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    • E45 Moisturising Lotion / Skin Care / 75 Readings / 74 Ratings
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      11.03.2009 22:23
      Very helpful



      If you have dry skin this is a must have

      As some of you may know as I have droned on about it before, I suffer from eczema. Consequently a lot of creams, lotions and potions have to pass my eczema irritability, and will you sooth it test. Coupled with this is the fact that I always rotate my creams, lotions and potions on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, because something my skin has liked for ages will suddenly become the enemy and my skin will go nuts.
      E45 is different, it passed the test years ago and has a permanent home in my eyes.

      The product
      E45 moisturising lotion

      The Claim
      Taken from the bottle "use it everyday to keep your skin soft, supple and moisturised and to prevent it from becoming dry." It also advises that it is, hypo-allergenic, fine for sensitive skin, dermatologically tested, allergy screened, and suitable for the whole family including babies.

      I paid £2.49 for a 200ml bottle. The product is available at varying prices (but still great value) depending on size.

      This is available in supermarkets, Boots, Superdrug, Chemists, online and most other places with a health section.

      The lotion comes in a few versions, the bottle, pump dispenser and a tub version. I brought the bottle version.

      The packing is very simple and plain. The bottle is white with a flip top lid that houses a small raised hole for the lotion to dispense from. E45 is written in its bold classic logo way in white, with a dark blue rectangular rounded off boarder, followed by a rounded thin pink line and then another dark blue line.
      One the back of the bottle are the directions for use, a bit about the product and the ingredients.
      I like the packaging as it gives the impression of functionality, of being a staple everyday use type of product.

      How to use
      You can use it all over your body, face and hand as often as required. Simply rub into the skin.

      My experience
      The main problem I have with the lotion is the fact that I brought it in the bottle version, which seems to always dispense far more lotion than I need. Next time I shall be investing in the pump or tub version so I don't waste any of it.

      The lotion is white and runny, not totally like water but not far off. I like the fact that it rubs in really easily, it absorbs super quick and doesn't leave any residue. With some lotions you have to spend ages rubbing your skin trying to get it to absorb, and then you are left with greasy hands. With this you only need a few rubs and its gone. Another great thing is there is no heavy feeling on my skin afterwards, my skin just feels normal and light. I don't need to use loads either, a ten pence piece size blob will cover at least half of my forearm, so a little does go a long way.

      There is a slight smell to the lotion which I can only describe as a clean pleasant smell. However it is unperfumed, so I assume that it's just the ingredients that are giving off the smell.

      So is it any good at moisturising, keeping skin supple and preventing it from becoming dry?

      Yes, when I get bad flare ups (which have been happening a lot recently), I always reach for this.
      I get patches of skin that get very dry, scaly, tight and itchy, this always soothes it. The danger with the scaly bits (I'm not a reptile I am human, honest!) is that they'll crack and then become infected. The lotion stops this, as it keeps these patches moisturised and soft, which then reduces the tightness and stops me scratching most of the time, sometimes I just can't resist and will scratch to merry hell and then re apply the E45!

      For me the moisturising effects last a good day when my skin is behaving itself, and it seems to kick start my own skins mositure regualtion.
      When my skin is behaving badly then I do need to apply it every couple of hours or so, but this is only due to the eczema making my skin feel really tight.

      I also use this on my face as a base for my foundation, because it smoothes over any dry skin that is lurking on the surface, which without it, would be a make up disaster for me.

      E45 moisturising lotion is great for all types of skin, from just moisturising dry skin, to helping control eczema flare ups, it gets a 10/10 from me.


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        07.03.2009 02:26
        Very helpful



        Fantastic Mascara

        I have tried loads of mascaras over the years, but I always find myself
        coming back to mascaras from Max Factor. I currently have two favourite
        mascaras and they are both from Max Factor, one being Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara. For the purpose of this review I shall be talking about the water proof version. I am very guilty of rubbing my eyes a lot so I need something that stays on my eyes, and that doesn't give me the latest panda look!

        Price and Availability
        I got mine for about £9.00 from Boots plus advantage points! You can also get this from some Superdrug, Tesco and Department stores as well as online.

        Rich Black
        Black Brown
        Deep Blue
        Black (Waterproof)

        The mascara comes in a lovely matt gold tube with the bottom half of the tube encased in see through plastic. The top half of the tube tapers out to a wider top for easy grip when applying the mascara.

        Max Factor Masterpiece mascara is written in bright gold glossy writing, with the words volume and definition mascara written underneath. In the middle of the tube is a metallic blue band which represents that it is the waterproof version. The top of the tube is slightly indented with a solid glossy gold covering which I think is great for added grip. I think the packaging is nice, simple and functional, and not overly fussy.

        The brush
        This has to have a separate heading to itself. Max Factor called this the iFx brush. The brush is softer and made of fine rubbery points which taper out to shorter points towards the end of the brush. The whole brush head itself is flexible and bends. Max factor claim that the iFX brush will define and evenly coat even hard to reach eyelashes.

        My Experience
        My eyes are extremely sensitive to a lot of mascaras so I was very lucky when I found this, because it doesn't irritate them at all. I brought this in waterproof black.

        I found with a lot of my old mascaras that they tend to have a rather chemically pungent smell, so when I twisted open this tube the first thing I did was sniff it (yes I know I'm strange), and there was only a slight hint of a rubbery smell which could be the brush or the mascara, but either way not stinky so I was very pleased with this.

        The mascara goes on very smooth with next to no clumping. It feels lightweight on my lashes, and it takes seconds to dry and doesn't smudge which means I can rub my eyes all day long lol!

        Some waterproof mascaras don't live up to their claims but this one does, I have been out in the pouring rain and whilst looking like a drowned rat, I was a drowned rat with pretty eyes. I have cried with it on and it hasn't even hinted at a smudge.

        My favourite thing about the mascara is the brush. It is so soft and really makes applying the mascara a more pleasurable experience, because it flexes and bends I find it gives me a much more even coverage, only needing one to two coats. It does a great job of getting right into the corner of my eyes and coating all the lashes. The mascara covered more eyelashes than I thought I had, which was a bit of a shock, because it really does make my eyes stand out so much more. It keeps the lashes more separated as well so there is no spidery look that tends to happen with some mascaras.

        It lasts all day with no flaking or fading and can be easily removed with any good eye make up remover.

