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Member since: 19.01.2008

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      25.01.2008 14:55



      Great B&B, Great Nightlife

      I went to Whitley Bay aswell last year at the end of the summer and I stayed in the Chedburgh bed and breakfast. Whitley Bay has gone downhill a little since my last visit about 7 years ago, but I wasn't really there to see the sites. I went with some friends to enjoy the nightlife & enjoy it we did. The nightlife was just what I remembered, it was busy, the atmosphere like one big party and the people, as always in the North East very, very, friendly. Had a great time in Pier 39, always love the people who get up and dance on the stage.... watch out for the girls in short skirts!! Its a little naughty at times!

      The Chedburgh, I found was very good. The rooms well equiped, clean & comfortable. Breakfast was good and I'm glad I stayed here. I spoke to a few lads out in one bar who said the hotel they were staying at looked like it was like something out of the 70's, I can't remember the name but its on the sea front somewhere. I can recommend the Chedburgh confidently , coz I don't think you'll find anywhere better for the price.

      I'd also reccomend Whitley Bay for stag & hen parties, as all the bars are tailored towards groups, especially for the lads on a Saturday afternoon...strippers....becareful which ones you choose though....I hear some are a little iffy. If you go you'll have a ball guaranteed!!!!


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