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    • VW Tiguan / Car / 24 Readings / 17 Ratings
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      18.11.2009 11:09
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      Excellent car, recommended

      We've had this car for 3 months now and it's one of the best cars we've ever had! We've had VWs before, and this is just a solidly built, nice plastics in the cabin, decent seats, good layout of the dash. Plenty of room for the kids in the back, and the boot is plenty big enough for the buggy plus a few bags for weekends away. We'd need a topbox to fit more stuff in for a proper holiday, but it comes with roof rails as standard. Our's is the 2L diesel and it easily does 40mpg, even pushing it sometimes. It's nice to drive, feels steady around corners and nippy too. The electronic handbrake takes a while to get used to, and you need to teach the kids not to pull it when you're driving along (our 4 year old can reach it when he's sat in the front), but there's a handy autobrake switch which engages the handbrake every time the vehichle stops, great in traffic, it releases automatically when you drive off. We had a Toyota Rav4 previously, and we prefer the VW, although we thought teh Rav was good too! The parking assist for parallel parking really works, the car steers itself while you operate the throttle, to get you into spaces perfectly! Weird to see the car steer itself at first, but very useful! It also nice that it's not very common, compared to say the Nissan Quasqui, which you see everywhere these days!


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