        If you want a more 'false lash' type of effect it is quite achievable with this by simply adding a few more coats, and just waiting a few seconds between each coats.

        If you want stand out, defined lashes at a reasonable price this is a must buy.


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        • Lush Figs & Leaves Soap / Soaps / 89 Readings / 85 Ratings
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          25.02.2009 19:45
          Very helpful



          If you want a new experience using soap, go and buy this today

          I always like trying out new soaps, even more so if they have a lot of natural ingredients in them. I had a bar of Figs and Leaves in my gift box and I couldn't wait to see whether it would be better than my normal soap.

          £2.79 for 100g

          What's in it?
          For those that are new to Lush, their soaps are handmade, full of natural
          products and most of them are suitable for vegetarians and vegans to use.
          Figs and Leaves is jam packed with lots of goodies that are soft, cleansing
          and moisturising for your skin. A few of the ingredients in this one are coconut oil, ylang ylang, aloe vera and orange blossom, to name a few.
          For a full list of ingredients check the Lush website www.lush.co.uk.

          My Experience
          Every time I opened my gift box I couldn't resist in prodding the soap, I know I am a little strange, but I was just amazed that this soap was squishy even though it retained its solid form. It is like a more solid form of play dough but much better smelling!

          The soap is in a rectangular shape. It is a light beige brown pastel colour with little dark brown flecks. Some of the figs and leaves soaps come with leaves on the top but I didn't have any on mine, and to be honest I was quite glad about that, as I don't really think they would have added to my experience.

          I jumped in the shower and grabbed my bar and stared rubbing it over
          my arms. The first thing I noticed about the soap is that it doesn't lather up loads, it lathers up a little and the lather is a creamy brown colour, this has a milky constancy to it. I wasn't sure at this point whether it was really going to clean my skin due to the lack of lather. The little bits in the soap which are fig seeds, started to gently exfoliate my skin without scratching or irritating it.

          The smell reminds me of an autumnal day, it is really fresh and uplifting yet it is not overpowering. It has a orangey floral aroma with an earthy base to it, and it makes me feel really alert. I would say it is quite a unisex smell, so great for women and men.

          It rinses off fine, doesn't leave any residue on my skin, and I feel really clean after using it. I think it is even better than my normal soap. My skin is left feeling lovely and smooth, I don't need to use a moisturiser afterwards because my skin already feels baby soft and supple, not tight or dried out in any way. I can still smell the aromas very lightly on my skin and this usually lasts a few hours, because it is such a light smell it doesn't interfere with any of my perfumes, which is another plus for me.

          Due to the size of the soap, and because I was starting to fall in love with the lovely fresh scents, I decided to slice a bit off to use as a hand soap. Consequently whenever I wash my hands with this soap, I keep sniffing them (ok I admit it, yes I am sniffing them as I write this as well), which of course looks a little weird in public, so I have had to curb this to indoor use only! Strangely my cats are great fans of this soap too, whenever I use
          it they are all over me and licking my hands, which makes me think it has cat nip in it!

          I think the price is very reasonable. I have had mine for just under a month
          and I still have loads of the main bar left. As soon as I run out I will be
          straight down Lush and buying this again, with a few other goodies of course lol.


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            21.02.2009 23:06
            Very helpful



            Try it, you might just love it.

            I first brought this way back in 2006 while on a flight to Portugal.
            I had done loads of overtime and thought I deserved a little treat
            for my holiday. I didn't know anything about the fragrance, I just liked
            the look of the bottle so I brought it lol. I paid about around 30 - 40 euros at the time for a 30ml bottle.

            You can get this in Boots, Superdrug, some Tesco and Asda stores,
            Department stores and online. For a 30ml bottle expect to pay around
            £26.00, 50ml around £35.00 and 100ml around £50.00.

            DKNY Be Delicious comes in a lovely unique glass apple shaped bottle, this
            forms the bottom of the apple. It has a shiny silver lid with a dimple in it which is shaped like the top half of the apple. The glass itself is a light shade of transparent green, and when the perfume inside sloshes about it makes the green seem more intensified to the eye. I took the top off and there is a little silver pump that sprays the perfume out very finely. This bottle looks lovely and would look great on any girls dressing table or bathroom shelf.

            I had a sneaky feeling what this might smell like because of the
            obvious apple shaped bottle. I then thought that my purchase may
            not have been such a good idea, because the last thing I wanted to do
            was spend my holiday running away from wasps and bees lol.

            The fragrance totally lives up to its name, it is delicious. It has
            a light, fresh summery smell to it. When you first squirt it you are
            hit with the aromas of fresh apples, with a tiny hint of citrus. This
            then settles down to fruity floral aroma of apples, magnolia, vanilla
            and hint of musk. I love wearing this because it really uplifts me
            and makes me feel very feminine. Not a wasp or bee in sight!
            I only needed a couple of squirts of the lovely fine mist and it lasted all day.

            In my opinion I think this fragrance is suitable from late teens upwards.
            Due to its delicate fresh tones, it's not heavy or too in your face,
            so it can be suitable for any woman of any age.
            I like to wear this during the day or going out for a meal at night, if
            you are thinking about going out on the town, then you might
            want something with a bit more kick to it.

            There is only one problem with Be Delicious, and it is not the price as it
            lasts months. Whilst I love the shape of the bottle, unless you have got a
            big bag it isn't that easy to carry around because it is a bit bulky.
            However on the plus side, if you get this as a gift, and you want to carry it
            around on the off chance that you may need another squirt, then it is a
            great excuse to go and treat yourself, to that new bag you were eyeing up!

            If you love the smell of apples and summers days, you must try this


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              20.02.2009 21:18
              Very helpful



              Want kissable great looking lips?...Buy this.

              I am always one for liking a little bit of colour on my lips, but because I suffer
              from dry chapped lips, it can be quite hard to find something that will look and feel good.
              A few months ago I starting thinking that lip gloss would be a good idea, and that it shouldn't dry out my lips. This gloss is now an essential part of my make up bag.

              The product
              Rimmel Volume booster lip plump gloss.

              Availability and Price
              I got mine from Boots for £4.59. You can buy it in Boots, Superdrug, some Tesco stores and online.

              About the product.
              This lip gloss comes in 12 different shades. According to Rimmel's website it can make lips look up to 40% more fuller. It contains Collagen and Hyaluronic spheres.

