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    • Bingo / Discussion / 24 Readings / 22 Ratings
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      29.08.2006 17:52
      Very helpful



      Good game keeps the kids happy. Makes them feel all grown up...

      I had a game of bingo from a long time ago where you had the numbers in a ball shape with a little hole for one number to come out at a time. I think I picked this up in Argos and I have to admit my family and the family next door would play this for ages, all the kids enjoyed this and we would give the winner a treat of some sort they were happy to win but enjoyed getting their penny chew to show they had won something.

      Was looking for some thing a little diffrent foir the family games and came across this last year at Tesco.com.
      Bingo on a Dvd I thought would my kids like to play this game......as they enjoyed playing it manually.
      After all the toying with the idea for a bit I decided even of they didn't play my man and I would have a go when the kids were in bed fast asleep.

      In the end it turned out that my kids loved the idea of playing bingo on the telly they liked it even more when they won as they got to sing and dance to the winners song and for me this was better than giving them a sweet as they wern't getting the idea that they had to recieve something every time they won they just got their 5 mins in the spot light. This was great for my kids self asteem.

      This is an ideal game for all the family from as young as 5 as long as the kids can keep up with the calling of the numbers they will enjoy this as much as my little girls (aged 6 and 8 ) have.

      About the game of bingo for those who don't know...

      Bingo is a board game made up of 90 numbers from 1 to 90 in five rows all the numbers are in order well they aint just straight from 1 to 90 the numbers are in set lines and muddled up.
      To win you have to get five numbers to make a single line this is a line across the page then 2 lines and then a full house wich is all 15 numbers marked of the page. when a full house is complete the game has to be reset to beging another page.

      With this game there`s no need to shout out the numbers anymore - not when Mike Vyse, National Bingo Caller of the Year, calls every game for you!.
      And if that wasn`t enough, every Bingo Party game comes complete with two DVDs; Modern and Traditional. You choose which game you want to play!

      So sit back, grab the remote and get ready to party...Bingo Style!

      This game is sold at lots of diffrent prices. I got it from tesco.com at £16:99 but this can be found on line much cheaper. There is also simmaler games that are more up to date and average about £6 for thoses who are looking for a barging.

      DVD special features:

      Includes: 2 Interactive DVD Discs, 25 Wipe-Clean Bingo Cards, 4 Pens, 1 Rules.

      If any one out there decides to give this a try I hope you and family and friends have as much fun as we have had with it as it is so much easier than having to use the ball and numbers manually


      I do recommend this allthough it saysI don't at the bottom of this page.


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        28.08.2006 18:38
        Very helpful



        A biscuit for all the family but you might want to leave the kids out they might get hooked before y

        Who doesn't like a chocolate biscuit.

        When I was in my local supermarket looking for treats for the kids I came across these new biscuits from Mc Vitie's. The packeging was easy on the eye and they looked nice (very tempting). A caramel and chocolate digestive biscuit.... yum yum I thought.

        After putting away all my other messages i put the kettle on and got comfy with my new biscuits and cup of tea in front of the tv.
        My first bite didn't have me to impressed so I dipped it into the tea and waw! what a diffrence this made it nice and soft and made my taste buds tingle i had to have more.
        The chocolate and carmel mix well together when dipped and the biscuit topped it of for me as I like a digestive all ready with out the chocolate and carmel.

        These tasty biscuits can be bought at most grocers, supermarkets for just over a pound and they are good value for money.
        They are tasty and I really enjoy the blend of biccy,milk chocolate and caramel. You actually get a lot for your money. They look attractive are tasty, and the milk chocolate coating is yummy, it is the same in the Chocolate Digestive. The caramel coating is a bit thin but I do like Caramel and it blends nicely.A little more carmel would make these so much beter I think.


        As with all Mc vitie's these are very easy to spot on the shelf they are in a blue and gold/carmel and a chocolate corner colour on the packet. The Packet alone will sell these to you if you enjoy a good biccy.
        As I have aready mentioned these will cost you around a pound but these are good value for money as they will leave you wanting more.


        I would recommend that on your next shopping trip to throw a pack of these in your trolley/basket and give them a go I am sure you will want to buy again.If you are on a diet stay clear of these bacause as I said they will keep at you as they are so nice putting these down isn't easy.

        Hope you enjoy these......

        I would recommend you try these...


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        • Eye For An Eye (DVD) / DVD / 25 Readings / 21 Ratings
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          23.08.2006 20:16
          Very helpful



          Very good film to watch but not if you don't like disturbin scenes

          Who are we to decide people's fate:

          This film was one to watch I sat down to this late last night and couldn't put it off.

          THE PLOT:

          At the start lf the film the main actress Karen McCann`s (Sally Field) is talking to her friend about her 6 year olds party and about how all the decorations are way over the top i mean who gets thier 6 year old an ice sculpture.
          When she was on her way home she was hoping to talk to the baby sitter when she called to check on how things were going with the decorations at home to her surprise her eldest daughter was at home taking care of every thing rather than her normal football pratice.Whilst on the phone talking to her daughter there was a knock at the door so her daughter put the phone down with her mum hanging on to talk again to both their disbilieve the person behind the door is infact a rapist and murderer.
          Whilst the mum is still on the phone this man brakes through past the girl and rapes and beats her to death whilst her distraught and despret mother tries to get help as she listens to her child scream for help.
          Then every thing goes quiet and the phone goes dead this makes the mum worse not to know what has happened to her child who has been screaming for help.
          Karen finaly finds someone who is willing to call for help and send the police on ahead to her house, by the time she gets home the street is swarming with police cars and all the street is out to see what has happened but it was to late her 17 year old daughter was raped then battered to death with her very own ice sculpture.
          The police manage to catch this kiler but the court can't prosicute due to the defence not having any samples to test for DNA so once again this man is free to do this again.
          Karen is now getting a little obsessed with this man and has been following him trying to collect edivince of him re-offending just to get to see justice done but he catches her and warns her off by giving her youngest daughter a visit at school and making Karen well aware of his presence.
          Karen and husband start going to meetings for people who have lost children to murder or accidental death. This is when Karen starts to get the idea of making the murdered pay she starts to plot to kill him to shoot him for pay back but she is put off when she finds out that her new found friend is actually under cover for the FBI.
          Again he strikes by raping and killing yet another woman but this time making sure he left no evidence behind. This causes Karen major distress to think that he has got off with it again so she goes to his place and sets him up by leaving him a hint of who has trashed his flat. Yes she is setting a trap to kill him but will she pull it of I aint going to tell you the ending as I think it would ruin this film for those of you who will watch it.

          Starring: Beverly D'Angelo, Ed Harris, Joe Mantegna, Kiefer Sutherland, Sally Field
          Director: John Schlesinger

          THE COST:

          This is an older film now but is still pricey. Tesco's price is £11.99 Amazon sell this for a lot less at £5.97 and select cheaper have this at £5.49 so if you can shop online for this you will get a lot better deal than most shops can offer.


          I think this is a good film that I would recomend to all this is not a chick flick in my eyes this is a film for all adults(not for any one under the age of 18). This film does show scenes of the girls getting raped so I think if you can't watch things like this don't watch.I have had this for a while but never got round to watching it but now I have I highly recomend it to all.


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            21.08.2006 13:17
            Very helpful



            This is a good film not so much singing through it but seems to be much the same as the last one.

