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      07.09.2007 14:03
      Very helpful



      Mulder and Scully's adventures to finally discover the truth

      History of The X Files

      The X Files is an Emmy award winning show that was created by Chris Carter. The show first aired on 10th September 1993, and ended on 19th May 2002. It is the longest ever running sci-fi show in America and had a real big impact on television.
      The series is well known for looking for extraterrestrial existence, spirituality, and conspiracy theories of the government. Every episode sees a new story that takes on a journey for the truth and discovery of monsters, conspiracies and alien encounters.

      Every episode always starts with a teaser to get an insight in what the episode has install for the audience. This few minute opening gets the audience attention and makes you what to know what will happen next. This is followed by one of the most recognisable theme tunes and opening credits which end with the memorable slogan – The Truth Is Out There.

      The show is always famous for other slogans apart from The Truth Is Out There; it has other famous quotes such as Trust No One and I Want to Believe (which is seen on Mulder’s poster in his office)

      The show is basically about two agents Mulder and Scully working for the FBI are assigned to investigating unsolved cases involving paranormal activity called the X Files. Mulder created the X Files department for the purpose of finding his alien abducted sister, Samantha. Also he wants to find the truth that aliens do exist and to discover the truth about what the government is hiding. This theme is in all nine seasons of the X Files.

      Season 6 (1998-1999) was made after the internationally successful movie The X Files – Fight the Future. The season sees the X Files reopened to be run by new boss, Assistant Director Alvin Kersh (played by James Pickens, Jr). Also new agents are added to the X Files, Special Agent Jeffrey Spender and Special Agent Diana Fowley.


      Special Agent Fox William Mulder

      He graduated Oxford University in 1986 and entered Quantico Academy and earned the name “Spooky” with his colleagues. In 1988 he was assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit. In 1991 he is transferred to the X Files department. He was then assigned a partner called Scully. Mulder is convinced his sister was abducted by aliens with his goal in the X Files is to find her and to find out the truth on what happened to her. Mulder is very committed to his work and having very little of a personal life. He has had no relationships although there could have been something between him and Agent Fowley. He is well known for being a “believer”. His other interests include Basketball and watching porn.
      Mulder declined the opportunity to cooperate with writer Jose Chung who appeared on the X Files.
      Played by David Duchovny

      Special Agent Dana Katherine Scully

      Scully joined the FBI directly from medical school where she worked for 2 years at Quantico Academy but was assigned to the X Files in 1992. On October 1994 she was kidnapped by Duane Barry which Mulder believes she was abducted by aliens. However she was found in the intensive care unit at North Georgetown University hospital on November 1994 with no memory of what had happened to her. In 1995 her sister Melissa was killed by a gun shot at her apartment by unknown assassin who was believed to be assigned to kill Scully. She is well known for her areas of forensic medicine and pathology which is used often in the X Files.
      Scully is a scientific sceptic even though she is Catholic.
      Played by Gillian Anderson

      Assistant Director Walter S. Skinner.

      He is an ex–marine and is strict to when it comes to by-the-book investigation techniques. Its is unknown on what sort of working relationship he has had with the Cigarette Smoking Man. Throughout the series it is unknown on what side he is on.
      Played by Mitch Pileggi

      Cigarette Smoking Man, or known by Mulder, Cancer Man.

      He first appeared as the silent smoking suited man who was a mystery to his part in the FBI. However throughout the series we found he plays a huge part in the government. He is apart of the Syndicate, or Consortium group which was created to hide the truth of alien existence to the public.
      Played by William B. Davies

      Special Agent Jeffrey Spender played by Chris Owens.
      His mother, Cassandra believed she was abducted and became close friends with Mulder. He has no interest in the X Files but was assigned to the department by an unknown person.

      Special Agent Diana Fowley played by Mimi Rogers.
      She worked with Mulder before Scully and has a strong relationship with him. There have been rumours that they were more than just friends. The series sees the real truth behind her real intentions working on the X Files.

      Assistant Director Alvin Kersh played by James Pickens, Jr
      He has taken over the role of Assistant Director Skinner and has no interest in the X Files.

      The Lone Gunman
      They are a group of men who are good friends with Mulder who help him on the discovery of the truth as well as writing there magazine, The Lone Gunman. There are 3 members:
      Langly – played by Dean Haglund
      Frohike – played by Tom Braidwood
      Byers – played by Bruce Harwood


      The Beginning

      This episode is straight after the film. Most of the files are destroyed and Agents Spender and Fowley are assigned to the department instead of Mulder and Scully. Meanwhile the Syndicate are performing brain surgery on Gibson Praise who has the ability to read peoples minds. He is taken out of surgery to help the committee to find an alien that has escaped when one of there workers infected himself with an alien virus and that this virus ultimately produced an alien. The alien then ripped away the victim's chest from the inside as it birthed itself. Gibson somehow escapes from the Cigarette Smoking man and is found on the back seat of Mulder and Scully’s car. When they seek medical attention for Gibson, Scully finds out Gibson is part extraterrestrial.


      The episode sees a man in a stolen car being chased by police cars. When they finally get the car to stop the man is arrested but the woman dies in a mysterious way, one side of her head explodes. When in jail the man starts to suffer in the same way he wife did. When being taken to hospital he escapes and hijacks Mulder’s car. Mulder discovers he must drive west to help reduce the pain and stop him from dying the same way his wife did. Meanwhile Scully searches where they lived to find out what could cause this strange disease. Scully finds out that a power surge caused a build-up of pressure in the inner ear, which is killing people.


      Mulder investigates the strange occurrences on the Bermuda Triangle only to get him stuck on the Queen Anne ship on the 3rd September 1939 on which the same day repeats itself. However the ship is invaded by Germans who are searching for an important Atom bomb scientist. The twist to this episode is that characters in the show are very similar to the people who are on the 1939 ship. We see Scully who works for the scientist and the smoking man and Spender as evil German officers. It’s up to Scully to find out where he is and to save Mulder before he is killed by the Nazi officers.
      I think this is one of the best episodes they have done and very cleverly done.

      Dreamland Pt1 and Pt2

      This was a special two part episode in which Mulder and Scully meet Chief Agent Fletcher when told to leave the land around Area 51. However after a bizarre craft flies over the Mulder and Fletcher, they find they have switched bodies. Now they both have what they have both always wanted. Mulder has access to Area 51 and Fletcher gets to be single man who can use his good looks to seduce Scully.

      Terms of Endearment

      A woman finds out that the baby she is carrying has a strange head growth. That night she has a dream that the devil takes her child, when she wakes she finds her baby has gone. When Spender does nothing to investigate the case, Mulder decides to ignore his assigned work with background checking and investigate it himself. Mulder believes the husband, Wayne, is a demon. However Wayne has a number of other wives who are also pregnant and all have the similar head abnormality. It seems the demon is trying to conceive the perfect normal child he craves.

