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      07.11.2008 00:36
      Very helpful



      Never be bored at Borders!

      I'm a new student, i've a list of books I need that's as long as my arm and if i'm honest, i'm a bit lost in this massive bookshop.

      Walked into Borders and in truth I was overwhelmed. After searching three floors (i gave up on the other floors) stack after stack, row after row of books and magazines, i gave up, admitted defeat and tried to regain my strength at the instore Starbucks. I'd smelt the beautiful coffee aroma all round the store and it was a welcome relief.

      I couldn't honestly say the last time i'd been in a bookshop but I grabbed a member of staff who was more than happy to help.
      I showed him my booklist and he not only showed me where to find them, he helped me pick them out and gave me advice on the best editions to buy and even managed to save me a bit of money.

      They really were helpful when I couldn't find a certain edition after buying the wrong one. They phoned another store, had the book held for me and let me exchange the book without hassle.

      Being a student, i'm in there alot, everytime the staff are first class without exception. All of the staff i've spoken with have been of massive help. They really know their stuff when it comes to books, editions and recommendations and don't mind helping.

      It's hard to find good service these days and it's nice to see the same faces when visiting the store. Within my local store, it houses a Paperchase concession which has everything a student needs as well as some great trinkets and presents.

      I'm quite a booklover now and can easily spend an afternoon hunting out a good read within the store. The selection is brilliant and there's also an ordering service incase the book isn't in stock. Ordering in doesn't cost any extra and takes around 7 days. Very quick and easy to do.

      My local store has regular book signing events and there's storytime in the afternoon for the kids. I love taking the kids instore as they make reading fun. The kids department is bright and fun. I never have a problem getting the kids to pick out a book.

      This store is fantastic. If you're not a booklover, i suggest a trip instore will change your mind!


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      06.11.2008 16:52
      Very helpful
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      Wouldn't buy these again, waste of money

      If you've ever been in The Body Shop for skin care, you'll probably have seen this range. Pink minimal packaging, there's always hype around this range.

      Coming from a massive range and with most skin care ranges having wipes, it seems only natural for the Vitamin E range to have a pack of wipes included too.

      I've always been a big fan of the Vitamin E range. It's for normal skin and i find it very light and easily absorbed so thought these wipes would be perfect for keeping in my gym bag. No point in ruining all the good work put into a skin care routine if my face is going to get covered in sweat. Seemed a good soution to keep these with me.

      It's a very handy packet. The wipes claim to cleanse and tone while removing all makeup. If I'm honest, I'm a bit lazy too, I never have time for a toner, this sounded easy! Before trying these wipes, I had been using The Body Shop's 2 in 1 cleanser and toner from the Vitamin E range and my skin always felt smooth and fresh.

      Saw these wipes on a three for two offer and picked up a pack. The wipes smell lovely, just like the rest of the range as they contain Rosehip oil as well as the Vitamin E.
      For around £5.50, there's 25 wipes in a pack so it's by no means the cheapest on the market but at The Body Shop, you know you're paying for products not tested on animals and community traded ingredients.

      When I first tried these wipes, I felt the first wipe was awfully dry on my fingers. It felt worse on my face so I discarded the first wipe, thinking it was a one off. Except the second wipe was just the same as was the rest of the packet.

      I didn't feel they were very moisturing at all, if anything they felt dry. I don't wear a lot of makeup but even after wiping, my skin felt unclean. Wiping my makeup off felt like I was having to drag these wipes across my face. When I got home and used my cleanser with cotton wool, the pads were covered in makeup which the wipes obviously hadn't removed.

      I've never had senstive skin or had a problem with any range I've tried but my skin felt a little raw afterwards and i needed to use a moisturiser.

      I'm a massive fan of The Body Shop but these were a huge let down. At £5.50 I wasn't expecting miracles but I at least expect the wipes to feel slightly moist. My skin certainly didn't feel cleansed, toned or moisturised.
      I'm sorry to say that I'd think twice about buying any wipes from any of The Body Shop ranges again.


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      • General / Discussion / 14 Readings / 13 Ratings
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        06.11.2008 15:44
        Very helpful



        All abouts me :)

        Ooh! This seems fun! I recently started Uni part time, start a new job in a few weeks, currently i'm a home carer for my Grandfather until then. I'm also a youth group leader to twenty little girls, ages 7 to 10, they're terrors but you've gotta love them!

        I make jewellery in my spare time, hopefully start selling it soon.

