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      27.01.2009 14:06
      Very helpful



      Has been total nightmare I tried to be forgiving but they were awful!

      We decided to shop around for cheaper home insurance and my husband picked More Than as they seemed to have good reputation and good price.
      Hopefully we will never have to claim as had no problems.

      But one fateful day at start of November I was washing up in kitchen and heared screams from mini terroist in lounge.
      My nearly 3 year old daughter had managed to pull £800 LCD tv off its stand.

      My first thourght is thank god shes not hurt, my second oh my god the tv!
      Keep calm it will be ok im sure it,s just fine pick it up off floor and put back on stand.

      To my total horror the tv screen was cracked in 3places, noise but just lines.
      The most obvious culprit for damage is my daughter although I suspect part of the blame has to go to her peppa pig plastic figures on floor which survived, peppa pig 1, tv 0!

      So I rang hubby who was working late he said calm down best report to insurance tonight to get it sorted out as quickly as possible.
      So I rang had to wait a few minutes but then nice helpful chap answered the phone and heard my sob story in full.
      He said he could not speak to me as my husbands name was on policy so he would need to speak to my husband to get permission first before discussing claim further with myself.

      Seemed fair enough so gave him our landline number so he could ring me back, husbands work line which put him through to switchboard of major DIY chain and husbands mobile.

      He eventually got through and as promised ran me back.
      He talked me through claims process and said it was probably to be 2weeks before its sorted out.
      Also that due to high value of claim they wouuld be sending loss adjuster round the house to investigate within 4working days!

      Luckily we had old tv in bedroom we could use but my daughter said she did not like small tv!
      Hubby says it be fine, look on bright side no one was hurt its only a tv it can be replaced.

      However after 12days no contact we rang More Than to complain.
      The excuse was unfortunatly they had no contact numbers for us to tell us loss adjuster was very busy and would be a delay!
      Yet when we took out insurance they had comtcat details and only 12days before their operator rang 3 of our numbers give.
      Sorry More Than just not good enough.

      Eventually we got an appointment 14 days after event when a serious stern loss adjuster devoid of personality came round to the house one morning to inspect the damage.
      Unfortunatly daughter in nursury so unable to interrogate the suspect.
      I explained peppa pig may have been an accomplice in causing the cracks to the tv screen as it landed on floor with toys scattered underneath.
      She asked lost of questions and I explained daughter does sometimes drag her potty or toy box and stand on it.
      She took notes, looked very serious , studied actual tv with minute detail and said another company would be round within 2 days to pick up tv to inspect damage and to assertain if it would be repaired which im my opinion it could not and would be offered like for like comparision.

      Oh well you can guess more lies 2days was more like 7days before man came and took away damaged tv.
      Its now been nearly a month with no tv!

      Over a week past when we got snotty letter saying after studying damage and reveiwing evidence given they will not honour the claim as they do not believe a toddler could cause so much damage!

      I mean I understand they have to do an investigation and some people do make dodgy claims but this was unbeliveable!
      Be very worried ifyou with More Than and have destructive toddler in the house!

      Well hubby fired off angry email that night saying how dare they accuse us of lying, we have been completly co-operative despite their negligance and awful customer service and poor communication.
      We said we would appeal and take it further.

      Next day hubby got phone call with someone with a brain and she apologised for the delay and trauma the company had caused us and they had reveiwed the case and will pay out waiving the hefty £100 excess!

      Guess every cloud has silver liner but not sure if It was worth the stress they caused us making us feel like criminals but hey been month half now we need new tv lets just get it sorted.

      They then put us in contact with another company who deal with accepted claims and send us vouchers ect.
      They sub contract lots of bits out it seems maybe why they so bad at communicating with each other.

      When we rang this company they had no idea about the waived excess fee so had to contact More Than again ourselves to email this company before we could proceed.
      We were meant to get like for like specifications as out tv was 3years old the tv technology had progressed and cost of LCD,s had fallen so they offered us £400 of vouchers.

      I myself was dubious and the fact we could only use Currys/Dixons limited us as John lewis offer 5 year gaurantee on their products plus free delivery.
      We brought original tv from Comet but could not use them so could not really hunt round for best deal which annoyed me!