            If you didnt watch the earlier version of this as a kid then you have surely missed a crucial part of your childhood. Shame on your parents. Despite your misfortune, I am sure that you, along with the rest of us, know the story inside out.

            Still, there is something about seeing your kids that makes you think how great some stories really are. We all know the ones, its the ones that have truly stood the test of time. Winnie the Pooh, The Labyrinth etc. Well, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory need not worry as it slots finely into this catalogue of timeless classics.

            Well, now it has had a remake and has been released on DVD. Having missed taking the kids to the cinema to see this, I was unceremoniously forced into providing the DVD. Thankfully I had 400 extra points when I spent so much at Tesco on Kids DVD's, so this was it (they can go to Butlins if I get enough points by the end of the year).

            The cover looks like the same film as before - the same characters are there, although they look a little different. Johnny Depp features prominently on the front as is really the only big name in the film. So I showed the kids and a flurry of excitement ensued.

            Now, eldest was a little disappointed at first, as this is literally a re-make of the original. It's ot a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2 - its just a remake of the first. The characters really are the same and the storyline is too. You get a few exceptions, like Veruca Salt gets herself taken away by squirrels as she is a bad nut rather than a golden goose with a bad egg - but you get the general idea.

            The kids characters are all here; Augustus Gloop, Mike TV, Veruca Salt, Violet and the star of our film, Charlie. They all act the same as they did in the previous version, Charlie was poor but honest, Veruca is a stubborn cow, Augustus is greedy and falls in the chocolate river etc. I guess you could argue, why change a recipe that works?

            There are 2 distinct things that are different about this film though. Firstly, Johnny Depp is a far darker character than the original Willy Wonka. Rather than being bubbly and full of fun, he has somewhat lost his way and is miserable. This doesn't change much through the main part of the story, but it allows the film to enjoy an extra 10 mins as the ending alters compared to the original. Instead of inheriting the factory, Charlie opts to stay with his family... but what will Willie Wonka make of this? It keeps you wondering what will happen as this is different and sort of catches you by surprise.

            The actors themselves play their various characters rather well. It is a kids film though, so don't expect anything amazing. Sadly, the darkened atmosphere seems to take the edge off what was initially an amazing film. The kids felt the same (they have seen both versions and immediately ran off wanting to watch the original rather than this one again). Sadly, I think it will therefore sit on the shelf for the next few months at least. Well, once the relatives have finishes passing it amongst themselves (it always seems to happen).

            You may also find it disappointing to find that the Umpa Lumpas are no longer orange. Instead they are rather sour faced mini humans that sing different songs (yes, the Umpa Lumpa song is gone! - darn them!). To be honest, these songs are neither cathy or enjoyable. Unlike the original, the music score is therefore very disappointing. Not what I expected from a well hyped movie.

            For the price I paid (12.99 new at the time), it wasn't great value for money. It has rarely been aired since the initial viewing, but did stir interest in watching the old one amongst the kids. You would still end up paying a fairly hefty price if you want to get this one, so it might not be worth the cash. If you get it for a fiver in the future and you don't have the first one, it is worth getting to keep the kids happy. As an adult, you may have a weird curious nature towards this one but I would urge you to fight your feelings. This is clearly a waste of money that should not enduce anyone to dip into their wallets. Wait for it to come on TV, at least then it is free to be disappointed.


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            • Coyote Ugly (DVD) / DVD / 34 Readings / 29 Ratings
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              15.08.2006 08:13
              Very helpful



              A good film and it is worth the extra for this version.

              Coyote Ugly is a film that is fun to watch if you like a chick flick.....

              It is all about a young wanna be who leaves home and moves to the big city (New York) to try and get her songs noticed. However, she doesn't want to be a singer, she wants her songs to be performed by a person with a big name one day. Her biggest down fall is stage fright that is why Violet Stanford (Piper Perabo) wants some one else to sing her songs for her.

              When she gets to the city she finds life on her own is very tough and no one is willing to listen to her music. All violet keeps geting is the run around from all these big hot shot companies telling her they will not listen to her music with out her owning the copy write or having a manager.

              Then she meets a man who pretends to own a club and he takes her demo tape. She soon to finds out he was leading her on. Violet wasn't to know that she would find herself in a strange love affair with the man, who's only interest is to see her do well.

              Shortly after moving in someone has broken in trashed her things and taken all her money so she is now in a place where she has to go look for a job. With a bit of luck when she was having a coffee and some pie in a corner cafe she noticed some girls living it up and splashing their cash like it was nothing. The Cafe owner then tells her that these are the all famous Coyotes.

              Violet was in luck when she heard one of the girls were leaving, which meant there was to be a job opening. The next morning she found this bar and went in persuit of a job, driven by how much cash the girls were flashing around.

              Now with Violet being a Coyote and working 5 night a week she has the money to send demo's to all the big companies but this also fails to work. During this film a romance is building between Violet and the wanna be club owner O'Donnell they slowly fall in love and twists are ready to be unfolded.

              Will Violet overcome her stage fright and perform her songs at an Open Mike night? Will her father forgive her for performing as a Coyote and dancing on bars? Will she hit the big time and get a major artist performing her songs or will she do it herself?

              THE MUSIC:

              This film contains a lot of music and has created a rather good soundtrack (I'm almost tempted to buy the CD). Leanne Rhymes puts in a couple of good numbers and a Kid Rock track also makes an appearance when the girls are dancing in the bar. It's all appropriate and well used and adds to the overall emotion of the film.

              ABOUT THIS VERSION:

              If you have ever watched this film and liked what you have watched well I say it is time to get the extended cut version with added scenes. The scenes added are of Violet and O Donnell getting it on (yes gents, we see boobs) and more action than the men can handle on the base ball pitch. We also see a few extra touching moments such as Violet holding pictures of her late mother. Not sure it's worth paying the extra for if you have already seen the film and didn't like it, but otherwise it is worth the extra cash.


              *Coyote Commentary - Featurette:
              *Search For The Stars
              *The Dreamer
              *Mr O'Donnell

              *Coyote 101:
              *A Place To Get Ugly
              *Calling The Shots
              *Shaking It
              *Featurette: Inside The Songs - Additional Scenes:
              *Violet's Goodbye
              *Driving With Gloria
              *Stolen Goods
              *Lil's Lesson
              *Gloria And Violet
              *Action Overload
              *Theatrical Trailer
              *Music Video: LeAnn Rimes

              This is actually a rather good collection of extras and each offers its own insight into the character/area of the film its focused on. In each case, they are well constructed and are almost like stand alone programs that you could watch. Better than the average.

              THE PRICE:

              The film costs you £16.99 at most online stores, although I got it at my local Tesco Extra (in store) for a mere £8.97. Now this was a double bargain as it was 3 for 2 on selected DVD's as well. I would never see myself paying £17 for any DVD, but at the price I paid it was well worth the cash. And this is me having seen the film before.


              A good film to watch with a good storyline. The music is easy to associate with and emphasises the films storylines no end. Often the use of famous names and famous songs leads to a mish mash that doesn't gel (anyone see 8 mile with Eminem?), but not in this case. At the price I paid, it was a bargain that will be watched again and again. Avoid paying over the odds though, almost a £10 difference in prices is a lot to waste on a DVD.


