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    • Fox's Jam Cream Biscuit / Snacks / 41 Readings / 34 Ratings
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      06.11.2007 19:47
      Very helpful



      A fantastic tasty biscuit with raspberry jam

      I love almost all kind of biscuits from Fox's and I often buy them. I enjoy cream biscuits so often I buy their crunchy sandwiches with delicious cream inside but sometime go for chocolatey and other products too. In fact I am a biscuit lover-eager to eat one whenever I get the packet handy and feel hungry. When its Fox's Jam Cream-I eat one by one and suddenly find its all gone!!! We are buying at least 6 packs a week now, in our 2-members family. Its I think, a bit of too many. Isn't it?

      Fox's Biscuits was founded in 1853, which you also can find announced proudly on their biscuit packs. Michael Spedding started a small confectionary shop (name was not Fox's then) in Batley, 12 miles from Leeds. One of the first biscuits were Brandy Snap. Michael Spedding retired in 1897 and the business was taken over by his son-in-law Fred Ellis Fox. In 1960, the name changed to Fox's Biscuits and registered as a public limited. In 1977, Fox's biscuits started partnership with Northern Foods plc. In 2003, Fox's biscuits merged with Elkes Biscuits in Uttoxeter but the name remained Fox's.
      Just a little background to show its real long journey and over these 150 years Fox's is producing those tasty bites for us for each and everyday!
      ****The Jam Cream Pack****

      Fox's Jam Cream biscuits come into the usual plastic wrap over a hard plastic tray arranged with two biscuits in a block. A pack contains 10 biscuits of a weight of 150 gm. The outer plastic wrap is mostly bright pink and with some caramel/yellow boxes here and there. Nice pictures of the delicious Jam Cream biscuits on the pink part of the package looks inviting with the word "Jam Cream" in white letters just the right of the pictures. Rest of the writings are in deep blue started with the proud brand logo of "Fox's" on the caramel background on the left. It also shows just above the brand logo that Fox's are in business since 1853. The package describes the jam as real raspberry jam which makes it a real scrumptious treat. With these writings and pictures on the front, it ends up with the yellow flash at the right corner of the pack "69p" for my most recent pack from Somerfield.
      The pack is full of other information too. On the back, there is "Nutrition Information", "Guideline for Daily Amount", List of "Ingredients", "Storage Instruction", "Manufacturer's Contact Information" etc. I should describe a little of everything so that you may find it helpful to review these information before you buy it. I think they have enough information on a small biscuit pack! I did not have time to read them all before I wrote this review, probably because I was too much busy eating them!

      In the back of the packet, there is a big list of ingredients but I will just write up some important from them to show what is there inside these biscuits.
      Wheat flour, Vegetable Oil, Raspberry Jam (10%), dried and skimmed milk, low Salt, Sugars, Bicarbonate and Flavoring Agents, Raising Agents and Beta Carotene as coloring agent. Raspberry Jam contains Raspberries, Gelling Agent, Pectin and sugar.
      For an additional information, it shows that this product contains Cows Milk, Soya. I think this is specially written in a separate box to catch our eyes easily on more important ingredients which we generally can miss in the big list while shopping. Its important for people allergic to milk etc too. This biscuit is also completely suitable for vegetarians.

      ****The Nutritional Information****
      One biscuit will give you 81 Kcal (Calories), 1 g of protein which is only 2% of your daily requirement, 4.9 gm sugar which is quite high for a single biscuit, 3.8 gm of fat also not that good (5%), 0.3 gm fibre which is a good addition to this product and 0.4 gm sodium.

      ****Storage Instructions****
      It's the common instruction for keeping the product in airtight container to keep it crunchy and delicious. As the packaging is just a plastic wrap so once its opened, you can't reseal it. So I prefer to store them in my air-tight biscuit container right after I open the pack. It keeps the product real crispy for long time.

      ****The Price****
      I think the price vary as I bought it from three different places. This price is the most recent one in Somerfield. They also had a different price before. Two months back I bought it from ASDA by 80p a pack and I also bought it twice from Farm food, each time 2 Pack for 1 GBP. So Farm Food always has the same price I guess but it may change in other stores as I found. It does not differ much but in between 50p to 80p per pack.

      ****Tasty Jam Cream****
      The biscuits are round shaped pastel color. Two pieces of crunchy biscuits with the delicious soft cream in between them. The upper biscuit has a whole at its center and the whole is filled with generous amount of raspberry jam covered with a layer of sugar. The crunchy biscuit with the jam and cream creates heavenly taste. Its so much delicious, you can't stop just after one! The crunchy, creamy bite with a sticky jam flavoring real raspberry can just make you feel like eat the whole pack in one day! If I have one pack opened in front of me while I am on internet, I really can't notice when my cookie jar becomes completely empty. It has a very addictive taste for those who loves cream, sweet and raspberry jam. Its now our regular tea
      I am a tea dunker and about its dunk ability, in my opinion, not really as good as other Tea biscuits. I rather prefer eat them alone to get the incredibly creamy taste of it mixed with sweet raspberry jam.
      To enjoy the maximum taste, you really need to store them properly and remember to see the best before use date which is printed in the front side of the pack, just under the brand logo. My pack never lasts to this date though, I am so much active with them all the time!

      ****Contact information****
      If you have any comments or need to contact with them,
      Fox's Biscuits
      P.O. Box 10
      Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 5JG
      Phone Free To(UK): 0800 591 886 (Mon to Fri-9am to 4.30pm)
      manufacturer website: www.foxs-biscuits.co.uk


      I highly recommend them for you and for your whole family, friends or guests, everybody loves cream biscuits.


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        28.09.2007 21:52
        Very helpful



        Light speed Consumer Panel, which is to me, in all respect, a perfect online money making site

        Online surveys are valuable money making program. I really prefer them over any other program as they generally pay more than any other sites for a much less effort. This is good but finding the right and genuine survey panel is the hard part. If you get the right one, you can easily make a few extra cash each month in a decent way. There are several authentic survey sites on the net and Light Speed Consumer Panel is one of them. I am with them for almost a year now and feel lucky that I have found them. Light speed Consumer Panel, which is to me, in all respect, a perfect online money making opportunity is maintained by Lightspeed Research Ltd. (Lightspeed) Online Research Inc and hosted in the USA so all data and information related to the site is stored there.

        ~~~~The Website~~~~
        The URL:
        This is the URL for UK members and they have different URL for US and other European countries.

        ~~~~The Homepage~~~~
        Their homepage will supply you enough information you need to know before joining. They have a blue/white color, nice looking and well organized homepage which is easy to navigate and very easy to use. On the homepage there is a member login area on the left, provides a space where you can put your username and password to enter your personal Lightspeed account once you are registered. Beside this, the homepage has links to other pages where further information about “Lightspeed” are available:
        Website terms of use
        Prize draw official rules
        Membership terms of use
        Contact Us (similar to Help)

        Briefly the link tells you about:
        1. Light speed offer two kinds of rewards which are Light speed points where you get points for completing each survey and redeem those points for hundreds of prizes including Paypal cash prizes, online gift certificates, electronics, and kitchen appliances and donation to charity.

        2. The other reward offer: when a member participate in a survey or other activities in their site, receive an entry to their 2000 GBP Prize draw which takes place every three months where the 2000 pounds are distributed among the winners in the following way-
        1 x £1,000 prize
        2 x £500 prizes
        3 x £75 prizes
        5 x £25 prizes
        There is a link on this Prize draw page where you can also see the most recent winners name and prizes.
        More detail about the prize category and the point it costs can only be found inside the members personal account page so you need to register to see them.

        Says about what you can do on this site.
        Survey activities:
        Take part in the surveys about many different subjects for example fashion, baby clothing, foods like cereal, chocolate, frozen foods, food brands, beverages, technology like mobile phones, cars, motor oil, television shows, magazine ads, other kind of advertisements or skin care. You will earn Lightspeed points when you successfully complete a survey and redeem them for various prizes

        In addition to surveys, there are Quick Matches and Mini-Polls. You will not earn any Lightspeed Points for taking part in Quick Matches and mini-polls, but you will only earn entries into the £2000 Lightspeed Prize Draw.

        Quick Matches are a set of a few questions, takes about 5 minutes and help them match you with future surveys.

        Mini-polls are only one question long poll/vote. You can take part in this poll and right after that compare your answer with other members. The polls are generally about recent political and social issues.

        If you need help, search it on this page. If you do not get any appropriate way out, ask them for help through filling up an online query form here. Lauren generally replies within next 24 hrs.

        Website terms of use~~~~
        Usual terms and conditions of the site are found here. For example this site only can be used for non-commercial purpose etc, rules for protection of intellectual property and warning about unauthorized use of this site by downloading, storing or distributing the data available in the site, copy, reproduce, modify, republish the data or content of the site etc, rules for third party websites which may involve in the surveys. There is also Lightspeed’s privacy policies, the other usual jurisdictions statements on this page. Finally if you need to contact Lightspeed, you can always send mail to

        Prize draw official rule~~~~
        Another long page you can read before join the site about how the whole reward system works for this site. This section actually disclose their rules for accepting any kind of reward from this site, either points (redeemable for cash or other products) or prize draw money. Lightspeed appointed a third party to administer its Points Program and rewards, which is perksplus.com. Lightspeed does not accept any liability for any losses suffered by you due to any error or omission by the third party in the administration or delivery of rewards.

        Membership terms of use~~~~
        This page has the most important requirement to open an account in Lightspeed Consumer Panel that you must be a GB resident and over 16 years of age along with other general conditions and requirements.

        Listed all of their privacy policies. In this section there is another contact email address where Lightspeed can be reached through intlinfo@lightspeedresearch.com

        This is more or less about their homepage. Now to take part in their survey and receive the rewards you have to be a registered panel member. So next step is registration.


        They do not have any direct registration link on their home page. You can get the registration link easily if you use any search engine to find “Lightspeed Consumer Panel Registration”.
        The link is also available in many cash back sites or paid to sign up sites which offer a little incentive (either cash or points) when you sign up Lightspeed Consumer Panel through them. Some of the sites are: Rpoints, Cash Crate, Treasure Trooper etc.
        On the first page of registration, you have to provide your email address and chose a password which you will use later to enter to your personal Lightspeed account. In the next page of registration you have to provide your name, address, age, occupation, number of household members etc. After submitting the online registration form, you will receive an email from Lightspeed Consumer Panel with a “Thanks” and a link to verify your email address which is the last and final step of the registration. Now you are a fully registered panel member.

