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      19.10.2010 01:50
      Very helpful



      Nobody mourns the wicked

      I wanted to see what all the rave was about with this show.
      When you hear it's title 'Wicked' it doesn't really sound very exciting does it, but trust me it is, it's my most favourite theatre show I have ever seen.

      The first time I saw it I got goose pimples on my arms with just hearing the performers sing.
      I have seen wicked twice already and I'm hoping to see it for the third time before the year is out.

      If you haven't seen it then I suggest you do because your missing out on such a amazing performance that will just make you love the theatre even more.

      The singing voices of the performers was just fantastic you can not fault them, they have such power in their singing that you can tell they enjoy what there doing.

      The story is about a witch called Elphaba who is different to others, she was born with green skin.
      With her father and sister ashamed of her looks she already feels like it's her against the world.
      As Elphaba and her sister Nessarose starts at a new school she has more problems her way as she bumps into a girl that ends up being her room mate by the name of Galinda, the two take an instance dislike to each other.
      During a moment of anger, Elphaba reveals a secret that will change everything for her, she reveals a magical talent that will make everyone love her.

      After Elphaba is embarrassed by Galinda at a ball, Galinda feels sorry for her and apologises where the two become close friends.
      But with both of them in love with the same man (Fiyero) will this friendship last especially after Galinda and Elphaba are invited to meet the Wizard.

      When Elphaba finds out what the wizard wants from her she gets angry and swears revenge to help OZ and its people with her magic, but with nobody trusting her and everybody out to get her it's going to be a difficult thing to do.

      Finding help from an unexpected person and falling in love will Elphaba finally get what she wants or is it the end for the wicked witch of the west.

      Nobody mourns the Wicked.

      With some fantastic songs and my personal favourite being 'Defying Gravity' that just makes you want to sing it at the top of your lungs, you will not regret going to see it.
      I love everything about Wicked from the songs, the costumes, Glinda's outfits were amazing to Elphaba's make-up, i was surprised that with all the heat that her make-up just never ran or even lost it's colour.

      It's quite easy to get to the Apollo Victoria Theatre as it's right outside Victoria Station (you can't miss the Wicked sign) that has plenty of buses running to and from main London.
      If your going on the underground the Victoria, Circle and District line will take you straight into Victoria Station and just by the main entrance.

      You can get the tickets cheap over the internet if you shop around or if you go to the ticket box offices that are situated in Leicester Square but expect to pay between £40 to £60 for the best seats in the stalls.
      If anyone can find cheaper then please let me know it would be much appreciated.

      There are also plenty of eating places round the theatre, so your be spoilt for choice.
      If you like pizza then I would suggest visiting this all you can eat pizza and salad bar in Victoria Station itself.
      If you heard as if your going towards the coach station (follow the signs) it's up some escalators.

      I would recommend Wicked for anybody even the men, they may say they didn't enjoy it but secretly they probably did.
      Wicked will leave you feeling happy at the end with a few tears added but wanting to go back for more.


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      18.10.2010 22:06
      Very helpful



      It's own little world

      I visited Osborne House as part of my holiday in April.
      I was really excited to be visiting and let me say I was not disappointed, we had such fine weather that day.

      Osborne House sits on roughly about 2000 acres of land, which also has it's own private beach, You can't access some of the land as some of it is privately owned now.

      Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were lucky to buy Osborne house and it's estate from a Lady Isabella Blachford in 1845.
      Most of the original house was demolished and replaced with the one we see now with its wings and clock/flagstone tower.

      When I first walked into the house my breath was taken away with all the beauty of the pictures and architect, you really get the feel of how much pride Queen Victoria and Prince Albert put into making it a family home away from their hectic life back in London.
      When first walking in your greeted with seeing pictures, letters and even a night dress that Queen Victoria wore.
      You then move on to the rest of the rooms, as you walk through the corridors to get to the next room you get the full scale of the gifts that Victoria and Albert gave to each other.
      Each room is unique in different ways and shows the personality of the couple and their taste in furniture and decoration.

