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      20.07.2009 12:26
      Very helpful




      Browsing the yogurt aisle in Co-op earlier with my mum, my eyes were caught by a bright green-coloured packaging on the second shelf with the price tag of £1.59, standing out against the other different flavours and brands. As I picked it up, I recognised the yogurt immediately. It was Paula!

      Paula is a yogurt produced by the manufacturer Dr. Oetker. Now your first thoughts may be this; Paula? What kind of name is that for a yogurt? Well, actually, Paula is the name of the cow that appears on the front of the packaging! Oh yes, and not only is Paula a cow, she's a brown cow with yellow splodges. And she wears sunglasses. Do you know of any other cow like Paula? I didn't think so!

      Obviously Paula appeals to kids, and the packaging is sure to attract their attention! On the front of the cardboard is the word 'PAULA' in large, red letters, that stands out against the bright green grass that is the background. Underneath this the description 'Chocolate Dessert with Vanilla Splodges' is easy to read, in a smaller font, and the rest of the packaging is consumed by a cartoon picture of the wonderful Paula herself.

      On the inside of the packaging, drawn on the recycable cardboard is a picture of Paula for young children to colour in. Personally, I think this is a great idea as it makes the fun of eating the yogurt that more exciting for children and gives them something to do whilst enjoying the chocolate and vanilla flavoured dessert!

      Anyway, onto the pots of dessert themselves. Inside the packaging there are four 125g pots containing the yogurt. Each pot is made of plastic, making the milk chocolate coloured yogurt and yellow splodes inside visible, sealed with a foil lid that holds the same design as the cardboard packaging.

      Once you've peeled off the lid - which I did hesitantly due to my eating - you are faced with that same milk chocolate colour and the yellow splodges, however this time you are hit by a rich, chocolatey aroma that makes the dessert even more tempting and appealing for those about to eat it. Spooning some of the yogurt up with a teaspoon and putting it in your mouth, you'll realise immediately how thick the yogurt actually is! As soon as you grow used to this wonderful texture, your tastebuds will be dominated by the delicious creamy, yogurt. Surprisingly similar to the taste of a Cadbury's yogurt, which I tried around three years ago. With an extremely rich taste, the chocolate flavour is devine, and over powers the vanilla splodges almost completely. However, the vanilla does come through with a very milky, creamy taste. The two tastes together were so sweet, but not so much that it was too much to handle. Altogether it created an absolute satisfying pot of yogurt, and the strong flavour lasts throughout.

      Unfortunately, most pleasures such as this can end in the person that ate it feeling guilty, as the nutritional value ruins the whole dessert. So, reading the back of the packaging, it's a pleasure to admit that this yogurt is rather surprising!

      Nutritional information per 125g pot:
      * Energy 608 kJ
      * Calories 145kcal
      * Protein 3.9g
      * Carbohydrate 21.0g
      * of which sugars 17.6g
      * Fat 4.9g
      * of which saturates 3.3g
      * Fibre 0.6g
      * Sodium 0.09g
      * Salt equivalent 0.23g

      Each pot contains only 145 calories, which may sound alot to some, but compared to other desserts, this is an extremely low figure. It also contains just 4.9g of fat and 17.6g of sugar, which compared to other yogurts and desserts, is pretty good.

      The packaging also states that not only does this little treat contain no artifical colours or sweeteners, it's also a great source of calcium, providing us with 15% of our RDA, which obviously helps our bones grow stronger!

      Ingredients: Whole Milk (83%), Invert Sugar Syrup, Sugar, Modified Tapioca Starch, Reduced Fat Cocoa Powder (1.5%), Skimmed Milk Powder, Thickener: Carrageenan; Salt, Colour: Beta Carotene; Natural Vanilla Flavouring, Flavourings.

      Because of this list of ingredients, Paula is also suitable for vegetarians and gluten free, which is great news for those allergy sufferers, as they too can enjoy this delightful little dessert.

      Overall, I'd definately recommend buying Paula and trying it (or her) yourself! Just because it's aimed at younger children doesn't mean adults can't indulge in this delicious yogurt themselves. Paula would make an excellent, low-fat alternative to a chocolate bar when a craving hits, or for when you've finished a meal and you fancy treating your sweet tooth. Whatever the reason, I'm sure Paula will be a hit with your tastebuds.

      © emmyjepson


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      • Angel Delight / Dessert / Yoghurts / 17 Readings / 16 Ratings
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        20.07.2009 12:24
        Very helpful




        Angel Delight. It's a childhood favourite for many. It's light fluffiness makes it an easy to eat dessert for kids and even adults. I, however, have only had one experience with Angel Delight so far, and that was after my dinner on this rainy July evening.

        Angel Delight was launched way back in 1967 by the popular manufacturer Bird's and has continued to sell in all supermarkets ever since. The powdered dessert product is sold in 47g packets and is avaliable in five different flavours: Strawberry, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Raspberry and Banana. The flavour that I was served to try was the No Added Sugar Strawberry. Despite it containing no added sugar, I'm sure both strawberry variations are extremely similar, so I won't be referring to them as two different flavours!