      Hubby just wanted to get it dealt with so we went to Currys and ended up with LG 32inch LCD dont get me wrong it,s nice but not comparable felt ripped off but was too late.
      The one we had before was Sharp Aquaos was top of range at the time and the newer version was £650 not £400 of vouchers they gave us.
      So overall really unhappy as they been so deceiptful and negligent with their communication.
      They caused us so much stress and dissapointment, will do anything to avoid paying out.
      We went to 2 currys stores to get tv in car as they would have charged us home delivery costs and probably more delay!

      I guess my advice to you all is when looking for house insurance is consider what happens when things go wrong and excess not just the monthly price.

      I took 2months from event to get new tv with More Than making us feel like criminals and constant chasing up with More Than and other companies.

      If you are unfortunate to have something happen do following things

      1)always note down name of person you talk too and what they said with time and date.
      2)stand your ground,less persistance and chasing up on our part got it sorted.
      3)be cautious with like for like , do really good research online and in store so they don't con you, know the facts as they cant argue with those.
      4)Do read small print carefully when signing agreement as some policies now exclude pet damage only a matter of time before child damage is included!

      Not sure if this is useful and had no first hand experience but Lloyds TSB insurance looked good they have £50 excess and put money in bank which sounds better in principle but not sure about reality.

      We will look to move shortly I think as I cannot bare the thourght of another fight if anything else goes wrong we had never claimed previously.

      More Than Enough Trouble!


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        27.01.2009 12:30
        Very helpful



        Love,love love this camera- highly recommend,good quality for money

        V Tech kidizoom digital camera

        My nearly 3 year old daughter seems obsessed with cameras and taking pictures so this seemed like the perfect christmas present.
        Hopefully she would then leave mine alone.

        My daughter has this camera in pink. we shopped around in sales and my mum managed to get it woolworths sale just before xmas but also costco and toys r us had it on offer also so do shop around as full RRP price is £50 for this product and it comes in pink, blue or now green camo!.

        The reason we opted for this over the fisher price kid tough was the fact it was about £10 cheaper at full retail price and includes some simple computer games on as well.
        Both claim to be kid tough so can be dropped.
        The only benefit with the fisher price over this model is the other one is waterproof.

        My daughter find this camera really easy and simple to use.
        There are 2 buttons you can press to take a picture one on back and one on top.
        The buttons are marked in different colours and quite chunky she knows which buttons take pics and which turns it on.
        The games bit beyond her but ok for bored parent!
        It includes a noughts and crosses type game and one other.

        My daughter has dropped it many a time and its been fine.
        The camera has zoom function and quite large memory hold loads of photos.
        It comes with leads to download on to computer and theres all sorts of funky things you can do like creative workshop which means you can add borders and other things to pictures taken but not had chance to experiment yet daughter keeps hogging it!

        We have not down loaded any pics yet but picture quality seems reasonable for kids camera and eats less batteries than my sad old digital so quite jealous in that respect!
        It takes 4 AA batteries which are screwed in 2 each either side.

        I think this is great value product, amuses daughter for hours and probably suitable from age 3 up to 10 I hope it lasts many years as definatly one of the best toys I have brought my daughter.

        Its lovley to take on daytrips and see how artistic and creative your little one is!


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      • Dyson Toy Vacuum Cleaner / Baby Toy / 16 Readings / 15 Ratings
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        27.01.2009 12:06
        Very helpful



        It seemed so promising but poor quality and build really let it down

        Mummy let me hoover!

        My mum brought this hoover for christmas when daughter was nearly 2 from Argos think it was around £20 at the time.
        I thourght mini dyson how cute and it really sucks so perfect.

        Its nice and brightly coloured and comes with few attachments.
        It takes 3 med batteries not the super chunky ones the one below that size.

        Once switched on it has 3modes off, noise and balls float inside or third actual suction.
        Must admit found suction mode bit dissapointing was hoping for unpaid smaller helper in house but it failed pick up much not disimilar to my full size dyson unfortunatly.

