of Ireland. Nothing to do with Britain there.

          49. Top Trumps
          Boring game. Don't like it,

          50. Being bored.
          Bleh. No thanks. I like having something to do.

          Thanks for reading my rant. That was quite fun! I feel all happy now! But now number 50 is creeping up on me. I will be bored after this! Noooooooooooooooooo!!
          Ah well.
          I hope you had fun reading this really long and fun and random rant. I had fun writing it.
          This is my room 101. I locked the door and swallowed the key. Metaphorically speaking.
          Have a nice day!
          Don't eat penguins. They are our friends.
          You can eat Phil Daoust. He is stupid.
          If you eat Ross Noble, Tim Minchin, Eddie Izzard, Johnny Depp, or a piano I will have to send a ninja round to your house.
          Please don't eat me. My cat needs food.


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          • pogo.com / Internet Site / 23 Readings / 20 Ratings
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            10.08.2009 15:14
            Very helpful



            A good quality but simple website.

            I joined this site about a year ago, just for something to do after going round to a friends house and spotting that she was sitting on Pogo playing the signiture game, Poppit. When I got home, I joined this site and I have only had one problem with it so far

            When you first go onto Pogo.com it is nicely laid out. To one side you get the game categories such as Puzzle, Casino, and Board. To sign up to this site and start earning tokens, the currency on Pogo which can be used to update your avatar, for example, if you live in Scotland as I do, you have a nice bacground of Edinburgh Castle, and you can put on a different hairstyle so long as you have the cash! Joining this site was very simple. All I had to do was click on the little hyperlink that said to sign up. Once I signed up, I could edit my avatar, earn tokens, and chat with other members on the games.

            The Categories
            Puzzle. Some of the games here include Poppit, the signiture game of Pogo. In Poppit, you have to pop groups of 3 or more balloons and release little toys from the balloons. Also there is a game called Rocket Mania. I was pleased to find this game on Pogo because I had been searching for it for ages. Basically, you have to conect the rockets to the fuses using a mixture of pipes.
            Word Games. There is a well known game on here. Bookworm is on word games. Also one of my personal favourites is Word Whomp, another Pogo-made game. In which you have to make some words out of the letters held by Gophers.
            Card Games. There is some expected games here. Cribbage, Spades and Poker. Not much to say here as I dont really like card games. When I did play one of them though, it lived up to the standard of the rest of the games.
            Board Games. The usual suspects here again. Monopoly, Yahtzee, Dominoes, and Chess. Once again I like these games and they all live up to the expected standard. Never had any problems with the multiplayer function on Pogo. You just either sit down at a table, or make your own one.
            Casino Games, Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Bingo. I like the bingo on here because you have to dab the numbers off yourself, so you are not stuck for something to do. One slight flaw with the bingo though, if you need to go away, you press pause. That seems reasonable. However when you press it, it merely highlights the numbers you have missed. I would like it to have a function where it turns it to automatic, so if you win a card, then you dont lose out on the tokens.
            Sports and Arcade games. You get some good games in here! Insaniquarium is here, as is pool, and Gold miner. I never have any problems with these games which is good.
            Downloadable Games. Does what it says on the tin basically.
            Club Pogo games. This part is for serious pogoers. If you are willing to pay for these games on Pogo, when you can get them on some other website for free then this is the section for you. I have kept my account on free so I cant really tell you much about this.

            This doesnt seem like a very in depth review but that is basically all that there is. It is a very simple website and that is the reason I like it.


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          • Takeshi's Castle / TV Programme / 15 Readings / 15 Ratings
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            09.08.2009 18:29
            Very helpful



            Great show.

            Japanese game shows are usually on the same basis as things like You've Been Framed, being that you laugh at other peoples pain. Which is apparantly great in Japan, so long as the person in pain is happy and is doing this at their own free will. Takeshi's castle is no exeption. Since this show is aired on Challenge, a channel on Sky and I dont have Sky, I usually go round to my cousins house, if I feel like watching it. Luckily though, you do get some clips on Youtube

            Takeshis Castle is a show where between 100 and 150 contestants are put through some slightly stupid, and I must say HIGHLY entertaining physical challenges to try and win one million Yen.The equivalent to about £5,000. They must battle against everyone alse taking part to try and be in the last 4 contestants, when they get to drive around in little tanks and try to shoot the enemy with some lasers in their weak spot, a little light sensitive bit.

            Quake, a game where the players go into a room with a wig on, sit on cushions and try to balance for about 30 seconds. But as this is a Japanese game show you know that there will be a twist. The room shakes. A surprisingly simple game with surprisingly funny results.