      My favourite rooms would be the drawing room and the billiard room that are connected but in a L shaped way so that the men of that day could be hidden from the Queen but still be in her presence.
      To make the rooms feel as if they are separate from each other they have beautiful marble pillars to give that separate look.
      The furnishing in the drawing room is this bright gold colour, unfortunately not the original, with big windows mostly all the way round the room it gives it a bright and airy look.

      I loved the house but I loved the gardens more, I felt so at peace walking round the grounds it really makes you feel as if your in the middle of nowhere and as if nothing can trouble you.
      It's like it's own little world.
      When you stand on the garden terrace you have a nice view looking out to the sea, you can't access all of the terrace as it's not open to the public, to admire the middle terrace you have to look down to it from the top terrace.

      To get to the Swiss cottage you have a lovely walk down this road, if you don't fancy the walk then you have a shuttle bus that takes you there and back which is included in you ticket price (so no extra cost).
      What me and my partner did was we walked down to Swiss cottage and got the shuttle bus back up to the house.

      Swiss cottage is this cute little 2 storey timber cottage that the royal children used for their educational learning.

      Just near by to the cottage is the museum that houses all the natural history collection that the royal children collected throughout their learning.

      I wasn't to keen looking round the museum as looking at stuffed animals gives me the chills (I always think they are looking at me), If your not keen on stuffed animals either then stick to the front of the museum don't go right to the back.

      The house and gardens are accessible for wheelchair users, I did notice that some of the grounds were a bit uneven so there might be some trouble on pushing a wheelchair.
      The only parts that aren't accessible for wheelchair users is Swiss cottage as you have to walk up a flight of stairs to look round.

      Prices to look round the house and grounds which also includes looking round Swiss cottage, the museum and the shuttle bus are:
      Adults:- £10.90
      Children:- £5.50
      Concession:- £9.30
      Family Ticket:- £27.30

      I thought this was a very reasonable price for what you was going to see.

      Opening times for Osborne house are from 10am to 5pm or 6pm depending on the season you are visiting.

      If you was planning to visit the whole day I would suggest paying a visit to the terraced café, a bit on the expensive side but they did some very tasty cream teas which was all made fresh that day.
      If you want a proper lunch they did sell proper food but nothing that interested me though, but just outside Osborne house on the main road there was a little pub that looked like it sold hot food.

      I didn't have a car when I went to the isle of Wight so I used their public buses.
      You can either get a number 4 or a number 5 bus right outside the main entrance depending where on the Island your staying.

      A wonderful house and grounds that I can't wait to visit again.
      Anybody planning to go on holiday to this Isle of Wight should make sure to fit this in their schedule, if you live there but have never visited then I would suggest when you have that spare time to go and visit.

      I would not recommend for younger children though as I think they might get bored easily.


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      18.10.2010 01:11
      Very helpful



      Will Jack ever understand Christmas

      The nightmare before Christmas is my all time favourite film and probably always will be, I have made it my tradition to watch it every day from the 1st of December till Christmas day.

      Being made in 1993 it is a 'stop motion musical fantasy' from Tim Burton and Henry Selick that runs for 75 minutes.

      The film is about a skeleton by the name of Jack who is the pumpkin king of a town called Halloween town.
      He finds himself getting bored of the same celebration year after year, he wants a more interesting holiday.

      After the Halloween celebration he ends up walking away from Halloween town to think of a new idea for a new holiday that they could celebrate, with his dog zero he ends up walking far into the woods where he stumbles upon a circle of trees with doors on which have different pictures of different holidays on thier trunks.
      He looks at them all but one has taken his interest the most, a tree with fancy decorations.

      Opening the door of this tree he is magically pulled into a black hole that lands him in Christmas town where he meets Father Christmas.
      When going back to Halloween town he tells all the towns people of the adventure he had and of his bright idea of them taking over Christmas.
      You see Jack tries to understand the meaning of Christmas by conducting a series of experiments on decorations and presents.

      With Santa kidnapped by Oogie Boogie and Jack taking over with the help of halloween town, will Christmas this year be ruined for everyone and will Jack finally understand the meaning of Christmas.

      I love everything about this film from the story, the animation, the colour of the pictures, all the characters, which Jack and Sally are my favourite and even the songs that I catch myself singing from time to time when I haven't even got the film on, if you have watched the film as many times as I have they stick in your head all through the year.