        My daughter loves helping and I thourght having her own hoover that I could use mine in peace without her jumping on my back asking for rides or trying to snatch the real hose off me!

        It seems she could not be fooled she knew it was a toy or perhaps just not keen.

        The thing eats up batteries too which then presented another major problem.

        The batteries are screwed in but no matter how hard we tried we could not unscrew to get batteries out and put new batteries in ended up busting it open and having to tape new batteries in not good.
        But sadly now its now bust, I would not say my daughters too rough but the purple peice at the front has snapped off.

        I just wish it had been better quality and lasted longer.
        My daughter likes to copy so im wondering if it,s the fact she had upright I had a cylinder made a difference in her disinterest in this

        I need to get her new toy hoover and I know dyson do toy cylinder aswell however but im tempted to try henry no now after upright poor performace.

        I guess what we have to remember with any toy versions of real products is

        1)They just a toy!Manage your expectations no slave labour here!
        2)The companies licence toy companies to make these using the brand names so not actually made by manufacturer which in this case would be dyson!

        I really wanted to like this but I felt let down.


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        • Mamas & Papas Highchair / Highchair / 13 Readings / 12 Ratings
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          26.01.2009 17:15
          Very helpful



          As a 1st time parent another regretful purchase! Steer clear,walk away!


          Couldent find this model on dooyoo search but noticed the reveiws for mamas and papas highchair seemed to have different types so thourght best to put here.

          Both me and my husband decided we wanted solid wooden chair as we have too small kitchen to eat in and large lounge/diner so wanted it to look good and last baby -toddler.

          We both loved the look of STOKKE Tripp trap but it worked out quite expensive as you had to buy baby set and cushion separate which made it £150 markl Plus no tray was a downside.

          We looked in Mothercare but none caught our eye, all the chairs we liked in John Lewis just seemed bit pricey as we were not sure if we wanted one that turned ito chair and table but they looked huge and pricey.

          So last stop was our local mamas and papas store in which we found the cuisine chair.

          Its solid wood and came in coffee, pink or pale blue.
          It cost us around £80 at the time and we bought extra insert which brought it up to £100.

          What we liked about it was it was solid, nice neutral colour and turned into child chair,height adjustable and had tray so seemed to fit the bill for what we wanted.

          Well got it home took ages to build.
          Then to my horror I realised that it was height ajustable with allen key provided but was so awquard to do we rarly adjusted height.

          Even worse the tray can only be removed by unscrewing with allen key.

          We started using it at 6months and it was nightmare daughter used to slip on m&p boris and millie insert and always seemed slouched.
          We could never get the harness tight enough.
          It was a complete nightmare to clean so many nooks and crannies and I guess baby food seemed to weld onto wood more so than plastic.

          Must admit over the years I grown to hate it but stuck with it!
          I nearly brought cheap ikea chair but hubby would not let me.
          Its quite large and cannot be folded so even though looks nice its always there!

          The years have not been kind the pain has scratched in many places probably through my constant scrubbing!
          It now looks bit tired and grubby!
          It requires constant cleaning.

          We now use without tray at table over last year as much easier to clean daughter is 3 and although could last her many more years im tempted to flog it really cheap at carboot sale this year!

          I so wish we had not been so tight and got the tripp trap.
          You can get tray for trip trap now too.

          Oh well maybe for next baby! I feel I learnt from mistakes and can make sensible purchases next time round.


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            26.01.2009 14:24
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Good value hardback which is fun and engaging,fab buy!

            I adore these books and daughter has enjoyed from age 1.
            I love the fact it makes reading fun and interactive.

            The books themeselves are good quality hardbacks with a puppet in the middle that the reader puts hand through and puts on funny voice as they read the story.

            The pictures inside are bright and appealing and the storyline itself always flows nicely and carries simple message.
            About Boris, hes is a lovable monster who loves getting exited and lavishing people with too many kissies.
            The main message is calm down Boris as none of the other monsters want to play with him until one day a big scary doggy surrounds the other monsters but Boris wants to play and kiss the doggy and scares the scary doggy away .
            Then all the other monsters now want to play with him now matter how tickely he is!