      Rain King

      When a drought town, Kansas rains hail stones in the shape of hearts on Valentines Day, a man claims he has the gift to make it rain. So when he starts to charge desperate farmers, Mulder and Scully step in to investigate the strange events in the town. It turns out the weather controller is the local meteorologist, who is sub-consciously causing the drought, due to his undying love for the Rain King's fiancée.
      I like this episode when Mulder of all people gives him advise on dating.

      How the Ghost Stole Christmas

      In this episode we see Mulder so how convinces Scully to investigate a haunted house on Christmas Eve. The house is haunted by a couple who killed themselves so they could be together forever. So for fun they haunt other couples who visit the house and convincing them to kill each other as well. They do this by using psychological tricks on there minds, which it nearly works on Mulder and Scully.


      Assistant Director Kersh assigns Scully to a case with Agent Ritter who are investigating how photos of crime scenes seem to be taken at different time indicating that the photographer is turning up a little too early at the murder scenes. They find out it is Alfred Fellig who has worked as a police photographer for many years and has looked 65 for about 40 years, so he must be over 100 years old. Scully discovers that Fellig can’t die so has been following death so he can finally die in peace. However when Ritter shoots Scully which was intended for Fellig, Fellig takes Scully’s place and finally gets to die.

      S.R. 819

      This episode we see Assistant Director Skinner becoming suddenly ill with a mysterious disease. Skinner has been infected with some nanotechnology that is growing carbon barriers in his arteries. The levels of Carbon is controlled a mysterious man who’s identity is hidden. He uses an electrical dial to control what level of pain Skinner should receive. With only 24 hours for Scully to try to save him the man turns down the dial and Skinner become well again. But Skinner forbids the agents to continue on there quest to find out who is responsible for his illness. At the end of the episode we see it Krycek (a previous agent of the X Files who turned to the dark side) is behind it all and plans to use this device to blackmail him.

      Two Fathers (Pt 1) One Son (Pt 2)

      Spender’s mother, Cassandra, is finally found after her abduction after doctors performing surgery on her but was interrupted by the mutilated faced men (aliens on previous series) burned all her doctors. It seems the Syndicate which the Cigarette Smoking man works for had previously worked with the mutilated faced men to produce alien-human hybrids for when they invaded earth, but the Syndicate were secretly trying to discover the cure for the black oil or also called black cancer that the aliens use to kill people. Cassandra is the first to become a successful alien-human hybrid and is the signal for the invasion to begin. Spender finds out about what his father, the Cigarette Smoking man has been doing to his mother, who Mulder and Scully identified as being C.G.B. Spender. He confronts him only for the Cigarette Smoking Man to shoot his son.


      After the events that occurred with Cassandra and Spender being found dead, Mulder and Scully are reassigned to the X Files. For there first assignment they go undercover as the perfect married couple in an ideal community estate. The estate follows strict rules and anybody that doesn’t follow the rules is discovered dead. Mulder believes they are being killed by a beast, but who is behind it?

      Agua Mala

      During a hurricane in Florida, a building is being terrorised by a sea monster that is living in the water works. As the number of people the monster kills rises they find out the only way to stop it is using fresh water to repulse it.


      Another excellent episode that debates on the existence of fate and free will.
      This episode sees Mulder and Scully trapped in a time loop where everyday a bank robbery always occurs and Mulder gets shot and blown up. The only person who knows they are all stuck in a time loop is the robber’s girlfriend who is trying to end it. It’s up to her to convince the agents to help stop her boyfriend and to finally to stop the same day occurring.


      This episode is when a wild rare dog creature escapes and goes on a killing spree. However the Agents find out that the dog is a Wanshang Dhole, a very rare breed of caned from Asia thought to be extinct for the past 150 years. This episode is based on werewolf theme.


      After Pinker, a violent prisoner is sent to the punishment box during a tornado. He is given the gift of being able to walk through solid objects. He uses this to his advantage by killing the guard and going after his son, Trevor. The only things that can stop him are either glass or rubber, so basically its pointless trying to shot him. The agents try to track him down but its Trevor’s mother who gets him in the end.


      Strange murders have been occurring where a man is able to pull peoples hearts out of the chest but leaving no sign of how he did it as the victim's heart was removed without any incisions, no prints, or any forensic evidence. Mulder believes it’s his new neighbour, Phillip Padgett who is responsible, who happens to be a writer. The writer is writing about psychic surgery and it includes Scully in the book, who he has become obsessed with. However the book he is writing seems to be coming alive. The only way to stop the killer psychic surgeon is to get him to kill the creator.

      Three of a Kind

      The Lone Gunmen are at a defence contractor convention in Las Vegas where Byers sees his true love that was abducted by the government 10 years ago called Suzanne Modesky. She tells them of how she is involved in the production of a mind-bending drug. Soon a conspiracy nut has been murdered and Suzanne finds a tracking device in her tooth, so they decide to help her public the truth. However the CIA drug Scully into a seductive bimbo and Langley into killing Suzanne. However the plot is discovered and they manage to get Suzanne a new identity and is saved from the CIA.

      The Unnatural

      David Duchovny actually directed this episode.
      The episode tells us about a talented black baseball player who appeared 50 years ago at minor league team in Roswell, New Mexico. He was an alien who ran away from his colony because he loved to play baseball and morphed into looking like a black human. But the Alien Bounty Hunter is after him to kill him for leaving and betraying the colony.

      Field Trip

      The episode is about the investigation of the digesting skeletons of a missing couple. But during the investigation Mulder goes missing and Scully suffers headaches. Only to find that the mushrooms are giving of hallucinate drugs while the soil is slowly digesting there bodies making them believe they are still alive.

      Biogenesis (Pt 1 out of 3)

      Scientists theorise that the objects they have discovered on an African beach are pieces of a puzzle which could be proof that human, plant and animal life did not originate on this planet. When one of the scientists is killed and the objects are stolen, the agents investigate and Mulder begins to experience severe neurological pain caused by the objects.



      One of the main reasons on why to buy the X Files DVD is because the series is very different from other shows on the television. When the show was made it opened the door for other shows to be broadcasted with the similar sci-fi and paranormal style shows e.g. Supernatural and Ghost Whisperer. All of The X File storylines are full of mysteries, extraordinary tales and strange accounts mixing in a blend of folk tales, extraterrestrial stories and monster style legends.

      The adventurous plots are different in every episode with a similar storyline of finding the truth theme throughout the series. All the episodes are extremely entertaining packed with gripping storylines full of anticipation on the discovery for the truth. The show can be unpredictable with many twists during the story, resulting in a mixture of emotions from heart warming stories to scary tales of abduction and creepy monsters on the loose.

