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    • Jack Daniels No 7 / Spirits / 47 Readings / 39 Ratings
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      10.02.2008 03:12
      Very helpful



      great drink for every one


      Yeah I met jack daniels when I was 17 and since then I will never forget the taste and always still drink the same brand.
      Jack Daniels is a big brand and has a great taste.
      There are two sizes one 40ml one 100ml bottles.
      The small one is good if you are only planning to drink few glasess, but if you have a big party i will recomment the use of large bottle.
      Jack Daniels is great with coke but you can drink with anything or on its own cus it has a sweet taste and is not bitter like anyother spirits.
      It comes inside a elegant bottle .
      They say it great with red bull but I am yet to try .
      Te cost of a small bottle is 9.99 and the cost of the large bottle is £26
      you can buy it in any grocerys that sells alcohol or tesco or other supermarkets.
      You can also get a minature bottle which will give you two glass of jack daniels and it only costs 1.45


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      • Civilization IV (PC) / PC Game / 13 Readings / 11 Ratings
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        10.02.2008 02:41
        1 Comment



        boring features

        I brought this game from apple store two months ago, I like strategy games and before played ceesar 3 and loved it . I brought this game because I thought it is similarti cesar 3 but it wasnt.
        the civilization game has very complicated features and its not very enjoyable to play , the reason for this is when you are trying to build a city you dont see real houses building , it only says city and workers and worriors comes out of it but nothing moves unles you tell them to and you have tokeep telling them.
        The good thing about this game is you can build different civilizations for example, roman empire, german empire, americans, ottoman and so onn but the features are very complecated and this makes the game boring.

        it has a 3d living world features , original music composition, cinematic wonder movies.

        I honestly do not recommend you guys to buy this game


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        • Starters / Recipe / 10 Readings / 8 Ratings
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          10.02.2008 02:20
          Very helpful
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          great starters for your table

          Today I would like to share two Turkish starters for your tables. If you like these I will write more in the future.
          First one is vegetable one , this recipy is for a small one but you can make it for as many people you like you can even use it next to your main dish.

          2 oberjines
          5 potatos, normal ones
          2 zucchini
          5 paprica , or turkish biber
          some mushrooms , thats if you wish
          some parsley

          one table spoon of tomatoe paste
          one table spoon of olive oil
          one frying oil
          one frying pan
          one deep plate or a glass container
          one deep pan
          one normal pan

          firstly cut the potatoes in small dice shape , and then ad little salt , and fry them ,
          once fryed put them in side the deep container and spread them across , do two layers .
          then cut the oberjines in thin circle shape and fry them , but make sure you take them out when they begin to turn crispy , but not to crispy .
          once fryed add them on top of the potatoes and spread them out .

          then cut the zucchini in thin circle shapes and fry them too , but take them out when they go a little crispy.
          and add them on top of the oberjines and spread it out across the container.
          now cut the much rooms in two halfs and fry them too , and put them on top of the zucchini and spread them out too.

          now cut the papricas in long thin slices , you should have bowl full of thin papricas , then fry them too, and take them out when they are soft and a little crispy. and put them on top of the mushrooms . and spread them out.
          The sauce

          peal the tomatoes skin and cut them in small cube shape and place them on the pan , add one table spoon of tomatoe paste and one table spoon of olive oil , and cook it untill it turns very soft and watery. But stir it as you are cooking it.
          once finish add the sauce on top of the fryed paprica and spread the sauce .
          let it to cool down for one hour and ad some parsley leafs for decoration putpose.
          at the end you should have layers of the above vegetables with a tomatoe sauce on top.

          Hope you like it .
          The second starter is called CACIK

          you will need 2 cucomber
          greek , or turkish yogut
          1 piece of garlik , thats if ou wish , I dont personally like garlik.
          mint seasonning
          get a grater and slice the cucomber in very thin shapes ,once finished get a deep bowl and add the cucomber and then add the yogurt and cut the garlik in very minute small pices and add it tooo.
          now mix it all up .

          get a flat plate and spread the mixture and flatten it .
          Then get mint seasonning and sprincle it on top of the mixture , making a cross shape .
          hope you will like these starters


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          • Soups / Recipe / 18 Readings / 12 Ratings
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            10.02.2008 02:18
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            turkish style lentil soup is great when you have the flue

            This is a turkish style lentil soup, I make this soup for years and I love it , you can try the taste in any turkish retaurant in green lanes.
            red Lentil , please buy them from turkish shop , its better cooked.
            one carrot
            one small potato
            one small onion
            small piece of chicken breast with out the bone
            6 table spoon of tomatoe paste, greek or turkish one
            some turkish red chillie seasonning
            mint seasonning
            pepper seasonning
            two table spoon of frying oil
            a deep pan
            blender , the thin long one that you can move around inside the pan.