            Boris himself is furry so I tickle my daughter under the chin which she loves.

            This book be ideal for kids age 1-4 in my opinion .
            Its good value for money and bit different compared to other childrens books on the market.
            I also think every infant school and libary should have these books as when teaching children to read its gets them exited about reading.

            I love it so much I have Dudley, Wendy and Sid too as the author does other stories in similar format.


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            • Early Learning Centre / Online Shop / 6 Readings / 4 Ratings
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              26.01.2009 12:58
              Very helpful



              Great for preschool, ideal for gifts and good value ,quality and good service


              This is one of my favourite shops both online and in store.
              We are lucky enough to have 2 early learning stores in our city and a concession shop in large mothercare.
              However since daughter has been born I prefer to use the website as its quicker for me and you can use discount codes just google dicount code sites as its always nice to get money off.
              Save that code and enter in special code box at online checkout sometimes they work sometimes they dont buy hey its worth a try.

              I also joined the birthday club when I was given a leaflet in store which means they send my daughter a free cd and I get a 20%voucher just before her birthday which is quite generous.
              I also got send a 20% voucher couple of months before christmas as was valid until xmas eve which was good.
              Only catch I discovered at chritmas is like most retailers the heavily discounted anyway and you could not get the discount off anything already discounted usually the items with price in red on website.
              But still manged to pick up till this xmas for £10 from £20 so not all bad its good they have incentives and encourage customer loyalty.

              I think what I like most about the brand is pretty much everything in the range is age suitable and hardwearing for my destructive toddler to play with.
              I did not start shopping there really until daughter was nearly one on hunt for less babyish educational toys for her first bithday.
              I did not know what to get but the man in store was really helpful and spent time with me and told me about birthday club which was really good.

              Then for christmas last year I fell in love with their retro kitchen in pale blue 50,s design with smeg type fridge in solid wood they did red version this year.
              It was quite pricey new about £175 but was reduced to £100 which I went to buy online but they were waiting for more stock so just to ensure I got such a fab bargain I rang the customer service department and got through straight away.
              Once again the lady was lovley and said it could take up to a week but to my surprise arrived 2days later!
              Its a really good quality kitchen as its solid wood and will last daughter for years as well as stunning to look at and I can keep adding kitchen accesories each year.
              I just wish I had full size version,warning took a while to build so build in advance.
              They do some lovley kitchen accessories in wood or plastic and play food which has gone all posh this year and changed to m&s food!

              Tying to chose my other favourite product is hard but

              The bubble machine is fab particuarly in summer
              We got the 1st trampoline which daughter loved.
              The fairytale boothouse some great first dolls houses with intreactive lights and sound
              The ELC till is fantastic
              This christmas we got dolls house and some rosebud furniture which again will last daughter for years.

              I must admit I prefer quality wooden toys that will outlive plastic and still look good.
              I carefully consider the big purchases like dolls house and kitchen and felt they were great value which you can add to each year.

              We often buy books at ELC as daughter loves the thats not my series and Sian Lloyds puppet books they stock.

              We have brought craft stuff like paints and playdough as such good quality.

              They also do foreign language cds which is really good that I keep meaning to get.

              Early learning centre and mothercare are now part of the same company so you should be able to pick up some of ELC toys in mothercare too.

              Overall im impressed, good range, reasonable prices, number of ways to shop in store or online, has good sales and discounts, good service and everythings age appropriate and hardwearing.
              All the toys educational and good for child development.

              If I were to think about a couple of negatives is the stores could do with being larger as they cram so much in and busy sat its my idea of hell so many exited kids crammed in.
              They not great on availiability as this year wanted dolls house family and was sold out online and instore and refused to pay
              silly ebay prices!


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            • Fisher Price My Baby / Doll / 9 Readings / 8 Ratings
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              26.01.2009 12:06
              Very helpful



              Bit tricky and time consuming at first but good when done

              Fisher price -My Baby

              I got this doll as a christmas present for my daughter as it was in the sale down from £50 to £15 so seemed too good to miss.
              I looked at it full price but dismissed it as £50 for a doll is just too much although just noticed when writing this reveiws that they have come down in price, The entertainer currently selling for £26.09.

