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      01.10.2013 19:05
      Very helpful
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      Totally worth the money and time.

      Fall Out Boy - Save Rock and Roll

      It was a shocker when Fall Out Boy came out and confirmed the conspiring rumours that had been floating around for a couple of years. When they announced that they were releasing a new album, I pretty much wanted to cry rainbows. If you say you don't love Fall Out Boy, you're probably trying to be different but you secretly like them!
      However, my happy vibe kind of slipped slightly when I heard the first release 'My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark.' It took me a while to warm to it as it was very different to their old material, but that is exactly what they were going for! Once I had gotten used to the new sound, my excitement bubbled once again and I was eager for the album. And as I'm sat here typing this, I'm getting excited all over again simply because they are back and my god did they come back with a bang!
      Members -
      Patrick Stump
      Pete Wentz
      Joe Trohman
      Andy Hurley
      Fall Out Boy hail from Illinois and formed back in 2001 and their previous releases are:
      Take This To Your Grave
      From Under The Cork Tree
      Infinity on High
      Folie a Deux
      Track Listing
      'The Pheonix'
      'My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark'
      'Alone Together'
      'Where Did the Party Go'
      'Just One Yesterday' (Feat. Foxes)
      'The Mighty Fall' (Feat. Big Sean)
      'Miss Missing You'
      'Death Valley'
      'Young Volcanoes'
      'Rat a Tat' (Feat. Courtney Love)
      'Save Rock and Roll' (Feat. Elton John)

      For me, every track off this album is brilliant and the boys have wow'd a lot of their fans. There are those of course who don't like it but maybe they just can't see that this kind of change is good change.
      My personal favourites
      'The Pheonix' - The first track off the album and it immediately grabs your attention. You kind of have to sit there for a moment and ask 'is this really Fall Out Boy?' But yes. Patrick Stump and his vocals have only improved since their last release 'Folie a Deux'. The whole sound is just mind blowing. The lyrics to this track are pretty amazing, too. Very well written and good proof of how much the band have progressed in the time they spent apart as individuals. Nice strong beat to this track, especially when the chorus kicks in with a killer bass line to accompany them.
      'Alone Together' - I don't know why but recently I have had somewhat of an obsession for this track. I spent a whole 12 hour coach journey with it on repeat! And I'm still not bored of it. It starts off with the vocals and the drum joins in not too long after. The lyrics are perfect and I have to say that Patrick Stump really knows how to use his talents. I much prefer his voice now more than I did before the split, or 'hiatus' whichever you want to pick. This is a very catchy track and very upbeat but it's not too fast paced. Definitely one of my top five.

      'The Mighty Fall' (Feat. Big Sean) - This track, despite the fact that I find the 'rapper' verses utterly annoying, is one of the best and that is down to the guitar rhythm and the vocals. It has a somewhat heavy feel - but not too heavy! And it really grips your attention, especially with the lyrics. I especially love it when it gets to 2:07 when it goes soft for a few moments to a high pitch right before Big Sean starts his verse.
      'Miss Missing You' - This track is my most favourite, and I avoid playing it too much with the fear of overplaying it. Everything from the lyrics right down to the skippy beat is just perfect. I think what really does it for me is the lyrics, I have some kind of relation to it and the words that stand out the most is 'Sometimes before it gets better, the darkness gets better, the person you take a bullet before is the behind the trigger' I really do love that little verse. Just a top track and totally worth checking out!
      'Save Rock and Roll' (Feat. Elton John) - What did it for me, before I even listened to this track, was the fact that they had got Elton John on it. I love Elton John! So what's better than Fall Out Boy and Elton together? This track is amazing, as I'd expected it to be, it has some really strong vocals in it which match the oddly captivating lyrics. Lyrics some can certainly relate to. It's the kind of track that you would need to listen to, to understand why I feel it is so good. Despite the title, it's not a very rock-ish song, but you can understand the message behind it. However, if it was a more pumped song, I don't think it would sound right at all! Absolutely adore this track and would suggest anyone to listen to it.

      The one song that, I do like but would prefer not to listen to is Rat a Tat, simply because Courtney Love's voice sounds like nails on a chalk board, and I hate it. But when I have the album on, I just let it run through and tend to zone out during this track. Probably the only downfall to this album, for me.
      Worth getting, and definitely a band you'd want to see live if you haven't already had the chance. They put on a show and half!

      Also posted on ciao under rockchick2k7


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      • Paramore - Paramore / Music Album / 4 Readings / 4 Ratings
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        01.10.2013 18:54
        Very helpful



        Not worth the money

        Paramore - Paramore
        Fuelled By Ramen

        I honestly don't even know where to start with this one. I used to love Paramore quite a lot, but I guess that changed quite rapidly. Personally, this album is not worth getting in my opinion, there are about 3 good songs on it and even then they're not totally great to the point where I want to put them on my iPod, no thank you. I'd rather use the space for something else!
        It's such a shame, because they used to be really good, and do put on a good live performance, but I'm thinking that Hayley Williams is getting a bit big of herself, she has been for a while.
        Members -
        Hayley Williams
        Taylor York
        Jeremy Davies

        Track Listing
        'Fast in My Car'
        'Grow Up'
        'Interlude: Moving On'
        'Ain't It Fun'
        'Part II'
        'Last Hope'
        'Still Into You'
        'interlude: Holiday'
        'Hate to See Your Heart Break'
        '(One of Those) Crazy Girls'
        'interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore'
        'Be Alone'
        Being disappointed with this album, makes it somewhat hard to review, because there is literally nothing for me to say about this. So I will start with the few tracks that I can just about bear.

        'Now' - Of course, this track was the first one I heard due to the fact that they have a video out for it, and in all honesty the first time it was on in my house, I wasn't listening to it I was questioning what the hell is going on with Hayley Williams' hair...it looks like a toddler had cut her fringe! How awful. The song itself is okay, it has a trace of the Paramore that I love, but you can hear the mainstream feel creeping its way in, which is never good. The vocals are good! Hayley does have a very nice voice but it is being wasted. I do much prefer just listening to the drums of this track, very catchy. But other than that, it's just a song that I would listen to when it is on the TV or radio.
        'Last Hope' - I do admit that I like this track. It has an indie feel to it and that mainstream vibe has slipped away for the moment. Hayley's voice does shine here, but I think that is because it is a slow acoustic song, she always does well with them ones. It is the kind you would expect to hear in a romantic movie, that part where they always end up heartbroken for five minutes. The tempo picks up about 2 minutes in and it certainly keeps you listening.

        'Still Into You' - The other track with a video, the only reason that I had heard it. I'm not overly fussed about this track but at least it has a catchy feel to it, what with the vocals and beat. The video is pointless and reminds me of something Katy Perry would do. (Don't take that part the wrong way! I love Katy Perry!) But it just doesn't seem to suit this band and I cannot seem to tear my eyes away from Hayley's god awful hair when this video comes on! But again, at least the track is somewhat catchy, eh? The lyrics are good, but the quality just sounds like it could be better in certain parts. Around 2:55, that part should not exist, Hayley actually sounds atrocious trying to reach them high pitched notes!
        And that is it for tracks that I can actually stand to listen to! Now I could sit here and ramble about each individual track but then I would just end up repeating myself. The album seems to have gone mainstream in my opinion, they aren't like they used to be (Paramore, that is). When I listen to them now, I don't feel like I'm listening to messages from the band to the fans. They aren't doing it just for the music like they claim to be, anymore. No, they are doing it for the same reason as most others and that is for the money and when that starts to happen, that is when you start hearing things from different artists that sound like something you have already heard before.