      The show is well known for the Mulder and Scully style of relationship. With them being both very different in there views and opinions it gives the show a more different edge to it. It’s great to watch the tension between the two with Mulder trying to convince Scully into believing the more paranormal theories whereas Scully tries to make Mulder see sense that he should believe more in the hard facts of science. The difference of views gives the show more of a balance than other shows where generally most of the characters are all believers. Also the show is different for having the man as the believer and the woman a non-believer which is different from the traditional style of other shows.

      As well as Mulder and Scully the show is great for having a whole mixture of different characters. The show has characters in which it’s hard to see what side they are on and others in which you love to hate e.g. The Cigarette Smoking Man. Season 6 has allowed us to see more of old characters such as Krycek and Gibson as well as developing other characters such as Skinner.

      Even thought the special effects are not as good as today, it should still be credited for as well as the amount of research that has gone into each episode. All of these factors are reasons why the show has been such as a big hit. This is why the show is still watchable now even though season 6 was made in 2000.


      There are some bad points about the series. One of the main bad aspects of the show is that it can be hard to follow which I have heard from people who could not get into the show. It can be quite confusing with Mulder’s wild theories and Scully’s scientific views.

      Being hard to follow could be also due to the show being for a certain target audience who are interested in the paranormal or anything that is science fiction. However the show has got people interested in this field of television just by watching the show.

      Some fans don’t like season 6 from other seasons as there is a visible change in the show. One of the man problems is that The X Files has lost its famous Monster of the week style to the show that has been seen in previous seasons. Now other styles have been added resulting in fewer mythological episodes. However it depends on what types of storylines you like best from The X Files.


      Play.com - £14.99
      HMV - £12.99
      Amazon - £30

      Overall the show has been a big success with the show for running over many years and winning a number of awards. The show has a huge fan base and will be remembered as one of the greatest television shows in history.

      Thanks for reading :-)


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      • Blades of Glory (DVD) / DVD / 18 Readings / 17 Ratings
        More +
        05.09.2007 18:29
        Very helpful



        two male figure skaters come together to kick some ice


        The film is directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck and produced by Stuart Cornfield, John Jacobs and Ben Stiller. All the great costumes seen in the film are created by Julie Weiss. The film was released in April 2007 with the tagline – Kick Some Ice. Blades of Glory won BMI Film Music Award and it was nominated for other awards including the MTV Movie Award for Best fight, Best film and Best performance.


        At the World Winter Sport Games in 2002, top singular figure skaters are competing for the gold, Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy. Chazz is known for his wild cowboy antics on the ice which drive the women crazy. Jimmy is known as the innocent blonde with the more elegant approach to skating. When they both draw with the same points they are forced to share the gold but it ends up with them fighting and even setting the mascot on fire. The headquarters of figure skating have no choice but to ban them for life from the sport.

        Three and a half years later we see Chazz ends up skating as an evil wizard in a kids show and Jimmy working in a skating shop selling ice skating shoes. However Jimmy’s stalker Hector finds Jimmy and tells him that after reading the rules Jimmy can figure skate again but in doubles. With this loophole Jimmy goes on the search for a team mate.

        Chazz and Jimmy meet up again and start fighting which is reported on the news. Jimmy’s coach sees the way they fight and can see they would make a great figure skating team. So with the help of Jimmy’s coach they sign up. However Stranz and Fairchild Van Waldenberg who are brother and sister see this as a threat to there string of gold medals. They get there sister, Katie to spy on them training to see how there competition is and to seduce the sex addict Chazz. When Jimmy finds out he runs out on Chazz. Chazz tries to apologize to Jimmy with hundreds of messages on Jimmy’s answering machine.

        Stranz and Fairchild’s plan to split Chazz and Jimmy doesn’t work so they use other measures including handcuffing Jimmy to a pipe in the toilets and tying up Chazz in a warehouse. But they both get to the ring in time to do the one move that no other figure skating team has successfully done in history… the iron lotus!


        Chazz Michael Michaels played by Will Ferrell

        He is known for his wild actions and moves on the ice. His rock and roll style moves makes the women go wild for him. He claims to be a sex addict which he goes to sex addicts anonymous to help him with his problems. He is the only figure skater to win four national championships and an adult film award as well as being described as an ice-devouring sex tornado. In his teens he got himself in a lot of trouble and he first took up skating in the underground skating scenes.

        Jimmy MacElroy played by Jon Heder

        Jimmy is a sensitive, innocent and awkward young skater who was adopted as a child at an orphanage by millionaire Darren MacElroy for his skill at skating. As a young boy he had intense training routine to make him the best figure skater of all time. Jimmy’s acts are graceful and delicate. His blonde hair has been copied by millions of fans over the world. He is well known for keeping a bird hidden in his costume to be released after the performance.

        Stranz Van Waldenberg and Fairchild Van Waldenberg played by
        Will Arnett and Amy Poehler

        They are known as the golden team of doubles figure skating. There parents were Olympic gold medalists but died in a car accident when driving there sister Katie to skating practice. They are cruel, mean and heartless to win the medals every time as well as the cruelty of reminding Katie it was her fault there parents died. They will do anything to stop Chazz and Jimmy from winning the gold. There relationship is very weird as they are inseparable and always wear matching outfits.

        Katie Van Waldenberg played by Jenna Fischer

        Katie is the unfortunate sister of Stranz and Fairchild. She is daily reminded by them that it is her fault her parents are dead, becoming an outsider of the family. They use this to blackmail her into seducing Chazz and spying on Chazz and Jimmy’s training. Katie falls for Jimmy and they sort of go out on a date even having a very awkward kiss with Jimmy.

        Darren MacElroy played by William Fichtner

        He is a millionaire who made his money from racing horses but turned his attention on Olympic sports. He then went on the look for orphans he could adopt that had Olympic sport quality to make even more money, which is how he found Jimmy. He trained Jimmy with some extreme training tactics. When Jimmy was banned from figure skating he disowned Jimmy.

        Coach played by Craig T. Nelson

        Coach helped train up Jimmy but helps both Jimmy and Chazz on the way to win the gold. He believes the only way to beat Van Waldenberg’s is by performing the Iron Lotus. The move is very dangerous and has even resulted in a number of people losing there heads after attempting the move but he believes it will work if two men do the move.

        Hector played by Nick Swardson

        Hector is the stalker of Jimmy and has been following Jimmy where ever he goes to skate. Hector is even seen wearing some of the costumes when watching Jimmy skate. He helps Jimmy get back into figure skating when he discovers a loophole in the rule book and tells Jimmy its embarrassing to be stalking a has been.


        - Return of Glory – Making of Blades

        - Celebrities on thin ice

        - Cooler than ice – The super sexy costumes of skating

        - Arnett & Poehler – a family affair

        - 200 Questions with Scott Hamilton

        - Hector – a portrait of a psychofan

        - Deleted scenes

        - Music Video “Blades of Glory” by Bo Bice

        - Gag Reel

        - Alternative Takes

        - Moviephone unscripted with Will Ferrell, Jon Heder and Will Arnett.