              Slightly off topic but worth a mention was I the only one wondering at christmas with huge discounts and sales exactly how high profit margins must be on toys?
              I expect they cost very little to make as most manufactured in china.

              Right I shall start with new babys arrival to our house.
              It was xmas eve my daughter had far too many presents under the tree and she was so exitable.
              So we decided she could just open one present and picked this doll.

              Once I managed to get through the usual stupid amount of toy packaging we then had to find a small screw driver to place AA bateries which either took 3 or 4 cant rememember.
              Now for the tricky bit teaching the doll its name.

              I carefully read instructions turned doll on and then you meant to give it a name and its suppost to say please repeat that name then remember it forever.
              However after repeating the name it failed to register and kept saying please give me a name over and over again.
              We tried different names and talking louder it seemed to take the name the first time but not the 2nd needs to be accepted twice.

              I tried using a pin and press reset button at back as instructions said but made no difference.
              I thourght great faulty and my daughter was eager to play with it
              Last attempt was to take it upstairs and try and bingo it worked.
              So warning you need very quiet environment with no tv or music in background.
              Name the dolly once then repeat the same name and it should be programmed for you.
              Ensure you keep instructions safe for this one.

              Once programmed the doll responds when switched on as soon as it hears its name mentioned it says something.
              Examples of some things its says is

              Im sleepy
              I want my teddy of blanket
              Let play, plays peekaboo and does hand motion over eyes
              Im hungry
              I love love you mummy.
              My daughter likes it as young toddler she believes shes actually having a conversation with this doll as when she calls its name it talks to her and moves.

              Right bit more about the dolly itself

              Its quite big size and fairly heavy
              Because its electrical you can hear the whirring sounds as it does things.
              You cannot use with water becuse its soft body and electrictrical
              Its designed to look like older baby one years old not newborn.
              The doll speaks a number of sentances and moves its arms to play peekaboo and give hugs.
              The doll itself is well dressed, short hair and very pretty to look at.

              The doll comes with a few accesories which are handy to keep safe as dolly asks for a feed, blanket or teddy bear.

              Due to its weight and size better for older toddler 3+ although im sure school age child would also enjoy this doll.

              It is nice my daughter enjoys the interactive functions I would not have paid full price for this doll but its worth £30- as it does more things than baby annabel or chou chou its leading competitors.

              It does not seem the most popular doll on market but it is sweet idea although drives me mad at times as its so noisy.

              Overall glad I brought it as daughter likes it which is all that matters infact poor baby annabelle my mums brought hers been rather negelected!

              Handy suggestion if you do buy, take out of packing,put batteries in and programme name in before you give to your child will save so much time as kids can be so impatiant.


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            • Zapf Baby Born Doll / Baby Toy / 16 Readings / 16 Ratings
              More +
              25.01.2009 16:22
              Very helpful



              Good quality doll with many extras, great value for money

              Baby born doll

              I purchased this doll due to being on the hunt for a nice boy doll seems so few on the market

              I shopped around and managed to get it in toys r us sale for £20 but full rrrp for this doll is beween £30-34.99 so not the cheapest.

              The doll is decent size and quite light to carry
              You can move its head arms and legs easily

              The great things about this doll is

              *No batteries so ready to use straight away which is great.
              * Can be taken in bath or paddling pool which is huge plus a daughter loves to wash him.
              *Comes with lots of accesories including bottle that you fill with water, potty, spoon,plate, food, 2 dummies and a nappy!
              * It des not make sound which sometimes with kids toys is good thing nice quiet play!

              You might be thinking no batteries probably does not do much ?

              Wel it does a few good things

              *If you fill the bottle and give it food it actually passed through the dolly into potty like its really going to toiliet.
              This was fantastic aid whe trying to encourage my daughter to potty train as she copied the doll.

              *The set includes 2 dummies one closes the dolls eyes and the other opens the eyes so very good easy feature just be careful you dont lose the dummies!

              The outfit is nice all in blue with matching hat.