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              • Cheaper By The Dozen 2 (DVD) / DVD / 29 Readings / 26 Ratings
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                14.08.2006 01:36
                Very helpful



                Kids like to watch it over and over think they plotting somthing big. lol

                Can you ever imagine having 12 kids?

                This film is about a happily married couple who have had a very large family of 12 kids, 7 boys and 5 girls. As if that isn't bad enough they have a dog to.

                THE PLOT:

                Tom Baker(Steve Martin) wants to keep his family together but his elder kids want to move out of town and get on with their own lives. His eldest is married and due a baby and his other kid is ready to move town after she graduates high school. In order to keep them all together for one last summer he talks them into a family holiday at a lake where they went when the kids were lots younger.

                When they got there Tom ran into a old school friend who was jealous of him as a teenager and it was clear to see that these two grown men still have a grudge. The only problem for Tom was that Jimmy Murtaugh (Eugene Levy) owned most of the lake and a big house across the lake from him. Indeed, he was a financial sucess in all corners.

                If you have watched the first film you would know that Toms kids are a little rough and like to play dirty were as Jimmy's kids were made to do as they are told and as jimmy said 'on a short leash'. The only problem for both the men was that the kids liked each other. Some more than others, but the fathers still being long-time rivals just couldn't exept the friendships (and more) and tried to prevent it happening.

                Tom's kids wreck everything more than once in this film but no harm done and they keep getting invited back for more right up until the two fathers get to the point where they talk each other into a grudge match at the yearly labour day.

                To celebrate Labour day, families got together and pulled their weight to try to win all the compitions like tug-o-war and the sack race. The winners will win the labour day trophy, but this is the Bakers and something is bound to go wrong... isn't it?

                THE ACTING:
                I think all the actors played their parts really well. The Baker kids acted like they are playful right from the off where as the Murtaugh kids were all top of the class great at sports and their father held trophies in a shrine as proof that they were good. Tom (Steve Martin) and his wife (Bonnie Hunt) both played their parts as parents really well. I should really note that Tom and Jimmy were good together they realy looked like they could have hit each other out of spite. The kids were all playing thier roles well, from the female Tomboy stuggling with her adult emotions to the preganant mother to be who has to divide her loyalties between her unborn child and the large family she has loved all her life. Excellent stuff.

                DVD SPECIAL FEATURES:

                Audio commentary by Director Adam Shankman

                Fox Movie Channel presents Casting Session

                "Camp Chaos" and "A Comedic Trio" Featurettes: A behind-the-scenes look at what happens when working with more than 24 actors, mostly kids and a dog!

                THE PRICE:

                This film was released in April this year on Dvd and it costs only £7.07 from tesco but tesco also has a buy three for two offer on at the moment, which is what enticed me to make a purchase. I think I got a good bargin as Myself, my man and kids all watched this film and found parts of it funny if not most of it.

                THE TECHY STUFF:

                The film is rated a PG but I dont see nothing in it that is unsuitible for younger kids. The only thing that isn't so good for kids is at the start of the film when the kids has a bag full of fire works and runs around with the fire works shooting from the bag. With this in mind, if you have kids who might be tempted to try this watch it before you let them see it - and hold a full blown safety around fireworks at the local church before viewing (or just tell them not to do it themselves!). Beyond that, I should let you know that the film lasts approx 90 mins (naturally this is like a piece of string if you have kids - add toilet breaks at leisure).


                A good and funny family film. It's not a laugh a minute but it does have its moments. I'm not sure I would recommend you pay the full whack for the film as it will no doubt wind up on TV soon as its not one thats likely to spark long term interest from buyers. But having said that, I only bought it the other day and the kids have already watched it twice and wanted it to watch in bed tonight (oh my sins, I let them have a DVD player in the room, only a cheap one mind!).

                Basically, the DVD is well worth the money but you might want to wait. There are better films out there for those without kids though - and its basically aimed at 8 year olds with parents to sit next to.


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                  11.08.2006 11:00
                  Very helpful



                  Great family movie to watch with the kids

                  This is a family film that my self let alone the kids will sit and watch time after time. And so we get on with it:

                  THE COVER:

                  This would be quiet easy to spot on a shop shelf as it has a large title and a large picture of Gordan (Emilio Estevez ). Behind him is the team all crushed up against the glass of the ice pulling faces at Gordan.

                  SYNOPSIS (FROM THE BOX):

                  Screen favourite Emilio Estevez (Stakeout, Young Guns I and II) stars in the hilarious comedy hit, The Mighty Ducks Are The Champions! Aggressive trial lawyer Gordon Bombay (Estevez) has never lost a case. But when he`s sentenced to a community service assignment, he must coach a ragtag team of pee wee hockey players who can`t stake, can`t score and can`t win! First he teaches the hapless team everything about winning, and then they teach him that winning isn`t everything. Watch the pucks fly as they battle their way to the most important game of their lives!

                  THE PLOT:

                  The film starts with a high flying legal type who has done wrong and winds up doing community service. As he was once a promising young ice hockey player - thats what his boss decides he should do.

                  And so our intrepid young business man takes to the streets and finds the lowest bunch of no hopers you can imagine. Skating is a no way and the ability to hit a puck seems beyond them. But they enjoy the game and despite finishing bottom of the league every time they play, they keep going.

                  The task handed to Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez) is simple. Do your time for your crime and then get out of there. But there is something about sports that anyone who has ever been involved will know - it's never that simple.

                  And so, with the backing of his boss, new kits for the guys and a determination to get one over on his old coach, we see the games come alive and an emotional roller coaster begins. Will he make the District 5 team into a winning combination as the Mighty Ducks? Or will they be sent quacking home?

                  TARGET AUDIENCE:

                  This film is aimed at kids and thats the way it's designed. But that is always the case with Disney films. However, in good old Disney tradition, adults will soon find themselves engrossed too. As its a Disney film rather than a cartoon, really young kids might get bored, but ages 5 and up will enjoy it and will get into it rather quickly.

                  THE STATS:

                  This film is certified at PG as some scenes may be unsuitible for younger viewers but I let my kids watch this film as I think that there is nothing they dont see in this film that can disturb them in any way. The film it self runs for 99 mins and its a good 99 minutes as well.

                  THE PRICE:
                  This is a walt Disney film and is not that cheap the dvd costs around about £15. Tesco has this retailed at £14.24 online.To buy from a tesco store this would cost a further £1.75 so if you are looking to save a little money I would recomend buying this online or shop around in your local shops for this one at the best price that suits you.


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                  • The Goonies (DVD) / DVD / 38 Readings / 35 Ratings
                    More +
                    07.08.2006 17:03
                    Very helpful



                    This is a bargain that every parent should have

                    This is one even I like to watch, I cuddle up with the kids and get the dvd out the rack and set up for a few hours of a family movie.

                    I picked this up at the weekend from Game, which is a store that deals more in computer games rather than in dvd's. It was on the counter that was showing at buy any item and get the dvd for £5. If you didn't want to buy any thing else this dvd in this store would cost you £8 which is still an ok price for a film that the kids will watch over and over again. This is also availible to buy online from tesco at £6.97. I think that for this being a full length version the price that I paid was a fair deal and it was worth £5 of any ones money, well any one who has kids or an imaginanation that is.