        Members Only Area~~~~
        They send invitation regularly to your mailbox when a new survey is available for you. The invitation email contains a link to their homepage. You can follow this link to go to their homepage or directly go from their site URL and login to the members area.

        Your Lightspeed account page~~~~
        Surveys—Mini Polls—Quick Matches
        Your account page will show you how many surveys, mini polls and quick matches are currently available for you. They send invitation for each available survey but sometime for a few quick matches and no invitation is sent for mini polls. You can only find them here.

        As I found~~~~
        Sometimes they send 2 to 3 surveys a week sometime a little less, the least is still 3 to 4 a month. Their surveys are numbered something like “Survey M6171” and the invitation tells you that if you qualify for and complete it, you will earn some Lightspeed points, the points offered vary from 110 to 300 depending on the length and nature of the survey. It also says about the time needs to take the survey which generally vary from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, again depending on the length and nature. The invitation email gives you the instruction for how to take the survey:
        1. Go to: http://gb.lightspeedpanel.com
        2. Sign in using your email address and Lightspeed password
        3. On your Members page, access the link "Survey M6171"

        Below this instruction there is some other information about the host of this survey and other usual privacy policy assurance, for example they assure you their hosting partner won’t have access to your personal information etc. Actually many of their surveys are hosted by Millward Brown, a partner of Lightspeed. Even though there is a few information like this but there is no hint about the survey topic anywhere in this invitation.

        Surveys, as I have found, are mostly about foods and drinks with a few other but all of reasonable length and reasonable number of questions. Questionnaires are often set up with a bunch of product pictures and description. Many of them are about product advertisement so they provide with some advertisement clippings (video clippings) to evaluate the ads we generally see on TV or elsewhere. For this reason, they always ask you to have the Flash Player installed on your PC or they verify with some particular sound/picture in the beginning, whether you can see/hear it clearly. If you do not have a flash player, they provide link to install it on the spot and proceed. The first few questions are for screening purpose and there is a chance you can disqualify after a few steps. Surveys generally take 15 to 20 minutes to complete fully and reward 110 points for most of the cases and sometime higher.

        Lightspeed also sends products for testing, these are generally food products but other products are there too. They may first ask you in a survey if you want to test the product and send it to you with your permission. I had chance to test some products and I found they send the product very fast once you agree to test it. I even received their product within exactly two days after I told them I am ready to test it. It clearly indicates this survey site has a very active and prompt working team to do some real market research. After you test the product you have to complete the follow up survey and in this case you will earn the normal 110 points in the first survey and another 300 points for the follow up survey. This is really interesting. I even have found the product I tested most recently, was displayed in Woolworth after a week of my follow up survey. It was really exciting for me to see the product displayed in the store with the same packaging and collection that I have voted for (I suppose many other members did this too!). Seems like my opinion is really hard!!

        Along with the available surveys etc, you can also see the following links on your personal Lightspeed account page :
        Lightspeed Points Account
        Change Password
        Change Email Address
        Update Profile
        Winners Page

        What the links for~~~~
        Lightspeed Points Account----a very clear and detailed account balance statement for Unredeemed points
        Lightspeed Prizedraw entries
        And the Points redeemed are listed as --“survey name-points earned-date earned-type of prize redeemed”. Most importantly, the balance sheet is updated instantly after each new transaction.
        On this page, there is a link for redemption, when you are ready to redeem, click this link and it will take you to the perksplus.com page for product choice and placing order. Once you place your order, they will provide you with an order confirmation page containing your order number, you can print or save this page. At the same time they will send you an order confirmation email with this order number again. They will send you another email when the order is processed and its generally within four days of placing the order.

        Point redemption for reward~~~~
        After you qualify and complete any survey, the points are credited instantly to your account and you can redeem your point right away for your choice of reward if you qualify for it. Rewards start from as little as 99 points which gives you music download voucher from song4surveys.com. Cash redemption starts at 115 points for 1 GBP and then 230 points=2 GBP, 345 points=3 GBP and 575 point=5 GBP upto 4600 point=40 GBP.
        A wide range of rewards are available for your redemption which literally indicates something for everyone:
        Personal care
        Music download
        Paper voucher
        Electronic voucher
        Computer accessories
        Audio & Video

        And finally the last few links on your Lightspeed account page:
        Change Password---- you can change your account password here.

        Change email address----you can change your email address anytime on this page.

        Update Profile-----update your profile anytime on this page.

        Winners Page----a page containing names and location of members won their most recent prize draw

        Resign-----here you can resign from this panel at any time you want.

        The one and only negative side I found~~~~
        When you start the survey, in the beginning they always ask you to complete the survey at one sitting and do not refresh the page or go back to the previous page while doing a survey. I always try to follow this instruction, inspite of that, sometime if I click to proceed to the next page, it gets disconnected for some reason but as you have the caution in the beginning, you can’t ever reattempt the survey even though its not your fault. On the top of each page you will see it says you can always report technical difficulties to lauren@gb.lightspeedpanel.com, the customer service representative, but there is no way to finish the survey to the end. Lauren generally replies with a regret as it happened for some technical problem but tells clearly that it is not possible to resend the same survey link once again or retake the survey. When you login to your Lightspeed account next time, you may find the unfinished one is still showing up there but if you attempt it second time, it will show something like this:
        you have paused your interview before it was completed. Unfortunately, this survey can only be accessed one time. If you have any questions, please contact with topic of the survey to Lauren. It does upset me for the time being!!

        I never like the entry to Prize Draw thing but I still love Lightspeed. As in terms of survey frequency, prompt points credit, redemption procedure and available reward, Lightspeed Consumer Panel is of course, a great online opportunity even though you never win any draw.

        Recommendation: I highly recommend Lightspeed Consumer Panel to anyone love to do online survey.


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        • Air Wick Aerosols / Homeware / 49 Readings / 42 Ratings
          More +
          12.09.2007 16:02
          Very helpful



          Air Wick aerosol 2 in 1 air freshener for freshen up the indoor air

          We do not have any fixed choice for air fresheners. If we need one, I buy anyone see in the shop but generally try to buy from the brands like Air Wick, Oust or Dettol. The freshener may be aerosol spray, plug in or any other type. This time I bought Air Wick aerosol 2 in 1 Peach & Jasmine. I have used this product (Air Wick) before but the fragrance was simple Jasmine. That had a mild but very pleasant scent but unstable. I like that scent, but this time I have not found any single Jasmine variety and so I bought the Peach & Jasmine

          ****Air Fresheners Availability & Price ****

          The Air Wick is a well known and reputable company. There are several ways how we can freshen up the air in our home with Air Wick products so several products are available in the market, for example aerosol spray, freshmatic automatic spray, Mobil’ air, plug in diffuser, crystal air design, perfumed candle etc. Well, this time I have chosen Air Wick aerosol spray air freshener, 2 in 1, Peach & Jasmine. This was formerly known as Haze product and now it is sold under the brand name of Air Wick. This aerosol 2-in-1 products are available in fragrances include Lavender, Peach & Jasmine, Green Apple & Honeysuckle, Aquamarine and Freesia & Jasmine.

          The 300 ml Air wick 2-in-1 aerosol is found in supermarkets and various online store, price ranges from (any fragrances): Tesco 0.72 Pound, Asda 0.72 Pound, Somerfield 1.21 Pound , Amazon co.uk 1.12 Pound

          I bought the Peach & Jasmine fragrance from Somerfield. I didn’t research about the
          price and availability before I bought it otherwise I could have saved a little from Asda.

          ****The Container****

          The aerosol spray packed in a pressurized metal container with a plastic top. The container is about 6 inches long. Container for this fragrance, Peach & Jasmine, has a deep orange plastic lid and rest of the metal portion has three different color, white, orange and green.
          The top of the metal part is white and green and the rest part has a light orange background with all writing in green such as necessary information, direction for use etc. The brand name is written on the top half of the can, on a white background with a green surrounding. The brand name “Air Wick” is in green color letters and large font and underneath this, written “formerly Haze”, also in green color. When you go further down the container, it becomes two different shed of orange and on this part the first word you find is “ELIMINATES ODORS”, in green color letters and next to it “2 in 1” also written in green color figures and letters and bellow this one, “ADDS FRAGRANCE”, again in green color. Actually many different shades of orange and green are used for this container. This combination looks nice on the metal can with a bright orange lid on the top. Fragrance type is written on the half way of the can which is “PEACH & JASMINE” in bright orange letters.

          Rest of the front part of the can is decorated with images of peaches and jasmine with few green leaves. The overall look of the container is soothing and refreshing.

          Back top of the container has also the brand name written on it in the same fashion as on the front. Under this name, there is a red border line and the fragrance name is again displayed on the border portion by white upper case letters and further down, the white small square portion describes in three different languages (UK-English, DK-Danish and IL-Russian) how this 2 in 1 variety works. Next to this again the color changes to a yellowish orange shed on which the direction of use is written in three languages, all in green color letters and smaller font.

          Further down to the end of the can, you can find the information and contact address of the company and customer services phone number, website URL for UK and EU and on the right of that, there is an “Extremely Flammable” caution again in three different language with a small image of flame on it. Just above this caution there is another alert about solvent abuse.
          Right to these caution there is the barcode for this product. Just over the barcode there you can find the composition written as : sodium nitrate, R8, R25, Butane.

          ****Direction For Use****

          The spraying system or the aerosol dispenser (designed to produce a fine spray of liquid) is situated on the top of the metal can, practically covered by the plastic lid. It has a plastic button with a small whole and when you press the button the spray releases vertically through this whole. There is no separate or removable lid.

          One must be careful about eyes and inhalation of the aerosol while spraying it. The product should be used in well ventilated areas only. The solvent is extremely flammable so the product must not be exposed to temperature higher than 50ºC and should be protected from sunlight. This is specially because the aerosol, which is a highly volatile solvent, is packed in a pressurized closed container and if it is exposed to higher temperature, it can explode.

          As the solvent is highly flammable so spraying must be avoided in the close proximity of naked flame or any such thing like electrical fire or equipment in use. Even smoking should be avoided in presence of this spray, ignition may occur.

          Spraying not recommended on surfaces, food and fabric. As this is a solvent, it can dissolve those materials on spraying.
          And last but not least is keep out of children.

          ****The Way It Should Work****

          This can be found on the back of the container written again in three language. It should neutralize tough odors and then leave a light clean fragrance in the air, both works in one spray that’s why it is a 2-in-1 product (also two fragrance in one container). When you spray, it should spread a fresh fruity aroma capturing the essence of Peach combined with a subtle hint of Jasmine.

