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Member since: 02.02.2011

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    • Comet.co.uk / Online Shop / 5 Readings / 2 Ratings
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      02.02.2011 15:01
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      Do not want to comment on the product - Comet is the co. I am complaining about.

      I would like to add to some of the reviews - I purchased a laptop from comet in October 2010 - I paid for the complete package which included their computer service. Software needed replacing 3 times and I remain with a problem of CD/DVD drive only operating intermittently. I have been back to the shop many times and the service I received has been appalling. I have written to them and have had many telephone conversations with them. I have contacted trading standards and they have advised me on my first and now my second letter.

      It is evident from the reviews here and on another consumer site that there are many complaints against Comet. Unfortunately I have not read many with a satisfactory conclusion. I personally have found them unhelpful, rude, disrespectful and unwilling to comprise. I have been informed, by trading standards, that I must now only enter into written communication with them, as this is evidence for court action.

      I have put the order no as you request - for fairness - however, Comet have not been fair to me. As I returned the computer within 28 days and complained the next day, I should have had a refund. They continue to refuse to do this and they do not budge. I have offered comet the opportunity to remedy the fault, however, as time has now passed, I am beyond this offer, although they now insist there is no other way forward. They also inform me that I will have to pay for the investigation to find out the fault!!!

      I can only empathise with other customers of Comet who state that they would not use comet again - I think something should be done about these organisations - I have already completed information on the Mary Portas site and of course contacted watchdog. Comet want your money but once you purchase anything, they do not want to know. That is my experience, and from the reviews I have read, I am not the only one.

      One star is too much for Comet - poor Compaq - they do not stand a chance with a company as Comet.


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