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Member since: 02.12.2012

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      02.12.2012 22:53



      A lovely bedtime storybook

      I admit I was sceptical before buying this book. The title does describe the content well but I did expect it to have been more one dimensional and basic. After having read several other recommendations however I thought we would try it to see if my little one liked it and I was pleasantly surprised.
      At under 2 this is just the right length and amount of storyline for her age. The illustrations are vintage looking without, line drawn watercolour style but without being outdated and although there is not much of a story I actually found it a refreshing change to other more hectic tales we have at home. It is more about feelings and family ties but not, as I feared, saccharine.
      It is a softly written book, and is a lovely aid for helping a child feel valued. A good calming bedtime story choice for preschool children and in a board book style which is great as it will survive a toddlers fascination with tearing pages!


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