        - MTV interstitials

        - Photogalleries

        I think the extras are excellent. All the extras give you more to the film and even more laughs. There is a huge variety in the extras that will appeal to all sorts of people, people who like deleted scenes to people who love watching interviews. For the price of the DVD it’s great as you have so much more to watch.


        Overall I think this is a great comedy film that has been highly rated by critics as well as other people I know that have seen it. There are some fantastic memorable moments in the film from when we see Chazz and Jimmy skating together in training and on the ice as well as the funny ending. The script is full of memorable quotes and had the whole cinema laughing when I went to see it for the first time.

        I like the idea behind the film as we have not had a figure skating comedy movie before. The storyline is good idea and just hearing about two male figure skaters teaming up has people laughing already. Having a different type of comedy makes the film fresher and more appealing.

        The characters in the film have been well thought out and have a range of different styles. I like how Jimmy and Chazz are two completely different people which work really well. Jimmy is the more juvenile personality lacking any social skills but Chazz is more confident and violating the rules of figure skating. The immature fighting as well as showing off there talent just makes it even funnier to watch. However I think Stranz and Fairchild characters are excellent as well with there crazy matching outfits and strange themes in there figure skating routines.

        All the actors in the film did a great performance but I think it was Will Ferrell that stole it with his freelance style of acting which shows he can create great comedy material. I think his character is more memorable for his sex crazy behaviour. I loved all the messages he left on Jimmy’s answering machine which were hilarious, the extras show even more which are just as funny.
        Me and my sister really liked Jon’s character as it did remind us of Napoleon Dynamite. His awkwardness and child like personality made him loveable to the audience. His peacock costume looked excellent on him and worked really well with his feminine manner.

        One thing the film should be credited for is the time and effort the actors to put into the film by learning to skate and to perform some of the moves. All the actors performed really good performance with a hint of comedy and silliness. The effects were at a high-quality by using strings and stunts to make it feel you were seeing the characters performing for real.

        Julie Weiss should be credited for her great costumes. The costume that they used when performing was inspired by famous figure skaters such as Jimmy’s peacock costume was inspired by Johnny Weir's iconic “The Swan” costume from the 2005-2006 season. Also the funky over the top matching outfits of the Van Waldenberg’s and the fire and ice matching costumes worn by Chazz and Jimmy.

        Bad bits

        Even thought the film was really good it won’t be very memorable film. But it’s still worth watching. The film does have some slow at parts and it’s a typical comedy film which has been seen before. I think the film could have had more training scenes as it seemed to jump from both being really bad together to being really good team. I think it would have been better to have more training scenes as they made the film even funnier.


        Hector: I totally want to cut off your skin and wear it to my birthday... It's coming up...

        Chazz: No exaggeration, I could not love a human baby more then I love this brush.

        Jimmy: Get out of my face.
        Chazz: I'll get inside your face

        Jimmy: I see you got fat.
        Chazz: I see you still look like a fifteen year old girl, but not hot.

        Chazz: Personal philosophy? Clothing optional.

        Chazz: Whoever invented rope was a real a-hole!

        Jimmy: Hi, you've reached Jimmy, if you can dream it, you can do it!

        Jimmy: When I was eight, my dad had me get a circumcision to minimalize air resistance


        Most shops seem to sell it at £12.99

        ThAnKs FoR rEaDiNg :-)


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          12.08.2007 16:01
          Very helpful



          Another great album with more variety of songs

          When I finally turned 18 in June, my dad had no idea what to get me so gave me money so I could spend it on anything I wanted. The first thing I bought was the long awaited Within Temptation new album The Heart of Everything.

          The members

          Sharon Den Adel = Vocals
          Robert Westerholt = Guitar
          Ruud Jolie = Guitar
          Jeroen Van Veen = Bass Guitar
          Stephen Van Haestregt = Drums
          Martijn Spierenburg = Keyboard

          A little history of the band…..

          Within Temptation are a Dutch gothic rock band which formed in 1996 in which they released there first album Enter. There style of music is a bit different from the main music on the radio. The band use a lot of orchestral instruments in there music and using Sharon’s opera style vocal approach but using a lot of guitars and drums. They opened up rock music to gothic style music which has allowed other bands to form such as Evanescence and Lacuna Coil

          The band writes all there own songs, with every song being original and different. The lyrics are all written by Sharon and Robert.

          The band went on to release Motherearth in 2000, The Dance and The Silent Force in 2004. Overall releasing some highly credited singles throughout there music career from Angels, Motherearth and Ice Queen. They have won a number of awards including winning the Dutch Export Award for the Best International Selling Artist for the fourth successive time in a row and a Golden God Award from the UK’s Metal Hammer magazine for Best Video.

          They have played in a number of different live rock festivals all over the globe. Also selling out gigs on tours over the years. They even gave a large donation to Child Helpline when they used there song Frozen to make a video to highlight abuse in families.

          Songs on the album

          1. The Howling = 4/5

          The song has a mixture of soft rock parts as well as hard rock parts which balance the song really well. Sharon’s harshness to her voice gives the song a real edge. I think the song is based on the awful things that are happening in the world today. This is mirrored on to the video they produced which balances the goodness that could be in the world with all the bad things that take over. I think the lyrics are great which have been sung brilliantly in Sharon’s remarkable voice.

          2. What have you done – featuring Keith Caputo = 4/5

          This is the first song released by the band. I think this is a bit different from the types of songs that Within Temptation usually sings. However I think this is still an excellent song which most rock fans would enjoy listening to. Keith’s voice works really well along side Sharon’s. His voice is more hard-hitting were as Sharon has a more saintly voice. This song is perfect to sing along to with the lyrics being well written

          3. Frozen = 5/5

          I think this song is one of the best songs by Within Temptation. The song is generally quite soft, really showing what a good voice Sharon has when she pushes herself. The lyrics to the song are mainly about the end of the relationship and the effect it can have on someone. The sadness is really shown in the song and is beautifully sung by Sharon.

          4. Our Solemn Hour = 4/5

          This song is the general feel you get from all of Within Temptation work with its full on rock style of music. The song is quite unusual with dark mystical voices and clips from what I can guess are from World War 2, which is a bit different from what you hear normally on the radio. I like the darkness of the song with its great lyrics including Latin phrases.