                    SYNOPSIS (from the box):

                    From the imagination of Steven Spielberg, The Goonies plunges a band of small heroes into a swashbuckling, surprise-around-every-corner quest beyond their wildest dreams! Following a mysterious treasure map into a spectacular underground realm of twisting passages, outrageous booby-traps and a long-lost pirate ship full of golden doubloons, the kids race to stay one step ahead of a family of bumbling bad guys... and a mild-mannered monster with a face only a mother could love. A family adventure classic from start to buccaneering finish, The Goonies is a cinematic treasure trove of breathtaking action, dazzling effects and shiver-yer-timbers thrills.

                    THE FILM:

                    The film itself is basically about a group of boys who's dad is about to lose his house due to money problems. With the parents away and the friends all together in the house, they decide to look in the Attic for anything of value. While there, they come across a Treasure Map that once belonged to 'one eyed willy', a pirate of local fame.

                    The story goes that the map is supposed to lead to treasure. Always happy with the sense of adventure, the younger boys decide to tie up the older brother and head out on an adventure that will entail the meeting of a family of crooks, an exploration of booby trapped caves, and the meeting of some strange individuals.

                    THE ACTORS:

                    The kids used in this movie haven't really done much that I know of since, which is a shame because they were all superb in this film. Throughout they act well, keep the mood of the film and engross the viewer in the storyling. Granted the story is great as well, but the acting is great. From the older brother who plays the sensible one that gets dragged along, the young enthusiast who remains totally convinced that Willy was real and the treasure is there - and the fat kid who always thinks about food.

                    The supporting actors also keep the film going. The mob gang members play along well and dont appear unrealistic. There is no amazing shooting scenes etc... but they are clearly of evil intent and care only for their own evil deeds. While the kids are not a prime target, they are an annoyance that must be dealt with. The older mother is great as the little weedy one who seems to dominate the much larger sons she has (adults). Sumarising the acting, it is good and befits the roles in the film.

                    DVD EXTRAS:

                    Audio commentary (with hidden video treasures) - Somewhat interesting but nothing to sing home about. It's basically some guy who made it talking about it as it runs through. Some people like this sort of thing but it's not for me.

                    Behind-the-scenes documentary The Making of the Goonies - This was somewhat boring to be honest, although it is interesting to see how they did it back in the day that this film was made.

                    Cyndi Lauper The Goonies 'R' Good Enough Music Video - This is your basic music video and is nothing special.

                    Deleted Scenes - I have watched these a few times but never really figured out where they go in the film. Still, they are here and may amuse you for a moment or two. Not for the scenes, but trying to figure out where they go in the film!

                    Trailer - Hardly special, this is what they used to promote the film and is the same as any other film trailer really. Not really worth a look unless you have a mate who needs convincing its worth the money, although in this case I wonder why you are too tight fisted to lend them it for a day!

                    THE STATISTICAL STUFF:

                    This full length version runs for a total of 110 mins and can be seen in three languages: English, French and italian and the subtitles come in :English, French, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Romanian and Bulgarian. This film is certified at age 12 as it contains a hanging scene, which to me makes no odds as my girls are only 9 and 7 and both love this film no matter what scenes it may contain. Either way, it is very mild and makes me wonder if it shouldn't have been rated PG.


                    My self and my to kids will sit in front of the telly and watch this film over and over again as it is a fun filled family film. The price is fair and can be bought allmost any place as an older film for those of you whom hasn't heard of it. I think if you havn't yet watched this film may you be a child, teenager or adult whom has a whole load of immagination I would recommend this to you all as I am sure I have all ready said that this is a fun filled action packed film for all.


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                      13.07.2006 14:40
                      Very helpful



                      This is good for all the family

                      BIG COOK LITTLE COOK:


                      Big Cook Ben and Little Cook Small love their third DVD which features five fairytale episodes.

                      Princess And The Pea

                      Ben`s family are coming to stay but there aren`t enough beds! Luckily a Princess visits, and in return for making her a delicious Princess Pie she leaves some duvets and mattresses for Ben`s guests.

                      Little Bo Peep

                      Ben ruins his woolly jumper from Aunty Betty - oh dear! Little Bo Peep arrives and Ben and Small make her a Potato Sheep. In return she leaves them a lovely new jumper, just like the one Aunty Betty made.

                      Snow White

                      When Snow White visits the cafe, Small whizzes off to find out how custard is made, so they can make her some Seven Dwarfs custard and apple tarts.

                      Old MacDonald

                      Ben and Small decide to make Old MacDonald some Farmyard Smoothies. He leaves them a present that will help them to keep the grass short - it`s a goat!

                      When Mary Mary arrives at the cafe, Small finds out how boiled sweets are made, and Ben adds these as a finishing touch to her Fancy Flower biscuits.

                      WHAT MYSELF AND MY KIDS THINK:

                      My kids love this programe it is on all the time on BBC2 in the mornings and if you are a Sky or Digital viewer you can also find it on Cbeebies on weekdays. This is aimed at kids under the age of 5 years. I find my older kids like this aswell they like to learn how to cook all the nice treats. I also find that when the songs are on myself included will sing along, The tidy up song is a good one as it teaches the kids to tidy up when they are done not like my older to listen. This show teaches kids to ask for help of an adult when in the kitchen as the oven is HOT HOT HOT !.
                      Before big and small get into cooking Small will get his story book and tell the viewers a story relating to todays show ,Then he will fly of to collect the one ingreadiant that they always seem to be missing this helps kids understand about how food is grown and proscessed.

                      MORE IMFO:...

                      Language: EnglishNo. of disks: 1 Sound format: Stereo, Dolby DigitalAspect ratio: 16:9DVD special features
                      Watch a bonus episode Mary Mary.

                      Sing-along to The Cleaning Up Song.

                      Play the ingredients game.

                      Enjoy fantastic menues.


                      This is availible at Tesco for £11.99 but I think if you shop around this can be found a little cheaper.There is another three Dvd's that goes along with this one:

                      Big cook Little cook
                      Welcome to our cafe

                      Big cook Little cook
                      we love to cook

                      Big cook Little cook
                      Farm yard friends


                      My kids like this and I am sure your kids will to it is fun for all ages and if your little one gets into this like mine there are Big cook Little cook kitchen toys availible with recipie cards from the show for the children to make.


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                      • Siemens SF65 / Mobile Phone / 32 Readings / 30 Ratings
                        More +
                        03.07.2006 23:03
                        Very helpful


                        • Reliability


                        Great phone for the price, although no MP3 capability is a shame. Better camera than similiar phones

                        Ok, I have a confession to make. I never got this phone for £129.99 (the RRP). In fact, I got the phone for free. How did I manage this? Well, I will tell you later, but thank Virgin.

                        Anyhow, onto the review.

                        THE APPEARANCE:

                        The phone itself is a compact white rectangle. It's almost smooth, is white on all sides with a silver strip along the side. This is when it's closed. Being a camera phone, the camera lens is printed on the top side of the front and is quite small. With the see-through plastic with a white background, it actually looks quite stylish, like it is meant to be there rather than just being 'stuck on'.

                        When you open the phone (it's a flip phone in case I forgot to mention), you get the silver/grey keys. Imagine a brand new keyring bottle opener that you can see yourself in - thats the colour of the silver I am talking about. The grey writing on the keys is OK, although the letters may be hard to read if you struggle with your sight. There is a circular button at the top of the keys - this is used to navigate, and the corners of the circle are in place to make it a square, with each button being another key. In this case, the green phone handset indicates accept, the red indicates cancel/hang up and the top two buttons vary with what is on screen.