          Does it work accordingly?

          Well, to be very honest I have not found this product is very effective for both the above purposes. I have used the Jasmine fragrance before which was quite a mild one but the current one is Peach and Jasmine which is a much stronger than only jasmine and it works a little better but not upto my satisfaction. The peach is very strong which is actually the dominating aroma and the only essence I can get from it.

          Elimination of odor is a little more effective than scenting the air but either the peach or the jasmine scent does not stay in the air for longer. The fragrance stays longer in the air if I spray it in the room and keep the room locked but according to the MSDS, the spray should always be used in well ventilated place.

          This is not very effective if you expect a constant aroma in your room, in that case you have to spray it again and again as it stays maximum 45 minutes to 1 hr. This is probably because the hydrocarbon (solvent) used in the aerosol are highly volatile and evaporates quickly so giving a overwhelming burst of perfume initially and then a short longevity period. I found the perfume level initially is too strong and very much localized but not long lasting. It actually disappear before spreading from one corner to the other. So I am not much impressed by this particular product but for an instant and short time local effect its ok.

          ****Hazard Possibilities****

          We are actually adding toxins to the air we breathe. Are we?

          The solvent used in it is butane, which is extremely flammable and not a common gas found in the air, so its kind of polluting the air!
          The other ingredients written on the can (R8, R25) are not clearly understandable. Generally it contains formaldehyde which is a toxic compound by itself.
          Interestingly the complete chemical composition of most air fresheners (including this product) are still a closely guarded secret.

          Something we never know from the container:

          The Independent and Guardian published the results revealed from the researches in different Universities of US and Eu:

          It could damage pregnant women and new-born babies.

          It is shown that 32% of babies suffer from diarrhea and babies less than 6 months, 30% of them suffer from ear infection in homes using air fresheners daily compare to the houses once a week.

          Mothers are likely to suffer 10% more from headaches.

          16% Of Mothers suffer from maternal depression using aerosol spray type product on daily basis.

          These results are originally published in Environmental Health journal.

          Most air fresheners interfere with our ability to smell by coating our nasal passages with an oil film, or by releasing a nerve deadening agent.

          The best way to freshen up the air is opening windows but in practical, it is not always possible so we have to buy the synthetic air fresheners but we must use it according to the direction.

          In the end, the Air Wick 2 in 1 aerosol air freshener (Peach & Jasmine) product is not very much effective either to freshen up the air or scenting the air, specially for a longer effect. Only suitable for an about 30 minutes scenting effect for a particular portion of the room.

          ****Further Information****
          For consumer service, help & advice:
          PO Box 118, Clevedon BS21 7ZH
          Website: www.airwick.co.uk
          Ph: 0845 769 7079
          Manufacturer in Eu:
          Reckitt Benckiser U.K. Ltd
          Delta Business Park, Swindon, SN5 7XZ
          Manufactures address in DK, IL also available on the container.


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          • pineconeresearch.com / Internet Site / 33 Readings / 28 Ratings
            More +
            10.09.2007 16:19
            Very helpful



            Real and authentic site so must try if you are searching for a paid site

            I always enjoy good online survey sites and most interestingly get paid from it. So far, I have found quite a few good sites on the net who offers good return for each of my 10 to 20 minutes of time. Pinecone research is one of them. This market research is owned by a subsidiary of The Nielsen Company, a well known global market research company whose headquarters are at New York. People like me know a little about online survey companies must know Nielsen Net Rating!!
            I found Pinecone Research is better, not the best though, than many other online survey sites specially in terms of incentive and payment process but a little tricks in the beginning with the sign up puzzle.

            ---------The Site---------

            The site URL: http://www1.pineconeresearch.co.uk

            A simple, fast navigating site, well organized with a green-white “Pinecone Research” logo on the top of the homepage. You can go to the site homepage through this URL where you find Pinecone Research is described as a leading market research company of today with its advanced approach to gather consumers opinion. The other page link you will also find on the home page are:

            Current Surveys
            Who We Are
            Privacy Policy
            Contact Us
            Unfortunately there is no “Join Now” or “Sign Up” link on this page.

            ----------The Puzzle & The Way To Sign-Up--------

            So you have to join the site to be a member and its not easy to find a sign up link for this site. No link is found on the home page and actually the sign-up link play kind of hide & seek with us, the banner or the link never stays for a long time on a particular web page, it always disappears after a while. So if you want to join them try to find out one of their banner or any sign up link and if you get it, sign up immediately, no second thought!
            I found the link in Yahoo answer when I signed up.

            Now when I tried it again just before writing this review (I always try with Google), I have found a website http://www.amylynn.org/home/pinecone.html, owned by Amy Lynn where you can get the sign up page link right now. I have no idea how long it will be there but what I read there seems much interesting. I thought its good to share this with all other people here. This site says that there will be the new link all the time whenever Pinecone Research will post a new link and need new members in their panel. So if you want to join, I think its good to check it first and then somewhere else. If you check this site you can get a better idea about the sign up puzzle of Pinecone Research. They have all different link for UK, US, Ca. This site also ask to join another link “Annika’s Newsletter” on their page and then you will be able to get updated every time when a new link/banner from Pinecone Research is posted or updated on this site. Seems like this is quite convenient.

            I feel really good to let you know about this and will be more happy if it works.

            The other places where you can try is any forum or group pages (MSN, Yahoo etc) or reward/loyalty type site (Ipoints, Money saving Expert etc) on the internet.

            So if you get a link or banner, click on it and you will be taken to a sign up page where you have to fill up a online form with the detail like your name, address, email, profession, working status, age, number of household member, education and gender. After submitting this form, you will receive a welcome email from them generally within next 48 hrs confirming your membership and their aim of sending you 1-2 surveys every month. So from this time you are on your way to participate in Pinecone Research surveys.

            However you must have to participate into their surveys whenever you get one. Inactive members are get deleted from time to time but if you are at the risk of removal, you will be notified by email. So to be in safe side, you better log into your pinecone profile once a week.


            When you are signed up and received your ID and password (they will choose it for you) by email, you can go to the member link on their homepage and log in to your profile page to update your details or change your payment option any time. You can also find there if you are invited in any new survey.

            ----------Current Surveys---------

            Generally they send survey invitation by email each time a survey is available for your profile along with a link, so one can access the survey directly from this email. Additionally a list of all current ongoing surveys are found on their “Current Survey” page. You also can participate in a survey from this page using your personal ID and password.

            Your personal ID and password are vital to access any survey so keep it safe. If you lose it, don’t worry, they send this with all of their invitation email, so just wait for the next invitation.

            ---------Surveys & Incentives---------

            As I have received the surveys: Pinecone Research generally sends a short screening survey first and ask the member to complete the survey within a time frame. From the responses, they select the member whom they finally send their main survey with a 4 GBP incentive and a 5 to 7 days time to complete. They never say anything about the survey topic in their invitation. You only can know it if you attempt it. If you are selected through the short screening survey and receive the final one, you are on the way to get paid for sure. So just complete this main survey and be rewarded.

            The email contains the survey link so you can directly go to the survey from your email and on the first page of the survey, you have to sign another confidentiality agreement before you start the main survey in the next page. The confidentiality alert is very high for this survey site and if you fail to obey this, they have right to take any legal action against you.

            They also may ask for product testing sometime and if you are selected you will have the opportunity to test the pre-launched product sent by them and an additional 4 pound after you complete the process. The survey subject may be on different things which also not allowed to discuss in any internet site. What I can say is very interesting and relevant to our daily life. Besides the survey invitation, Pinecone Research often send their members the reminder about the confidentiality agreement of their site.

            All invitation comes from scott@pineconeresearch.co.uk and the main person you can contact with for any of your survey problem is Karen Scott.

            The Payment: They pay promptly to their members once the survey is complete. Currently Pinecone Research is also paying their member by paypal credit along with the old option of “voucher”. When I joined first, they only had one payment option, which was luncheon voucher of a total of 4 pound generally divided into small vouchers of 1 pound to 50 p. The vouchers are accepted by all supermarket like Somerfield, Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Tesco etc and also in the restaurant like Pizza hut, Burger King, McD etc. You can find the shops listed on the voucher and also the expiry date.

            On 28th June, 2007 I first received their email about the introduction of paypal into their payment system. So now you can select the payment option you prefer, either paypal or voucher while registering in their site or logging into your profile anytime later.

            They generally pay right after the survey is completed by their member. There is no waiting or accumulation of money or point, minimum payout limit or payment request system. If you earn the 4 pound, you will get it to your paypal account within the next few days and if you have the other payment option, you can expect the reward by mail within a week.


            This link will lead you to the Treehouse page of Pinecone Newsletter where you can find
            A word from Karen:
            what Karen says new for their member

            In a nutshell:
            Here you can find different interesting and useful article at different time like right now there is an article about how to make your online searches easier.

            Tree house Games:
            Here you find several fun games you can enjoy. This summer it has a word scramble game in there.

            You can enjoy interesting trivia on this link just for pleasure.

            Ask Karen:
            Here you can see any sticky question asked by the members along with the answer which may be useful for many of us.


            Pinecone Research has a very extensive FAQ area, well covered with all possible questions about the survey site and its uses except the “sign-up” solution. The whole FAQ is divided into 7 different categories:

            questions about payment system and related topic

            General Participation
            participation related questions and answers

            General Participation (New Members)
            participation related questions and answers (I think the part useful for old members too!!)

            privacy and confidentiality of this site for members personal details and product information related questions

            Questionnaire Troubleshooting
            problems faced during survey participation

            Technical Issues
            problem with navigation or related problems

            problems logging in to the site

            -----------Who We Are---------

            On this page you will find a brief description of Pinecone Research what I already wrote in the introduction and you can also see some other useful discussion about “why you” to remind you that you are a part of the elite group of Pinecone Research panelist who represent consumer nationwide and influence the future market. On this page you will also find “How It Works” which let you know in a few lines how the whole survey process works from invitation to payout. At the end of this page, they assure you about the privacy of your personal details one more time.

            ---------Privacy Policy---------

            A detail description of all the privacy and security rules they follow for their members and Pinecone Research business. After you join the panel, you should read this page carefully to know about their privacy policy. Along with the privacy policy, they also provide their headquarters address at the end of this page which is
            770 Broadway, New York 10003, USA

            If you have any question about their privacy policy or any related problem, you can email to Mustard@Pineconeresearch.co.uk

            ---------Contact Karen: The Customer Service---------

            Pinecone Research has a better customer service than many other sites. If you have any problem you can always send them your query by filling up the online form which is available through the “send us an email” link on the top of the FAQ page of this site. You can also send mail to scott@pineconeresearch.co.uk from your email account and Karen generally get back to you within 48 hrs.

