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      21.07.2008 17:40
      Very helpful
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      unless this is some superman lottery with no limit to money then its only gona be fun while it lasts

      if I won the lottery i would make sure its for real i might end up eating the cheque which would leave me with nothing, but at least i will know it was real.
      no im kidding, it would go straight into a bank so i can earn interest being the greedy person that i am, however this will not be a savings account, this will be an account that will see more action than a world cup football.

      First thing is clear the parents debts and give em some so they dont bug me, next get my own beautiful 'MTV cribs' style house. Buy some shares or something that will get me more stable money/buy and rent property.

      throw some crazy celeb parties go mad for a bit buying whatever my heart fancies whatever my chef cooks whatever my butler serves

      get a private jet, get some pretty cars, buy some private property and race em with friends. Go on holiday and gamble all the rest in a casino in vegas then go home broke.

      at least im still making money from my houses right...and it was fun while it lasted,
      unfortunately after some time money will be limited with what it can give...


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      • Mofreeze.com / Internet Site / 19 Readings / 19 Ratings
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        03.07.2008 16:25
        Very helpful
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        Mofreeze is a great personalized site - it takes requests for content, what more could you want?

        Mofreeze.com is 'The Coolest Place For Free Stuff'. The site offers free stuff (UK), online movies, online tv shows, a tv guide, free sms sending facilities and forums amongst other cool features like free tv show tickets and online video downloading to any format.
        Mofreeze.com uses a masked URL and is a domain forwarding site, Unlike its predecessor Mopages the advertising is less intrusive and disturbing (theres no interstitial ads). Other great features include the shoutbox featured on most pages and the fact that the site takes requests gives it a more personalized feel.

        The forum has different sections including 'public post' this is where anyone can post anything - this includes advertising etc (and no registration is necessary to use the forum/post on it)
        I particularly like the HTML section it gives the most useful html codes under different topics for example under text it gives you all HTML codes you can implement with text.

        There are not many negatives, The fact that the site is a bit plain is good, simplicity makes websites easier on the eyes and easier to browse. I dislike the blue banner colour on top of the flash logo at the top of some webpages and the flash banner could be different. (though the logo is ok).

        Overall Mofreeze is a great website and very useful for quickly accessing your favorite sites/content without having to search for the best site for what your looking for. - eg. Looking for the latest simpsons episode, Mofreeze will have links to it.

        I just hope this website can last and improve in quality and content over time.

        http://www.mofreeze.com - Free Stuff UK


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          29.01.2008 12:59
          Very helpful



          Overpriced food, bad food, limited menu, mainly for tourists.

          Tinseltown is an American style diner very popular with celebrities, they've recently expanded the franchise to the UK, and have branches all over including Hampstead.

          Basically Food is over-priced and not very nice, infact my friend who ordered the italian pasta with chicken - his chicken was off and the pasta was cold.
          However I got the chinese dish it was warm, and tasted alright however the chicken was also off!
          The food and drinks are well over priced. The best thing out of the experience was the hot chocolate which was edible and actually tasty (but quite small + expensive)

          The place is very popular, it is also halal, and "great for tourists", all over the walls there are pictures of celebrities sometimes the pitcures include the manager/boss of tinseltown standing with the celeb.

          The one in central london opens 24 hours, so you can go any time.

          For more info visit their website tinseltown.co.uk


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          • natwest.co.uk / Bank / 19 Readings / 18 Ratings
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            08.01.2008 20:07
            Very helpful



            Natwest offers secure and easy to use online banking. Reduce Paper statements!

            Natwest is great, I use nationwide too and natwest is much better...The natwest website is very easy to use and the online banking facilities are great.
            You can sign up for online banking at natwest.co.uk, basically you'll get a security online code through the post.

            You can apply online or by calling a number (0800 number), you'll need your account number, sort code and debit card, the application process should take 5 minutes after which you will be given a customer number (your DOB followed by some numbers) You'll then get the welcome pack in a week, then you can use all the online banking facilities.

            ---advantages and facilities-----
            The statement facility is great because it is up to date to the minute and you can move money between your accounts.
            You can pay people, bills and transfer money online.
            You can get email alerts for overdue bills
            You get a telephone banking service too, all of which are free and secure.

            Basically natwest.co.uk is great, its secure and easy to use, I particularly like the way they tell you the last time you logged on when you login, however there have been security breaches so like always you still have to be alert for anything suspicous.


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            • imdb.com / Internet Site / 11 Readings / 10 Ratings
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              08.01.2008 19:56
              Very helpful



              IMDB is the best site of its kind

              IMDB or internet movie database is one of the most popular if not THE most popular movie website on the internet, it provides information on a huge variety of movies and celebrities - actors and acresses, you can see what movies an actor has been in and what movies he is set to be in. Any information about movies is here, what movie star was born on the day you visit the website is there, the latest photos from movie events such as the oscars.
              IMDB is an amazon.com company.

              IMDB is completely FREE. They recently made IMDB PRO this is for movie professionals who can subscribe to get even more useful movie information.