              The gloss comes in a clear solid plastic cylindrical tube. The words volume booster lip plump gloss are written across it in silver, the word volume is written in bold. It also has Rimmel's address and the size 6ml written around the tube, in a small font of silver print. The top of the plastic part of the tube is a full band of silver with the word Rimmel, this is transparent through the silver, so that you can see the lip gloss through the writing. The screw top long lid is a bright flashy looking metallic red, that tapers outward towards the top which is similar to an hour glass.

              My opinion
              I brought the colour provoke, and I liked it so much that I went and brought another shade which is called allure. Even the names of the shades sound enticing.

              The design of the tube is great because I can see straight through to the colour of the gloss that I am buying. I like the fact that the design is simple and eye catching, yet not cheap looking in any way.

              I used to prefer sponge type applicators when it came to using lip gloss, but the brush on this one has converted me. The brush itself is attached to the lid and is quite strong, so I don't need to worry about accidentally pressing it a tad too hard on my lips and the colour going everywhere.

              I unscrewed the lid and out came the brush. I took a sniff (I am a very curious person lol), and the gloss has a weird caramel type smell to it, but it is not unpleasant bearing in mind it's sitting under your nose all day.

              It glides on really smooth and the colour is even all over, as with most lip glosses the gloss is quite thick and a little sticky, but once it's on it feels very smooth. You can feel that you are wearing this gloss, because it is quite weighty. After wearing it a few times I got used to the feel of it, and now it makes my lips feel like they have their own clothes, so they are not naked lol!
              My lips always tingle for a few minutes after I have applied this, which I quite like the feel of. I think the tingling is the gloss trying to plump up my lips and I can taste a slight hint of menthol.

              One of my shades (provoke) is light pinkie purple sparkly colour and the other (allure) is a deep plum red. Normally I find with lip glosses that you only get a hint of the colour, but with these the colour really stands out with a sparkly high gloss sheen.

              It lasts ages on my lips, however being a gloss it does still transfer onto glasses ect. There always seems to be enough left on my lips even with this transfer, which lasts a fair few hours before it needs reapplying. Removing the gloss is simple, just use your normal face wipes, tissue or a cotton pad.
              The gloss doesn't dry my lips out either which was my main reason for buying this, and now I wouldn't be without it.
              I have had my lip glosses for a few months now, and I have only used half of a tube which in my book is great value for money.

              So does it plump up my lips?
              It does, but only slightly. If you are looking for dramatic trout pout type lips, then this won't be for you.
              More than anything it really enhances your lips with the great colours and high gloss finish.


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                19.02.2009 18:06
                Very helpful



                For the price its worth a go as it smells great

                As some of you may know, I have stupidly long thick hair. So it must be quite straight?
                I wish. My hair does everything it can in it's power to annoy me (I think it has its own personality), it kinks, it is full of frizz, it has a whole wavy thing going on, and when blow dried it looks like I have literally been dragged through a hedge backwards!

                I am a great fan of Sunsilks hair products, so when I saw Sunsilk Silky and Straight sitting there on a shelf in Tesco's, I had to grab it quick before it took one look at my hair and decided to run!

                The Product
                Sunsilk Silky and Straight shampoo

                Availability and Price
                This normally retails for between £1.98 - £2.50. I got mine in a two for £2.00 offer in Tesco.
                You can buy this from Tesco, Boots, Superdrug and most chemists.

                The Purpose
                Sunsilk Silky and Straight Shampoo, claims to leave hair 'Smooth & Sleek and Shiny'

                The shampoo comes in a lovely pastel purple big tube, it is different to the picture at the top of the page. Sunsilk Silky & Straight is written in black,
                and shampoo is written in white with a dark purple block surrounding it. In the centre of the tube is a dark purple round circle with a picture of a woman's head with metallic pinkie purple long hair, along with the words smooth and sleek shiny hair. Off of the main purple circle is a white circle with the words satin proteins and underneath is the question, Hair that tends to kink or frizz?

                On the back of the tube are the directions, Sunsilks address, the ingredients and that it is 200ml. There is also a before and after picture of kinked frizzy hair turning into sleek straight hair.

                The tube sits on a flip top lid, with a little hole that makes it easier to dispense the liquid.

                How to use it
                Massage shampoo into wet hair and rinse, repeat as required.

                My opinion
                I love the design and colour of the tube and it adds a nice touch of colour to my bathroom. It's great that they have got a picture on the back of before and after using the shampoo, and this filled me with the hope that something could finally tame my tresses.

                The shampoo itself is a pearlescent white liquid that is of a medium consistency so you don't waste any of the product. I use 4 to 5 walnut sized squirts of the shampoo which feels like satin and it lathers up really quickly. If you have short to midlength hair around 2-3 walnut sized squirts will suffice.

                The smell is scrumptious it smells very floral with hints of rose and lily and a delicate note of apple, with a freshly washed linen smell to it as well. Its the kind of smell that I associate with a bright summers day, so I find it very uplifting.

                I found it really easy to rinse and my hair felt really soft and tangle free, and smelling lovely and fresh. I always use a conditioner on my hair and Sunsilk recommend that you use their silky and straight conditioner with it, so I used that afterwards.

                I started blow drying my hair and it was feeling very smooth and soft and it still smelt great, so I was looking forward to not having to use my straighteners. Unfortunately the dryer my hair was getting the more I started seeing those familiar kinks and frizzy bits. By the end of drying my hair I was really impressed with the shine, it really did look radiant and my hair felt so lovely and soft, which was a step up from what it was before I used the shampoo. However instead of looking dry kinked and frizzy and dragged through a hedge, it now looked shiny and dragged through a hedge.

                It has improved the condition of my hair and it feels soft shiny and smells lovely. It didn't live up to it's claims of making my hair straight, smooth and sleek, so I still had to use my straighteners.

                Whilst it didn't live up to all it's claims, I will continue to use this because it really does give my hair a lovely sheen to it and the fresh smell lasts ages.


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                  17.02.2009 23:44
                  Very helpful



                  If you want luscious sexy lips, try this.