                        The screen itself is quite large compared to other similar phones, which is aided by the phones size. The pictures are also OK. You can see them on the phone and they look fairly fuzzy but I should let you know something unusual. I have connected my phone to the PC to upload pictures of the kids (the cables come in the box) and they looked fuzzy on the phone but clear on the PC. I guess the graphic itself is more than the screen can handle. Still, the screen is all colour and the menu options at the bottom are easy to read.

                        THE NAVIGATION:

                        Ok, here is where this phone falls down somewhat. I have had it almost 6 months now, but I still struggle to find features on it. On the upside, the boredom is soon overcome on the bus if you take the phone out and have a fiddle. When you get into the menu's you can do all sorts of things, although you will never find it again so make it a good change when you do it!

                        Luckily, the simple functions are all very easy. If you want the phone book, just press the down button on the circle and there it is. Indeed, this is a massive plus. I am used to a Nokia and the menu's there were all self explanatory. The same is true here but there are so many menu's that it can be easy to get lost.

                        If you know exactly what you want, you can highlight the icon on the screen (a bit like clicking an icon on your Windows desktop on the PC) until you get to the one you want. They make sense and you get there in the end. For example, if you want to get to the calculator you can click menu - then extras - then calculator. Given the options you have here, this isnt as odd as it sounds and you will find it easy to locate.

                        However, there are so many features as I said, so exploring them all will take you an amazingly long time. But here we go with what I know.


                        You can send picture messages or text messages. For text messages you can write in predictive text (you type it makes the words), manual text (for Y you press the relevant button 3 times, the old way) and you can even insert your own smiley faces or use the ones that are there. If you want a punctuation of some kind, it is only one button away. I have to admit that using the predictive text and the various pre done smileys, my mates haven't text me back to say 'what?'. Got to be a good sign.

                        Picture messages can be sent by taking a photo with the camera on the phone (duh) and then click on send msg. You can actually do this while looking at the picture or by going to the messages section and then searching for the photo. Either way you will soon be paying the massive costs for sending them... oh dear. Addictive is the word here. A worthy note is that although the pics look better on the PC from the phone they are taken from, they look fuzzy if you send it to your mate and they upload it. We both have the same phone so it must be something to do with the messaging. Who knows????


                        Now the most important thing about a phone for me is being able to hear the other person. Thankfully, you don't have any problems with that on this phone. The speaker is in the top when you open the phone and is in the natural position to listen. Other people also have no problems hearing me either.

                        Because the keys have indents on them, it also makes it hard to press a button against your face by accident. This can be annoying on some phones where the keys protrude from the design, but they thought this one out well.

                        Answering the call is also easy. As the keys are seperated aroudn the circle, it is very hard to press the hang up button by accident. If you don't like someone and you have this phone, don't tell them about this review!.

                        To end the call, you just press the red phone icon and thats it. Easy really.

                        If you want to check your call registry (a record of your incoming/outgoing calls) then you can do so. The list stays on there for ages and keeps updating. The one down side is that if the same number calls you twice, you only get to see the latest attempt. This can be annoying if you have 3 missed calls and only 2 numbers - who phoned you twice? Must be important... or maybe the 3rd was a sales call with a witheld number? I will never know. My old Nokia 5110 used to tell me, and I miss that feature more than you might expect. Incredibly useful.


                        For those who are confused, this is the 'feel' of the phone. Lets start with in your pocket. The phone isn't by any means huge, in fact it is about average for the market at the moment. Being a flip phone it isnt a brick, but there are smaller ones out there (you seen those tiny Motorola models?) It's not going to hide in your pocket without a small bulge, but it won't make a young boy proud either! At least it goes in the pocket without any hassle. Being a flip phone, it won't dial when in your pocket either!

                        When you are holding the phone to your ear it is also easy on the hand. It's light weight and so doesn't leave your arm aching after a ten minute moaning from your mum, you can hang up and still write a letter. I think, I don't write letters, but you get the idea.

                        If you want to write a message and such, it can become a little harder. The keys are relatively small compared to a non-flip phones and this means texting will often lead to the wrong key being hit. On the older method this isnt so bad, but on predictive text you often don't realise until the end of the message - and that's annoying!

                        THE CAMERA FUNCTIONS:

                        The camera on this phone is well included. It's built in and sits on the front panel with the screen on the other side. Now this is hard to explain, but if you open the phone and twist the screen around, then close it again, it takes up the appearance of a digital camera. The screen faces you and the lens faces forward. The screen shows you the image you are about to take so you can see what result you are likely to get. When the picture is taken, you get to see the still shot. In all cases, the image is digital and is what the pixels will look like.

                        As I stated earlier though, the images taken are better than the screen seems to show. You can see a blocky picture of your daughter, then when you print it, its near perfect. Not something I have cared to look into too much, the fact it does it is enough for me. This extra quality seems to be lost if you send it as a message though.

                        Once you have the picture you can send it as a message (press one button), store it for later viewing or set it as the background screen for your phone (I can look at my kids on that roundabout all day... if I wanted to!).

                        I have over 20 photos at the moment as I upload them often onto the PC, but I have never run out of space for them yet. I can't be bothered checking the manual, but anyone wanting more than that should buy a digital camera. As far as phones go, they are for those spur of the moment pictures and the 1.3 Megapixel Digital Camera on the phone is more than ample. Worth noting that this is almost a camera in itself and some would argue is easily as good as some of the cheaper digital cameras out there.


                        For the price this phone retails at, I was expectingto have MP3 capability. I was sadly disappointed. For those who want to sound cool, this isn't going to let you down, but its sound is hardly for status icons. Polyphonic is as far as you go.

                        It comes with your standard 57 ringtones and the ability to load more onto the phone, which is all you can really ask for. Shame about the MP3 function though, would have been a great addition.

                        As with all phones these days, you can adjust the volume for the present or set profiles such as discreet, where the volume is a certain level - then gets higher if you go back into normal.

                        Messages are met by a beep on my phone. Despite the constant digging in the menu's I have yet to come across how to change this yet, but the flashing light lets you know it is ringing or you have a msg anyway.

                        You also get vibration if you want some secretive fun in your pocket!

                        This is somewhat fortunate as the loudest volume isnt really that loud. OK if you work in a library but I have often missed a call when on a busy bus full of coughing oldies.


                        The phone comes with a sim card and all the bits and bobs you would really expect. You get a hands free kit, headphones (I lost mine pretty quick, they were tacky anyway) and cables to connect the phone to your PC for uploading your photos.

                        However, there are no freebie extras as this is what most phones come with nowadays. My one was locked to the Virgin network, but I know a friend who bought theirs on another network and had to get it unlocked. Some market trader in the town did it for £10 - hardly a big issue.


                        Well, this retails at around £129.99. A bit steep in my estimation. Comparative phones in this price bracket always seem to have MP3, which is a big thing for me.

                        I have seen them aucioned second hand on ebay but they are fairly rare and still fetch around £80 by the time the auction closes.

                        I personally paid nothing for mine though. After finding out that virgin give points every time you top up, I went on the website and had a look how many I had. You can buy phones, accesories and such like with your points. I had just enough to buy this phone, so I did. It arrived in a couple of days. Might be worth looking at.