            How to prepare
            firstly go through the red lentil, to pick up small stones and not red lentil, while its dried.

            then peeal the onion, peal the potato, peal the carrot.
            add some red lentil , depending how big the pan is , fill it up with cold water, leave a one inch gap .

            add the onion as it is and potatoand carrot , small chicken side breast. boil it untill the lentil turns yellow and the onion, potato, side breast, carrot gone soft and cooked well.
            once all cooked , take your blender and move it inside the pan till the onion, potato,side breast,carrot disolve, and you can no longer see large pieces of above. Then carry on cooking it.

            THE SAUCE
            take a separet , flat surfaced pan, add the tomatoe paste, peper seasonning, mint seasonning, turkish chilli seasonning, and some salt, also add the oil, now cook it till all blends together.
            once finished add the micture to the lentil soup and mix it very well. cook it for another 5 minutes and serve .
            make sure you dont do too much of the sauce, I normally cook food by looking at it and tasting it , I judge how much to put inside by looking at it . the trick is to make sure when you are putting the water , you leave a few gap , leaving the top of the pan alittle empty . This will give you a space to blend and while blending it , you wont have lentils poping out.

            Hope you will enjoy it .
            But make sure you taste it in a turkish restaurant , then you will have an idea of the taste and when you are cooking it you will try and get the same taste then you wont go wrong.
            But if you just want to try it from my recepie , I am sure you will do well.

            Kids Love this Lentil soup
            somethign else I forgot to mention is that when cooking it before adding the sauce , if there is a foam formed on top, remove it .

            make sure the soup is not too thick, or too watery. and when serving mix it before you inserting inside a bowl or plate.


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              10.02.2008 01:45
              Very helpful



              great hotel with good food

              I stayed at this hotel in december 2006 .
              The hotel has a very palin look at the outer but inside is very elgant.

              the staff at the reception was very helpfull at the check in and they explained to us where every thing is , I wanted a smoking room and they made sure I stayed at the top floor and had a smoking room.

              the rooms where great it had a king size bed, jacizzui style bathroom, sofa, very long desk , plasma tv with film channels, iron, phone, cupboard .

              Hotel facilitys where great a sauna , steam room , gym on the top floor.

              the food was great at the restaurant and in the mornings they provided buffet style breakfast and lunch was sandwiches , the diner consited of samon dish, steak and many other dishes. The food was cooked great and well presented, but the restaurant staff was very un helpfull and most of the time ignored us or took 1 hour to bring a meal or they brought the wrong meal. But we managed to speak to a sensible staff who looked after us during our stay with a smile

              The bar

              The bar has any alcoholic drinks you like and you can drink till 0200hrs , it has two plazma screen to watch footbal or films , very nice seating area and staff very friendly.

              during our stay we felt safe and at home in this hotel and the rates where £150 per night with out food.
              Its 5 minutes walk to glasgow town centre .


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              10.02.2008 01:31
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              great ipod easy to store and slim

              My Ipod is in green colour

              I got this Ipod nano 8GB as a present .
              The colour is a metalic green and is very thin , it is the size of your palm very trendy .
              IPOD nano 8 description= the ipod has a small screen and at the bottom of the screen it has a white round control, this control is touch sensative and you need to use the tip of your finger to scroll .
              at the bottom left corner it has a swich , this allows you to keylock the ipod so it wont go to other music whilst it is in your pocket.

              the IPOD cost around £129.99, you can buy it in apple store, pc world, comet, currys , argos and many other top retailers.
              it comes inside a small see through hard case box, inside the box is ,
              IPOD NANO
              USB 2.0 CABLE
              REQUIRES MAC OR PC
              USB2.0 MAC OS X V10.4.8

              FEATURES= music,videos,photos,podcasts,games, calender,clock,contacts,alarms,notes,stopwatch.
              yes this little electronic beauty have all these above, so if you worried about losing your phone you can store your contacts on this ipod, you can watch films,and play games.
              MUSIC= you can store the cover of your albums and view the covers live on your IPOD, it has a cover flow,playlist,artists,albums,compilations,songs,genres,composers,audiobooks .