              I was not to keen on disposable nappy as sticky tabs wore out fast but now swopped for dolly cloth nappies off ebay and no problem.

              My daughter liked this dolly so much I ended up getting girl as well she now thinks they are twins and calls them max and lily.
              Im tempted to get ethnic version too as I love the design and diversity it teaches her.

              The dolls have realistic body part so its helps daughter understand diffrence between boys and girls.
              The more recent editions have musical potties too.

              You can buy outfits, buggy and other accesories for to this doll which is big advantage

              Overall great value for money popular with boys and girls and ideal for toddler.

              Good quality doll wth simple design and hardwearing

              Do shop around on price TK MAXX had some cheap just before christmas.


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                25.01.2009 14:19
                Very helpful



                A good bargain, glad we got it as interactive features are fantastic!

                Chou Chou Mummy make me better

                My daughter was given 4 dolls for xmas but this one seems to be her favourite.

                My sister got it at bargain price in Argo sale was too good to miss at that price.

                The reason I thourght she would enjoy it is its very interactive and she enjoys making people better with pretend play.

                This doll is quite big and feels heavy but includes lots of extras with it

                The doll is dressed in pretty and removable outfit and hat and comes with dummy.

                The dolll needs AA batteries which are are placed in box at back you will need a screw driver to do this.

                The on /off switch is concealed at back under clothes and skin and you undo at back with vecro giving you fast easy access when doll is driving you mad and want to switch off fast!

                if you pat dolly hard on front she giggles and coos.
                However when you hit her hard on back she cries quite loudly!
                Her cheeks turn a bright red glow.

                Now this is the important bit how do you make her better.
                You have a number of things that need to be done in correct sequence.

                1)Place the heart shaped thermometer in mouth this tops the crying and red cheeks fade.
                In deperation if you cant find thermometer try dummy sometimes works.

                2)The syringe does nt do much just for show although you can squeeze it up and down.

                3)Its the spoon thats my daughters favourite as its purple and feels realistically heavy and when you place very close to mouth the dolly makes sipping noises.
                Theres also a fake medicine bottle but bottle lid does not open which is shame.
                Some velcro plasters ok but not been played with much.

                I guess the next cool bit is the stephascope.
                You place it at right hand side top of chest quite firmly and you can hear the dolls heart beating.

                Guess the only downside is child need sto do things in specific order and youger child may lose patiance if cant remember what to do.
                You also need to pat dolly quite hard in specific place so my daughter does need help with this sometimes.
                It does say 3+,The older the child easier it is really would say good doll for 3-5year olds.

                Its good value for money as looks good, substantial sized package and good quality doll.
                The best bit is not only can you see and hear the changes that the child can influence just by patting it and really making them feel like they are making baby better.

                My daughters plays with it lots and has taught her to be more caring, hopefully she will grow up and want to be a doctor and keep he parents in old age!

                I found it great fun or maybe I need to get out more!


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              • Le Toy Van Bedroom / Doll / 10 Readings / 8 Ratings
                More +
                25.01.2009 13:29
                Very helpful



                An ideal home for dolls,great value purchase everything I wanted but in mini version!

                Le toy van bedroom

                I brought my daughter a dolls house for xmas as shes 3, I wanted something quite chunky but still detailed and looked good.

                I was amazed at the choice and prices of each room set and tried to look around for best deal.
                We looked at sets in toys r us and although chunky seemed a bit basic.

                I nearly went the the early learning centre rosebud bedroom but found le toy van and so glad I did as its stunning, its slightly more expensive than ELC rosebud set but I manged to get bargain price of £15 on ebay as box was damaged.

                What impressed me most is its chunky and hardwearing but looks so pretty and includes so much detailing compared to ELC.
                The furniture is a lovley green wood with stencilled floral detail.
                The mirror includes little daw that you can pull out.
                The little pink chest opens up with mini hangers.
                The hat box lid comes off with little felt hat inside.

                I loved how they put togther the pink gingham detailing on the dressing table which carried through to stool cover and lampshade.
                The bedding was quite realistic with 2 plump white pillows, a covered mattress and lovley duvet with detailing.
                The dressing table also has little mirror.