          5. The Heart of Everything = 3/5

          This song is one of my least favourite but is still a good song. I think it’s due to Sharon’s voice not being pushed as much as it is in other songs on the album. The song is great due to it being full of anger and raw emotion. The weird voices in the background spoil the song. However I do think the lyrics:

          “Open your eyes
          Save yourself from fading away now, don’t let it go”

          6. Hand of Sorrow = 4/5

          This is one of my favourite songs which I loved the moment I heard it. The song has a more familiarity to it from other songs they have written through there music career. Sharon’s voice is excellent throughout the song, showing what a wonderful vocal range she has. In this song I have no idea what it’s about but I know one thing which is that it’s a great song to listen to. I like the lyrics in this song which are full of symbolism to things such as religion. I like the lyrics:

          “He’s torn between his honour and the true love of his life
          He prays for both but was denied”

          7. The Cross = 5/5

          This song is one of the best songs from this album. This is due to Sharon’s voice being at its best throughout the song, especially during her solo opera styles moments in the song. The song is basically about the process of getting over someone you had fallen in love with or really cared for. The lyrics are full of emotion which is expressed in Sharon’s brilliant voice.

          8. Final Destination = 3/5

          I think this song is one of my least favourite songs from the whole album but is still a good song. I think this is due to being one of the less powerful songs but I think the guitar and drums are really good in this song.

          9. All I Need = 5/5

          I love this song as it’s much softer than other pieces of music created by Within Temptation but still works really well. The lyrics are nicely written and you get a much happier feel to the song than from the other songs from the album. The song is basically about the feeling of falling in love with someone and the effect it has on you when you had no hope in love before. The style of the song can be enjoyed by a wider range of people.

          10. The Truth beneath the Rose = 5/5

          Even though the song is very long it is still worth listening to all 7 minutes of it! I’m not sure what the whole thing is about but it’s full of symbolism and references to religion which Within Temptation do a lot! The biblical feel to the song works really well with the instruments which contrast well with the guitar and drums. The song again allows Sharon to show off her voice to its full potential. I love the lyrics in this song, especially:

          “I won’t get lost between two worlds
          For all I have seen the truth lies between”

          11. Forgiven = 4.5/5

          This song finishes off the album fantastically. The song is the softest song out of all 11 songs on the album. The song allows Sharon to show that she can sing just as brilliantly without loads instruments. The song has Sharon singing heavenly with a piano including a violin later on in the song. The song is centred about forgiveness and the reasons and emotions behind it. I think this is the best song Sharon has sung that has really shown off the skill she has. This song can be for a wide range of people who may feel they can relate to it.
          I like the lyric:

          “I know it was destined to go wrong
          You were looking for the great escape
          To chase your daemons away”


          The picture on the front has Sharon in a beautiful white corset dress with doves on one side and symbols of religions in her other hand. The booklet contains the lyrics to all 11 songs and some pictures of the members of the band.


          It’s hard to say what is wrong with the album as I really love listening to it. It’s hard to find a whole album like this in which you can say you would listen to it all without skipping some songs or ignoring the ones you don’t like. Even though the songs are a bit long which is not unusual to Within Temptation albums this does not bother me as they are all worth listening to.

          The lyrics in this album are excellent. They are full of biblical and symbolism giving us the real feel to this gothic rock band as well as making them stand out from other rock bands in the music business. Having all there albums I can see they have really developed over the years and have develop there skills to a high standard resulting in an outstanding album.

          Sharon and Robert have really written a whole range of different types of songs with different issues, styles and sounds which work well together as an album. This means they can target a wider audience as well as please there fans that enjoy different aspects of the bands style.

          Try the album as you maybe surprised by how much you like them. They are not well publicised in the UK and America so many people reading this will have no idea who they are.


          HMV - £7.99
          Amazon - £8.98
          Play.com - £8.95

          Thanks for reading :-)


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            07.08.2007 12:49
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            a fresh comedy program full of bizare adventures and crazy characters

            Mighty Boosh 2

            Once again the Mighty Boosh has delivered another hilarious series full of more crazy characters and more outrageous adventures. The series even sees Vince with a new hairstyle as well as faces from the past.


            The series has been written and also stars Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt. Mighty Boosh has been on stage shows, a BBC radio series and a BBC Three TV series. The show first appeared at the Edinburgh Festival in 1998 and the show even won them a Perrier Award and a Douglas Adams Award for the series on Radio 4.

            The name of the show came from Noel’s and Mike’s Portuguese friend who said Mike’s hair (Noels brother who also stars in the series) was like a mighty boosh, meaning a mighty bush!

            After the success of series 1, Noel and Julian decided to change the boosh by having it set in a flat instead of the zoo in series 1. This allowed the stories to go straight into the adventure which improves the show. This means they have more time during the adventure and more time to make the story even more adventurous.

            The new adventures of the brand new series allow us to meet new bizarre characters with some wild journeys from scary woods to tropical islands. The storylines are full of humour, entertainment and strangeness. The show sees more fantastic range of songs that you can’t stop yourself from singing along to, from rock to even folk songs. The series even sees the return of The Hitcher, as well as bringing new weird and wonderful characters to our screen.

            The show has had to work with an even lower budget to what they have in series 1 which I think they have done well with. The use of projection of scenes gives the boosh a great touch but makes it more individual to other comedy series. I think from seeing interviews of the cast they did want to give the series a look that it is on a tight budget and I think it makes it even funnier at how bad it gets.


            Vince Noir = Noel Fielding

            Vince loves anything electro or punk rock and is a huge fan of Gary Newman. Vince was even raised as a child in the forest by Bryan Ferry! He is quite vain and loves to straighten his mod styled hair while listening to Gary Numan. With his “glam rock” style means he is always being confused with being a woman.

            Howard Moon = Julian Barratt

            He is a musician/actor/poet/novelist/photographer even though he is hopeless in all of these areas. Howard loves Jazz and Jazz-funk fusion music. Throughout the series we see Howard try to get famous with his band. We see a lot more of Howard’s body in series 2. We often hear Howard say “don’t kill me; I've got so much to give!"
            Naboo = Mike Fielding

            He is a psychic shaman. If you are mad enough to get Naboo angry he has no other choice but to turn his back on you to teach you a lesson (which is so funny to watch). Naboo is usually the one who has to help Howard and Vince using his magical flying carpet. He’s well known for his stoned expression and even smoking his frog.

            Bollo = Dave Brown

            Bollo is a talking ape who is Naboo’s familiar even though he is not very good at with Naboo threatening to upgrade him. He is always sensing he has a bad feeling about something, which he is usually right about. Bollo even reveals to Vince he is actually forty years old, but because he is a DJ, he says that he is twenty-nine.

            Rich Fulcher (many characters)

            One of the sad things about season 2 is that there is no Bob Fossil which has annoyed a lot of Boosh fans. However the new series allows Rich to become a number of different characters, which are even funnier than Fossil. We see Rich as a horny Canadian living in the forest and an angry small blue tribe leader.