            ----------My Experience---------

            So far I have received and completed 4 surveys in about 3 months. I have not faced any problem doing my survey on their site but I have a little problem with profile update and payment process with one of my surveys which I think I should mention here. I have received one voucher reward and two other paypal payment for my last 3 surveys, safely within 2 days of completion of my survey but the first voucher is not yet reached.

            After I joined the site and done the first survey, my contact details changed as I moved to another apartment. Unfortunately Pinecone Research sent my first voucher to my old address before I updated it and I missed the voucher. I have updated my address in their site and sent an email to them about this address change. Me and Karen had some email exchange regarding this reward and Karen asked me again to update my address for resending the voucher. In the mean time they introduced paypal into their payment system and as I prefer paypal, I changed my payment option to paypal right after it and requested them to resend my missing reward either to my new address or even better to my paypal, if possible. I received their reply where they asked me to update my contact details again (third time after I told them I have updated it already) and nothing about the paypal option I offered for my missing reward. Even though I have modified my address in their site and later selected the paypal option for any future payment, after this I have not received any further communication or my first payment to either address.

            Its now a month since I received the last mail from them. Currently I am not getting any survey invitation or any further feedback from Pinecone Research and suspecting something wrong with my membership. If they deleted my membership, they should have sent an alert before it so I don’t know what’s the problem actually but looking forward to hear from them.

            I really do not understand why they play the sign up game with us and why imply too much confidentiality alert for each and every step when many other survey sites are there who also pays, does the same kind of market research business in a much comfortable way. I think it’s a little hassle but its ok as long as I can get 4 pound for 10 minutes!

            So even though I have faced some problem and I found this a little tricky, I still recommend this survey site to anyone interested in online paid surveys as they are a reputable and honest site with all necessary features needed to prove a site’s authenticity, but at the same time just follow their security and confidentiality guidelines seriously and also try to be active on their site by logging into your profile page often. They are good but a little hard in all respect, from sign up to “confidentiality rule”.
            Nothing to lose so just be a little more serious about this different type survey site and enjoy


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            • inyouropinion.net / Internet Site / 44 Readings / 41 Ratings
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              07.09.2007 14:55
              Very helpful



              A good site to earn a few extra online!

              Right after I joined “In your opinion” and completed my first survey, I read a review on this and wanted to write my own review but I did not have much experience at that time. Now I am ready to write my own review about “inyouropinion” as now I have that experience and I feel I have to write it for them who wants to join the site.
              I like doing survey online and I am in quite a large number of survey sites now. None of them are bad but few of them are as good as this one. I do not expect more than what inyouropinion is giving me in terms of easy qualifying surveys and incentives. Still some disadvantages are there but they are compensated by the advantages and this is the reason why I like to stick to this site.

              ~~~The Website~~~
              The URL for this survey site is http://www.inyouropinion.net

              A fast navigating site with a neat and simple homepage where the site is described as an International Community of consumers. The consumers registered with this site can take part in market research surveys and opinion poll and help government or non-government agencies to improve their future products and services or increase awareness about current affairs. On the home page you can also find that this community is available for consumers of Germany, Nederland’s, Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Spain in their own languages.
              The homepage comes with this brief description of the site along with the following links for other pages,
              Prize Draw
              Data Protection

              When you scroll down the page, you can see a line saying “In your opinion” is brought to you by “mo’web”. Even though at the end of the page, you can see “In Your opinion Team” but I am not sure the mo’web is the owner of this site or a different “Inyouropinion Team” is there who actually operates the site and interact with us. “Mo’web” is an International full service research agency and they offer :
              Survey design
              Questionnaire design
              Questionnaire scripting and programming
              Email invitation and reminders
              Panel-based field work
              Real time status report
              Recruitment of dedicated panels
              Data delivery in different formats
              Data analysis and tabulation
              Chart preparation
              Full analysis of result

              I know many or all other survey sites use services from agency like mo’web to design their surveys, preparing questionnaire etc but here “in your opinion”, if mo’web also does the work like email invitation and reminders, data delivery and analysis things-then its possible there is no separate “In your opinion team” and mo’web actually owns this site. I did not get any clear picture of this and will be happy to know more about it.
              I wouldn’t go this far to search out about mo’web and in your opinion team if I would have received the reply of any of my email sent to “In Your Opinion Team”. I will come back to this point later.

              Next step is register with the site. So you have to click on the “Register” link on the left of the homepage and fill up your first name, family name and email address on the space provided. They will send you a profile survey or questionnaire to your email address and you have to complete that survey to become a fully registered member of their panel. This survey generally takes 10 minutes and gives you 10 tickets for the prize draw.

              ~~~Prize Draw & Incentives~~~
              The most interesting part of a paid survey site. This site offers two type of incentives for each survey you complete:
              i)Cash (euro) per survey we take, cash incentives may range from 1 euro to 10 euro for each survey depends on the length and type of survey.

              ii)Ticket to their prize draw. When you complete a survey you also get a few tickets for their monthly draw and for the annual jackpot. Minimum 10 tickets are given for a single survey and sometime tickets for annual draw. More survey you complete, more tickets you accumulate for the monthly as well as annual drawing and hence the better chance of winning!
              The monthly draw runs on 15th of each month and has one first prize of 500 euro and 5 second prizes of 50 euro each.
              The annual jackpot draw runs at the end of the year and has a jackpot of 10,000 euro!
              All cash incentives are paid by paypal. You can request the payout when you have a minimum of 20 euro in your account and they will send the money to your paypal account on 20th of that month.

              In your opinion sends their survey invitation by email. Sometime they offer 5 to 6 surveys in a month but sometime only 1 or 2. Each survey invitation has a time limit so its better to check your email often to attempt all of those surveys before they expire. The surveys are mostly about IT and related technology uses and advancement, for example use of printer, mobile or computer. Some surveys are also about small business experience or about current political situations. The surveys are very straight forward and easy, takes maximum of 15 minutes with a reasonable length and amount of questionnaire, interesting and understandable. You won’t feel boring with a huge number of unnecessary questions. Each survey contains a few initial screening questions which is comparatively easy to qualify but there is a chance one can disqualify for the full survey. In that case the member will be awarded with 10 tickets to the prize draw only.

              ~~~~~Data Protection~~~~~

              This page promises you about the full protection of your personal information on their site. Your personal information is not forwarded to third party or any client of this site or advertisers. The responses we provide is always aggregated together with answers of other members and analyzed in an anonymous fashion, never referred to our name. The responses are represented as “The majority of all participants said”.
              One more time, you can find that In your opinion is a service from mo’web GmbH which is registered with ESOMAR(ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice) and BVM, DGOF, which have also issued clear directives for data protection and ethical conduct in market research.

              This part contains FAQ of this site which is a vital part of any website specifically which involves interaction with real people (members like me!!) in their site. I really like this feature and consider this is an important way to evaluate the site before I sign up. FAQ of this site is also quite satisfactory with all the necessary questions we should know before we proceed. It gives us a clear picture about the site. The questions are :
              • Why are these surveys being conducted?
              • What happens with the survey results?
              • How long does it take to complete a survey?
              • What subjects are the surveys about?
              • Can I have several member accounts?
              • Do you ever sell anything via a questionnaire?
              • How much does the membership cost?
              • How long is my membership valid for?
              • How many Euros can I earn for completing a survey?

              If you have some comments or question about this site you can either send them enquiry by filling up the online form provided on the page “contact us” or just by sending an email to info@inyouropinion.net directly from your email account.

              After you sign up on this site, they will send you an activation code and you can activate your account right after that by entering the code on the space provided on the “Activation” page of this site. When you activate your account and complete the first survey, you become a fully registered In Your Opinion member.

              ~~~Members Area~~~
              When you are registered, you can log in to the page name “member area” using your user name (your email address you have used in registration) and Password (they provide it initially). In this page you will find a welcome message for you, current surveys you are invited in, number of tickets you have for the prize draw and some more links for other pages like:
              Account Balance
              Recommend Us
              Change Password
              Change username
              Quit membership

              ~~~Account Balance~~~
              This page shows the current balance of your account and provide a full statement of each incentive you have earned associated with the survey topic and date completed.
              Initially the incentives shows a pending status and gets confirmed after a few days, not much waiting though. When you request a payout, an additional statement of “payment process” will show up in this page along with the date requested and the amount until the money is transferred to your paypal account.

              In this page you can find the surveys you are invited in along with the offered incentives and time required to complete the survey.

              ~~~Recommend US~~~
              Member of “In Your Opinion” can invite their friends or other to this survey site from this page entering friends email address in the space provided which will send an email invitation to your friend. You will receive 10 prize draw tickets for each of your fully registered referral.

              ~~~Change Password & Change Username~~~
              This page offers you an option for changing your username (which was initially your email address) and password (they have provided it to you).

              ~~~Quit Membership~~~
              There is the option for you if you want to quit your membership any time. They assure you that they will delete all of your personal information from their site once you select this option.

              ~~~My Experience~~~
              I am a member of this site since 31st May, 2007 and since then I have received at least 12 surveys from them. I missed some of them as I was unable to check my email on time and wasn’t able to qualify for a few. I have fully completed about 6 of them and received a payout with 22 euro for the first time in August, 2007 and requested the second payout of 27 euro on 1st Sept’07. Hopefully will receive my second payout on 20th of this month. So a total of 49 euro in 3 months for hardly 2 hrs (I believe less than this but I have no record) of my time which is not bad at all. I have received the survey with minimum incentive offer 4.50 euro and the maximum 11.50 euro. Most of them were above 5 euro.
              Even though the incentives are exceptional and rare of its kind, still there are some drawbacks what I found quite frustrating sometime.

              ~~~Confusion with the account balance statement~~~
              I have found this page is very much confusing. Every time I log in to the site I get a different account balance. For the first time when I found I crossed the minimum payout and accumulated a total of 22 euro in my account, I requested the payout. Next day when I visited the site I found my account balance became (-8) euor instead of 0.00 euro. I still have no idea how it happened. I was really upset seeing this.
              This month when I visited the site for requesting my second payout, I found I had 43 euro (confirmed) (I was so excited on that day, I wrote about this site on a forum), so I clicked the request payment button without taking any further risk and right after that I have found a 22 euro payout process is showing along with a 0.00 euro account balance in my “In Your Opinion” account. I am really confused and upset with this fluctuation and miss calculation of my incentives.