                  During the winter weather I suffer from dry chapped lips, which always
                  seem to get worse when wearing lipstick. Consequently I am always on
                  the look out for a lippy that will not dry my lips out. I was so pleased
                  when I won a Moisture Renew Lipstick from Rimmel, and I hoped it would be the solution for my poor lips. Rimmel state that this has three different moisturisers, collagen, polypeptides and hyaluronic acid to keep lips moisturised and SPF20 to protect lips from the sun. With all these moisturising ingredients I couldn't wait to try it.

                  Availability and Price
                  There are18 different shades of this lipstick. You can get this
                  from Boots, Superdrug, some Tesco stores and online. Expect to pay around
                  £4.00-£6.00 for one.
                  For more details about the shades go to Rimmel's website

                  My opinion
                  The first thing that stuck me about this lipstick was the gorgeous deep
                  purple casing, broken in half by a clear plastic line (that looks like glass)
                  that shows the silver inner tube. The Rimmel crown is embossed on the top of the lid.
                  I think it looks really sleek and modern and being metallic purple well, that was a massive plus for me as I love the colour. The top of the lipstick itself is slanted up to a rounded tip, which I like because it helps me just cover the shape of my lips, rather than getting it on my lips and everywhere else!

                  My shade is 260-Amethyst Shimmer. The shade looks like a deep purple red
                  colour with a glittery shimmer, yet it is more of a deep pastel colour in its lightness once applied, so it isn't too bold for me. It glides on really easily and feels really smooth and soft as I glide it along my lips. I usually put on one coat of this and blot it with a tissue and then apply another to build up the colour. This makes sure if it does come off that I have still got some of its pigment stained on my lips. Once it is all applied it has a nice semi shine finish. It does not feel too heavy on my lips either, which I thought it might have done with all those added moisturising ingredients.

                  Now staying power to me is very important, and this lipstick didn't do a bad job.
                  It lasts on me for about 3-4 hours before the colour starts to fade and it needs to be reapplied and with most of my lipsticks it does still transfer onto the hubby and glasses ect. At the end of the day it comes off quite easily with a damp cotton pad, no scrubbing required.

                  Did it keep my lips moisturised?
                  Yes all the time it was on, my lips felt very hydrated and soft. Unlike my normal lipstick, I didn't get that tight drying out feeling whilst wearing this. Once I had taken it off, my lips were still lovely, silky and soft.

                  Would I recommend it?
                  Yes, it kept my lips looking and more important, feeling lovely for the whole day. Whilst it will need re applying it really does give you luscious feeling lips!
                  Also it has SPF 20 so when it starts to get sunny out there you get great protection too.


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                    15.02.2009 23:02
                    Very helpful



                    A must read for thriller fans

                    The Book
                    The Long Shot is set in contemporary times and is a fiction thriller.

                    The Author
                    Stephen Leather

                    The first book I read by Stephen leather was Tango One which was non stop action. This made me take an interest in this author, leading me to purchase this book.

                    Stephen Leather has had many jobs in his time, before he embarked on a full time writing career in 1992. What I think helps him to be able to write the way he does, was his decade spent in journalism.

                    The Plot

                    A family trip flying over the Arizona Desert leads to a major discovery for FBI Agent Cole Howard, three snipers have been spotted rehearsing for a killing.
                    But with this discovery, comes problems, Agent Howard doesn't know who the target is, or where the snipers are going to be, to carry out their plan.

                    Angry and full of vengeance at the woman who destroyed his life is Joker also known as former SAS sergeant Mike Cramer. Under a false identify he is in New York with one plan, to infiltrate the Irish community and get to that woman - Mary Hennessy.

                    If the snipers world shocking assassination plan is to be stopped, Howard and Cramer must join forces, to thwart this most deadly plan......

                    My Opinion
                    Set in the third person, you hit the ground running with this book, by page five I could not put this down, it's a real page turner. Stephen Leather writes with flare and finesse, and with his snappy prose you get dragged in and you just have to know more. There is a lot of suspense built into the book which allows all the characters ample 'getting to know you' time.

                    I can't go into much detail about the characters as some of their experiences are crucial to the story line itself.
                    The two main characters are:
                    FBI Agent Howard Cole - An ex alcoholic, who feels overshadowed by his father in law. He is desperate to prove his own self worth.
                    Mike Cramer (Joker) - Not the typical SAS man you expect. Suffering at the hands of killer Mary Hennessy, his life has been left in pieces and he is just merely existing.

                    The characters he created were, for me very strong and well detailed. They are very realistic and it is extremely easy to identify with them, I found myself with a great deal of empathy especially for Mike Cramer who has had such a tough time.
                    I feel he would have done very well if he had written a series of novels about Howard and Cramer, because I was left wanting to see them become even more developed. I would go as far as to say, he would have had the success of John Harvey with his Resnick series had he decided to pursue this.

                    You don't get a whole load of information about the sub characters in the book. However he still gives you enough details to help you identify with them, and to make you feel like you understand them which was good.

                    The book is broken up nicely with very short periods of calm and background detail of the characters. Leather follows scene setting in a uniformed approach, whilst continuing to add in a sense of rising tension.
                    He doesn't over do the detail, he keeps it graphic but in a short and concise manner which I really enjoyed. I find if authors over do the detailing, it makes me want to skip through some of the pages because you can lose that sense of continuity of rising tension.
                    If you are anything like me, when you read this book you will feel as if you are standing next to the characters, watching as the drama unfolds.

                    The one thing I don't like in thrillers is predictability. This book is anything but predictable, the closest I came to guessing that something would happen was right before the paragraph where it did, and even then it still took on a few extra twists and turns.

                    Do they ever find out who the target is? Well you'll just have to pick this book up and read it to see....

                    This is one I wouldn't recommend you read just before going to bed, otherwise you may find you are still reading it when your alarm clock goes off!

                    If you want a fast paced, adrenaline packed read, this is one for you.

                    Published by: Hodder
                    Price: £6.99 (paperback)
                    ISBN : 978 0 340 63237 6
                    Pages: 567


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                      11.02.2009 23:36
                      Very helpful



                      You have to try it.

                      As some of you will know, I am still going through the items I received in my Serenity gift box from Lush. The next one out was the Bathos Bubble Bar Slice

                      The Price
                      According to the Lush Times it is currently £2.35 for 100g.