                        This is a tidy little phone, make no mistake. It really depends what you want a phone for. All the functions are there, although the only thing exceptional about it is the phone. Most camera phones aren't actually digital cameras and this is a key feature when the company market it to us.

                        However, if you want to play mp3's as your ringtone, forget it. This is a flip side to the phone and shows you really get what you pay for. You want everything at once, you pay £400. For those not quite so rich, this is a suitable and acceptable model, especially if you can upload the images to your PC and print them out (cables only are included to do this - buy the PC and the printer yourself).

                        Overall, this comes recommended to anyone looking in this proce range who isnt bothered about MP3 capability.


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                        • Clydesdale Bank / Bank / 33 Readings / 28 Ratings
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                          28.06.2006 22:24
                          Very helpful



                          Great service, unless you get it amazingly cheaper elsewhere, it is worth paying the extra.

                          Many people make a big hoo hah about changing banks these days. Personally, I don't bother. You see, Clydesdale doesnt offer me gimmicks or 0% on transfers but we sting you elsewhere. Instead they offer you a steady service, everything carries a low charge (but nothing is passed) and I am not unfairly penalised for doing something wrong. I also get excellent service and things explained to me in English (not Indian!). Interested? Read on...

                          HISTORY LESSON:

                          I know we all like history, so let's get right into the nitty gritty of the history behind the rise of Clydesdale Bank.

                          Clydesdale Bank was founded in 1838 with a head office in Glasgow and a single branch in Edinburgh. Since this original format, they have grown to become one of the biggest banks in Scotland. They even issue their own notes!

                          Indeed, Clydesdale was one of the pioneers of the cheque guarantee card, personal loans and mobile branches.

                          As the bank's early profits were generated from Scottish traders in the 19th century, they grew to know what business was like and that customers needed to be treated well. The implementation of the above options was designed to help these traders to expand their business. As they grew, so did the accounts and therefore, so did the bank.

                          Having set its roots in Scotland with over 180 branches, Clydesdale has also now moved into London and the North of England. To ensure service and accessability for its modern day travelling customers, they also have ATM machines throughout the UK that allow customers to change details on their account as well as simply withdraw cash.

                          The bank has also committed to investment in real branches along with extensive online and telephone services. A big plus to those who are tired of seeing their local branch close.

                          Since 1987, the bank has been a member of the National Australia Bank, an international financial services group which at Sept 05 had assets of more than £180 billion.

                          Despite these links, they remain very much a Scottish bank and get involved in Scottish life as a good Scottish company would. Local issues are supported and local customer expectations are met through asking their customers what they want, and then trying to provide it on a local scale (if it is not nationally viable).

                          Clydesdale Bank PLC subscribes to the Banking code and for those who wish to know, it is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

                          SO WHAT DO THEY OFFER?:

                          Well, I have only got experience of the company as a personal banker. This is what most of you will be interested in at a guess. In this respect, their range is wide and varied.


                          For those who are looking for a mortgage, Clydesdale cleaned up at the recent Charcol mortgage awards and proudly display numerous mortgage awards throughout each of their branches. Although not all of them come to mind, they all give me a sense of well being.

                          However, I would take this point to note that none of the awards are for the lowest interest charged. Indeed, they all revolve around service, which seems to be the banks main reputation builder. With this in mind, you might want to check and make sure that you are still getting an OK deal.

                          I know a friend of mine who has a mortgage with them for £45,000. She is in the 9th year of her deal and swears she will never change. Although they are charging her a small amount more interest, they are also less strict on charges and such when things don't quite go right. She also got them to let her skip an entire payment at Xmas without any penalties. For the level of service they offer, it is probably worth the extra point of a percent they may charge you over 25 years.


                          Again, this is not something that I have delved into too much although I can advise that a friend of my has house insurance with them (contents). They have only ever had to make one claim and that was following a break in. The people who worked with them were great, although someone senior apparently decided they had broken into the house themselves!

                          Fortunately, one call to the helpline and the person who came to the house for the assessment made a call and sorted it out. They got the money. Although not perfect, they made a mistake and quickly corrected it. Everyone makes mistakes so this has to be a plus.

                          The major downside to their insurance seems to be their premiums. While they try to stay competitive with a lot of banks, anyone with a slight nouse for searching would easily find a cheaper premium for the same quote elsewhere online. With this in mind, this is the one section I would advise you avoid. While I can advise you to spend a little more for the service, there is a limit to how much more!

                          CURRENT ACCOUNTS:

                          Wanting a basic account? Their new Cashmaster account comes with no overdraft, no loaning facility and no fees. However, in a new twist, you will now get a cash only card that can also be used online like a debit card and is going to be widely accepted (we are told).

                          If you want something more substantial, you will be glad to know that Visa Electron is not supported (woohoo). However, you can get both a Visa Card and a Mastercard at competitive rates. However, their offers for free balance transfers etc... don't add up to much so if you have the time and energy to keep changing your account every 6 months, this probably isn't the bank for you.

                          As stated in the mortgages section, the bank are also happy to remove charges if you offer a reasonable explanation and don't do it all the time. I think they realise that everyone makes the odd mistake or hits the odd spot of trouble. They would rather see you come out the other side than make your life worse with another charge. I think it's the only bank I have heard of that do!

                          ONLINE BANKING:

                          You can now bank online with Clydesdale Bank. To do so you need to first contact them and get them to send you the relevant gumpf through the post. This took about 5 days as the password and ID's are sent seperately. Upon arrival I signed in without a problem and then hit a snag on the site. I phoned their helpline and they had me sorted in less than 3 minutes. Good going eh?

                          I can now view my account balance, set up standing orders, view pending debits/credits, apply for new accounts/services, request a change of details and transfer money from one account to the other. Basically, I can do all that you can at other banks.

                          You will be interested to note that they also offer a branch finder (as they make such a dance about committing to branches) and some background info on the company and its services.

                          The only downside to the service is that unlike other banks, you cannot enter your card number and a password to access the online banking site. Instead, they allocate you a customer ID. This is a long drawn out number and is almost impossible to remember. However, you only get one ID, regardless of how many types of accounts you have, so I guess it isn't all bad. Also stops a card thief transferring all my money out online (although I keep my password safe in my brain so this shouldn't happen anyway)!

                          Still, after a few weeks of regular use, it does start to sink in and you can throw that bit of paper in the bin. Should you forget it, you can do the same thing by phone anyway, so it's not the end of the world.

                          The site is also easy to navigate and makes sense. Log in and you get to choose which of your accounts to look at. Once in it you get the various options in a straight forward menu (nothing hidden). Even a first time novice will take less than 5 minutes to find their way around, just ask my gran!

                          BANKING BY PHONE:

                          Here is some good news, the telephone banking facility is 24 HOURS! Yes, it doesn't close. You can always speak to a human. This seems novel as most banks claim to have their lines open 24 hours, but this is often only for their automated services such as checking your balance.

                          The other good thing is that all you need is a number that they allocate you and your pass number. You type it in on the keypad after dialling and they get you straight to your account details. Great stuff. Security gets tighter if you want to change anything or make payments etc, but for basic things like checking your balance, this is great, easier than the Abbey system which has too many option menu's for my liking.

                          They also speak English, not Indian. I have not checked where there call centre is located, but if it is in India then they must have some Ex-pats working over there! I have regularly phoned to check something (especially before I signed up for online banking) and I have never had a problem.

