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Member since: 20.12.2012

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    • Nissan Micra (1983-92) / Car / 7 Readings / 4 Ratings
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      20.12.2012 18:29


      • Reliability


      Fantastic little car. Worth every penny, hour spent on them on them,

      In truth I'm no fan of small cars, then again since my wife bought herself "Flo" back in 2007, I've actually changed my view for this la'l car.
      Both my wife and myself have had some lovely comments about the car, from. "You dont see many of these cars anymore." to "My Grand parents had one similar to this, are you interested in selling it?" No! is the answer to that one.
      Yes the she's had both her inner and outer sills repaired, had a second hand nearside wing fitted, and some prize idiot parking his "Toy" motorcycle down the side of her and leaving a lovely indentation from the nearside door to under the rear window, we thankyou, She has never let my wife or myself down. With the aid of a Haynes manual the car's easy to maintain. Thankfully I've a shed full of spare parts, and in our local garage we have a spare engine being stored, all of which came from a previous 1.2 GS K10 Micra my wife owned, before it finally went to the great scrap yard in the sky.
      For those who are fairly tall, there's plenty of leg room in the front, but not enough in the rear. The ride's comfortable made even more so with the soft cusioned seats.
      Once you've got used to the fact everything's on the opposite side on the steering column with the lack of power steering, ABS, traction control and a computer to tell you what the cars doing, the car's easy to manouver, even at low speeds.
      Going on motorways is not recommended, mainly to the engine and road noise gets too loud to even hold a conversation or to listen to the radio, but for those who are eco warriors, we never go north of 50/55mph on the main roads.
      Apparently, there's very few of the GSX model left on the road. With this in mind I hope in time, my wife'll let me take "Flo" off of the road and restore her? Who knows?


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