        Kimberley's the full Sunday name, apparently named after a diamond mine in South Africa

        Kim, Kimmie, Burley, Beverley, Bud, Gingé, Ginger, Red but will also respond to "OI!"

        Newly 24

        Yep i'm still here. Living in Scotland

        About to start work in a bank....i'll know how much you earn and how much you spend!

        a little blue baby budgie called Barney who is a seasoned escape artist. Typical boy so he's very protective and is very vocal if he doesn't like someone. Most notably by being a disgusting minger, flying over head and launching poo on those who displease him.
        He's a very good shot and once had it land in a drink. He likes to sit near the fire and tweet at it.
        His favorite show is top gear and America's Next top model. Fav artist is Beyoncé. He's very vain and can spend hours looking in the mirror.

        Eye Colour:
        Green eyes

        Hair Colour:
        Auburn although in my infinite wisdom i went post box red then blonde, you're never happy with what you've got!

        5ft4, i am of the little people!



        I've two, both a size 5/6

        Left or Right Handed:
        I'm ambidextrix although i mostly use right

        Lily Cole (without the massive eyes) / Nicole Kidman (Days of Thunder-esk)

        Favourite Colour:
        in a bit of a black and white phase at the mo

        Describe in three words:
        Daft, Fun-loving, Survivor

        I'm a real foodie. I love my food! Don't have just one fav but the only things i'd say no to are Prawns and Squid. Feel quite strongly about it cos they're worms. Yep, worms. Worms that live in the sea and if you eat prawns, you eat wiggly worms, you minger! Just don't eat them around me!

        Sports Team:
        Rangers. Can't get to games anymore so have lost touch a bit but i follow follow when i can.

        Mango juice is beautiful!

        I'm a complete night owl. Don't find it difficult to stay up late or all night but lately i've been tucked up and asleep by 12 or 1 :S

        My kryptonite would be loud noises or balloons because i'm a loser. Little bowls of sweets, i've no willpower at all! A bargain, i'm a complete sucker for a bargain


        First Thought on Waking:
        Need to study, boo

        Pepsi or Coke:
        Coke but not the powdered brand

        Scary or Funny Movies:
        Back to funny for some light relief

        Choc or Vanilla:
        Choc choc choc!

        Truth or Dare:

        Gold or Silver:
        Silver, much more classic looking

        Have you ever got drunk:
        Regularly with pleasure

        Very irregularly in the distant past when I was young and stupid.
        I now care for my Grandfather, a light smoker who stopped smoking over 30 years. I wouldn't wish lung cancer on my worst enemy

        Done Drugs:
        Only prescription


        Cut Your Own Hair:
        Yes and being 12 years old, obviously i thought i was some kind of genius and had to suffer months of a sticky up fringe!

        Danced in the Rain:
        Walked, skipped, sing and danced

        Had a Long Distance Relationship:
        Yes, been 7 months and it's working

        Been Stalked:
        Yes but i don't think it was in a sinister sense

        Skinny Dipped:
        Not yet, plenty time

        Been In Love:

        Kissed the Opposite Sex:
        Yes although i'm ginger, we can't afford to be fussy. Can't knock anything until you've tried it

        Do you Shower:
        Regularly but you can't beat sharing a bath with the boyf!

        Sing in the Shower:
        Yes but that doesn't mean i'm any good, doesn't stop me though

        Believe in Yourself:
        Hard one, sometimes i do but being a carer is hard emotionally and sometimes you do feel helpless. I try to remain positive but it's very difficult

        Want to Get Married:
        One day but more so for the party than anything else. Don't want to get too excited about it, it's only early days with my man

        Get on with Parents:
        I don't have a dad, my grandparents mostly raised me. I have a strained relationship with my mum but these days we talk and get on much better than we ever did but i doubt we'll ever be best friends unfortunatly

        Like Thunderstorms:
        Fun to watch if they're no too close!

        Sleep with Stuffed Animals:
        Panda bear and Roy but it's a big bed and they sleep at the other end

        Can you juggle:
        No, i'd be hopeless in the circus, i'd try the high wire or trapeze though!

        Do the splits:
        Yep, my party trick is cartwheeling into the splits although it did once end badly since i didn't see the pillar in front of me. I was a crumpled tangle of arms and legs at the bottom, i blame the drink!

        What's the most stupid thing you have ever done?