        I don't recommend this, as it personally is not worth the money, however that is just my opinion. You would have to listen to it yourself first to see if it is your cup of tea!

        Also posted on Ciao under rockchick2k7


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        17.07.2013 22:50
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A brilliant album by a British band, worth every penny and the guys need more credit! Can't wait for

        Enter Shikari
        A Flash Flood of Colour
        Released: 2012

        A british band, wouldn't say they're quite rock but they can be classed under such genre. They are pretty amazing, if I must say so myself. This album is by far the best that they have produced so far! They have a dubstep-ish feel to them, but then they scream as well, they bring several genres into one, which is great. They make dubstep bearable.

        This album is about 1 hour long and holds 15 tracks on it.The band has 4 members who are:

        Rou Reynolds
        Chris Batten
        Rob Rolfe
        Rory Clewlow


        Search Party
        Arguing With Thermometers
        Gandhi Mate, Gandhi
        Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here
        Pack of Thieves
        Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide
        Sssnakepit (Hamilton remix)
        Sssnakepit (Serial Killaz remix)
        Quelle Surprise

        Favourite Tracks

        System... and Meltdown

        The reason I am putting these two together, is because they are actually one song when you listen to them after each other, and it makes sense because if together the track title would be System Meltdown. They fit and I think it is great how they have done it.
        System... is a great start to this album, grabs your attention and the one thing that I really love is the fact that you know they're British, they don't try to be something they are not, either. System... has great lyrics and a brilliant beat behind it, Rou makes the lyrics even better with his vocals.
        Meltdown, the carry on from System... This track has such an amazing feel to it, the kind you would expect to hear in a club with the dubstep feel to it, brilliant lyrics and vocals here too.


        This was the first song I heard from this album, quite fast paced in the way of rhythm and beat but the vocals aren't as quick as that. When played live this track brings an epic amount of energy to the crowd and everyone really gets into it, when I saw them I was at the front and Rou actually put the mic to me to sing the chorus, it was great! Very addicting, I can listen to this on repeat and not get bored. Brilliant. Definitley one you should check out if you are a first time listener.

        Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here

        Quite an upbeat start to this track with a funky little rhythm in there. This track is flawless. The vocals are better than ever and make the lyrics stand out, also another one that is brilliant live. It is not fast paced, rather slow to be honest but the constant beat makes it seem like it is supposed to be fast paced.
        Totally recommend this one.


        One of my favourite tracks right now, this is a slow one but the lyrics are excellent and Rou really puts his emotions into it. This is one I listen to at least once a day, without fail. There isn't much I can say without repeating myself, but it is a lovely one to listen to, I can't up this one more than I am. Anyone I talk to about music will always get me asking them to listen this.

        Quelle Surprise

        One of my other favourites, extremely catchy and has an intense video to it. Lyrics are amazing as always. The beat stands out a mile, kind of heavy but fits nicely into the song. The techno feel for this track is energetic and really grips you. My favourite lyric is 'If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything' mostly because it opened my eyes, which happens a lot when I listen to music. The guys are basically telling you to be yourself and not let anyone walk over you, you have to stand for something otherwise what is the point?


        Last track to the album, and what a brilliant way to end it. Making me want more. The heavy techno feel and beat make this track what it is. Also again, the lyrics are eye openers. This band have really evolved and matured a lot in the last few years and that shows a lot here, even though they do some odd mimicks in their music, they are still trying to get points across, just in a fun way to make it enjoyable. Excellent track, I'd hit this up on youtube if you want a feel for this band.

        This band have slowly crept their way to my most played, I was never such a big fan of them, yes I liked them, but recently their lyrics have a lot more of a meaning to me and they have progressed with their sound, making it better.
        They put on a brilliant show live and I'm glad to say I have also managed to meet them (I have the tendancy to linger by the tour bus' like a creep at gigs) they are so down to earth and made me laugh so much.
        I would recommend this 100%

        Thanks for reading!

        Also posted on Ciao under rockchick2k7


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          17.07.2013 22:44
          Very helpful



          Well worth the money!

          Smpiternal - Bring Me The Horizon

          This is probably the best album I have heard so far for this year. I have not always been Bring Me The Horizon's BIGGEST fan, but I have found them endurable.
          Track Listing-

          Can You Feel My Heart
          The House Of Wolves
          Empire (Let Them Sing
          Go To Hell For Heavens Sake
          Shadow Moses
          And The Snakes Start To Sing
          Seen It All Before
          Anti- Vist
          Crooked Young
          Hospital For Souls
          There isn't really a track on this album that I don't like, which is rather unusual for me since the album is by Bring Me The Horizon, I really think they are starting to grow on me!
          This album is a lot better than the others in the sense that you can hear how much they have grown and how much they are progressing as a band.
          The only real let down for them now is the annoying fan girls that think the band is all about the front man Oliver Sykes. When he in actual fact is the only problem I have with this band, in the past, he has gained himself a bad reputation and his vocals weren't all that impressive, however, even he is beginning to grow on me... still don't see how anyone is attracted to him though!

          The band are British, they come from Sheffield and I got to witness them live a few years back on their tour with Bullet For My Valentine, they weren't bad, just a little ignorant, however that has apparently all changed now.
          So I won't bore you too much, I will pick my 5 most listened to tracks from this album that come up on my iTunes and go from there.
          Oddly, the top listened to are actually the first five on the track, which makes this a whole lot easier.

          The band did the right thing, having this as the opening track; it is an attention grabber. The one thing I have noticed is how much the vocals have progressed. Everything has stepped up but the vocals are now understandable!
          This track can is certainly one that I would recommend to anyone. It has a rhythm behind it that just totally catches you and it will stay in your head for days. It's not a fast paced track, in fact it is pretty much the opposite. The echoed beat of the drums and somewhat slow dance-ish rhythm give it an edge, a brilliant edge.

          This track steps up the tempo, but the screams are still understandable! Don't panic, it's nothing like the other albums where you can understand one song then have to go and research the lyrics for the rest.
          The lyrics to this track (and the rest of the album) are actually the best that they have ever written., they seem to have more of a meaning.
          The backing to this track (guitars, beat, bass) are actually the typical Bring Me The Horizon style just better because you can really hear how much they have worked on this.

          This is one of my personal favourites from this track, again with the typical Bring Me The Horizon backing, just the vocals have improved so much that it makes the music bearable. I never ever thought I'd find myself typing this, especially about this band, but this is one of the best songs I have heard in a very long time.
          The track entices you and you might find yourself putting it on repeat, like I did! Definitely one to check out.

          The beginning of this track actually reminds me of something from Final Fantasy, but they quickly bring in the guitars, giving off quite a heavy vibe, but the track itself is not that heavy. The vocals seem higher than usual, closer to singing, I guess but not that close.
          The beat fits nicely into this track and doesn't steal all of your attention. My actual focus for this track was on the guitars, they were very catchy.