              the music feature is so great the cover flow allows you to scroll through the covers and choose your artist. once you click on a cover it shows you the list of songs inside that cover and you can choose which songs to start with.
              yes this little thing does all that , even I was shocked how much it does.
              you can install your photos and films

              no need to buy batterys because you can charge the ipod by inserting the usb cable to your pc and it charges straight away, simple as that.
              it comes with one year manufactures warranty .

              the sound quality is great and totally different than a normal MP3 , and you can store 200 albums and more .
              Yes HMV music sore will be in your pocket size of a palm, no need to carry CD , you can actually see who the singer is and which album you are listenning.

              Sponsored Lin


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            • Memoirs of a Geisha (DVD) / DVD / 5 Readings / 4 Ratings
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              10.02.2008 01:24
              1 Comment



              great features

              I brought this DVD from ebay for 3.99 it was a bargain , the film arrived and when I inserted on my I mac, I realised it had great sound effects and pictures,
              The film is about a girl who has being taken away by a trader from her tent home , the treads men takes her and her sister, the sister is given to another gaisha house and her other sister is given to another geisha house.
              the girl has beatiful blue eyes and they name her as water , when she is at the house they use her like a slave and make her do all the cleanning and house work, at the age of nine she sees a man in town who buys her a candy , she fells in love with him and to see him again she decides to become a geisha. so she does everything to impress the head of the house , but she is un secsessfull un till , another top geisha in town knocks at the door and makes a deal with the head of the house to train our blue eyed girl, she teaches her every moves and sends her to school , she then becomes the best geisha in town and every one admires her, the other geisha who stays at the same house is very jealos of her so she does everything to give our blue eyed girl a bad name.
              she sees the man she loves and hopes that he pays for her first night but he losses the bid and instead the doctor has her for first night and then towards the end the war takes place she is taken to safety place for a while untill the partner of the man she loves arrives and asks for her help to entertain americans as a high class geisha , at the party she is forced to sleep with the american soilger to which she refusess and states she is not a prostetude , but at the end she agrees and the men she is in love catches her . at the end he comes and gets her and makes her his wife under the blossom trees , its a romantic film but has alot of action too .

              the Cd features are english subtitles /english for the hearing impaired,
              widescreen format
              running time = 139 mins approx
              clumbia pictures
              dream works pictures
              winner of 3 oscars in 2006 = costume design, art direction, cinematography


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                10.02.2008 01:14
                Very helpful



                nice small and shiny

                This wireless mouse came with my new Apple IMac computer, I never used wireless mouse before , it is very easy to instal to the computer soon as you insert the battery to the mouse , and when you turn the mouse on the pc picks up the signal and installs it straight away , very easy
                The mouse is very strong and good made , I drop on the floor many times and it is still working very good made, I must say.

                You can take the mouse where ever you like and it still works , it has a good coverage , I think it only works with IMAC computers , i dont think you can use it with normal pc .
                It is white in colour , and has a shiny surface very slippy , its the size of a palm very small and it wont take up alot of space, it also comes with a original Mac mat black in colour very posh .

                It has a scroll on top and you can scroll and if you press it you can select things, it is very different than normal pc mouse , because it does not have right and left click buttons.
                the price is around £59.00 and you can find them in any Apple stores.


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                10.02.2008 01:07
                Very helpful



                beautiful city must be seen

                The City of Romance
                I have been to Venice in January 2007 with my cousin (unfortunately). The hotel we stayed was Caveletto hotel , which had magnificent views and was very close to Marcus square.
                I fell in love with the city , it was like they have build a city on water .
                I have never seen clear blue and green canal water which made you feel so relax when you looked at it.
                The narrow roads and walk ways where amazing . We got lost many times and every time we where lost we found a new street and different views.
                I loved the shopping bit , there where many shops around the city center. The most amazing thing was that we walked walked till 0100hrs and every where was still lively and no one bothered us it was a safest City I have seen.
                We tried on so many masks and brought one as a souvenir.
                I must say that Venice is full of love and attractions .
                I love the Italian culture they are so friendly and nice people to talk.
                Must try the fish , it is beautifully prepared. I would definitely go back to Venice again but hope fully with my true Love .
                I loved venice and the good looking Itallian men .
                There are many mask shop in venice make sure you buy one I brought the most expensive mask and I love it . Dont forget to visit Harrys Bar its a lively bar with any brand drink you like .

