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Member since: 09.09.2002

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    • Citronic PD-1 / Turntable / 2 Readings / 14 Ratings
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      10.09.2002 02:44



      These decks are awful, and I really mean it. I bought a pair 2 years ago, and have never, ever managed to get them to work properly. They are jumpy, despite the fact I have money blue-tacked to the arm, I have one deck with a wobbly platter, the other decides to only give output through one speaker from time to time. Start up speeds are frighteningly slow, and the total lack of torque is shown not just through the slow start up and braking times, but also because every time I'm waiting to cue up a record, the platter beneath my hand stops. Dead. Which is very annoying indeed. Above about +5 you start to notice that the decks have a tendency to ever so slightly change speed over time, and anything between +1 and -1 the deck plays at zero, which means you have to predict when you might fall in this range and change the speed on the other deck. On the plus side, they are cheap, so you shouldn't feel too guilty when you chuck them out of the window!! Also, if you can mix on these, not only do you deserve a medal, but you should find mixing on a proper pair of decks an absolute doddle. I'm not joking when I say I can beat match on Technics 1210s in about 15 seconds, whereas it can take me a minute and half easy on my Citronics. If you are thinking of buying these, the only way you could go worse is by getting very very cheap belt drives. I would strongly advise saving your money for a little longer and buying something better. Unfortunetly, this is a case of you get what you pay for...


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