            The DVD contains 6 episodes from season 2

            Call of the Yeti

            In this episode they decide to go holiday with Howard deciding they should go into the countryside where they stay at an old run down shed looking cabin. The owner, a horny Canadian man takes a fancy to Vince and to get him on his own he sends Howard to look for the Yeti so that his dream will come true to be on the front cover of a geographical magazine. But Howard is captured by the Yeti people to become there new mate for the mating season. So Vince, Naboo and Bollo must save him.

            The Priest and the Beast

            The episode sees Naboo telling the story to Vince and Howard about the musical journey of Spider and Rudi on the search for the mystical new sound.
            Razorlight and Roger Daltrey star in this episode as well as Noel’s dad dressed as Chris de Burgh.


            After a bad date with some Goth girls, Vince and Howard use a magical book to conjure up a demon only to conjure up what seems like a harmless granny only to find out that it’s a demonic granny wanting Armageddon. So Vince and Howard dress in disguise as grannies and search for the evil granny at a bingo hall.

            The episode sees electro band “Robots in disguise” staring in this episode also Noel and Mike’s mother dressed as a witch and Julian’s dad as part of the Shamans council.

            Fountain of Youth

            Howard starts to worry about his looks as he gets older so after Bollo let’s slip that Naboo has a key to get to the Fountain of Youth, they find the amulet and are transported to the Desert of Nightmares, but are captured by an evil blue tribe. Once they see Vince is holding the amulet they declare him there leader. However the Hitcher finds out about his amulet and uses him powers to get hold of it.

            Legend of Old Gregg

            After Vince and Howard get a nasty response from a show they played at they decide they should leave town. The pair ends up at Black Lake that is occupied by strange locals. One of the locals encourages the pair to go on Black Lake to go fishing. After the pair fight over Howard’s poor fishing skills, Vince leaves the lake with Howard alone on the lake only to meet the charismatic and funky Old Greg. Old Greg happens to be half man and half fish with a Mangina! Old Greg captures Howard and takes him to his cave giving him “The Funk” as a present only if he agrees to marry him. It’s up to Vince, Naboo and Bollo to rescue him.

            The Nightmare of Milky Joe

            Vince and Howard decide they should travel to America to Pie Face Record Company to get famous. However on the journey to America on a boat they are thrown off the ship due to Vince giving the captain a Mullet hairstyle while he was sleeping. Vince and Howard are washed up onto an island but soon start to argue, so Howard creates a new friend out of a coconut called Milky Joe. Vince soon become jealous so he creates Ruby and then Precious. Howard starts to fancy Precious and start to go out which leads to him killing her by mistake and being on the run from the coconut police.


            Boosh Publicity
            This allows fans to see the cast promoting the new series on a number of television programs and radio stations. My favourite was seeing the cast on Soccer AM taking penalty shots and Mike kicking the ball only to lose his shoe as well.

            Commentary on all 6 episodes with Julian, Noel and Rich
            I think this really funny to listen to. They talk about how they made episodes, mistakes they made and Rich bragging about how many lines he included in the script without getting wrong.

            Photo Gallery
            There are some great pictures of the cast which can be found on a number of fan websites.

            Out takes
            These are hilarious and worth watching, especially Noel and Mike’s mistakes.

            Deleted Scenes
            There are a few scenes taken out but none that would be hugely missed from the episodes.

            This is the show they made before they created the Mighty Boosh. The show is about Noels character falling in love with his friend’s invisible sister. Julian character gets jealous and tries to split them up only to find out the end that he fancies Noel character in the first place.

            Overall I think the extras are really good compared to what other television series have as extras. They are all worth watching.


            In this series the show is full of interesting and bizarre characters that are all different and something you would never see in other comedy series. But as well as seeing fresh new ideas we are also seeing more of the old characters more such as Naboo and Bollo. In the last series they were in very little but in series 2 we see there characters develop more.

            The characters in the series are a good blend of different personalities and styles. Vince and Howard’s relationship is even funnier with them being even more sarcastic and child-like together.

            The series has a wide variety of storylines in a number of different types of settings. With the zoo not in the series it means there are a more opportunities to use crazier places and scenes. All the settings work really well with the stories and create wilder storylines.

            I love how Mighty Boosh use a lot of songs in there work as it’s completely different from other television shows. All the songs have been written and made by Noel and Julian and blend in well with the show. All the songs are full of funny and peculiar lines combined with some great chorographer created by Dave Brown. All the songs are from a wide range of styles so there songs for all different people’s tastes. I especially like Nanageddon song with its hilarious lines and great rock style beat.

            Here are some funny quotes:

            Vince: The tie is a multi purpose accessory, belt, school boy, Rambo!

            Vince Noir: Goth Juice... The most powerful hairspray known to man. Made from the tears of Robert Smith

            Vince: Glamour Nana, like a nana that was a bit saucy in the fifties.

            Howard: A little too sexual perhaps, little too sensual. I've heard that before, that my moves can be a bit too ripe for some...

            Old Gregg: Easy now, fuzzy little man peach.

            Fisherman: (Talking about Old Gregg) some say he used to drum for the Kaiser Chiefs. Actually, not many people say that. In fact, it's just me who says that.

            The Moon: (Talking about Old Gregg) some say he's like a big fish finger ....as big as a garage.

            Overall the series is brilliant as it appeals to a whole range of different people from children to adults. Also the series is very different from other shows. Each episode takes us on wild, weird and very bizarre journeys from searching for the new sound and stopping an army of demonic nanas. All the episodes give the audience endless laughs and great entertainment squeezed into 30mins per episode.


            Amazon £9.98
            Play.com £14.99
            HMV £10

            Thanks for reading :-)


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            • Sign Language / Archive Lifestyle / 46 Readings / 43 Ratings
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              25.05.2007 19:53
              Very helpful



              A great language to learn and to be able to communicate with deaf people

              + What is Sign Language? +

              Sign Language is the language for the deaf and is also preferred by the Hard of Hearing community as well. The language is non-verbal and uses the hands and facial expressions to communicate with others. The language has developed over hundreds of years as well as creating new signs for new things in the world. Also the language keeps up with the new technology as our world develops over the years

              There are 5,000,000 - 10,000,000 who are deaf or Hard of Hearing in the UK. Around 50,000 use British Sign Language (B.S.L) in the UK. Many of the deaf community prefer using BSL as there first language. Many people will need to encounter a deaf person at least once in their life so communication needs to be at its best for both sides of the conversations to be understood. This is why more people need to know BSL. With my dream job as being a nurse I believe I should know how to use BSL as well as taking up something I have wanted to do for so many years.

              + The Course +

              The course is available at many educational sites, such as colleges, schools and universities or even at a local community centre. You can contact an adult learning centre for information on where the course is available. The course is run by the CACDP - Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf people who are responsible for the course and exam. They are found all around the UK and provide an excellent service on teaching the language.