        In Sainsbury's each packet is sold for the ridiculously, but wonderfully, cheap price of 32p, and in other supermarkets I'm sure the price will vary around this figure. The strawberry packet is easily recognisable, as the words 'Angel Delight' consume almost all of the front of the blue packet in large, white writing, written on a light pink background, with the flavour printed directly below this. Below this in several light pink coloured bubbles are descriptions of the dessert such as 'fluffy', 'light' and 'calcium goodness'. The packet also states that the Angel Delight contains no artifical colours or flavours and no hydrogenated fat. Relief for those that are either keeping an eye on what ingredients their body consumes, or keeping an eye on their weight! On the packet, it also says to 'whip up with fresh milk', and because the strawberry flavour I happened to buy was no added sugar, this is also written in a white, cloud-shaped bubble above the name of the product.

        To make the Angel Delight, there are three simple steps to follow, which are printed on the back of the packet:
        # Pour 300ml (approx 1/2 pint) chilled semi-skimmed or whole fresh milk into a basin.
        # Add the Angel Delight and whisk until light and creamy.
        # Leave to thicken for 5 minutes before serving - No need to chill!

        Once served, sat in my little glass bowl, the Angel Delight looked extremely light and fluffy, as the packet describes. It's light pink colour is very appealing, and I assume this colour would make a child very excited to eat it! The texture looked very mousse-like, but without the bubbles, and I assume if I'd used whole milk instead of semi-skimmed milk, then the consistency of the dessert would become even thicker.

        Surprisingly, I found that there was no aroma that I could smell from the dessert, no matter how close I put my nose to the bowl - which I tried to do discreetly, as I didn't want my mum thinking this was something to do with my eating problem! However, after I'd tried some of the dessert and tried smelling the dessert again, I could smell a very mild strawberry scent, that smelt very light and creamy.

        Now, obviously this is the most important part of the dessert, so I'll go into as much detail as I can about the taste of the Angel Delight! Taking my teaspoon and trying some, there was a definate mild strawberry taste! It wasn't that creamy, however due to the consistency of the dessert, it did make it appear this way - which added to the loveliness of it! It was, indeed, very light and fluffy like I'd expected, and there was just enough strawberry taste without it becoming too much. I am still surprised that the packet I bought contained no added sugar, as it was rather sweet tasting, and although this was a good thing, I didn't know whether the regular strawberry flavour would taste sweeter. If it does, I think it would be too much for my tastebuds, as after finishing it as I was told by my mum, I realised that anymore would have become quite sickly. However, this is most likely due to the fact that I ate the Angel Delight by itself.

        On the back of the packet there are three suggestions, obviously aimed at small children, as to what desserts could be created with Angel Delight: 'Make scrummy fruit cocktail', 'Pour over banana and sprinkle with chocs' and 'Make funny faces with fresh fruit'. Clearly, Angel Delight is aimed at young children due to it's packaging and these dessert suggestions, however, it's still to be enjoyed by adults, aswell. Personally, I think Angel Delight would accompany cake or perhaps a slice of pie delightfully, and I think served with jelly it would make a tasty, satisfying dessert or snack. Or, as an alternative, it could be used for a lower fat purpose instead of cream or ice-cream, as the nutritional value isn't something that is exactly terrifying to read;

        Per 89g serving as prepared with semi-skimmed milk:
        Energy 374kJ
        Calories 89
        Protein 3.2g
        Carbohydrate 11.5g
        of which sugars 5.3g
        Fat 3.4g
        of which saturates 2.6g
        Fibre trace
        Sodium 0.18g
        Salt Equivalent 0.46g

        So, as you can see, this is an extremely low calorie dessert and the fat content is rather angelic. It's also reassuring for parents to know that they can serve this to their children without them bouncing off the walls afterwards, as it contains a mere 5.3g of sugar. With this no-guilt nutritional value, this dessert can obviously be enjoyed by those that are keeping an eye of their figure whilst wanting to satisfy their sweet tooth.

        Unfortunately there are too many ingredients for me to list, but quite obviously, due to the fact that this dessert needs milk to be eaten, it's not suitable for those with milk or lactose intolerence. However, on the back of the packet there is an icon which proves that this dessert has been approved by the Vegetarian Society, making it suitable for myself and other vegetarians.

        Overall, I'd definately recommend trying Angel Delight, as it's a satisfying instant dessert that's not only easy to make and cheap, but is extremely versatile and can accompany many other desserts to give them a little extra something. Perfect for after a meal or as a snack for the whole family!

        © emmyjepson


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        17.07.2009 11:13
        Very helpful



        A healthy and delicious yogurt that is sure to make your tastebuds tingle.

        My all time favourite taste is of fruit. Whether it's strawberry, apple, raspberry... Any fruity taste is always a hit with my tastebuds. And that's where this delicious yogurt steps in for me to enjoy - Müller Fruit Corner Red Cherry Yogurt.