      A brilliant film that I love watching year after year that leaves me warm afterwards and makes me realise why I love Christmas so much and what Christmas means.

      To me one of Tim Burton's best films his ever made.
      I would recommend to anybody that loves animation, I would even recommend for younger children if they don't get scared easily.
      It is classed as a Disney film but don't expect it to be like The Little Mermaid, it is a much darker film.

      You can find this film easily now days as it has more of a fan base, even the Disney store's sell products on it, look around the net though for a cheaper bargain.

      It's the perfect movie for a stocking filler.


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    • Coraline (DVD) / DVD / 6 Readings / 4 Ratings
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      16.10.2010 02:47
      Not Helpful



      Which world would you choose

      A fantastic film by Henry Selick who also directed The Nightmare Before Christmas (another brilliant film to watch).
      You find a girl named Coraline wishing to be noticed more by her busy parents.
      In the movie you find she meets a boy by the name of Wybie who ends up giving her a doll that looks just like her.
      During one of her adventures she finds a locked door in the middle of a room covered up by wallpaper, curious about what's behind the door she begs her mother to open it, finding herself disappointed that the door when opened is bricked up.
      During one night she follows some mice who lead her to this door which take her to a new world with better parents who pay attention and love her. Liking that world more she finds herself getting more and more trapped in it not realising the dangers she's facing by staying there.

      A brilliant film that i enjoyed very much watching, i found myself stuck to the screen watching it and biting my nails hoping Coraline would escape in time and not be trapped in the other world with the 'other' mother.
      I really felt the emotions Coraline was feeling throughout the film and started to think i was there with her and that i didn't get trapped in that other world with that mother also.

      I loved the animation of the film very much, probably one of the best i have seen, the colouring and the details even the fine details are how things should be. So real it makes you forget its even an animated film.

      The running time is 1 hour and 30 minutes which when really into the film goes to quick and you wish for longer.

      I would not recommended for younger children though as i personally think it would give them nightmares about their parents or should i say 'other' parents otherwise i would recommend to anybody else.

      If your not sure about the film i say go for it you won't be disappointed with it.


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      • Ghost Town (DVD) / DVD / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
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        16.10.2010 02:30



        A grumpy dentist that might just have a heart

        A grumpy dentist who dislikes talking to people.
        A fantastic film with great acting from Ricky Gervais.
        The film is about a dentist who has to go in the hospital for an operation but ends up dying for approximately 7 minutes or a bit less.
        When leaving the hospital he starts seeing people who are dead and have unfinished business on earth.
        He ignores them but they still follow him trying to make him listen to what they have to say.
        In the end he has to run away from them all, but one ghost (Greg Kinnear) ends up following him home and making him a deal to break up the engagement of his wife to someone else otherwise he will keep pestering him.
        Ricky Gervais has to start a relationship with Greg Kinnear's wife (Tea Leoni) to stop her from marrying another man and to stop her from moving to Egypt.
        You start to see the once grumpy dentist start to realise that falling in love and having friends isn't that bad after all.

        I loved this movie and it's a movie i like to watch when there is nothing else on, which on some day's there really isin't.
        You get into the characters and it even makes me wonder is thier really a grumpy dentist out there just like him who deosn't like people and can see ghosts and do we really have ghosts walking round that we just can't see.

        With the running time of this movie being 1 hour and 40 minutes it's just the right amount time for this film, any longer and it would start to drag.

        With a hilarious moment with a mummy and sad moments with people having their unfinished business finished (which yes it did make me cry, don't we all secretly), this movie is a great movie to watch on a Friday or Saturday night.
        Would recommend to anybody who just can't find anything to watch on telly on that boring evening at home.

        Don't forget though everyone's opinion is different so what some may like others may not.