              The course lasts for between 30weeks - 35 weeks as in depends on how the course is run by the tutor or by the education site. But everybody will definitely be taught for the specified 30weeks. The course is part time in the majority of courses in the UK. You will be taught once a week where all members will meet in a room at a certain time to be taught for around 2 hours a week. Many are taught as an evening course so it can easily fit in with peoples lives e.g. work. My class was around 6.30 - 8.30, which I believe is an excellent time to fit in for all sorts of people.

              There will be a break in between for a rest. In our group it helped us to get to know each other making us become good friends working in a relaxed atmosphere. It also helped to improve our communication skills with our tutor who is deaf when we had our 10-minute chat. This also made a good time to practise our signs and to help us put signs together to create sentences.

              + Cost +

              The cost depends on what area you live in as it varies all over the UK. I have found that the course will be around £130 - £207. This may seem like a lot of money for the course but we need to consider the tutor's fee, the exam paper and the length of the course. I believe if the course is popular in your area it is more likely to be a little cheaper than a normal cost of the Level 1 Course. There are some exceptions on allowing for a free course. I did not pay for my course as I am in full time education, which many of my members were as well. Other exceptions can be that you are not working or you are over 60 years old, if this applies to you then you should make sure the person running the course knows this.

              Other things need to be considered such as making sure the person running the course knows if you have any learning or physical difficulties you may have. This makes sure that they can make sure you are comfortable and you are not experiencing any problems with the course. For example if you had arthritis then this can be told to the examiner who will understand if you find it difficult to sign certain signs or takes you a little longer. This was an issue for one of my class members and she found it really hard at times to adjust her fingers, sometimes causing pain. These sorts of problems are not your fault so should not effect if you pass the course or not. This makes it fair for everybody.

              + What will I learn? +

              I found that I learnt so much in such a short period of time. I thought the amount of time we had it would be very basic but overall it is not that basic its just to get you into signing and a base for going up to a higher level of sign language course.
              There are certain things you will need to know to pass the exam and what is on the specification of the course. Here is a list if some of the aspects of the course you will need to complete….

              -Your name
              -Days of the week
              -Family Members
              -Multi-channel Signing
              -General Conversation
              -Any signs you wish to know
              -Making simple sentences
              -Simple stories
              -A little deaf culture

              This just a general guide to what is seen in the course.

              + Exam +

              The exam is only 15 minutes so you need to really sell yourself to the examiner for a very short period of time. I found when I did it that the 15 minutes went by really fast. The examiner is deaf and will examine all of the members of your class on the same day. First you will be put in a preparation room for 20 minutes with a table and chair.

              In this room you will repair for the exam. You will be given a piece of paper to instruct you on what conversation will take place and two stories to choose from to sign about to the examiner. The story is set out as a storyboard with 4 parts to it. In the exam you will need to complete all 3 parts of the exam…

              ~ Up to 5 mins conversation with examiner
              (To show how well you can communicate with another deaf person)

              ~ Around 5 - 10 mins story told to you by examiner in 3 parts, in each part you will be asked 3 questions about each part
              (To show you can understand another deaf person's sign and you can answer back)

              ~ You will sign a story to the examiner to the end of the time given
              (To show you can sign continually and be understood with lots of expression)

              You will be sitting directly at the examiner as well as being filmed by a camera in the room to be taken to the examiners board to decide if the person has passed or not. You will be told in around 6 -9 weeks time so you have a long wait, which I find is so unfair and makes it more stressful.

              i was very nervous about doing my exam. Waiting to be called in was hell. However once i got into the room and started signing the simple stuff e.g. name, it all came back to me and it felt as though time flew by. But i found waiting for the result even worse. I counted the days and weeks just waiting for the results. Once i got them i was so happy to find i had passed. Now i am doing Level 2 and enjoy it as much as level 1.

              + Tutor +

              There are mixtures of Deaf or Hearing tutors that are available. I think people should try to be taught by a Deaf tutor as I find that since it's there language then they are more likely to teach the language better than someone who has not experienced what it's like to be deaf.

              My teacher who has been deaf since she was born is just the best teacher ever! She is brilliant and teaches the subject perfectly. She has been teaching for many years and has a high success rate in her own business - You Sign. She has a great personality, fun and friendly and gets on with anybody. She makes the lessons really fun by making it less formal but more relaxed so it's more enjoyable. This means you learn more. She used simple strategies to help us learn and to build our confidence about he new language to us all. She used things such as signing together, individual signing to the group and working in groups to sign e.g. signing a story together.

              + Who is this course for? +

              - Anybody with an interest for Sign Language
              - Learning more communication skills
              - To help in your job
              - To help to get a desired job e.g. Deaf interpreter
              - A new Hobby
              - To make new friends
              - Improve communication with a deaf person you know

              + My Experience +

              I have found it to be the best course I have ever done before. My teacher has helped me improve my confidence so much with being around new people and how to actually get up infront of people and not to get embarrassed or shy. I even did a 3 ½ minute story in sign language by myself infront of everyone, which was a big achievement for me as I was terrified before I did it. All of the members said it was excellent.

              I have made new friends with so many different people as well as my teacher. I have finally learnt a language, which I have always wanted to do for so long which I am so happy to have completed. I can now sign which has developed so much over the months at my classes. I hope I can put this into good use in the future and help people when I achieve my dream job as a nurse. I now know what is the right way to communicate with a deaf person and to pass this knowledge onto other people who have little deaf awareness.

              + Why do it? +

              Why not?
              It's a great course to complete with some much positive that will come out of it. You learn a new language, which a lot of deaf people wish more hearing people knew. New friends are made which have the same interest as you. Also you can increase career options as it can look really good on C.V's as all work places look for the best people with a whole range of communication techniques. The most important is that it is so much fun and a great hobby to take up.
              Everybody on the course passed and enjoyed it and we had some great times. As long as you have a good tutor and a mixture of members it will make the course easier and much more fun.

              + Extras +

              If you pass level 1 you can go up to the next course, which is level 2.
              Also you can complete a 5 week course in deaf awareness, which I completed going up in a number of levels. It's an interesting course, which increases your knowledge of Deaf Culture.

              Thanks for reading :-)


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                21.05.2007 21:22
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                a brilliant surreal show fully of crazy characters and brilliant adventures

                Come with us now on a journey through time and space…..to the world of the mighty boosh

                The mighty boosh is a Hilarious surreal comedy programme which is set at a zoo called zooniversery where two best friends work there as zoo keepers, Howard Moon and Vince Noir. They ended up working in the zoo due to Howard convincing Vince that GCSE's are not important. Each episode takes us on wild, weird and very bizarre journeys from searching for a ruby in the artic tundra to ending up in ape hell (limbo). All the episodes give the audience endless laughs and great entertainment squeezed into 30mins. The series is full of songs and a whole range of characters.