        My older brothers' friends getting suitably ratted at my brothers' 21st, i was about 14, they found me hours later, lying on the grass in the back garden in the dark, doing grass angels, giggling hysterically

        Ramming a pencil in my leg at age 6 wasn't exactly smart, even less smart when the pencil lead broke, i still have a little black freckle

        I've done a lot of stupid things but i firmly believe they make you who you are. We all make mistakes and far too many people beat themselves up for it

        Who would you most want to get stuck in an elavator with?
        Someone who could get me out.

        Is your window open:
        No, it's blooming freezing! Heating is on for my grampa and the bird!

        What colour is your toothbrush:
        I have two. One blue which is a bit rougher and a pink one which is softer for gums, cheeks and tongue

        Do you believe in love at first sight:
        Yeah, truly and completely

        Did you have long hair as a child:
        Yes, i loved my long hair, prefer it much shorter and funkier now

        Who is your mobile phone provider:
        O2 always wishing for more free mins though

        Do you know the words to the national anthem:
        Know the unoffical Scottish one, like everyon, i prefer that much more than the offical one. Could probably do you a bit of the English one too, it got played loads at the Olypimics!

        Last Time You Swam in a Pool:
        January when i look the youth group i help with to the baths. Twenty little eight year old girls, running riot in the pool, not easy! didn't get much swimming done

        Ever Caught a Fish:
        do pet fish count?

        Can You Stick your Fist in Your Mouth:
        Can't say i've ever thought about it

        Done anything else:
        I once jumped off 165ft crane, zipped lid over the River Clyde for charity (although some would say i was a bit resistant and had to be pushed!)
        I'm a trained massure and makeup artist although i've never done the two together

        Famous last words:
        Don't take it for granted, enjoy who's around and everything you've got. Make mistakes, just have fun making them. Never regret anything.


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        • What's In Your Bag? / Discussion / 14 Readings / 11 Ratings
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          05.11.2008 16:56
          Very helpful



          The more the merrier!

          I don't care what anyone says, everything in my bag is an essential! As for things floating around my bag? Not a chance! Not with the amount I cram in, it's simply about making use of space and pockets! Being organised enough to have everything to hand!

          Although, you never truly realise exactly how much is in your bag until you're forced to empty out in public!
          My work introduced a new policy of bag searches. Fair enough but I was the unfortunate soul that had to empty out first! Or would that be the security girl being the unfortunate one?

          Our rules state that only we (the bag owner) may remove items from the bag. Well! It really makes you realise why you're getting that back or shoulder pain when you see the entire contents spread out on a table while someone holds the rest as the table's full.

          Like I say, essentials. To me this is phone, purse, keys, bus pass, makeup bag, handheld mirror, brush, tissues, painkillers, antibac hand gel, plasters (i'm not a hypocondriact honest!) emergency lady products, spare £1 coin, pen, notebook, reading book, glasses, sudoku book, umbrella, diary, ipod and bottle of water.

          That is by no means an exhaustive list, purely the basics as on top of that there could be anything. Paperwork, packet of salt, crumbled up bread (in a bag of course!) and shoes have all been known to be found in my bag.

          Who cares what's in a bag as long as the poor bag isn't being abused by having everything busting out of the seems. Thats just bag abuse. I'm always the useful friend who's bound to have what you need, tucked away in my bag somewhere.

          I always use everything in my bag and maybe i'm just one of the lucky ones that's never had the thought of "Do I really need all of this?"
          Let's just say, I doubt they'll be stopping me for a bag search again anytime soon!


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          05.11.2008 16:21
          Very helpful
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          Well worth the money!

          So you're coming to Glasgow for the weekend and bored of the usual bog standard hotel and looking for something a bit more upmarket? Introducing the Millennium Hotel!

          This highly elegant and imposing hotel is situated in the heart of Glasgow, looking out onto the city's bustling George Square, the best of the shopping district only a couple of mins walk away and the pick of of the crop of restaurants and dining in the Merchant City, all close by.

          The Mellennium Hotel is simply stunning. A very traditional building on the outside and inside is modem yet still looks classic. The decor is neutral with great attention to detail and the rooms are very spacious considing the price and location.

          The hotel has the usual facilities, restaurant and bar. The restaurant was pretty good value for such a fancy hotel! The food was devine and the service was first class without being over the top.

          The hotel staff were simply fantasic! I stayed in the hotel for my birthday and was being taken out for dinner when disaster struck, the strap on my dress had come loose. I headed down to reception to ask for a sewing kit, the lovely girls on reception said they would bring one up for me. Nothing massively good about that except when they arrived, the insisted on taking my dress away and repairing it properly.
          I had my dress back, fixed and de-creased within 20mins! I was completely blowen away. This has been the standard of service i've had everytime i've stayed in this hotel.

