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Member since: 18.01.2012

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      18.01.2012 17:04
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      A must for any kitchen, shop or cafe.

      We bought my daughter (18 months) a kitchen for Christmas and spent quite some time deciding on which sets to buy her to go with it as there are so many available. What I really liked about the ELC range of kitchen paraphernalia is that a lot of them are wooden, which whilst stirring up some nostalgia for myself (the way they used to make them) also, to me, seem as though they will be more durable than their plastic and cardboard counterparts. The Wooden Dairy Set is absolutely delightful and my daughter adores it. In the set you get a carboard egg box which look and feel exactly the same as the ones we buy ourselves, in there are 4 wooden eggs which come apart and re-attach with velcro. As the velcro is yellow and is set inside a white border they looks just like a soft boiled egg ready for some dipping soldiers, there is even a wodden egg cup provided. You also get some wooden cheese which again comes apart and re-attaches with velcro and the cheese has little indents to represent the holes in the cheese (those wretched mice!). There are also 2 wooden bottles of milk - the lids are again attached with velcro, and the bottles come in a cardboard carry carton. Also included is a wooden yoghurt pot again with a removable lid which can be consumed with the small wooden spoon.

      I love the simplicity of these items, they don't sing and dance or have all the colours of the rainbow on them but my daughter understands what they are all representing as I have often seen her wandering round feeding herself yoghurt or swigging out of the milk bottles. They are very durable as they have been bashed about, dropped, thrown and all onto a rather unforgiving wooden floor and there isn't so much as a mark on them - even the two cardboard elements have withstood the lively play times. The other plastic and carboard kitchen elements which were bought at the same time and played with just the same are now squashed or torn beyond all recognition and so I will be replacing them with some more of the ELC wooden ranges. The age range on these items does state for ages 3+ which I imagine will be due to the small wooden spoon and the 2 lids from the milk bottles which again are quite small. However, we have never really had an issue with my daughter putting things in her mouth and consequently have no problem with this, but for parents who have children who like to give them a scare every now and then, perhaps wait until they are a bit older.


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