        Müller is a German dairy company and has produced several different yogurt brands including;
        Müller Corner
        Müller Little Stars
        Müller Vitality
        Müller Amore

        Obviously the wonderful little yogurt that I'm reviewing is one of the many Müller Corners. Müller Corners come in three varietes: Fruit, Healthy Balance and Crunch! They're avaliable in a wide range of flavours such as;
        Blackberry & Raspberry
        Red Cherry
        Peach & Apricot

        Each Müller Fruit Corner Red Cherry Yogurt weighs in at 175g per pot. They're avaliable in all supermarkets and can either be bought seperately, around the price of 52p, or in variety packs, which cost around £2.90, depending on where you shop. Each fruit corner variety pack includes 6 pots of the yogurts, including the flavours Cherry, Strawberry and Peach & Apricot.

        Each pot is sealed by a very noticable wrapping. The 'Müller' logo is in bold, white font with a red background, with the words 'fruit corner' in large, green and red writing - making them pretty easy to find on the yogurt aisle in the supermarket. Beside the title is the very captivating picture of glistening red cherries, which makes the flavour of the yogurt easily detectable. There's also a description of the yogurt, reading 'Thick, creamy yogurt with a Red Cherry fruit corner.' Below this, on a lime green background is the nutritional information, ingredients and useful facts about the yogurt. The information provided tells us that one pot of the yogurt contains a wonderful 27% of your RDA of calcium. Perfect to help you reach your daily calcium intake. It also says the yogurt contains no artifical colours, preservatives or sweeteners - it's nice to know that nothing nasty is going into your body when you eat this.

        When you peel back the wrapping, you are faced with two sections. A large section, containing the thick, creamy yogurt, and quite a small section containing the cherry sauce. There isn't a strong aroma from the yogurt when you first peel back the wrapping, however if you bring the pot closer to your nose, you're able to smell the lovely vanilla flavoured yogurt, and the sweet smell of those red cherries. Enough's enough. It's time to eat the yogurt.

        Müller Corners can be eaten in several different ways. You may choose to eat the yogurt and cherry sauce seperately. You may choose to get a spoonful of the sauce, and then a spoonful of the yogurt. Or, like me, you may prefer to fold over the small section of the pot, containing the cherry sauce, and tip it into the yogurt to mix it up, causing the white yogurt to change to a pale pink colour. It's simply up to you.

        Firstly, I'll explain the tastes of the yogurt and fruit seperately, and then the two tastes once they are mixed together. Bringing a spoonful of the plain yogurt to my mouth, the first immediate taste is extremely mellow and creamy. It's so pleasant and definately matches up to it's description on the lid of the pot, 'thick, creamy yogurt'. Next is the cherry sauce. Once you take a teaspoonful of the cherry sauce out of it's corner, you are able to notice there are pieces of cherry in with the sauce. I love this, as they're generously sized pieces and it makes it look even more delicious. However, you may find the pieces too large, or perhaps you'd prefer the cherry corner without the pieces of fruit altogether. The cherry fruit corner is an extremely sweet taste, and actually a little sour to my deprived tastebuds. But not where it's an over powering taste - it's delightful and it's rather moreish. When you tip the cherry sauce into the creamy yogurt and mix it together, the two combined tastes are absolutely gorgeous. You can still taste the sweet, cherry flavour, but it's mellowed out by the thickness and creaminess of the natural flavoured yogurt, and the same taste lasts throughout without becoming too much or sickly.

        The ingredients are as follows;

        Yogurt, Cherries (13%), Sugar, Water, Stabilisers: Pectins, Carob Bean Gum, Guar Gum, Flavourings, Citric Acid.

        Due to the fact that this yogurt contains no animal products/gelatine, they are suitable for vegetarians, and this information is provided on the wrapper of the pot. Allergy sufferers need to be careful, as this does contain milk, but there are no other allergy warnings on the label.

        Nutritional information per 100g:
        Energy 445kJ
        Calories 106
        Protein 3.8g
        Carbohydrate 13.3g
        of which sugars 13.2g
        Fat 3.9g
        of which saturates 2.4g
        Fibre 0.4g
        Sodium 0.1g
        Calcium 125mg (27%)

        Because each yogurt pot contains 175g, the yogurt will contain more than the nutritional information provides, however it still means that it's a very healthy yogurt to be enjoyed. Because it's all natural ingredients, 13.2g of sugar isn't an unreasonable amount when put into consideration.

        Overall, I highly recommend this delicious pot of yogurt! It's healthy, it tastes amazing and is satisfying enough to have after a meal or as a snack. There's bound to be a Müller Fruit Corner that will take your fancy!


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          14.07.2009 16:01
          Very helpful
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          Excellent sunless tanner and moisturiser that's definately worth the money!

          As it's summer and the sun is making itself comfortable in the sky, alot of women take it as an indication to start applying the fake tan or to get out their purses and run to the local tanning salon in need of that quick 'I just spent a month in Fiji' fix. But why bother with the hassle when you can simply go to the local pharmacy and buy yourself a box of this? Olay Complete Care Everyday Sunshine.

          Obviously it won't give you an all-over tan, like a few weeks abroad would, but it will make you look like you've spent your fair share of hours in the British sunshine, and give you a healthy sun-kissed glow on your face, just as the snazzy little product describes on it's packaging.

