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Member since: 12.07.2007

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      13.07.2007 09:53
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      Excellent security package for you pc

      I submitted a suggestion for bullguard to dooyoo yesterday and somehow the above picture is what they have supplied me with. Check out bullguards website at www.bullguard.com for more info or to see what the picture should be. Anyway here is my review for bullguard.

      I just love Bullguard 7.0,its a fantastic programme that does loads of great things,I'll try and explain what it does...

      'Bullguard 7.0' is an;

      . Anti virus – This screens your e-mails, and scans your hard drive for viruses and malware, Bullguard Anti virus also has the best update frequency. It updates your computer daily with the best protection, it also detects unknown viruses and has fast and reliable scan engines.

      -Antispware – Spyware and adware are a real problem and threat to your privacy when using the internet,Bullguards antispyware will protect your computer from adware and spyware as it's searching and cleaning files,registry keys and cookies, so it helps to keep you safer from identity theft. I love this feature as I use the computer for just about everything,I like to know I'm safe from those computer spying robbers!

      -Firewall- With Bullguards Firewall you are completely in charge of your internet connection,which will keep you safe from spyware and those spying robbers again,it will help keep you protected from phishing as it uses a database that is always been updated with malicious sites.

      -Spamfilter- Now I think this feature is brilliant,I cannot stand spam and with my last internet security package I got loads of spam,It was just rubbish at keeping it out. I can honestly say hand on my heart in the past month that I've been using 'Bullguard' I have not once been spammed – Yeeaaah!

      -Online/Local Backup- This is safety and convenience all rolled into one,you can backup your important files. Online backup means that you can choose to backup all your stuff online at a cost depending on how much MB's you want(I'll put prices Further down page).
      Local backup lets you choose to perform scheduled backup to a removable disk or your hard drive.

      -Support- The support you get from Bullguard is absolutely super,You actually get to speak to a human and not some automated nonsense just ring them up free of charge and someone rings you back within the hour,GREAT,you can also get live help on the web 24/7.

      Prices (you can buy online from there own website)

      Bullguard Bronze (1000mb backup) £34.99 for 1year or you can get 2years for £52.49

      Bullguard Silver (2000mb backup) £44.99 for 1 year or you can get 2 years for £67.49

      Bullguard Gold (6000mb backup) £84.99 for 1year or you can get 2years for £127.49

      I know to some people the prices seem a little steep, they certainly did to me. But now I know what Bullguard can and does for my internet security I've never looked back, It's the best internet protection that I've ever had.
      It's suitable for Windows 95,2000,XP,98. And I'm currently using vista and it's working great!

      You can get a 2month free trial by visiting www.bullguard.com


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        12.07.2007 16:40


        • "Ease of use"


        A great quiet machine with loads of room

        When I first saw the 'Hotpoint Aqualtis' washing machine I just new I had to have it.

        I looked on a few internet price comparisson websites and found it for under £400.00. (you can get them cheaper now).

        I am over the moon with it, it's super silent,has a great capacity load(7.5kg) which means I get my summer kingsize quilt in-Yippee!.You can put your bedding and towels in together,there is just soo much room.
        The machine is 'A+' rated for wash performance and 'A' rated for spin and energy which is great for your pocket and the environment.
        I like the LCD display that tells you how long your wash cycle has left,it even has a quick wash setting(30mins), so if your in a hurry bung it in the machine and it will be done in know time.
        It has memory buttons so you can personalise what settings you want.
        The 'Aqualtis' has fantastic features including a 1600 spin and yet it is not complicated to use, my husband has been known on a few occasions to do some washing.


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          12.07.2007 15:55



          A yoga dvd to help you loose weight ~ but its very difficult.

          Yoga conditioning for weight loss, I got this dvd from ebay for under £5.00. I truly wish that I had not of bothered.