            Wet Paint where players have to try and draw something with a calligraphy brush, but they are on a slippery uphill slope!!! sometimes they will get hilariously immpossible ones, like the Mona Lisa.

            My personal favourite Brat Sack, which is a game only played in the parent and child version of the game. The children are put in a bag and their parents have to find them. One catch though, they are not aloud to look in the bags!

            I love Takeshi's castle, and I would reccomend this programme to ANYONE. I will continue to watch it whenever I can.


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            11.07.2009 23:26
            1 Comment



            A nice smell that can turn heads.

            I love all Impulse sprays, but this and True Love are my favourites. Impulse london has the usual twisty top and cyllindrical shape with a dent in it about 3/4 up the bottle.

            Impulse London has a nice sweet smell and it is not too strong. On the bottle it says
            "Have you ever been seduced by a romantic walk along London Bridge? Use Impulse London, with a blend of sandalwood, vanilla and grapefruit scents, and live the magic of the trendiest city." The bottle is purple and has a few things normally associated with london like Carnaby Street, and a Union Jack

            The smell is very nice. Sweet, but not too sweet. Slightly floral but not Grannytastic and nice and young and fresh. It is usually about £1 so it doesnt hurt your purse. I would reccomend this to any girls that like sweet, floral smells that are not like granny perfume.


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              10.07.2009 22:21
              Very helpful



              This is a great toy and well worth the money. I would recommend this to anybody!!!

              I love this. I bought this infuriating little game at christmas after one of my friends challenged me to a "Foxbop one-on-one" and I discovered that it was fun in a small, strange looking bundle. I got the pink one from amazon at slightly less than £30 and I must say it is the best gift you cold buy anyone

              The whole point of this game is to try and get a very high score. My high score now is 150 on the beatbop, which I am very proud of. There are 5 different actions you can do on the Bop It Extreme. These are Flick it, Twist it, Spin it, Pull it, and of course, Bop it! All of these actions are pretty self explanitory. To start it up there is an awkwardly placed battery cover just underneath the Pull it thingy and underneath it you reveal place to put in 3 or 4 AA batteries. These last for pretty long, even if you just put in the cheap tesco value ones like I have.

              One of the things I like about this is it can only be switched on by pulling the Pull it thingy, which means that you cannot accidentally switch it on. This is especially good if you are driving with it in your car. Every time you switch it on you are greeted by an American voice shouting either Foxbop, Solo!, Foxbop, Pass it!, Foxbop, one-on-one!, or the same but in Beatbop. Foxbop and Beatbop are two different functions on the Bop It. Foxbop has the instructions on what to do, like pull it, twist it etc and Beatbop only has a sound like *boom* *boiiiing* *Chhrrrk* *Whyooop* and *Whrrrrrr*. You can change between foxbop and Beatbop by flicking the flicky flicker. You can also change the volume by spinning the spinnerry thing and hear your high score by twisting the twistery thingamydoodaah. There is a little headphone socket to put in some headphones too.

              This is great fun to challenge somebody with two different multiplayer options. With One on one, one person grabs one of the parts that stick up, and the other person grabs the other. you are both given a side, and the side with the colour green or yellow on it is your colour. You have to compete to get your bop in first and win!! On the normal bop it extreme, you get different colours circling the Bop it button to indicate which side is green and which is yellow. On the pink one it is silver on both sides, so harder to tell the difference. With pass it, you pass it between players and loads can play it. If you miss a shot, you are out and so you pass it to the next person. This could save on wrapping paper at a kids birthday party!

              Everybody loves this, from children to adults. And let me tell you, children are GREAT at bop it.

              Overall, this is a great toy and well worth the money. I would recommend this to anybody!!!


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                21.05.2009 17:14
                Very helpful



                An Amazing Game With Good Little Details.

                I first thought about getting this game after a friend was playing it and I spotted a few titles that I was looking out for but couldn't find. I looked on Amazon and you can currently get this for £12.76. I bought it and was instantly pleased that I had!

                When you first turn on your DS it is sideways like a book. You get a little warning saying:

                "These Classic books of the past are presented in their original versions, and the texts may include words and expressions that could be considered inappropriate in a modern text."

                Beside that is a little picture of some thick and very old looking books in a little pile, which I think is quite nice, once you have clicked on that, you either go to 'The Shelf' as I have called it, or if you are still reading a book then you get the option on whether or not to go straight to your bookmarked place. This is a good option as it saves you having to scroll through all of the books.

                If it is your first time playing this game, then it takes you through a little tutorial telling you how to work it. The controls are really simple as you mostly just use the stylus. One thing I like about when you are actually on the books, you get to choose the controls that are used as you can choose between using the buttons or the stylus. I usually opt for the buttons.