                One down side about venice is the nearest hospital is 15 minutes away , but its a mission impossible to fiynd it, I became ill and had to call a doctor because we could not fiynd the hospital it costed me £140.
                I always wondered while I was there , what if some one needed argent medical help , would they have a water ambulance because there is no cars in venice . just a thought.
                its very esy to get to the hotel from the airport and once you get to marco polo you can take the water bus to where ever you want.

                I booked the holiday with Lastminute.com and it cost me £280 for two it included , flight ticket, bed and breakfast.
                In venice there are many pasta pizza restaurant, fish restaurant,and suprisngly Mc donnalds and burger king.

                If you are some one like me who likes sandwiches , then you are going to be disappointed because in venice there is only few sandwich shops in fact I only saw two. And the sandwiches are not very nice.
                It is ver expensive in venice me and my causin spent £900 for two days but we made sure we visited every where and had two gondol ride because the men where gogious. But only managed to pull police officers who followed us around but where veryy ugly hehehe.

                The hotel Cavelotte was great infact one of the best, the had a bar and made very nice coctails and sandwiches hehehhe. thats where I had all mine .
                The hotel staff was very help full and they made sure we enjoyed our stay.
                one more thing if you take a gondol ride the rider explains all the history of venice and tells you the history about the buildings and how venice become venice.

                I found out that Venice used to rule the world once open a time. I could not bealive my ears , because it was very small city and how could it rule the world?


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              • HSBC / Mortgage / 5 Readings / 5 Ratings
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                10.02.2008 01:02
                1 Comment



                only bank in uk gives mortgage to high rise buildings

                Hi , I would like to share my experience about HSBC.
                Two months ago I saw my flat and agreed a price and when trying to arrange the mortgage , the estate agent said because the flat was inside a high rise building no banks will give me a mortgage . And he suggested I should pay cash for my flat . But I did not have that much cas to buy the flat. So what I did was I went to many other estate agency and broker and they all said the same , even the banks , untill I walked in to HSBC and explained to them that I was planning to buy a flat on the 8th floor in a high rise building and wanted a mortgage, the lady turned around and said I am sure we will be able to give you a mortgage , she also stated that HSBC bank is the only bank that will give mortgage to a high rise building. This was great and I managed to buy my flat .
                If HSBC also refused to give me mortgage I wouldnt able to buy my flat.
                I took out a repayment mortgage they said my mothly payments will be £584 a month and it was discounted for two years. and two years fixed mortgage.
                There was too much paperwork to do but it was worth it.


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                  10.02.2008 00:57
                  Very helpful



                  very interesting book

                  Hello today I would like share my experience reading No1 Ladies Detective Agency book, I read the book while I was at work , it was left on top of the TV in our rest room and the red cover of the book drew my attention and then I began reading.
                  The book was about a African lady reaching her goal in life. The female was called Precious Ramotswe. Ramotswe was borne alone while her father was working in Johannesburg as a miner , she met her father when she was couple months old and when she united with her father , she lost her mother , who died naturally in a young age. She was raised by her father and her lovely female cousin , the cousin taught Ramotswe how to count and how to read when she was two and she prepared Ramotswe to school before she even went to school, so when Ramotswe went to school she knew how to count and how to read. The reason the cousin spent most of her time with Ramotswe was because she could never have kids of her own and she treated Ramotswe as if it was her own child.

                  The cousin then married a rich men and moved out from Ramotswe house , when Ramotswe was 12 . When Ramotswe was 16 she went to move in with the cousin and one day going to see his father she met a man who she married and where she met cruelty and where she got beaten and lost her baby.
                  I don't want reveal everything therefore I am going to explain about the book in short phases.

                  Ramotswe left her husband and moved in with her father who left her a cattle and a bull , when he died he asked her to open up a business by selling the cattle and the bull, and she opened No 1 Ladies Detective Agency . At first she did not have many customers but then her business grew . She solved many cases and the fact that she had no qualification she educated her self by reading .
                  In the book she explains the cases she solved and how she obtained her information and she followed some principles to be successful. She began to have good contacts and made many friends.
                  The story is set in Africa and the book explains the history of Africa and how Africa is now. It explains how black and white men communicated . The book also gives the agriculture of Africa , and the weather .