              Just to demonstrate how HUGE the IMDB is you can get up to date statistics on imdb.com about how many titles it featues, today itis currently at 1,039,447

              IMDB have also launched IMDB RESUME which allows you to get yourself discovered, its a perfect opportunity for budding actors/actresses. IMDB gets over 52 million visitors including movie experts who could further your career.

              IMDB is very easy to use and navigate they have their navigational bar at the top and an excellent IMDB search engine where you can search titles, tv episodes, companies, biographies and much more!
              IMDB is great for checking the latest cinema releases all over the world, the latest DVD releases, the information is quite detailed so you can use IMDB to find the rating for a movie and the age certificate.


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              • adbrite.com / Internet Site / 16 Readings / 12 Ratings
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                08.01.2008 19:36
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                adbrite is my fav. advertising company. register at www.bestads.co.cc

                --------Adbrite---------the Internets ad marketplace-------------------
                Adbrite is an excellent website for advert marketing, so web publishers can find high paying CPM ads (they pay per thousand impressions) and can control the ads that display.
                Adbrite allows advertisers to advertise themselves anywhere they want, at the rate that suits them.
                Adbrite is currently serving 620 million impressions a day on 48,974 sites! So its HUGE!

                AdBrite was started by Philip Kaplan and Gidon Wise in 2002. They were looking for an easy way to sell advertising on their websites and blogs, and decided to place a small "Your Ad Here" link on each site to connect advertisers to an order form. AdBrite's simplicity spread through word-of-mouth, and within the first two years, more than 1,000 sites were using AdBrite to sell ads.
                You can customize your PPC ad formats and with the full page ads you can have a title/background at the top of the page to keep your website looking consistent.

                website publishers can display text, banner, full page, in picture, in video ads and earn CPM - per thousand impressions at a competitive rate, - Once you insert the HTML for the ads to your site, advertisers will get the opportunity to bid to place their ad on your site, this way you can have several companies advertising on your website and not have to worry about accepting them/rejecting them as adbrite can sort this for you.
                Best thing is you can set a minimum CPM price and have any other ads display when adbrite cannot find a company that wants to pay your minimum charge!
                You can choose to review each ad before it appears on your site. (though its recommended that you let adbrite do this) - I noticed why when using adbrite on my website www.mopages.co.cc, I got many more adverts displaying quickly when I let adbrite manage my ads, rather than waiting to review them myself, - I have over 500 companies for just one ad area, its easier to just let adbrite manage them.
                The thing I like most about adbrite is its low payout rate, when your account reaches $5.00 you can get your money by cheque.

                I have personally used almost all popular publisher networks, from google adsense to MIVA, and I can honestly say that Adbrite is my favorite.
                Some ad companies are offering $200 PPC! and $75 CPM! (though these hardly get any views, its usually the cheaper ones that get shown the most!

                Adbrite is also great for advertisers, you can choose the type of ad you want to display, CPC- cost per click - so you only get charged when the ad is clicked, CPA - cost per action, and CPM (cost per thousand impressions), you can even choose geographical targeting, demographics, keywords and by content. There are great sites to advertise on such as Facebook (apps), ebaums world and many more!

                The website is really easy to use and navigate, you can check stats daily and they're updated really quickly, so you can check which ad zones are doing the best and working well for you.
                Adbrite also has a referral program where you earn 50% of AdBrite's profits for the first 3 months and then 10% of AdBrite's profit for the next 9 months.

                I recommend adbrite to everyone, both advertisers and publishers, you should join this California based company and maximise your revenue!
                - you can see more about adbrite as compared to other CPM/CPC publisher networks, and register on www.bestads.co.cc.
                Thanks for reading and rating, feel free to ask me any questions or suggest any improvements!


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                  08.01.2008 17:39
                  Very helpful



                  its one of those things that i dont know if i love or hate! agh!

                  Got this for £60 on amazon thanks to dooyoo!! I used like £30 of amazon vouchers earned from dooyoo to get the ipod nano (3g) 4gb for £30 less than £90 the original sale price.

                  Ok Im not a fan of ipods never have been and never will be. Apple are clever and stingy, you have to use itunes to put videos and stuff on the ipod, this was my first ipod ive had it for ages and put loads of my own movies on it already (not apples's!)

                  The picture quality is absolutely SUPERB! best ive seen on any small device, considering the screen is a tiny 2" you'd think you could never watch the full length movie on it, but your wrong you can, and with style.
                  This device is excellent for long car journeys etc, the sound is good and can pump up a fair bit, you could insert speakers to the headphone socket thingy I have done that but its nothing too special unless the speakers are connected to the mains and can be amplified.

                  The music or whatever you listen to is great quality, its easy to move from track to track the the buttons and the scrolling thingy is fun for playing 1 of the 3 games you get on the ipod, its especially good for reading e-books on the ipod. Yes i said ebooks, you can put a simple txt file on your ipod and read it, the ipod can also be used as a mass storage device, you can get more games for the ipod but theyre usually quiz ones and aren't exciting, Im regretting rushing into spending my dooyoo amazon vouchers on this ipod, I shouldve got a psp, it does all that and much more (with the wifi) and the gameS!