          I would like to witness this one live, it has that kind of beat to it would get the crowd moving and the lyrics are excellent.
          It is by far my top favourite off this album. It's mixed pace, meaning the tempo goes in and out but when you reach the chorus, it just draws you in and you will find yourself moving to this. It is kind of one of them tracks that you can't help but like, even if you really hate the band, I bet you would like this one.

          So go check it out! I'm lucky to have received this early due to the job I now have, I get albums before they're released! The perks of owning an upcoming magazine, eh?
          But really, if you hate this band, I totally understand, but this album is worth setting aside them feelings, just give it a try.

          Thanks for reading!

          Also posted on Ciao under rockchick2k7


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          24.03.2012 10:18
          Very helpful



          A brilliant album from these young rockstars, personally they bring something fresh to the table. An

          Rise To Remain - City of Vultures

          So who has heard of Iron Maiden? Of course you have, well Bruce Dickingsons offspring, Austin Dickingson is the lead vocalist for this band. I have seen and met them multiple times and have to say they are all lovely guys, even if they do produce 'scary' music in my Mothers words. I first heard of these back in 2010 when they supported Trivium at Wulfrun Hall, that was also when I first met Austin, got stuck in a mosh pit with him and didn't even realise, when I figured out who he was I honestly almost chucked up, no he's not ugly, he's rather good looking!

          They went quiet for a while after that tour but I listened to them a lot and gradually became a big fan. I bought their stuff off iTunes and eagerly waited for their album, whilst going to every show they played (every show possible might I add) I feel proud to say that they know who I am now and I get along well with them.

          And may I point out that they are NOTHING like Iron Maiden.

          This album was released in 2011 with the following band members:

          Austin Dickinson - lead vocals
          Joe Copcutt - bass guitar
          Will Homer - rhythm guitar
          Pat Lundy - drums
          BenTovey - lead guitar

          ==Track Listing==

          The Serpent
          This Day Is Mine
          City of Vultures
          Talking In Whispers
          God Can Bleed
          Power Through Fear
          Nothing Left
          We Will Last Forever
          Bridges Will Burn

          ==Favourite Tracks==

          This Day Is Mine

          I think that this band have a great potential, and their talents show very clearly through this album, now I like this track because it starts off with a catchy rhythm, then beat comes in and it is consistent which is what, I find, great. The vocals are brilliant and Austin sounds nothing like his dad, which I like. It's fresh for the new generation of Rock (which is in need of some help lately) Some excellent lyrics to this track as well as a catchy bass line, too. Perfect!

          Talking In Whispers

          This track starts off perfectly, a great way of catching attention, this is what music is all about. For some reason it puts a smile on my face. They have really captured the sound of rock, they are hope! The lyrics to this track could mean something to someone. Such a deep beat, gets your head nodding and your foot tapping. I would love to hear this one live! I bet the atmosphere would be great and I can almost hear the crowd singing it back to the band in my head. Totally a track you should check out. One of my favourites off the album.

          Power Through Fear

          A nice heavy track, just what I like. Excellent vocals as usual as well as a great gripping beat! I love the bass line to this track. The lyrics are kind of mind blowing to me, they are just amazing. I love this track a lot and play it a lot. So it's a 100% recommendation. If you like Trivium or Bless The Fall, this is your band and this is a track you should definitley look into for a taster.

          Nothing Left

          This was out before the album, I actually bought this from iTunes ages ago and it has been on my top played for months, not budging from 4th place. It has a great rhythm to it and some belting vocals from Austin. The beat gets your foot tapping, it switches tempo's but that's what makes this a catchy track. A spankingly brilliant riff in there to make it an ultra tasty track, too.

          We Will Last Forever

          Now when you look at the title you think, that could be an acoustic. No far from it. It is a kind of slow one, but the tempo is mid so it's not fast and it's not slow and there is screaming in it. The other thing I like about this band is when they are screaming you can understand what they are saying. The chorus is beautiful and Austin's talents really do shine here.


          This track starts off nice and slow with a light beat that will grab your attention, when the vocal comes in, it becomes clear what kind of track this is. Brilliant lyrics to this track, I must say. For a fairly new band, they are really climbing that ladder and making themselves known. A meaningful song. Lovely one, too, check it out.

          Over all, this band are, as I said, bringing hope to the rock industry...I mean the bands that are coming out this generation are appauling...We Are The In Crowd..seriously? It's been done before by a band called Paramore. I say get rid of the new pop punk bands and just let all the heavy metal bands like Rise To Remain who understand what Rock music is REALLY about. They are a good example and more bands should take a leaf out of their book, none of this "He broke my heart wah wah" crap.

          Great beats, great lyrics, epic vocals, flawless rhythms, just what a good band should be providing and this is what this band provide. I recommend them totally, 100% Fans of Trivium should love them.

          Thanks for reading.


          Also posted on Ciao.uk under rockchick2k7


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          23.03.2012 17:32
          Very helpful



          A great album! Something different and easy to listen to. Well worth the money, I love it and play i

          Slash - Slash (Deluxe Edition)

          So, Slash...I'm assuming that if you're reading this, you know who he is...if not...shame on yourself.

          Slash (Saul Hudson) is a famous guitarist, well known for his position in Guns N' Roses. He left the band in October of 1996 which he talks about in his autobiography. Slash has had some projects, Slash's Snakepit, Velvet Revolver and now his own solo career. Which, I have to say, I prefer more than his past work... maybe it is because he is working with various different artists, I don't even know.

          This album was released in 2010 and features some big name vocalists on it, personally this album is one of the best I have heard, it is way up there with my favourite bands.

          ==Track Listing==

          Ghost ft. Ian Astbury
          Crucify The Dead ft. Ozzy Osbourne
          Beautiful Dangerous ft. Fergie
          Back From Cali ft. Myles Kennedy
          Promise ft. Chris Cornell
          By The Sword ft. Andrew Stockdale
          Gotten ft. Adam Levine
          Doctor Alibi ft. Lemmy
          Watch This ft. Dave Grohl & Duff Mckagan
          I Hold On ft. Kid Rock
          Nothing To Say ft. M Shadows
          Starlight ft. Myles Kennedy
          Saint is a Sinner Too ft. Rocco DeLuca
          We're All Gonna Die ft. Iggy Pop

          Deluxe -

          Baby Can't Drive ft. Alice Cooper & Nicole Scherzinger
          Chains and Shackles ft. Nick Oliveri
          Mother Maria ft. Beth Hart
          Sahara ft. Koshi Inaba
          Paradise City ft. Fergie & Cypress Hill
          Beautiful Dangerous (Instrumental)
          Guitar Hero (Instrumental)

          ==Favourite Tracks==

          Crucify The Dead ft. Ozzy Osbourne

          Since I am a fairly big fan of Ozzy, this was a treat for me. I was quite nervous to hear it for some unknown reason but I can quite happily say that this is a great song. As always, Ozzy's vocals are perfect.
          The track starts off nice and slow with an acoustic rhythm as the vocals come in, it makes you think that it is a light song through out... but come on now, this is Slash and Ozzy here. As we get about a minute into the track, it gets a bit heavier and the pace picks up. The beat is supberb and fits ever so nicely into the track. This is _definitley_ one that I recommend. 100%.