          Olay Complete Care Everyday Sunshine can be bought in two types of packaging, a tall, thin box or a shorter, wider box. They both look the same despite this, however the tube that I will be reviewing happens to be the more popular tall and thin, 50ml box. The box has a white packaging, that fades into a golden colour towards the bottom of the box. On the front of the box is the word 'OLAY' in capital black writing, and underneath are the words 'complete care'. Below this in blue, underlined writing is 'EVERYDAY SUNSHINE', with a short description of the product, 'moisturiser with a touch of sunless tanner'. There is a medium-sized, light blue icon with a sun in below this, with sun beams shining from it, most likely indicating that it will give you a sun-kissed look. Below this it says 'everything skin needs most for a natural looking sun-kissed glow everyday', and it also provides us with the following information 'moisture, SPF 15, vitamin E, plus a touch of natural sunless tanner'. Because it contains SPF 15, this is also good to wear to help protect your skin from the sun.

          On the back there are blocks of writing underneath three headings; 'Why is complete EVERYDAY SUNSHINE for me?', 'How does it work?' and 'The result?', these are always good to read just so you know everything about the product. On one side are the ingredients, and on the other side of the packaging are Directions and 'Did you know?' facts. There is also information about the moisturiser, 'Without streaking or orange build-up, gently fragranced, dermatologically tested, light, non-greasy'.

          When you remove the moisturiser from the box, you are faced with a small tube with the same design as the front of the packaging, except the colour of the tube is a creamy banana colour, with a light blue coloured lid. On the back are the headings 'How does it work?', 'Directions' and 'Questions or comments?'. Once you open the lid and put the tube towards your nose, you are able to smell a lightly fragranced moisturiser. It's a freshing, clean smell and isn't fragranced to the point where it smells like perfume!

          Now it's time to apply the moisturiser. Usually I apply this before bed so that I get the effects of it in the morning, however you can apply it in the morning instead if you would prefer. When you squeeze the tube onto your finger, a white coloured liquid will appear - the same colour as a regular moisturiser, which is surprising as when I first tried this I expected the cream to be the same colour as the tube. When you apply it to your face and gently massage it in, you realise how quickly your skin absorbs the cream! Now, the more sun-kissed you want your face to look, the more moisturiser you should apply, but you should never apply too much in one go. If you want to have a really tanned face, I suggest gradually increasing the amount you apply everyday, as this will give you a more realistic, natural look. Despite the moisturiser absorbing into your skin extremely quickly and the box stating that the moisturiser is non-greasy, I do find that it is slightly greasy when first applied, but this feeling soon disappears. So, if you apply this just before you go out, you won't have to worry about your skin looking oily (depending on how much you have applied, of course)

          After applying this at night, in the morning I always find my face has a natural looking glow with a lovely sun-kissed colour to it - and it feels smoother, too. The first time I applied this moisturiser, my friend asked me the next day if I'd been abroad recently, as she noticed how tanned my face and neck was! It's just a shame they were the only parts of me that were sun-kissed.

          Although the tube isn't that big, I find that there is alot of moisturiser contained inside and it lasts me a long time! I've used two tubes of this before, and I'm almost done with my third. Luckily I have a fourth ready and waiting, so I don't have to go out and spend money on another one of these, as they are quite expensive. Boots sell them for the price of £7.99, and I'm sure other drug stores/pharmacies sell them for around this price, too. Personally, I think this is quite a high price to pay but I'm always willing to pay it as the moisturiser is worth it.

          Unfortunately there are too many ingredients for me to list, as this little moisturiser is quite the concoction, but I can provide you with a phone number and an address for your questions and comments;

          0800 917 7197

          Procter & Gamble UK,
          Weybridge, Surrey,
          KT13 0XP, UK

          Overall, this is a wonderful moisturiser for everyday use and I would definately recommend it to anyone that was considering it. Not only does it moisturise your skin and make it feel smoother, it also gives you a very natural, sun-kissed glow, just as it claims. Just be sure not to apply too much, as it can build up and make you look orange if you're not careful!


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            14.07.2009 12:26
            Very helpful



            Gives you smooth, soft and glowing skin that's worth the expense

            Neutrogena has been my favourite health & beauty brand for a long time now, and they have never really disappointed me with any of their products, and this is another that I've been pretty happy about, Neutrogena PureGlow Daily Cleansing Cushions.

            I've previously bought two boxes of these before, and I got through them pretty quickly, but maybe that's because I used a cleansing cushion every night before I went to bed. Anyway, yesterday I visited my grandma, and she told me that she'd been to Boot's and was able to get a product for free because she'd spent a certain amount of money - or something like that anyway, she didn't really explain. Anyway, when she showed me that it was a box of these, I was really happy. I'd been meaning to buy some for a while and just kept forgetting everytime. She knew that I loved Neutrogena, and said that I could have them, so here they are at home with me right now :)

            The cleansing cushions come in a small, deep orange coloured box, and on the front is a picture of a girl applying the cushion to her cheek. On the picture you can clearly see soap/foam liquid on her cheek, that has obviously come from the cleansing cushion. Beside the picture is the product name in large, white letters, with the classic 'Neutrogena' sign above it. Below the words 'daily cleansing cushions', in a white box, is a short description of what the product is for - 'For the fresh glow of a professional spa-facial'. Now there are two types of these cleansing cushions that you can buy. The first is for 'normal to combination skin', and the other is for 'dry and sensitive skin'. This box is for 'dry and sensitive skin', and that's the box I've always bought.