                  The ipod nano is tiny, and gets scratched EXTREMELY EASILY! however it seems strong - thought im afraid to test its limits by throwing it, i have dropped it a few times and it scratches but its fine.

                  The thing i dislike about the ipod nano the most is what i mentioned earlier about apple being clever and stingy, they want to make money by making you download itunes and stuff, so you have to download itunes software to put stuff on the ipod.

                  The ipod makes a great video/media player, you can view pictures and stuff but lets be honest, loads of devices can also do this, most phones allow you to do this, (when they take memory cards you can easily fit movies (in 3gp format)) and heres my little secret, if you have a GBA/ GBASP like i do you can get a gba sp movie player FOR ONLY £10 which takes an SD memory card and you can put any movie, picture, ebook, nes game, sound whatever easily. (though you do have to run it through a converter first to get it into gba format (the software is obviously included) (its not an official nintendo item, get it from ebay).
                  On the subject of conversion, with the ipod you cannot put any old videos on there, luckily you can put mp3s and your not limited to itunes only, but movies have to be converted to mp4 format specially for the ipod, luckily as the ipod is so popular there are loads of sites that do conversion online for free. You can also put youtube videos onto your ipod using vixy.net and many other sites.

                  But lets be honest the thing that annoys me the most is t that you cannot just open the device and drag and drop items there, you have to use itunes, for this reason and others i may have stated I am officially not a fan of the ipod....why i havent returned/sold my ipod yet and continue to use it is a mystery even to me.... (i love the headphones! :0)

                  the ipod has become an item of fashion where i live (london) ....
                  is it your cup of tea...let me know!
                  have any questions/problems let me know!

                  p.s. i didnt give ease of use full marks because sometimes the little turning thing gets excited and jumps/goes quicker than i want it to!


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                  • mopages.co.cc / Internet Site / 26 Readings / 21 Ratings
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                    08.01.2008 13:41
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    Mopages is a good site and definitely useful however not v. professional but this works well for it.

                    Mopages is a website that was originally designed for students and teenagers but has been expanding rapidly, this amateur style website may not seem as professional as other sites however it is amongst my favorite sites. This is because it is updated almost daily.

                    www.mopages.co.cc offers free stuff (primarily for the UK) in the form of a forum, this means that anybody can post freebies or leave comments on free stuff.
                    I've always been very sceptic about 'freebie' sites as usually nothing in life is ever free, and most freebie sites just offer their affiliated links so they gain through you trying to sign up for offers that are usually scams.

                    However since discovering mopages my opinions have changed a lot, my favorite freebies include the Free DVD, (yes i got to choose a dvd FREE!) and the nescafe mug! I've ordered loads of freebies all of which are 100% free with free delivery, the freebies usually take like a month to come though, but this is understandable. I've recieved them all!

                    Mopages.co.cc also offers Online Tv - in the form of different gadgets so you get a variety of channels to choose from, from Al-Jazeera english to Fox 5.

                    Mopages was created by a student in order to make money. The site started with online movies which was quite popular but then changed to freebies (probably due to legal issues!)(on mopages blog)

                    I've noticed that now mopages just links to the best online movie/tv show sites, it has loads of strange things such as recommended autosurfs (its a way of advertising a website).

                    -----My Favorite Features------
                    Apart from the freebies my favorite feature on mopages.co.cc is the make money online page, its called how to make money online, the page shows the best paying survey sites, the best advertising companies for website publishers, and it even features dooyoo there! - thanks to this page I've been making easy money doing surveys.

                    I also quite like the Tv-Guide it just links to good tv guide sites that are up to date such as tv-guide.co.uk

                    Ok overall the site is not exactly eye candy or very professionally laid out, it also has lots of banner ads, the navigation is not exactly that consistent but the drop down menu is very easy to use and is on most of the pages. Mopages.co.cc tries to be a jack of all trades website which doesn't really work very well, It should stick to one thing rather than trying to incorporate everything! But overal this amateur site is good and has done a lot for me, so it may do something for you too?

                    *this review is not copyrighted


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                    • I Am Legend (DVD) / DVD / 17 Readings / 17 Ratings
                      More +
                      04.01.2008 16:22
                      Very helpful



                      this movie is a great action packed sci/fi / thriller similar to resident evil movies but BETTER!

                      Wow I am a huge fan of all Will Smith featuring programmes, from the fresh prince, to Independence day. I am Legend is absolutely amazing if you like Will Smith because throughout the 101 minutes of exciting action packed movie you are gonna see Will Smith at his best.

                      The movie is based in New York City one of the busiest and most popular cities in the world, the city has become a wasteland a plague has mutated every living thing into human eating monsters. The 'sole survivor' is none other than Will Smith and his dog. The movie shows how all the humans affected by the plague have become zombie like monsters that can live only in the dark (like vampires) and feed of human / living flesh! (sorta like vampires) these creatures (that are a mix between vampires and zombies) basically rule the night time, during the day time Will Smith or Robert Neville (terrible choice of name in my opinion) (but kinda suitable as Robert Neville is a scientist) lives and does stuff.

                      There are some spectacular scenes in this PG-13 movie from the Brooklyn bridge to isolated streets.