          Beautiful Dangerous ft. Fergie

          I like Black Eyed Peas...kind of. And when I heard that Slash was working with their female vocalist, I was a bit eh over it. But when I heard this the first thing I said was.. "She should be in a rock band, not R N' B" It's kind of like a wasted talent. She has a voice like Taylor Momsen, very unique and she can pull of the heavyness very well. The tempo to this song changes . Slash has done a brilliant job with his guitar skills, making them fit with Fergie's vocals. It is perfection and probably the only song I am not ashamed to admit liking in which she is in. The beat and bass are so catchy and mould well with the rhythm and vocals.

          Back From Cali ft. Myles Kennedy

          Myles Kennedy is the lead singer for Alter Bridge, one of the many bands I adore, I love Myles' voice and he works extremely well with Slash. A nice slow tempo to this track as it starts, then it hits the chorus and it picks up. An addicting song, I must say and slightly over played on my iPod but it is not one that I get bored of easily. Great rhythm and beat. The riff itself is damn near perfection (but it's Slash it always is).

          I Hold On ft. Kid Rock

          I am not personally over struck on Kid Rock but in this track, his voice shines and blends well with the material. Lyrics are inspiring and when you get to the chorus, once you know the words, you will always find yourself singing along. It is a brilliant track and another that is slightly over played on my iPod of recent. The beat is soft during the verses but gets slightly heavier for the chorus as does the bass and rhythm.

          Nothing To Say ft. M Shadows

          You might have already guessed that this would be one of my favouites, why? It's M Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold, DUH! But this is an excellent track and well worth checking out. Got some great lyrics to it and the riff, of course it is not that of Synyster Gates, is amazing. The whole guitar line, through out the whole track is pretty much...flawless. It sounds very Avenged Sevenfold like, which is great,. yes but one thing I would have liked from this is..a new direction? Yes, something maybe...acoustic? Or less heavy you could say. But definitley one to take a gander at, you never know, you just might like it.

          Paradise City ft. Fergie & Cypress Hill

          This brings a slight R N' B feel to the album, but it still has that hint of metal. The verses are rapped and the chorus is sung by Fergie, now when I first heard this, I found that she sounded very much like Axl, anyone else find that? Or is it just me? Her vocals for this track are great. But of course, it does not beat the original, however the original was ruined for me when I saw them live, Slash was not with them, the band were late on stage and Axl was a complete cocky T**t! This is a great version though! Love it!

          All in all this is a brilliant album, I have had it a while and can't remember how much I bought it for, I think I got it for about £12-15 at the time but since it has been out a while you could get it cheaper now. I think it is one to look into, he has done some great collaberations with various rockstars. I cannot wait to see him at Download this with Myles Kennedy!

          Thank you for reading!


          also posted on ciao.uk under rockchick2k7


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          07.03.2012 23:22
          Very helpful



          A weekend of pure bliss.

          Download Festival

          Ah, thinking back on Download Festival 2011 makes me a little bit sad, I miss it!
          It was my first festival, and as you can guess I was so incredibly nervous, but also insanely excited; I was seeing the majority of my favourite bands, in one weekend!

          I have been wanting to write this for a while, but I could never be bothered getting around to it, but here I am typing away and re-living the best weekend of my life so far.

          But, not everything goes perfect. The weekend did come with a few hiccups!

          ==Purchasing my ticket==

          I chose the 5 day camping plus coach ticket, it cost me £235. Expensive, I know but to me, it was worth it. Purchasing the ticket was quick and simple and it didn't take all to long for it to arrive either.
          You book them through live nation, which is a company I always book my tickets through since I find them reliable and trust worthy, they are yet to disappoint me! *touch wood they never will*

          ==Pre festival jitters==

          So I'm packing for Download...and I'm starting to panic; it's a big place. What if I don't find my friend? What if something goes wrong or they don't accept my ticket? (If that would have happened, I would have been in floods of tears) However, I remained calm, got my packing done and tried to take my mind off it... the excitement never let me do that though.

          ==What did I take with me?==

          -tin can opener
          -pot noodles
          -dry shampoo
          -sleeping bag
          -6 hoodies
          -baby wipes
          ...Unusual list isn't it? I survived off the food...just about (you will understand what I mean about that soon) and the dry shampoo was a great idea, since I hate my hair getting greasy. What? It was 5 days without a shower; I needed to at least keep my hair looking good!

          ==The coach==

          The coach was actually a nightmare. It said it would reach destination point at 1:15pm (I think) but didn't arrive til about 4pm! Not only that, it stood in Chester for what must have been a good 40 minutes. My patience grew ever shorter. But then I got chatting with the girl next to me and two guys behind me, and the journey went rather quickly after that. I do think they should put on at least 3 coaches for the day though, because it was horrendous! I have never been so cramped in my life, plus people had to have a lot of luggage on their laps.

          ==Getting there!==

          As we all piled off the coach, I started to feel sick with nerves so I grabbed my case and had to sit down and have some water before I could follow on to get to the gates, the girl that sat next to me on the coach was kind enough to wait with me and make sure I was okay.
          So I reached the gates and handed in my ticket, they did a luggage check and put the wristband on me. That was it for me, the wristband, excitement took over the nerves and knocked me sick again so I had to go to the side and sit down before I passed out or threw up. Once I was...relatively calm again I was allowed to carry on and search for my friend. We were in Green Camp!

          ==The Atmosphere==

          If you want to go somewhere, where everyone is friendly and all up for a laugh, a festival is your place to go. I had never been as happy as I had been whilst there. It is a great place to make new friends, I certainly did and the friends I made there are rather special to me now. It's great fun, but remember, you still have to be careful.

          ==The Village==

          The village is a field with shops, rides, burger bars e.c.t on it and the place you go after a day at the arena or even before. At night time, the village is a great place to be, to bounce off all that adrenaline you still have coursing through you before you go back to your tent to unwind for a few hours and try to get a kip.
          You don't sleep at a festival, since there is always too much noise, but you can close your eyes and relax before another crazy day begins.

          ==The Arena==

          The arena is where you go to see the bands; there are multiple tents and stages. Not only that, you have rides there too, just like the village. I mostly stayed at Main stage, the only other stages I went to were 2nd stage for Korn and Pendulum and Pepsi Max for Asking Alexandria.
          Here you also have the signing tent, where bands do a meet and greet and sign a postcard for you. I never got chance to meet any band though =[...I joke! I actually got to go back stage to meet Black Stone Cherry, by far, that beats the signing tent, no table to ruin the hugs. The band also put on one of the best sets of the weekend!

          On Saturday, it was a good day, up until Down came on the stage, at this point I had seen 3 out of the 5 bands I wanted to see at that stage. 2 of which were the last 2 bands.
          I felt a pop in my side and had to get pulled out of the crowd (I was at the front too!) I was taken to the medical tent, where they examined me and checked me over. Now here is the funny thing. Whilst I was screaming in pain, Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold (one of my favourite bands, and the band I was desperate to see) walked past, obviously he heard me and popped his head in. He asked what the noise was about and laughed as I just screamed, more of pain than a typical fan girl moment, I was in shock. He spoke to me for a while and was really nice to me and hoped I got better before I was driven off to another medical tent.