              ~~~Customer Service~~~
              As I was really upset with the account balance statement from time to time, I have sent several enquiries to the “In Your Opinion Team” through the online form on their site and also by sending direct email from my own email account to info@inyouropinion.net but unfortunately I have never ever received a single feed back from them. That frustrated me even more. That’s why I started searching about the owner of this site and found out more about mo’web. Next time what I want to do is to write directly to the mo’web regarding my query using the online form on mo’web site.

              I would rather suggest myself and all other who will join this site that request the payout at the moment you see the earning is over 20 euro and never wait for another minute and try to keep a track for all the surveys you have completed with this site. I have not done this so far. I have seen all these different account balances but have never saved them. If I had each of those balance sheets saved on my file it might be easier for me to write them about it.

              ~~~Payment Request~~~
              They send the payment on 20th of each month as mentioned on their “Prize Draw” page. I requested my first payment on the 18th of July and expected my payment on 20th of that month but was surprised to see that the payment wasn’t made on 20th of July rather 20th Aug, the next month.

              ~~~I still vote for them~~~
              I still think these disadvantages are compensated by the incentives they offer. Moreover they really pay their members. I think I will get better if I can keep a proper track record and attempt all of their surveys on time. I have not found any other survey site offering this kind of money for such a little effort and time. They sends good number of surveys, they do pay and the surveys are very easy to qualify. Completely free to join the site. So even though it has many draw backs like what I found, still its certainly worth trying this site.


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              • Diet Coke / Soft Drink / 71 Readings / 59 Ratings
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                17.08.2007 00:44
                Very helpful



                It is hard to quit once you get used to diet coke!

                ~~~~~Diet Coke Addiction~~~~
                I was not quite fond of diet coke before I met my husband. I found him a real fan of it the very first day and after that I don’t know when, I fell in love with diet coke too. Now we buy the 15 can pack every 5 days or so. Is this a symptom of addiction? I think so. We both are now addicted to it. May be you won’t believe but my husband carries some cans all the time with him even while going for a party to our friend’s house in case they have something else to drink!!!!! I am sure it is addiction.
                When I thought of writing a review of this I found the last review written on dooyoo about diet coke is one year old. Is there any change in the market of diet coke in this one year? I think yes, a huge increase in sell!! Coke has even bigger market than last year!

                What is diet coke sugar free?
                A carbonated low calorie soft drink with vegetable extracts with sweeteners.
                It is the first version of sugar free coca cola, launched on July 9th, 1982. Manufactured and introduced by Coca Cola company of United States.

                ~~~~~Availability & Price~~~~~~
                Diet coke is available in all small shops and supermarket, vending machine and pubs, restaurants in different container and size, for example can and bottle with the most common packs and sizes are:
                6 can Pack, 330ml coke in each can, current price about 2.75 GBP.
                6 bottle pack, 500 ml in each bottle, current price about 2.50 GBP
                15 can pack, 330 ml in each can, current price about 4.20 GBP which contains 15% extra for free that is 15 cans for the price of 10.
                2 Ltr bottle, current price about 1.20 GBP
                Diet coke is also available in many online stores like Amazon.co.uk or Bizrate.co.uk etc.
                Single bottle or can costs more than this value packs. A special note for the prices: You can always get some promotions on these price like for the most recent promotion I found 6can packX330ml can by 3.00 GBP from Somerfield as buy 1 get 1 free.
                Sales of diet coke in Britain is second to US.

                The 6-can pack or 6-bottle pack comes in silver color plastic wrap and the 15-can pack comes in a silver color paper packet. The individual can is also silver color and recyclable in almost every part of this world. There is a sign of “recycle” on the container. We have special bin for the recyclable item and we throw our empty diet coke container on those bins only while at home. Most of the public places now have separate bin for recyclable item, it is better to use them while you have an empty diet coke can or bottle in your hand. The bottles are mostly made of plastic but I have seen some part of the world has more glass bottle than plastic which may be a good sign for green environment. I can see here in UK, mostly plastic bottles for 500ml and 2 lt container. The bottles are wrapped with a piece of silver color paper on it. So silver color is the symbol/indication of diet coke-sugar free!
                ~~~~Nutrition Information & Ingredients~~~~~~
                The nutrition information are clearly written on every single bottle and can also on the big pack of 6- or 15- can and bottle.
                Each 500 ml bottle or 330 ml can contains;
                Energy 2.0 KJ, 0.5 Kcal
                Protein 0gm
                Fat 0 gm
                Fibre 0 gm
                Carbohydrate 0 gm
                Sodium Trace <1%

                Carbonated water, color (caramel E 150d), sweeteners-Aspartame(the sweetener in Nutra Sweet, Aspartame is an artificial sweetener made of the amino acids phenyl alanine and aspartic acid and methanol) Acesulfame K, Flavouring agents-caffeine (mentioned on the can as “including caffeine” so there is something else which is not written on the container), Phosphoric acid.
                Vegetable extract-not any proper information of vegetable extracts (for example what kind of vegetable and the quantity or %) is found on the container.

                Although I did not find the ingredient “Potassium Benzoate” on any container but I read in articles that this compound is present in carbonated drink like diet coke to protect taste or acts as anti freezing agent and preservative. For this variety of diet coke, anti freezing component or preservative is not particularly mentioned on the container.

                ~~~~~~~Possible Health Hazards~~~~~~
                Aspartame: A higher dose of this compound can cause leukemia and lymphoma.
                Methanol from Aspartame: Aspartame is digested by our body and produces the starting material phenyl alanine, asprtate (salt of aspartic acid) and methanol. This methanol is converted to two very toxic material on the action of some enzyme inside our body.
                BENZENE: The benzoate present in coke is subsequently break down in benzene and other component and this benzene is a well known carcinogenic compound (cancer causing).
                The Food Standards Agency of UK has published a report about the benzene contain.
                The full report:(http://www.food.gov.uk/news/newsarchive/2006/mar/benzenesurvey)
                Soft drinks with caffeine: It can disrupt children's sleep and leave them feeling tired during the day
                Other possible health hazards: Affect on bone and teeth, cause joint pain.

                We have read about the above health hazard in different journal articles and news paper but are still consuming diet coke at least one can a day. I think this is a real addiction. It is hard to quit this habit but as long as we are in control, it should be of no problem!

                It has a mild sweet taste which I found is much less than the one with sugar or normal coke. A light flavour probably for the caramel. A fizzy drink and so best when you drink ice cold.
                We like to drink the small can or the small bottle as we want to finish the drink as soon as possible. That is the reason we do not buy the 2 ltr as we don’t feel the taste very good anymore after a while even though stored in refrigerator. It loses the dissolved carbon di-oxide and become a flat drink, no more refreshing!

                ~~~Advertising and Sponsoring Events~~~~
                Advertisement for coca cola and diet coke is always very entertaining and attractive. The jingles like “Always Coca-Cola” and ‘grab a Coke and a smile’ are well remembered. Diet coke is strongly associated to sports and health. The longest standing partner of FIFA (International Football Federation).
                Coke demands they have contribution in events like maintaining eco system, mission Antartica, waste and recycling, packaging, litter, and specifically for Britain: reducing energy use, water use and waste and recycling.

                ~~~~~My Opinion~~~~~
                I do think too much drinking of diet coke (any carbonated drink) may cause some health hazards. From time to time many new health hazards from diet coke are published in journals and news which may discourage the customer for the time being but this does not affect the ever increasing market of diet coke. Diet coke is the forth most popular carbonated and non-alcoholic drink in the world right now. I will drink it as long as it will be in the market.
                Something which I want to include here is, this year coca cola is celebrating their 25th anniversary and they opened a reward site for Diet Coke, only in USA where consumer can take part in that site, enter the code under the cap of their diet coke bottle, collect points and get rewarded. I wish we, the diet coke fan outside US could get some special opportunity like this!!!


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                • mylot.com / Internet Site / 54 Readings / 49 Ratings
                  More +
                  23.07.2007 18:30
                  Very helpful



                  I highly recommend myLot to them who are active in different online earning sites

                  I like to let people know about the things I like very much. Hopefully you can also enjoy. This time I want to tell you about one of my favorite activity online, “chat” and I think you all love it who likes internet.
                  Well, this is about a special chat forum and also a good source of earning a few extra dollar on the net. I have found the net about other forum which pays to chat and found this one. Yes this one is only forum where people are making money by making new friends, chatting online, discussing everyday life and replying other friends. I have told many people about it but if I post here a big community can read it. With this hope I am trying this.
                  Some points why I love this one :

                  Free to join.
                  Current total member: 101,610
                  Members are accepted from all over the world.
                  myLot Pays members via paypal or moneybookers.com and pays for sure.
                  Minimum payout limit; $10
                  Nice website, fast navigation, nice color and set up. Administration is good.

                  Several options which can be used for earning are
                  Starting new discussion about virtually anything. From daily life routine to special occasion, from any negligible incident to memorable stories, literally anything. Yes discussion with mature content is also allowed but you have to mention it specifically in profile.
                  So this is an advantage of this forum.

                  Every discussion you start, better start with more than 4 lines. One line discussions are discouraged in the mylot forum guideline.
                  Well this is hard to follow by me all the time. Sometimes I am in hurry so u know….

                  U can also earn by taking part in other people discussion. More like here, you can make your friend circle and try to read their discussion and respond them at the first instance. You read and write about other discussion too. But you know everywhere there is some way things go so there I see people take care of their friends first, the yes also take care of others discussion.
                  How can you make new friend?
                  If you find any discussion very good and useful for you, you can see the member’s profile who posted it. You know more about that member from profile and request him/her to accept your friendship. If he/she also accepts you as a friend, name of that member will be added to your friend list. Mostly like here.
                  To increase your earning, you have to respond as many new discussion as possible. You should respond in as much descriptive way as U can. Not just "Thank you" or 'Fine"-this kind of single word response.

                  Responding others discussion is not hard for me but I cant do more than 30 a day, I get tired often This decreases my earning there. I want to do more but I am lazy!!!
                  There is no limit how many discussion you can start or respond in a day

                  This is a big advantage in myLot. Most of the sites of this kind (no currently paying forum though, but if there were some in the recent past) generally has some limitation on this.