                      This movie is extremely well built, I particularly like the way the movie is set to Robert Neville's present time but tells the story of the destruction of New York through his flash backs.
                      In the movie Robert Neville discovers that he is not the only survivor and that there are in fact a camp of other survivors. The ending is absolutely spectacular and memorable a bit like titanic but more action packed!
                      I'm not going to spoil the ending here because the entire movie leads up to that ending which is quite a shocker.

                      Overall i highly recommend this movie to any action movie lover, its a taste of resident evil, with a kick of Will Smith at his greatest.


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                      • TV Programs in General / Discussion / 31 Readings / 29 Ratings
                        More +
                        26.08.2007 18:23
                        Very helpful



                        Television is growing all the time, people all want to be famous, - the best way, through television

                        TV - Television is great!!

                        ---INTRODUCTION AND HISTORY----

                        God bless Willoughby Smith in 1873 for the discovery of the photoconductivity of the element selenium and the invention of a scanning disk by Paul Gottlieb Nipkow in 1884.
                        Yes television is complicated and was black and white until the Russians in 1889 realised they could have colour televisions!

                        ---the UK's history---
                        The first British television broadcast was made by Baird Television's electromechanical system over the BBC radio transmitter in September 1929. Baird provided a limited amount of programming five days a week by 1930. On August 22, 1932, BBC launched its own regular service using Baird's 30-line electromechanical system, continuing until September 11, 1935.

                        Other countries such started television broadcasting much later, for example Canada started in 1952!

                        Tv's are extremely popular nowadays with most households having at least 1. The living room has developed into the television room and many bedrooms now have their own televisions.

                        Technology behind Tv is rather complicated so I will not explain the waves and frequencies. - However I can explain that the frequency name used for the United Kingdom is PAL - so when you buy a tv or PlayStation (/ PlayStation game)etc. make sure its PAL so it will work with UK tv's etc.
                        NTSC is for the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Mexico, and some other countries
                        SECAM - is for the french.

                        Tv's come in all shapes and sizes, from thin LCD's to the fat old style televisions. The 14" to the 40". Now to the 150" - thanks to the television projector.
                        I personally have a 5" tv in my room and a 22" downstairs. Both have their own freeview boxes - allowing the television to receive digital television (with no subscription)

                        TV prices vary depending on the model you want. You can get television via UHF - just using an aerial and you will get local television channels - you don't need a satellite dish or to pay for any digital boxes.
                        In the UK there are 5 UHF channels. Technically they are free, however you need to pay a television subscription fee - i.e. own a tv license

                        A colour TV Licence costs £135.50 and a black and white licence costs £45.50.

                        You can buy your tv license online or via many methods - info can be seen at:

                        You can buy digital boxes that allow you to receive other channels from all over the world, packages include SKY, NTL, VIRGIN MEDIA and many more.

                        ---Is a Tv license necessary----
                        You need a TV Licence to use any television receiving equipment such as a TV set, set-top boxes, video or DVD recorders, computers or mobile phones to watch or record TV programmes as they are being shown on TV.

                        If you use a set-top box with a hi-fi system or another device that can only be used to produce sounds and can't display TV programmes, and you don't install or use any other TV receiving equipment, you don't need a TV Licence.
                        (you only need 1 per household)
                        You will need to renew your TV Licence every year.

                        ----The best television channels----
                        Best tv channels in my opinion are:

                        1)SKY 1/SKY SPORTS
                        2)SKY MOVIES
                        3)CHANNEL 4

                        There are different tv channels for different people, from shopping channels like Bid Tv to baby channels like Cbeebies, from movie channels to adult channels. Television has almost every genre imaginable like cartoons, documentaries, soaps etc.

                        Amongst my favorite television programmes: Skins (E4/channel4), The simpsons (sky1/channel4), and dramas like lost/prison-break/meadowlands etc.

                        I have personally had Sky and NTL previously and now use freeview.

                        Television programmes can now be seen on the Internet, in fact you can watch live television from your computer, not only with a tv tuner but via the Internet (live streams)

                        Television has developed rapidly and there are many issues such as what can be shown and what cannot, over time the rules have been relaxed greatly - there is the watershed - i.e. adult content, violence etc cannot be shown till after a certain time (eg. 9.00pm) Also swearing cannot be heard until after (eg. 6.00pm)
                        obviously censorship laws vary from different countries, some have very relaxed laws eg. Russia and others more strict eg. Iran

                        Television is not only used for entertainment and marketing but is also used for political agendas - election parties advertise their candidates and their party on TV. Television channels make a lot of money through advertising - in between television programmes they display adverts. Some channels like the BBC do not have adverts.

                        Television along with technology has developed so greatly that now you can pause live TV, rewind and fast forward television! As well as record at a touch of a button.

                        For more information on freeview see my review on freeview.


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                        • Climate change / Discussion / 44 Readings / 36 Ratings
                          More +
                          07.08.2007 13:41
                          Very helpful



                          This is a global problem and needs everybody to take it seriously CO2 emissions can be lowered !