            On the back of the box are directions for use (in several different languages, too) which are very straight-forward. On the side of the box it gives a little more information about the cleansing cushions and also what the two different sides of the cushion are for.

            Inside the box sits a neatly-stacked pile of the little (or should I say rather big!) cleansing cushions, protected by a plastic wrapper, but with an opening so that the cleansing cushions are easy to take out. In each box, the number may vary, but in my particular box there are exactly 20 cushions. I buy my products from Boots usually, and when I've previously bought these from there, they cost £5.49. Now considering the amount of cleansing cushions per box, I think this is quite a high price, however if they work as well as they should then maybe this is a reasonable price.

            When you feel one of the cleansing cushions, you immediately get a soapy feeling on your hands, but not so much that you want to go and wash your hands before you've even used one! This just shows that they do contain a reasonable amount of soap inside of them, which should mean they produce a good amount of foam when you cleanse your face. Just like the side of the packaging says, there are two different sides to the cushion. A beaded side to 'help cleanse deep down to help remove dirt and oil whilst its ultra-fine exfoliators sweep away dulling impurities', and a soft striped side to 'moisturise to replenish skin for a silky soft after-feel'. These two sides are easy to recognise. There is also an opening at the bottom of the cushion to place your fingers inside, to hold the cushion in place.

            Firstly I ran the beaded side under warm water (once the water had heated up obviously - which took a while, since the water heater wasn't switched on, hehe, oops) for around three seconds, so that the beaded side was pretty damp but not too wet, otherwise the cushion would just get too soggy. Then I applied the cushion to my face. After a few circles over my cheeks, the white foam/soap liquid eventually started appearing from where I cleansed, however not as much came out as the picture on the packaging makes out, but usually that's the case with alot of products! Once I'd massaged the beaded side all over my face, and repeated, I ran the warm water again and this time put the soft, striped side of the cleansing cushion under the water for a little less than a second. Obviously it was already damp from the other side being wet, so I didn't want to make it soggy! Then I did then same as before, but using the soft side.

            Once I'd finished (and had a white, foamy face), I threw away the cleansing cushion and dabbed off the foam with a towel. Perhaps washing it off with water would be better, but I've always used a towel to remove it instead as I find this removes it just fine.

            Overall, my face feels alot fresher and definately cleaner. My skin does feel alot smoother, and I've found that when I use this before I go to bed, in the morning my skin does seem to have a tiny glow that perhaps wouldn't have been there if I hadn't used this. However, I can't be sure. One thing I would like to point out is the feeling when you use the beaded side of the cushion. Watch out for tender places on your face, such as the side and under your nose, as the sides of the cleansing cushion can actually feel a little sharp! But besides that, it definately makes your skin feel smoother, softer and fresher and it definately does a good job at cleansing your face! It removes dirt and makes your skin feel like it's glowing, so all in all I'm happy with this little box of cleansing cushions!


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            11.07.2009 15:40
            Very helpful



            A lovely restaurant with a great atmosphere and prices, but not enough 'lighter' desserts.

            Yesterday was my dad's birthday, and for the evening we decided it would be a good idea to go out as a family to Table Table for our dinner. So after getting ready and changing into my Ark Clothing dress that I'd bought a couple of months ago, but hadn't got round to wearing, we made our way to the restaurant - at around 6:15.

            When we got there it was around 6:30, and the six of us - My dad, my mom, my sister, my grandma, my grandad and me - made our way inside the restaurant to take our seats and wait for my auntie and uncle to arrive. The outside of the restaurant was very typical, but very nice looking. There were two, maybe three, benches outside for people to sit on in the nice weather if they decided to, and I pointed out to my mom that it looked like a restaurant you'd see abroad. I'm not actually sure why this is, because it looked like a usual, high-quality restaurant, but I think it might have been the cream-coloured stone bricks that the restaurant was built from. It made it have that holiday feel, and I liked it.

            Inside, through the two double doors was the porch-area, and another set of double doors that led you inside to the restaurant. It was a little warmer indoors than outside, considering the breeze was quite cool outside and it had picked up a little. Because I'm so small it's very hard for me to get warm, so maybe it was me that it effected more than usual, but I wish it had been warmer inside to match the darker, cozy decor. It was painted a deep red/orange colour, and it all matched really well with the lovely dark brown wood that was on the ceiling and floors. It looked very posh inside. To the left were several tables with comfortable looking seats, and to the right were more tables and the bar. The bar was quite large, and looked very nice with it's lit up lights that made the alcohol in the back stand out more. Obviously the bar was quite large seeing as Table Table is a Pub Restaurant, instead of just a restaurant. We stood by the doors for a while, expecting a host or waiter to come to us and show us to a seat, but after realising that we needed to find a waiter ourselves to let them know we'd like a seat, we walked over to the bar where a blonde waitress informed us that we could wander round and decide on a table for ourselves. I liked this, because sometimes when you are shown to a table, you aren't always happy with where you're sat and would prefer somewhere else. But this way you could decide where you'd like to sit and know that you were the one that chose to sit there if you didn't like it - there's no one to blame!