                  You can make friend circle just like ciao here and use your friend network to boost your earning. In mylot it is better you respond all of your friends post and then they will also respond to each of your post. When you get more than 10 responses to your post, they will pay per each response. If the response is lower then 10 then they will just pay a few cents gross, for all of your posting.
                  So More powerful your friend network, more you respond to their post, they will increase your number too.

                  I have tried it, may be funny, I made so-many friend now it is hard for me to track them and to respond all of them everyday. When I open my mailbox, notification of at least 200 new discussions my friends have made-lol! As one can post unlimited number everyday, so its not odd to see it when I have many many friends there.
                  In my opinion, if anybody wants, can get better and better managing this things properly.

                  Another option of earning in myLot is attach picture to your post which will add up few more cents for the posting. Every time member read your post, see your picture and rate it and leaves a comment on it, earning will be better than only a simple post.

                  Upload pictures only and make your gallery to allow members to see the picture, if they rate it and leaves comment, this also affect earning.
                  One picture earns minimum a cent and increases with number of clicks and rating.

                  I was not able to add many picture, I have added so far only 3 and none of the were rated. myLot only paid me a cent for uploading-I think. Ha
                  But again I think there is potential, I can earn more if I try little bit more. Some members post a number of picture everyday, specially with their discussion like if there is discussion about fish, attach some picture of different kind of fish or garden, attach the picture from your garden. It is not hard but time consuming, what I can not afford always.

                  Like all other paying program, referring anybody to myLot can also earns money for the member when the referrals sign up and become active, you will get 25% of their mylot earning.

                  This is not very nice for me as I am not good at referring others. Many members in there having more than 500 referrals, I think they are there for long time and may be from the beginning and also work harder than me.

                  Some additional advantage when I am in such a community is I have many friends in my circle, so I send occasional private message to them with my referral link of other program. A good way of getting new referrals for other sites.
                  One can also add own blog or website or lens to myLot profile page to attract more traffic. When I am active, I find several people see my profile page those days. When I am posting a discussion, the people who likes it, may become interested and check it. So more one is active in the forum, more opportunity comes up.

                  There is still some restrictions which the member must avoid to be with myLot:
                  You cant copy or paste discussion to start it or to respond when you have total responds to other discussion (what shows your activity) less than 500. Only the number of responses you have sent. After you have 500, you can copy and paste anything on the site.

                  Don’t create more than one mylot account per person. They will cancel your membership as they track the IP address and do not allow more than one account from same IP address.

                  If you received huge number of responses for one of your post, do not post the discussion again to get high number of responses again. This post will be deleted. The guideline also ask us to be careful about repeating the topic and it is better to search (search box is there in myLot page) if it is already posted.

                  Start meaningless discussions or give meaningless responses to try and boost the rating is not allowed. Discussions like “What’s your age” will be deleted, also short responses too.

                  No discussion like poll, jokes, game etc to draw more members attention is allowed.

                  Of course no post to Request donations, post charity requests, petitions for signatures, chain letters or letters relating to pyramid schemes, advertising or solicitations for funds, or mass mailings are allowed too.

                  Members' reputation in myLot:-
                  1.If you often can start your discussion on any interesting topic and it can engage other members for long time
                  2. If you can respond properly to other discussion making the discussion longer and more interesting
                  3.If you can maintain your friend network actively and regularly respond specially to all your friends
                  For these things, there are also a rating system in mylot (this is your reputation),
                  They will give the member a blue star (rank 10, highest rank) score ~95/100. For a red star(9) for about 93/100, green(5) for ~53/100, Pink(6) for 61/100, grey(7) for 65/100 and yellow(8) for 85/100.
                  So when you achieve the blue star you are among the best members of myLot and so on...

                  Something to be noted separately; When you go to your profile page, there is a number in () bracket beside your username there, this denotes the number of responses you have made so far.
                  Do not the number of new discussion you have started.

                  The score or rank is members reputation. It actually depends on your activity inside mylot. Disobeying their rule one can drop the score or attacking other members personally or on purpose. There is also an option to report the myLot administration if you think somebody is abusing mylot. So getting any report like this will drop the reputation. In some cases members are deleted.

                  In spite of some fine limitations in mylot, I think it is a very good forum. People are friendly and helpful. I have been there for several months now. The most important thing is that this is the only forum which is still paying their member for very simple and easy work. They are sincere about the payment and do not fail to pay within the 20th of each month.

                  My membership and earning:
                  I am here for some time now. I have been successfully reached the payout every month with a medium effort. As I already told you, I am very much irregular. Still a I received $12.50 for the last months activity and just for posting and responding simple things. I do not want to think much to post a hi fi discussion or respond all the discussion my friends started (like 150-200 daily) and do not work so hard so I am satisfied with it

                  Well I had a good star rating, 98/100 but once I was involved in some bad fighting with one member and I suppose mylot got some bad report about me, so they dropped my rating. SAD!!!I
                  So Overall in My opinion:-
                  It is a good, clean and healthy forum. Reaching payout every month is not very hard if you are serious and active. The most important thing in my opinion is: The site is very clean and reliable, no cookies, no pop-up advert. Very responsive and they really pay their member. I have used many other kind of sites so far and mylot is really different from the.

                  It has potential!!!
                  I highly recommend to them who are active in different online earning sites. It will be certainly another good addition to your list.


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                  • British Airways / Employment / 32 Readings / 27 Ratings
                    More +
                    22.07.2007 03:37
                    Very helpful



                    My favorite airline. I prefer it over AA/American Airline for long distance or short, any journey.

                    British Airways is an lnternational airline with extensive global route network. The website for this is ba.com where you can have a full range of product for a successful holiday worldwide.
                    With their franchise and codeshare partners fly to more than 300 destinations worldwide. They are a member of the oneworld alliance - in co-operation with their airline partners they offer a network of over 600 destinations.
                    They have services for: flight booking, holiday package, Hotel and apartment booking, travel insurance, car rental.
                    I have experience with them for flying Internationally to and from Asia to USA, US to UK and within UK.
                    Booking: Register with their secure website and book flight online, manage booking etc. Otherwise book from travel agent. They offer moderate price. They offer a refund of difference if you find lower price for the same flight on another website. One can just check the current fare anytime on their site.
                    One can also can cancel the booking within 24hrs of booking but a fee will be charged for that.

                    my latest fare was 91 pound for a domestic journey from Aberdeen to London Heathrow in July, 2007. This was inclusive taxes and charges. Well the fare was still cheapest required date and time for that particular route. I booked online and is very satisfied. The process is very much simple and easy to use. Well instructed.

                    Baggage: You can get the up-to-date baggage information and current security restrictions on their site. They have one free hand bag and one laptop or briefcase for passenger departing from or transferring in UK. Domestic flights may have only one free hand bag. One free checked-in bag of 23kg.
                    Other Eu or International route: for club or First class 3 checked in bags.
                    Club Europe and World Traveller Plus- 2 Bags
                    World Traveller and Euro Traveller – 1 Bag
                    For USA, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, Brazil, Nigeria, Caribbean and Central America passenger:
                    FIRST and Club World - 3 bags
                    World Traveller Plus and World Traveller - 2 bags

                    I got only one free hand baggage option and no check-in baggage for my particular route for ba domestic flight. 2 checked in and two hand bags while for US flight and one hand bag and one checked in coming from Asia to UK. This actually depends on the particular route and time when flying as it changes often.

                    Check-In: 3 hrs prior to departure time you can check-in at the airport.
                    You can check-in online starts 60 days before your flight
                    Self-service check -in at airport kiosk.

                    I like to check-in online and choose my seats and book it. If I fail to do so for some reason, I go for kiosk self service. They are very much convenient to me. I have experience of check in at airport desk also for a few times.
                    I found all of their check in processes are hassle free, cool and on time
                    Group A: Passengers have traveling with babies and young children or need priority boarding or assistance
                    Group B: Business class and first class
                    Group C: economy
                    My experience: Boarding always starts on time, if for any reason flight is delayed they notify it well it advance. I have found only once for the domestic flight was late for 40 minutes.
                    Seating arrangement: They provide seat number during check-in. if you check in well in advance online you can choose your own seat seeing their flight seat arrangement picture. I Like it very much.

                    The seat arrangement is maintained strictly so no chaos while boarding. Peaceful procedure

                    Flight: My all International travels were always on time. Only the domestic UK flight was late.
                    Domestic flights do have only one class, no first class or business class.
                    Flight is nice, I specially want to mention seats are very comfortable and enough legroom which is rare in most of the other airlines same flight, clean and spacious flight.

                    International flights offer sets of lunch, dinner, snacks and breakfast as required and I found more than enough always. Domestic 1hr 15 min flight offer small tiffin like sandwiches and drinks, this is also enough for a small route journey.

                    Staffs are very much friendly. Offer fantastic services on board.

                    Return journey: Checked-in on the Luton airport on time, 2 hrs before departure time. Boarding

                    You can join their club class (you have to buy a minimum price ticket to qualify) or get their credit card and use it for buying ticket next time and you can earn airmiles. This airmiles can be redeemed for free flight or something else.

                    Here I think they should give a chance for their frequent flyer to join the club. They may not buy business class ticket but they buy economy ticket many times.

                    My favorite airline. I prefer it over AA/American Airline or any other for long distance or short, any journey.


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                    • Somerfields / Highstreet Shopping / 12 Readings / 9 Ratings
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                      22.07.2007 02:28



                      Somerfield-I like this store very much. This is the most convenient grocery store for me with a reas

                      Somerfield is one of my favourite shops. I am glad to go to this store for any reason and anytime.

                      Somerfield stores are wide open, spacious and convenient, well organised, well equipped and well staffed.

                      Somerfield offer all kind of everyday basics of their own brand.
                      They also have items from other reputed brands. Ready meal of other source, froze food, bakery product, large range of vegetable and fruits, flower, meats and fishes, beverages, snacks, breakfast, juices and milk, cosmetics, hair care, bath care product, kichen-toilet cleaner, laundry detergent that is all kind of house hold item, pet food, chocolates and newspaper/magazines.

                      Conveniently located all over the city.

                      Regularly offer sale price for many of their item.

                      Prices are reasonable

                      Store brand products are not only of great quality but also cheap.

                      Have friendly staff.
                      Clean and healthy environment. I can always find items on proper place. All the items are well organized and staffs take care of it all the time. Enough staff to maintain the shop in order.