          The team are truely outstanding. Nothing is a hassle for them and they are professional to the end!

          The rooms are beautiful. It's not the cheapest hotel but it is well worth the money. I usually book online and i've been lucky enough to get a bargain once or twice.

          If you're in Glasgow, looking to impress someone, have a nice meal or have a luxuary weekend, the only place i would recommend, is the Millennium!


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            04.11.2008 15:10
            Very helpful
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            A brilliant product! Tan in a tub!

            Thank god! Something for the pale girls at last! This product is made up of lots of beads containing the bronzer. The beads are different colours to give an even colour and shimmer finish.
            It's a tan in a tub minus the peeling, burning and leathery skin!

            I'm so pale, I give Casper the friendly Ghost a run for his money and it has been a nightmare trying to find a bronzer or in fact anything that gives a bit of colour without going completely fakey orange.

            Because the beads are different colours, the end result is very natural and lifting. The shimmer through the beads gives a great sheen to the face without being overly shiney.

            There's a trick to getting it right though. Don't, under any circumstances, use the sponge that's in the tub! The best way to apply is using a Face and Body brush, the big brush for the whole face and neck.

            This is a product I can't live without. Use as a bronzer or as an eyeshadow, it's very long lasting and doesn't leave the skin feeling dry or caked.
            To use as an eyeshadow, take one of the beads, place it in the lid and crush it up using the end of a makeup brush, add a tiny bit of water and apply!

            The packaging is lovely with the gold lid so it doesn't look cheap and it seals well, I've never had any problems with spillage.


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              04.11.2008 14:56
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A must have!

              These eyeshadows are a complete MUST HAVE item for any make up bag!!! This product is fab! Very shimmery and has so many uses. Brow bones, cheeks (the paler colours only) and on eyelids. The shadow can be used on it's own, over another colour or on top of eyeliners.

              It's well known that The Body Shop products and ingredients aren't tested on animals and most products now have some kind of community traded ingredient which is a bonus.

              The Eye Shimmers are all very pale to look at but used correctly can have a massive wow effect.

              They can either be used on the eyelid normally to give a subtle shimmer or used on top of another colour to add a boost to it.
              The Gold, Silver and Copper are the best for this as it just "lifts" any existing eyeshadow.

              For a truely striking look, use either a black eyeshadow or black liner (either liquid or pencil) then lightly add the eye shimmer on top. I like just a flash of colour so i put on my normal liquid eyeliner, let it dry then put the shimmer over the top of the liner for

              Applying the colour over black (liner or shadow) gives a strikingly sharp colour. My personal favorite is the Emerald Green and when this is placed over black, it turns from a light green pale shimmer to a striking, in your face bright green.

              The paler colours can also be used to highlight brows and cheeks for a bit of jazz!

              It really does have to be seen to be believed! They are a bit pricey, particularly if you're not sure how to use them but The Body Shop is also known for it's demos. Head in store and one of the staff will show you how it's done.

              There is a downside though. As they are so powdery, they break very easily so it's not an item that can live in your makeup bag and carry everywhere as it will break and it will turn your makeup bag into a shimmer powder mess.

              Also you need to be careful when applying it to a brush. Pushing on the brush too hard into the shadow will break it and no amount of mushing it back together with your fingers will fix it. Drop it and you can be sure it's in bits. Basically, don't take it everywhere with you.

              Another downside is if you're on a night out, you will get stopped and asked what you've got on your eyes at least once if not more! Maybe that's not a bad thing though!


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              • thestudentroom.co.uk / Internet Site / 15 Readings / 14 Ratings
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                30.10.2008 00:46
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Love it, use it nearly everyday!

                At 24 having never been a college student let alone a university student, I was nervious to say the least! I'd tried a few search engines for tips and came up with very little that could help. Nothing really seemed to relate to me.

                I had no idea what to expect from uni life, what I should do, what I should wear, where to go. It was ridicuous, like being back at school except older and much older than everyone else!
                I was SO worried and terrified the place was going to be filled with 17 year olds. I was starting to think i'd done the wrong thing.

                I've no idea how I found the site, maybe on tv? Initially, I thought it would be a site that was solely for English/Welsh uni students. Living and attending uni in Scotland, i thought none of it would be relevant to me and it was a while before i got round to checking it out.