                I guess I just fell in love with how stunning and realistic it looks.
                The extra bits and detailing make it well worth the money.
                Its quite chunky so ok for younger child 3+ I would say.
                Its my dream bedroom only mini version, I also brought some other le toy van sets as they so lovley and much better than rosebud.

                It would make lovley gift.
                My daughters adores it its one of her favourite rooms for some reason, been hours of fun.


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                  23.01.2009 15:54
                  Very helpful



                  Great value seat,ideal if you travel a lot due to recline, really does last baby-toddler

                  Mamas and Papas protec

                  We spent ages researching 2nd stage carseats as out daughter outgrew maxi cosi cabrio at 9months old.
                  We were not keen on mamas and papas primo viaggio seat so nearly did not even consider looking at mamas and papas as thourght we would chose maxi cosi rodi but a freind suggested it so we thourght lets go and investigate in shop.

                  We were impressed my service in our local mamas and papas and the staff seemed knowledgable about their products and answered all our questions.

                  The most important thing with any carseat is check it fits your car as that will be safest seat for you as not all car seats suit all models sadly.

                  Luckily for us the protec fit our bmw and I have also tried it in rover and ford ka.

                  The big adavantages of this seat for us due to travelling many miles to grand parents is the the fantastic recline this seat has.

                  It has a dial on both sides of seat so you can adjust from either side and has 3 positions but the recline lifts in higher and gives fairly flat tilt for comfortable nap.

                  Its very easy and quick to fit when shown.

                  Like all 2nd stage car seats can seem bulky and high up.

                  The harness is easily adjustable and very secure.

                  It comes in a range of smart colours and prints.

                  Its reasonably priced for 2nd stage carseat and has scored highly in safety seats.

                  We got this seat when daughter was 10months and shes now nearly 3 and she still fits with headroom think we may have at least another 6months out of this .
                  The details of carseat do say up to 4years approx however I always carseat age descriptions a little on optimistic side as cabrio said up to 15months!
                  Its very much dependant on childs weight more so than age.

                  My freinds who opted maxi cosi have opted for 3rd stage but protec still going strong and very happy with it when using with baby and now toddler.

                  Am dreading the search for 3rd stage!


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                • Dyson DC08 / Vacuum Cleaner / 12 Readings / 12 Ratings
                  More +
                  23.01.2009 15:31
                  Very helpful



                  This hoover started off so promising just thourght I would get more life out of it

                  Dyson 08

                  As Im not fan of uprights this dyson cylinder seemed like good option.

                  Never had a dyson before but as top of market we thourght it would last us for years and worth the extra money.

                  It started off well really enjoyed using it ,huge advantages for us

                  no hoover bags
                  very good suction
                  quite long lead so can take it far
                  automatic button to rewind up lead
                  funky looking
                  comes with head or attachment
                  light and mobile.

                  The first few years we were in love worked like a dream as never known a hoover so powerful.

                  But now im having problems we are emptying it regularly and cleaning both filters howver its seems to lose suction.
                  When its emptied its appears to suck up but when on seems to lose power.

                  We will probably take it into shop although my husbands convinced its fine.
                  I know its not and its makes the hoovering hard work.
                  Its over 5years old now so will see what repair shop says but may have to get another this year I guess all good things have to come to an end.

                  I was speaking to a mate who had same problems with her dyson and now has a Henry.

                  Will see what repair shop say as cant go on with this hoover as its so time consuming.

                  Feel bit dissapointed it dident last maybe I was expecting too much.
                  Hve no idea how long average hoover should last?
                  Its just we paid so much compared to other brands.

                  Hopefully it can be revived!


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                  • dooyoo Addiction / Discussion / 28 Readings / 26 Ratings
                    More +
                    23.01.2009 14:56
                    Very helpful



                    Im so glad I joined this site as im having so much fun and learning new things

                    I guess the biggest surprise about dooyoo is its not exactly what it seems its so much more.

                    I find the reveiws really helpful when deciding to make a purchase and the whole site very informative and interesting
                    Some of the discussions and reviews make me chuckle when having a bad day.