                      Well I was sold on the appearance as soon as I saw the colour, which is a deep lilac purple colour.
                      It is shaped like a bar of soap only its twice the size. In the middle
                      there is a depressed square shape with the letter B embossed into it, with
                      green glitter (not sure why they put glitter in it.).
                      The texture is quite difficult to describe but I shall try and give you an
                      idea. When you rub your hand over it is quite rough and you can feel
                      a crystallised texture, yet you can also indent it if you squeeze it.

                      What is in it?
                      The are loads of oils and skin softening ingredients in Bathos here are just a few violet leaf absolute, rose absolute, jasmine absolute, ylang ylang oil and
                      clove oil to name a few. With ingredients like these I was chomping at
                      the bit to see what this was going to do for my skin, and my senses!
                      For full ingredients just check their website www.lush.co.uk.

                      How to use it
                      Just simply crumble the bar under the tap as you are running the bath.

                      My experience
                      I had decided that I didn't want to use the whole bar in one go, so I cut a third of it off with a knife. I had a little sniff of it in its solid form and it smelt quite medicated with just a hint of violet, which didn't impress me much.

                      When I first started to crumble it in the stream of water I found it a little
                      difficult, but the more that I crumbled it, the easier it was. The bubbles started to appear straight away, they were really thick white fluffy bubbles and there were loads of them!
                      The smell of violets was lovely and really strong and the water was a lovely pastel lilac.

                      I got into my bath and for the first time I could do what I had seen on all those bath adverts, tragic I know, but I totally covered myself in bubbles and they were so soft! Even the water was soft and silky, and I felt I had been enveloped into a silky cocoon.

                      The aroma was so strong but really pleasant and relaxing. There were high notes of violets and undertones of rose and jasmine, with a faint undercurrent of cloves. These scrumptious smells and the bubbles crackling away whisked me off into a dream world....
                      I was sitting under a tree on a summers day, watching the gentle summer rain come tumbling down into a field of violets and roses. As they released their fresh hazy aromas, I felt very relaxed and had a sense of inner calm.

                      The bubbles started to dissipate after 20 minutes or so, and I knew that this was my signal to get out of the bath (all be it reluctantly). Once I was dry my skin felt lovely and soft, and the smell lingered on my skin for approximately half an hour, but the aromas lasted in my bathroom for hours, which was lovely. It didn't upset my sensitive skin which was a bonus, however it didn't do anything for the dry patches either so I still had to use a moisturiser.

                      It did make the bath a little bit slippery but didn't stain it, and after giving it a little scrub it was fine.

                      Would I recommend this?
                      Yes, if you have never tried Bathos before go out and buy it. It is great to use after a hard or stressful day and it really does leave you feeling relaxed and calm. You don't even need to use a whole bar in one go because you get plenty of bubbles just using a third so it is a good price too.


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                      • Lush Ring of Roses / Bath & Shower / 102 Readings / 101 Ratings
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                        07.02.2009 18:56
                        Very helpful



                        Give it a try for the smell alone.

                        As some of you may know from one of my previous reviews, I am a total newbie to everything that is Lush. I received a Lush Serenity gift box from my husband a sort while back and the next item that I tried was Ring of
                        Roses (and this is in no way related to the nursery rhyme!).

                        About the product
                        Ring of Roses is a buttercream. Even the word buttercrem makes this sound yummy.
                        Basically it is a posher (not sure if that's a word) form of soap, that has
                        more added extra's with less soap products added. According to Lush
                        it is about 20% soap and 80% added extras including oils and butters (hence the name buttercream) and lots of other little gems. See their website www.lush.co.uk for more information.
                        With the butter creams, you can use them at room temperature, freeze them
                        or chill them and this changes their texture.

                        The Price
                        For 100g it costs £3.80, mine was in a gift set which is 80g.

                        The pictures of this on their website and their catalogue the Lush Times,
                        show that this looks like a slice of cake which a very pink base with rolled
                        roses petals on the top. Mine came in clear plastic pot, and it looked like
                        it had been scooped with an ice cream scoop and put into the pot, without the roses petals, but none the less the deep pretty pink was still appealing
                        . I think the reason it is in the pot was to preserve it, because it would have gotten stuck to the popcorn that was used in the packaging to keep all my little items separated.

                        I have to give a separate heading for this, because the texture of this
                        can change depending what you do with it. In it's natural form at room temperature it is solid but smooth, and pliable so you can just scoop out the amount you want with you fingers.
                        When this buttercream is chilled it is more solid and you need a knife to cut
                        the amount off that you need. It still keeps that smooth silky texture to it.
                        Freezing it is quite funny because then it looks more like a frozen ice cream
                        or sorbet (it makes you think that it could be edible, or perhaps that was just me!), and it becomes a bit brittle and you can just break pieces off or use a knife.

                        What is in it?
                        The ingredient list for this one is huge, so for full details I would recommend you check their website. I have listed a few of the ingredients below
                        so you can get the feel of the types of ingredients they have included in this:
                        Evening primrose oil, rose absolute, coconut oil (lots of different oils),
                        cocoa butter, honeysuckle, larkspur and many more lovely natural ingredients.

                        How to use it
                        Use it in the shower or the bath on damp or wet skin and use it as you would a normal soap and rinse off.

                        What is it supposed to do for my skin?
                        Lush butter creams are designed to leave your skin cleansed, soft and

                        My experience
                        I found with this that your skin needs to be reasonably wet for the buttercream to melt. I was using this at room temperature.

                        I scooped out a walnut sized lump of this soft butter like putty, and started
                        rubbing it in a circular motion over my skin and it lathers up very lightly.
                        It was at this point that I could feel how soft this was on my skin, and because it doesn't lather up loads you get a more of a melted butter feeling as it soaks into your skin. I only needed to use a little bit at a time and it does go a long way.

                        The aromas that are released from this are divine. I felt as though I was sitting outside on a warm summers night in a garden that is in full bloom, and across the way was an orchard full of fruit.
                        There are high notes of rose infused with a delicate citrus lemon sorbet aroma, with a counter point of soft sweet smelling honeysuckle coupled with a marshmallow type fragrance.It gave me a sense of relaxation with these quite hypnotic aroma's.

                        Rinsing it off is easy, and even though it only contains around 20% soap it
                        left my skin feeling quite squeaky (literally) and clean. It looked like it left some kind of water replant film on my skin but this was not unpleasant.