                          Indeed, the helpline is probably the biggest plus about this bank. The staff listen to what you have to say and take it all in first time, regardless of the thick Scottish accent or the harshest Brummie tones. When talking they quickly ascertain what you are looking to sort/do/find out and then they give you the relevant options you can take. No nonsense either. They don't fluff it out with a lot of jargon or anything, they just say that 'if you do this you will get a charge' or 'if you do this you avoid a charge' or 'this would work if you want to ship money abroad' etc... If they don't know the answer, they also phone you back. None of this 'hold the line please (dull music 10 mins later, playing the same tune)'. Brilliant stuff.

                          BUSINESS ACCOUNTS:

                          OK, I cheated a bit here, and still came up with very little. As I don't own or run a business, this is not an area in which I can claim to be an expert. However, I can say that they do offer business accounts and they are apparently very good. As this is the way they first built up their own business, they still rely on it pretty heavily and have a great deal of expertese. Indeed, I have often seen people walking into the branch holding briefcases to match their suit and tie, and seen them walk out happy, so something must be good right?

                          If this interests you, I advise you to visit www.cbonline.co.uk and click on the business accounts link. I have not compared them with other banks in this area and have no real knowledge of it, sorry.

                          MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE:

                          I joined Clydesdale Bank around 6 years ago with something called a 'cashmaster' card. This was about the most basic account you can find and is the most basic the bank currently offers. In essence, you can put money in, take money out, have no overdraft or lending facilities and your card can only be used to get cash out. Hence the name of the card.

                          However, I can honestly say that the staff in all my local branches have always been polite and helpful. As I prefer to deal with cash, the account suits my needs. They allow you to withdraw over the counter (unlike similar accounts with Abbey for instance) and they are flexible and give you honest answers when you need to speak to them about direct debits etc.

                          I have recently signed up for their online banking and have to say that I am impressed. With the hectic lifestyle most of us lead, they gave me a hard to remember customer number that cannot be changed (that's right, no card numbers I'm afraid) and I selected my own password.

                          Online I can shift money about between accounts, check statements, balances, set up standing orders and such. Basically, I can follow the basic functions you would do in a branch. Indeed, anything I need to do urgently can be done online.

                          Should I need to contact them by phone for advice, they have always been polite and helpful and given me honest answers. I know it must be a call centre, but I don't have any qualms with that. They speak to me in English, give me the answers I need and sort things out for me there and then.

                          An example of this excellent service is when a blind charity decided they wanted to take more than they were authorised to. Their debit said £2 a month, they tried to take £12 a week. I noticed it online 2 days after the debit and called my bank. Despite only having a basic account, they reversed the direct debit, cancelled all future debits from the charity and advised me on appropriate courses of action from there. This was all within 4 minutes on the phone (this include the options menu, which is actually a lot shorter than many would expect).

                          So overall, I would highly recommend the service I have if its the one for you. Given that I am surely one of the least profitable customers for them, I am sure that the help and advice they offer will easily surpass many competitors if you hold a big account or credit cards etc. The main thing is that the staff always bend over backwards for you. If it can be done, they will find a way to do it and won't make you jump loops to get there. I guess they probably have the same rules as most other banks, but this aspect makes them well worth joining, even if their rates don't compare favourably in some cases.


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                          • Avon Kids Haircare Range / Hair Care / 21 Readings / 20 Ratings
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                            25.06.2006 11:14
                            Very helpful



                            Great products at an affordable price. Live by the detangling spray.

                            Avon Kiddies shampoo is now found in many colours sents and is available in all shapes of sizes, all in funky coloured bottles.

                            Avon does a range of shampoos bubble baths and roll on soaps for kids with many diffrents fragrances and colours. Avon kids range is also tear free wich is a benifit to kids and to myself as I can wash their hair and have no trouble with tears.

                            I have three girls with thick blonde hair so when I buy Avon shampoo for kids I tend to buy the 2-in-1 super gentle shampoo for thick and wavy hair. This has a raspberry sent all three of my girls like it.

                            The bottle is a purple colour with eyes and a smile I think it is meant to look like a penguin, although this is somewhat open to interpretation.

                            The shampoo is applied on wet hair and it leaves the kids hair soft and managable and with a nice shine to it. In fact, I am quite impressed with the overall perofrmance of the product as compared to others, it gets the job done without costing me a fortune.

                            Avon also has another four kinds of kids shampoo/conditioners they are all made with the funny face on the bottle and come in all sents and colours ;

                            I have not used the others, although can explain a little about each as I know people who have (my mum being the Avon lady).

                            *The 2-in-1 super gentle shampoo for fine hair is in a green bottle and has an apple fragrance to it .

                            *The 2-in-1shampoo for normal hair is in a pink bottle and has a watermelon and kiwi sent.

                            *The Super gentle conditioner comes in a turquoise colour bottle and has a lovley sent of coconuts

                            In the same range you get the kids detangling spray. The detangling spray comes in a different shape bottle, but with the same eyes and smile on it. To use the detangling spray you spray on and leave in. Thankfully, the smell isn't that strong as it is supposed to smell of watermelons!

                            I use this detangling spray as when kids get up in the morning for school. When the mad dash is on to get them out the door in time, a little spray saves a whole load of screams. It smells nice (that might be watermelon?) and makes the hair so much more managable for both the parent and the child. My kids like to do their own hair but be warned they dont need to use a lot of this, just a light spray from about a foot away from the hair. If you use to much it could make your childs hair look greasy. To me this is the only disadvantage of this Avon product.

                            All the shampoos come in a 250ml bottle.and cost £2.50 a bottle. The price may look a little steep for what it is but a little drop goes a long way and if you can hold on for a deal from Avon you will benefit. One such deal in this months brochour is buy 2 bottles for £3 or 3 bottle for £4.

                            Sadly, the Avon goods are often forced upon us by a relative or friend who is trying to get you to buy something. So happily, I have never had a cause to return any of these products as my mother would probably scorn. But next time you get asked to buy something from the Avon, buy this and make use of it rather than some weird cream that sits on the shelf until you move house.


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                            • Virgin Mobiles / Online Shop / 41 Readings / 36 Ratings
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                              17.05.2006 17:27
                              Very helpful



                              Virgin has given me a reason to stay with them rather than change network......

                              I have got a pay as you go mobile with Virgin and have had so for six years. Virgin is giving me and all other Virgin users a chance to send up to a 1000 free texts a month to all Virgin phones, this started in April and continues till September this year they call it "a summer of free texts".
                              Given me and my partner are both using this network on pay as you go we will get a good deal out of this as we love to text each other whilst he is at work.

                              Virgin has other more long term offers. Not many Virgin users relise that they are collecting rewards. For every £100 that you spend you will get £10 to use worth of rewards. These rewards can be used to buy a new hand set and sim cards and it could't get more simple. These can be ordered online and delivered free to your door the next day.

                              If you have a Virgin mobile and you are not yet registered for Virgin I suggest that you go to the website and do so now. The web address is www.virgin.co.uk. All you need is the mobile phone number that you wish to register and a password that you won't forget. When you register you may have to wait until the next day to look up how many rewards you may have as they backdate all points you have ever earned on that number.