                    Everyone has been so freindly and kind considering no one knows each other its just really nice and supportive.

                    I guess the biggest buzz of all is the revewis may help people,they find it very useful and I can earn some pin money at same time.

                    I have only been member for short time and still learning the ropes part of the site still confuse me but im sure I get my head around it soon.

                    I have stick with prams so far as I made so many costly mistakes with prams in quest for perfect one for me so wanted to save new parenst the time and the money by giving un bias, honest and informative reveiws on all the product.
                    If I have helped just one person I be happy wish I had known about this site when I was pregnant as buying stuff for baby is so overwhelming and expensive.

                    I hope people enjoy my reveiws and I will work hard on reveiwing other products and services.
                    As a stay at home mum its great to be part of freindly community and have purpose something to do again during the day between peppa pig and dinner to engage my brain again as I have always enjoyed reading and writing just time seems so short these days.

                    I keep checking few times a day to see if my reveiws have been read or rated so definatly addictive!

                    I think 2009 will be my year of doooyoo as its one of my fave sites as bit bored of mothers forums just want some adult company with diverse subject matter .


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                    • Quinny Buzz / Pushchair & Pram / 11 Readings / 9 Ratings
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                      20.01.2009 12:26
                      Very helpful



                      Lovley funky system would have loved to have kept, Great value for money

                      Quinny buzz

                      This buggy had always intrigued me as they seem so popular and better value and funky alternative to the bugaboo cameleon I had.

                      I was fortunate that a mate let me borrow hers for a week try before buy.

                      I used the older style 2006 version with the large non memory foam seat.

                      Things I liked about the buzz was the fact

                      its funky looking

                      Single handle to push with one hand

                      light to push and can push in circles like bugaboo

                      Fits my prefered carseat maxi cosi cabrio and dreami carrycot lovley for newborns.

                      Comes in range of funky colours and has lost of matching accesories and some cool limited editions.

                      Large spacious seat with recline
                      optional bumper bar.

                      Ok on all terrain.

                      Once folded chassis quite small so fitted easily into bmw boot

                      Handle height adjustable

                      Raincover was nice good quality

                      buzz box deceptivly spacious

                      Fold took some practice but easy once mastered

                      Fantastic price considering the features

                      If you not guessed already really rate this buggy and definatly prefered it over bugaboo.

                      Like any 2parts its bulky but was lovley and light to push as well as rear facing so ticked all the boxes for me.

                      Alas was gutted could not keep as had one big problem

                      My narrow front door,was too wide at back.
                      My daughter still liked to nap at 8months in pram and hated fact I had to wake her to get her into house so mate had it back I never brought.

                      I still do pine and admire!
                      might get one as car buggy for next baby and have a house buggy as well.

                      Quinny have changed it over the years some people say not for the good as seat much smaller but they now recognised that fault and buzz now comes with 2 seats and new small seat meant to be better for tiny babies if you did not wish to buy carry cot.

                      Its good value for money and one of my faves


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                      • Quinny Dreami Carry / Pushchair & Pram / 8 Readings / 7 Ratings
                        More +
                        20.01.2009 12:02
                        Very helpful



                        A must have for buzz/speedi owners with a newborn well worth the money

                        Quinny dreami carrycot

                        I love this carrycot for following reasons

                        spacious for baby

                        Good quality thick material

                        Attaches easily to buzz frame

                        very cosy for baby

                        hood seemed nice and wide

                        Came with special raincover

                        Apron easily removeable and machine washable

                        Comes in striking range of colours to match quinny buzz

                        After trying the bugaboo carrycot which is quite flimsy and not as good quality as the Quinny carry cot made me think Quinny definatly offers better value for money.

                        The downsides I guess is the additional expense as does not come with the buzz has to be purchased seperate but you can get some great value packages online.

                        It is quite heavy to lift and quinny could do with maybe bringing out a stand for it like Mamas and Papas so could be used around the house.

                        Overall fantastic buy for newborn should last up to 6months and turns your funky buzz into proper pram which call me old fashioned is fantastic as babies need to lie flat in early months not continually in carseats!


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