                      The most convenient to me is the home delivery option. You can buy for only 25 pound and they will deliver it for you on time. You have to fill up a form first and they will provide you with a somerfield homedelivery card which you have to present to them each time you need a home delivery. I take the advantage of this option and get the home delivery everytime on scheduled time. They handle our staff with care and save properly until delivered. I often buy things like ice cream, egg etc which i never find damaged or ruined when they deliver.

                      The only problem i sometime see is if i don't have a coin i cant use their shopping cart for my big shopping. They help me with a piece of metal just like a coin to get the cart.

                      I like this store very much. This is the most convenient grocery store for me with a reasonable price for their item, for my everyday use.


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                    • easyjet.com / Internet Site / 11 Readings / 8 Ratings
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                      22.07.2007 01:48
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment



                      Easyjet is an low cost Europen airline. I liked thir fare very much but not satisfied with easyjet

                      Easyjet is an low cost European airline. Well, they have added 7 new route to NewYork recently. The website for this is easyjet.com where you can have a full range of product for a successful holiday in Europe. They have services for: flight booking, holiday package, Hotel and apartment booking, travel insurance, car rental, airport parking, to and from the airport throughout the Eu. Here I am writing about the flight only.
                      Booking: One can register with their secure website and book flight online, manage booking etc. They offer very low price like I traveled Aberdeen to London Luton June, 2007 for only 61 pound for return of which 31 was fare and rest for charges and tax. They offer this kind of low rate thruoght the year which is the lowest price for your route-it is their gurantee. So they offer a refund of difference if you find lower price for the same route. One can just check the current fare anytime on their site.
                      You can calcel the booking within 24hrs of booking but a fee will be charged for that.

                      I found the cheapest fare for easyjet only on my required date and time for that particular route. I am happy with booking procedure. Convenient and easy to use.

                      Baggage: You can get the up-to-date baggage information and current security restrictons on their site. They have one free hand bag (do not mention weight) and one free checked-in bag of 20kg. If you want to take extra baggage they will be charged separately.

                      I got only one free handbaggage option and no check-in baggage for my particular route for easyjet flight. They even did not allow me to carry my camcorder or camera separately. It was little bit of bothering for me.

                      Chek-In: 2 hrs prior to departer time you can check-in at the airport.
                      You can check-in online strats 60 days before your flight
                      Self-service check -in at airport kiosk is currently only in Geneva airport but will start soon in all airports.

                      I ave checked in at airport. They should open 2 hrs prior to departure time but I found they opened their counter for check-in 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. There was no announcement or notice for the delay which was quite a bit annoying for all the passenger.

                      Group SB: Passengers who have purchased Speedy Boarding with extra cost whie check-in
                      Group SA: Passengers travelling with babies and young children
                      Group A: Reserved for passengers who have checked in online, and the first 30 people who check in at the airport
                      Group B: rest of the passenger

                      My experience: Another disgusting thing I found. The flight was late for 2 hrs but there was no anouncement or notification of this. All passenger were waiting in the lounge and the deparure time was already passed, everybody was worried about the thing. Boarding started after 30 minutes of scheduled departure time. They should announce it well in advance what we see for all other airlines.

                      Seating arrangement: They provide seat number during check-in.

                      Unfortunately, this don't work. You can seat any where which is available and this is one of the causes why i do not like this airline. The second bad thing on boarding was, to me, everybody was fighting for boarding before the rest of the passanger and there was a chaos.
                      Boarding following the priority was not possible in that situation.

                      Flight: My flight was domestic UK flight and there is no business class or first class on that flight. Flight is nice, seats and legrooms are same like other domestic flights, not too bad but not too good.

                      No free snacks or drink on flight. One can buy from the flight canteen.
                      The flight was 2 and half hour late. rest of my outword journy was fine.

                      Return journey: Checked-in on the Luton airport on time, 2 hrs before departure time. Boarding started just before 10 minutes of departure time and again the flight was late by 1 hrs. Delayed flght announced just before 5 minutes of scheduled departure time.

                      Rest of the return journey was fine.

                      I liked their fare very much. In my opinion they should be more careful about rest of their services. I am not satisfied with easyjet. Lack of announcement and notification. Flight may be delayed but they must notify it well in advance so that passengers do not have to be anxious about it.
                      Should follow the seating arrangement according to the number on the ticket to avoid chaos while boarding.
                      Still I may try them again in future for their cheap fare only.


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                        17.07.2007 23:55
                        Very helpful



                        Open-Top bus tour of London-very much friendly to the tourists totally unknown to the city!

                        I want to share one of my AMAZING Experience all over the web whereever I get a chance! Today its for you, my dooyoo friends. This is a real unforgettable experience for me.
                        I went to London for the first time in my life this summer, 9th June,2007 with my husband and have seen London with the bus from sight seeing bus company name Big Bus. They offer a hop-on hop-off tour which means you can hop-on or hop-off the bus when ad where you want within the valid period of your ticket.
                        The Big Bus tour offers a 24-hrs Hop-on Hop-off sightseeing tour where you can get on the Big Bus at any of their scheduled stop and get off the bus at your desired attraction stop, at any time with a valid ticket.

                        The Big Bus Company---------------
                        This company is the winner of sightseeing tour of the year 2004. The company established in 1991 with only two buses. The company was the first to offer a river-cruise, and remains the ONLY open-top sightseeing company to include three walking tour. In 1997 the company introduced the Big Bus Information Centre in Buckingham Palace Road, where staff can assist you planning your stay in London, help you with theatre tickets and a range of quality souvenirs. The London-based, family-owned company employs over 400 staff, and has over 70 buses.

                        Schedule and Tickets-------------
                        Operate everyday except 25th December
                        Tickets can be purchased from the buses, by telephone on 00 44 (0)20 7233 9533, or from Big Bus Information Centre at 48 Buckingham Palace Road, SW1.
                        You can also buy tickets Online at bigbus.com. Check the website for bus timetable too.
                        Checks, Credit cards, cash for all
                        Adults £22
                        Children £10 (5-15 years) children must be accompanied by a full fare paying adult.
                        £2 discount online, print ticket from computer and use it
                        Tickets are valid for 24 hours from the time u first get on the bus
                        Buses run every 20-30 minutes.
                        You can buy discounted theatre tickets through The Big Bus Company valid Monday-Thursday available at Information Centre at 48 Buckingham Palace Road, SW1, also full-price tickets for any West End Theatre show are available
                        The bus ticket includes;
                        1.FREE River Cruise on Thames! The Cruise departs from Tower Pier, Waterloo Pier or Westminster Pier, and takes approximately 30 minutes. Cruise departs every 20 minutes. The bus tickets offer a free one way cruise so you can start from Tower Pier and get off the cruise at any stop in Waterloo Pier or Westminster Pier and vice versa.

                        2.FREE Walking Tours of London guided by Big Bus staff. They offer 3 types of walking tour and all are free to a valid Big Bus ticket holder. If you do not have a Big Bus ticket then you can buy only walk tour ticket price of £5 per walk.

                        -------Royal London Walking tour starts at 10.00am, everyday
                        Walk through historic Royal London from St. James's Palace, former official residence of Prince Charles, to Buckingham Palace, celebrated home of the Queen. You can see famous the Changing of the Guard at Palace when you reach there.

                        -------The Big Bus Beatles Walking Tour starts at 2.30pm everyday
                        This tour take you to Soho and Mayfair, where the Beatles based themselves throughout their rise in the Swinging Sixties and where Paul McCartney still has his London office today. Beatles' famed Apple headquarters where they played their last rooftop gig in 1969. It includes walking through the world of John, Paul, George and Ringo.

                        -------Ghosts by Gaslight Tour starts at 6.00pm everyday
                        Some part of West End of London at night you find there more chilling London of gas-lights and ghosts.

                        On Board------
                        They have digitally-recorded commentary, in eight different languages, you can enjoy it with a supplied headphone while on the bus!
                        Big Bus tours:
                        If you just sit on the bus and enjoy sightseeing then the entire Red tour would take approximately 2 hours 10 minutes, buses run every 20-30 minutes. The first Red Tour bus starts from Green Park at 8.25 am. A complete Blue tour would take approximately 3 hours 15 mins, buses run every 20-30 minutes and the first Blue tour bus starts from Hyde Park at 8.25 am.

                        Stops Or Attractions-------
                        MARBLE ARCH - Speakers' Corner, Oxford Street, Hyde Park
                        MADAME TUSSAUD'S - Planetarium, Sherlock Holmes Museum, London Zoo
                        OXFORD CIRCUS -Oxford Street, Fitzrovia
                        PICCADILLY CIRCUS - Soho, Chinatown
                        HAYMARKET - Haymarket , Leicester Square, Planet Hollywood, Trocadero
                        TRAFALGAR SQUARE -National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Nelson's Column
                        CRAIG'S COURT -Craig's Court and Whitehall , Admiralty Arch, The Mall, St James's Park
                        BANQUETING HOUSE - Horse Guards, St James's Park
                        WHITEHALL -Parliament Street Downing Street, Cenotaph, Cabinet War Rooms, Big Ben
                        LONDON EYE - South Bank Lion, Westminster Bridge, River Cruise, Dalí Universe, London Aquarium
                        WATERLOO -York Road , South Bank Arts Centre, Waterloo International Station
                        COVENT GARDEN - Aldwych, Royal Opera House, London's Transport Museum, Somerset House
                        ST PAUL'S-The City, Barbican, Museum of London, Millennium Bridge, Tate Modern
                        LONDON BRIDGE - London Dungeon, Tate Modern, H.M.S. Belfast, Southwark Cathedral, Globe Theatre
                        TOWER OF LONDON - Tower Hill, River Cruise, Tower Bridge Experience, Docklands Light Railway
                        EMBANKMENT PIER - Victoria Embankment, Embankment Gardens, Cleopatra's Needle
                        LAMBETH PALACE - Lambeth Palace, Imperial War Museum, Museum of Garden History
                        PARLIAMENT SQUARE -Houses of Parliament, Tate Britain
                        WESTMINSTER ABBEY - New Scotland Yard, Westminster Cathedral
                        BUCKINGHAM PALACE - Buckingham Gate
                        ROYAL MEWS - Buckingham Palace Road, Big Bus Information Centre
                        BAYSWATER -London Elizabeth Hotel, Lancaster Terrace, The Italian Gardens, Serpentine, The Long Water
                        PETER PAN
                        PRINCESS DIANA MEMORIAL - The Elfin Tree, Round Pond
                        BADEN POWELL -Baden Powell House, Natural History Museum 76
                        KENSINGTON GARDENS - Bayswater Road, Queensway, Whiteley's Shopping Centre
                        KENSINGTON PALACE - Kensington High Street
                        ROYAL ALBERT HALL - bus stop outside Royal Albert Hall, Albert Memorial, Princess Diana Memorial Fountain
                        NOTTING HILL - Portobello Road Market, Holland Park
                        GLOUCESTER ROAD - Stanhope Arms Pub
                        SOUTH KENSINGTON MUSEUMS - Cromwell Gardens, Victoria & Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Museum
                        HARRODS -Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, Harvey Nichols, Sloane Street
                        HYDE PARK CORNER - Lanesborough Hotel, Wellington Museum, Belgravia, Hyde Park, Wellington Arch
                        HARD ROCK CORNER - Hard Rock Café, Constitution Hill, Green Park, Hyde Park Corner, Wellington Arch
                        GREEN PARK UNDERGROUND
                        MAYFAIR -Little America