          I need to loose weight (about 4 stone-Yikes) but just cannot find the strength or energy, anyway I used to work with a woman who was into yoga and she was pencil thin. I have never wanted to be that skinny but slim would certainly be nice! So I thought if she can do it,I can do it.(how wrong was I)
          Apparently yoga has loads of benefits one of which is its supposed to help you naturally loose weight and keep it off.,increase your energy and stamina while balancing the mind,body and spirit.

          I never had the courage to go to a yoga class I didn't like the idea of every looking at me,so I had a look around the internet and came across this DVD.

          Yoga conditioning for weight loss is set in Arizona(USA) and was designed by yoga instructor Suzanne Deason,it is supposed to be a programme that suits all levels of fitness from beginner to the extreme advanced. Well I'm a beginner so in goes the DVD,I'm all ready and prepared,really looking forward to the changes that I will in time be making to my body.
          OMG! I have it set up on beginners level and it is still trying to kill me! You need to be very bendy and slim before you try this dvd or it might also want to kill you!
          It is just about impossible to get into the positions that the instructor is doing and not mention the fact of trying to balance and breath all at the same time.
          So out comes the dvd,back in it's box to sit on the shelf and get dusty.
          The dvd does have bonus material which includes help on using the dvd(but that's just to tell beginners to start at the beginning,which I had already managed to work out for myself.)

          It is of course always advisable to see your doctor before taking up any kind of exercise.


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            12.07.2007 15:30



            About special needs teacher and one particular child ~ Shelia

            'One Child' was the first book that I've ever read which was written by Torey Hayden.
            I bought it in WHSmiths a few years ago at the full price costing me £5.99 (paperback),you can get it cheaper if you shop around.
            The book is based on Torey's experience as a special needs teacher and psychologist in America although she now currently writes in the U.K, understandably she has had to change the names of the characters as the book is a true story.
            'One Child' is about a little girl called Shelia who has had a horrific time,she has been abused and abandoned,now she's come into Torey's life.
            Torey Hayden battles to unlock the awful truths and emotions that's hidden in Sheila.
            Shelia is a very traumatised little girl who cannot speak and will not cry,She was placed into Toreys class after she done something awful to another child.
            This is a sad but fantastic story of their journey together,it offers courage,hope and devotion.
            I truly recommend this book,but get the tissues ready!as I mentioned above this was the first book by Torey Hayden that I had read, I've now read them all.
            She is an amazing person and works really hard,I wish her and the children she teaches the very best of luck.


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              12.07.2007 15:24
              1 Comment



              It's about a teacher and a child. True story.

              'Tigers Child' written by the great Torey Hayden.

              Torey is a special needs teacher and psychologist, her stories are true and based on troubled children she comes into contact with via the classroom.
              'Tigers Child' is the follow on to 'One Child' which I have written a brief review on.
              My husband bought this book for me so I'm not sure how much it cost and where he got it from(probably WHSmiths),but the rrp is £5.99.
              It's quite tricky written a review on these kinds of stories without giving to much away.
              'Tigers Child' does tend to repeat itself from 'One Child' but I don't mind this,it's more like a refresher to help you remember Shelia's and Toreys background.
              The story is set seven years later when Shelia comes back into Toreys life and is needing her help and guidance again.
              Shelia is now a teenage with masses of orange hair,but no longer troubled like she had been in 'One Child' although she is still searching for some answers.Torey has her work cut out to help Shelia,but this time it is to help her with her teenage years and make her way through to womanhood.
              I found this book really enjoyable,although not as good as 'One Child' it is still a remarkable read.


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                12.07.2007 12:36
                Very helpful



                Great hair free legs,with little effort in a few mins.

                I am always looking for an alternative to shaving my legs- apart from letting them grow and get really hairy, So after seeing many adverts on t.v for the 'veet in shower hair removal cream' I decided it was time to get some and give it a go.

                I took a trip into town last weekend and found the Veet for £3.00 for 150ml in Ethel Austins, the price seemed quite reasonable to me as it was almost £6.00 at the supermarket.