            So, the six of us looked around the restaurant, that was oddly quiet for the evening, and eventually decided on a lovely booth that was pretty secluded, but not too lonely, and took our seats. Although it appeared to be quiet, I think it is simply because of how huge the restaurant was. Trust me, the amount of tables is enormous! But despite this, there's a great amount of space between the tables, and are several secluded, larger tables for family or social gatherings. I remember from a previous evening at this restaurant over a year ago, we even got a table that was practically in its own room! I loved this, because we were still able to see other parts of the restaurant, so it wasn't too secluded, but it did make the meal seem more intimate. However, my dad really didn't like that. So when the waiter suggested that table yesterday evening, he declined.

            Our waiter, Cemal, informed us in his Italian accent that we could either order our drinks from our table or at the bar. Once we all decided on our drinks, mine being a water, my dad made his way to the bar from our booth to order our drinks. After a while of waiting, he eventually arrived back with them, my auntie and uncle arriving with him too. After taking a few sips of our drinks and talking, the waiter arrived back at our table and asked us if we were ready to order. I already knew what I was having due to my eating problems. I always stick with the same thing at restaurants. A jacket potato with beans and no margarine. And everyone else was pretty sure they'd decided what they wanted. So we ordered - which was a little more difficult than usual, considering he had a very strong Italian accent and sometimes it was hard to know whether he had understood everything we had said, but it wasn't a big hassle.

            While we waited for our food to arrive, I grew colder and colder. The main reason due to the fact that there was a huge air conditioning vent on the ceiling above, and it was turned on pretty high! So after a few while of shuffling uncomfortably in my seat, I asked my mom if she could ask a waiter if it was possible to turn the air conditioning down. Even my dad was feeling too cold, and he's really hot blooded! The waiter told us that he could switch the temperature to heat, but it would take around 10 minutes. We said that was fine. Anything to feel warmer again.

            It was a while until our food arrived, but not too long. As a family we usually go to the same restaurant that is a little father away, but quite close by, and there the food arrives extremely quickly. So we had to put into consideration that not all restaurants would deliver your food the same. We thought maybe it was taking longer for our food to arrive because they were starting from fresh food instead of re-heating already made dishes. If this was the case, then I'm fine with the extra wait. Although like I said, the restaurant didn't seem very busy.

            Eventually our food arrived on two wheeled-carts. Two Matured Rump Steaks served with watercress, roasted vine cherry tomatoes and chunky chips for my dad and uncle, Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne for my auntie, Hand Battered Cod and Chips for my grandad, Breaded Wholetail Scampi and Chips served with garden peas for my grandma, Four Cheese Macaroni served with a seeded loaf for my mom, Chicken Makhani Curry served with basmati rice, naan bread and a side of sweet potato & chickpea curry for my sister and my side order of Jacket potato with beans and no margarine. Also as a side order, my dad ordered Garlic & Herb Breaded Mushrooms. On the menu, my mom's Four Cheese Macaroni was on the '2 Dine Out For £10' category, that was only avaliable Monday - Friday, 12 noon - 6:30pm. This was still avaliable after 6:30pm, but was a different price.

            My jacket potato was cooked perfectly. The last time I ate out, my jacket potato was hard around the edges and in the middle, so was, as you can guess not edible. But this was cooked for just the right amount of time with the right amount of beans to serve with it. However my side order also came with coleslaw and salad with dressing - which wasn't on the menu beside Jacket Potato and also wasn't ordered. Although this is good if you would like to have this with your meal, I didn't and found it quite distressing due to my eating problems. I also think this is quite bad if you have an allergy to eggs, as the mayonaise in coleslaw is made from eggs. But maybe this is an unreasonable complaint because it was seperate from the Jacket Potato. My mom gladly accepted the extras, so it was okay anyway! My dad said the portion sizes were smaller than where we usually eat out, but of a much higher quality - but my mom and me find that the portion sizes were alot bigger than any other restaurant. For my grandma, there was too much food and she did have to leave some. But that's alot better than not having enough food, so I don't see a problem there.

            I didn't eat dessert, but the rest of the table - except my uncle and grandad, who tend to steal the leftovers - did. My dad, auntie and grandma ordered their Eton Mess, which on the menu is described as 'Fresh strawberries, crumbled meringue and whipped double cream all folded in together with a sharp blackcurrant coulis.' When it arrived it was served with a mint leaf ontop. It was presented really well, and my dad added even more cream to his. My grandma was disappointed as when it was served, it didn't come with the 'sharp blackcurrant coulis', like described, as this was what made her want it, but she still enjoyed it. However they did comment that there was perhaps a little too much double cream and not enough meringue. My sister ordered the 'British Ice Cream at its Best!' strawberry & clotted cream ice cream. On the menu it does say to 'enjoy three scoops', however she only wanted one. When it arrived, she was surprised to see she recieved three scoops, but she managed to eat it after giving one scoop to my mom. She did point out that she wished there could've been more strawberry flavour, because the vanilla flavoured clotted cream seemed a little more overpowering, but I think she really enjoyed it. Lastly my mom's dessert. She ordered the Lemon Tart, which was described as 'A delicious light and tangy lemon filling in a sweet short crust pastry tart served with double cream', although she ordered it without the double cream. It was presented very well, on a square plate with a neatly cut piece of Lemon Tart. She had a scoop of my sister's strawberry & clotted cream ice cream with it, and said the two tastes together were delicious. Afterward she commented that it was the most perfect dessert she'd ever had. She really did enjoy it that much.