                        My skin after patting dry felt abit softer, but not really much more softer than if I had just used my normal shower gel, which was a disappointment. The gorgeous aroma's that were released when using the buttercream faded quite quickly after drying. Unfortunately I did feel the need to use a moisturiser after using this, because it did make my skin feel tight.

                        Would I recommend it?
                        A little does go a long way with a Ring of Roses, so for the longevity of the product the price is quite reasonable. I wouldn't buy this for the properties of it claiming to leave my skin soft and moisturised, but I will buy it again for its cleansing and relaxing hypnotic aroma's.


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                          04.02.2009 21:57
                          Very helpful
                          1 Comment



                          Well worth a go for the price.

                          Before I joined Dooyoo I had never heard of Lush before (I know, I think I was on another planet!), but after reading so many glowing reviews, I knew I had to try their range of products for myself. I dropped many hints, including our local store location to my husband, as our 7th wedding anniversary was coming up. On that day I became the proud owner of my very own Gift box from Lush called Serenity, which included the Butterball Bath Ballistic.

                          The Price
                          I got mine in a gift set but the latest price from the 'Lush Times' (which is their catalogue) is £2.20.

                          To me who has only used little bath bombs before, this round oval shaped ballistic is huge, I'd say it's slightly smaller than a tennis ball. It's white with the Lush logo embossed on the top of it, and it has a chalky texture to it.

                          What's in it?
                          Without going into great detail which might bore you, I'm just going to list a few of the key ingredients:
                          Cocoa Butter - This is great for moisturising the skin.
                          Ylang Ylang oil - Which produces a nice fragrance, and can sooth the skin.
                          Musk - For fragrance.

                          How to use it
                          Run your bath and once it's filled just pop it into the water. You can either do this once you are in the bath or you can do it before you get in.

                          My Experience
                          The ballistic in its solid form only gave off a weak sweet smell, so I wasn't quite sure whether it would do much once it has dissolved.

                          I ran my bath and popped the ballistic into the water before I got in, and it literally went ballistic! It was fizzing and bubbling quite loudly and shooting round the bath, releasing a gorgeous aroma, and it did not colour the water. The fizzing lasted about 2-3 minutes and half way through all the fizzing I jumped in (ok, stepped in but I would have jumped in!) because it smelt so yummy.

                          I noticed a film on top of the water with little oil patches which obviously was the cocoa butter, but this isn't off putting. Once I was fully in the bath I couldn't believe the feel of the water, it was so soft, like stepping into a fluid version of silk or satin.

                          The aroma is gorgeous, I closed my eyes and breathed it all in through my nose, and envisioned myself laying in a hot spring half way up a snowy mountain. The aroma of fresh smelling musky sweet tones with low notes of a soft sweet thin custard like smell (which I think was from the Ylang Ylang oil), really added to this.

                          Half an hour later the water was starting to cool so it was time to get out, this is when I noticed that my skin felt quite greasy. It was a tad too greasy for my liking, however once I had patted my skin dry this feeling does go away, leaving in its wake baby soft skin, with no need for a moisturiser. The scent is quite delicate on the skin and only lasted a few hours at the most, which was a little bit disappointing, because I really loved the smell.

                          A tip to get this gorgeous smell to last that bit longer: Take some freshly damp washed clothes into the bathroom with you when you use this butterball and the smell will infuse with your clothes.

                          The only real problem I have with this butter ball, is that it does leave an oily reside around the sides of the bath which does need a bit of a scrub. If you're lucky can get someone else to scrub the bath for you! However this is only a minor problem and shouldn't deter you from trying it.

                          For the price of £2.20 for the Butterball Bath Ballistic, I don't feel is too expensive considering it gave me such a lovely soft, relaxing bathing experience. I will most certainly be buying this one again.


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                          • freecycle.org / Internet Site / 154 Readings / 148 Ratings
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                            29.01.2009 18:10
                            Very helpful



                            A great concept, that builds a community, gets rid of things you don't want, saving the planet

                            I stumbled across this organisation whilst having a look through Yahoo Groups in my area.

                            The Concept
                            The Freecycle ideal is to keep as many items as possible out of landfill by offering it to people in your local area.

                            The price
                            This is the best bit, everything is free!

                            How to join
                            You can search for freecycle groups in your area via yahoo groups or via www.freecycle.org from there you will need a Yahoo I.D which is basically an email address to allow you to join and receive their emails.
                            Click on the group or groups that are most local to you, and click join group. Upon joining you can sign up to receive emails of other members offerings, or the daily digest which is one big email of offers or, if you prefer to keep your email inbox clear you can simply view the message board as often as you wish.

                            How it works
                            There are a few rules on Freecycle which I think are just common sense, every offer must be free and there should be no cross posting of offer's to other groups for a certain period of time to maintain fairness to those nearest to you and to protect the environment from members having to travel too far to collect an item.
                            When you post an offer, you need to state in your subject line that it is an offer and the first part of your postcode or the area that you live - this allows members to decide whether they can travel to collect or not.
                            Replying to an offer can be done by email or through the message board as a private message, the person requesting the item is normally expected to travel to collect it.
                            Once you have offered the item or items to a member, you post a message on the main board to advise that it has been taken subject to collection to save other members responding. The person who receive's the item also posts on the board to advise that they have received it - this helps keep track of that particular offer and saves the offeree getting a ton of emails requesting it.
                            Members can also post wanted messages, for example they may have moved into a new flat and they need some basic items of furniture. Members who have items like this can then offer it directly to the person who has posted the wanted message.

                            My Experience using freecycle
                            I signed up to recieve offers by email so I never missed out on something I wanted or needed.

                            The good points

                            -I received a lovely practically new futon from a lovely couple who had a baby on the way and needed the space for the nursery, and loads of books which has kept me busy.

                            - I have managed to clear a lot of space at home and help other people at the same time, without damaging
                            the environment and taking it all to the dump.

                            - Most of the members are really friendly and you get a good sense of community.

                            - The groups are moderated, by volunteer moderators and they will remove
                            messages that aren't helpful to the group. They also ban members who abuse the group by never offering and just taking all the time.

                            The bad points

                            -Some members can be quite blunt and rude when replying to your offers, for example 'I'll have it' and 'Give it to me.'

                            -You still need to be security conscious when you go to a strangers house or they come to yours, but that is just common sense and forward planning will help, for example have someone else with you, or meet in a neutral public location, and no one on our group so far has had any problems with this.