                        Big Bus also runs in Dubai, was launched in 2002, Big Bus Philadelphia 2003 and Big Bus Baltimore. in 2005,

                        My Experience-------
                        In my opinion this is the best option to see London and to enjoy your stay completely hassle free! A completely tourist friendly bus tour I ever enjoyed!
                        We preferred the Big Bus tour as it covers maximum attractions in London. We have actually bought the Big Bus Tickets from a private tour information store close to Big Bus stop at Madame Tussaud's. The price was as listed above.
                        Either the Red tour or the Blue tour covers most of the attractions listed above and the staffs are very much helpful to assist the tourists so that we can visit all of the top attractions in London. Buses are frequent and on time. Tickets are stamped with time when we get on the bus for the first time and then are checked every time we get on the bus there after. Tickets are also sometime checked by a ticket checker while on board.
                        The headphones can be connected to the bus seat speaker to hear the commentary which has a good sound quality with a nice description for each attraction. Commentary about any attraction starts when the bus reaches the particular attraction so it is very easy to recognize the attraction.
                        We started the cruise from Westminster pier and ended up at Tower pier. You can just show the ticket to the City River Cruise Counter and get on any available city River Cruise. The cruise has a café at the bottom floor and the sightseeing sitting arrangement on the deck. There you can also enjoy a live commentary by an expert cruise staff. The view on both side of Thames is beautiful and I enjoyed the cruise tour most in my whole tour in London. While we get off the cruise at Tower Pier, we visited the Tower at that stop and get on the Big Bus again at a stop in front of the Tower.
                        The Big Bus tour is very much convenient, comfortable and tourist friendly tour. They have their helpful efficient staffs continuously assisting the tourists. The buses runs on perfect time and many of their buses runs all the time you can see them often while on board. The best way to see London no doubt.


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                          17.07.2007 22:39
                          Not Helpful



                          Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Console With 60GB HDD & 3 Games (MotorStorm / Genji / Resistance: Fall of Man

                          Free delivery for all of
                          Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Console With 60GB HDD & 3 Games (MotorStorm / Genji / Resistance: Fall of Man) + FREE HDMI cable + Click (Blu-Ray) and get them just for
                          All for 300.99 GBP currently you can save 34% online
                          Available on play.com, amazon.com
                          Special Offer:
                          3 games : MotorStorm + Genji + Resistance: Fall of Man games.
                          FREE HDMI cable with every order!
                          FREE 'Click' Blu-Ray Movie with every order!
                          I bought a PS3 with the above offer and I am very happy with it. This is actually my second one as I bought this as a gift for my sis but playing for 2-3 times before its gone!!!
                          Fantastic technology!!!
                          In PS3, it has a Built in Blu-ray dvd player of very high quality which makes a great difference from all other game console.
                          PS2 compatibility, all of my games I play smoothly on the PS3 which is great. You can connect your PSP to it too.
                          PS3 quality.... Absolutely terrific. I can run the console sometime 2 days almost non stop (just eat and sleep little) and sometime all weekend and still it remains cool ad perfect! It also boots Linux, and cane be used for PC type stuff. You can listen to music and view movies and music from PC
                          In my opinion this is the best among all 3 next generation console I have.
                          Playstation have commited 10 years onto their PS3 so that it will keep on making games for it for that time. When you play a new game you have the chance to install so that the game can run more smoothly on the console. So save your trouble and get a PS3
                          Product Features:
                          Region: PAL: Will play on UK and European Playstation3 only
                          Minimum Requirements:
                          CPU: Cell Processor
                          GPU: RSX
                          Sound: Dolby 5.1ch, DTS, LPCM, etc. (Cell-based processing)
                          Memory: 256MB XDR Main RAM, 256MB GDDR3 VRAM
                          HDD: 2.5" Serial ATA (60GB)
                          I/O: USB 2.0 (x4) - MemoryStick/SD/CompactFlash
                          Communication: Ethernet (x1 / 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T) - IEEE 802.11 b/g - Bluetooth 2.0 (EDR)
                          Wireless controller (Bluetooth)
                          AV Output: Screen size 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
                          HDMI OUT - (x1 / HDMI NextGen)
                          AV MULTI OUT (x1)
                          DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL) (x1)
                          BD/DVD/CD Drive (Read Only): Maximum Read Speed BD 2x (BD-ROM), DVD 8x (DVD-ROM), CD 24x (CD-ROM)
                          Super Audio CD 2x
                          Dimensions: Approximately 325mm (W) x 98mm (H) x 274mm (D)
                          Weight: Approximately 5 kg


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                          • Nikon Coolpix L11 / Digital Camera / 12 Readings / 10 Ratings
                            More +
                            17.07.2007 14:18


                            • Reliability
                            • Reliability


                            Nikon Cool Pix L11 (6MPXOptical Zoom) from a UK store (CURRYS) on 10/05/2007 with 99.99GBP. Price va

                            I just bought a Nikon Cool Pix L11 (6MPXOptical Zoom) from a UK store (CURRYS) on 10/05/2007 with 99.99GBP. Price varies from 82.00-110.00 GBP and available in Amazon.co.uk, digital camera Company (Online store), dabs.com, DigitalRev.com , pixmania, Currys, eatay.com. We just love digital quality of the picture and the LCD quality/size of this one compared to our previous canon power shot. It has many options including movie + voice. It detects and focuses on human faces in the frame, while In-Camera Red-Eye Fix automatically overcomes the red-eye effect sometimes caused by flash photography. Its really light (125 g) , small and so much easy to use. Offers impressive ISO sensitivity at up to ISO800. This one covers much wider range ( focal range 37-112.5mm) than the canon even though their optical and digital zooms are same. Its just fantastic. It looks very smart and aristocrat. This one needs SD memory card which is used in many other digital cameras these days where as our Canon Power Shot needs compact flash card which is very rare with lot other camera right now. The box contains: •
                            Detail Product Information:
                            Product Type: Digital camera - point and shoot

                            Width: 9 cm

                            Depth: 2.7 cm

                            Height: 6.1 cm

                            Weight: 125 g

                            Enclosure Colour: Matt silver

                            Main features
                            Resolution: 6.0 Megapixel

                            Colour Support: Colour

                            Optical Sensor Type: CCD

                            Total Pixels: 6,180,000 pixels

                            Effective Sensor Resolution: 6,000,000 pixels

                            Optical Sensor Size: 1/2.5"

                            Light Sensitivity: ISO auto

                            Digital Zoom: 4 x

                            Shooting Modes: Frame movie mode

                            Exposure Modes: Programme, automatic

                            White Balance: Custom, automatic, presets

                            White Balance Presets: Incandescent, fluorescent, cloudy, sunlight, Flash, shade

                            Digital Video Format: QuickTime

                            Still Image Format: JPEG

                            Video Capture:

                            QuickTime - 640 x 480 - 15 fps
                            QuickTime - 640 x 480 - 30 fps
                            QuickTime - 320 x 240 - 15 fps
                            QuickTime - 320 x 240 - 30 fps
                            QuickTime - 160 x 120 - 15 fps

                            Memory / storage
                            Supported Flash Memory: MultiMediaCard, SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card

                            Integrated Memory: 7 MB

                            Image Storage:

                            JPEG 2816 x 2112
                            JPEG 2048 x 1536
                            JPEG 1024 x 768
                            JPEG 640 x 480

                            Camera flash
                            Camera Flash: Built-in flash

                            Flash Modes: Auto mode

                            Effective Flash Range: 0.4 m - 3 m

                            The Product Description:
                            Impressively high megapixel counts enable the COOLPIX L11 to capture images with captivating color and outstanding detail. Such capability also means images can be considerably enlarged, yet still look absolutely stunning. Accurately measuring available light, the L11 automatically selects the best sensitivity setting. And with impressive sensitivity range up to ISO 800, it makes it easy to take great looking pictures in low light conditions. Compatibility with AA-size batteries, which are widely available around the world, means users can go on shooting virtually anywhere without worrying about recharging or running out of power.

                            Lens system
                            Type: Zoom lens - 6.2 mm - 18.6 mm - f/2.8-5.2

                            Focal Length: 6.2 mm - 18.6 mm

                            Focal Length Equivalent to 35mm Camera: 37.5 - 112.5mm

                            Focus Adjustment: Automatic

                            Auto Focus: TTL contrast detection

                            Min Focus Range: 40 cm

                            Macro Focus Range: 15cm

                            Lens Aperture: F/2.8-5.2

                            Optical Zoom: 3 x

                            Zoom Adjustment: Motorised drive

                            Lens Construction: 5 group(s) / 6 element(s)

                            Features: Built-in lens shield

                            Additional features
                            Additional Features: Audio recording, direct print, display brightness control, PictBridge support, ImageLink support, in-camera red-eye fix, face-priority AF function

                            Type: LCD display - TFT active matrix - 2.4" - colour

                            Display Form Factor: Built-in

                            Display Format: 115,000 pixels

                            Type: Microphone - built-in

                            Connector Type: 1 x USB

                            Expansion Slot(s): 1 x SD Memory Card

                            Software: Drivers & Utilities, Nikon PictureProject

                            System requirements for pc connection
                            Operating System Support: MS Windows XP, Apple Mac OS X 10.3.9, Apple MacOS X 10.4 or later, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows 2000 Professional

                            Peripheral Devices: USB port, CD-ROM Drive

                            Included Accessories: Docking station insert, strap

                            Cables Included:

                            USB cable
                            A/V cable

                            Supported Battery: AA

                            Supported Battery Details: 2 x AA alkaline battery
                            ( included )

                            Its really very convenient and we highly recommend this camera.
                            Simple but Fantastic!!!


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