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Member since: 24.11.2011

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    • Sony Ericsson K800i / Mobile Phone / 5 Readings / 5 Ratings
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      25.11.2011 04:17
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      Meet your simple expectations to modern things

      I started using this handphone since 2003 and for simple person like me who expect a gadget which have good digital camera 3MP cyber-shot, big space memory also support with bluetooth,infrared to send and receive data from others also not forget about good sounds speaker to play the music.. , its really affordable.. coz this handphone is more than simple , it easy to carry wherever and the best performance about K800i is the camera u can capture and edit the photos to what you'd like..

      The shape and design K800i is not too old and modern neither.. so for everyone who need a gadget which can support you in doing activity such travelling , business and etc you will not regret it as long you give good treatment to this handphone.. for information that i still using this handphone, seven years i've put on this handphone. i often use 3G system to make video calling with my friends, family and especially my girlfriend, its fun and easy to use. more over u can do browsing at anywhere with K800i. trust me it works and there's still a lot of features that u can find out on.

      i never buy new one until this handphone out of order.. so if it still works, i think i will never buy something else lol.Overall i'm satisfied.


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