                Later on that day I decided it was time to give it go, It comes in a blister pack which is quite easy to open,so I remove the tube of cream and little sponge-I'm now ready to start attacking my legs.
                Off comes the lid and mmm it has a lovely floral smell and onto my legs it goes-Blinking heck the cream is freezing cold but is very easy to apply with the sponge, all I need to do now is stand and stare at the shower for 2 two mins before stepping in and getting some results on my legs.
                It is recommended by the manufacturer that you leave the veet on legs for at least 2mins before coming into contact with water, but never leave the cream on for more than 6mins.

                Well I was in the shower for quite some time washing hair and shaving armpits etc ~ I have not tried this under my arms yet as I wanted to see how my legs reacted first. The cream was really good at not washing straight off with the running water, So I take the little sponge and use the opposite side as it has bumpy bits on and point my leg directly under shower,rub sponge lightly over leg and WOW what fantastic results, Nice, Soft, Silky smooth legs without any effort.

                This is a product that I will definitely be buying again. I have had fantastic result and it was 5days before I had any noticeable hairs reappearing on my legs.

                It is recommended that you always wait 72 hours between product applications. Do not sunbathe or swim for 24 hours after use. Do not use on skin that has been shaved in the last 72 hours.


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                • NiQuitin CQ / Health Product / 14 Readings / 12 Ratings
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                  12.07.2007 12:32
                  Very helpful



                  A great way to help keep you calm and kick that filthy habit

                  I started using these patches two weeks ago and I am really pleased with results.

                  How I got them

                  I was sick of smoking,the smell,the expense etc, so I went found a local stop smoking group in my area,had a chat with one of the counsellors who was very nice and understanding. We discussed many stop smoking aids but decided these were probably best for me. I got them on prescription so they were not to expensive(much cheaper than cigarettes).

                  What the programme is all about

                  The programme has three steps(this review is on step 1), Every step has it's own strength and different lengths of time you need to remain on that step. The patches are designed to give your body a set amount of nicotine, which will be reduced gradually as you go from step 1 to step 3. Each patch is for 24hours.

                  Step 1 ~ Is for 6weeks and contains 114mg of nicotine and delivers 21mg of nicotine over 24 hours.

                  Step 2 ~ Is for 2 weeks and contains 78mg of nicotine and delivers 14mg of nicotine over 24 hours.

                  Step 3 ~ Is for 2 weeks and contains 36mg of nicotine and delivers 7mg of nicotine over 24 hours.

                  Every pack contains 7 patches apart from the 1step which you can get in a 2week pack.

                  What they do

                  It takes a while for your body to adjust not smoking~ believe me I know!
                  These patches help reduce those cravings and keep you calm, as this is a step down programme it also allows you to gradually overcome your body's need for nicotine.

                  How to use them

                  Find yourself a nice piece of hair free, clean and dry skin. Open the little sachet along the dotted line, remove the patch and peel off the two little bits of protective film. Apply the sticky side of your patch to that nice bit of skin you found( I use my arm) and press firmly.
                  You should change your patch once a day. You need to leave each patch on for 24 hours.I do it every morning and alternate between arms.
                  I like a nice soak in the bath in the evenings and a long shower in the mornings and the patches have not come off.

                  Side effects

                  Apparently they do not have any serious side effects, but some of the minor ones include abnormal dreams ~ which I've had a few of but they were pleasant dreams and not nightmares., Trembling,Palpitations,Shortness of breath,Stomach pains,Feeling sick,Runny bottom and tiredness. The only side effect that has affected me is the unusual dreams. The patches for me have not caused any itching, redness or burning.

                  Circumstances in which you are not to use

                  If you are allergic to the ingredients within the patch (I'll list at the bottom)
                  If you have heart problems.
                  You will need additional advice if you have liver or kidney disease,over-active thyroid gland or phaeochromocytoma, or if you are pregnant.

                  Where to find help

                  www.click2quit.com call 0800 0922 9293

                  Ingredients ~ I've had to copy this from the side of the box as it has some super long words.

                  Each 22 cm2 patch contains ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer, polyethylene terephthalate' polyethylene film, polyisobutylene and printing ink.


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