          My sugar levels went down to 2.3, danger zone, apparently. So they gave me sugar and pain killers and sent me on my way. I made it back down to main stage and fairly close to the front for Avenged Sevenfold, where I cried my eyes out.
          I never managed to see System of a Down, since I needed to go get my phone and was in incredible amounts of pain.

          Sunday was wet and muddy and I saw one band: Bullet for My Valentine. After that I got left in the middle of a field, caked in mud by one of my 'friends'. Naturally I panicked and called my Dad, who came to my rescue and a few guys were nice enough to sit with me while I waited and even gave me a jacket to keep warm since everything I had was soaked.

          So I went home early, missed Linkin Park and Rob Zombie but I still had one hell of a weekend. And I would do it all again, minus the horrible friends and low blood sugars and this time I would water proof myself.
          I had work the next day, which was fun because I still managed to get sunburnt, I had a cold sore and no voice at all, so the managers were not impressed with me. But I was still on a high, despite the crap moments, it was worth the money.

          Also posted on ciao under rockchick2k7 ©


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            06.03.2012 18:25
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            • Reliability


            Brilliant headphones, well worth the money.

            Dre's Beats - Solo [HD]

            Now, we all know (if you read my reviews) that I am very passionate about music. I listen to it pretty much all day everyday.
            Since all my earphones end up dying after 2 months, I decided I needed something that was going to last me longer, and I realised that to get this I would have to spend a fair bit of money.
            Now I didn't go out and buy Dre's Beats just because of the name, or because everyone else has them or even because I thought they might make me look cool. I went and bought them to enjoy my music, and these headphones allow me to do just that.

            What do these headphones bring to the table?

            Well, to be quite honest, I only bought these to listen to my music and my music only. But making music audible is not the only thing these stylish headphones can do, oh no; it seems technology even for headphones is evolving greatly.

            ===The Built in Mic===

            These headphones have a built in microphone so that you can chat to your friends and family whilst in an online call and it is completely hands free! You can say good-bye to them desk mics now, since all other companies will be looking to do the same as what Dr Dre has, some others may have already done this, I am unsure since technological things aren't really my area of expertise. This built in mic is also compatible with iPhones and iPod touches, which is a bonus in my book since I own both.
            I don't use the mic much since I don't like conversing via web chat, I prefer to talk in person because I think I sound like a man through phone and web chat, the joys of hating your own voice, but from the times that I have used it, it worked really well for me!

            ===Fold Them Down and Pack Them Away===

            These headphones, much like Skullcandy's are easy to fold away, and these even come with a case to keep them in, so when you aren't using them you can keep them safe! I personally think this is a great touch, I mean, how many pairs of headphones have you gone through because you dropped them and accidentally stood on them? Or left them on a chair and sat on them? I have done that plenty of times, but then again, I always went for the cheap stuff. However, if those headphones had this design they might have lasted longer.
            It's a great little thing and at least this way they don't take up to much space in your bag or have to have them hanging around your neck when you aren't using them.

            ===The Cloth===

            With these headphones, you get a cleaning cloth. I know crazy right? Well no, this cleaning cloth is actually handy, I don't know if it is just me but the ear cushions get dirty or kind of greasy, I keep this cloth in the case so that I can clean them when I want. Super handy!

            Now down to business... ===The Audio===

            These headphones are High Definition; the sound should be immaculate, right? Well, they certainly live up to that title! These headphones make listening to music more enjoyable and not only that; they don't hurt your ears from being too tight around the head.

            I have my iPod setting set to bass, I love bass. These headphones make it sound like heaven, I am not joking. They have really set the standard for me, I don't think I could find any better headphones.

            We all, however, have that small problem with headphones. When you have them on, someone wants to talk and you can't hear them. It's annoying, I know. But these headphones have what is known as control talk. With this you are able to control the music; change the track pause and even adjust the volume, though for me, I prefer to do it 'the old fashioned way' and use the buttons. But I think it's a great idea, but I still don't understand why people talk when they can clearly see you're listening to music...my biggest pet peeve!

            The price for these, from beatsbydre.com are £169.99 and I can tell you now that they are worth every penny.

            You can get these in two colours, black or white and they all have that red b in a silver circle, since that is the logo. I think they are greatly designed and recommend these 100%

            Also posted on ciao under rockchick2k7 ©


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            06.03.2012 17:18
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            Brilliant album and a top singer!

            The Pretty Reckless - Light Me Up
            Released: 2010
            Tracks: 10
            Album Length: 34 mins, approx.

            ==Band Members==

            Taylor Momsen
            Ben Phillips
            Mark Damon
            Jamie Perkins

            The Pretty Reckless comes from New York. I have seen this band live at Download Festival '11 and I have to say they put on one of the best shows ever. Momsen is really great with the crowds and of course, all the guys love her since she wears very little.

            ==Track list==

            1. My Medicine
            2. Since You're Gone
            3. Make Me Wanna Die
            4. Light Me Up
            5. Just Tonight
            6. Miss Nothing
            7. Goin' Down
            8. Nothing Left To Lose
            9. Factory Girl
            10. You

            I personally can't say I have ever heard a band like this one before; I can't seem to place Taylor Momsen next to another female singer. She is unique and that is what I like about her, she is nothing like Hayley Williams, oh no, she is so much better.

            I love every song on this album, but here are some of my personal favourites:

            ===Make Me Wanna Die===

            This is the track that almost everyone knows, or introduced them to the band. It is a fairly popular song. It has a really catchy start to it, almost like something you would hear at a creepy carnival. The whole track has everything you always look for, in my opinion anyway. I love the beat and rhythm to it, absolutely catchy! The bass line, too is pretty awesome. Definitely one that I would recommend to a new listener

            ===Light Me Up===

            Bit of a retro start to this track but once again, some stunning vocals from Taylor Momsen. The chorus to this track is completely amazing and the lyrics alone are pretty much perfect.
            The track has a sturdy beat and the rhythm remains slightly retro throughout.

            ===Just Tonight===

            I adore the lyrics to this track! The acoustic opening makes it seem like a nice soft song, which it sort of is but then you get to the chorus and it gets slightly heavier. This song is flawless and gets a 1000% recommendation from me! The soft beat always gets your foot tapping along with it.

            ===Goin' Down===

            This is by far my favourite track; it is extremely catchy and quite amusing when you focus on the lyrics.
            Quite fast paced, got a beat that catches your attention straight off. Set of vocals on this are quite different. I have played this song so much over the last few weeks, I'd have to say that if you are looking to check out this band, this should be the first one you listen to.


            The slow song of the album, rather a sad one too, if you have watched the video. Lovely acoustic rhythm and soft vocals, one of my favourite acoustic songs at the moment, I just adore Taylor's voice, she really is unique and I personally think they should do more songs like this one.

            Overall, this is one of the best albums I have heard in a long time; it's different and I can't seem to compare them to another band. Only thing I think could be better is more tracks, maybe make it 12? Since I usually listen to albums that are an hour long, this one just doesn't last long enough for me, still, the tracks are perfect, can't complain about that one!