            Overall, the total cost of the evening was £88.98. I think this is a good price considering there were eight of us dining out, the portion-size and quality of the food. I would definately recommend dining at Table Table, and we're definately going to again sometime soon when we want a family meal together.


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              11.07.2009 11:59
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              A tasty, chewy and freshly baked cookie by Sainsbury's - something almost everyone can enjoy!

              Sainsbury's do quite a selection of their own baked cookies. Back when I was able to eat food without a worry, I always asked my mum if I could have some of the supermarket's baked white chocolate chip cookies, or if it was my sister's choice it would always be the milk chocolate chip. But now, because of my eating disorder, I'm unfortunately unable to enjoy these amazing things in life. Hopefully with the help I need I'll be able to recover and in a couple of years be able to enjoy these amazing creations without a care in the world like I used to, because they're seriously worth it!

              Anyway, enough about me - you want to hear about these amazing cookies. And they really are amazing! I tried these around a year ago, and yesterday my mum made me have one after my dinner due to a diet plan I have to unfortunately now have without a say.
              Sainsbury's Oatmeal & Raisin cookies come in packs of five - which I've always thought was a strange amount, and I still think that they'd be better sold in packs of four. Not only because it's an even number, but because of the short shelf-life date. These cookies should be eaten atleast a day or two after they've been purchased, otherwise they won't be worth eating because they won't have the same taste or texture.

              They are now sold in an orange coloured bag, and the little bag is sealed with a sticker, with the barcode and name of the product on it. On the front of the bag, there is a see-through window, which allows you to see the cookies inside. From outside, they appear to have lots of raisins in, and an uneven texture, but this all adds to the lovely look of them. They look really good and in no doubt tempt you to buy them. Above the see-through window, in white lettering are the words 'Oatmeal & Raisin Cookies', and in the bottom corner of the bag is a little green icon, indicating that these are suitable for vegetarians. Yay! Unfortunately they don't contain any nutritonal information on the back, which is good for me because I'm not allowed to read that anyway, but bad if you want to know the contents if you're keeping an eye on your weight or if you're just curious. As far as I know, they don't list the ingredients either, but they do warn allergy sufferers that they may contain nuts. So if you are an allergy sufferer, they may not be suitable for you!
              Anyway, onto the actual cookie itself. When you take it out, the smell of the cookie is insanely good. There is definately a subtle hint of oat, but overpowering that smell is something you wouldn't expect if it's your first time trying them - ginger! They definately smell of ginger, and although this isn't to be expected, it definately makes them more interesting. And in my opinion, it adds to them perfectly.

              Exactly like when they were inside of the bag, they do have that uneven texture on them, and they're not in perfect circles like other shop-bought cookies/biscuits. Obviously, this adds to be just-baked look and it's actually a really good thing. You can clearly see oats in the cookies, and juicy-looking raisins that are actually bigger than you expect. There is a generous amount of these, but thankfully not too much :)
              When you first bite the cookie, you realise just how chewy and moist they are. This is great and I wouldn't expect or want them to be any different texture. Just like the smell, there's definately that strong-tasting ginger there, so if you don't like ginger, I don't think these would be the right cookies for you. The raisins are really juicy, and seem pretty fresh and go perfectly with the whole cookie. The outside of the cookie is harder, still soft, but harder than the middle of the cookie. The middle part is my favourite part, as it's the chewiest part and I love this texture of it.

              Overall, I think these cookies are great for having when you're feeling particularly hungry. Maybe it's because I have a small stomach, but I couldn't eat more than one. They're not that big, just baked-cookie size, but one is just enough to satisfy a craving. If you like the taste of oats, raisins, ginger and perhaps honey, then these are definately for you because you can taste them all, and they all balance out each other perfectly. Usually they sell for 99p a bag, but they are often on special offer or buy one get one free - I think this is because they really don't last long at all. So next time you go into Sainsbury's, take a look at them and give them a try. I highly recommend them!


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              • Oreo Cookies / Snacks / 16 Readings / 12 Ratings
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                11.07.2009 11:56
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                An extremely tasty sandwich biscuit almost everyone will love!

                Oreo cookies have been around since 1912, where they were developed and produced in NYC, and ever since they've grown and spread to different countries around the world to be enjoyed by more and more people. And I can say that I'm definately one of those people!