                          Let me start of from basics. Climate refers to the temperature over a long period of time, and climate change in general (this topic) refers to changes in the earth's climate - (over decades/millions of years) Climate includes the average temperature, amount of precipitation, days of sunlight, and other variables that might be measured at any given site. Weather is different as its the day to day state of the atmosphere and changes and varies all the time. (whereas climate can be predictable)

                          ----external causes of climate change-----
                          Variations in solar radiation, the Earth's orbit, deforestation, ozone depletion (decrease in amount of earth's ozone) and greenhouse gas concentrations

                          ---The Greenhouse Effect-----
                          (This was actually a question is the June 2007 A2 biology paper so I should be able to discuss this!)
                          The greenhouse effect is caused by a blanket of chemicals that surround the earth's atmosphere and prevent heat rays escaping. - The Sun's heat rays will enter and reflect of the earths surface and escape the earths atmosphere (some bouncing back - keeping the earth warm) however this cloud of gasses cause an insulation (like that of a greenhouse) so the overall temperature of the earth increases due to heat being trapped in the earth.
                          Greenhouse gasses are thought to be the primary cause of global warming (overall increase in the earths temperature (climate change))
                          the atmospheric concentration of CO2 in 2005 was 379ppm3 compared to pre-industrial levels of 280ppm3 (so theres an obvious increase due to man's intervention)
                          ---the science behind Co2 in the oceans-----
                          Le Chatelier's principle explain the characteristics of the dynamic equilibrium of a gas in solution such as the vast amount of C02 held in solution in the world's oceans moving into and returning from the atmosphere. These principals can be observed as bubbles which rise in a pot of water heated on a stove

                          ---The sun-----
                          The sun has its own cycles such as the solar cylce, which could be causes of climate change, however solar cycles are not yet fully understood as the changes that are occurring in the sun are over very long periods of time (Slow)
                          Changes in the earth's orbit change sun light intensities on the earth. The 'orbit changes' are known as Milankovitch cycles, these orbital cycles are predictable (mutual interactions of the Earth, its moon, and the other planets) - the milankovitch cycles are thought to be causing glacial changes.

                          Volcanoes are more influential then you might think, a single eruption causes climate change - causes cooling for a period of a few years. So a much larger volcano eruption (occur only a few times every hundred million years,) but can reshape climate for millions of years and cause mass extinctions!
                          How the volcanoes cause cooling - its thought that the dust thrown from eruptions cause a cooling blanket by blocking the sun's rays, however dust usually settles within six months!
                          Volcanoes and Co2
                          Volcanoes release massive amounts of CO2 from the earth (that are usually stored (sedimentary rocks)etc). However The US Geological Survey estimates that human activities generate more than 130 times the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by volcanoes!

                          The biggest cause of climate change is the increase in CO2 levels due to emissions from fossil fuel combustion, followed by aerosols (particulate matter in the atmosphere) which exerts a cooling effect and cement manufacture. Other factors, including land use, ozone depletion, animal agriculture and deforestation also impact climate.

                          Fossil fuels have caused increases in CO2 levels from a concentration of ~280 ppm to more than 380 ppm today. These increases are projected to reach more than 560 ppm before the end of the 21st century. It is known that carbon dioxide levels are substantially higher now than at any time in the last 800,000 years!!

                          Like with all theories there are arguments, people believe that global warming is due to nature more than man's intervention, blaming solar activity, ocean currents, cosmic rays and unknown natural causes (e.g. Leroux)

                          ---so what can we do about it-----

                          --Kyoto Protocol----

                          The Kyoto protocol is the most prominent international agreement on climate change, and is also highly controversial. Some argue that it goes too far or not nearly far enough in restricting emissions of greenhouse gases. Another area of controversy is the fact that India and China, the world's two most populous countries, both ratified the protocol but are not required to reduce carbon emissions under the present agreement. Furthermore, it has also been argued that it would cause more damage to the economy of the U.S. than to those of other countries, thus providing an unfair economic advantage to some countries. (people believe that production would move to those countries (as they have the major energy sources) however India and China are probably the least energy efficient countries!.

                          -----Explaining renewable and non renewable sources of energy----

                          Renewable sources of energy include the sun, the wind, ocean currents, biofuel etc.
                          They are renewable because they dont run out, they can be re-used again and again and are not 'wasted once'.

                          So why dont we use these sources to produce energy? why do we use non renewable energy sources like fossil fuels (coal, oil & gas) which cannot be replenished and cause environmental damage and have limited supply?
                          Its because:
                          1) equipment - like wind farms and solar panels cost too much - the setup costs are too great to benefit.
                          2) less energy produced by these renewable methods and they take more time to be produced. Fossil fuels cause a great amount of energy to be produced quickly.