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      • I Love You Man (DVD) / DVD / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
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        16.10.2010 02:01



        A guy who needs to get himself male mates

        A hilarious movie about a guy who is getting married to his dream girl but who needs to find himself a best man for his wedding.
        The only problem is Peter doesn't have any male friends, the only friend he has being his own mother, with the wedding getting nearer and nearer his getting desperate to find that best man.
        He ends up meeting Sydney at an open house and they exchange numbers to meet up.
        As the two start to become the best of buds, Peter's Fiancee starts to feel left out and starts to doubt her fiance's relationship with his new best friend especially when Sydney blurts out a bedroom secret of Peter and his Fiancee Zooey to the wedding guests.

        You really feel sorry for Zooey when watching this as you start to see that she just might be losing her hubby-to-be to his new best friend.
        At the same time though you also feel sorry for Sydney (who just want's to stay like Peter Pan) as he just want's a friend that isin't in a relationship and is free all the time to do fun thing's.

        A movie that will make you laugh all the way through to the end which it did for me.
        Some brilliant acting from Paul Rudd (Role models and knocked up) and Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) they are the perfect combination to make this film work.

        Would recommend to anybody, this is a film that will keep you laughing and wish you had friends just like them.


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      • Young Victoria (DVD) / DVD / 3 Readings / 2 Ratings
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        16.10.2010 01:23
        Not Helpful



        A young woman set to become Queen

        Brilliant acting from Emily Blunt as Queen Victoria and a brilliant likeness of Prince Albert from Rupert Friend.

        The film is based on the younger years of Queen Victoria from her childhood to her marriage to Prince Albert.

        You see Queen Victoria (Emily Blunt) at the start of the film talking about her troubled childhood, the film then goes on to tell about her meeting with her future husband Prince Albert (Rupert Friend).
        You see Queen Victoria's coronation, her involvement with her Government that nearly ruins her, where one scene will make you jump because your not expecting it and then to her marriage.

        It's a great film to watch and it follows Queen Victoria's early life almost to the point apart from one scene that didn't happen at all to them but the director's thought would make the film more exciting to watch, which it did make the film complete and more exciting but a shame because thats not what happened in real life.

        A film of Queen Victoria's early life with a wonderful cast, amazing locations and gorgeous costumes, that just made me wish i was around those days to be wearing some of the dresses and going to the balls they had as they did look fun.

        I loved this film so much it made me go out and buy a book on Queen Victoria to find out more about her and her History.
        The running time of this movie is about 1 hour and 40mins, it could have gone on longer as they did miss some interesting parts of her History from what i read.
        Personally i think they could have added more of her problems with her children and her husband's death but then i suppose they couldn't get the actress to look in her late 30's early 40's.

        Would recommend to anybody who loves History or anything to do with Queen Victoria.


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      • D3: The Mighty Ducks (DVD) / DVD / 6 Readings / 4 Ratings
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        16.10.2010 00:35



        Are they still the champions

        D:3 The Mighty Ducks is the 3rd and final film of the trilogy.
        The film is based on a group of teenagers who all play ice hockey.

        The film is set a few years after the Mighty Ducks 2, you see the teenagers older and going of to high school tackling more bullying from the rich kids and trying to win more hockey games.
        They face problems along the way in love, friendships being ruined because of class and being accepted in the school as they tackle their school work and their new hockey coach.
        With coach Bombay gone all hope seems lost for the teenagers.

        I would suggest if you haven't watched the other two films that you do as it will make more sense on how they all became friends and how coach Bombay put the team together.
        A perfect film for kids to watch when there's nothing else on.


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        15.10.2010 02:52



        A shopaholic woman

        I read the book of this first and enjoyed it very much. I didn't manage to get see this at the cinema so I had to ask for it as a present for my birthday.
        It's about a woman who can't stop buying clothes, shoes, bags and other things. She ends up getting herself into debt with all her over spending and tries to get her perfect job of becoming a fashion journalist but ends up getting a job helping other people with their money problems while she is still trying to hide from the debt man.
        I enjoyed the movie very much it was funny and it's the right type of film for the girls.
        For all the female shopaholic's you can see the comedy in it and you can understand the character very well, you can also sympathize with her in parts of this movie.
        The movie with romance, comedy and fashion.


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        15.10.2010 02:35




        The first movie is much better then the second but was still funny in parts, it just didn't have as many funny moment's as the first.