                            -You do get the odd ebayer that will offer nothing on the group and just take, but again you can usually work out who they are by checking the group message board to see if they are actively contributing to the group.

                            -Your inbox can get quite full.

                            -Sometimes the wanted posts can take over the group, and they aren't always wanting 'normal' items, for example one poster on my group sent a wanted message saying "my mp3 player has broke, I want a video Ipod that plays music, anyone got a spare one?"

                            What I think
                            I think freecycle is a great concept, one mans rubbish is another mans treasure. It really does save items going to landfill. Anything and everything is offered on this group, from ovens and beds, to clothes, vouchers and TV's. It is a great way to free up space and help others out at the same time.

                            In the current economic climate every offer could potentially save people a lot of money that they may otherwise not be able to afford. I also think it builds a sense of community and trust especially with the regulars and that is never a bad thing.


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                              29.01.2009 15:23
                              Very helpful



                              Leaves your hair looking great

                              With my hair being so very long (down to my bum!) it is very prone to
                              damage, for example, closing the car door on it, sitting on it (yes
                              I have lol), on top of that blow drying and straightening it, and normal daily
                              wear and tear.
                              So I need something to give my poor hair a touch of TLC, which brings me
                              to my must have essential in my bathroom....

                              The Product
                              Sunsilk Care and Repair Shampoo

                              Availability and Price
                              I brought mine from Tesco's in a 2 for £2.00 offer, and they are running
                              this offer again at the moment. They normally cost between £1.98 - £2.50
                              for 200ml which is still great value. You can buy this in most supermarkets, Boots and some chemists.

                              The shampoo comes in what I would describe as a big tube, it has flat
                              base where the flip top lid is located and the tube tapers off at the top.
                              The tube is pastel orange in colour, with Sunsilk written in dark blue
                              with a shiny silver wavy underline, the words Care and Repair are below this. Shampoo is highlighted in a darker orange block with a round darker orange circle below, with an image of a woman's head and her hair flowing, and the claim "Strengthens and Nourishes Everyday" with lipids.
                              The back of the bottle has a list of ingredients, some information about
                              the product, directions, their address and web address.
                              I think the design is quite simple, yet the colour of the tube makes it stand
                              out and being a pastel shiny orange, it gives me the impression that the
                              contents are very silky. Another plus is that it stands on its lid which makes it easier to squeeze out the shampoo and when its is nearly all gone you can smooth down the tube with your finger to get every last drop out.

                              Massage into wet hair, rinse, repeat if required.

                              The purpose
                              Sunsilk's Care & Repair Shampoo claim to be able to leave your hair, "stronger, healthier and shinier".

                              My Verdict
                              I love this shampoo.

                              To say I'm a fan of the Sunsilk range of hair care products is putting it mildly!
                              I used to use this every other day, but with Sunsilk having quite a sizeable range of products for different hair types and ones which promote certain effects, I like to mix it up and use lots of different ones.

                              I now use this every couple of weeks as a treat for my hair along with their Care & Repair leave in conditioner (which I shall review later).
                              The shampoo consistency is fairly thick, but not overly so (take washing up liquid for example and it is just slightly thicker than that), and it has a white creamy silk appearance that looks quite glittery and it feels like silk.
                              You don't need loads of it either unless you have super long thick hair like me! Two to three walnut size blobs will lather up fine for most people with short to midlength hair, and it rinses out really easily leaving my hair clean and soft.
                              The smell is divine, it smells really fresh with a fruity apple and peach twist, and the fragrance lasts for ages even after I have dried and straightened my long locks. When I use this I am always getting compliments from friends and family about how nice my hair smells!
                              I personally always use conditioner, but for those of you that don't, this will
                              still leave your hair soft and smelling great.

                              So does it really leave my hair "stronger, healthier and shinier"?
                              Before I discovered this shampoo, my hair looked quite dull and was extremely brittle and the only thing that could help me at that time was a trip to the hairdressers, for some intensive, expensive treatments. Thanks to this shampoo I only go to the hairdressers, for a trim now lol. It has really revitalised my hair, I have hardly any split ends and I don't look like a scare crow with straw hair anymore, so yes, for me it has lived up to its claims.

                              Why not give it a try? It's great value, and great for everyday use or as an occasional treat for your hair.


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                                20.01.2009 19:22
                                Very helpful



                                A perfect moisturiser for all.

                                As many of you will know from a couple of my previous reviews, I suffer from eczema, and many sufferers will tell you how important it is to keep your skin hydrated.
                                Due to a bad flare up on my chest and neck, I was desperately searching for something to keep my skin hydrated and
                                moisturised, before my doctors appointment next week, and I stumbled upon this little gem.

                                The Product
                                Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser.

                                Key ingredients
                                Pro-Vitamin B5, Glycerin, Bisabolol and Allantoin - the purpose of these ingredients are to hydrate, moisturise, sooth, smooth, soften and protect skin, with no perfume or colouring.
                                It also has defending UV filters, but considering we are in the middle of winter, I can't test this bit out!

                                Availability and Price
                                The product can be purchased from, Tesco, Asda, Boots,
                                Superdrug, most chemists and online.
                                It will cost you between £3.00 - £4.00 for 125ml. I got mine from Tesco for £3.11.

                                The box is in the shape of an upright rectangle which is white with various shades of green writing a not too frilly design. Included on the box is the product name, their philosophy, ingredients, their website address simple.co.uk, and details of how to use and what is in the product.
                                I prefer the design on the inside of the box which is just the words "it's simple" repeated, over again and again in green writing. I personally think that this would have looked far more eye catching on the outside of the box.

                                The bottle has exactly the same design as the outside of the box. The product name and a few key ingredient descriptors are on the front, with directions and their contact address on the back. It has a green top with the writing around the base of the neck "not perfumed, not coloured" which adds a nice touch, topped off with a translucent lid.

                                How to use
                                Unscrew the lid, the bottle has a very small hole placed in the centre of the top which is curved inwards (think a piece of blue tac, and push your finger down into it, and imagine a hole in the middle of that dip, and you'll know what I mean). Then, just smooth some of the moisturiser gently into your face and neck, according to the bottle do this "using upward and outward movements".

                                The Purpose and Claim
                                To keep you skin moisturised all day. "Perfect for even sensitive skin".