                          Nuclear Power - provides great amount of energy and is thought to be environmentally clean, - France used nuclear power and reported the cleanest air of any industrialised country (2007 programme 60 minutes)

                          Why not nuclear then?
                          Its Uneconomical and is a potentially dangerous energy source with a limited fuel supply, especially compared to renewable energy
                          Also a problem of storing radioactive waste, the potential for possibly severe radioactive contamination by accident or sabotage, and the possibility of nuclear proliferation. (however new technologies claim they can safely store the radioactive waste)

                          So here is a summary of the causes-----------------

                          Man Made: Carbon dioxide · Climate sensitivity · Deforestation · Global dimming · Global warming potential · Greenhouse effect · Greenhouse gases · Keeling Curve · Urban heat island

                          Natural: Cloud forcing · Glaciation · Global cooling · Ocean variability · Orbital variations · Plate tectonics · Radiative forcing · Solar variation · Volcanism

                          The effects-------------

                          Sea level rise · Glacier retreat · Climate change and agriculture · National Assessment on Climate Change · Economics of global warming · Shutdown of thermohaline circulation


                          Individual and political action on climate change
                          Kyoto Protocol: Clean Development Mechanism
                          Schemes: Emissions trading · Personal carbon trading · Carbon tax · Carbon offsets · Carbon dioxide sink (Carbon sequestration)
                          Energy conservation: Efficient energy use · Renewable energy · Renewable energy development · Soft energy path

                          ----What Can We Do Now----
                          We leave the politics to the politicians and we go for individual action, we can make a big difference if ALL of us take small steps and change our lifestyles
                          There are so many ways for example:
                          - in shopping ; buy energy efficient products
                          - use public transport instead of cars
                          - protecting forests, and plant new trees
                          - Use appliances with energy stars
                          - have a car with high petrol milage
                          - Use less animal products (rearing livestock contributes more greenhouse gases than all fossil fuel burning combined according to The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization )

                          Want more info visit http://www.campaign-green.co.uk/


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                          • The Rock / Discussion / 26 Readings / 23 Ratings
                            More +
                            04.08.2007 17:18
                            Very helpful



                            The Rock made Mick Foley famous with the rock n sock, he made wwf famous, he brought in millions and

                            (as the rock) 'Finally I get to write a review...on The Rock.
                            You see ladies and gentlemen, you see boys and girls, the rock, the peoples champion, the bramabull is without a shadow of a doubt, The Most Electrifying Man In sports entertainment!'

                            That opening paragraph is basically how The Great One (The Rock) speaks.

                            Duane The Rock Johnson (as he is now called - due to media influences) is one of the greatest people in the world and the most successful person in the wwe.
                            Triple H has been trying it for years and years, longer than the Rock but has never reached the top, The Rock on the other hand has excelled so easily right to the top of the wwe and beyond (onto hollywood). (Triple H being Hunter H Helmsley another wrestler who has been the rock's greatest rival (according to the rock))

                            Therock.com used to be 'the great one's website but now just redirects you to wwe.com, however you can still get information about him on wikipedia. The best way to learn about The Rock is by watching one of his wrestling moments, especially when he is trash talking. (trash talking being the term when wrestlers 'diss' their opponents) (not that the rock has ever talked trash)

                            The rocks slogans
                            'Finally the rock has come back...(to *****) -*(***being the place the wrestling match is set like new Orleans etc.
                            - this is usually the first thing he says when he gets to the mike or an interview, and all the fans love it and say it with him.

                            Terms that the rock made up and uses includes, 'Jabroni' (thats an insult to someone, like calling them an idiot), The rock's 'strudel' (you can guess) and 'pie' (you can also guess - opposite to strudel).
                            His main taunts were:
                            The People's Eyebrow (The Rock raises an eyebrow to the opponent/crowd)
                            Just Bring It (Hand motion telling the opponent to come)
                            Ready for the Rock Bottom/Stalking his opponent (Puts his hands on his knees and starts to wait until his opponent turns around, occasionally jumping around behind them)
                            It doesn't matter...(Shouts this, frequently dismissing the opponent/crowd)

                            his most famous catchphrase - he usually finishes all his interviews/speeches/talks with it....'If you smell, what the rock, IS...Cooking! (then raises 1 eyebrow)' (originally his theme was do you smell what the rock is cooking, it later changed to if you smell what the rock is cooking.

                            Johnson married Dany Garcia on May 3, 1997, His best man at the wedding was fellow wrestler and longtime family friend Tonga "Haku" Fifita!
                            However, on June 1, 2007, Dwayne and his wife Dany, after 10 years together, announced that they would be splitting up. (they have a daughter born aug. 2001)

                            The rocks many nicknames include:
                            The Brahma Bull
                            The Corporate Champ
                            The Great One
                            The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment [2]
                            The People's Champion [2]

                            The rocks main finishers (finishing moves in wrestling) include The sharpshooter (submission move)
                            THE PEOPLES ELBOW and of course THE ROCK BOTTOM!

                            The rock is the great one outside wrestling as well:
                            2006, Johnson started up The Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation that is known for its charitable work with at-risk and terminally ill children. He's a pro fisherman! And has delivered many speeches and hosted many talk shows like the stunt awards and has been in many films, (4 this year) and another next year and probably more soon enough

                            ---things you didn't know..rock's relatives in wrestling!!---

                            "High Chief" Peter Maivia - Grandfather
                            "Soulman" Rocky Johnson - Father
                            The Wild Samoans Afa & Sika - Uncles (via his blood brotherhood to their father)
                            Samu - Cousin
                            Yokozuna - Cousin
                            "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka - Uncle
                            Deuce - Cousin (adopted)
                            Rikishi - Cousin
                            Rosey - Cousin
                            Umaga/Jamal - Cousin

                            amazing stuff, rock really is a third generation superstar!