                  What interested me about this book was , the way she solved the cases and how powerful women she was , although at that time in Africa women was at home looking after their husbands , cooking and cleaning but she chose to Detective and she was told many times that she would not be successful. But she became success full.
                  She also explains that looks are not very important and although she was kept called fat she loved her body and she loved the way she is and most importantly she loved Africa.

                  If you are kind of person likes to know about other cultures and bit of history and a good detective skills , I think this book is for you , but I must say that its enjoyable to read this book because it shows how powerful a women can be if she wants.
                  The book costs £6.99 and you can buy it in any book store Waterstone or Amozon.com.

                  Happy Reading


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                  • Sony Ericsson K800i / Mobile Phone / 17 Readings / 9 Ratings
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                    10.02.2008 00:51
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment


                    • Reliability


                    very reliable phone

                    Sony Ericsson K800i
                    Hmmm what can I say , I brought the phone two months ago and I am slightly not happy about it , but let me first describe the phone to you all.

                    Black Sony Ericsson K800i
                    The phone is light weight, black in colour , it has 3.2 mega pixels camera, and its auto focus. It has a slightly large screen. My one is 3g make , which has a 3g logo near the buttons. Head set button on left hand side , adjustable volume buttons on the side, camera button just beneath the volume control on the right side of the phone. Small side to side movable stick numbers at the bottom of the screen. The speakers are situated at the back of the phone.
                    Bluetooth, internet options, USB compatible, 5 language options includes Dansk ,Deutsch, English, Italian, Svenska, English dictionary, infrared port, phone memory 49 mega bites, RDS reader, video, picture files, 4 ready installed games, 20 ring tones, 4 themes, alarm clock, calendar, time settings for world clock, radio, music player, video player, sound recorder, contact list .

                    Excellent battery life batter lasts three days , good coverage
                    Quite thick phone
                    The box
                    The box contains USB cable, battery charger, Hans free head set, the phone, battery, CD for the computer. Small black box very smart.

                    The Network provider
                    M y network provider is 3G and I am very happy with them , I pay £40 pound per month and I get 50 video calls, 700 minutes voice calls, 150 text message, £5.00 worth of downloads.
                    I did not pay anything for the phone I received it free due to upgrade options.
                    My opinion

                    I always trusted Sony Ericsson because my last phone was also a different Sony Ericsson and I used it for two years and it still works but Sony Ericsson K800i was a big disappointment for me in the beginning it was working very well but now the screen freezes time to time , firstly I thought it could be because I use the phone very often but now I realised the screen actually freezes for no apparent reason.
                    Another problem is the phone some times shut its self down I don't now why . The sound quality is very poor .
                    When making video calls the picture quality is great compared to other Sony Ericsson.
                    When taking pictures it has a good picture quality and it holds some many pictures, the radio coverage is perfect.

                    I do not recommend this phone to anyone especially if you are buying from 3G because I don't think the phone will last long , I will be contacting 3G so I can replace the phone if its carries on like this. So be aware.


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                    • VW Lupo 1.0 E 50bhp 3 door / Car / 8 Readings / 7 Ratings
                      More +
                      10.02.2008 00:42
                      Very helpful


                      • Reliability


                      nice little girly car for every one

                      Volkswagen Lupo 1.0 E , litre engine. 2002 model . PETROL
                      The Lupo

                      I have the blue colour the jazz blue, it has three doors that includes the boot door. Inside the car there is a drink holder at the driver side which is a bonus if you are driving ad want to have a drink . It has manual windows and does not lock automatically. The lupo does not have a glove box , but has long compartment which is open where you can place your stuff but be careful because the thieves can see it. It has two pockets in each side of the door. In the outside it looks like a fairly small car but inside is very large for instance you can fit three people at the back seats. The back seats are very comfortable and has pocket to place your drinks in each side which is very useful for kids. The boot is very small but don't get put off by it because the back seats go down and you can fit anything , I brought a long table from IKEA and managed to fit it inside the car .
                      The steering wheel is power steering and the car does not have air conditioning system , and it comes with a original radio but you can only insert cassettes , no cd , but there is a place to fit a Cd player. On the driver side dash board there is a mobile phone holder, I don't know if this comes with the car but it does not look as if some one stacked on it looked part of the car.
                      The head lights a fairly small they called cats eye, and if you are driving in a country road you might have to use the full beam lights to get best results and of course to see where you are going. It has a air bag on the steering wheel, and on the passenger side dash board.
                      I brought this lupo for £3500 from a local car dealer in Archway .