            Also posted on ciao under rockchick2k7 ©


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          • Hellyeah - Hellyeah / Music Album / 20 Readings / 20 Ratings
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            11.04.2011 10:21
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            Definitley worth the plunge

            Hell Yeah - Hell Yeah

            Hell Yeah are like a cow boy metal band (well that's how I refer to them). I first heard them when they supported Avenged Sevenfold and Stone Sour in October 2010.

            I wasn't keen on them when I first heard them there, but I decided to give their studio album a try.
            I'll admit, they are okay live but not great. I could hardly hear the vocals over the drums. However it was just the other day that I decided to clean out my iTunes and found that I had purchased this, each song had only 1 on the play count.
            I was going to delete it but I thought that would be a waste of money so I listened to it a few times and grew to like it.

            ===The Band===

            Hell Yeah originally formed in 2001 but it was not until 2006 that they actually did something; record their first album, which is what I am reviewing, Hell Yeah.

            Most people associate this band with Pantera, because of the drummer, Vinnie Paul, being Dimebag Darrells brother and Pantera's drummer.

            ==Band Members==

            Chad Gray
            Greg Tribbett
            Vinnie Paul
            Tom Maxwell
            Bob Zilla


            Jerry Montano

            ==Track Listing==

            *Hell Yeah
            *You Wouldn't Know
            *Matter Of Time
            *Waging War
            *Alcohaulin' Ass
            *In The Mood
            *Rotten To The Core
            *Thank You
            *One Thing

            ===Favourite Tracks===

            _Hell Yeah_
            It does take a while to get into this track, but after a while you'll find it's the type that will randomly pop into your head and you'll get the urge to listen to it. It is heavy on the drums and bass, the guitar rhtyhm isn't _that_ heavy; I've heard a lot heavier than that. The lyrics are catchy, it is not really a track for those who like soft metal. If you do give it a try have patience with it; don't just listen to the first five seconds and shrug it off, it takes more than that.

            _You Wouldn't Know_

            This track has a great set of lyrics, got a catchy bass line and a brilliant rhythm. Vocals are amazing. It is a lighter track to the previous one but still has that heavy feel about it. The drum beat is something I tend to swerve my attention to in this track. It's just great.

            _Alchohaulin' Ass_

            This is a great track! I listen to this and ask myself what I've been missing out on. This is one they played live, but druing their set I showed zero interest.
            It's a slowish tempo'd song that's got a brilliant riff to it.. The track is one you can enjoy singing along to, the rhythm has that cowboy feel to it along with the beat.

            When this one starts off, it reminds me of Slipknot. It's a crazy track, not one everyone will actually enjoy. I think I only like it because it is heavy and it's got an odd catchyness about it. Sturdy beat, excellent bass and guitar lines. Top song.

            _Rotten To The Core_
            A good track, it's heavy but insanely catchy at the same time. Vocals are brilliant; I think it's one of my favourites so far. It's another one that might not take everyones fancy though, the riff is one people should love.

            _Thank You_
            The cowboy feel returns in this track. It is slow and has a fairly soft rhythm. Vocals are at their best here. It's beautiful, not much to say except that I 100% recommend it.


            After listening to the album a few times I found that I really grew to like it and my whole oppinion changed. I thought they were crap, now I love them. It is really surprising how hearing a band live before their studio album can put things in your head.

            I wish I had given the band a chance before the concert, maybe then I would have paid more attention to their set.


            Written on 09-04-2011


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              01.04.2011 12:00
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              Great album, worth buying

              Framing Hanley - A Promise To Burn

              Framing Hanley consists of 5 members, they formed back in 2005 and have released two studio albums and a cover of Lil Wayne's 'Lollipop'. They come from Nashville, USA.
              Band Members For This Album
              Kenneth Nixon - Vocals
              Brandon Wooton - Vocals/ Guitar
              Ryan Belcher - Guitar/ Piano/ Vocals
              Luke McDuffie - Bass/ Vocals
              Chris Vest - DrumsA Promise To Burn was released May 25th 2010 it is 13 tracks and 49 minuets long.
              Track Listing

              * Intro 1:07
              * The Promise 3:46
              * Wake Up 3:58
              * Bittersweet Sundown 3:31
              * WarZone 3:47
              * You Stupid Girl 3:34
              * Weight Of The World 3:34
              * Fool With Dreams 4:01
              * Back To Go Again 3:19
              * Livin' So Divine 3:37
              * You 3:26
              * Photographs And Gasoline 5:43
              * The Burn 5:04

              Favourite Tracks (In listing order)
              Wake Up
              This one starts off with a really catchy study beat. The vocals kick in and it becomes more interesting. I love the whole thing, it's just so catchy and flawless. The lyrics are well written. I don't think that this track could be made any better, it has a reasonable tempo, not too fast and not too slow; just right.

              Bittersweet Sundown
              The vocals for the chorus are what really caught my attention on this track, Kenneth Nixon's vocals are extremely amazing in this track. The rhythm is perfect and fits nicely to the beat. Overall it is one of the best tracks on the album.
              I don't really know what it is about this track that pulls me in, at first I wasn't so sure if I was keen on it or not, but after a few listens it really grew on me and it's one of those tracks that once I listen to it I end up putting it on repeat for a good few hours. This is the fourth most played, out of the whole album, on my iPod. It's got a really catchy beat to it during the verses.

              You Stupid Girl
              This is the track I heard first from this album, because it was released as a music video, and I just absolutely love it. Though it is one that I don't listen to as often because I do not want to get bored of it. The tempo is kind of slow for the verses but picks up for the chorus. It is an addictive song but I think it is one to be careful of, don't want to get bored of it too fast.
              Weight Of The World
              This is a totally beautiful track; everything about it is perfect. The piano melody is just amazing. I could speak a million and one praises about this track. It is honestly my favourite track off this album. The guitar and bass lines could not be any better. This is definitely one you should check out.

              Fool With Dreams
              I think the lyrics to this track are awesome, and with the music behind them they seem to be just...brilliant. It is a fairly slow tempo'd song but still amazing all the same, this actually seems like something you would hear on the first album.
              Back To Go Again
              This is quite a bouncy track, you can tell in the lyrics that it's the band talking about what they've been through to get to where they are. It's extremely catchy; I adore this song.

              Like their first album 'The Moment' I cannot fault this album. I love all tracks but going by my iTunes count these are the most played on the album. This band are one of my favourites, they tie in with Avenged Sevenfold, Hollywood Undead and Bullet For My Valentine. They are in my eyes, perfect and I am hoping to see them at Download festival this year (if I go) and on their UK tour.
              Favourite Lyric

              'Life Is throwin' you curves, you can make it, take it in, try again, you don't deserve this. I just wanna save you, you can take it on the chin, try again; you don't have to carry the weight of the world'Thank you for reading! =]

              Written by dooshbag08 ©
              also posted on Ciao under rockchick2k7


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              01.04.2011 11:58
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              Definitley something you should invest in.

              Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast

              I have been a fan of Iron Maiden for a good couple of years now, and it's all thanks to my uncle. I think they are one of the best metal bands around and I love pretty much all that they have done.
              Iron Maiden formed back in 1975 and come from East London, UK. I personally think that this is true metal, I can't see how anyone can call screaming into a microphone with a messy heavy riff behind it Metal...this right here, Iron Maiden, is true metal.