                Oh how i wish i'd done it sooner! There is plently advise for Scottish students, everything I needed was there, down to the final silly question of "where's the canteen!"

                There is a massive forum. It's a little overwhelming at first but it doesn't take long to find your way about. The forum is fantastic!
                No question is a stupid question (as i found out) and all the advice given was helpful and not sugar-coated at all.

                It's sub-divided into areas of the country, courses, applying tips, everything you could need and also a general chit-chat section. The only down side is, that it's a VERY fast moving forum and I do sometimes struggle to keep up but maybe thats an age thing!

                The guides are great. Really knowledgable and useful and contain the silly little things that I completely overlooked and would have forgotten about otherwise! The great tips on funding is one not to be missed!

                It sounds stupid but I did feel a little bit better on my first day heading into the big wide world of uni. Individual uni websites are ok but at thestudentroom.co.uk you get to hear stories first hand from other students who have either done your course or attend the uni. It is mostly just a forum but it's packed with advice, i'm so glad i found it!


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                  30.10.2008 00:18
                  Very helpful
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                  A good shopping day out

                  Glasgow's famous for many things, one of them being it's fantastic shopping. Buchanan Galleries is one of Glasgow's major shopping centres.

                  Built around 1999, it's situated on the corner of Buchanan Street and Sauchiehall Street. It's one of the easier shopping centres to get to as it sits beside Queen Street station, Buchanan Bus Station and Buchanan Street Subway. There is also ample parking (Although sadly this isn't free!)

                  The centre houses some great big names like John Lewis, Boots and Gap but also has other brands such a Mikey, Swarovski and Virgin Vie Cosmetics.

                  The selection of beauty stores is great, there is ample jewellery shops and the large John Lewis is a bonus for household items. The only thing that's missing is a few more shoe shops!

                  There's enough to keep the boys amused for a few hours and a few kiddy shops too.

                  Opening times are pretty standard, 9-8 on Thurs, 10-6 Sun and 9-6 for the rest of the week. There is also the usual facilities that you'd expect, toliets, baby changing and food court. Although the food court is a bit of a let down and is very limited however the shops more than make up for it!

                  There are plently lifts, escalators and cash machines. It's still a fairly new shopping centre and looks great and also within it, sits the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

                  Like most shopping centres it has regular events and goings-on inside it and also issues it's own Gift Cards which can be used through the centre as they're taken by most of the retailers.

                  Fully covered so no walking around in the pouring rain and at Christmas, it's beautifully lit up with decorations while not playing any annoying Christmas music - shopping bliss!
                  One thing not to miss though - Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream cafe!!!


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                    29.10.2008 23:50
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    A good travellers choice!

                    The nature of my job means I spend around 5 days out of 7 in hotels and have had the "privillege" of staying in many hotels like Premier Inn as well as larger more glitzy hotels.

                    Premier Inn is a well known chain and has hotels in most cities across the UK. Formerly known as Premier Travel Inn and Travel Inn and is owned by Whitbread.

                    As a female travelling alone, I highly rate them as I always felt safe there compared to some other chains. Premier Inn has set policies in place for lone female travellers. I found this out after asking a few questions! For female travellers, they don't announce your room number to everyone waiting in reception, instead they point to it on a card in front of you. Also if possible, they try to place you on the lower floors with other females or away from men.

                    I'd describe it as a kind of identi-kit hotel. They are pretty much the same in every way and once you've stayed in one, you'll know what to expect from the next. Some are more modern using swipe cards while the rest use more standard keys.

                    Staff are friendly and for the most part, fairly knowledgable. It's not five star service but that's refelected in the price.

                    Rooms are kitted out in the company colours and come with the usual kettle with condements, own shower and bathroom, trouser press and telly. All come with wi-fi which is fairly reasonably priced and in my opinion, pretty secure. I didn't have any problems with it. Rooms are non smoking with extra pillows provided as well as extra towels.

                    Most of their hotels have a restaurant attached to them, usually a Beefeater or a Brewers Fayre. they provide a gastro style of menu with the usual pub favourites and all at pretty reasonable prices with a main meal starting at around £6+.

                    I never had a problem with any standards within any of the Premier Inn's that i've stayed in. Rooms are clean and tidy, my personal items weren't moved or went missing. Food was what I expected for the price and check out is fast.

                    It is by no means a 5 star hotel but if you're simply wanting to bed down for the night, it's a good budget bet, you can even walk straight in without reservation (providing there's availability of course!)
                    I've also used them a couple of times for short city breaks and it's always served me well!


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