                            Rock is huge, outside of films, outside of wrestling, he has several selling action figures (i have one!), sells birthday cards, stationary (i have - got when younger). He presented a speech on behalf of the wwf at the republican national convention and done much more


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                          • White / Archive General / 8 Readings / 6 Ratings
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                            04.08.2007 16:02
                            Very helpful



                            White means a lot to many different people, it has been there since the beginning of time,

                            ----Write About White----Anything White----What is white----

                            WHITE, white is the colour of snow, white is the colour of of clouds, white is the colour of my floor, white is the colour of my door, white is the colour of my tissues. writing a poem on white; i must have issues, white is the colour of my rubber, white is the colour of blubber.

                            White is the colour of original chalk to write on blackboards, white is the colour of whitesands a beach resort.
                            White is my favorite colour, people argue theres nothing duller...

                            WHITE is white a colour? no it is simply the absence of colour, just as dark is the absence of light.

                            White is the opposite of black, white is clean and pure, white stands out, white illuminates. White gets dirty easily.

                            #the ink is black, the page is white, together we learn to read and write, to read and write#

                            I said white is the absence of colours, actually according to science and fact its the complete opposite, did you know that white is the combination of all the colours of the visible light spectrum,White is also the colour of objects that reflect light of all parts of the visible spectrum equally, and are not dull !
                            As a shade, white has the highest possible brightness, 100%, and has no hue. The impression of white light can be created by mixing appropriate intensities of the primary colours of light — red, green and blue — a process called additive mixing

                            Typical white objects: sugar, foam, pure sand or snow, cotton, clouds, milk

                            Most scientists believed that white was the fundamental color of light; and that other colors were formed only by adding something to light. Newton demonstrated this was not true by passing white light through a prism, then through another prism, Newton concluded that the prism merely separated the colors already present in the light. White light is the effect of combining the visible colors of light in equal proportions.

                            'Black attracts heat, white reflects it'

                            ---white in life/white connotations----
                            Albino animals are considered sacred in almost all cultures
                            White is one of the two opponents in many board games of abstract strategy, such as go, chess, and checkers
                            A white rose represents innocence in Western Civilization.
                            In ancient China, white was the symbol of West and Metal, one of the main five colors.
                            In Chinese, Japanese and Indian tradition, white is the color of mourning, death, and ghosts. In India white also stands for Peace and Purity
                            A white flag is an international sign of either surrender, or truce, that is, it is a sign of peaceful intent, typically at time of war
                            Whitewash, figuratively, means an attempt to obscure the truth by issuing a blanket of lies
                            White is the traditional color of bridal dress in both western (European) and Japanese weddings. In Western weddings, a white dress is thought to be symbolic of purity (the bride has not engaged in pre-marital sex). This is also said to be the symbolism of the veil.
                            White is the color of the usual cricket clothing, usually referred to as 'whites'. It is a result of cricket being a summer game with players being exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.
                            White noise, in acoustics, is a sibilant sound that is often a nuisance, although it can also be deliberately created for test purposes

                            What does White Mean to you?
                            Write a comment in this review and tell me what white symbolises to you and what you think of the colour or the word white.

                            The term white is often used in the West to denote the race of fair-skinned Caucasoids people of European descent with pale to white skin color, whose skin color actually ranges from pink to pale brown. It has suggested that the colors beige or peach are a more accurate representation of the color of most Caucasians


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                            • Skins / TV Programme / 25 Readings / 20 Ratings
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                              Skins is a gripping drama, filled with action and tragedy, unrealistic, yet great fun to watch!

                              Skins is a series/drama following teenagers who's lives are surrounded by drink, drugs, sex and parties.

                              ~The first season had 10 episodes (as its based in the UK and is a UK drama - and UK dramas generally have very few episodes in every season). The first season has completed on E4, but if you missed it and want to watch skins its about to start on channel 4 now.

                              ----The characters----

                              Main character, Tony Stonem is played by Nicholas Hoult
                              (when he was younger he in that Hugh Grant film 'About a boy' (he was the boy) (looks the same just older now);
                              The best-looking, most popular boy in town, Tony's a born leader, always whipping his crew off on a new mission. Always at someone else's expense. (his full profile can be seen on the channel 4 website)

                              Poor Sid. A virgin with no confidence, his best friend Tony plays him like a fool, and it doesnt help that Sid's forever lusting after Tony's gorgeous girlfriend. But Sid's cleverer than he thinks and eventually he'll face up to Tony and win the girl of his dreams. It's just not the girl he thinks.
                              - Sid is arguably the main character of the tv series, from the audiences perspective he is often the most loved character.

                              My favorite character: Always game for a laugh, Chris will smoke/screw/rob/snort anything. But nothing stops him getting to psychology class. Because nothing gets him going quite like his psychology teacher Angie. For Chris, she's out of this world.