                Firstly I'll start with the part that you may find the least important, but seeing as I'm writing a review on this cookie, I thought I should inform you of all the little facts, too! The Oreo cookie was first made back in 1912, by the company Nabisco. Originally it was supposed to be targeted for the British market. This was because Nabisco thought our biscuits were 'too ordinary', but obviously it became more popular in America than over here, and has gradually built up it's popularity in most countries since.
                In the US there is a wide range of Oreo cookies, and I can't say I've ever come across any except for the original and mini's. But anyway, here's the variety of different Oreo's that are avaliable;
                Oreo Fudge Rings, Oreo Waferstix, Golden Oreo, Golden Chocolate Creme Oreo, Mini Oreo, Vend Pack Oreos, Double Stuf Oreo, Big Stuf Oreo, Double Delight Oreo, Cool Mint Creme Oreo, White Fudge Oreo, Milk Chocolate Oreo, 100 Calorie Pack Oreo/Oreo Thinsations, Triple Stuf Oreo, Sugar Free Oreo, Reduced Fat Oreo, Oreo Cakesters, Banana Split Creme Oreo, Oreo Handi-Snacks, Chocolate and Dulce de leche Oreo, Oreo Sippers and there may be more.

                Oreos can be bought in many different types of packaging. There's the tube packet, which the majority of biscuits/cookies are sold in, the snack packs - most suitable for lunchboxes, or the tray packet, which I think is the most popular type of packaging over here in the UK. The packaging that I like to call the 'tray packet' is basically a tray container inside the plastic wrapper, that is easy to slide out when you have the urge for an Oreo or two. I think this is a good idea as it's easier to avoid breaking the Oreos when you open the packet, which can often happen when trying to open the plastic wrapper on a tube of biscuits, and it also means they're sealed really well. The packaging is a dark blue colour, with a light blue background behind the word 'OREO', which stands out in capital white letters. Underneath this in smaller, white writing is the sentence 'Chocolate Flavoured Sandwich Biscuits', and beside this is a picture of one Oreo cookie that has been twisted apart, to show the white cream inside of the biscuit.
                Oreo's are now alot more well known in the UK than they were around a year ago, and you can buy them in most large supermarket's now. The 165g packet in my cupboard was bought from Sainsbury's, and although I'm not sure on the price, they were on offer for an amazing, cheap price of around 59p. I'm not sure if this is the right price exactly, because my mum did buy them, but I think this was around the special offer.

                Okay, so onto the more important part, actually getting round to eating the biscuit, because obviously this is the part that you want to read about the most, right? Once you've opened the plastic wrapper, and pulled out the black tray, you see many of the little Oreo cookies lined up beside each other. The most noticeable part is the white cream sandwiched between the two black chocolate biscuits. I'm not sure how many Oreo's are in a packet, but I'd guess around 20 biscuits for this 165g pack that I'm talking about.
                When you pick up the Oreo, the texture of the two chocolate biscuits are quite rough, you can also tell that if they weren't sandwiching the white cream that's lay between the two biscuits, they'd be extremely crumbly as they're quite thin - but just the right size.

                The smell of the biscuit is very sweet. When you bring it closer to you, it gives off a very bitter, chocolate aroma from the chocolate biscuits. I don't think you can smell the white cream, but maybe the smell of that is mixed in there somewhere with the chocolate biscuits. The smell from the small cookie is definately a good indication as to what to expect when you take a bite into it.
                So, onto the taste. When you take the first bite into the biscuit, the first taste is the overpowering chocolate. It's a very bitter, cocoa tasting chocolate biscuit that is just the right amount of sweetness. When you take another bite, you get the same taste as the first, but this time more of a creamy, vanilla taste. Obviously this comes from the white cream sandwiched between the two cookies. The two tastes work brilliantly together, and the same taste lasts throughout the whole cookie.

                There are several ways in which you can eat this cookie, which always adds to the fun of eating one. Like the well known slogan for the Oreo, you can 'twist, lick' and 'dunk' it. This involves twisting and pulling apart one of the chocolate biscuits from the cookie, licking or eating the white cream, sticking the two chocolate biscuits back together and then dunking it in milk - or any other drink if you want. You can eat all three layers seperately, or you could just take bites out of it as it is. There's so many ways to eat this little cookie. Usually what I do is twist off one of the chocolate biscuits, dunk that into my milk and eat that part first, then dunk the chocolate biscuit with the white cream on in my milk and then eat that part. That's my favourite way to eat it.
                The packet provides alot of information on the cookies, which I think is always really helpful incase you need to know what it contains due to allergy, keeping an eye on your intake etc.

                Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, vegetable oils (antioxidant e-320), fat reduced cocoa powder (7%), glucose and fructose syrup, raising agents (sodium and ammonium bicarbonates), dried whey (from milk), cocoa mass, salt, emulsifier (soya lecithin), flavouring. May contain traces of sesame seeds and nuts.
                Obviously this is a snack to not eat if you suffer from an allergy due to any of these ingredients. And although it doesn't state it on the pack, I'm guessing these are suitable for vegetarians due to the fact that none of the ingredients contains animal products. I'm hoping so anyway, because I'm a vegetarian haha.

                Nutritional information:
                Per 24g (2 biscuits)
                Energy 471 kJ
                Calories 113
                Protein 1.4g
                Carbohydrates 15.6g
                of which sugars 9.5g
                Fat 5.0g
                of which saturates 2.6g
                Fibre 1.1g
                Sodium* 0.1g
                *equivalent as salt 0.3g
                I'd definately recommend trying these wonderful little cookies if you've never tried them, as it's highly likely you'll take a liking to these if you have the right kind of tastebuds!

                Hope you enjoyed my review :)! Thanks for reading
                Also on www.ciao.co.uk under emmyjepson


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