                Vince Noir (Noel Fielding) aka "King of the Mods"
                He is a Topshop loving electro boy with a special gift allowing him to communicate with animals. He loves anything electro or punk rock and is a huge fan of Gary Newman. Vince was even raised as a child in the forest by Bryan Ferry! In his spare time he either dresses the animals at the zoo as rock stars or writes more adventures for his book series "Charlie" and putting them in weetabix boxes around supermarkets. I love his cool hair

                Howard Moon (Julian Barrett)
                He is a musician/actor/poet/novelist/photographer. He loves jazz as well as being madly in love with Miss Gideon who also works at the zoo (who is head zoo keeper of the reptiles). He is apparently a gifted musician after selling his soul to the spirit of jazz. Howard can't handle criticism and uses a picture of two cats to help control this (the picture was giving to him by Naboo). He will do anything to show a bit of leg.

                Naboo (Mike Fielding)
                He is a shaman who is psychic. He works at the zoo selling merchandise e.g. the famous pocket cup! Naboo is a wise man which people come to for help. However he has considered a career change either becoming a mighty hawk or just work in Dixons! If you are mad enough to get Naboo angry he has no other choice but to turn his back on you to teach you a lesson (which is so funny to watch). He is well known for his stoned expression and even smoking his frog.

                Bollo (Dave Brown)
                Bollo is a talking ape at the zoo has become close to Vince. He later becomes Naboo's familiar. Naboo has threatened to upgrade him. There is more of Bollo in season 2.

                Bob Fossil (Rich Flucher)
                He is the General manager of the zoo and creator of the pocket cup. He is strange, has no idea what the names of the animals are and very loud. He is famous for his very funny dance to the song "I don't like cricket".

                Dixon Bainbridge (Matt Berry)
                He is the very posh and sophisticated owner of the zoo. Bainbridge hates Howard and will do anything to get rid of him. He is famous for his impressive moustache which he apparently hid a pistol inside when travelling in the artic.

                other parts in the show include a green one polo eyed hitcher with a huge thumb who's just evil. The ape of death with air problems. A gang of cool mod wolves who finally finds there leader. As well as black frost who will freeze you to death.


                Episode 1 = Killeroo
                Howard is blackmailed into boxing a kangaroo due to Bob Fossil having naked pictures of him. After Naboo blows "magic dust" into his face it makes him have a strange dream telling him the secret of how to defeat a kangaroo.

                Episode 2 = Mutants
                Animals are mysteriously going missing in the zoo. When Miss Gideons python goes missing its up to Howard to save the day

                Episode 3 = Bollo
                Bollo starts to feel unwell so Howard has to dress up as an ape to replace him only to be taken by death (who is a cockney!) to ape hell. So Vince has to go on a weird journey to save him and even has a strange encounter with Mr Susan the guard of mirror world who even has a pair of shiny disco balls

                Episode 4 = Tundra
                Dixon Bainbridge returns for the artic from trying to track down the ruby of Mantumbi. So to make Dixon jealous and impress Miss Gideon he goes in search for the ruby. While Vince befriends a polar bear while Howard meets the Parker people

                Episode 5 = Jungle
                Dixon Bainbridge wants to sell the zoo as the owner and Howards mentor, Tommy has not been seen for 10yrs. So Howard and Vince go on a journey through the zoo's jungle to find him, evening meeting the cool Mod Wolves.

                Episode 6 = Charlie
                Howard wants to fulfil his dream of being a writer as he knows Miss Gideon has a thing for writers only to find Vince's "Charlie" books get published. But people at the zoo don't believe Vince that Charlie is alive!

                Episode 7 = Electro
                The spirit of jazz curses Howard after he sold his soul to him to become more multi instrumental. But Howard gets the chance to be a member of an electro band. Vince sing the brilliant "electro boy" song in this episode.

                Episode 8 = Hitcher
                Vince and Howard have to deliver a Russian bear to animal isolation after going wild at the zoo due to Howard and Vince played there music to him. But on the way they get lost and separate after a fight. Howard encounters the horrible (but cool) Hitcher who is green, has a hug thumb and has a polo for an eye (he has minty vision).


                Inside the zooniverse
                History of the Boosh
                Picture gallery
                Commentary with Noel, Julian and Rich
                Boosh Music - e.g. Mod wolves, electro boy, hitcher song, hubbabubba nightmare, ape of death and tundra rap

                I think the extras are great as you can sit and watch all the songs at the same time than having to fast forward episodes to see them. I enjoyed watching the history of the Boosh as you got to see them when they basically had no money and could see them developing into what the show is today. The out-takes are really funny, it must be hard to keep a straight face in some of the scenes they do. I even enjoyed watching inside the zooniverse, it's interesting to see where they got some of those wacky ideas.


                Vince and Howard : Calm a llama deep down in the ocean blue, like a barnacle sitting in a tight place. Laughing like a monkey, arm pulling like a China boy. Carraway, carraway, carraway, noise! Boing, chika, masala, boing chika, masala, ooohhhhh tooth, tooth, pffth

                Naboo: Where's my frog?
                Bob Fossil: You smoked it last night!
                Naboo: Oh yeah

                Bob Fossil: You know, grey leg face man, he's got legs, and then another leg on his face.

                Howard talking about Vince:
                Feather cut, the pointy features. Put you in the '50s, you'd be imprisoned for being a witch. They'd lock you in a trunk

                Howard: Just imagine the headlines 'Howard Moon, Colon, Explorer'. Got a ring to that don't it?

                Vince: I'm like Mowgli in flares

                Vince: My uncle once punched a man so hard his legs became trombones. It was really embarrassing

                Vince explaining his hair style :
                It's your basic backcomb structure, slightly root-boosted, frame and a cheeky fringe

                Why Buy this DVD?

                It was not until watching the Big Fat Quiz of the Year which Noel was a contestant in which I found out about this excellent TV programme. Once I watched the first episode with my sister I was addicted to it and bought the DVDs straight away. The series as a whole is outstanding.

                The show is fresh and different from anything I have seen. It has been described as being like Mr Ben as it's magical with every episode being completed different. All the episodes are full of new adventures packed with songs and whole load of weird characters from spirit of jazz with a hat on fire to death as a cockney. The script it been wrtten perfectly with great jokes and stories full of imagination.

                I love the range of different charaters provide in this show. Nobody is boring and have some brilliant lines in the show. With Vince and Howard being so different its sort of like laurel and hardy with a twist. I love how they play one another off each other but with vince usually getting the better hand at the end.

                Even though Vince and Howard are ment to be the main character it has not ment that others are in the shadows. I think the show would be nothing without Bob fossil which i think makes the show more different and even more werid.

                If was advertised more or shown on BBC 1 instead of being on BBC 3 then the show would be even more popular and better known like how the BBC publicise Little Britain. After watching the extras especially how the boosh started i can see these guys really deserve the credit for making an excellent show which is so different and entertaining.

                only for 15 and over
                price varies depends on where u buy the dvd


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