                              The gay one: Magic on his feet and a whiz with his hands, Maxxie can have any boy he wants. And he wants them all.

                              the 'muslim': Anwar's family want him to study the Koran, not drink, not smoke, not gamble, not listen to decadent music, not have sex, not take drugs. Anwar likes Tequila, Dope, Pills, Lupe Fiasco, Breasts and X Factor. He's sixteen (another favorite character of mine!)

                              Rudeboy wannabe: Posh Kenneth offers us a rare mix of upper crust elocution and street bangin' slanguage. What no-one knows, is that the Big K is a big hit with the ladies.

                              ---The gals----
                              Tony's girlfriend is just as you'd expect. She's drop dead gorgeous with a quick wit that keeps everyone on their toes. Everyone except Tony, who runs rings round her. And Michelle knows it. She just doesn't know how she's going to set herself free.

                              Cassie, the troubled one: An anorexic, self-harming, drug addict with zero self esteem. We never know whether Cassie will die or heroically rise from the ashes but we love her. She's magic.

                              Jal, the middle one: Super bright and the most talented young classical clarinet player in the country, nothing gets past Jal. Especially not the way Tony treats her best friend Michelle.

                              Effy Tony's rebellious sister: Our kids are sugar and spice and all things nice compared to Tony's little sister and her shadowy ways. Effy's the one person Tony really cares about, but she'll lead him to places he doesn't want to go.

                              Abigail the posh one: Posh, pretty and pumped full of prescription medication, Abigail lives in a world of imported carpets, private school and constant therapy. Just think of all the fun Tony can have with her...

                              ---The episodes---
                              They follow the different characters, usually each episode is mainly about a different character though all characters are involved.
                              Episodes are great fun and always eventful for example the teenagers go to Russia for a school trip, end up staying in the weirdest prison type place and meet the neighbours... (i cannot describe the episodes as words cant do them justice, you'll have to watch them!) - you can get them on 4od (4 on demand - watch through the channel 4 website).
                              The channel 4 website is great, you can get full detailed profiles of all the characters and watch exclusive videos prior to episodes (eg. for the Russia trip how the teenagers managed to get the money to pay for the trip)

                              Be warned this programme is not suitable for most audiences as it works very adult themes and has very strong drug content in every episode (especially when Chris is around!).
                              The funniest character is probably Anwer due to his very different family lifestyle compared with the others, the last episode of season 1 shows his birthday party; there is a tragic twist ending the episode which I cannot spoil.
                              Each character has their own thing going on, Chris his life's a mess his parent have gone, he lives alone then some hobo took over his house and now he is homeless - used all his money for drugs.
                              Sid Jenkins the geek is wrapped up in his love for Michelle and doesn't realise how much Chrissie likes him.

                              Just by saying this I am revealing too much about the episodes so I end here.


                              Critics have complained that the series depicts an unrealistic and stereotypical portrayal of teenagers
                              and that it indulges a 'teenage fantasy world' portrayed as being close to realistic. It has also been criticised for excessive promoting of the show using new media and many TV trailers, whilst other critics criticized the writing as poor in comparison to other similar themed series.
                              Theyre completely right, it is over fantasised the lives they live but its great fun to watch!

                              The second season starts soon, cant wait!

                              more info on the charecters can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skins_%28TV_series%29

                              ---Spoiler Exclusive---
                              Shane Richie has apparantly landed the role of a pervy teacher in the upcoming second season

                              Ex-Eastenders star Shane Richie has signed up to appear in controversial teen drama Skins.


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                              • The Simpsons / TV Programme / 18 Readings / 17 Ratings
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                                The Simpsons is a highly successful long-running animated American sitcom created by Matt Groening.
                                The Simpsons is one of the most popular cartoons in the world, if not the most popular.

                                No. of episodes to date: 400 !!
                                (longest running US sitcom!)

                                Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, their dog Santa's Little Helper and their cat Snowball II. The show is set in the fictional town of Springfield.

                                Homer is basically a fat slob, unintelligent, loves beer and tv but has a heart underneath. He is the father of the simpson family and works at the nuclear power plant

                                Marge is the mother, a typical mother figure who cooks, cleans and looks after the kids - and looks after homer in the same way. Overworked and perhaps under appreciated.

                                Bart is a ten-year-old troublemaker. His sister, eight-year-old Lisa, is precociously intelligent. Bart famously rides a skate board and says stuff like eat my shorts!, Lisa plays the saxophone and is the most intelligent member of the family (and perhaps springfield - after the scientist)

                                The show uses catchphrases, and most of the primary and secondary characters have at least one each.
                                Notable expressions include Homer's annoyed grunt "D'oh!", Mr. Burns' "Excellent..." and Nelson Muntz's "Ha-ha!". Some of Bart's catchphrases, such as "¡Ay, caramba!", "Don't have a cow, man!" and "Eat my shorts!"

                                ----The best episodes------

                                1) The weed Homer - homer has to smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes
                                2) Treehouse of horrors (eg. Tree house of horror IV)

                                They've got the simpsons monopoly, simpsons figures, and of course The Simpsons Movie which is amazing!


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