              The Number of The Beast is the 3rd studio album by Iron Maiden it is about 45 minuets long and it is the first album to hold Bruce Dickinson's vocals. It was released in March 1982 (if I have done my research correctly) and has sold over 14 million copies to date and has been put in the list '''1001 albums to listen to before you die''''
              The album has 3 singles from it:

              * Run To The Hills
              * The Number of The Beast
              * Hallowed Be Thy Name

              The band members for this album

              * Bruce Dickingson - Vocals
              * Steve Harris - Bass, Backing Vocals, Keyboard
              * Adrian Smith - Guitar, Backing Vocals
              * Dave Murray - Guitar
              * Niko McBrain - Drums

              Track Listing

              * Invaders - 3:21
              * Children Of The Damned - 4:33
              * The Prisoner - 6:00
              * 22 Acacia Avenue - 6:33
              * The Number of The Beast - 4:49
              * Run To The Hills - 3:50
              * Gangland - 3:46
              * Hallowed Be Thy Name - 7:10

              All the tracks on this album are pretty amazing, you can tell that it's not been made recently because of course, bands these days have more technology in the recording studio.

              Everything from the vocals to the drum beat sound better than a lot of the newer music by other bands. Iron Maiden are just legendary.
              Favourite Tracks
              ~Children of The Damned~

              I think this track is great because it's not heavy and it's slow. A beautiful yet simple guitar line to it. The lyrics are amazing. It's just atrack that you can't beat. One thing I love about this band is that you can actually hear the bass line, it's not drowned out by screaming or a totally crap beat. In this track, the bass line is quite catchy. The riff which is about a minuet from the end is just classic, it's not complicated like most bands these days make them, it's perfect.
              ~The Number of The Beast~
              Obviously this one was going to be one of my favourites, everyone loves it no matter how many times it has been played on the TV or radio. It doesn't get old. It has everything from catchy lyrics down to a perfect tempo. And yes, if you can't tell or haven't been able to yet, they are singing about the Devil, but they aren't damning you to hell or saying anything a long the lines of 'we sold our soul to the devil' search the lyrics, it's nothing like that.

              ~Run To The Hills~
              I just love everything about this track; I don't think I could say anything bad about the album to be honest. I think the thing that draws me in with this track is the chorus, it's so simple and it will stay with you forever, you could be in anyplace at any time and it might come into your head, I know because I was stood in the line for My Chemical Romance and while everyone was singing MCR songs I'm just there singing this chorus because it was in my head and I hadn't listened to it for weeks. This is my second favourite off the whole track, I especially love how the beat and the bass line are in sync the whole time. I totally recommend this track.
              It starts off with a bit of a jazzy beat, I think it's great because it shows that though they are heavy metal they can twist it to give off the impression that it's going to be something else, but when Dickingson starts singing and the guitar comes in, you know it's not going to be anything like jazz.

              ~Hallowed Be Thy Name~
              This is the last track on the album and I think it is one of the greatest things this band have done. It has that dark feel to it. The guitar lines and bass lines are so catchy and give the vocals that oomph. This is my top favourite Iron Maiden song. Ever. It has everything that a masterpiece should have. That's what it is, a masterpiece, you cannot get any better than this. I suggest those who haven't heard it should go listen because you're missing out big time.
              Favourite Lyric: '''When you know your time is close at hand, maybe then you'll begin to understand, life down here is just a strange illusion''' - Hallowed Be Thy Name

              All in all, this album is brilliant, I recommend it to anyone. People have asked me in the past to give them some music to listen to and guaranteed that I will always put Iron Maiden in the list I put together for them.
              The album cover is just as amazing as the music, it may put people off though because it has Satan on it with Eddie, the Iron Maiden mascot. But it has bold colours on it that will catch your attention.

              I paid nothing for this album as my Uncle always buys me their stuff. It's his fault I like all this music, it doesn't impress my mom though, but oh well, she can't change anything.
              So go ahead and get this album off Amazon or iTunes. And they will most definitely sell it in music stores, if not I will eat my PG Tips monkey.

              Written by dooshbag08 ©
              also posted on ciao under rockchick2k7

              Thanks for reading!


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                31.01.2011 01:18
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                Worth the money.

                Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns

                Being a fan of Linkin Park I was super happy to hear that they were releasing a new album.
                It took a while for me to reel myself back in after getting it, I seemed to listen to it on repeat for days, not switching it off. Though I don't find it as good as their older stuff I still find it pretty amazing.

                Linkin Park formed in 1996, they come from California and have released 3 other studio albums. Hybrid Theory, Meteora and Minuets to Midnight. All of these are albums worth listening to.

                Chester Bennington
                Rob Bourdon
                Brad Delson
                Dave Farrell
                Joe Hahn
                Mike Shinoda
                Track listing:-

                The Requiem
                The Radience
                Burning Skies
                Empty Spaces
                When They Come For Me
                Robot Boy
                Jornada del Muerto
                Waiting For The End
                Wretches And Kings
                Wisdom, Justice and Love
                The Catalyst
                The Messanger
                The one thing that I truly love about this album, is they have put a decent amount of tracks onto it. I kind of hate it when I get good album that's only 9 tracks long.

                My personal favourites off this album, that I recommend are:
                Burning Skies:
                This track is my obsession at the moment. It's slow paced but has a great beat to it. The vocals are excellent and the lyrics are flawless. It's not like the old Linkin Park, it's not got an amazing metalish rhythm to it, it's nice and soft. I think the new Linkin Park is for everybody, even if you don't like the old material, I think a lot of people would like this.

                When They Come For Me:
                Got a catchy opening, build the tension kind of with the rhythm and beat. And when the vocals start it gets more interesting. Mike Shinoda has a talent which I envy, really bad. There really isn't much to his vocals in this track, he's just talking to the beat but his talent still manages to shine through.
                Don't be fooled by the beautiful start, when the beat thoroughly kicks in the pace picks up. Chester has a voice to die for and the way he sings the lyrics in this, it never fails to put a smile on my face. I think this is one people should check out and give a chance. It sounds like Chester is screaming, but you can understand what he is saying. Such a great piece of material.

                I like this track, because it starts with a nice soft piano melody which points to sadness. When Shinoda opens his mouth and starts singing, I guess I could quite happily admit that I start crying. They have done such an tremendous job on this track. I relate to the lyrics in a way and I think that is what makes it more special for me. But above all that this is my top favourite off the album, I 100 percent recommend this track purchase it off iTunes if you like this but not the album. It deserves a lot of credit.
                The Messenger:
                Another track where I can relate to the lyrics. This has a lovely acoustic rhythm to it, I could spend forever listening to this track and not get bored. Chester never disappoints, does he? My second favourite track off the album, yet the top played on my iPod.

                A lot of people haven't got this album, because they aren't sure if they like the new Linkin Park, but I have to say; give them a chance, you will not be disappointed. I got my copy for £15.99...yes a lot for an album, huh? But I don't regret it. At the moment it is going for £4.99 on Amazon, so if you want it...go get it.
                Favourite track: Iridescent

                Favourite lyric: 'Remember you're loved and you always will be, this melody will bring you right back home' - The Messenger.

                written by dooshbag08
                also posted on ciao under rockchick2k7


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                  31.01.2011 01:14
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                  Great album, worth getting

                  A Day To Remember - Homesick

                  A Day To Remember are an American band from Ocala in Florida. They formed in 2003. They have 4 studio albums: And Their Name Was Treason, For Those Who Have Heart, Homesick, What Separates Me From You.
                  They are fairly popular in the 'Rock World' so people say, but even some of my friends haven't heard of them. I personally love them. I am seeing them live on the 2nd of February and can't wait.

