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    • onepoll.co.uk / Internet Site / 41 Readings / 37 Ratings
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      03.05.2013 20:54
      Very helpful



      Overall I think Onepoll is a fun yet interesting survey website

      I joined onepoll about 6 months ago July 2008 and so far I have mixed feelings about this website. Onepoll are a market research website which carry out surveys for people who have joined to take part in survey's which help them as it gives people's view on important issues which can be published onto newspapers i.e. the sun and daily mirror.
      Onepoll website is very easy to use due to its simple yet effective layout. I have had no problems navigating through the website and it is very simple unlike other survey websites out there which transfer you to a different link which can be a long and lengthy process and in some cases unsafe.

      Onepoll gives you an option to being paid through paypal which is a safe and secured transfer method or through your bank, whereby all bank details will need to be filled in. I have been paid through paypal by onepoll and it only took a couple of days after I had reached the £40. Yes £40 have to be reached first which means you'll have to wait a long time before you achieve and get your money reason being is because you'll only roughly make about £3 per week. However Onepoll offers around anything from 1-10 surveys a day which are short and simple yet interesting. It's not like your typical survey website which keeps asking similar boring questions.
      Onepoll pay you a £2.50 bonus for registering to their website which is fantastic as it is a start to follow on from. You can also get £1 by referring 5 friends but only once.

      You can also participate in competition surveys whereby you have a chance of winning a prize like an i pod or £200 worth of cash something similar.
      One poll is a well known big company website which can convince and attract people to join as well with its sponsored links on its website shows it has a good reputation by helping other companies that need sponsoring.

      The downside to Onepoll is that they are very misleading, I found this out as on their website it clearly states that they offer anything from 1p to £1 per survey but this is not true. Onepoll offer from 5p up to 50p maximum, they have never offered me anything more than 50p per survey or anyone whom i know of that is a member of their website.Good Points
      £2.50 Register Bonus & £1 for referring 5 friends
      Short simple surveys only take up to a maximum of 5 minutes to complete
      They pay your £40 quickly within couple of days when reaching it
      regular Interesting surveys and competition survey's
      for prizes are introduced
      Multiple accounts can be created

      Bad Points
      Can take forever to reach £40 mark unless you are a regular user
      You can be timed-out on surveys though it doesn't occur very often
      Only paid up to 50p maximum for a survey occasionally 10p surveys are shown
      Maximum of 10 surveys per day (most 10p each)

      CONCLUSION- Overall I think Onepoll is a fun yet interesting survey website which is a popular business growing increasingly. Survey's don't take long only around 2-5 minutes to complete and you can get paid up to 50p per survey, not fantastic by any means but you can get up to 10 surveys per day. It can also take quite a long time before you reach the £40 mark unless you are a regular user. Onepoll is a reliable and interesting website yet not fantastic in all areas. It can take ages to reach £40 though!


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      • Nestle Kit Kat / Chocolate / 22 Readings / 17 Ratings
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        03.05.2013 20:47
        Very helpful



        Overall a tasty chocolate

        kit Kat is not as good as it looks, it's better than it looks!
        At First Glance

        The Kit Kat itself itself is wrapped in foil, with a red and white packaging. At first glance the Kit kat's are not the most attractive chocolate to look at. With it's dull chocolate colour and rectangular shape. Nevertheless they taste great and that's what counts. You can get a Kit Kat chocolate bar in either a pack of two or a pack of four. The two bar Kit Kat are small and compact but I prefer the pack of four because they are bigger, and I am greedy.
        What It Tastes Like ?

        So the Kit Kat itself is a tasty and crispy chocolate wafer. The chocolate itself is joined together but it can easily be snapped from the bar. The texture of the Kit Kat to touch and taste is smooth. You can eat the Kit-Kat in many ways but I like eating them individually so that I can make most of the taste. When taking the Kit Kat down your mouth you notice the melting sensation. The combination of the chocolate and crunchiness is just about right, it simply taste's delicious.

        Nutritional information per 4 finger bar

        233 Calories
        2.5g Protein
        28.2g Carbohydrate
        22.8g of which sugars
        12.2g Fat

        You can buy a 2 finger pack for 40p or a 2 finger pack for 25p. They are relatively cheap and easy to find in shops. There also multi-pack kit kat's which cost around £1.90 but I suggest you only go for that offer if you've tried Kit Kat first.
        Different Kit Kat's

        Other forms of Kit Kat flavors which are out in the market are Mint chocolate, white chocolate, Orange Chocolate and Cappuccino Chocolate. I have tasted all of them except Cappuccino Chocolate and I have to say that the white chocolate and Mint Chocolate tastes delicious. I'm interested to know what the Cappuccino Chocolate tastes like but I have found it very rare to find.

        Overall I find the Kit Kat delicious to tastes with its perfect crunch you simply have to try it. Just writing about it makes me want to have one, that's how good it is. "Have a break, have a Kit Kat" is a very familiar slogan of Kit Kat. The slogan just defines what I do on my break at work. If you're looking for that small snack that you just like to have every now and then for your tea break or lunch, Kit Kat is what you should be having. Who am I to say that it's nice? I recommend you try it for yourself to see what it's like.


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