        I was very dissappointed with this film as i was really looking forward to watching it as i so much enjoyed the first one but i felt i was let down when i viewed it.

        St. Trinian's 2 is about an ancestor of Fritton's who hides a mystery/treasure, the only clues to go on to find it have to be found and decoded, the first clue being at St. Trinian's school itself.
        It's not as simple for the St. Trinian girls as they think as the race is on to beat a man who is part of a man only club who hate women or anything about them.

        You can't say much about the movie without giving the whole thing away and what the mystery is you just have to watch.

        It's the type of movie that you might just want to watch only the once, i have only watched it the once and haven't really felt the need to go back and watch it for the second time.
        Maybe in a year or two when i can't remember how the film went i just might dust it down and give it another go.

        The only good bits about watching it is the gorgeous David Tennant, Rupert Everett as Ms Fritton and the locations in London that they visited.

        The running time for this film is 1 hour and 40mins which is 10 minutes to long for me, but to others might not be long enough.


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      • It's Complicated (DVD) / DVD / 2 Readings / 2 Ratings
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        15.10.2010 02:06



        Woman who has affair with ex-husband

        I'm a fan of Meryl Streep and Steve Martin's movies so I couldn't wait to get this on DVD as I watched this at the cinema when it was out and enjoyed it very much that i asked for it for my birthday.

        It's such a funny movie about a divorced woman (Meryl Streep) who ends up having an affair with her ex-husband (Alec Baldwin) who left her to marry a younger woman.
        She then ends up dating and falling for another man (Steve Martin) who is helping to extend her house (which made me jealous and wish i had a beautiful house just like her's). At the end of the film she has to decide which man she wants to keep.

        It's a great film that you can watch when you want cheering up or fancy a romcom, i found myself laughing with Meryl over the fact she was doing the same thing the young woman had done to her and that was cheating on the young woman's husband.

        Some LOL (laugh out loud) moments from Streep, Baldwin and Martin over a joint. They make this film funny to watch and make you want to watch it again and again as you notice things you didn't see the first time.

        I have made all my family and friends go out to buy it as i enjoyed it very much and would recommend it to anybody who is a fan of Streep, Martin or Baldwin to buy it and watch it or just love the comedy style films.

        The running time is about 1 hour and 50 minutes which is just right for this movie.


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      • The Hangover (DVD) / DVD / 3 Readings / 1 Rating
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        15.10.2010 01:34
        1 Comment



        Hangover with problems

        When I first watched this movie it was in the cinema, maybe I wasn't in the comedy style mood that day but I just couldn't find myself to enjoy this movie but when I watched it the second time I found myself really enjoying it.
        It's about a group of friends going to Vegas to do the typical style stag of getting drunk and having a good time, but with them waking in the morning to loads of hilarious problems to deal with.
        I found all the characters worked well together to make this movie funny to watch all the way through.

        It's the movie you can watch with friends or your partner on a Friday or Saturday night when you don't fancy going out but fancy staying in watching a film with a good take away.
        It will also make you say NO to your partner when they say they want to go Vegas for their stag or hen weekend.

        I love the movie and have watched 6 times in a week already, would recommend to anybody.

        The running time is 1 hour and 40 minutes which is just the right amount of time for a film.


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          15.10.2010 01:06
          1 Comment



          A classic with a twist

          I was a bit hesitant to read this version of it as I didn't want it spoiling the original for me but I loved it as soon as I started reading it and couldn't find myself to put it down.
          It's still the classic but with a twist of humour, updated and of course the added zombies.
          The story is about a plague going round the English country side that who ever catches it falls down dead but comes back to life as a flesh eating zombie.
          The main character is Elizabeth Bennet who with her sisters try to fight off this zombies and save everyone from this horrible plague that's going round collecting people faster then they expected, Elizabeth ends up getting distracted by the arrival of a Mr Darcy.
          I found myself laughing in parts as the characters are just how you would imagine them to be, the drawings are also brilliant, there's not to many to spoil the imagination but enough to get it going.
          You don't need to have read the original version of this to actually understand the story.
          Even though parts of the story is Jane Austen it is not the actual Jane Austen novel.
          It was re-written by Seth Grahame-Smith.


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