                On the home screen, you are greeted by a wise looking owl. You can choose to alter the settings, download more books from Nintendo Wi-Fi, go to a book guide with your host, The Owl, or fiddle around with the settings.

                Book guide
                I love this little bit! You can choose to do a quiz, or Check some rankings. On the Rankings for the book ratings, The adventures of Sherlock Holmes is in first place for just now. This is quite good for people that are looking for a book that the majority of people like. The books you have already read are surrounded by an eerie light green glow. My favourite book is currently Little Women and that stands at number 8 out of 100.

                If you choose to do a quiz the little owl tells you not to think too hard about your answers. Some of the questions are;
                What is your favourite kind of TV show?
                Who is the best person to take shopping?
                What would you do if you saw someone who was lost?
                Are you fascinated by the mysteries and the unexplained?
                Do you like theatre?
                And many more!

                The owl will then show three books based on your answers. If you have read that particular book then welcome back the eerie green glow! If not then you can start reading it there and then.

                On 'The Shelf' There is a wide array of, you guessed it, books. These are all in different colours which somehow relates to their ratings. At the bottom of each book there is a little picture and if you have read it then the little picture turns green. Some of the books included are;
                Little Women (that's my favourite so far)
                Jane Eyre
                The Adventures Of Pinocchio
                What Katy Did (I have just started reading that as it is another I have been looking out for)
                Oliver Twist
                The Phantom of The Opera
                Moby Dick
                Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
                Black Beauty
                And loads more from famous authors like Mr Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare.
                Sometimes when you are scrolling through the books, it accidentally picks on off the bookshelf which is quite annoying but that is the only flaw I have found so far.

                Reading a book
                When you read a book in 'The Real World' where paper cuts are a possibility, your book wont play you some background music will it? Well in this game, you can choose from Classical music, to a roaring fire in the living room. I also like the Beach background and the moving train one. My very favourite little tiny detail, which I think in its tiny-ness, brings the whole game together, is that whenever you close your DS, you hear a little soft *Thud* like a book closing. When you open it again, you are greeted by a page turning. This sound is also played whenever you turn the page.

                I would thoroughly recommend this book to everybody that likes reading books. Even for people that only really read books on their holidays. This game is really good and I have found myself reading more and more since I bought it.


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                  08.03.2009 16:13
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                  Brilliant game and even though it is in cartoon it is great for people of all ages to play.

                  Professer layton and the curious village is a game which is played in cartoon but is a very sophisticated game to be enjoyed by people of all ages. You can now get this for £24 on amazon.

                  This is a very good puzzle game in which proffesser Layton and luke are going along to St Mystere to solve what luke describes as an inheritance dispute. Lady Dahlia has asked you to come to st mystere and hekp to find the golden apple. You soon get your first puzzle as Lady Dahlia has given you a map that doesn't tell you which road to take. This puzzle is very easy and you can tell how easy or difficult a puzzle is by the amount of picarats. If you get enough picarats then you get to see carachter profiles in the bonus section. If you get a hard puzzle, you don't have to keep on guessing it because there is hint coins. These are scattered around the village and your job is to click on anything suspicious like a vase or barrel. By doing tis you can also stumble across hidden puzzles which is great! You also have to help get the drawbridge down and do may other things to help random people around the village. You get 10 mysteries to solve which usually get solved in the last chapter. The game is split into chapters depending on what event is going on. it took me about two months to complete the puzzles in the village and i still have to get more of the bonus puzzles. this is even after i have found a cheats website!


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                  • Cats in General / Pet / Animal / 22 Readings / 24 Ratings
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                    09.09.2008 15:35
                    Very helpful



                    Cats Are Well Worth The Money That You Spend On them

                    I love cats.
                    I have cat videos uploaded onto youtube, and one little furry fuzzball taking up space in my livingroom.
                    Cats are very relaxing. If you have ever had one sitting on your lap while purring (the cat... not you) then you will know what I mean

                    My cat is no particular breed, he is just a simple moggie (simple being the operative word!) that is called cat. I know how original eh! Unlike dogs, who will chase sticks and tennis balls around and then drop the slobbery toy at your feer or Cost a small fortune to feed, cats are pretty cheap to look after so are a good idea for first time pet owners.

                    If you want to spoil your moggie like I do then it may help to know that it will contribute towards the emptying of your purse but it is priceless to see the way that he crazily plays with his newfound plaything.

                    I am lucky enough to have a pet supplies shop just across the road selling cat toys for my precious bundle of fur. Just a few weeks agoI went over and found him a little red mouse. It was about £1 but that was well worth it to see the way that he carries it around in his mouth, randomly drops it and then paws it around only to get the fright of his life when I move the carrier bag that is lying right next to my cat when he pounces on his favourite toy.