                              I myself wasn't aware of the rewards that I had been collecting over the years until a friend told me what she had got from virgin. As soon as I got home I registered my phone and by the end of the next day I had enough rewards to buy a new handset. I went online and had a look at what was on offer to realise that bad side was when you used some points you will automaticlly lose the ramaining points and start fresh over. I ordered a handset worth £100 and got it for free as i had enough rewards to pay for the set in total and I only lost a little of my rewards. This didnt bother me as I was happy to hear they were delivering this free on the next day. The type of phone I got is a Siemens SF65, which is a flip phone and also has a digital cammera on it to.

                              Over all I think that Virgin is a good network to be with even when the texts arn't free to other phones they aren't to badly priced. To other Virgin users it is only 3p and 10p to other networks within the UK.

                              Call prices are not bad either as the tarriff currently costs me 15p/min for the first three minutes and 5p/min there after. This seems to be on a par with other networks on pay as you go, and includes all landlines and other Virgin users. I've not checked the charges for other mobiles, but they round to the second, so there is no immediate charge - just give them a one-ringer and get them to call you, so long as you don't mind being despised.


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                                15.05.2006 20:36
                                Very helpful



                                Good show, interesting characters and full of twists. Addictive viewing.

                                Big Brother is going to hit the screens of millions again in three days. Will this be the last?

                                Big Brother has been running in the UK for about 6 years now and each one has been diffrent the producers couldn't make it anymore mean and twisted than they have already done over the years, surely?

                                The show is that popular that it has editions in Holland, Sweden, America and I would imagine most coutries in the world. But it's the Uk version that gets the British pulses racing. Following on from the torment of Celebrity Big Brother, when Chantelle, a 'non-celebrity' walked out into a £300,000 book deal and various media work, are we to be treated to another gripping series as the real thing gets underway once more?

                                Big brother is a contest to see who can stay in the house for the longest period of time this time is made to last over 9 weeks. The winner gets a cash prize and usally ends up doing TV work from the publicity they get on the show.

                                When the house mates are in the house Big Brother makes up tasks each week for the house mates to do as a group and by completing the tasks they get rewards which is usally their shopping. When they fail the task the house mates only get rations for the forth comming week which usally consists of chick peas, rice, pasta and other basic rations which don't sound too nice to eat.

                                The tasks that have been done in the past have bordered on the silly, to the outright sickening. Silly things like having a panto or making fun of each other by pretending to be each other, to the other extreme of swimming in fish guts. Think it can't get any worse? How about making them drink fish guts?

                                What makes the house worse is that when they are doing auditions for the show the producers take their time and make sure the housemates will clash as much as possible. This is because if they were to put in people in that were going to be good mates it wouldnt be very good veiwing would it?

                                The Big Brother house itself is looking good this year. The website is showing glimpses of the new house, leaving us to wonder what the housemates will think of their outdoor living room which is very close to the pool. What about their new bright red carpets?

                                The house is usally made to be very uncomfortable and the housemates dont get much privacy, which almost makes them break down ever time. For those of a somewhat questionable nature, this inevitably leads to snaps of the housemates naked in the shower, running around performing drunken dares or indeed, discussing what happened in the bedroom last night 'under the covers'. Needless to say, the screenshots indicate that this is going to happen again this time around.

                                The Big Brother diary room, a small room were the housemates can go to discus issues that concern them and fellow housemates, is still to be unveiled. A trademark of the show, the housemates can just go hide there from time to time, discussing their ramblings with the voice of big brother. However, when they are in the diary room they have to remember that almost all of this is still live to millions of people at home.

                                Sometimes the housemates are very much aware of this and use it to play the game of getting the viewers sympathy as it is the viewers final decision on who gets to stay and who goes. This is done by a public vote, where members of the public call up to vote for the person they want to see evicted or stay. The public will choose from the two or three housemates that are nominated by the housemates themselves, amid an array of secret nominations in the diary room.

                                In an interesting twist, we already know that Kit Kats are offering a prize of a draw to be a housemate. Supposedly placed into the house at the end of week 2, the lucky winner will be drawn from the 100 people who find a lucky ticket. No doubt this will increase sales no end as the Big Brother hungry public strive to be accepted on one of Britains most watched TV shows.

                                So as we prepare for another series of the amazing show, what can we expect? Given their record in the past, I dare say that the housemates will be cookier and sillier than ever before. We've had the stereotypical 'gay man' in Marco, the transexual in Nadia, each placed with homophobic cynics. But they always seem to find someone weirder, someone to have a better argument or a bigger clash of personalities. So I expect nothing less this time around.

                                The house will be unveiled in full on Thursday, Channel 4. Live Broadcasts will be beamed into homes via E4 and the website promises us an array of live feeds and different camera angles. No need to begin worrying - it's here, and its taking over our TV screens. Lets just hope we can all enjoy it as much as before.

                                I shall now leave you as I started, with a question that sums up my biggest Big Brother wish.... Will Davina enter the Big Brother House as a housemate?


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                                • Bullying in Schools / Discussion / 38 Readings / 31 Ratings
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                                  14.05.2006 19:26
                                  Very helpful



                                  Stamping out bullying is a target we all want ot achieve, but how extreme do we have to go.

                                  Class room teachers, how blind are they? or do they choose not to watch what goes on in their class?....

                                  This year my eldest has had lots of bother from kids in her year at primary school. My daughter has been bothered at the table in the dinner hall and in the playground.

                                  What has been done to stop this happening to kids like mine?

                                  Kids all over the country get picked on from older kids and peers of their own age and this is becoming more common in the class as the kids are getting off with more and more.

                                  Teachers say they dont see anything going on but if they aren't watching the kids, how can they possibly be teaching them. I was under the impression that the teacher has now got a class room assistant, yet kids like mine are still getting bullied persistantly in the class.

                                  To get this level of bulling down I think it would be a good thing to make an example of the kids that are caught fighting or ganging up on younger kids. By doing this I think the kids would start to see that they aren't always going to get off with this in school.

                                  What happens to the kids who do get caught?

                                  Every time I have been to talk to the head teacher at my childs school I am always told the child that is in the wrong will be punished. This is not always the case.

                                  My kids will come home still upset that the head had taken the bully out of the class and had a word with them, making them more aware that they are making a mark on the one he/she is bulling. However, as soon as this child gets a chance they are back on the kids back for telling on them so they get it worse. I think if the head was to punish the child whom was bulling and write a letter home to the parents as well as the punishment, it would make a diffrence. For every time they persist on doing it again make the punishment harder until the police have to get involved to talk to the bully. Bullying is harrassment, and harrassment earns any adult a criminal charge. Why shouldn't the persistent school bully be monitored, found guilty and then given an official police warning?

                                  What do I think this would achieve?

                                  I think this would make the playground and classrooms a happier place for the more vulnerable children and the teachers. Kids who are happy tend to work harder and aren't afriad to take part in group work and disscusions.

                                  Fortunately, my children have never attempted suicide, but that is the ultimate price paid when some bully's aren't stopped. At school, on the way home from school and in the classroom. On the way home from school, it's the parents who need to step in and make sure their child has a suitable adult accompanying them. But at school, the teachers have made little or no attempt to stop it. But what if it became a criminal offense for a teacher not to take action when bullying is identified? Would this make them pay more attention to the bullies?

                                  I don't know, I fear it would probably cause more distraction for a teacher who already has to worry about being sued for so many things. But there is something inside me that says this is where it is going...


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