                                My verdict

                                Even though it says for use on the face and neck, I use it on my neck and chest! I have used this moisturising cream for the past few days. For me it has really soothed my skin and stopped my burning desire to scratch it to hell!

                                What impressed me most about the design is that normally with open bottle tops I tend to pour to much cream on my hands. I like to squeeze the bottle and let some of the cream just pool into the top and then take some with just the tip of my finger and rub it into my skin.

                                The cream itself is a reasonably thick consistency, and it has hardly any smell to it at all. As long as you don't use too much on each area of your face and neck ect (I use the size of a 10p piece to cover approximately a 6 inch circumference and so on), it absorbs really quickly (about 20 seconds) and does leave my skin with a really smooth feel, with out that yucky greasy feeling that you get with some moisturisers.

                                In the normal areas of my skin I only need to apply it once a day and it keeps it lovely and soft, in the problems areas I apply it 2-3 times a day (my own personal preference) and it really does keep my skin hydrated and keeps it calm.

                                With my eczema my skin gets very tight and new areas of dry skin start appearing ready to turn into eczema. This moisturiser has massively helped to keep this under control, it has relaxed the tight areas and is keeping them soft, and the dry patches are disappearing.

                                In conclusion, whether you have sensitive skin, dry skin, or you just want something to give you super soft smooth silky skin, for a few pounds this is well worth a try and it will last for ages too.


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                                • General / Discussion / 87 Readings / 78 Ratings
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                                  17.01.2009 02:59
                                  Very helpful



                                  My answers to the quiz

                                  Just thought I'd give the quiz a go too. Hopefully you will still be awake at the end, if not then maybe we have found the cure for
                                  mild Insomnia!

                                  Gender: Female.

                                  Star Sign: Virgo.

                                  Eye colour: Brown.

                                  Hair colour: When I was little it was bright ginger, but now its really dark a more auburn colour.

                                  Height: 5'6


                                  Food: Pizza (mmm yummy).

                                  Colour: Any shade of purple.

                                  Season: Winter, I love it when it snows, it makes everything look so perfect, and its great on those cold nights to cuddle up to the one you love.

                                  Drink: Orange Juice.

                                  Restaurant: Thai Bal.


                                  Bedtime: I'm a bit of a night owl, anywhere between 3am and 9am. I only average 3-5 hours of sleep, so it doesn't really matter when I go to sleep.

                                  Weaknesses: I can be quite shy (yes I really am, I go bright red!).

                                  Fears: Death, Losing my loved ones and spiders.

                                  First Thought Waking Up: Where's my boy? (my cat who always sleeps on top of me).

                                  This or That...

                                  Orange or Apple juice: Orange Juice.

                                  Dog or Cat: Cats (I have to say this, they are watching me as I type!)

                                  Pepsi or Coke: Coke, Pepsi is a little bit too sweet for me.

                                  Scary Movie or Funny Movies: Funny Movies, I'm a chicken when it come to scary movies.

                                  Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate.

                                  Black or White: White.

                                  Truth or Dare: Truth.

                                  Live Forever or Die Young: Erm neither, just the average lifespan with my family will do me.

                                  Mud or Dirt: Mud, its good for the skin!

                                  Gold or Silver: Gold.

                                  Have You Ever...

                                  Drunk: Yes.

                                  Smoked: Yes, and I really need to give up.

                                  Taken drugs: No.

                                  Broken the law: I remember when I was about 6 I took a sweet from the pick and mix and still feel guilty.

                                  Been arrested: No.

                                  Shoplifted: No.

                                  Cut your own hair: No.

                                  Danced in the rain: Yes and I wasn't drunk.

                                  Had a long distance relationship: No.

                                  Been stalked: No.

                                  Broken a bone: No and I hope I never do.

                                  Been in an Accident: Well it depends what you define as an accident. I was 7, I was in my friends greenhouse, her elder sister thought it would be funny to lock the door... I squeezed out through the door as one of the hinges was a bit loose and all was well, until she did it again 5 minutes later. This time I failed to squeeze through and the stress of trying to squeeze through the door resulted in me shattering the whole greenhouse, fortunately I escaped with only a bad cut to my leg. It wasn't funny at the time, but 20 years on we all have a good laugh about it!

                                  Do You...

                                  Shower Daily: Yes.

                                  Sing in the Shower: Yes but only when no one is at home.

                                  Sing Well: Erm well I haven't shattered anymore glass!

                                  Swear: Yes a tad too much when playing on the Xbox 360.

                                  Believe in Yourself: I believe in others more.

                                  Want to go to College: Already been.

                                  Get Along With Your Parents: Absolutely, I love them to bits.

                                  Get Along With Your Siblings: I don't have any.

                                  Like Thunderstorms: As long as I am inside!

                                  Play an Instrument: I play the flute, but not as much now. I'm self teaching myself to play the Clarinet, and I used to play the recorder.

                                  Speak a Foreign Language: No

                                  Sleep with Stuffed Animals: My husband moves a lot in his sleep, (okay so I'm making excuses!) so I have two cat teddies called Simba and Miles plus a real cat to cuddle up to.

                                  Keep a Diary/Journal: Yes.

                                  Can You...

                                  Roll Your Tongue in a Circle: Yes.

                                  Both Ways: No.

                                  Do the Splits: Never have been able too.

                                  Say the Alphabet Backwards: Yes but we might be here forever...

                                  Write With Both Hands: Yes, but my left handwriting looks about the standard of a five year old.


                                  Is Your Window Open: Yes but only a bit.

                                  What Colour is Your Toothbrush: Purple and white.

                                  Do You Believe In Love At First Sight: Yes, I fell in love with my Husband at first sight (although it took
                                  him a few months to even notice me) and we've been married nearly seven years.

                                  Did You Have Long Hair as a Kid: Yes and then I had it chopped off and sold it to a wig makers for £15. It's even longer now.

                                  What Cell Phone Provider Do You Have: O2.

                                  Do You Know All The Words to the National Anthem: The first two verses, but I think there are three?

                                  Whom do you go to when you're happy: My Husband and my cats.

                                  If You Were a Crayon What Colour Would You Be: Purple.

                                  Ever caught a Fish: Yes when I was younger and I threw it straight back.

                                  Can You Stick Your Fist In Your Mouth: No, I can't even fit two whole Pringles in my mouth so the fist is going nowhere!


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