                  Band Members:
                  Jeremy McKinnon
                  Neil Westfall
                  Kevin Skaff
                  Joshua Woodard
                  Alex Shelnutt
                  Previous Members:
                  Brandon Roberts
                  Bobby Scruggs
                  Tom Denney

                  Track listing:
                  The Downfall of Us All
                  My Life for Hire
                  I'm Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?
                  NJ Legion Iced Tea
                  Mr Highways' Thinking About The End
                  Have Faith In Me
                  Welcome To The Family
                  Holdin' It Down For The Underground
                  You Already Know What You Are
                  Another Song About The Weekend
                  If It Means A Lot To You
                  Personal Favourites/Recommendations:

                  The Downfall of Us All:
                  This is the opening track, it's heavy but not heavy. It's got superb vocals and a brilliant rhythm/ beat to it. This song is played quite often on Kerrang! And Scuzz TV. One that people should give a chance. The screaming in this is understandable too, and it adds flavour to it.
                  I'm Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?:
                  Probably my second favourite track off the album, it's very catchy, hardly any screaming. Jeremy has a brilliant voice, it makes up for the fact that I find his face odd looking. Lyrics for this track are amazing. This is one that is totally worth the time, if you don't want to buy it of iTunes, check it out on you tube, you won't be let down. This track also features Mike Hrancia of 'The Devil Wears Prada'.

                  Have Faith In Me:
                  Top favourite. Had to be said, it's just amazing, flawless...can't beat it. The lyrics have meaning for me and the vocals are beautiful. I hope they play it live. One thing I seem to always focus on when I listen to this track is the drums. I don't know why. But they are brilliant and they captivate me, kind of. It's a superb track, I could sing praises about it forever but instead you should just go and take a listen to it for yourself.
                  Holdin' It Down For The Underground:
                  This starts off with a catchy rhythm and beat, the start vocals (screaming) could be better but they improve throughout the track. The chorus is extremely catchy, always find my foot tapping to the beat.

                  If It Means A Lot To You:
                  This is a beautiful acoustic track featuring Sierra Kusterbeck of VersaEmerge. She has a beautiful voice and in this track she sounds so amazing next to Jeremy. I honestly think that many of you people (rockers or not) would love this track so I recommend this one fully.
                  The whole album is pretty much amazing. A lot of my reviews are mainly good ones because I always check out the tracks on youtube before I go out and buy the actual CD. This one I didn't though, it was on offer in the local music store and the guy said it was good so I took his word for it.

                  Favourite Track: Have Faith In Me
                  Favourite Lyric: 'You know I've got you like a puppet in the palm of my hand.' - I'm Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?

                  Written by dooshbag08
                  also posted on ciao under rockchick2k7


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                  02.11.2010 12:04
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                  Amazing, beautiful. EPIC

                  Stone Sour - Come What (Ever) May

                  This is the second studio album from our Iowa boys, and it is just as good as the first (the self titled). For those who have been reading my reviews I have recently posted my review of that album. And you would have read that I have seen them live. They played a few tracks off this album: '30/30 150' 'Made of Scars' 'Reborn' and 'Through Glass'. All of which were immensely amazing!

                  Stone Sour are a heavy metal band from Des Moines - Iowa. They formed in 1992 but went on hiatus in 1997 when Jim Root and Corey Taylor went on to join Slipknot. The band were later reunited in 2002 though and they released their first studio album, Stone Sour.

                  Band Members:

                  Corey Taylor - Lead Vocals
                  Jim Root - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
                  Shawn Economaki - Bass
                  Josh Rand - Rhythm Guitar
                  Roy Mayorga/Joel Ekman - Drums (Joel only recorded two tracks before leaving the band)

                  The band have released five singles from this album.
                  30/30 150
                  Through Glass
                  Made Of Scars
                  Zzyzx Rd


                  30/30 150
                  Come What(Ever) May
                  Hell & Consequences
                  Made Of Scars
                  Your God
                  Through Glass
                  1st Person
                  Zzyzx Rd.

                  Special Edition extra tracks:

                  The Day I Let Go
                  Freeze Dry Seal
                  Wicked Gane
                  The Frozen

                  Personal Favourites (in track listing order):

                  30/30 150

                  How many times I have listened to this is beyond me. It's metal, metal at it's best. Corey's vocals are just excellent
                  Jim Root has exceeded himself on his guitaring skills (as he always does) and the band prove that they aren't just another rock band. The beat to this track is tremendous, probably one of my most favoured songs ever.

                  Personal Rating: 10 out of 10

                  Made Of Scars

                  Since hearing them play this live, I have had an obsession for it. Corey is just amazing, he doesn't miss a note when its live. The studio version sounds exactly like the live version. I love the rhythm and the vocal notes. It's perfection to say the least. I recommend that if you are a fan of metal, you check this song out. You might like what you hear.

                  Personal Rating: 10 out of 10

                  Again, after hearing this track live, it left me with an obsession. This one is great to get stuck in a mosh pit to (it gets brutal though). The bass line to this track is epic, as is the rhythm. The beat is what keeps it alive though. The drums to this track are perfect! I really love the chorus, Corey screams, but it's that scream where you can understand what he is saying. Which is a total win, because most bands these days just scream into the mic, trying to make it sound like they are saying something. This is deffinatley a track you should check out.

                  Personal Rating: 10 out of 10

                  Through Glass

                  This is one of the softer tracks, it's beautiful live. The acoustic sound is able to give you goosebumps (or is that just me?) And as usual Corey sounds brilliant. The lyrics are amazing, I wish I could write them like that! When the song picks up and the beat comes in, the song just gets a million times better. Even if you aren't a fan of metal, you might like this one. It's that side of a metal band that you don't see often.

                  Personal Rating: 10 out of 10


                  Back to the metal. A nice heavy bass line to open up the track with a re-occurring note from the guitars. The beat is sturdy and tops the song off nicely. Then you get to the lyrics, and the way they are sung. I think it's safe to say that Corey Taylor is GOD. The guy has vocals that many would kill for. This track just shows them at their best. Definitely worth listening to.

                  Personal Rating: 9 out of 10

                  Zzyzx Rd.

                  Another beautiful track. A lovely Piano melody accompanied by some breath taking vocals. There isn't much to say about this track without me repeating myself. All I can say is, listen to it. I can guarantee that you will love it, again if you're not into metal you will love this one. It's not 'rough on the ears' as some people say.
                  Personal Rating: 10 out of 10.

                  All together, this album is worth more than what people pay for it, if it was £20 or £30 I would still buy it, because it is that amazing. There aren't as many swear words on this album, but there is still some. The band just get better (as you will later find out when I post my Audio Secrecy review) and it is clear that they are going to be around for a long time.

                  Thanks for reading!

                  Written by dooshbag08©

                  Also posted on Ciao.uk under rockchick2k7©

                  2nd November 2010


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