                      I brought this car to travel to and from work, it is very economical I put £10 petrol and it lasts me one week and trust me I travel 1 hour to work and from work. To fill up the petrol depot it costs £20 . It has a good road sense , I drove to BORMOUTH with it and it has done up 85 mph and it did not shake and when taking sharp bend maenuver it turns smoothly and you don't feel like as if the car is going to turn upside down. Road TAX is £100 per annum which is value for money. It is great when you are looking for parking space because it fits almost any where, so you have no worries with parking.

                      The car does not have automatic windows , you need to wine down the windows manually which I hate, No air conditioner which means you will roast in the summer.
                      My friend also has the same car in yellow colour since 2 years and she loves it because it value for money.
                      Volkswagen card are one of the cars which is classified as safe and very quality cars. They don't just shrink when you have accidents . The car looks exactly same as a Polo range but smaller version , it looks cute.

                      My opinion
                      I have the card since 3 months now and I am saving so much on petrol, and I am not polluting the environment as much as other cars. When driving you can actually fit anywhere which means you go through little gaps in traffic. I have no problem in parking anymore because Lupo fits in to many spaces lol.
                      The car is smooth in driving and it has power steering . I can even race with most powerful cars lol, trust me I win with my little Lupo, I even named my little Lupo as TWEETY. I recommend this car to every one who want to save on petrol and mothers with little babes.
                      I also recommend the Lupo to people who wants to travel in city and travel to and from work trust me you will save allot of money.
                      It is also a very safe car and comfortable .

                      just to add again this is my review also written in ciao , I am gov25 many thanks .


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                      • Apple iMac MA877B/A / Desktop PC / 15 Readings / 10 Ratings
                        More +
                        10.02.2008 00:35
                        Very helpful


                        • Reliability


                        great value for money

                        Firstly This is a great pc to own,
                        I paid £900 for this Apple I mac and this is with all the extras for exampe, 3 years protection, apple works, apple email and other features program,wireless keyboard , wireless mouse. There reason it was so cheap for me is because if you are a student you get nearly £300 discount . this a tip from me to you all , even if you take a friend or family who is a student you still get the discount.
                        Now lets talk about the IMAC woo hoo
                        It has a 20 inch screen but also comes in 24 inch screen too , trust me not allot diferance. the most amazing thing is the hard drive is inside the screen , so you dont have a separet bulky harddrive to store.
                        Everything is in the screen the cd rom is on top right hand corner and its very hard to fiynd it it took me two days to figure out where to stick the CD heheh.

                        you can store the screen litraly anywhere at home.
                        One of the best features is the IPHOTO , you can modify change and creat pictures and you can orgonise your pictures acordu=ing to events and dates , and the best thing is you can develope these pictures in to book albums ower the internet by using Apple photo store and it costs £20 for one photo bookk, your own book with your own pictures how great is that.

                        the MAC comes with wireless slim small keyboard , and wireless mouse , and also a remote control .
                        Let me tell you what this remote control does it amazing, you can listhen to your misic usung this remote , you can shuffle music and creat a play list, you can also view your picture on full screen with background misic its very cool , you can also use the screen as a digital album viewer , it will be very cool to place the pc on a table while you have visitors coming and press the photo with the remote and it plays your pictures .

                        I mac also has bluetooth features which means you can bluetooth your pictures from your phone to the IMAC and it al comes out as if it was taken from a digital camera .
                        you will have your own MAC mail account, at the bottom of the screen is your programs and they are in 3d version and you click them and they pop up straight away.
                        the programs are

                        I PHOTO
                        GARAGE BAND - TO MAKE MUSIC
                        I MUSIC - you can install music from I tunes
                        I cam - just like msn but you can only use it with other Imac owners and you can swap your screen, video chat, share picture, share videos, text chat.
                        I works - these are resumes, word, and money market stuff
                        games, calculator, weather control, time, calender
                        what ever you are looking for is inside this IMAC.
                        you can also buy a window program and use as a normal PC.

                        Built in microphone, built in camera
                        grey in colour

                        Built in sound system
                        oo forgot to say the most important feature you can view all the latest film trailers with the remote control its great.
                        I am also a ciao member GOV25 therefore this review is not a copy.


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