                    I love my furry kittycat and fully intend to get another soon.
                    I would reccoment anyone who wants to get a pet, but isnt at all keen on the cost, then get yourself a cat!


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                      11.08.2008 11:46
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                      it used to be just a slightly more family friendly version of T in the park

                      **EDIT**I edited this after a comment saying that my list was basically my whole review so I have cut out most of the list and left in a couple of bands I went to see that were good

                      The tartan heart is different from T in the park. This year (2008) there was more drunken teenagers than the last time I went. This is possibly because of the selection of bands. But more about that later.

                      THINGS TO DO

                      There was not many things for older children to do last year, say kids that were JUST getting in for the under 12s go free offer. There was some things there though. There was some things for 15+ ages to do such as belly dancing, yoga, and the drinks bar. There was also the worls smallest nightclub there which sold tiny martinis at the side of the club. There was a buddhist temple there where regular chanting, meditation, and reciting took place, an there was an awning type tent where arty things were taking place. For example, You could make a collage out of magazine cuttings, you could paint a pattern on a small circular bit of wood and thread string through it to make a medallion or draw whatever you like on a prayer flag.
                      Also the Co-op had a few stalls. one where you could make a speech on anything for 3 minutes and win a dram of scotch whiskey. next to that was a fairtrade cafe and poetry behind it.
                      across from that was a smoothie cycle. this cost £2. What you do is sit on the bike that powers the blender, you pedal like mad untill your smoothie is smooth enough. then you can really fell that you have earned it.

                      THE BANDS
                      there was lots of bands at this years festival and the most famous one was definitely Scouting For girls. Here are the ones that I can remember seeing
                      Scouting for girls
                      Kazoo Funk Orchestra
                      Woodlands Orchestra
                      Robert Cassani
                      Orkestra Del Sol

                      The Kazoo Funk Orchestra were great! My friend and I just sort of stumbled across them on our way back from the stinky portaloos and I am thankful that we did! (stumble across the band not go to the stinky portaloos you understand) Nobody saw all of them because to fit in that many bands in 3 days you would need to play some at the same time.

                      There were quite a few stalls to buy useless holiday crap from to give to your friends. these same things are sometimes the sort of things that spontaneously combust if you look at them bus in saying that I got my cat a hairbraid with a feather attached to it and it is still there! (well... parts of it is.)

                      TOILET FACILITIES
                      There was many portaloos but they dit start to get rather smelly. by the saturday, there was puke in the sinks and people had adopted them as rubbish bins.

                      I did enjoy this festival but might not go again next year.
                      It used to be really good but since scouting for girls got famout it is more 15 year olds that have went with their tents and wellys.
                      I wouldnt really reccomend it for younger children.


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                      • O2 / Telecommunications Service / 22 Readings / 21 Ratings
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                        10.07.2008 13:07
                        Very helpful



                        This Is A Great Network And Everybody Should Try It Out.

                        I first went onto O2 when I realised that it would work out better than my previous network. I am on the pay-as-u-go part and have been for around 3 years! Normally I top up about £10 whenever I need it. With this £10 I get 300 free texts and the chance to get 10% back on my top-ups for free. I am also on O2 rewards which will occassionally give me a few surprises. Last time I phoned up the O2 surprises line, I got 5 free picture messages.

                        It also costs me less to call or text my friends. At only 10p a text I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new network. Also my favourite part of this is the fact that with every new SIM card you get a free game and ringtone. A game will normally cost £5 and a ringtone about £2 or less. Go onto the website and get 5 free SIM cards. I love O2 and anyone who wants to change network... GET WITH O2!!!!!


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                          07.07.2008 20:51
                          Very helpful



                          a great yogurt and it will be seen time and time again in my fridge.

                          I started to go through a phase of yogurts, and when I saw these, I thought "Ah what the hell its only a little bit of money". But now these are my favourite yougurts ever!
                          at first I thought that it would just be plain, creamy yogurt. Then once i took a mouthful, I noticed that it had some strawberry compote. The description of this on the lid is; Thick and creamy custard style yogurt layered over strawberry fruit compote with a separate helping of butter crumble.

                          with these yogurts, you get two pots. One to hold the yogurt, and another for the butter crumble or something.

                          The butter crumble is great and you get a fair amount of it. Basically it is just traditional scottish shortbread that has been squished to make little crumbs of yummy buttery goodness. I will usually have one of these after my dinner or for my pudding.

                          Overall this is a great yogurt and one that i will happily reccomend. Just as long as whoever I reccomend them to doesnt clear out the shop without so much as a lable left!!! This is definitely a product that will be bought time and time again by me.


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